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the grind for a real black man

fall/winter fashion guide how to look great for less

Undercover brothers: understanding black homosexuality

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Letter from the editor Greetings, Salutations, Hello, Hey, Hi, whatever greeting you use, insert here ________. I would like to thank you for purchasing the first issue of The Grind Magazine. Read it, enjoy it, like it, live it. I wanted a magazine for a mans’ man. Not just a magazine full of beautiful, well-endowed (in the front and back) women and fancy cars and rappers. Don’t get me wrong, those magazines do serve their purpose. But who wants to see that all the time? The Grind caters to men who have grown from simply wanting to see half naked women and want to talk about more important things such as health, how to live a happy, satisfying lifestyle, and simply want to enjoy life. I hope you appreciate this magazine because it is for you. Jasmine Lee

Who Did Some Grinding Editor-in-Chief -- Jasmine Lee Creative Director -- Frederick Julian Design Layout -- Howard Powell Graphic Designer -- Frenchie Marks Circulation Distributor -- Xiomara Zoway Marketing Consultant -- Kai Braxton The Grind would like to thank all the contributing writers. Writers are credited with their work

What’s Really Good?

to love. The video however, will leave you slightly confused, amazed, and contemplating Kanye’s sanity, in all 35 minutes. He brings you eye candy with Latest reviews on music, tv, his “muse” the beautiful Selita Banks. sports and electronics The shots and lighting were fabulous Kanye West Runaway but almost got lost with deep meaning Jasmine Lee that you would only understand if you were a greek mythology major. Along The world with confusing symbols and lots of crisp waited colors, Kanye seems to give a sneak patiently first listen to more songs that might be for Kanye featured on his upcoming album. As a West’s whole, Kanye West delivered. He got comback; people to think about his video, but he waited ever did so in such a confusing way. Either so patiently. people were either turned off or tuned Knowing One of West’s Album Covers in to the fact that something might this, Kanye decided he would come out be a little wrong with this guy. Kanye with a bang. A big, thirty-four minute should just runaway and get a hug. bang with that. Ever since he started releasing new songs from his upcoming album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, every Friday (also known as Good Friday), the public has been wanting more and more from Kanye. After performing “Runaway” at the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye did just that. He ran away with the idea to make a short movie, or extended music video for the song. The song, toasting douchebags and celebrating a**holes Kanye West Twit Pic’d His Diamond Teeth is one that you will either love or grow

6 Great Athletes You Hardly Know By Contributing Writer

We all know about superstar athletes like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Barry Bonds, Tiger Woods, and Reggie Bush. But there is another group of outstanding athletes who shine on the big stage, but may not receive the same recognition. We’ve picked eight high caliber professional athletes who have generated a faithful following by doing one thing -- getting the job done: Curtis Granderson Centerfielder - Detroit Tigers (MLB) The Detroit Tigers centerfielder has only been in the major leagues 3 years, but he’s already creating a tremendous legacy. Granderson broke out big during the 2007 season batting .302, with 23 homeruns, 74 RBI’s, a .361 on-base percentage, and .552 slugging percentage. He became only the third player in major league history to join the “20-20-20-20 Club” -- hitting 20 or more homeruns, doubles, triples and stolen bases. Outside of the diamond, Granderson dedicates much of his time to kids and the community. He is the founder of the Grand Kids Foundation -- a nonprofit designed to provide educational resources and assistence to schools in the Detroit area. Granderson also holds college degrees in business marketing and business management. Photo: Copyright Ernie Sims Linebacker - Detroit Lions (NFL)

Ernie Sims has more tackles than any other linebacker in the league and if he doesn’t make it to the Pro Bowl in 2007 -- the NFL should consider promoting basketweaving instead of professional football. Sims’ speedy defensive tactics have earned him a much deserved reputation for being quick to the ball and a hard tackler. The ninth overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft leads the NFL in total tackles, is third in solo tackles, and is tied for sixth in assists. In early 2006, the Detroit Lions inked a 5-year deal with Sims and hopes his defensive domination helps the Lions control play in the NFC North. Photo: Copyright Sidney Crosby Forward (Center) - Pittsburgh Penguins (NHL) Drafted #1 in 2005 by the Penguins, Sidney Crosby has quickly become the golden boy of the NHL. His unmistakeable skill and movie-star looks keeps opponents guessing and female fans swooning. During the 2006-2007 season, the 20-year phenom led his team in goals, power-play assists, overall assists, and points. Crosby also led the entire league with 120 goals and 48 power-play assists earning him the Art Ross Trophy. By winning the Art Ross Trophy, he became the youngest player and the only teenager ever to win a scoring title in any major North American sport. Crosby also became just the seventh player in NHL history to win the Hart Trophy, Art Ross Trophy, and Lester B. Pearson Award in the same season. Photo: Copyright

