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oscar santillan* *portfolio

The Lookout Installation Paint removed from the gallery’s walls, and a scale model created from the resulting paint scraps 2009

The Impassive Room Installation Paint removed from the walls and rearranged on the floor 2010


Horn Sculpture Ashes from the head of a pony, glass, and pedestal 2010

Failed Dawn Sculpture 118 fluorescent lights 2008

Actual view of the installation. The little point on the center corresponds to the tiny video projection glowing through the wall. The projector is actually buried into the wall.


The Permanent Blink Videoinstallation All of James Dean’s blinks 2010

Stills from the video. Every single James Dean’s blink was collected from all of his movies. Then, the 951 blinks were aligned together, creating a video of several sequences of smooth spins of his head.


Memorial ‘The New York Times’ edition rendered blank by chemical process, and a miniature created from the extracted ink 2008

The hands insistently try to move forward, without any result. WATCH VIDEO

Silver Wake A single modified watch 2010

Prolongation Installation Fuel pump with 1.3 Km. hose 2007 Work as part of ‘Lalimpia’ collective

Please do not throw carpets on the floor Sculpture Ripe and rotten banana peels 2005

Twelve Water Drops Photograph 70 x 50 cms. (27.5” x 20”) 2010

Water Halo Photograph 90 x 60 cms. (35.5” x 23.6”) 2010

Strawberry Puddle Photograph 100 x 67 cms. (39.4” x 26.4”) 2010

The artist went to the river and took a mouthful of water that he carried in his mouth throughout the city. Walked home, and watered a little dying plant.

The Manifesto of Goodness Performance 2009

Flag Photograph 80 x 58 cms. (31.5” x 22.8”) 2010

Image of the original monument (1967) dedicated to the mythic liberal rebel Eloy Alfaro, President of Ecuador (1895 - 1912)

Scale model replica of the original monument with variation

The ‘replica’ was displayed in a popular market in Guayaquil (Ecuador), suggesting it was an architectural project by the government.

The Drag Public intervention Resin scale model 2007

Degenerated Practices Solid oil paint Modeled out of 27.3 kg. of oil paint 2005

Meteorite Solid oil paint Dry oil paint and squirrel tail 2010

End of Travelling Solid oil paint Modeled out of 4.7 kg. of oil paint 2006-2007

A testimonial:

“ Our dog is the only family

member who has ever visited an art exhibition”

Prof. Martha Vanegas (Benji’s companion)

An unexpected wall didn’t allow people to enter. The gallery was only open to dogs. Approximately 50 dogs attended the exhibition. Some of them spent many minutes inside, while their owners wondered what was holding their interest. There is no documentation of the gallery interior.

Art for Dogs Exhibition for new publics 2002

For Juana Ines de la Cruz, five living girls, with long hair, were accommodated inside the wall of the gallery. Their hair comes out from five holes; being the only visible part of their body to the viewer.

End of travelling

Solid oil paint Modeled out of 4.7 kg. of oil paint



Juana Ines de la Cruz Five girls with long hair 2010

Color Sperm Photographic documentation of the result of 7 masturbations by the artist, after having vegetable pigments injected into his seminal vesicles Each photograph 150 x 115 cms. 2009 2010

oscar santillan* *resume

*selected exhibitions

Ecuador, 1980. Lives and works in Richmond, VA. USA

Kierkegaard’s walk Galeria Marilia Razuk Sao Paulo, Brazil 2010

Tatton Park Biennial Tatton Park London, UK 2008

Art Scouts Arlington Arts Center Washington DC. USA 2010

MoLAA prizes MoLAA Museum Long Beach, CA, USA 2008

*education Sculpture + Extended Media MFA. Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU), USA. Anticipated 2011 Design and Audiovisual Production BFA. ESPOL, Ecuador. 2007

Art theory and studio art courses. ITAE, Ecuador. 2004-2005

Writing workshop. Museo Antropológico y de Arte Contemporáneo (MAAC), Ecuador. 1999 - 2002


Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Skowhegan, ME. USA. 2010


Museo de la Ciudad. Quito, Ecuador. 2007

3.5. Reference Art Gallery Richmond, VA. USA 2010 Arqueologias del Futuro Galeria Arte Actual (FLACSO) Quito, Ecuador 2010 Havana Biennial La Habana, Cuba 2009

As part of ‘Lalimpia’ collective

*awards - Second Prize Salón de Julio Museo Municipal de Guayaquil, 2010 and 2005. - Honorable Mention (as part of ‘Lalimpia’ collective) IX Cuenca Biennial, 2007. - Unique Prize of Alternative Arts FAAL. Museo Municipal de Guayaquil, 2004. - Paris Prize (as part of ‘Lalimpia’ collective) VIII Cuenca Biennial, 2004. - Honorable Mention Salón El Comercio, El Comercio Foundation, 2003. - First Prize Salón de Octubre Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana, 2000.

Un fantasma que recorre el mundo DPM Gallery Guayaquil, Ecuador 2009 Playlist X Cuenca Biennial Cuenca, Ecuador 2009 SUSIE DEBBY ADELA VCU Fine Arts Gallery Richmond, VA, USA 2009 Efímera Parking lot Managua, Nicaragua 2009

As part of ‘Lalimpia’ collective

Puesto de Control Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana Cuenca, Ecuador 2008 Oficina reciente Galeria de La Universidad Catolica Guayaquil, Ecuador 2008 Lo que las imágenes quieren Fundación ICO Madrid, Spain 2007 Apparitions Museo de la Ciudad Quito, Ecuador Lecture Component

Musée du Quai Branly Paris, France 2007 El Arrastre ‘La Bahia’ popular market Guayaquil, Ecuador 2007 Estéticas en Construcción Latin American Videoart Travelling Exhibition Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala 2006

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