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5 Foods that Can Give You a Whiter Smile Did you know that your smile is greatly reliant on the type of food you eat? Whiter teeth give you a cheery smile that is pleasing for others and to make it possible, you need to take serious consideration of the food you are eating. For those who love sweets, bad news is that bacteria love sugar more than anything else. The discoloration of teeth is directly associated with the sweet stuff and the starchy foods including rice, potatoes, cornmeal, snacks, corn flour, cereals, wheat flour, spaghetti, macaroni and many more. The dentists in Diamond Bar CA can guide you comprehensively regarding the foods that are best for healthier gums and teeth. Healthy teeth eventually affect your smile and overall looks. There are several foods, you never knew, that can do wonders for your teeth. Here are some of the delicious foods that are surely going to give you a healthier and brighter smile: Carrots Carrots have high tendency to make your teeth bright and give you a gorgeous smile. Due to the crunchier raw carrots, you chew way more than you do while eating softer foods and in this way, the saliva production is stimulated. Because of the increased saliva, the enzymes as well as acids in your mouth that are disastrous for tooth enamel are neutralized. Strawberries Good news for the strawberry enthusiasts! Most of us are of the opinion that strawberries stain the teeth but it is a big misconception. According to the dental experts, the strawberries comprise ascorbic acid that gives whitening effect to the teeth. Despite the fact that strawberries are good for the teeth, you must brush your teeth after consuming this fruit on account of special care for your health. Cauliflower Most of us like eating raw cauliflower but the thing that we do not know is that it is one of the best foods for the health of our teeth. The raw cauliflower triggers enamel protecting saliva and therefore our teeth never become sensitive. The broccoli, kale, cruciferous etc. are also among the foods, ideal for white teeth and pleasant smiles. According to AICR (American Institute of Cancer Research), they comprise glucosinolate that is an organic compound with tendency to defend against the oral cancer as well as the cancer in digestive tract.

Salmon Dental experts say that salmon fish is an excellent source of vitamin D. It helps in the building of enamel. The teeth with intact enamel look whiter and stay healthier. As per laboratory research, 3 ounce serving of Salmon fish offers 315 milligrams of the mineral. The US Food and Drug Administration, also recommends a high amount of mineral intake each day. You can also visit a Diamond Bar dentist to guide you regarding the exact amount of minerals required by your teeth in a day. Spinach According to the dental specialists, Green leafy vegetables are great for your teeth. Therefore, spinach is a great choice if you want to relish good food while not harming your teeth. After carrying out extensive research, the doctors are of the conclusion that spinach comprises of minimum enamel harming acids ultimately resulting in whiter and healthier teeth as well as gums. Eating these foods can prevent your teeth from being stained and give you healthy and pleasant smile for others to admire.

5 Foods that Can Give You a Whiter Smile  

Did you know that your smile is greatly reliant on the type of food you eat? Whiter teeth give you a cheery smile that is pleasing for other...