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iPhone OS vs Android vs Blackberry OS vs Palm OS Aseem Kishore 2010 has been a great year for smartphones. With Verizon and AT&T raging subliminal war, Android slowly but surely gaining ground in the smartphone ranks, and the release of Apple’s newest iPhone 4, there has been much to talk about. However, all of these new smartphone releases, firmware updates, and mobile OS progressions can make it difficult to decide which phone is best for you. Here, we will review the four most popular smartphone platforms: iPhone OS, Android, Blackberry OS, and Palm OS.

Drooooid, is the popular catch slogan of the futuristic Android/Verizon TV commercials. Although Android phones have been available for some time now, they are only starting to gain massive popularity as of Q4 2009 – now, and for good reason. However, do they live up to the hype. Just like the iPhone, Android based phones are not perfect.

Android OS is open source, workable, developable, and growing quickly. What does this mean for Droid phone buyers? Better apps coming, better marketplace coming, better software coming. Android phones can be purchased no matter which Whether you are deciding on which smartphone to carrier you are using, so the availability is there. get next, what to upgrade to, or even trying to figure out whether to make the jump into the future from a normal cell phone to a smartphone, chances are good that you will be choosing between iPhone, Blackberry, Droid (Android Phones), or Palm. BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry phones are actually among the oldest veterans of the smartphone iPhone 4 world. In fact, BlackBerry smart phones were some of the first smart phones that Verizon Wireless offered. However, Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android mobile platforms have provided some The Apple iPhone has been the traditional ruler tough competition for BlackBerry over the past of the smartphone world. Not only that, but the couple of years. iPhone boasts the best, or better put, most wide selection of apps. iPhone apps are purchased or BlackBerry phones are currently tops when it downloaded from the appstore. comes to email and messaging. If you are not a fan of the latest wave of touch screen smartphones, you Still, the iPhone is a hot selling phone, and for good may want to consider a phone like the BlackBerry reason. The interface is classic Apple, easy to navi- Bold, which features an oversized, full keyboard gate, consumer friendly, and simplistic. Apple’s lat- with physical keys. est iPhone 4 even gives you the capability of multi tasking, and a feature called “Face Time” which Although BlackBerry does seem to be falling beallows you to chat with other iPhone 4 users, in an hind to the iPhone OS and Android OS in the eyes iChat style manner. of many consumers, look for an all new, renovated

BlackBerry OS6 which will round out the BlackBerry and make it more of a consumer “fun phone” while keeping all of the benefits of business that it currently holds.

Palm is probably the least popular mobile smartphone OS, out of all that we have covered. However, Palm has been getting some very high reviews on some phones such as the Palm Pre Plus, which has stirred up competition among the smartphone market. In fact, the Palm Pre Plus has been hyped by many to be better than the ever popular Motorola Droid Incredible. As far as innovation and design, Palm has done the job quite well. Many developers and now Palm employees were once employees of Apple and Google. Thus, you can expect to see a unique, but just as “eye-candyistic” operating system on a Palm phone, that you would get with an iPhone or Droid. Palm proved that it does have power, especially with the latest Palm Pre Plus, which comes bundled with several unique apps. Many smartphone veterans even prefer Palm’s mobile browser over the iPhone browser or Android browser. Conclusion •Get an iPhone if you live in an area with good ATT wireless coverage. •Get an Android based phone, if you want the best possible all around phone. An-Droid really Does… do just about everything. •Get a BlackBerry phone, such as the BlackBerry Bold, if you are going to be using your smartphone for business, lots of emailing and messaging, and keeping in contact with associates. •Get a Palm phone, such as the Palm Pre Plus, if you are on a budget, but want a capable smartphone.

