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Meet the Doctor: Sergei Grando

Dr. Sergei Grando is an immunodermatologist affiliated with UC Irvine Health who specializes in the treatment of pemphigus and pemphigoid (P/P). He has published more than 225 research documents and has been awarded numerous grants from the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Grando is on the IPPF Medical Advisory Board and has even helped spread awareness in the dental community by volunteering with the IPPF at a California Dental Association meeting.

Recently, the IPPF asked Dr. Grando about his work.How did you become interested in P/P?

SG: Back in the USSR in the 1980s, where P/P were the most disadvantageous groups of dermatological patients. [It was] based in my interest in immunology emerging as a new science.

Why is research important, especially for rare diseases?

SG: Because P/P patients suffer the most from side effects of treatment.

What do you want the IPPF community to know about your specific research project(s)?

SG: Based on my studies of non-desmoglein autoimmunity in pemphigus, I have developed a multi-drug treatment protocol of pemphigus that allows an 88 percent drug-free relapse period of greater than five years, which is probably a cure.

What can patients and caregivers do to promote research of rare diseases?

SG: Support research efforts by participating in surveys and donating blood [to researchers].

What should patients do if they are interested in participating in research studies or clinical trials?

SG: Find one close to their home.

Note: see the clinical trials article in this Quarterly and find more information at www.pemphigus.org/research/ clinical-trials or www.clinicaltrials.gov

Thank you, Dr. Grando, for all that you do to help our community. We are grateful to have knowledgeable doctors who continue to focus on P/P research and to work for better treatments and cures.

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