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The Positive Aging Network

The Positive Aging Network

Helping organizations do more good together

Local organizations have been committed to making aging a more positive experience for decades. Unfortunately, they often work in isolation with small or non-existent budgets. Too often, their only resource is a passion for the older adults they serve. The Positive Aging Network seeks to change that dynamic by uniting and empowering these powerful community resources.

What is the Positive Aging Network?

The Positive Aging Network is a group of community-based providers who serve older adults and their families. The Network will unite organizations that are promoting positive aging for the growing older adult population.

Dozens of small organizations and initiatives serve seniors throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. These programs are innovative, personcentered and mission-driven. They provide support and care for older adults—and they do it with few or no paid staff members. Communitybased non-profit organizations are almost exclusively dependent on volunteer manpower and grassroots fundraising.

How will the Positive Aging Network help?

The Positive Aging Network will serve the organizations that serve older adults—providing connections, events, education and promotion.

Positive Connections. By bringing providers together, we will help them improve operations and enhance fundraising efforts— ultimately giving them the tools and the connections to broaden their missions and serve more people.

Positive Events. The Positive Aging Network will offer many events including networking events and an annual leadership summit.

Positive Education. Small organizations frequently struggle with maintaining continuing education and learning about emerging trends. The Positive Aging Network will offer digital updates on opportunities and solutions, as well as timely webinars.

Positive Promotion. Members of the network will be promoted in the Positive Aging Sourcebook in print and online at no charge to them.

Positive Outcomes. For older adults and their families, supporting, promoting and empowering these providers means more services and more options. Helping local nonprofits grow ultimately helps our communities better prepare for the impending growth of the older adult population.

How should I join the Network or find a Network member?

Providers interested in joining the Network should contact the Positive Aging Sourcebook at 800-394-9990 or steve@proaging.com. There is no cost to providers for joining the network.

Older adults and their families should use the chart on the following page to find local nonprofit providers who may be able to enhance their aging experience. While their services vary widely, all these local providers are committed to helping you create and maintain your best—most positive—life, no matter what your age.