Top 10 DVDs You Should Add to Your Collection By Dimitri Konchin

The thrill of going to the movies is great, but the truth is that it can start getting pretty expensive. The better approach is often to buy your own DVDs and build a collection that you can watch over and over again. 1. The Godfather This classic film is based on a book by Mario Puzo of the same title. Many look towards the Godfather as the film that made mobster films popular and trendy, with just about every other mobster film paying tribute to The Godfather. 2. Citizen Kane This film has made numerous top 10 lists over the years for its witty use of satire and scorching parody of media tycoon William Randolph Hearst. The businessman did everything he could to block the film from being distributed, but he just couldn’t stop it. 3. Rear Window This film is a suspense film that’s considered to be one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best films ever. It’s definitely older, but the themes in the film are truly timeless. 4. Fight Club This film was more of a commentary about the problems of the 90s than anything else, as well as the uncertainty of the new millennium. 5. The Lord of the Rings In the world of film, the Lord of the Rings is actually a trilogy, but most people remember the film that started it all: a small man (called a “hobbit”) with a mission to save the world from the growing presence of evil. 6. Dr. Strangelove Dr. Strangelove is considered to be one of the best examples of dark comedy and satire, and is perfect for film critic parties with friends because it gives quite a bit to be discussed. 7. The Dark Knight Released in 2008, the Dark Knight is the final film of the late Heath Ledger, who gave an award-winning performance that is still talked about today. It is the sequel to Batman Be-

gins, and continues the storyline perfectly. A must for any action fan’s collection! 8. Saving Private Ryan Saving Private Ryan is considered to be one of the best war films of the modern era, and is routinely cited for its ability to humanize the brutal situations of war. 9. Die Hard Another action film that is not only part of a series, but is definitely worth adding to any collection. All the classic themes of an action film are here, with plenty of suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat. 10. Rocky Rocky is considered one of the best sports films of all time, but it’s not just the boxing that will keep you hooked -- the progression of the lead character from struggling to his triumph over adversity is what really makes this film worth watching over and over again.

The Dark Side of Shacking Up By Tiffany Williams-Jallow The subject of couples living together before marriage sparks up controversy still today. In the past, couples were looked at in shame for even thinking about what is now called “shacking up.” With more and more couples choosing to engage in living together before being joined in holy matrimony, there is the question of whether living together before marriage is really that bad. To some it seems like a good idea. Why commit yourself to someone for the rest of your life without seeing firsthand how compatible you two are in a household setting? With the decline of religion in America, it is no surprise that playing house has become common place. Since people move farther from tradition and feel more entitled to instant gratification, shacking up has become a real epidemic. Let’s address three important questions: 1. Are couples who cohabitate before marriage more likely to be unfaithful? 2. Are couples that cohabitate more satisfied in their relationships than those who are married? 3. Are couples that shack up better off financially than those who are married? According to the research, unmarried women who live with their boyfriend’s make more money. Do not let this fool you; there is a dark side. The males in the equation usually make far less than the female partner they live with. A lot of the time these men do not even have jobs. In turn, the women in these relationships tend to want to support their boyfriend’s financially while also putting some money away in case they call it quits. Overall, women who are shacking up have less financial stability in the future. It is easy to think that if two people sleep under the same roof they are more likely to be faithful. However, the research begs to differ. Since couples that are

The September 2000 edition of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior and May 1998 issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family, answered the question of why unmarried couples are plagued with the issues mentioned above. Physical and psychological health problems, like depression arise from the discontent felt in the relationship.

At, there are a number of links to additional reliable sources you can use to learn more about this subject. For those who are cohabitating and do not plan on getting hitched there is something you may want to consider. A Living Together Agreement is a document used to protect the financial assets and personal property of each cohabiting partner. This document grants non married couples benefits comparable to those who are married. Here are five tips I want to share with you about how to enhance your chances of having a long lasting marriage after cohabitation: 1.Take your time and seriously evaluate whether it is the right decision to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend. 2.Be clear, upfront, and reasonable about your expectations. 3.Don’t get married in hopes that it will change your cohabitating partner. 4.Write and sign a living together agreement to help clarify your expectations and define how you’ll handle finances and property. 5.Take a couple’s education class. In closing, regardless of my personal beliefs, my desire for all couples - married and unmarried - is to pursue positive and effective ways to cultivate healthy, long-term relationships.

Men’s Health Must Become a Priority for the Nation

Community Voices: Healthcare for the Underserved at Morehouse School of Medicine and Pfizer launched a Save Ours Sons program for 42 African American males.

Women’s health advocacy is making tremendous strides, with government, foundations, non-profits and private industry leading the charge for greater awareness and treatment of health conditions impacting women. But unfortunately the same intensity has not been unleashed to adequately address health problems for men.

