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simple or dull Beatrice Warde explores serious typography as a magnificent metaphor titled “The Crystal Goblet”. An exquisite vintage of wine can be showcased in either a clear, thin and transparent glass, or one of solid gold, covered in pattern. The Crystal Goblet is the perfect typographic dream, to communicate to the reader without being acknowledged. By being inconspicuous, the reader can receive the message, without being distracted by ‘noise’ created from the typeface, “Type well used is invisible as type, just as the perfect talking voice is the unnoticed vehicle for the transmission of words, ideas.”. If we decipher her intricate story, we understand that the wine is the content and the glass is the typeface, for which is designed to be transparent and revel the contents, “the mental eye focuses through type and not upon it.”. She terms perfect type as ‘the transparent page’, meaning that the typography is not what the reader focusses on, but infact gets lost in the message. Those ‘popular’ excentric designers of our world will probably pass off ‘serious’ typography as a boring and meaningless task, which only matters to typographers themselves, however “there is nothing simple or dull in achieving the transparent page.”

in achieveing the transparent page.

More 4 have commissioned a educational series for designers focusing on the fundamentals. The series will run for 5 weeks and consists of a weekly episode documenting top tips for that week’s topic. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

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My title sequence and idents have been produced for the episode on typography. Also, each episode would start with a appropriate quote which would also relate to the top ten tips. The other epidodes would use a similar identity by keepiing Helvetica Neue as the font, but all other aspects would vary to support the topic.


OSTENTATION is twice twice as easy as discipline.

Top Ten Tips Typography


NOBODY will appreciate half your

Top Ten Tips Typography

OUGD202 Support Work  

OUGD202 Support WOrk submitted with final 'Top Ten Tips' animations.

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