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TO WELLBEING MAGAZINE! If this is the first time you’ve picked up a copy, you can find our back catalogue online to read for free at You can also read the latest edition there whenever you want. Our website is a great place to find local therapists, news and events happening in your area. I always think that the New Year is badly placed to encourage us to keep resolutions or embark on new lifestyle choices. Cold, dark mornings and post-holiday blues don’t exactly encourage us to diet or exercise more. If your New Year resolutions left you feeling glum, why not make springtime your time for a new start. Read on for plenty of inspiration on how to get healthy and feel better. Whether it’s joining a new exercise class, embarking on a new course, or treating yourself to some me time at a spa, you’ll find all our therapists listed in the back of the magazine along with our usual timetable of events and ‘what’s on’ listings. Why not make this spring your time to be the person you want to be! If you’re interested in being a part of this growing network, simply email me at or freephone 0800 8815375.

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just say it! Sometimes just hearing yourself say something creates an insight and brings new clarity. Transformational Coach, Lizelle Le Roux is offering a free Skype ‘Just Say It!’ call in every Thursday evening. “Just Say It! was born from noticing the effects of being heard and acknowledged myself, and the shifts that could occur, freeing me to move forward, and leave things in the past, having spoken them” explains Lizelle. Often it helps to clear the mind for new insights to arise. www.

Lizelle Le Roux is a Transformational Coach with Counselling and Psychotherapy training. www.elome. net


BeAutiFul BiRtH, BABieS AnD BeyonD if you are hoping to conceive, massage, fertility reflexology, good nutrition and acupuncture are all tried and tested ways to aid this process. Pregnancy is an important time to get in contact with your body, to feel positive and empowered. Many women choose pregnancy yoga to relax and unwind. Did you know that belly dancing is another valuable tool? It tones your pelvic floor, takes pressure off your spine; in some cultures it is used for childbirth. Pregnant women dancing feel amazing! Studies have shown that the calmer you remain in labour, the more oxytocin (the ‘love’ hormone) you produce: have a water birth, or hypnobirthing!

Baby massage is an age old skill to bond with your baby through touch. Homeopathy, acupressure, tuina empower you to look after your little ones in a gentle and effective way. From 4-6 weeks

old, babies can come to parent & baby yoga: you can both stretch, relax, breathe… and by 3 years old, there is children’s yoga… All of these and more are available at the

Anahata Health Clinic, at affordable low cost rates. Sat 31 March is our Beautiful Birth & Beyond Day, with tasters and free events. 01273 698687.

MenoPAuSAl SyMPtoMS getting you Down? Seahaven Acupuncture Clinic are recruiting women suffering from symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, anxiety and insomnia to join us in a FRee study looking at the benefits of a native culinary mushroom for women suffering from these symptoms. inteReSteD? Please contact the clinic directly for more

information: Seahaven Acupuncture Clinic, 19 Newhaven Enterprise Centre, Denton Island, Newhaven, BN9 9BA. 01273 917888,,

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LocaL chiropractic cLinic Wins nationaL QuaLity aWard “We are immensely proud of this Clinical Management Quality Mark.” Dr Revell of Lushington Chiropractic.

Dr James Revell of leading local chiropractic clinic in Lushington Road, Eastbourne, was recently awarded the ‘Clinical Management Quality Mark’ (CMQM) by The College of Chiropractors. The CMQM award was launched by the College of Chiropractors to recognise excellence in the provision of high quality clinical services.

award reflects Lushington’s ongoing enthusiasm and commitment to operate in a professionally managed environment where we constantly strive to improve the service we provide to our patients.” Dr Revell said.

Well done Lushington Chiropractic!

“We are getting quite a mantle piece of awards now but this is by far our greatest achievement. We have worked for years to achieve the standards required by the College of Chiropractors. We are immensely proud of this Clinical Management Quality Mark. This Gold Standard

thai Massage courses in Brighton & neW thai Massage dVd Traditional Thai Massage also known as Thai Yoga Massage is an extremely powerful form of bodywork Thai massage combines gentle stretching similar to Yoga, soothing Massage, and Acupressure along energy lines creating balance and harmony to the mind body and spirit. This double DVD is beautifully presented and filmed. Lovely visual images of temples and Buddha statues in Thailand are included as well as clear images of the yogic stretches and techniques. Christine demonstrates the art of a thorough authentic traditional 3 ½ hour Northern style massage. This comprehensive Step by Step guide with precise easy to follow voice over instructions gives that calm meditative and peaceful feeling to the viewer. The rich and diverse fusion of techniques, follow a logical sequence and mirror the wonderful flow of Thai massage. Sections on the many benefits of giving and receiving the massage, safe practice, cautions, contra-indications, client care and the history, spirit of this ancient healing art are included. This is an excellent DVD for those new to Thai massage to practise on friends and family, or established practitioners and for those wishing to add to present skills.

To order, go to or phone 01273 562202. Next Courses in Brighto: Introductory course starts 24th March and Diploma course commences 20th April 2012 at Sussex Thai Massage School in Brighton, 01273 562202.

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What is life’s purpose?


Who are you? Where is your personal power? Right now we are all looking for some kind of clue that will lead us to finding our own answers to these questions.


Narda Martine was born into a female clairvoyant lineage and is fully trained in coreshamanic practice and shamanic consciousness. A BSc Hons Neuroscience at one of the world’s leading brain research departments has led to in-depth knowledge of the brain and nervous system allowing the delicate incorporation of human cognition into the spiritual system of shamanism. Tel: 01273 670081/07964 743349 narda@


ho were you before you were told who you were? It is only natural that evolving to a physical limit for our needs, the emotions are now evolving and expanding leading to an enhanced awareness and increased yearning to understand what it means to be human. Harner Shamanic Counselling© is a highly effective system of personal problem-solving allowing you to become your own ‘divinatory shaman’ and find out exactly what your true purpose in life is, and how you can access your innate power to achieve it. Listening to repetitive drumming via headphones allows your brain will enter the theta

state, a place between waking and sleeping, widening the scope of your experience. In this mode of awareness you will carry out exercises exploring the shamanic cosmology obtaining practical heartfelt wisdom and discovering your innate power, gifts, strengths and talents. Learning to connect directly you regain spiritual authority; no longer relying outside of yourself for spiritual guidance.Through this innovative system of exercises in nonordinary reality you will discover your original destiny. Freeing yourself from conditioning and the pains and disappointments of life you will begin to hold your personal power in your

hands and understand what your life’s true purpose is. Harner Shamanic Counselling© is a spiritual practice based on the classical coreshamanic journey with added innovations. Unlike normal counselling the practitioner becomes redundant after five or six sessions as you learn to receive reliable answers to questions in life areas such as; physical, emotional, spiritual, health, work, relationships, fears, phobias and addictions. Acquiring incredible heartfelt wisdom you will commonly experience a sense of personal empowerment and a new-found joy in existence as you discover this life-long tool.

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how to avoid

INSOMNIA Although we are now firmly into spring, sleep is still vitally important all year round and often people find it harder to sleep in the summer due to the excess light and noise. Failure to get an entire night’s sleep on most nights over a one month period can be considered chronic insomnia. The National Bed Foundation revealed that 37% of the nation suffers from insomnia here in the UK and approximately 30% of those over 60 years old. Insomnia can take the form of being unable to fall asleep when you first go to bed, or waking during the night and being unable to go back to sleep. While insomnia can be very frustrating it is hardly dangerous and is usually only a temporary annoyance; although in some cases, sleep-related problems can last for months or even years.

Insomnia Chronic insomnia can be a symptom of a serious underlying medical disorder. Fifty percent of insomnia cases can be attributed to depression and psychological disorders such as anxiety, stress or grief. Insomnia can result from a wide variety of causes, including arthritis, asthma, breathing problems, hypoglycaemia, hyperthyroidism, indigestion, kidney or heart disease, muscle aches, Parkinson’s disease or physical pain. Quite a bit to keep you up at night! In addition, caffeine consumption, jetlag, the use of certain drugs like antidepressants, seizure medications, beta blockers and thyroid hormone replacement drugs can cause problems with sleep. Also, a lack of the nutrients calcium and magnesium can cause you to wake up after a few hours and not be able to return to sleep. A sedentary lifestyle can also be a major cause of sleep disorders.