The program’s objective was to develop a national, replicable health education model to reduce diabetes and obesity in African-American men, as well as connect program participants with comprehensive primary healthcare providers. The six-week program had a tremendous impact. At the start of the program only eight participants had a regular physician. After the intervention, 29 had a primary care physician.

By Dr. Henrie M. Treadwell and Dr. Clare Xanthos

While outreach efforts have raised the awareness of breast cancer, urged women to seek proper prenatal care and lead to critical research into the major health problems of women, there seems overall to be far less advocacy for men. As a result, there has been far slower progress at addressing the chronic illnesses disproportionately striking men. In fact, the health conditions of African American men exemplify the disparity, with black men experiencing some of the poorest health outcomes of any demographic in American society. The National Center for Health Statistics says life expectancy for a black male child born in 2004 is 69.5 years, compared with 75.7 years for white males born the same year. To be sure, the statistics tell a bleak story about the health outcomes of African American men. Black men have higher death rates than women for all the leading causes of death. Moreover, black men suffer from higher rates of prostate cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke and other chronic illnesses.

Meanwhile, in Detroit the 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and the American Cancer Society joined together to sponsor an awareness campaign aimed at reducing deaths from prostate cancer. Members of 100 Black Men are visiting locations in the community, such as churches, barbershops and community centers to distribute information about prostate cancer, while giving advice on how to improve their overall health. Programs, such as these, are helping in local communities. But advocacy for improving the health of men also must become a national cause. It’s time for men’s health to become a top priority for the nation.

The reasons for these disparities range from the impact of racial discrimination to poor access to healthcare services to the barriers caused by poverty to a lack of information about preventive care and many other factors. What’s clear, however, is that if research, preventive awareness and unhealthy behavior for men are ever going to change, it will take an advocacy effort similar to what feminists did for the women’s health movement. Clearly, it was the campaign by women’s activists that changed the nation’s attitude towards women’s health. Now, the same is needed to help change health outcomes for men. In parts of the country, there are advocacy programs that are making a difference. In 2008, the Lorain (Ohio) County Branch of National Urban League in partnership with

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Top Best Dressed Male Celebrities There are some men in the industry that Amar’e Stoudamire either know how to dress or have amazing stylist. These are The Grind’s favorite best dressed celebrities.

Kanye West

Andre 3000

Pharell Williams

Idris Elba

Kid Cudi

Fonzworth Bentley

Complete Fall fashion Guide Farah Averill

Of all the seasons for shopping, fall is somehow the most fun. Maybe it’s the whole association with back-to-school shopping or maybe it’s because the ever-changing weather during this season presents such a wide variety of opportunities with regard to showcasing your personal style. To assist you in navigating the season with panache, we’ve put together a series of trendy fall ensembles.

Dark & Stormy

Shirts Pants Shoes Acessories

Light & Casual

Dark & Serious







the first athlete in school history to win the NCAA Amare Stoudemire Division I Outdoor 100m title. Gay’s noteworthy Center - Phoenix Suns (NBA) accomplishments include: 2007 World Outdoor 100m AND 200m champion; 2007 Visa Outdoor One of the NBA’s most underchampion; 2007 USA Outdoor 100m and 200m rated players, Amare Stoudemire champion; 2006 USA Outdoor 100m champion; gets plenty of attention in the 2005 World Athletics Final 200m champion; Western Conference and his 2005 USA Outdoor Champs 200m runner-up; 2004 NCAA 100m champion; 2002 JUCO 100m on-court play kindly complements the league’s premier assist champion; 2004 SEC 100m, 200m, 4x100m chamman -- Steve Nash. During the 2006-2007 season, pion. Stoudemire led the Suns in scoring, games played, offensive rebounds, field goal percentage and free Photo: Copyright Victah Sailer@Photorun, Richthrows. After making the jump from high school to ard Simonsen, adidas, Bob Karthe NBA, he won the 2002-03 Rookie of the Year etsky Award at 20 years old. Stoudemire made a hard Matt Holliday fought recovery from microfracture knee surgery and earned his second All-Star appearance in Leftfielder - Colorado Rockies 2007. Being one of only three NBA players (Car- (MLB) los Boozer, Elton Brand) ranked in the top 20 in Matt Holliday led the world in scoring, rebounding and field goal percentage -many expect Stoudemire to be a formidable oppo- batting in 2007. Regarded as one of baseball’s top hitters over the past few seasons, nent for years to come. Holliday edged out Atlanta slugger Chipper Jones (.337 average) to win the 2007 Batting title with Photo: Copyright a .340 average. Holliday also won the NL RBI race with 137 rbi’s and finished second in slugging Tyson Gay percentage (.607) -- propelling him to his second Sprinter - US Track & Field Silver Slugger Award in 2 years. The 3-year offensive powerhouse is expected to command an Tyson Gay has established extraordinary salary for the 2008 season and the himself as one of the world’s Rockies won’t mind paying it. Holliday’s endless elite sprinters. Hoping to set new records at the hitting streaks in 2007 helped the Rockies reach 2008 Summer games in Bejing, China -- Gay the World Series for the first time in franchise hisgrabbed victories at the AT&T Outdoor Chamtory. pionships in the 100m (9.84 meet record) and by running the second fastest time in history in the Photo: Copyright 200m (19.62, 0.3 meters-per-second headwind). Gay also had a 200m performance at the Championships in Indianapolis where he bettered Michael Johnson’s 1996 meet record in world record time (19.66 seconds). But winning is nothing new to Tyson. He began his sprinting prowess in college at the University of Arkansas where he became


