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Types of Doctors

Cardiologist: A doctor who treats the patients having heart diseases, circulatory disorders, and disorders related to blood vessels on circulatory system. Gastrologist: A doctor who helps curing gastric disorders through medicines and diagnosis. The Gastrologist works especially on stomach. • Gastroenterologist: A doctor who diagnoses and cures issues related to stomach, small intestine, liver, large intestine, pancreases, gall bladder, and esophagus. The Gastroenterologist diagnoses the issue with the help of tests like colonology, endoscopy, urine examination, stool examination, etc. • Gynecologist: A doctor who diagnoses and cures ailments related to female reproductive systems. Now days, Gynecologist has also become a counterpart of obstetricians i.e. caring about the pregnant women during pre-natal, childbirth, and postnatal period. • Dermatologist: A doctor who helps healing skin problems like white marks on skin, itching on skin, etc. • Nephrologist: A doctor who diagnoses and cures kidney ailments. A kidney ailment can start from Kidney infection and lead into kidney failure. The Nephtologist runs various tests like urine examination, blood test, etc. to find and cure the exact kidney ailment. • Opthalmologist: A doctor who helps curing vision ailments i.e. the doctor who treats ailments related to eyes. An ophthalmologist is also involved in surgical treatment of eyes’ disorders. • ENT Specialist: An ENT specialist is the doctor who cures ailments related to Ear, Nose, and Throat. • Pediatricians: A doctor who looks after infants and their health is called Pediatrician. • Psychiatrist: A doctor who diagnoses patients having mental disorders including stress. Now days when stress factor has been increasing day by day, many people need a Psychiatrist because it is a believe that until stress will not go out of your life, you cannot live the life with full joy. • Pulmonologists: A doctor who helps curing issues related to respiratory system including lungs. • Rheumatologists: A doctor who diagnoses and heals the ailments related to joints and muscles. The Rheumatologists is the one who cures arthritis.

• Surgeon: A doctor who carries out surgery. • Orthopedist: A doctor who carries out diagnoses related to bone ailments like bone fracture, cervical issues, etc. • Dentist: A doctor who examines and cures issues related to dental disorders. Dentist is often indulged in tooth replacement, healing tooth cavity, etc. • Physician: A doctor who helps curing regular diseases like fever, cold, cough, etc. Knowing different types of doctors is beneficial. It helps you approach the right doctor when you are in urgent need.

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Types of Doctors  

• Gastroenterologist: A doctor who diagnoses and cures issues related to stomach, small intestine, liver, large intestine, pancreases, gall...

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