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V.23.05 | 30 January 2008

Snow delays start of 2nd semester

Scotts get launched

Compiled by Hawkeye staff

Colin Diltz/Hawkeye

Hawks wrestler Taylor Call takes down a Shorecrest grappler after lifting him high in the air above the home mat last Thursday in the Terraceum. Despite Call’s effort the Hawks dropped the match to the Scotts. Winter sports are nearing the end of their run for this year, so check out more of the action in sports. See pages 15-16.

Mountlake Terrace High School students and staff returned to school a day later for the new semester than was originally The last day planned. Due to overof school will night snow now be Wed. fall on Sunday, June 18 – the Edmonds unless more S c h o o l District snow forces (ESD) closed additional schools, as did cancellations many other districts in the Puget Sound region. The three and half day weekend that followed finals week was extended to an unexpected four and half day weekend. The snow day was followed with a two-hour late start on Tuesday morning. Other nearby districts closed school, too, on Monday and, in certain places, Tuesday due to snow. The ESD Web site (www.edmonds. provides information on snow make-up days. Currently, June 18, 19, 20, May 23, and June 23 will be the days that will replace the days lost to snow, in that order. The last day of school was scheduled for June 17. Now because one day of school was lost, school will end on June 18 – and possibly later if additional days are cancelled due to weather. Students may check the school’s status at or on local news Web sites, such as KOMO-TV4 ( or KIRO-TV7 ( As of press time, the weather forecasts predicted no snow, but plenty of rain for the coming week.

New law prohibitsStatetexting while driving among the first to enact ban popular cell phone activity by drivers By Colin Diltz

Photography Manager

Texting while driving has been prohibited by Washington state law since Jan. 1 this year, and later next year drivers will have to have a hands-free method of speaking on their phones, too. Those found violating this law could be fined at least $101. That amount can increase if the texting leads to an accident. All fine amounts double in school zones. That means that a $101 fine would double to $202 within a school zone, like 44th Avenue – the road in front of MTHS. Washington is the first state in the nation to ban texting while driving. This ban does not include passengers’ rights to text nor is dialing phone numbers to call someone considered texting. An offender of this new law cannot be fined for photo illustration by Colin Diltz/Hawkeye texting unless he or she commits another crime Studies show that texting and talking on cell phones add dangerous distractions while driving. Then he or she will get a ticket for for drivers, especially those who haven’t had their licenses for long. both offenses.

Citations for texting while driving won’t affect the driver’s insurance or driving record. According to the AAA study on teen driving habits, 46 percent of teens text while driving and 51 percent admitted to talking on their phones while driving. William Van Tassel, PhD, manager, AAA Driver Training said in a report released by the AAA, “Inexperience behind the wheel coupled with poor decision-making ability make it even more important for teens to stay focused when driving. Their attention should not be divided among phones, friends, and the road.” Talking on cell phones is not illegal until July 1 this year. Starting in July, those who wish to talk on their cell phones must have a hands free talking device. If one is found talking on his or her cell phone without one of these devices, he or she can be fined $101 unless it was an emergency.

2 | news |30 January 2008 | hawkeye

news briefs

Havin’ a ball on Monday’s snow day

ASB Public Relations officer resigns


s of earlier this month, it has been confirmed that Lennon Ward will no longer be serving as ASB Public Relations officer. No one will be replacing him until the next ASB election that will be held next month. However, this does not have an impact on any activities that ASB will be hosting. The other five ASB officers will be picking up the slack and making sure that everything is taken care of. Ward said, “They [the officers] will handle things just as well as they have in the past.” The Hawkeye will continue to bring coverage on the upcoming elections.

AP Government students submit Senate Bill


errace’s AP Government class recently helped create what has become Senate Bill 6537. The bill is supported by Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe who wrote a similar bill that would fund art. SB 6537 would collect one percent of the revenue made from the entrance fee of professional sporting events or live entertainment in Washington state. The money collected would help financially support middle and high school extracurricular activities. The AP Government class was concerned with the effect the new vending machine law would have on funding extracurricular activities. The vending machine law limits the food items that can be sold at public schools and thus extracurricular activities could receive significantly less money. The hearing for the bill is scheduled on Jan. 31.

Multicultural dinner a great hit

Colin Diltz/Hawkeye

Brandon Martinec prepares to roll a five-foot round snow ball down 236th street in Mountlake Terrace on Monday. More than five inches of snow blanketed the Mountlake Terrace and Brier area cancelling school at MTHS and throughout the Puget Sound region.

Press rights bill resurrected in senate By Kathryn Goddard

Assistant General Manager

Senate Bill 6449 was referred to the Judiciary committee on Jan. 18. The bill is aimed to protect rights of high school and college age journalists. It is similar to a House bill from last year, 1307, which included high school students but only passed for college students in the senate judiciary committee. If the bill passed, it would protect student journalists from censorship by advisers and administrators in public schools. Students would no longer be subject to prior restraint, which means that no one but the student journalists would be able to decide what goes into the paper or broadcasting program. Also, the adviser and administrators would not be liable for what the students produce. The bill also protects journalism advisers from getting fired or in any way punished for refusing to censor a publication’s content. The reason why some people appose this bill is because they believe that students will be irresponsible with this power and freedom, printing or broadcasting whatever they chose without discretion. Hawkeye adviser Vince DeMiero said, “For the former advisers at Cascade and Everett high schools who have been removed from their jobs, as well as dozen of students who


are no longer able to produce any uncensored publications at these schools, this legislation would have prevented these events and still protected the interests of the district.” The bill states that student journalists will gain responsibility and be better equipped for society by being able to explore their rights and be held accountable for their work. The bill does not offer students the opportunity to print anything that is obscene, slanderous, violates school rules and policies, or that breaks any other law. “It [the bill] is important because it would be the first piece of legislation that would protect the rights of student journalists, advisers, and administrators as well as clarify the accountability issues in terms of who is ultimately responsible for the content of student publications,” DeMiero said. Last year, mostly conservative Republicans opposed House Bill 1307, while Democrats supported it. Supporters of Senate Bill 6449 include Democratic senators Joe McDermott, Brian Weinstein, Adam Kline, Ed Murray, Jeanne KohlWelles, Rosemary McAuliffe, and Karen Keiser. The bill is to be voted on by the Senate Judiciary Committee in order to pass on to the Senate floor, after which, if it passes it will move on to the House. The bill is not yet scheduled to be presented to the Senate Judiciary Committee, and the Hawkeye will continue to bring coverage on the bill’s progress.


wo senior girls hosted the second Mountlake Terrace High School multicultural dinner on Jan. 15. Seniors Joselyn Leon and Seila Villeda organized the event. About 350 to 400 students, teachers and family members attended the senior project, which was aimed at celebrating and sharing different cultures. The entertainment for the evening came from all sources within MTHS. To start off the entertainment portion of the night, Meghna Jarardi danced to an Indian song and was followed by the Dynamics singers. The rest of the night was filled with song and dance from myriad cultures. Differences in cultures were also exhibited in the many foods brought by guests to the potluck dinner. Various families interacted with each other to get a taste of diverse ways of life. The multicultural dinner last year rounded up about 200 students and was headed by senior who also made the dinner his senior project.

1-877-NOT-ALONE 6








Confidential, FREE Services pregnancy testing ultrasound scans medical consultation options counseling

Kenmore Clinic (425) 398-5820 6524 NE 181st St. Kenmore, WA 98028

Federal Way Clinic (253) 941-2664 1414 S. 324th St. Suite B105 Federal Way, WA 98003

U. District Clinic (206) 523-4124 4719 University Way NE Suite 204 Seattle, WA 98105

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Presidential Election 2008 primary summary Primaries in February

Overview of the January Primaries State

Primary/ Date Caucus

Democrat Delegates Republican Delegates Winner Winner




B. Obama


Jan. 3

16 out of 45

M. Huckabee

30 out of 37


Rep. Primary

Jan. 5



M. Romney

8 out of 12

New Hampshire


Jan. 8

H. Clinton

9 out of 22

J. McCain

7 out of 12



Jan. 15

H. Clinton

0 out of 0

M. Romney

23 out of 30



Jan. 19

H. Clinton

12 out of 25

M. Romney

17 out of 31

South Carolina

Rep. Primary

Jan. 19



J. McCain

19 out of 24

South Carolina

Dem. Primary

Jan. 26

B. Obama

19 out of 45



Jan. 29

H. Clinton

0 out of 0

J. McCain

57 out of 57

Rep. Primary Super Tuesday– 24 states vote. Some states are only voting for the Dem. Primary party or the Rep. Primary on this date. Kansas*, *Rep. Louisiana, Dem. Nebraskaº Primary and only Washington Maine Dem. Primary District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia Hawaii* *Dem. Wisconsin Primary only and Washington

Heading north? Don’t forget your passport By Kathryn Goddard

Assistant General Manager

Major changes in policies pertaining to entering and exiting the boarder that Canada and the U.S. share are preparing to take effect. Previously travelers were only required to have passports when traveling to and from Canada by air. Land and sea travelers have been permitted to cross the boarder with a birth certificate and a valid ID. However, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, starting Jan. 31 passports will be required for persons of the age 19 and older, in order to enter and exit the United States of America, by any means. Possibly starting this coming summer, this law would apply to everyone crossing the border. Until then those under 19 will be required to either have a birth certificate, frequent traveler card, or a citizenship card. Canada is not the only country to implement this new law. Mexico and Bermuda will enforce it as well. Some attempts to ease the transition are limited use Passport Cards for land and sea travelers will take place in the spring. For those living in Washington State, Vermont, and New York that travel across the border frequently, an Enhanced Drivers License is being created that acts as a passport. Other documents that will be accepted are Trusted Traveler Cards such as NEXUS, SENTRI, or FAST, Military Identification with Military Travel Orders, and Native American Photo Identification cards. This will not be the only transition in document requirements for International travel. As

early as June 1st, 2009 the U.S. Customs and Border Protection will start changing to the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative document. There are various ways to obtain a passport. Most local post offices accept applications. Also for a $15 fee However, according a passport photo to U.S. Customs and may possibly be Border Protection, taken at some sites. However there are starting Jan. 31 other various fees passports will be associated with required for persons applying for a passport. All ages have of the age 19 and a $30 acceptance older, in order to fee. Those that are enter and exit the under age 16 have a $52 application fee United States of and those over 16 America, by any have a $67 applicameans. tion fee. Those attempting to receive a passport should allow a sufficient amount of time before they wish to travel. It usually takes 6-8 weeks to receive a passport, but if backed up the process could be delayed. Two photographs, proof of U.S. citizenship (such as an original birth certificate, not a copy), and a valid form of photo identification such as a drivers license or school I.D. are needed documents in the application process. The U.S. Customs and Border Patrol along with the United States Postal service Web site, has many resources on how to locate local post offices or passport agencies.