Never get caught out of style

Undercover Brothers

The Black Population Must Know That There Are Gay Men and Some of Them Just Might Be Black

Gay. One more time. Gay. Gay men. Gay black men. Stop! No don’t say that. They don’t exist. Gay black men do not exist. Well they do and it is time for blacks to begin accepting them. Homosexuality is not something that is widely talked about or accepted. However, the gays are coming out and they are coming out strong. But what about those who are not “out”? Those who are posing as straight men but having sex with men? What do we do about these undercover brothers? But what makes a brother, undercover?

amongst our black men. Most people do not want to accept the fact that there are gay, black men. But with more and more of our people becoming infected with AIDS and other STD’s we must examine what is going on.

Photo Courtesy of Roman Jenks

Patricia Lee, a resident of Southfield, “dangerous, walking Michigan feels like undercover brothers are “dangerous, walking time time bombs” bombs.” Hiding sexuality is dangerous. Maybe it’s the fact that his sexual- It can cause the transmission of diseases ity is not easily detected. Or maybe to unknown participants. It can also it’s the fact that he doesn’t explicdangerous to the person themselves. itly come out but does not deny his The frustration of not being who they sexuality. Or maybe it’s the fact that really are can cause anger issues, hate the black community quiets him crimes toward other gays, and even down and shuns him. With the rise death. We as blacks must learn how to of molestation scandals, we need to accept all, gay, straight, or other. But it address this taboo of homosexuality seems as though the gay men who are

out, flaming, and boisterous are the ones who are widely accepted. This is because you know what they are according to Lee. No one likes a perpetrator, but according to Kendra Johnson of Richmond, Virginia, those type of gay men are almost “too gay.” Both Lee and Johnson agree there needs to be a happy medium when it comes to being gay. Admit that you are gay but also be yourself and not try to be another gender.

Characters from a popluar show Noah’s Ark

“black men must be considerate of their image” think of them so they hide their sexuality. This is the cause of undercover brothers. Along with the fear of rejection, some don’t want to come to terms with the fact that they are gay. According to Ron Smith of New York, black men must be considerate of their image in a world where they are revered and have a strong place in the black community. Smith believes that men need to be comfortable with themselves and simply be happy. He also feels that black men are undercover because they feel they will have to work harder for things such as jobs and equality. Men in position of power must be cognizant of how they are viewed. With the latest scandal plaguing one of most powerful black pastors, our community must address the fact that undercover black men is an issue.

This is when the fear of rejection comes in. Once the realization of being gay comes to a person, the next big step they must take is coming out either to their friends, family, or both. There are too many diseases being passed around in blacks for people Most are afraid of what others will not to be upfront and real about who

they are having sex with and if they are being safe or not. Along with being upfront, acceptance needs to come as well. How can we expect the truth to be told if we are judging, non understanding, and shun those who come out? The black community must comes to terms that gay men do exist and that some of them just might be black. This realization will not only cause a unified population but it will allow people to understand and know about homosexuality. Being informed and knowledgeable will allow the decrease in judgment and an increase in approval. Undercover brothers can be themselves and women won’t have to play Russian roulette to find out a man’s true sexuality.

-Jasmine Lee

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