8 Wellbeing

While one or two sleepless nights can cause irritability and daytime sleepiness, with decreased ability to perform creative or repetitive tasks, most people can adapt to short-term periods of sleep deprivation. After more than three days, however, sleep deprivation begins to cause a more serious deterioration in overall performance and can even result in mild personality changes. If chronic, inadequate sleep compromises productivity, creates problems in relationships and can contribute to health problems. There are no hard and fast rules about how much sleep is enough because everyone is different. Some people can function on as little as five hours sleep while others need ten hours. Most adults need about eight hours sleep in order to feel refreshed and operate at peak efficiency during the day. Children need much more. It is not uncommon

for people to sleep less as they get older, especially after the age of 60 yrs old.

Restless legs syndrome (RLS) Millions of people have trouble getting to sleep due to RLS. For reasons unknown, when these people are in bed, their legs jerk, twitch, and kick involuntarily. RLS has also been linked to night-time cramps. A deficiency in magnesium and anaemia can play a role in this syndrome.

Sleep apnoea Sleep apnoea is a serious sleep disorder. This problem is commonly associated with snoring and extremely irregular breathing through the night. In sleep apnoea, breathing actually stops for as long as two minutes at a time whilst the individual is asleep. While breathing stops, the levels of oxygen in the blood drop, resulting in oxygen deprivation. The person then wakes startled and gasping and can often wake up to 200 times a

Wellbeing sleep night. People with sleep apnoea tend to have higher than normal blood pressure and are more likely to have a stroke and face an increase risk of heart disease. People with sleep apnoea also seem to have a higher than normal incidence of emotional and psychotic disorders. Experts attribute this to what they call

dream deficit‚ a lack of adequate REM sleep, the stage of sleep in which dreaming occurs. A person with sleep apnoea often cannot settle into REM sleep for even the eight to twelve seconds it takes to have a normal healthy dream. Often, lack of sleep is due to raised cortisol levels at night

caused by stress. Our natural rhythm should be higher cortisol levels in the morning and lower at night. If you can start to unwind and destress it is possible to lower levels of nighttime cortisol. Fundamentally, restorative sleep is one of the most valuable tools that we have to prevent ageing and disease.

to e d i u g s ’ e Kat

A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP Words:Kate Arnold •

1,500-2,000mg calcium and 500mg-1,000mg magnesium has a calming effect on the nervous system, particularly if taken a few hours before bed. Melatonin - start with 1.5mg daily taken 2 hours or less before bedtime. If this is not effective gradually increase the dosage until an effective level is reached (up to 5mg daily can be used). This is a natural hormone that promotes sound sleep but should not be used in children. Vitamin B complex helps to promote a restful state and enhances REM sleep, and niacin promotes serotonin production. Take this during the day rather than just before bed. In the evening eat bananas, dates, figs, milk, nut butter, tuna, turkey, whole grain crackers or yoghurt.

• • •

These foods are high in tryptophan, which promotes sleep. Avoid alcohol - a small amount can help induce sleep initially but large amounts disrupt the sleep cycle. Avoid smoking - nicotine is actually a neurostimulant and can cause sleep problems. Avoid stimulants that contain caffeine. Avoid heavy meals from three hours before bedtime. Avoid bacon, cheese, chocolate, ham, potatoes, sugar, sausage, spinach, tomatoes and wine close to bedtime. These foods contain tyramine, which increases the release of nor epinephrine, a brain stimulant. Avoid taking nasal decongestants and other cold medication late in the day, as although the ingredients in these preparations are known to

• • •

• • •

cause drowsiness, they can have the opposite effect on some people. Establish a set of habits and stick to them. Got to bed only when you are tired. Do not stay in bed if you are not sleepy. Get up and move to another room and read or watch TV. Use the bedroom for sleep and sex, not for reading, working, eating or watching TV. Set an alarm clock and get out of bed at the same time every morning, no matter how much sleep you had the night before. Do not nap during the day if this not normal for you to do. However, if you find a cat nap/siesta suits your rhythm then that is fine. Exercise regularly in the late afternoon or early evening but not right before bedtime. Take a hot bath an hour before bedtime. Keep the bedroom comfortable and quiet. Learn to put worries out of your mind.

For more information contact Kate Arnold 01323 737814

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Wellbeing sleep

A few sleep myths Kate Arnold

l Eating cheese does not give you nightmares. However, a high fat meal before going to bed may be difficult to digest and therefore lead to interrupted sleep. l Sleep is not just rest. It’s an essential time for your body to perform routine maintenance and repair. l Losing an hour’s sleep is a big deal. If you get less sleep than you need, your ability to do certain cognitive and physical tasks is decreased. If the sleep loss builds over time, it can interfere with hormones that monitor appetite and increase your risk of chronic illness. l You don’t adjust to sleep changes as easily as you think. When you travel across many time zones or work night shifts, you confuse the body’s sense of time, making sleep difficult and inhibiting some necessary sleep functions. For every l one- to two-hour time change, it takes your body 1 day to adjust. That means it could take your body 6 to

10 Wellbeing

12 days to adjust to a trip from New York to China. l Older people don’t need less sleep. Older people need the same amount of sleep as everyone else, 7 to 9 hours per night. There is a cultural belief that as you age, you need less sleep. Unfortunately, because of this myth, many older people do not seek help for their sleep problems. Often, older people sleep less than they need to because of illness. l Extra sleep does not necessarily help fatigue. Many people assume that if they feel tired during the day, then they should sleep longer at night. This is not necessarily true. If a person is getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night, then he or she should seek another source for their fatigue. Some sleep disorders decrease sleep quality, even though the person is getting enough sleep. Many medical conditions can cause fatigue. If you are sleeping long enough but are still tired, try some exercise and daylight exposure during the day. If that doesn’t help, see your doctor. l Naps are not a waste of time. Naps can be a great way to catch

up on lost sleep. After taking naps, people function better and do certain cognitive tasks quicker. Napping can also help you train yourself to fall asleep quicker. However, napping longer than an hour or after 3pm may make it more difficult for you to fall asleep at night. l Alcohol won’t help you sleep better. Alcohol interferes with the normal sleep cycle, especially the back end of the cycle. Four hours into sleep, alcohol wears off and leaves you in an excitable state. You will sleep lighter, wake more easily, and be hungover when you do wake. Being a muscle relaxant as well as sedative, alcohol can even create sleep apnoea symptoms in snorers who don’t otherwise have the condition. l Drugs, if things get too bad, you may need to stop the cycle and take drugs. Tranquilisers like benzodiazepines and similar medication might be suggested by your GP short term. Don’t feel guilty about taking them, it is important to stop the cycle of sleep deprivation as quickly as possible. However, this is never the answer long term and the underlying reason will need to be addressed.

T: 07900 413 661 W: E:

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B A C K C A R E | S T R E S S M A N A G E M E N T | PA I N R E L I E F

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us us!?

e s

The Wealden Retreat

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hers ELIEF

Wellbeing 11

Wellbeing gardening


Insomnia comes in various forms: difficulty getting to sleep…or staying asleep…failing to get sufficient, good quality sleep. It is not having the odd ‘bad night’ - it is a regular occurrence and some sufferers describe themselves as ‘almost driven to beating my head against the wall’. Illness…stress…anxiety – either at home or at work. Money worries. Family problems. Concerns about exams. Being made redundant. Difficulty in finding employment. It can be triggered by noise, being too hot, too cold, or an uncomfortable mattress or a stuffy room. Some people cannot sleep in a room that isn’t darkened. Nicotine and alcohol

12 Wellbeing

and caffeine are often contributory factors. The list of potential causes is seemingly endless. Fortunately, for many people, insomnia is shortlived and disappears once the ‘problem’ that is causing it has been solved - or the perception of the seriousness of the problem has changed! Identifying the cause and addressing it is the obvious first step but it isn’t always that easy and many sufferers are prescribed sleeping pills as a short-term measure.

Using Lavender Herbalists use a number a wide range of plants to prepare sleep aids, many of which will already be growing in the garden – or can be

r e d n e lav

easily grown. Lavender (Lavenula Augustifolia) has been cultivated in this country since the 16th century. Making a ‘lavender pillow’ is very easy – buying one is quite expensive! (Some herbalists advocate mixing lavender with dried hops in equal amounts) April/May are the ideal months for planting Lavender and, like many herbs, it relishes condition that other plants would find too tough! Poor to moderate fertility – free draining – alkaline soil - a full-sun location. Provide these and it is almost impossible to go wrong.