Primary/ Date Caucus Feb. 1 Feb. 5

Feb. 9

Feb. 10 Feb. 12

Feb. 19


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4 | Hawkeye | 30 January 2008

Benazir Bhutto assassination

Hawkeye Staff Editorial


Bills to care about

esponsibilities of respectable citizens include being accountable to their community, to observe and set it on the right path and the Hawkeye executive council believes that the school is a place where students learn to become such people. Thus we support Senate Bill 6537 and Bill 6449 that will help schools fulfill this duty. SB 6449 strives for the same mission of House Bill 1307 introduced last year: to protect the First Amendment rights of high school and college journalists in Washington state. Think about the importance of the First Amendment in democracy. Citizens cannot hold their leaders accountable if their deeds are secret. People cannot blindly participate in the government and expect to make effective changes. The public needs to be informed of its social and political happenings. Thus journalists play a crucial role in democracy. Imagine a school that practices censorship, where student journalists are encouraged to report only superficial happenings and never the thought-provoking truths. Or imagine student journalists learning to depend on the principal’s opinion but not their own. Are the students learning to become dependent on older figures or strong individuals? Thankfully the Hawkeye is not subject to such situations; our administrators support our open forum. But the unlucky students in many schools will not experience freedom cherished in the history textbooks until after high school. Under censorship students may learn to take photographs or lead an interview but not learn the purpose of journalism. This brings up a troubling thought for the future – will censorship become a norm in journalism? We hope not. Democracy and censorship do not mix. This bill, if passed, will establish a safe learning environment for student journalists. It affirms that student editors should be legally responsible for what they publish, which makes sense because the publication is their product, not the principal’s. If the bill is approved, the principals will not have to fear a lawsuit and will have no reasons to censor the publications. Every student journalist in Washington will be able to utilize their rights, education, and talents to impact their communities. This is our hope for student journalists for the state and the nation; the Hawkeye fully supports the bill. We also applaud the AP Government class for taking actions to improve our community. The AP Government class, led by instructor Jeanie Brzovic, submitted a possible solution to a financial problem extracurricular activities will face next year. If this bill is approved, one percent from the admission price required to enter professional live entertainments or sporting events, will go to support extracurricular activities. Previously, the profit from vending machines financially supported extracurricular activities, including after school clubs, visual and performing arts departments, and sports programs. However, a nutritional law from 2007 will restrict sales of most food sold in vending machines, and thus cut the extracurricular activities fund, limiting opportunities in and perhaps even the numbers of extracurricular organizations. The Hawkeye staff, as part of an extracurricular organization, know that these programs make school more bearable. But more than that, extracurricular activities provide students with hands-on opportunities unavailable in regular class environments. These organizations and events are opportunities to use skills learned in classrooms. Sports and clubs bring together students of a different grade and of different small schools. We have many assemblies for motivation and unity because they are that essential to the school. The hearing for this bill is scheduled on Jan. 31. The executive council wishes the bill good luck; we hope that the hearing committee will approve the bill. We are also proud of the AP Government class for being active and impacting this community. The Hawkeye staff editorial represents the views of the Executive Council

U.S. involvement in the unstable situation will only hinder image globally


he recent assassination of the former Pakistani Prime Minister and Pakistani People’s Party (PPP) leader Benazir Bhutto has left Pakistan in tumult and the countrywide elections postponed. On Dec. 27, Bhutto was addressing and thanking thousands of Sara Suryan her supporters in a politHAWKEYE Staff ical rally in Rawalpindi. As her convoy was leaving, an assassin opened fire on her car and she suffered a fatal head injury. At the same time, dozens were killed by a suicide bomber blast. Bhutto’s party has been taken over by her son and widowed husband, the former who has been involved in countless scandals and is mistrusted by many Pakistanis. There is some question over who will be the new official candidate on the ballot for the People’s Party, and the final nominee remains to be announced. This has been a massive blow to her political party, and could not have come at a better time for her political opposition. Bhutto had been planning on meeting with two visiting American lawmakers and presenting a 160-page report accusing the Musharraf government of planning to rig the Jan. 8 election, The Associated Press reported. The meeting was scheduled to take place a few hours after she was assassinated. There have been several theories regarding exactly how she died, ranging from that she is still alive, to having struck her head on the car’s sunroof latch, or that supporters of the Pakistani Muslim League murdered her in an attempt to keep the status quo. What is blatantly missing is any sort of autopsy or investigation. Widely circulated videos have shown a gunman at the scene and no security present. The Pakistani government is in charge of security at such an event as a political rally, many now question how there could have been such lax security for such an important and controversial figure. Two hours after the assassination, officials were seen hosing down the scene with fire hoses. The number one rule in investigating anything is that you must preserve the evidence to have any shot at getting to the truth. And obviously, hosing down a street in which many were just killed removes any chance at collecting this evidence. But this was the order from the Pakistani government, so there must be a valid reason, right? Officially, the street was cleaned so that it was not an emotionally charged landmark for those who had just lost loved ones in the suicide bomber’s blast. But anyone with a brain can see that this is not a valid reason to destroy something so important, and questions have begun to pop up from news sources around the world. Was this a cover up? Who was involved? And who had the most to gain?

Staff Executive Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ji Mun Editorial Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Jacob Tupper Photo Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Colin Diltz A&E Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Colin Diltz and Kendra O’Halloran News Editor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sharon McClintock Ad Manager . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Alan Adzhiyev Opinion Editor..................................................................................Amanda Lockleer Feature Editors.......................................................... Maria DeMiero & Kayla Cooper Health Editor.................................................................................... Michael Pascual Technology Editor............................................................................... Cassie Soriano Sports Editors............................................................ Derek Giles & Mallory Jackson Copy Editors.............................................................Ruth Reeber & Robina Hamman Photo/Graphics Editor.............................................................................Jamie Postle Concession Manager........................................................................Kathryn Goddard

The second reason to question the decisions made after Bhutto’s death is that no opposition was shown to her family’s refusal for an autopsy, and she was subsequently buried less than two days after her death. Again, this is destroying evidence, but it is has an effect that could be said to represent the “out of sight, out of mind” theory, which is used repeatedly by dictators around the world, and even by our country’s present government. Following her assassination, rioters have strengthened their fight against all forms of establishment; including banks, government houses, markets, and more than 100 voting offices. The Election Commission has since postponed elections until mid-February, when many hope that the unrest will have died out. However, there are some who believe that postponing the election will only lead to more unrest and opposition to a new ruler. What is most surprising is that both opposition parties (including the PPP) to the current ruling party have said that they are ready for the voting process. What was supposed to be such a democratic notion has turned into a battle of time. Many have argued that current Pakistani PM Musharraf and the Election Commission’s decision to postpone the election is an attempt to ration the pity vote that the People’s Party is undoubtedly likely to receive. In a recent news conference, Musharraf was asked “How could you claim transition toward democracy when a majority of people believe your hands are stained with Benazir’s blood?” He denied answering, saying that it was beneath his dignity. The Bush administration and the British have supported Musharraf in the past, but members of the west recently began to whisper about a possible attack on this Middle Eastern country due to its terrorist ties. Our involvement seems a little two-sided, does it not? So, what’s the deal? Why are we getting involved in another conflict that has no immediate threat to our nation’s security, well-being and economic survival? Well, there are a few cynical reasons. One, it could be that our government is continuing it’s quest for world domination. This seems to be a growing trend throughout our world policy; Afghanistan, Iraq, and now Pakistan? Two, we are once again driven by our greed to secure future oil resources. And three, we are stupidly involved in another self-destructive situation for the personal achievement of our president. Washington is unquestionably concerned about the potential impact of these developments on Pakistan’s cooperation in our “War on Terror.” An unstable nuclear Pakistan with religious political parties in power would be a disaster to our current plan to win the war, as it would undoubtedly lead to a continuity of our failed attempt at conquering the Middle East, and even more world opposition to our already unpopular war.


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5 | Hawkeye | 30 January 2008


The principal’s corner

Letter to the Editor

I know how much theft sucks, seriously

Students rights

he first time I was robbed, it was an incredible shock. It happened at my home and I remember walking out of my house on a Sunday morning to get the paper when I saw my car with all four doors wide open and the driver’s side window smashed out. My stereo, golf clubs, all of my cd’s—all were gone. I think it cost me nearly $1000 to put everything back to normal again. Why do Greg Schwab Principal I tell you this story? Because, I want those of you who have lost things to theft to know that I can definitely relate to you. I understand how it feels to lose things to a thief. The amount of theft occurring here lately has been alarming. iPods, cell phones, purses, wallets, back packs—all seem to be targets for thieves. Even Ms. Murphy, one of our assistant principals, experienced theft recently when a student stole her cell phone out of her office. I feel really badly for students who come to the office looking for help after discovering that they have lost items of great value. We take theft reports and we follow up with students we think my have information about the items stolen. In many cases, we do recover the stolen items, but in other cases we don’t. It is very frustrating to try and explain to victims that there isn’t much we can do for them. All we can do is keep a lookout

for the stolen goods and have them let us know if they see anyone with the item. I guess the larger question I have for everyone is why? Why do we steal from one another? Among the rotten things people do to each other, stealing from one another is pretty high on the list. On some level I get that some students are envious of the things that others own and it seems really tempting when these items are so easy to take. We talk a lot about respecting each other and making MTHS a place where everyone can feel safe. Sadly, this is not the case when it comes to theft. I have resorted to telling students not to bring these items to school if they don’t want to risk losing them. It is pretty sad to have to say to someone that his or her personal items are not safe and if there are things they really value, they should leave them at home. But that is the reality of our situation. For those of you who have lost things to theft, please know that we are sorry you have experienced this loss. It stinks, and we will try to help you recover the items you lost. But, please understand that theft does occur here, and as much as we would like to believe we can keep your belongings safe, please know we can’t guarantee this. So, protect your personal items. Keep these possessions on you at all times and don’t ever leave anything unwatched. Know that there are some among us who are simply waiting for you to turn your back, to look away. To prevent this from happening, just leave your possessions at home.

