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Producing High-Quality CBD Isolate for the European Market

von Ivan Enderli | KannaSwiss GmbH

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Over the past decade, an entirely new niche has exploded in the natural health market as research has revealed the wide-ranging benefits of CBD. Derived from the hemp plant, this compound is poised to be a game-changer in the realms of pain relief, mood stabilization, sports health, sleep aid, disease management for conditions like epilepsy and Multiple Sclerosis, and more. At KannaSwiss, we’re working hard to support the development of products that are tailored to provide treatment to these and other health issues.

Carefully Crafted Cannabinoid Ratios

At KannaSwiss, a sizable portion of our efforts emphasize the production of CBGa (affectionately known as the mother of all cannabinoids) on an industrial scale. Once we have extracted this compound, we are capable of making any other cannabinoid.

Why is this important? It has to do with our ability to craft medicinal products that are tailored to each patient’s individual condition. Different cannabinoid isolates can be combined in different proportions to deliver a specific desired effect, meaning that no two conditions will necessarily benefit from the same CBD remedy. A person seeking to treat depression, for example, does not need the same ratio of cannabinoids as a cancer patient. Perhaps one needs a ratio of 1-3-2 while the other needs a ratio of 3-2-4-1.

As of now, the almost universal practice is to administer what is essentially a cannabinoid bomb. This becomes problematic when you consider the fact that the human body has a limited number of receptors, and if the wrong cannabinoid is latching onto receptors and taking up space that should go to a more appropriate cannabinoid, the effectiveness of the treatment is diminished. Understanding and leveraging the correct ratio is fundamental to wellness.

Accordingly, our goal is to craft remedies that offer condition-specific cannabinoid proportions, and to provide CBD brands with the isolate they need to do the same.

Consistency is Key

The only way for a CBD brand to offer the consistency that its customers need and demand is by using isolates of outstanding purity. That’s why we have fine-tuned our isolate extraction and production process to boost our levels of both quality and stability.

For starters, we extract our isolate using the ethanol extraction method, resulting in CBD isolate that is not only free of impurities boasting a white, powder snow-like consistency and a rich, hempy odor, but that can be used to create products that offer a longer shelf life. This is important not only because customers need to be confident that they are buying products that have not lost their potency prior to purchase, but so they can be sure of the effectiveness of their treatment when storing CBD products at home.

Once extracted, we put our distillate through several additional processes to eliminate potential impurities while retaining the highest capacity of health-beneficial compounds as possible. Chromatography, for example, removes psychoactive THC along with a range of other undesirable compounds while preserving essential elements like CBC, CBG, CBN, terpenes, vitamin E, and healthy fatty acids. From there the distillate is put through a short path distillation system. Thanks to these and other techniques, the final extract offers outstanding levels of concentration and effectiveness.

Ideal for Building a Brand

With interest in CBD remedies booming all around the globe, many businesses and entrepreneurs are seeking to create their own CBD brands.

We are already producing 1.000 kg of wholesale isolate and distillate on a monthly basis for CBD startups and some of the largest companies in the world. The output is expected to increase to 3.000 kg by October 2019. Our isolate is available in an increasing number of specific cannabinoid varieties to ensure that a brand can offer products with ratios tailored to specific conditions, as discussed above.

We project that we will be producing a comprehensive range of cannabinoid isolates within the next six to eight months.

Increasing Innovation and Distribution

We’re working hard to push boundaries of CBD research and innovation. From our role in upcoming studies into how CBD can be used to treat conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, PTSD and depression, to our efforts to perfect the extraction and purification processes, to the development of new delivery methods for humans and pets alike, we are striving to help the CBD space grow and mature.

Our distribution system has expanded accordingly. Recently, we launched a hub in Austria to provide shipping to our distributors across Europe.

Between our dedication to research and innovation, our commitment to maintaining product quality of the most stringent standards, and our unrelenting passion for sharing the health-supporting power of CBD, we’re excited about what the future holds for our company and for the greater CBD community as a whole.