Buying your Lavender Visit a nursery or garden centre that

offers a good range and ask for advice – or read the labels carefully! Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote – for example - is a strong, bushy English Lavender frequently used in hedging. Lavender makes a delightful ‘hedge’ surrounding flower beds – or on its own, in island beds located near sitting-out areas.

Planting Lavender Spacing will depend on location – for example, ‘hedging’ should be planted approximately a foot to eighteen inches apart depending on the size of the cultivars. When the soil is heavy or wet, consider planting in tubs and pots. Add grit to a multi-purpose



The 2012 report has highlighted that ‘DIY Health’ is going to be a key trend for 2012, with self-tracking being one of the hottest topics of the new year...

compost to improve drainage – and place the pots adjacent to doorways or under kitchen windows – wonderful!

pillows, lavender sachets – bunches of dried lavender – make personalised gifts that people really appreciate.

Harvesting Lavender

HADLOW, graded ‘Outstanding’ and one of the UK’s premier colleges, offers Degree, Further Education and Recreational courses in wide range of Horticulture - including Medicinal and Garden Design.

Picking the lavender before it is in full flower will ensure fragrance is retained for longer. Choose a day when the plants are dry; place the flower-heads on newspaper in a box. Store in a warm, dry position – and shake the box each day. The flowers/buds will be ‘ready’ when they separate easily. The economy is top-of-the-agenda – times are hard – and everyone is looking for ways of saving money. Lavender

Hadlow a wide ra offers nge of c areer (includin g degree ) and recreatio nal cours hor ticult es for urists an d garden includin ers, g Medic inal Hor Telepho ti c u lt ure. ne: 050 0 for inform 551434 ation.

“The Do It Yourself health trend is not going to slow down in 2012. For 2012, the DIY health trend will show endless innovation driven by technology which feeds off a never-ending desire among consumers to be in control. New apps and devices are available for consumers keen on preventing, examining, improving, monitoring and managing their health.”   One of the latest products that is set to be a massive part of this movement towards ‘Do It Yourself’ health is the Zeo Sleep Manager - a unique device which tracks your sleep through the night to give an accurate reading of your sleep stages and sleep quality.   The wireless headband tracks your brainwaves as you sleep and then sends this data wirelessly to your smartphone; this data can then be used to devise a personalised sleep coaching programme to enable you to take control of your sleep and improve sleep quality. It is scientifically proven that sleep has a massive impact on lots of aspects of life including health, weightloss, performance, happiness and even sex life, so it really is a key health aspect to track. Zeo Sleep Manager is priced from £89 and available to buy from

Wellbeing 13

ask the

EXPERTS Q: I have been sleeping badly what can I do about it?

With the National Bed Foundation revealing that 93 per cent of GPs agree that a good, comfortable and supportive bed will improve the quality of sleep, Furniture Village bed expert Sue Killick has collaborated with the UK’s favourite GP and TV broadcaster Dr Hilary Jones to answer our question. It comes as no surprise that a good night’s sleep is instrumental in sustaining a healthy body and mind, but with 37 per cent of the nation suffering from insomnia, it’s no wonder that one in seven visits to a GP are currently linked to sleep problems. With the rise in portable electronic devices, longer working hours and social networking, it’s often hard for people to switch off, but cutting back on sleep can bring harmful effects on the body and mind. Studies have shown that sleeping poorly for less than six hours increases the risk of heart disease by almost 50 per cent, and it could even trigger strokes by 15 per cent.


14 Wellbeing

Visit or one of 39 Furniture Village stores nationwide to view the complete range of bedstead, divan and mattress collections.

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ask the

EXPERTS Tips For A Restful Night’s Sleep qAvoid eating two hours before going to bed qTry to shut down at least one hour before bedtime qMentally relax with some calming music or a book qTry aromatherapy in a warm bath before bed qSprinkle a little lavender on your pillow qKeep the bedroom cool, dark and quiet qCut back on caffeine and alcohol qCheck your medication with your GP

16 Wellbeing


Hilary Jones

Bad back? Chronically tired? Not sleeping? The doctor will see you now. Or should I say, Furniture Village will see you now? That’s because as a GP and TV broadcaster I’m fully aware of the medical profession’s challenges in treating the UK’s twin epidemics of persistent back pain and insomnia. More doctors’ consultations are taken up dealing with these two troublesome conditions than anything else and both can be measurably debilitating and exhausting. The answers do not come in the shape of painkillers or sedatives, however - these merely mask the problem. They treat the consequences and cause nasty side effects of their own. Instead, my prescription is a comfortable bed probably the most important factor of all in managing back pain, allowing the vertebrae of the spine to remain in the correct alignment whilst the surrounding muscles can ease out of spasm and relax. A well-sprung supportive but comfortable mattress, which prevents you from rolling together with your partner in the middle of the night, overheating, or developing neck pain and pins and needles in your arms, can really help overcome difficulties with sleep and leave you feeling alert and refreshed the next day. That in turn is much more likely to give you the energy and motivation to exercise your back again which your muscles desperately need if they are not to waste away and weaken, leading to yet more back strain and discomfort. I’m always happy to see patients who come to me with pain and daytime exhaustion, but I’d much rather they invested in a good bed and prevented it in the first place.


Killick (above) Alaska Bedstead from Furniture Village

Almost a third of our lives are spent in bed according to The Sleep Council, so it’s really important to get the optimum amount of seven to eight hours’ sleep each night. And as only 39 per cent of adults sleep well - taking an average of 37 minutes to nod off - the mattress will play a fundamental part in helping the rest of the population to achieve its muchneeded ‘zee’s’. The important thing is for the consumer and their partner to try as many different beds as possible before purchasing, as how manufacturers grade their comfort level (firm, medium or soft) varies between the makes and models. Finding the right type depends on the weight, size and sleep positions of the user, so it’s essential to take off your shoes, jacket or coat - relax - and adopt your natural sleep position. Don’t believe that a firm mattress is best for those suffering with a bad back (this advice was withdrawn over 20 years ago), or assume that a bed with a pseudo medical name like orthopaedic is necessarily better for a person’s health. When asleep, the body moves 60-70 times a night, with up to a dozen full body turns. So if the

mattress is too soft or old, the body will sink into the mattress, increasing the likelihood of aches & pains. But if the mattress is too firm, discomfort may be experienced at certain pressure points, such as the hips and shoulders. Ultimately, look for a mattress which is large enough, comfortable, not too firm, but has enough tension and support to enable the user to achieve a good posture in bed. The mattress should hold the spine in correct alignment and mould itself to the body’s natural curves so that it remains horizontal when a person lies on their back or side. However, an adult couple may have different requirements, so ideally look for two single mattresses that zip together where different degrees of firmness can be combined. Finally, choose the biggest bed the bedroom can accommodate. Remember that a standard 4’6” double bed only allows 2’3” of space for each partner - that’s less than a single bed, and less space than a baby has in a cot! Open spring mattresses contain large diameter ‘hour-glass’ shaped springs, which are held together in rows by wires. The firmness can be varied by the

wires’ thickness and the type of upholstery used. Pocketed spring mattresses are considered to give the sleeper the highest level of posture, support and comfort. Individual springs provide independent support wherever weight is applied, and luxury upholstery fillings add further comfort. Latex and foam mattresses are self-airing, never need turning and can help to reduce bouts of asthma. Around one fifth of the UK population suffers from respiratory problems, and old beds and bedding are now considered the prime source of contact with the asthma allergen. These mattresses can also be combined with slatted, padded, adjustable or spring bases to give a wide variety of comfort and firmness. Visco elastic (or memory foam) mattresses contain a special foam-like material with millions of tiny window-like cells, which react to heat and pressure; moulding and supporting the entire body without pushing back against the body’s own weight. Some memory foam mattresses also contain micro silver crystals that help to neutralise bed mite allergens, bacteria and static electricity build-up.