The Hawkeye provides school officials this column each issue as a part of our mission as an open, public forum

A word from your asb

Though the first semester is over, stay focused on the important things


ey guys! Finals are over, and so is the first semester. It’s hard to believe that we are halfway done already! With what’s ahead, I know the second semester will be as great as the last. Just remember to stay focused. Seniors, don’t let senioritis get the best of you either. I know MySpace is exciting, and MTV reality shows are out of control, but it’s still Erin Taylor ASB Officer important to get your homework done. As we can all tell, it’s freezing outside! Fortunately, I hear our winter sports teams are doing great, so if you get bored staying inside on a rainy day, there’s some great basketball and wrestling action that is fun to check out! I also want to take the time to tell everyone about our service projects for this year. We as an ASB decided that we would do three service projects this year, one that affects a

student of Terrace, one that affects our community, and a world-wide project. So far, we’ve started a fund-raiser this year that raises money to buy a worthy MTHS student/athlete a lettermen’s jacket that would otherwise not be able to do so. We are always collecting money for that, so if you have some extra change on you, drop it off at the ASB office. We already completed our project for the community when we did our can food drive, which was a great success. Our newest project is for an organization called “Invisible Children.” All the money that we collect for this cause goes straight to the children of Sudan, who have been affected by the war and genocide going on over there. So, spare some extra money you may have for these kids who need it the most! One last message for seniors. Stew is working on a slide show for the moving up assembly and needs your help. Please e-mail Stew a picture of you engaged in an out-of-school activity that you are involved with. His goal is to get a slide from every senior at MTHS.

Students making their own behavioral decisions? No way! Dear Editor:

There are few issues in our school so fiercely contested as that of the use of Mp3 players during class time. Most students would agree it is a privilege worth having. On the other hand you have the administration, advocating the swift repression of any music devices found being put to use. Cram a bunch of hormonal, angsty kids together in a classroom and tell them not to socialize, to mute their music, and focus on a lesson they most likely don’t care about and of course they wont pay attention. It doesn’t take a nation-wide survey to know that. Now, with a classroom full of inattentive kids, what do you expect to happen? They will break rules, vandalize desks, and disrupt class. Give them the option to listen to their music devices and they will have something interesting, creative and personal to occupy them. Provided that their head phones remain at a reasonable volume, what’s the problem? What is the difference between a black stare and a blank stare from a kid with little plastic pieces in his or her ears? There is no difference. Allow them to entertain themselves and you placate them, keep their inattentiveness from turning infectious who knows, given a choice to participate, rather then an ultimatum, they just might learn to make decisions on their own. But we can’t have that, now can we?

Brendon Moran


Let your opinions out

The Hawkeye provides the ASB this column each issue as a part of our mission as an open, public forum

Hawk Talk Q: How do you study for finals?

Logan Cobb

Tiffany Staley

Nick Lencioni

Ryon Downs

Cassie Christman

“I study five minutes before class, use my notes, and try not to really think about the test.”

“For finals I take a couple of days to break the material up. And just work on a little bit each day of the test.”

“I used to look at study questions and the notes I had taken before the test.”

“I come in after school and get help on things I don’t understand. As well as read over notes for certain subjects.”

“I study by reviewing my past class work and memorizing important facts. I learn best through repetition.”



Renaissance teacher




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6 | Hawkeye | 30 January 2008

Artist Profile

Megan MacLean From a pencil to a camera By Ashley Janus Hawkeye staff

Many students brim with artistic talent at Terrace. From the percussion and rhythm that echoes from the music hall, to the array of performers in Renaissance, and the pencils and sketchbooks carried around by TAAS students, it gets difficult to pick just one out from the crowd. Fortunately, one need not look hard to find one. Megan MacLean, a junior in TAAS and at 17 has an eye and hand firmly planted on a camera that in no way will be put down soon. Being put into digital photography class benefited her more than she expected. “I saw it as a graduation requirement at first,” McLean said. “But the more I got into it, I became better. I realized there was something more then just pressing a button, a lot more.” Pencils were Megan’s main tool for a long time. “Ever since I was four I’ve been drawn to art. I used to draw all the time. Our fridge was covered with all the drawings and doodles I would do, my room still is. I guess that’s why photography was a fun switch. Instead of taking time to draw a moment or idea in my head; I can preserve a moment in history forever, with just the click of a button,” MacLean said. After a few weeks into school, she decided that her knew knowledge and talent could be used somewhere else besides the classroom; she joined The Tempo. She now goes to school functions, such as sporting events, theater, and Terrace Idol taking photos of her classmates doing what they do best. “ I guess that’s what inspires me,” she recalled. “ I love taking pictures of people being natural, doing what they would normally do. Having people pose can get fun, but it gets old after awhile. Plus you can’t get any candid shots that way.” Her favorite photograph she has taken so far is one of a caterpillar climbing up the stem of a pumpkin. “The colors of it are just really interesting and add something more to the photo,” she explained. Along with having the photos she’s taken for The Tempo in the yearbook this year; Megan is planning on entering her artwork in the Edmonds Art Festival, held in June.

Show us your art


ave you ever wanted to be recognized for your artwork? Then the Hawkeye has a proposition for you! Whether it is poetry, music, or paintings, we want you to show us your work. Our editors will periodically select one or two artists for spotlight. With this sort of deal, what’s to hold you from sending in your demos, photos, portraits – anything you consider art? To reach the Editor, you may e-mail Feature., or for the pieces of art that would be considered less appropriate for electronic travel you may stop by the room 130 after school. Please include your name, age, grade and contact info as well as the title and any information about your submitted artwork. The Hawkeye will print as many artist profiles as space permits. As always, our editors reserve the right to refuse to print material, too.

More ways to pay for college


ypothetical Bob is back, and this time he’s received his acceptance letter from his would help him find a job (preferably one related to his major) and it would be an first choice school! Unfortunately, he was a bit lazy and forgetful and didn’t apply official part of his course of study. for many scholarships, and won’t be getting much financial However, it would be pretty difficult for Bob to pay for all of his college costs this aid from the government. way. An oft-overlooked or misrepresented way of getting through school is that of What now? Well, Bob still has quite a few options, includ- military service. Students who enlist in any of the branches of the US military (Army, ing work-study, co-op programs Navy (and Marines), Air Force, Coast Guard) can receive and military service. up to $50,000 in return for one active duty tour. Students If you haven’t yet go to the scholarship info page on The Federal Work-Study serving in the Reserves can get up to $24,000. If students the MTHS Web-site: Program provides jobs for stucan participate in the Reserve Officers Training Corps, they StudentGuide/Career/Scholarships/Default.asp dents with financial need. This could get their tuition paid for, and a monthly living salary; pretty much means Bob is guarthey would also have a minimum three-year commitment to Ruth Reeber Copy Editor anteed a job with however many serve as an officer in the military. hours his award allows him. Also, the five military academies (Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Air Force and Merchant On-campus work is usually done for the school, while off-campus work is generally Marine) are tuition free, but the entrance process is extremely difficult, and students for a nonprofit organization or for a public agency. This option lets Bob get valuable have obligations after graduation. work experience—possibly in his career field—while he gets through school. Bob may not be interested in joining the military, and work may not be how he wants Schools with co-op programs provide a more intense form of work-study: students to get through college, but he should at least know all his options before he makes a are required to participate in full-time work as part of the curriculum. For instance, decision. Student loans can pile up quickly, and debt is not a great way to start out in Bob might have to work full-time for two semesters in order to graduate. The school adult life. The more information Bob has, the better a decision he can make.

Hawkeye | 30 January 2008 |7

Dear Valentine, While there are many origins of Valentine’s Day, the story of St. Valentine is the most accepted. St. Valentine was a Roman who resisted religious conversion and was killed on Feb. 14, 269 A.D. and later canonized for his martyrdom. The day after his death, Feb. 15 was already annually celebrated as a fertility festival. Then, around 496 A.D., Pope Gelasius I combined the two events and officially declared Feb. 14 as “St. Valentine’s Day.” Throughout history people began to exchange letters or presents, which became known as “Valentines” leading us to the way it is celebrated today. This year Americans are expected to spend over $13.7 billion on St. Valentine’s Day. Yet this money could be rather spent to provide safe water to over 274,000 schools in Africa for a year. That means up to 68,500,000 children who could be healthier. You can take the opportunity to share love with those who need it, or perhaps you don’t feel like fulfilling the typical Valentine’s Day ritual. Donate a gift, safe water or a blanket, to someone who needs your love. This can easily be done by going to <>.

Last year 214 million roses were produced just for the holiday.

By Kayla Cooper and Maria DeMiero Feature Editors

Last year jewelery stores sold a total of $2.5 billion in merchandise. The average American consumed 26 lbs. of chocolate in 2006.

The Avere rage Ame rican 123 Mon ey Ave. Consume r, USA



The Val entin

Feb. 14

e’s Day Store


ndred a nd eigh ty-n

ine cen ts

The average American will spend $100.89 on gifts or other related holiday products.

i: 101010 10

1010 I:



$ 100.89




ne’s Day product



t r Valen o f d e g han are exc y s d r a c Da lion 180 mil

Photo Illustrations by Ji Mun/Hawkeye

Sources: U.S. Census Bureau, About Flowers and National Retail Federation


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8 | Hawkeye | 30 January 2008

And the Idol is… Ariana DeBoo By Joslyn Ching Hawkeye staff

Lights. Camera. Idol. After the beginning of the long-awaited Terrace Idol annual competition, the audience waited, breathless, as the lights dimmed and our two hosts, Rebecca Dumanis and Michael Ward, announced the judges’ names. The first round, with a total of sixteen performers from various Edmonds District schools, was a roaring success. Applause was a continual ringing in the theater as the judges told the aspiring-Idols their pros and cons, and they graciously walked offstage. After the good, the bad, and the ugly of the total singers, eleven of the best came out on top as they were picked to represent their schools in the second round. A majority of the people came from Terrace, including Amanda Turner, Cameron Hollingshead, Spencer Milner, Ariana DeBoo, and Veronica Topacio. The other in the top eleven included Abbie Homan, Lynnwood; Brenna Durnin, EdmondsWoodway; Matthew Elamparo, EdmondsWoodway; Jessica Greene, Meadowdale; Sarah Laven, Edmonds-Woodway; and Laura Hoover, Edmonds-Woodway. The second round of Terrace Idol was fraught with tension as the performers tried

their best to work their way to the top, with stars in their eyes, for the chance to perform in Round 3. Mountlake Terrace did especially well, receiving cheers from the audience as their belted out their best, putting on wonderful performances with recordings, guitars and a grand piano. The judges, again, gave their views on the performances, and ran over all the performances again as they decided on the final five. Ariana DeBoo of Mountlake Terrace, Brenna Durnin of Edmonds-Woodway, Matthew Elamparo of Edmonds-Woodway, Laura Hoover of Edmonds-Woodway, and Veronica Topacio of Mountlake Terrace ended up as elated finalists, awaiting the Final Round of Terrace Idol. Thursday night, with a full theater and animated performers, the judges were introduced for the last time, and the entertainment began. Laura Hoover, the first performer on stage that night, surprised the crowd by accompanying her voice with the hammer dulcimer, followed

by Veronica Topacio, who shocked Judge Mark Isakson by actually making him partially enjoy a song he ‘loathed’. And who says the voice doesn’t hold magic? After her stirring performance came Matthew Elamparo, who gave the audience a little treat with his beat boxing and keyboard accompaniment. Ariana DeBoo played up her strengths by singing a lovely song, and managing to sound like the much-beloved Ella Fitzgerald all the way. And once again, Brenna Durnin spiced up the stage with her song, “You Give Love a Bad Name.” The ballots were cast, the votes tallied, and after a brief intermission, the performers walked onstage, and both the singers and audience alike waited with bated breath as Rebecca Dumanis and Michael Ward announced the Judges’ Choice award, given to Laura Hoover and her hammer dulcimer, of Edmonds-Woodway. The Peoples’ Choice,

and the next Terrace Idol, award, the very top honor of the entire Terrace Idol competition, was then announced: Laura Hoover as well. Screams of applause and cheering followed her gracious acceptance of the second trophy. Unfortunately, it was then informed to our hosts that it was not, in fact, Laura Hoover, who had been selected by the people to become the next Terrace Idol. Silence filled the audience. A stunned final round of Terrace Idol performers and the audience as well waited, suddenly tense and partially crestfallen as Rebecca Dumanis and Michael Ward announced the real Peoples’ Choice Award winner for Terrace Idol, 2008. Ariana DeBoo. Gracious in her triumph and in her defeat, Laura Hoover turned over the award to Ariana, and the final song, a tradition by the Terrace Idol winner, was sung by Ariana DeBoo. And so now the battle is over, with its ups and downs, mishaps and amazing performances.

Colin Diltz/Hawkeye

Terrace students did well and five of the singers got to the second round. Ariana DeBoo and Veronica Topacio made it to the final round, where Ariana won Terrace Idol despite some confusion among the MCs. For the past three years a Terrace student has won starting with Spencer Milner, who also competed this year, then Brett Morrison, and now Ariana DeBoo.


Vanessa Chea/Hawkey

Greatest Of All Time for 2007 Hawkeye staff

Hello my movie lovers! Last year in 2007, movie productions made some epic movies. There were movies like “Knocked-up,” “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” “Reno 911!: Miami,” “Blades of Glory,” “Amazing Grace,” “Hairspray,” “Alvin and the Chipmunks,” “The Simpson’s Movie,” “Spider Man 3,” “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix,” “Sweeny Todd,” and

“Ratatouille.” More then three hundred movies came out last year. However, there are only five movies that came out in 2007 that were the best. I took a survey among the Hawkeye Staff. We randomly chose five popular movies for our survey. Among those five one was chosen to be the best movie of the 2007. Out of those movies, “Transformers” won hands down. “Transformers” is about a battle between robots. The battle was between the Decepticons and

Autobots. The Decepticons wanted ultimate power. The only thing that is stopping them is Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeof ). He had the clue that gave the answer for the Decepticons. What they needed was right in his own backpack. He and the Autobots fight for their lives to get it away from the Decepticons. The movie was full of epic special effects that kept everyone on their toes as they sat in theaters watching this movie. To go through the same action pack expe-

rience go and rent it or buy it. It is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of SCI-FI action violence, brief sexual humor, and language. Ji Mun/Hawkeye

By Elle Patterson

hawkeye | 30 January 2008 | A&E |9

Two legends with a baby and a bag of popcorn



By Colin Diltz

Photography Manager

From the previews no one would quite expect this to be a zombie movie. Well, that is half correct. The creatures in this movie for the lack of a better description are zombie vampires. Other than that the movie is very good. It can even keep the viewers on their toes at times. There is a portion where you can’t see what is going on because it is all black, but the tension just builds and builds. The movie doesn’t seem like it would be a thriller, but it does a good job of doing just that. Other than that Will Smith does an excellent job of portraying Robert Neville, the supposed last man on Earth after a deadly virus breaks out and kills a majority of the population. A strange plot twist is added when the flashbacks are seen and we find out that Mr. Neville is trying to find a cure to this virus, which was supposed to help cure diseases but instead ended up doing more damage. A major concern of mine when I saw this movie was how would Will Smith do at acting without talking that much since all he has for companions is a dog. My worries were soon faded when I saw that he actually talked to the dog. The way he was able to communicate with the dog was like as if he were talking to a normal human being.

It might have been more bothersome, but the movie had such a strange effect on the mind to see busy downtown New York without people. A minor flaw though was that there were lions and gazelle in the middle of North America. It did add a more desolated appeal to the movie, but I feel it would have been better if there were actual indigenous species in New York. The ending was the only disappointment in the movie, but I don’t want to spoil the movie’s end.

By David Clark

Used with permission from

Hawkeye staff

I feel that the director (Francis Lawrence) used a series of poor camera techniques. What sort of person would believe that Robert Neville (Will Smith) is completely isolated in New York City if your camera man is running along with him ruining the theatrical effect? Secondly, I would hope that either screenwriter (Akiva Goldsman and Mark Protosevich) or Lawrence would see some problems with continuity in the script: when you digress

By Colin Diltz

Photography Manager

Juno is a comedy about a very serious issue and that being said it should be thought as that. The movie has a lot of repeating elements that are worth laughs, like the running team between each season like fall, winter, summer, and spring. Juno, played by Ellen Page, is an outcast girl that the school doesn’t really care about until she gets pregnant. The movie doesn’t do a very good job in showing how a high school truly treats people who do things that most students would consider strange. On the other hand though, it does accurately portray kids and how they stick together and talk to each other about important situations. I would have liked to see a little more involvement from the father of Juno’s child, Paulie Bleeker who is played by Michael Cera. It seemed as if his character there was only for emotional moments and in the start of the film. Personally, the movie would have been a bit more humorous if Bleeker had more of a say in the baby. For example, he doesn’t get to decide whether they would keep the baby. The part that was the most surprising to me was when Mark Loring, played by Jason Bateman, decided to leave Vanessa Loring, played by Jennifer Garner. They placed an ad in the “Penny Saver” to see if they could find a parent who would be willing

to let them adopt their child. There seemed to be a spark between Mr. Loring and Juno and was misleading when Mr. Loring said he would move to the city. At that point I half expected him to ask Juno to join him and live with him and together they would raise the baby, only because it seemed the chemistry between those two characters was that good.

By David Clark

Used with permission from

Hawkeye staff

Juno is the story of a teenage girl (Ellen Page) and her travels through teenage pregnancy. In this story, she goes with her friend Bleeker (Micheal Cera)have sex and she finds out about it three weeks later. Instead of going about to get an abortion, Juno searches the local “Penny Saver” and finds one couple, Mark ( Jason Bateman)

that all social behavior has been lost, it does not help your argument by creating a zompire (zombie and vampire, combined) whom literally controls the rest of his population in NYC. If you cannot come up something legitimate to keep your film moving forward, it seems to have become a general rule to have some story jump out of nowhere, especially in horrors over the past year. This film follows the same promise as 28 weeks later did as you would see some explosions, some sort of apocalyptic scenery, and you would be completely assured that you would never be challenged to learn or think about any sort of controversial or important thought. Fourth, the zompire’s look so ridiculously fake, we should just stick to some good make up artists till we have some actual realistic special effects. Lastly, was a monologue from Anna (Alice Braga) really necessary at the end of the movie? I would have been more than happy with the film if it would have just ended after Smith had pulled the pin on his grenade because it was a strong ending for him. Some good things though were that some elements of isolation were used really well but all of it was really inconsistent. For example, Smith’s complete recollection of a scene from Shrek was hilarious in how awkward it was but aside from a couple other moments the movie really lacked all gusto in exploring the psychological side of it.

and Vanessa Loring ( Jennifer Garner), whom seem perfect for the position. The rest of the film spans over her pregnancy, and offers much more than this synopsis. The director ( Jason Reitman) accurately and appropriately caught subjects such as social situations at school (after being pregnant). This film captures how everyone at high school outcasts Juno for being pregnant. Another statement made through this movie is adoption versus abortion, which Reitman displays his opinion through Juno’s decision for her child. Moving on, the work on the sound track was phenomenal! An assortment of The Kinks, Kimya Dawson, The Moldy Peaches, Belle & Sebastian, Cat Power, and Sonic Youth could never been used wrong. I personally really enjoy this sound track outside of the movie. Each track gains more power as it goes through the loop, and just can’t seem to lose itself from my ear buds. Nothing in our lives requires any sort of ridiculously dramatic music to it, which is what this film delivers: realistic moments. Micheal Cera doesn’t seem to be making any mistakes in his acting career, and Ellen Page seems to be making up for X-Men 3. I feel that Juno was ridiculously awesome, and definitely a “feel good” movie and after watching it, I did feel good and I learned something interesting: within eight weeks of conception, a baby has fingernails.

10 | A&E | 30 January 2008 | hawkeye

Hawkeye staff

With the latest updates to the Alderwood Mall, a new place to find great food that seems to be popular is called Blue C Sushi. Blue C Sushi is located next to the Macaroni Grill. It has only been in business for a few months but is already doing well. It’s a fun place to grab a quick bit to eat- literally grab. All the tables in the restaurant are placed around a conveyer belt that makes its way continuously around the restaurant with dishes of fresh sushi and certain beverages on it. On each

By Colin Diltz


Photography Manager

Sushi Land

table is a book with prices of each dish. The prices range from $1.25 to $5.00 depending on the color of the dishes. At the end of your meal, a waiter counts the total, adding up the prices of the dishes. You’ll be surprised by the results; it’s cheaper than most you’ll find in the mall. Blue C Sushi is a great place to eat with friends and family and to enjoy quick, and wellprepared mainstream sushi. Guests are seated promptly when arriving, and the environment is sound, giving guests a small task of the Japanese culture.