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Wellbeing skincare

ACNE &Acne Scarring


Words Dr Johanna Ward cne affects 80% of people at some point in their lives and is the commonest skin condition that people consult their Doctor about. About 20% of acne sufferers will have acne so severe that they will require aggressive medical treatment to avoid the risk of secondary scarring. Although the diagnosis of acne is straight forward and effective treatments are available, acne is still a challenging dermatological problem. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, people commonly delay consulting their Gp for acne in the hope that it will just go away. In adolescents the average time between the onset of acne and seeking medical help is about 1 year despite the significant impact on their self-esteem and psychological wellbeing that acne causes. Acne is a chronic skin condition with no quick fixes or overnight cures. Treatments often take 6-8 weeks or longer to be effective with the result that many people give up on their treatments thinking that they haven’t worked. This results in under or suboptimal treatment and is another reason why acne presents such a challenge.

18 Wellbeing

Photos courtesy of Geniune Dermaroller and Safonov clinic

Many treatments are available for acne, most of which are well tolerated, safe and effective. Gps need to encourage people with acne to present and engage in treatment programmes which require regular follow up and may entail using several treatment options to see which is most effective. This requires commitment on both sides. Even mild acne can have a profound effect on a person’s emotional wellbeing so it is extremely important that acne is treated at the earliest opportunity. The causes of acne are not fully understood but we do know that several factors contribute to its development. It is thought to be due to a combination of follicle plugging, excess sebum or oil production, colonisation of the follicles by a bacteria (Propionibacterium Acnes) and subsequent inflammation. Any effective treatment regime needs to target all of these processes. Treatment options include topical skin creams, oral antibiotics, hormonal preparations, oral Roaccutane (a type of Vitamin A) or a combination of these. Changing to a mineral based make-up and using specific acne skincare products such as Obagi can also help. Treatments not available in the NHS include Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) which is used to eliminate the causative bacteria and reduce

excess sebum production. Other treatments available in private dermatology clinics include Radiofrequency which uses heat to reduce sebum production which helps keep acne in remission. For optimal effect all of these treatments should be combined. Treatment of the scarring caused by acne has dramatically improved in the last few years. Advances in cosmetic treatment of acne scarring include Dermaroller (medical microneedling) which is a pioneering treatment that reduces scarring by stimulating new collagen formation. This is a straight forward clinic based procedure with minimal recovery time and excellent results. Other options include laser treatments and the new Intracel treatment which combines medical needling and radiofrequency. Acne is a common skin condition and although there are effective treatments available there is often significant delay in seeking treatment and poor compliance with the treatment with potential risk of significant physical scarring and psychological distress.

Dr Johanna Ward is one of a handful of UK based Doctors trained in Intracel treatments. The Skin Clinic 2 The Square Riverhead, Sevenoaks TN132AA 01732 462844

Not feeling 100%? Not sure where to turn?

The Energy for Life healing process enables all of us to reconnect back to the essence of who we are, whilst experiencing an accelerated healing journeywith tranquility & inner peace.

Spirit Guide Portraits Reiki Healing Angel & Faery Readings Psychic Development Training Jackie Mannell Therapist Old Brewery Yard Battle, TN33 OAF 01424 775075

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the natural way

Visit ‘name of salon’ and enjoy Aveda’s up 99% naturally hair colour Aveda hair colour answers alltoyour needsderived naturally. Aveda hair colour answers all your needs naturally—from full grey coverage to vibrant colour—while leaving Visit Thedamage-free, Wealden Retreat and enjoy Aveda’s upprecisely to 99% hair essentially silky and touchable. Our customized hair colouring system offers matched permanent and long lasting deposit-only shades. With up to 99% naturally derived ingredients — naturally derived* hair colour. such as patented green tea extract—we allow you to create bespoke and unique hair colour. *



from plants and non-petrochemical minerals

*from plants and non-petrochemicals

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22 Wellbeing

Wellbeing 19

DO SOMETHINGt Words Rachel Branson

With the Christmas and New Year festivities behind me I wondered how I would get through the month of January with the long, dark winter nights, the cold wet weather and the possibility of snow. So the suggestion of taking a few days holiday in West Wales at the end of January to review Bluestone Holiday Village was agreed to with a bit of in trepidation. I must admit I did feel in need of a few days off, but cycling, high wire through the Steep Ravine and an archery lesson were perhaps not the kind of thing I was used to...but that was the whole idea... It was about doing something different...trying something new, so I agreed to take up the challenge...Oh but did I also mention that Bluestone is a 5 star holiday village and that I would also be treated to a massage in their Spa!

20 Wellbeing

n e r e diff

My husband, 15 month old daughter and I headed off with a few food necessities, lots of warm and waterproof clothing and the bikes. Bluestone operates a no car policy and although we had our own bikes they do provide bike hire facilities once you get there. I hadn’t been to this part of Wales before, it was a very straight forward journey, although from Tunbridge Wells was a little longer than I would like in a car, but the beauty of the area soon made me forget the car journey. Bluestone Village has been created in the heart of the spectacular Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, West Wales, sitting within 500 acres of amazing countryside and woods near Narbeth, close to the famous coastal town of Tenby. The village comprises of 280 luxury timber lodges, cottages

and studio apartments and is suitable for all ages, groups large and small and at any time of year. The information said the gate opened at 4.30pm and this is exactly what happened. At exactly 4.30pm the gates went up so that we could drive to our lodge situated overlooking the lake, we had until midnight to return the car to the long stay car park where it would stay for the remainder of the week. If you have ever seen the 1960s series ‘The Prisoner’ with Patrick McGoohan, set in Portmeirion, North Wales, there felt a slight resemblance, as people passed us on golf buggies, a perfect mode of transport for anyone who felt that cycling was a little too strenuous. The lodge was beautiful, with decor and furnishing you would find in a Boutique Hotel, leather

sofas, flat screen TV, Villeroy & Boch tableware. You can order a welcome pack of food from the village store, we had tea, coffee, local milk, butter, chocolates and a bottle of wine waiting, a perfect start to a holiday. We had access to their Blue Lagoon water park which was amazing, wave machine, an area like a river, taking the swimmer on a current outside into the fresh air, slides, water falls and children’s area. We also had access to the adventure play area, a child (and adults) dream, giant tree house for climbing, high wire for children and plenty of space to run and play should the weather be too wet and wild outside and when everyone is hungry they can retreat to the Wild Wood Cafe for refreshments The staff were wonderful and friendly. Richard tried the high wire activity through the Steep

Ravine and I tried the archery, which I discovered I was very good at, in the summer months they have Camp Smokey down in the woodlands and I hear they have live music playing while the camp fires burn. It was invigorating, cycling through in the ice cold rain, I don’t usually cycle but managed the hills with ease and having the no car policy meant we could safely cycle with the bike buggy. The food in The Yard was excellent, along with the band, Preseli Pete and the Bluestone Boys who entertain the diners on Tuesday and Saturdays throughout the year. For those who like fine dining they have Carreg Las (only weekends during off peak season) and if you don’t fancy self catering but don’t want to venture out they have an excellent takeaway service.

And when you have done all the activities or you just fancy a lovely relaxing break then a trip to The Well Spa is a must. From the outside it looked like a small cottage, in the heart of the Village, but once inside the Spa was spacious and beautifully decorated, not unlike some of the top spas found in London hotels. The spa offers saunas, steam rooms, ice pod and a dry salt room, an outdoor plunge pool, 11 treatment rooms and are specialists on Decleor and Espa. So after my wonderful Celtic Massage I managed to steal an extra half an hour in their relaxation room before returning to my husband and daughter... the perfect way to end my memorable trip to Bluestone. To watch our video review go to

Wellbeing 21

RAW FOOD ruined my life Self-employed designer Roz Woodward hoped switching her diet to raw foods would give her health a boost, but instead it almost killed her.