Located on Queen Anne Hill Marinepolis, Sushi Land is an excellent place to go for sushi. Be sure to bring at least $20. Because the food is so good it can pile up very quickly. As with Blue C Sushi there is a conveyer belt that circles the restaurant. In the middle of the place is where three cooks prepare the dishes, which can be seen on a menu at every seat. The seats are all stools, except a couple of booths on the far end. The dishes can cost $1, $1.50, $2, or $3. Each dish is color coated so that you know the cost of each. The thing is though with the low prices of each dish it makes you think you won’t spend a lot of money, but it adds up per plate.

When you’re done eating the waiters will total up your dishes and give you a check. You pay at the entrance of the restaurant and you can walk right outside to beautiful Seattle. There are a variety of veggie and meat dishes for all sorts of people. My favorite dish was a box of deep-fried calamari. It was very greasy and crunchy, but it tasted very good. It was actually very similar to chicken. The actual sushi at this place was good, too. Seeing the chefs cook the dishes made me even hungrier for the food. Even though it is far away from Mountlake Terrace this is definitely the place to eat if you ever want sushi and happen to be in the Seattle area.


By Ashley Janus

By Colin Diltz

Photography Manager

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Anthony’s has it all. Known to be more of a brunch place, this restaurant also has great dinners and meals for all times of the day. Located right next to the Edmonds Beach it is a great place to take a date for any dance. The trip is about 30 to 40 minutes from Mountlake Terrace High School depending on traffic. Take notice that to eat here, you must dress up a little, meaning no jeans. The food is a bit on the expensive side, but it is well worth the money you are willing to fork over.

AP Barbara’s

Blue C Sushi

Restaurants put to the test

By Sharon McClintock Hawkeye staff

You’re driving down 196th looking for a place to eat, broke and looking for a good place to eat. What do you spy? A.P. Barbara’s. It reminds you of Grandma’s homemade apple pie. The great thing is, A.P. Barbara’s is just like Grandma’s. The largest group of customers are regulars, which adds to the homey quality. The recently redecorated interior gives the feel of a comfortable and relaxed home. The employees remember most of their customers and give a cheery smile. They make sure everything is perfect and no one is ignored. The food, all freshly cooked, is mostly American with a Greek flair to it, thanks to a previous owner. Still, there are burgers with fries

My favorite dish there is the oysters, which are fried and served with tartar and cocktail sauce. The waiters are very friendly and bring lots of water whenever you need it. They are very helpful in suggesting things and always have a smile on, which is a very big plus for anyone considering a place to eat. The view during the day is very nice, because you can see out to sea and watch the boats as you wait on your food to be cooked. While the menu isn’t huge, the selections are all very good. Everything on the menu is in big portions, so be sure to save room for the food before you go.

or chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes, and the menu includes lasagna, seafood pasta and more. A.P. Barbara’s welcomes most of their customers during the breakfast and lunch hours. They serve the usual pancakes, eggs, bacon, etc. for breakfast. For lunch there is an extensive list of delicious sandwiches. They close around 9 p.m. To add to the family, home-style ambiance, the restaurant is actually owned and operated by a family. Their most significant form of advertisement is from word of mouth. For those dining under a budget, A.P. Barbara prices range from about $8 to $15. Whatever you get, the plates are so big everyone WILL get full. Well, maybe not if you’re an NBA or NFL player.








The King and I $15-$49 @ Everett Performing Arts Center

28 04 11 18

29 05 12 19

Unexpect $20 @ El Corazon

The Decemberists $30 @ The Moore Theatre

Hamlet $10-$18 @ Odd Duck Studios

Puddle of Mudd $25 @ El Corazon

Red Museum $8 @ El Corazon

Jazz Night (Jazz 1,2, 3) 7:00p.m. @ MTHS

Hot Java/Cool Jazz (Featuring Jazz One) 7:30p.m. @ The Paramount Theater

Smashmouth $30 @ Emerald Queen Casino

Culling the Weak $8 @ Studio Seven

Valentine’s Day

The Blakes $10 @ Chop Suey

Lisa Lampanelli $33.25 @ The Paramount Theatre

These Arms Are Snakes $10 @ El Corazon

The Hives $17.50 @ The Showbox SoDo

27 03 10 17

Theatre Sports $12 7:00p.m. @ The Market Theatre

Romeo et Juliette $20-$150 @ McCaw Hall

NEUROSIS $20 @ Neumos

Editors $17 @ The Showbox

James Blunt $26.50 @ The Moore

Emery $15 @ The Showbox

Darkest Hour $13 @ El Corazon

Liars $15 @ The Showbox

Jonas Brothers $29.50 @ Everett Events Center

(HED) PE $20 @ Studio Seven

30 06 13 20

Saigon $20 @ Neumos

31 07 14 21

Twin Tolo 9p.m. @ MTHS

Arturo Sandoval $28.50 @ Jazz Alley

01 08 15 22

02 09 16 23

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11 | Hawkeye | 30 January 2008

Apple’s new MacBook is the second installment of the Mac notebook By Leslie Ling Hawkeye Staff

Laptops are all over the place, and the ideal laptop that is being advertised for people to get is the Mac notebook. But why have the old Mac notebook when there is the new Mac notebook out, the MacBook. It has everything that the old Mac notebook has and more. The MacBook is the newest notebook that is coming out from Macintosh; with a cost of $1,099. This new MacBook is the second generation of the Mac notebook. The MacBook is powered by an Intel core 2-duo processor of 2.0 GHz or 2.2 GHz and, according to Apple’s official website, has up to 4 gigabytes of memory and a hard drive up to 250 GB. The new MacBook has a wireless Internet airport extreme with a speed of 802.11 bits per second, or bps, making the second generation faster than its predecessor. The higher speed of the airport extreme on the MacBook enhances the notebook at least five times faster and works better. The wireless range reaches twice the distance of the old Mac notebook. The DVD and CD drive on the MacBook are faster as well, it burns the CD and DVD eight times faster and burns double layer. The new MacBook has a built-in Bluetooth as well, allowing the user to connect to any wireless acces-

sories and to any phone with Bluetooth. If the phone of the user has Bluetooth then the user is able to type, receive, and send text messages with the MacBook. There is a function called Bonjour that allows people to connect computer to computer and share files, printers, data, and networks. The MacBook now has a longer battery supply that lasts up to six hours without a power cord. When users are watching movies without a power chord, the battery life is reduced to three hours. It also comes with a Magsafe Airline adapter that works by connecting to the MacBook and airlineseat power outlet, so that the MacBook remains charged for the entire flight. The Magsafe Airline adapter is adaptable to MacBook and MacBook Pro, but not to MacBook air. The MacBook Pro is MacBook that runs much faster and has slightly faster and better programs and software. The MacBook Air is a MacBook that is much lighter than any other MacBook that Macintosh has produce. The new MacBook has a program called “Front Row” that navigates movies, music, and photos. It comes with a remote to view slideshow pictures and movies. Another new addition is the iLife ‘08 program allowing the user

Regulations replacing analog broadcasts with DTV and HDTV By Sammie Clark and Carly Wicklander Hawkeye Staff

All local television broadcasts will be in either DTV or HDTV effective February 2009 due to an act of Congress. DTV stands for Digital Television, better known as “cable,” while HDTV is short for High Definition Television and is the highest quality form of DTV. Channels and broadcasts using HDTV can only be viewed by a DTV-accessible TV set. This means that if a TV set is not currently hooked up to some kind of DTV tuner by February 17 next year, it can only be used for watching DVDs or playing video games. This may be inconvenient for some, but HDTV offers a variety of good features. A few include Dolby’s theatre surroundsound, remarkably high resolution of clarity and color, and widescreen “movie-like” formats. HDTV cannot be viewed on Analog broadcast channels, which are local channels that everyone can get without paying for cable. However, they will continue to work with cable, satellite, VCRs, DVD players, camcorders, video game consoles and other devices. The switch to all-digital broadcasting will free up “empty” channels of the broadcasting network, making it able to be used by rescue squads, police and fire departments. Some of the broadcast network will be auctioned to companies that will be able

to provide consumers with more advanced wireless services. Customers will also benefit from this change because digital, rather than analog, broadcasting allow stations to offer improved and more efficient picture and sound quality. For example, rather than being limited to providing one regular TV program, a viewer is able to offer a sharp “high definition” digital program that goes through a process called “multicasting.” Multicasting allows broadcast stations to give several channels of digital programming without disrupting the amount of data required to view a regular program. If someone is currently subscribed to a cable or satellite service, there’s no need to be worried about the upcoming HDTV and DTV regulations. Luckily there won’t be any charges in order to receive these DTV broadcasts. Although, it is possible that additional pay services may be launched in the future. Congress is said to be providing funds to assist customers with “coupons” for those additional fees. These coupons range from $30-40 per household and only two coupons will be given per house. As to how much this transition to DTV and HDTV channels is going to cost is a total mystery. Since the transition hasn’t actually occurred yet, there is no way to calculate the total cost until it is complete.

to use iPhoto and iDVD to share pictures, record and broadcast songs, homemade videos, and burn it onto a CD using the iDVD program. MacBook comes with an iSight camera built into it. The camera can be used as a webcam for iChat and take pictures when opened to Photo Booth, with the ability to alter effects after the pictures are taken. However, according to the Primate Lab’s website on their comparison of the first generation and the second generation MacBook, however, all of the programs on the two generations of the MacBook is said to be the same.

The only difference is that the second generation MacBook runs and works much faster than the previous.


ission from ed with perm



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| Is Gardasil right for you


| Cloned meat on your dinner plate Page 14

12 | Hawkeye | 30 January 2008

Gardasil and the Human Papilloma Virus By Devin Cox and Alexa Jacky Hawkeye staff

In the United States, six million new cases of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) are discovered every year. HPV is the most commonly known sexually-transmitted disease. In 2005, 20 million people were already diagnosed with HPV. Although many see the benefits of this medicine, there are still looming question out there whether this medication is necessary or a medical company’s ruse to gain money from the people. Here are some questions to consider before going under the needle – what students should know and question they should be asking themselves. Q: What is Human Papilloma Virus? A: Many people think that HPV is cervical cancer, but it isn’t. HPV is a sexually transmitted virus that’s passed on from genital contact and from genital skin-to-skin contact. It is very common, but rarely harmful. There are more than 60 types of HPV viruses. HPV mainly causes genital warts and may lead to cancer or pre cancerous changes. Some main types of HPV are types 16 and 18; they cause 70 percent of cervical cancer cases. Types 6 and 11 cause 90 percent of genital warts cases.

Q:What is Gardasil? A: Gardasil is a vaccine that protects against HPV types 6, 11, 16 and 18. Girls from the ages 9-26 are recommended to get the Gardasil shot. It works by causing the body to protect itself by creating antibodies. You can use Gardasil when you are and are not infected with HPV. It comes in a series of three injections over a period of six months. Some effects of Gardasil include, pain, swelling, itching, redness at injection site, fever, nausea and dizziness. If taken during pregnancy, Gardasil may harm the baby, but it is still undergoing more studies. Q: How do you contract HPV? A: Once you’re sexually active, or have contact with the genital area of an infected person, you are at risk of getting HPV. HPV is not spread through bodily fluids, nor does it live in the blood or in any organs. 74 percent of HPV cases occur in people ages 15-24 years old. If a woman contracts HPV before or while pregnant, the infant could be born with warts in its throat, although the case of this happening is known to be rare. This is called respiratory papillomatosis. Q: Can you get HPV from everyday contact with a person that has the virus? A: Luckily, you cannot get HPV from just normal everyday touching. It has to be touch-

ing the genitals of a person who has Human Papilloma Virus.

Q: Can you get Gardasil from a drug store? A: Unfortunately Gardasil is a series of three shots that are needed to be given by a certified doctor. They are given over the time span of 6 months. Q: Does Gardasil prevent cervical cancer? A: In many cases, Gardasil has prevented cervical cancer. It’s a vaccine against HPV, but like other vaccines, it doesn’t fully protect everyone. HPV treatments provided are targeted to make changes in the skin or mucus membranes, such as warts or pre cancerous cervix cells. Q: Can guys contract HPV? A: Guys can get genital warts from HPV. They can get HPV from vaginal or anal sex. It is not yet known if Gardasil is effective in boys or men. Q: What are the symptoms of HPV? A: Not everyone shows symptoms, so it’s recommended to go in for regular Pap smear tests. Some symptoms include genital warts on the skin of the penis, the vulva, and anus, linings of the vagina, the cervix and the rectum. These symptoms start appearing weeks or months later, depending on the personafter sexual contact with a person who has

HPV. The reason women can get cervical cancer from HPV is because the virus can convert the cervix cells into pre cancer cells. If the HPV virus doesn’t go away, it can turn into cervical cancer, precancerous lesions, or genital warts, depending on the virus type. The types of HPV that cause genital warts are different from those that cause cervical cancer. Q: What if you don’t get the shot? A: For most people the virus will go away on its own, because your immune system fights it; but for some women it can cause cancer. Studies show that 70 percent of people’s immune systems can get rid of HPV in one year and 90 percent of people’s immune systems can get rid of HPV in three years. Gardasil is not a required shot for all women but it is recommended. Q: How can you prevent HPV? A: the best way to prevent getting HPV is abstinence. You should also limit the number of sexual partners you have, choose a person who has had no or little sexual activity. Doctors don’t know how much protection condoms offer, but using them won’t hurt. Most doctors recommend getting the Pap test, going in for regular check up and practicing safe sex although condoms cannot provide total protection.

An eye for an eye makes the world go blind Can you recognize the signs of a passive aggressive act? By Rachel Eldridge Hawkeye staff

Have you ever been infuriated at someone, but smiled it off? Have you ever been unintentionally cruel to someone, when they did absolutely nothing and you know it? In here lies a problem every one of us has seen and contributed in before. It’s a malevolent vice used to unleash pent up rage and rejection. It’s called passive aggression. You’ve heard your friend’s stories. Hey, you’ve got stories of your own. Stories of sudden arguments and feuds are always common. No one knows why they started, but no one even tries to find out, do they? The normal reaction to a slap in the face, whether literally or figuratively, is slapping back. This could be aimed at the original attacker, or at a fresher victim. Anyone can see where this would end up. With violence and lies spewing about, the cycle is unending like the trail of a circle. It passes down the generations

like a disease, and can be just as deadly. As the pushover parent comes home from work, arrays of techniques are used to release the mass of hoarded emotions. Their child had nothing to do with how their day at the office went, but you can rest assure, they will feel the repercussions of it. Here’s the problem. Children do as they see done. Can you see now how these hallway brawls begin? Now no one is saying that all, or even most families twist like this, but a couple is all it needs before these kids come to school and start recreating what they’ve been taught. How could they untie these weights attached to them? They have no control or say at home. The schools look like a breeding ground of contained emotion and yearning freedom. Like I said, not all families need to be parented by the passive aggressors. Kids teach kids as much as anything else. This is where the “you hurt me so let me hurt someone else” begins. Friends betray friends, who hurt others in turn. An old saying states that a secret told will be told to

three, who in turn tell it to three more each. It seems to be the same with passive aggression as well. Imagine the amount of people you and others you know have lashed out against, whether you think it just or not. Imagine they reciprocate it onto three people, who do the same to the same number. Do the math and look at those numbers. Now tell me it’s not a big deal. The solution lies in the will of an individual. Can you recognize the signs of a passive aggressive act? Can you appease your fuming if it is used on you before you use it in another? With enough self control and compassion, it is still possible to halt this malicious act of torment. Now mind you, without recognition, there is no change. Without change, the circle continues on as before, and generations to come will be faced with the same difficulties brought by passive aggression. A din sounds in the background of a clever man chanting, “An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind,” and here we stand, blind.


Skipping breakfast makes you fat By Michael Pascual Health Editor

Fact! It may seem strange that not eating would make you fat rather than skinny, but according to, it is definitely true. Breakfast is considered to be the one “most important meal of the day.” Most nutritionist all agree that breakfast keeps a persons diet in balance. Generally diets don’t work unless breakfast is eaten regularly. Excluding breakfast decreases ones metabolism and thus cause a much slower rate for the body to consume digested food. Without breakfast heavier meals that are eaten towards the latter part of the day turns to sugar then fat. This causes build up in the body causing an unhealthy diet in many people. One of the biggest excuses is “I don’t have time...” Well in reality people do in fact have time. Having to do this daily takes commitment. So, commit and get started. If you ever wonder why diets don’t work this could be the very reason why.

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Meet ms. nelson

is this normal?!? only remember the events that happen just before we wake up.

Dear Ms. Nelson:

Do blind people dream and do they dream in color?

Signed, Inquisitive One

Kimberly Nelson ITN?! Columnist

ITN?! (Is This Normal?!) Columnist Kimberly Nelson is here to answer all health-related questions you might be afraid to ask, or to address questions she just feels like she really needs to answer. Credentials? Yep. She’s got ’em. Not only is she an MTHS health educator, she has a masters degree in Theology and Counseling. So, submit your questions to the Hawkeye, Ms. Nelson or Michael Pascual in room 130. Letter writers may choose to remain anonymous for ITN?!

Dear Inquisitive One:

When I first received this question, I thought that the writer was joking and I laughed it off. But the question haunted me; it kept coming back making me wonder. Not the kind of haunting like bad gas from spicy Mexican food, but like a great movie that made you think about different points of view. Sometimes stuff happens like that, does that ever happen to you? I’m always amazed by the interesting questions you kids have. I LOVE that about hanging around teenagers. Thanks. So, dreams… most human beings dream. There has even been research saying that dogs and cats dream. Does that mean all beings dream? What does a fly dream about? Stale outhouses? Or, what about a male white liger; are his dreams nightmares of despair because nobody believes he exists? Psychologists believe that dreams as the tool we use to sort out our personal issues while we sleep. Each person’s dreams are different: in style, action, color, sound, and meaning. Dreams can indicate your state of mind. We dream about stuff that happens in our everyday lives. And, you will dream about situations several times, each occurrence with a different outcome. It’s kind of like you are practicing solving problems in your mind. The weird thing about dreams is that we don’t remember hardly any of them. We

Let’s play a little game: Imagine an orange. Thinking… There have been lots of studies about Thinking… dreams; their symbolism, meaning, process, What types of images popped into your colors, level of violence, and implications mind’s eye? The tangy fresh smell. The sharp for our daily lives. You can go to the book- sweet taste? The rough sticky texture? The store and will probably find a whole section symmetrical bright look? Or the sound of of volumes on dreams and their meanings. the sections peeling apart? Did anyone think People have jobs related to dreaming and about cleanliness? Fragrant baked bread? sleep studies, and dream interpretation is a Summertime? Vacation memories? Candy technique for psychoanalysis. or soda? Art projects? Each of us probably Now that you have a little basic background has a different response because our sensory info on dreaming, let’s get to the question at system is so interrelated and inseparable hand: Do blind people dream in color? from our brains. And, we each have millions I asked Whitney Jensen, a former MTHS of tiny events in our lives that interconnectstudent Class of 2005, and who is blind, ed by sensory data. about her dreams. She said, “My dreams are Have you ever heard somebody who is like real situations in my life. I dream about mad use the expression “I was seeing red!” all sorts of stuff. It’s amazing that a person We often think of red as a passionate or anwho is legally blind can almost see what’s gry color. But there is actually some reality happening in their own way.” in that saying. What does she mean that a “blind person Did you know that there is a medical concan almost see… dition called “synesthesia,” it’s in their own where a person’s senses blend There has even been research saying that together. How it works is that way”? According to dogs and cats dream. Does that mean all information process gets mixed Mrs. Leopold, beings dream? What does a fly dream about? up in the brain instead of reStale outhouses? who is a teacher maining separate. These lucky for MTHS’s Vipeople can actually feel or hear sion Impaired color. Can you imagine how students, “Blind students learn color using cool that would be? I want to be able to hear concepts or another sense.” blue when I’m stressed out. How would For example, if you want to teach a young green feel? Understanding this condition is blind student about the color of orange you providing scientists with valuable clued to could use the texture or smell of an orange, understanding the organization and funcor the feel of the sun on your face. In fact, tions of the brain. For more info, look up the if a seeing person had to explain the color American Synesthesia Association at www. orange, I would be willing bet that most of you would use an orange or the sun as a refThis column was not very funny, but was erence. Blind people don’t have visual imag- really cool to research. Thanks to whoever es to reference instead they reference other wrote this extraordinary question! I hope senses. the readers are left with something interestOur five senses, sight, touch, smell, hear- ing to think about ing and taste are so interrelated. Some are And, if you have any questions you actually physically connected. Our smell would like me to answer, send them to the and taste work together to provide us with Hawkeye, care of Ms. Nelson and they sensory information about food. When we will pass your queries onto me! Until next have a cold and our sinuses’ are stuffed up, time…Enjoy your new semester! Love you! Ms. Nelson we have troubles with both taste and smell.