The 42 year old saw her weight plummet to a dangerously low six stone after she became obsessed with eating only raw fruit and vegetables. It was only after visiting a mystic that Roz was able to get her diet and her life back on track and began to rapidly regain her health. Roz had been a vegetarian since her teenage years but it was only when she was had to give up her work in London to become a carer for her father in Dorset that food started to become a major issue. Away from her friends

22 Wellbeing

and clients she was under tremendous pressure to care for her father who was suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Feeling like she had lost vital control over many aspects of her life she sought comfort in food as one aspect of life she could exert full control over. Her vegetarianism had led to an interest in raw food and she now became obsessed with the superfood abilities of raw fruit and vegetables. At nine and a half stone Roz was already a healthy weight but she became convinced that her new raw food diet could

super charge her health, and even began to believe it might hold the key to cure or at least manage her dad’s Parkinson’s Disease. But despite her passion for her new regime friends were clearly worried and it wasn’ t long before they began commenting that she was losing lots of weight. And she wasn’t feeling great, she had no energy and began finding it difficult to concentrate. Roz said: “I failed to see what damage it was doing, I had lost a shocking amount of weight, my hair was lacklustre, and I had no energy. “The raw food diet even affected my personal life. I couldn’t go out to restaurants because I could only go to those which offered a raw menu.”

Taking responsibility Eventually Roz stepped on the scales and was shocked to discover that her weight had dropped to six stone. She realised it was time to take action. Roz was aware of Cardiff based Helen Wingstedt, known as the Realistic Mystic as she uses her abilities to help people help themselves.

After just one session Roz found she was able to easily eat bread again for the first time in months. Soon she had added fish to her diet and her weight began to return to healthy levels. She said: “Best of all I felt incredible. The sessions with Helen transformed not only my health but my whole life. I felt more confident than I had for years and was back in control of my own life.” Roz has a new outlook on life. She has developed an honest relationship with food and knows this is permanent.

“Life is opening up again. Before I worked with Helen my life was narrowing. She has helped me see forward and I see life from a different perspective.” Helen uses her gift to help people deal with the difficulties of 21st century life. She said: “Of course there are those who aim to take advantage of the vulnerable and promise them everything from a cure to cancer to getting messages from the deceased. I don’t claim to do that, on the contrary, I help with the harsh realities that millions of people face every day which is why I have become known as

the Realistic Mystic. I provide fresh perspectives and adjust the emotional and psychological status quo giving people the leg up they need to start healing and helping themselves.”

Ancient Cultures Helen believes the modern world can learn a great deal from ancient cultures when it comes to treating emotional problems. She said: “Ancient cultures can teach us a lot about healing issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression, stress disorders and eating issues. Ancient cultures did not have the communication technology and medical science we have come to rely on for everything today. They understood not only the human sensory system but the super-sensory system which people today would use words such as psychic, intuition, healing, telepathy, sensitivity, and clairvoyance to describe. Children who were naturally gifted in the super senses were trained for decades to learn how to perform this service for their community. Revered as a ‘Priest’ by the community, they also provided spiritual guidance.” Roz is certainly convinced that Helen has a very unusual gift. She said: “Helen is much more than just a healer. She

understands how people work. Helen is a symbol of hope for me. She has shown me that midlife doesn’t have to be a crisis.” Now Roz has life back on track. She is rebuilding her design and photographic services business, creating artwork for a book and exhibitions, and looking forward to the possibility of a relationship. When she once thought that she was past the possibility of having a family of her own she now sees it as something that could still come into her life. She is excited about the future for the first time in years.

Wellbeing 23

SPRING CLEAN the green way PLANET HEALTH LAUNCHES B_E_E PRODUCT RANGE The B_E_E range of environmentally responsible cleaning products to the UK market, which includes laundry liquid, laundry powder, delicate fabric wash, whitener, multi-surface cleaner and dishwash liquid. Every product uses natural yet powerful ingredients and recyclable packaging. . Essential oils and cleaning agents made from natural ingredients such as coconut and sugar ensure they are also gentle on skin.

BE A GREEN DOMESTIC GODDESS FOR THIS YEAR’S SPRING CLEAN Being green doesn’t have to mean washing your pots and pans in the stream! Alma Win’s organic and eco friendly cleaning range makes it easy to be clean – and green. The range of 100% biodegradable, cruelty-free products includes Organic Dishwasher Tabs, Organic Household Cleaner and Alma Win’s Natural Laundry Scent – Lemon Fresh fragrances laundry with organic vervain leaf extract, leaving clothes smelling beautifully citrus fresh. Available from all good health stores and garden centres nationwide and

24 Wellbeing

GREEN CAN REALLY CLEAN Some people think you can’t be green and really clean, but Ecover have proved them wrong! With over 30 products for your

home, laundry and dishes they lead the way versus petrochemical cleaning products to bring you and your family exceptional cleaning without the compromise. We tested the non bio washing liquid and softener, not only did the clean well at low temperatures but they smelt good too. As well as Ecover’s great cleaning products they also specialise in natural beauty and haircare products for women and men, babies and children. They have a brand new online shop for all your cleaning needs, you can order refills, they are even trialling biodegradable, loose-fill packaging pellets.

Wellbeing 25



“The healing process enables us to reconnect back to the essence of who we are.” Jackie Mannell, Energy for Life practitioner.


s an only child, Jackie Mannell was very close to her mother, who sadly developed diabetes in her early twenties. Keen to enhance her wellbeing, the family immersed themselves in a healthy lifestyle, and Jackie soon became aware of the influence we can have on our own wellbeing. Jackie now runs her own successful hairdressing salon and beauty consultancy in Sussex, but increasingly felt her role expand to that of a kind of therapist, as her clients felt comfortable to enough to open up and chat problems through with her. “It did help them enormously, I got an amazing uplifting feeling when this happened, and my clients would say as they left, ‘thank you I feel so much better,’ and they would leave smiling” explains Jackie. This led

8 Wellbeing 26 Wellbeing

her to the possibility of retraining and offering therapy sessions more formally. Five years ago, Jackie read an article on a gentleman that had Crohns disease for many years, doctors could only help so far, so he turned to alternative healing. Incredibly he is now cured. “He practices Energy for Life, and it was through him that I did my training,” explains Jackie “and I now practice Energy for Life, in my salon in Battle. I support people’s health through their illness” she explains, “there is no separation between our bodies and our emotions. The Energy for Life healing process enables us to reconnect back to the essence of who we are, whilst simultaneously experiencing an accelerated healing journey with tranquility and inner peace. After an initial consultation, I gently lay

my hands on the clients body, and to relaxing music I am guided where to move them.” Most of us have energy blockages that are pre-conditioned to manifest as pain and discomfort in our lives. They can include lower energy vibrations that have attached themselves from other people as well as having existing lower vibrations which have accumulated from previous life times. Suppressed emotions such as internalised pain, anger, grief and sadness can cause energy blockages in the body. This can affect the body’s vibrational frequency and compromise the immune system allowing symptoms to develop. These all contribute to distortions in our energy flow and consequently, symptoms often develop which can manifest as pain, discomfort and disease.

For many years, people world-wide have channelled energy with the highest intent and highest good to relieve pain and discomfort for all. During this time we have learned that our pain is caused by energy blockages within us, not just our physical, but our psychological emotional and spiritual energy fields. Energy for Life healing releases the embedded blockages at our deepest cellular level and enables our energy fields to realign, re-balance and returns our bodies to a wonderful state of harmony.

Jackie offers 1hr treatment sessions for £40.00. Hours: Wed-Fri 9.30-3.00, Sat 9.00-5pm. Unit 5, Old Brewery Yard, Battle, TN33 OAF, 01424 775075.

WATCH INFUSED WITH WELLNESS A luxury wellbeing watch that brings calm and stress free living to busy mums, business folk and generally those in need of a little calm. I must admit I was a little sceptical that wearing a watch could improve my overall wellbeing and reduce stress so was happy to trial the watch for a couple of weeks to see what happened. Philip Stein was the first to create a luxury watch collection infused with

wellness technologies. The exclusive Natural Frequency Technology featured in all watches has apparently been shown to reduce stress, increase focus, improve sleep and an overall wellbeing. The prominent frequency is the frequency of the earth and is the same frequency that a person is in during a relaxed and unstressed stage. A study conducted by Dr. Michael Breus, PhD, a board certified sleep specialist, reported that 96% of watch wearers experienced falling asleep faster, feeling more refreshed in the morning and/or dreaming was more pleasant.

Wellbeing products So how did my trial go, I usually sleep quite well anyway but I did notice that my dreams were longer and more detailed suggesting that my sleep was less interrupted. I wore the watch through a particularly busy time, lots of work, deadlines, running a household all of which usually leaves me feeling overwhelmed, however this time I seemed a lot more in control, worked through everything that needed to be done and met all my deadlines... But even if I hadn’t noticed these benefits I would have still been wearing a beautiful watch.