Clune’s Corner

meet mr. clune

Dude, it’s just weed A

ctually it’s THC, delta-9 tetra-hydro-cannabinol, the primary psychoactive substance in marijuana. How THC affects the brain is important to understand just like cigarette smokers needing to understand nicotine and how it works in the brain. For some students marijuana seems to get compared to other drugs instantly and their conclusion is that smoking “weed” has no adverse consequences or it’s cool. Can marijuana be addictive? Well due to a super nerd named Dr. Ralph Mechoulam and his discovery in 1992 of the brain’s own endogenous cannabinoid neurotransmitters and receptors their has and will be a lot more scientific data on the issue of marijuana addiction. The answer is yes. (over 285,000 folks, in 2002, USA, entered drug treatment to deal with marijuana (THC) addiction) Think about it whether a person has a mental or physical addiction to something it’s going to have a “real” effect on their daily lives. Weed is not an easy drug to let go of once you start liking it. Some students share that they use or need it to deal with stress. HELLO! Any drug, such as weed that is used for primarily coping with stress suggests that there’s some addiction happening. The challenge is to learn about healthier ways to get rid of stress. I write songs and perform music in a band. That what works for me. It’s only one activity I do to manage stress.

Smoking marijuana affects and changes our priorities. This occurs because THC effects areas in the brain that has to do with being motivated. As in, I’m a student and what do I need to work on and get done today. It’s very hard to get these things accomplished or even happening when your motivation is drained. Ask yourself , do I want THC (weed), controlling me or do I want to be the captain of my own ship? When a student brings marijuana to school is that a smart decision? The question to consider is who made that decision the THC or the student?? Interesting most students when they get straight say, “yea, that was a dumb thing to do.” Weed like any illicit drug initially affects our judgment. This is a physiological fact. A few other things to consider about marijuana: It screws up your lungs. Boy that sounded real scientific. How about the toxic compounds from smoking weed impair and compromise one’s cardiovascular system. Is that better? Yes, there is a lot of tar in weed just like cigarettes. Not a good thing to drive a car and be stoned as reflexes, (stopping and starting) tracking (making turns) and paying attention to the road are severely compromised. This increases the risk of an accident. Maybe there’s a little more to weed (THC) then you thought. Hey thanks for listening.

Michael Clune Intervention Prevention Columnist

Michael Clune is a highly skilled, experienced Chemical Dependency Counselor and is available to help and assist MTHS students and staff with Alcohol/ Drug issues. This could be another student, one of your friends, family members or yourself needing information, a referral or counseling services. Clune is a Nationally Certified Addictions Counselor, a Mental Health Specialist and he is also Nationally Certified to deal with Domestic Violence/ Anger Management and Relapse Prevention problems.

Phone: (425) 431-5599 Office: Counseling Center Hours: M-F 7am-2pm

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Stem cell discovery promises an ethical means of organ production A breakthrough in stem cell research omits the destruction of human embryos By Joan Tran

In 2001, President Bush passed a decree to use embryonic stem cells for reA breakthrough has search. Embryonic stem finally come at last. Scicells can be taken from entists have found a way embryos that were origito study embryonic stem nally used for reproductive cells without the actual purposes, but are no longer use of human embryos. needed. Scientists cannot Image courtesy of REUTERS/Junying Yu/University of Wisconsin-Madison/Handout They have discovered a The image shows a rat heart made from a single skin cell injected with DNA to produce a functioning organ. take the embryos without way to reprogram skin cell consent. And donating emto act similar to that of an bryos must not involve any into a cardiac of the body, but the embryo. By injecting DNA to muscle cell. This adult cells have a lim- financial incentive. This has limthese cells, its properties are ma- cardiac muscle cell ited amount of cells to ited research on embryonic stem nipulated to mock those of stem could be injected cells, for the embryonic stem cells divide into. cell features. are hard to get. It makes the eminto a person who This is a big breakthrough, as had a heart attack. Embryonic stem bryonic stem cell research very it has solved problem raised from The cell can help cells have raised many hard to do. the embryonic stem cell research. repair the damaged controversial debates. However, a breakthrough arMany religious authorities and muscle in the heart. On one side, there are rived in November 2007 from politicians have opposed and Stem cells are very people who believe Wisconsin and Japan. Dr. Shinya advocated for sanctions of con- promising to the embryonic stem cells Yamanaka from Tokyo Univertinuing research. With this new medical world. It is are the key to fight sity Scientists have reported of found method previous concerns promising, because cancer, AIDS, Al- their discovery that human skin such as the “inhuman” destruc- if more research is zheimer’s, and other cells can be manipulated into tion of embryos should diminish made, these stem degenerative diseases. acting like an embryonic stem Image courtesy of REUTERS/Junying Yu/University of Wisconsin-Madison/Handout concerns. Though it is not test- cell. Four genes are added into cells can help repair The image shows genetic modifications in skin cells to induce Stem cells are like the blank the body. ed, these people deem the human skin cell, it is reprothe cells into what scientists call a pluripotent state – a tiles played on the Scrabble board that with research grammed, and there you have condition that is essentially the same as that of embryonic game. As these cells divide into One of the sourc- stem cells. done, their hypoth- it, a cell with the same propermore cells, there are two choices es for retrieving the esis could be proven ties as the embryonic stem cell. these stem cells can transform stem cells is from and progress would If these researches of human skin other blood-inherited diseases. into. The first choice is the cells di- adult organs and tissues, like the Also, the adult blood forming be made. On the other hand, with the same properties as an viding and producing more stem brain, blood vessels, and the skel- stem cell from the bone marrow some people say these embryonic embryonic stem cell progresses, cells. The second choice is for the etal muscles. These retrieved stem is being used in transplants for stem cells are the cures to incur- it would solve the controversial stem cells dividing and becoming cells are known as the somatic thirty years now. Though adult able disease are empty promises. problem as well as getting the a cell with a specific function. It stem cells, also known as the adult stem cells have been very suc- They claim that wasting human materials to research. With this could be a red blood cell, a muscle been stem cells. They are current- cessful for patients, it is believed embryos for the embryonic stem breakthrough, scientists are havcell, or any cell that can help the ly the only kind of stem cells used that these cells aren’t as effective cells research are inhumane, that ing troubles with using the hubody. This is very promising in to treat diseased patients. Adult the embryonic stem cells. It is be- by using human embryos to ex- man skin cells with embryonic helping patients. For an example, stem cells have been used to cause embryonic stem cells have tract embryo stem cells, potential stem cell properties and turning in a lab, a stem cell is transformed treat leukemia, lymphoma, and the ability to become all cell types lives are being taken away. it into medical treatments.

Hawkeye staff

Cloned meat: Is this what’s for dinner? By Joslyn Ching Hawkeye staff

Cloning. No one seems to associate the word with ‘food’. Especially not meat. Grilled steak. Pork chops. Chicken enchiladas. Sushi and sashimi. Unless you are vegetarian, you probably like meat. As Americans, we consume it every day. It’s in the omelet we had for breakfast, the ‘pizza’ sold in the cafeteria, and in the chicken divine that mom makes for dinner. However, major advances in the scientific fields have been made, and the government is thinking about allowing cloned meat on supermarket shelves. In 1996, the world’s first clone, a sheep named Dolly, was successfully cloned, and since then, the cloning industry has taken off. The sciences have been used multiple times successfully on sheep, cattle, pigs, horses, and many, many other mammalian species. Cloning is going to be a very helpful thing in the farm breeding industry, too, scientists say. Many prized horses in the show industry are only recognized as such after they are castrated, but with cloning, it would not matter. The horses, and any other animal, could be cloned, producing many of these award-winning animals could produce papered offspring, and a lot of money could be made from it. Some people are opposed to the idea of cloning animals, but as Barbara Glenn, chief of animal biotechnology at the Biotechnology Industry Organization says, “Clones are just clones. They are not genetically engineered animals.” But as for the food industry, the FDA approved the process in October of 2003, and the meat derived from the cloned animals therein. The most surprising thing stopping the cloned meat industry, though, is not PETA supporters, or even the meat industries. It’s the dairy companies such as Dannon, Kraft and Nestlé. They are most worried about milk sales going down, when the cloned

milk comes onto the market, becloned meat, or at least clones’ progeny, 60 percent of the American population is cause of milk’s age-old ‘wholesome’ on the market. Several owners of cloned image. They fear that, if the FDA uncomfortable with the idea of consuming animals have been selling in vitro sercloned meat and dairy products. truly allows the sale of clone’s milk vices, and have been using the animals as and other dairy products, people prize-winning studs at farm clubs. Most will refuse for ‘moral and ethical of the animals from the studding are sold, reasons’, and the companies may go bankrupt. Still, even slaughtered, and eaten, say cloning and stud experts. Right after all the evidence, studies and surveys have shown that now, anyone can go online and purchase cloned semen for more than 60 percent of the American population is un- in vitro fertilization, and most of it is used to make anicomfortable with the idea of consuming cloned meat and mals for slaughter. dairy products. Though it is a controversial subject, cloning will no doubt Some groups have called for the labeling of products play a part in the future of meat and dairy sale. Genetically fit for consumption derived from clones, but scientists and biologically indistinguishable from regular animals, say that it would be an impossible thing to do, seeing as clones have already made their way into the American cloned milk and meat is impossible to distinguish from food supply, and as scientific expertise and discoveries ex‘natural’ animals. Even now, though, there could already be pand, there is no way to say what will happen.

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15 | Hawkeye | 30 January 2008

Seasons coming to a close Wrestling By Colin Diltz Photography Manager

Hard work, determination and perseverance are some of the many words that can describe how hard the wrestling team has worked all season. While placing last in the WesCo South, the team’s standing isn’t an accurate portrayal of their performance. One of the senior captains, Nate Dabling, had this to say about the last match versus Shorecrest: “If you only count matches wrestled, we won. That’s what matters to us. The score doesn’t really represent the performance.” It was clear that the team was determined to win, but the obstacle of having to forfeit some points made it hard. “The match went very well. Match for match we won it. Out of nine matches wrestled we won six. We automatically give up 24 points because we don’t have enough people,” Dabling said. Another match would have been won, but the Terrace wrestler was disqualified for biting. The match overall was very exciting and the last match by Taylor Call, a freshman, was very intense. His performance reflected everyone’s on the team that they were here to win their matches even with the 24 point barrier. It’s obvious that the team has good chemistry because they were cheering each other on, even injured senior captain Casey Finnicum, was congratulating each of his teammates after each of their matches. If anyone didn’t look at the score board they Colin Diltz/Hawkeye would have thought the energy of the team would Hawks junior forward Karsten Strieby drives on the Edmonds-Woodway defense in be from the excitement of winning the game. last Friday’s game against the Warriors in the Terraceum. Despite Strieby’s game“We’re holding our heads high,” Dabling men- high 22 points, the Hawks dropped the game 61-51. tioned and seems to be true for before, during, last chance to catch the hawks in action and after each match. It seemed like this team could go very far in the next few years if they get some more people to join. “The team is really young. [There were] only four returning wrestlers due to injury and quitting of others. All others are first years and have made vast improvement,” Dabling said. With that it looks like an excellent foundation, the future has been built for a great wrestling team in the for the Hawks.

Women’s basketball By Mallory Jackson Sports Co-Editor

The Hawks wom“ We have stumbled a little en’s basketball team played an impres- bit, and we’re finally starting sive game against to get back on our feet. In the Edmonds-Woodway past couple of games, we have really shown our potential last Friday. By the and I think we are seeing end of the first quarter, Terrace was now what we are capable of accomplishing.” ahead with 22 points Tiffany Staley to Woodway’s nine. varsity player However, the Hawks could not keep up with the Warrior’s defense and lost 54-55 at the buzzer. With such a young team, it’s almost expected that the team will stumble a little bit. Regardless, it seems that this team is finally starting to come into their own. “We have stumbled a little bit, and we’re finally starting to get back on our feet. In the past couple of games, we have really shown our potential and I think we are seeing now what we are capable of accomplishing,” junior Tiffany Staley said. The Hawks have been working hard during practices, and have been pushing themselves and each other to the max. Staley is also very supportive of her fellow teammates stating that, with every girl’s individual role in the success of the team aside, there are three players that, in her mind, stand out as model players. “Emma Fritz has been a great leader and a role model for our younger players. She is always encouraging everyone and she keeps out team composed on the court,” Staley said. “(Katy Hinson) has really stepped it up in her game by being versatile and playing both post and guard which is definitely new for her,” she said. And about guard Cori Pingul, all Staley needed to say was, “She has picked up the intensity. All out all the time.”

Sports talk


10-6 regular season record and an awfully disappointing loss in the NFC Divisional round of the playoffs seems like a very typical season for the Seahawks in the Mike Holmgren era. When I say typical, I mean typical as in for the fourth year in a row, the Seahawks were the NFC West Champions, played through a very easy schedule, played exceptionally well at home, displayed a Derek Giles Sports Co-Editor high-powered offense and like the gold-standard for the Seahawks, choked in the playoffs. The season started with promise as the Seahawks rolled over a much improved Tampa Bay team with a 20-6 win at roaring Qwest Field. Hasselbeck was stellar and Shaun proved that he still might have it in him and prove he could bounce back from a poor 2006 season. The next six games consisted of a 20-23 loss at Arizona, a 21-24 win at home against Cincinnati, a 23-3 win in San Francisco, a 21-0 shutout loss in Pittsburgh, a surprising 28-17 loss to New Orleans at home and a 33-6 win at home against the struggling St. Louis Rams. So, going into the bye week at week eight, the Seahawks were up and down and all over the place. The only two things that stayed consistent through this stretch were one, the steady and rock-solid play of quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and two, the screaming, rowdy, out-of-con-

As usual, the Seahawks call it a year trol and ridiculously loud “12th man” that swayed many games for the Seahawks in their favor at home. Other than these two anchors though, the Seahawks couldn’t rely too heavily on anything. Shaun Alexander looked as old as he ever has. Alexander ran with zero explosiveness and it seemed to be a stretch for him to break any sort of tackle. To boot, the Seahawks offensive line was noticeably weaker and that once world-class left side of the line greatly fell off due to the absence of guard Steve Hutchinson (now playing for Minnesota). Heading out of the bye-week, what lay ahead for the Seahawks was very hard to predict. The single thing that may have been predictable is that, when the Seahawks are at home, a win will most likely follow. And this was the case. The remainder of the season went as follows; a 33-30 loss in Cleveland, a 24-0 win at home against San Francisco, a 30-23 win at home against Chicago, a 24-19 victory at St. Louis, a 28-24 win in Philadelphia, a blowout 42-21 win against Arizona at home, a 13-10 loss in Carolina, a 27-6 home win against Baltimore and lastly, a shocking 44-41 loss to the Falcons in Atlanta. Tied for an NFC best with Green Bay, the Seahawks finished 7-1 at home and went undefeated at home after their bye week. In addition, the Seahawks at home would usually win in a very forceful manner with only two opponents (excluding the single loss at home against New Orleans) getting the game within one score. One against Cininnati, a 24-21 win and one against Chicago, a 30-23 win. All of this culminating for a 7-1 home

record, a 3-5 away record and a 10-6 overall record. In the playoffs, the Seahawks looked classic as ever. By winning the Wildcard game against Washington 35-14, they had to travel to a freezing Lambeau field to face Brett Favre and the rolling Packers. In the end, the 14-point first quarter lead the Seahawks had wasn’t nearly enough as they battled the snow and the explosive Packer offense. After two fumbles resulting in two early Seahawks touchdowns, Green Bay running back Ryan Grant rushed for 201 yards and three touchdowns along with Brett Favre passing for 173 yards and three touchdowns. Green Bay proved to be too fast and the Seahawks defense proved to be too vulnerable; at one point Green Bay scored a touchdown on five straight possessions and marched on to end the Seahawks season. The final score of the game: 42-20. On a positive note, great statistical strides were taken throughout the course of the year. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck had a career year; throwing for a career best 3,966 yards as well as a career best 28 touchdowns. To go along with this, Hasselbeck threw only 12 interceptions. On the other side of the ball, defensive lineman Patrick Kerney had a monstrous year. Finishing second in the Defensive Player of the Year Award voting behind Bob Sanders of Indianapolis, Kerney was second in the NFL in sacks and was very disruptive. Lastly, coach Mike Holmgren will be sticking around for another year to try and lead the Seahawks to a fifth straight NFC West Division title.

16 | Sports | 19 December 2007 | hawkeye

Men’s basketball By Derek Giles Sports Co-Editor

Sitting in seventh place with a division record of 5-8 and an overall record of 6-11, the Hawks have clearly been underachieving. Last night, the Hawks dropped an important WesCo South game to Jackson, 61-49. Forward Karsten Strieby had 19 points to lead Mountlake Terrace, but it simply wasn’t enough as the Hawks were outscored in all but the second quarter in Mill Creek. In other recent games, the Hawks proved themselves victorious against Kamiak and Shorewood, but suffered a home loss to Edmonds-Woodway. Against Kamiak, leading scorers for the Hawks were post Tarik Kunduklija with 16, and rather new to the varsity squad, Jaykob Sells with 11.

The Hawks won by a score of 50-41. Sells, a guard, proved his worth on the squad when he hit three crucial three-pointers late in the game to help the Hawks win in their upset against Meadowdale on Jan. 4. Leading the Hawks though, was post Karsten Strieby with an impressive 18 points against the Mavericks. In the game against Shorewood, it was quite a low-scoring affair. With Shorewood’s leading scorer held to a measly five points, the Hawk defense was strong and came out with a 35-23 win. “It was the most frustrating basketball win of my life, they just didn’t shoot the ball,” said forward Karsten Strieby. “I don’t understand why they didn’t shoot more. They just held onto the ball even though they were down by 10.” Leading scorers for the game were posts Kunduklija with 10 and Strieby with 10. The latest Hawks game however went in a different direction than that of the previous two. Against Edmonds-

Woodway in a very hard fought battle, the Hawks took a 10-point 61-51 loss to the red hot Warriors. Edmonds-Woodway’s balanced attack seemed to be a little bit too much for the Hawks as the Warriors had five players with eight or more points. On the Terrace side, Kunduklija finished with 14 and leading all scorers was Strieby with 22. Strieby had his most dominant performance of the year by hitting not only long-range three-pointers but also blocking shots down low.

winter sports standings Wrestling

woMen’s Basketball

WesCo Overall W L W L 8 0 10 1 Kamiak (4A) 7 1 10 2 Mariner (4A) Edmonds-Woodway (4A) 6 2 9 4 5 3 6 7 Meadowdale (3A) 4 4 6 5 Jackson (4A) 3 5 8 13 Shorewood (4A) 2 6 4 9 Shorecrest (3A) 1 7 1 11 Lynnwood (3A) HAWKS (4A) 0 8 0 11

WesCo Overall W L W L 12 0 15 1 Jackson (4A) 10 2 14 2 Meadowdale (3A) 9 3 12 5 Kamiak (4A) 8 5 9 8 Shorecrest (3A) Edmonds-Woodway (4A) 7 6 9 8 HAWKS (4A) 3 9 3 13 3 10 4 13 Shorewood (4A) 3 10 3 14 Lynnwood (3A) 1 11 2 14 Mariner (4A) as of 1/30/08

as of 1/30/08

Men’s Swim

Men’s basketball

WesCo Overall W L W L 8 0 9 1 Kamiak (4A) 7 1 7 2 Shorewood (4A) 6 2 8 3 Shorecrest (3A) Edmonds-Woodway (4A) 4 3 8 3 3 4 6 5 Jackson (4A) 2 5 2 8 Mariner (4A) 2 5 2 9 Meadowdale (3A) HAWKS (4A) 1 6 1 10 0 7 0 11 Lynnwood (3A)

WesCo Overall W L W L Edmonds-Woodway (4A) 12 2 15 3 10 3 14 3 Meadowdale (3A) 9 4 12 5 Mariner (4A) 8 5 9 8 Jackson (4A) 6 7 8 9 Kamiak (4A) 6 8 8 10 Lynnwood (3A) HAWKS (4A) 5 8 6 11 4 10 7 11 Shorecrest (3A) 0 13 0 17 Shorewood (4A)

as of 1/30/08

as of 1/30/08


Colin Diltz / Hawkeye

Senior forward Tarik Kunduklija drives to the bucket in a Friday night loss against Edmonds-Woodway. Kunduklija finished with 14 points and forward Karsten Strieby finished with a game-high 22 points.


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