Tried & tested Wellbeing new products for you and your family...

POWERSPIN® Powerspin® promises to offer a quick way to fabulous arms when used for just minutes each day. It has been designed to be used at home, while on the telephone or when making the dinner! It took us a few attempts to get into the swing of things, but after about 60 seconds you could certainly feel the burn. As the ball gains momentum it builds resistance and you can feel it working your arms, shoulders and abs depending on the workout you’ve chosen. So if you are looking for fabulous arms and have only a few minutes a day to achieve this then Powerspin® could be the answer.

NUTRI1ST FROM TESCO Nutri1st, launched by Tesco, is a range of protein bars and shakes formulated to make choosing your sports nutrition products effortless and uncomplicated. Perfect for people who enjoy

regular gym workouts, there are six types of products to choose from, all clearly labelled to help you achieve your individual goals, whether that’s to create a lean, toned and defined body; increase muscle, bulk up or increase your strength and power. We tried Raspberry & Honey, Chocolate & Hazelnut, Strawberry and the Caramel and was impressed with the taste, size of bar and how filling they were. The calorie count vary from 144 to 361 but the

fat content is lower and protein higher than a standard chocolate bar making them an ideal snack weather you are shaping up, bulking up or training. The drinks couldn’t be easier to make either – just mix the powder with cold water and shake! It’s that simple. They taste great, too, so you’ll actually enjoy them and with a competitive price, your bank balance will also be on a winning streak.

Wellbeing 27


Liz Jeffries MovingU4ward, has been an Alexander Technique Teacher for 16 years and she is a Member of the Society of Teachers of Alexander Technique and also teaches on management training courses for the Civil Service, primarily in relation to presentation skills, focusing on posture and vocal delivery. A course of One to One lessons from Liz in the Alexander Technique is available at her practice rooms in St Leonards or in Tunbridge Wells. The lessons last 40 minutes and will help to overcome muscle tension and stiffness, back neck and joint pain or even

The Alexander Technique is a method of self-help which focuses on identifying harmful postural practices or poor habits which can be the cause of, or contribute to pain. poor posture. Using the Alexander Technique can also be a great support in pregnancy and childbirth. In conjunction with the Alexander Technique Liz has developed ‘Stem Sessions’. These sessions have been developed to alleviate pain, by walking without strain on joints and your back. Think of a flower in bloom, heavy and needing support from the stem, now think of your body as the stem with your

head perfectly balanced on top. These are group sessions, usually a maximum of ten people and are split into two separate parts, the first part is an indoor session where Alexander Technique is explained, demonstrated and taught. The second part is a practical session walking along the seafront or through the park with touch and guidance from Liz. Stem Sessions take place in Hastings, Bexhill, Eastbourne and Tunbridge Wells. Liz is currently developing Stem

Weekends and Stem Mini breaks to give you the opportunity to enjoy a few days concentrating on improving your posture and give you more freedom of movement and also to have fun! New Mum’s will soon be invited to join ‘Buggy Stem Sessions’ helping to keep their posture while pushing the buggy and lifting a new baby. Also giving the opportunity of meeting other ‘new Mums’ and making friends.

For more information, dates and venues please call Liz on 01424 465838 or e-mail visit the website www.

ARE YOU LOOKING FOR NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL, RADIANT SKIN? Introducing a product range full of natural, organic, wild ingredients, handmade of course, full of vitamins and unique skin enhancers.

At Elena’s Nature Collection our aim is to heal the skin. We offer a range where we pay for the ingredients rather than a fancy pot and a young beautiful model. Glass pots allow the sunlight to penetrate thus ruining the vitamins in the pots. Everyone wants to look healthy, young, vibrant, sensuous, most of all attractive. Young people need to maintain their youthful skin and prevent unhealthy spots and blemishes. Women in their forties and fifties are desperate to keep their young appearance and the mature woman is keen to enhance and produce that radiance everyone notices. Elena’s Nature Collection regenerates, rejuvenates, repairs and restores the skin. Our goal was to make a difference to peoples’ skin. Our clientele has proven to us that our goal was successful. People with severe sun damage have returned, over the moon with the results of using Elena’s Nature Collection.

28 Wellbeing Wellbeing 28

y h t a p o r u t a N

Words: Melanie Arnold


he plethora of illnesses in our industrialised era require now, more than ever, a naturopathic approach to combat the cocktail of toxins and chemicals we are subjected to daily from the air we breathe to the water and food we consume. Combine this with a high-stress lifestyle, constant bombardment of electromagnetic pollution and an over-reliance on pharmaceuticals to suppress symptoms of illness and the picture we have is one of steady and inevitable disease. Whilst we invest time and money into insuring our cars against potential mishap, we fail to do

the same for the other ‘machine’ that gets us from A to B...our bodies! Naturopaths approach health with an eclectic palette of ‘tools’ in their medicine kits and through an intense case history with a client will aim to discover the root cause that may be behind a myriad of unrelated symptoms. All disease is a reflection of an excess or deficiency; be it a nutrient, a hormone, the acid/alkaline balance, an enzyme, toxins, immune activity, mood state etc. Naturopaths may use herbal medicines, homeopathy, tissue salts, flower remedies, nutrition, detoxification techniques and lifestyle

Naturopaths may use herbal medicines, homeopathy, tissue salts, flower remedies, nutrition, detoxification techniques and lifestyle advice.

advice to adjust conditions in your body so that the mechanism of disease is unable to stay put. This is called ‘altering the terrain’. In the same way a plant cannot thrive in a mineral and water free soil, nor can

bacterial, fungal and viral infections, inflammation and hormonal imbalances exist in a tissue state corrected with natural medicine. Spring is the ideal time to get a health overhaul, a seasonal detox to banish winter excesses, prevention of hayfever prior to the summer months or just to begin a new health regimen aimed at recurring or chronic disorders. Above all, remember, health is not just the absence of disease; it should be abundant vitality! Contact Melanie on 07840202930,

People with red, irritated, blemished skin are now able to face the world with confidence. People with acne rosacea have regained their self-esteem. Menopausal women suffering from a dehydrated, grey, tired look return with a group of friends all wanting to try our products. The mature generation including Baronesses and Ladies have been using the Eureka Cream and Illumination Cream with astounding effects. A whole world of people have found their way to Elena’s Nature Collection over twenty five years with a visible success and radiance everyone notices. Very substantial, non greasy absorbable ingredients, therapeutic and healing. Our reputation goes before us. All you have to do is look!

Check out the beauty offers on the website or phone us: Beauty helpline 01435 882092. The whole range is even available on the NHS. www.

Wellbeing 29 29 Wellbeing


was shakespeare a



CERTAINLY MANY OF HIS PLAYS TAKE PLACE ON BOTH SIDES OF THE CHANNEL. Nick Hordern travels with Shakespeare as his guide in the ‘Next County’

Nick Ho

rdern a Vaness

FROM APRIL 23, the Bard’s birth date [b.1564], for 21 weeks, The Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-upon-Avon will host an international festival, as part of the 2012 Cultural Olympiad, the arts celebration designed to augment the London Olympics. April 23rd is also St. George’s Day. A million visitors are expected, with collaborative shows from 50 other professional arts organisations globally. Still on the subject of theatrical, the news that Vanessa Redgrave is to visit my home town in May to Guest Direct the Brighton Festival, took me for a spin down

30 Wellbeing



Memory Lane. It seems like yesterday, that this thoroughly gracious and gifted lady said: “You must come up to Stratford, Nick. It’s great. I’ve a part in Othello. Stay the weekend. It’s the same digs that Dad had when he was here. Same landlady. It will be such fun.” Over the past few months, we had laughed, sang, played the piano, enjoyed each other’s company, tore each other apart, made up. “Did I talk too slowly?” she asked, returning from the Leatherhead Rep to London, “Sounded great to me,” came the besotted one’s reply. For me, a joyous youthful liaison fresh in the memory - doubt-

less, for her, a Star’s forgotten dalliance. She introduced me to her fellow thespians, a pleasant closely-knit group reminiscent of Oxford campus life. The show was magnificent. Paul Robeson as Othello, Mary Ure, Desdemona, and devilishly wily Sam Wanamaker as Iago, under the exquisite direction of Tony Richardson, Vanessa’s future husband. Then I left for the Next County, France, on a career abroad, she still at Stratford, where ‘parting is not such sweet sorrow’ because there she knocked them dead. Meanwhile, I became one of Madison Avenue’s “madmen” and LA-based writer, and decades later returned, unsung, to my native Brighton. Was Shakespeare a ‘Next County’ exponent? Certainly with the Anglo-Gallic history of contretemps, there’s a vital French Connection where Shakespeare’s plots often link with events in the Next County:

(right) Chamonix



r, Norm


The famous speech on the eve of a fabulous British victory at Agincourt, the English king harangues his troops at Normandy’s Harfleur in 1415 “Once more unto the breach, dear friends.” Rummaging through my father’s letters from the trenches, it is in 1915 (exactly 500 years later) that from the same British Army cross-channel assembly point to take on the Boche, the Old Etonian wrote a letter to his parents, Vicar of St. Nicholas, Brighton, saying that Harfleur has “a pretty church I plan to visit. Can’t wait to get into the trenches.” Soon, in a firestorm that takes out many of his battalion, the young 60th Rifles officer, survives a battle that The Times described as the worst since the slaughter of the Somme.

Shakespeare’s three witches would feel entirely at home in Chamonix, because most Europeans believed that the fearsome crones inhabited the Alpine caves, together with firebreathing dragons. Until the 18th-century, Chamonix, at the base of Mont Blanc, was inhabited by superstitious farmers; then in 1741 along came British explorers, William Windham and Richard Pocock, who started the tourist invasion. In 1786, Jacques Balmat & Dr. Michel-Gabriel Paccard climbed Mont Blanc, western Europe’s highest mountain (15,771 feet), followed by alpinists including England’s Edward Whymper who scaled the jagged row of snow-covered peaks there before conquering the Matterhorn in 1865. In 1924, Chamonix was the site of the first Winter Olympic Games. Chamonix Valley is the first tourist mountain region in France to plan emission reduc-

tion and adapt its tourist economy to climate change. There is a wide range of accommodation in either hotels, chalets, gites and B&B. Savoyard dishes include ‘farcon’ made with grated potatoes, bacon, prunes, raisins, eggs and cream. Health centres: e.g. Serenity Spa du Park Hotel, with panoramic Mont Blanc views. In 2011, filming in the most visited destination in the French Alps, Clint Eastwood said: “I love Chamonix. The Mont-Blanc, the Mer de Glace, the valley – they are absolutely dazzling.” Chamonix has the world’s highest cable cars and 308 hectares of pistes including the 12-mile Vallee Blanche being one of Europe’s longest. Air: Chamonix 1 hr. from Geneva Airport Rail: St Gervais-Vallorcine Line operated by SNCF Road: French Route Nationale 205 (RN 205) ‘Route Blanche’ extension of autoroute (A40) Winner Mountaineering Prize: Mar 21-24, 2012 Jury & Piolets d’Or Lifetime Achievement Award

Special Offer for Wellbeing Readers (Chamonix Short Deal Ski Breaks – 237 Euros) The special hotel and lift pass ski offers are available on selected dates throughout the season. Visitors can choose from a selection of 2*, 3* or 4* hotel for 3 or 5 night breaks. The lift pass included is the Mont Blanc Unlimited which gives access to all Chamonix lifts and cog railways and also to Courmayer in Italy. Chamonix Mont-Blanc Tourist Office:

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Ashtanga yoga Words Kate van der Meer

What is it?

What are the benefits?

Can anyone do it?

The distinction between Ashtanga & other forms of yoga is the vinyasa, a dynamic non-stop flow, linking breath & movement. The beauty of Ashtanga is its flowing dancelike sequence, postures are synchronized with a breathing technique (ujjayi) held together with inner energy body locks (bandhas) in a choreographed sequence. It is far more than a workout, creating a new relationship with the body, we become very aware of how to control our body.

Ashtanga is unique in its energizing nature & the enhanced level of fitness that comes from practicing it. Breath-synchronized movements & the controlled breathing system produce an intense internal heat and a profuse sweat that purifies and detoxifies muscles and organs. The result is improved circulation, a light and strong body and a calm mind. It is a complete fitness system, giving a combination of strength & flexibility, leaving you feeling energized & euphoric.

Ashtanga is a great accompaniment for those that train regularly in sports, running or football as the postures stretch, lengthen & tone the muscles rather than contract & tighten them. New Mums will also find the classes ideal for strengthening the core muscles & reconditioning the body after pregnancy & birth. After just a few weeks of regular practice, you will notice an increase in stamina & flexibility & increased core & upper body strength.

Kate van der Meer holds classes at Yoga Life Studio in the Enterprise Centre in Eastbourne at 8pm on Mondays & 11h15 on Fridays, drop in is just £7 per class. The classes are aimed at beginner to intermediate levels and will allow the practitioner to develop their practice with each session. Everyone is welcome & all postures are tailored and/or modified to suit the individual.


Enter our competitions by visiting

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Wellbeing clinics & treatments


Welcome to the Therapy Rooms, where you will find solutions and ideas to support your health and wellbeing. We encourage you to contact our clinics and therapists to find out how, they can help you to improve your health, fitness and knowledge. Enjoy and be inspired.



Yurtopia Therapies 07969 949984

Debbie Cobb - Holistic Massage Dip. m.CThA

Based in Battle, I provide holistic massage within a beautiful canvas Yurt. The perfect place to unwind and receive a tailor made massage, whilst being warmed by the wood burning stove.

“Be transported to a different world of relaxation”

NEW fitness classes HAILSHAM

fitness pilates legs, bums, tums zumba dance

From just £4 per session

Call Julie: 01435812843 07733 099735



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Offering solutions to a wide range of problems such as:- Low self esteem  Panic attacks  Fears and phobias  Eating disorders  Difficulty sleeping  Chronic fatigue syndrome  Menopausal problems  Stress (including post traumatic stress disorder). A personal combination of therapies drawn from EFT, Reiki/ healing, Dr Claire Weekes’ method, relaxation techniques, healthy living and mentoring, to help make the best of your life’s journey. To learn more or to make an appointment call 01825 873132 / mob 07767 367817 / email

Paul Skene Keating

34 34 Wellbeing Wellbeing

Sue LewiS Independent Consultant 07879 075 81 | 17/06/2011 15:29:31


Working With The Arts To Heal As an integrative Arts Psychotherapist I offer support for people with a variety of issues using the arts as well as talking therapies. Sarah: 07714218529 |

Seahaven Herbal Dispensary LLP • • • • •

FREE Health Advice On-site dispensing of Chinese and Western herbs Herbal Consultations & Acupuncture Treatments An Ongoing Programme of Talks and Workshops Sales of Selected Natural Health Products

01273 917888

Dances & exercises to inspiring music

Increase the vitality in your life! £10 per class - first class free Fridays 7.30pm Hove Mondays 1pm Brighton

TRANSITIONS COUNSELLING Acceptance, Understanding, Empathy Relational Counselling for Children, Families, Couples and Individuals. Stress management, anger issues, challenging behaviour, separation & loss. Lindsey Wilde: 01825 761875

Aloe Vera Beehive Products Natural Nutrition Skincare & Cosmetics Weight Management

Call Lesley on 01279 882754 or visit

Helping you be your

natural best

Feldenkrais Awareness through movement

Classes and Workshops

Rebecca Meitlis:

07595543605 | 01273 477990 Helen: 01273 278663 |

AvA i l A b l E o N t h E N h S helpline 01435 882092/884090

Are you looking for better health? Eczema and Psoriasis are kept under control by Elena’s Nature Collection naturally. Elena’s Routine formulated from customer research over 12 years is known to reduce the itch, lubricate the dryness and regenerate the skin day and night. Mail Order and invaluable information: |


Choose from over 50 naturally healthy drug-free treatments, courses and workshops To find out more call 01273 470955 or visit 16 Station Street, Lewes Wellbeing35 35 Wellbeing


Creative work using dreams and imagery from the unconscious to achieve balance.

07743473205, East Sussex and London

A session with a horse

can be increadibly revealing...

| 01273 814 402

*No horse experience necessary.*

‘Seeing you for who you really are’ ColyerEmmaV3_52x74mm_JulAug2011.indd 1


Do you suffer from...Bloating, Constipation, Diarrhoea, Diverticulitis, Fatigue, Haemorrhoids, IBS? Improve your health & vitality with Colonic Hydrotherapy or call Jilly 01273 477030


08/06/2011 15:07:15 EvansJilly_52x74mm_JulAug2011.indd 1

09/06/2011 12:15:35

with Amy

A space for healing & embracing wholeness | 01323 749747 | 07971 380547

yoga | ayurveda

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Friendly fair trade wholefood shop. Because good food doesn’t cost the earth. The Enterprise Centre, Eastbourne. 01323 411598 or shop online at:

36 36Wellbeing Wellbeing

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13/07/2011 15:06:37

20/07/2011 11:11:47

rejuvenation retreats

Michaela Augustin, Ayurvedic Therapist BSc (AYU)

magic power wisdom back to yourself... For appointments: The Acupuncture Clinic | 143 Portland Road | Hove, BN3 5QJ | or call Micha direct at 07794323780 Member of APA |

OVERWHELMED OR STRESSED BY CLUTTER?  get your life under control  make the most of your time, living space and belongings

 confidential advice and coaching  practical de-cluttering assistance T




-MovingU4ward CLARK


01435 883111 07974 950726

Eve Peacock


Appearances on ITV’S “This Morning” Columnist for “Spirit & Destiny” Available for sincere, accurate consultations at Visions, The Enterprise Centre, Eastbourne. 01323 646101 | 07807637784

with the

Alexander Technique Liz Jeffries MSTAT

Alexander Technique focuses on identifying harmful postural habits which can be the cause of, or contribute to pain. One to one lessons can alleviate your pain whether joint or back related, respiratory or stress related. Using the Alexander Technique is also a great support in pregnancy and childbirth. Your health will benefit and movement more fun! A lesson lasts 40 minutes and appointments are available in St Leonards on Sea and Tunbridge Wells. Or ask Liz about Stem Sessions as an introduction to the Alexander Technique.

Contact Liz on 01424 465838 or email |

Yoga Holiday

with Lisa


Huzur Vadisi, Turkey 24 Sept - 1 Oct 2012

Two yoga sessions per day, delicious meals, accommodation in idyllic setting, plenty of time to relax by the pool. Contact Lisa on 07733395065

Do you suffer from back pain? Book your FREE consultation today! Did you know that back pain can be eliminated and prevented by following a few simple and logical steps? Releive arthritis, sports injuries, back pain and improve your quality of life. Central Eastbourne location.

Steve Crossley Bsc DO

01323 647711

Practitioners Help your clients get their lives back! ‘The Vital Impact You Can Have on M.E and Fibromyalgia’ Workshops call Catherine 01293 220906 Or book your space at Sufferers download your free E Book at

Wellbeing 37 37 Wellbeing

Come and be looked after at

“Totally Tranquil”

Shop, gallery, therapy space Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, Angel Card Readings, Art gallery & much more Treatments for everyone including those with mobility problems & other disabilities.

Tarmount Lane, Shoreham, BN43 5ZD, 07796 518667

HYPNOTHERAPY Find the ability within you to change Give up unwanted habits Overcome fears & limiting emotions Develop confidence & self-belief

John Hirst


Eastbourne Clinic of Natural Medicine 01323 734664


46-47 High Street | Hastings 01424 444946 Hair Cutting & Colour Specialists | Massage & Reflexology Hopi Ear Candling | Non Surgical Face Lift HYPNOTHERAPY & PSYCHOTHERAPY

It IS for you Lose weight for good Improve your sleep Become an ex-smoker

Treatments and Courses

Please phone for information: Tel: 01435 868910 Mobile: 07944 232174

Reiki levels One and Two

Call Steve Neesam now on 01323 768292 to book a free 30 minute consultation


What is life’s purpose? Where is your power? Harner Shamanic Counselling© In 5 sessions you will learn to become your own ‘divinatory shaman’. Gaining a tool that restores personal power, unlocks the child and lets the heart sing! Contact for intro session:

Narda Martine

BSc Hons Neuro | 07964 743349 / 01273 670081

38 Wellbeing 38 Wellbeing

Deepen the Connection to your Voice Workshops and 1-2-1s Use the voice for self healing and finding stillness Monthly workshops Brighton & Eastbourne 07976 016103 | 01323 871523

What’s On Mar 1st 12noon-1pm, Tai Chi (All levels), Hillcrest Centre, Newhaven, £42 (6 weeks) Equilibrium 01273 470955, 4th 10am - 1 pm, Restorative yoga workshop with Lucy Newport, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, £30, 01323 732024, info@ 10am-5pm Reiki 1 Certificated Course, Equilibrium Health Centre, Lewes, £150, Sue Hall, Equilibrium 01273 470955, 5th Seated Acupressure Massage at the Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne. Relax, revitalise, destress 5-8.30pm £17.50 (30mins). Booking essential, 01323 732024, info@ 10th 1.45-3.15pm Learn self acupressure for health and wellbeing with Monica Huang, Natural Fitness, Centre, Eastbourne, £10, 01323732024, info@ 9am-2pm, Walk In Shiatsu Clinic, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, Donations from £10 (30mins or more), Booking available, 01323 732024 Nick Neter, www. 17th 2.30-5.00, full traditional ha-tha yoga practice with Lynne Matthews, Natural Fitness

Centre, Eastbourne, £25, 01323732024, info@


Three day Intuitive Horse retreat, 23rd 8 - 9.45 pm Voice Circle with Narayani, £10/£8, 01273 600010, 24th 10am-5pm, Sussex Thai Massage School Introductory Course £60, Brighton, 01273 562202,

25th 7.45-9.30 pm, Therapeutic Soundbath with Resonance, £10/£8, 01273 600010, www.bnhc.

24 and 25th

10.30-5.30pm, Seiki workshop with Akinobu Kishi, £145, 01273 600010, 28th 7pm-8pm, Increase your effectiveness on M.E., CFS and Fibromyalgia recovery a webinar for Practitioners, info@ getyourlifebackfromme. com or call Kate 07785 624 703

31st 2-4pm, Self Development Shamanic Workshop with Emma O’Leary and Susie Gates Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, £25, 01323732024, info@

Apr 2nd

Wellbeingwhat’son Seated Acupressure Massage at the Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne. Relax, revitalise, destress 5-8.30pm £17.50 (30mins). Booking essential, 01323 732024, info@

470955, 19th 12noon-1pm Tai Chi (All levels), Hillcrest Centre, Hillcrest Rd, Newhaven, £42 (6 weeks) Equilibrium 01273 470955, www.

Three day Intuitive Horse retreat,

(12 days finishes 9 December) 10a.m.-5.30, Sussex Thai Massage School Accredited Practitioner Course, Brighton, 01273 562202,,



9am-2pm, Walk In Shiatsu Clinic, Natural Fitness Centre, Eastbourne, Donations from £10 (30mins or more) Booking available, 01323 732024 Nick Neter, www.


2-5pm De-Stress Yoga workshop with Charlotte Watts, £25/£20, 01273 600010, workshops


10am-5pm, Yoga Day focussing on the Chakras, Pett Village Hall, Pett, Lisa Powell 07733395065.


6.30-7.45pm/8.00-9.00pm Scaravelli Yoga, St Michael’s, High St, Lewes, Suitable for all levels £108/£102 (12 weeks) 01273 470955, www.


6.00-7.00pm/7.15-8.15pm, Pilates Body Control, St Michael’s, High St, Lewes, Suitable for all levels, £75(10 wks), 01273


28th & 29th 10am-4pm Michelham PP Unit will be at the Over 50’s show Winter Gardens Eastbourne 01323 413892,


6-7 pm (General Yoga), 715 - 830 pm (Pregnancy Yoga), The Wellington Centre Hastings. Lisa Powell, 07733395065


10.30am-12noon and 530 630 pm, General Yoga, The Wellington Centre Hastings, Lisa Powell 07733395065


6.30-8pm, Intermediate Yoga, Christ Church Hall, St Leonards on Sea, Lisa Powell 07733395065

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March/April 2012 Wellbeing Magazine - East Sussex  

Looking at the food we eat, how to look after our bodies and minds as well as our home and working environment.

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