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Nothing Can be Changed

Linda Cheng

Words Checked: 2661 Words in Oxford 3000: 90%


Nothing can be changed By Linda Cheng

Written by Linda Cheng of E4B Composition 1 Instructor: Mr. Kenneth M. Smith Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages Kaohsiung, Taiwan June 2010


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 About the Author ……………….. 5

 Chapter 1 ……………………….. 7

 Chapter 2 ………………………. 12

 Chapter 3 ………………………. 22


About the Author

My name is Linda. Writing is not my hobby but my teacher asked us to do this. Therefore, I am distressed to think of a story for my novel. At first, I asked for many people’s help and then, my mother told me a true story about her colleague. I decided to use this theme to write my novel. However, I couldn’t think of a good way to begin. Therefore, I asked my mother and my brother to help me think. My brother said my original theme was very boring and nobody would like to read it. He thought of a better theme for me. It is about adventure, just like the movie – MUMMY. I think my book and that movie share some similarities. When I started to think about my novel, I realized it was easier to develop and more interesting. I am still working on it. Dear readers, I hope you enjoy my work. 5

Nothing can be changed

There were many strange things that happened to a boy since he was born. He didn’t know what the matter was or what to do. He was very helpless. When he was twelve years old, he was chased by someone. He thought he would die on his twelfth birthday. Just then, a person came to save him. He was very curious. Who was this person?


Chapter 1 Prophecy

I couldn’t stop. The only thing I could do was to run forward as fast as I could. I don’t know what their purposes are, but I guessed it must associate with the black pearl which was inlaid in my right hand. It has been inlaid into my right hand since I was born. My mother even didn’t know why. I ran into a narrow alley, but there was no way out. I felt my life would end today. The wall was like a boundary, as if I were isolated from tomorrow. As long as I turned around, a group of people had already shown up in front of me. While I was turning my head, they appeared in front of me. There were about seven people whose hands were inlaid with by black spiders. They took Iron rod. I questioned myself “Was it possible I had to die on my twelfth birthday?” While I had no choice and closed my eyes to wait for death, a man who was about twenty 7

years old appeared in front of me. He looked like me very much and there was also a pearl inlaid in his hand. But it was white. He defeated seven people by himself. When I was back to myself, he had already disappeared.

The next few years my life was normal. Nobody came to kill me. The person who saved me then had never appeared again. Six years passed very soon‌

I had a dream on the night of my eighteenth birthday. First, I dreamed about a strange thing that looked like a cocoon, and a big spider climbed out from inside. The second dream was that I went to Egypt and then I saw Pharaoh and two ministers who were most trusted by Pharaoh. Pharaoh put two things in one of the ministers’ hand. I had no time to see 8

what those are because I heard someone said “catch the aggressors”. And then a stone hit my face.” Ouch! It hurts, it’s strange. It’s not a dream.” However, I had no time to think more. There was a spear which “flew “towards me. While I had no time to react, I saw the fan I usually use. I laid on my bad again. The second dream I remembered very clearly. Suddenly, I found that the pearl on my hand became differently as a white point appeared. I was very confused why it appeared and tried to figure out the mystery in it. However, I could not think of any reasonable explanations.

In the morning, I went out for a walk. Three people blocked my way. Wait a second! There were spiders inlaid into their hands. Were they those people that appeared six years ago? I was only an imp six years ago. Therefore, I could only run away quickly. However, I’m eighteen years old now. In addition, I learned karate, so they weren’t my 9

match, of course. After going home, I kept thinking about these things. Suddenly, the bell rang. An old man who was about seventy stood at front the door. “My name is Joseph,” he said. “I am Tim,” I replied.” I am an archaeologist, and I found a stone in Egypt”. Joseph took a stone which had Egyptian on it from a large box. He said “It says, when the two holes assemble, wolf howl and the earth will be destroyed at once. The holes should be the black pearl on your hand. It represents time – shuttle between past and present freely. Another one represents space – shuttle anywhere freely. Besides, there is a group called “spider”, the leader of them wants to collect two pearls to summon the werewolf and then enslave the world. We must find the other one and destroy it before them. Therefore, we need your help.” I was still confused. “Why do you know all about this? How do you know me and the black pearl on my hand was the black hole which was written on the stone? ” “We have been undercover in spider’s organization since six years ago. They have been investigating you 10

for a long time because they discovered you have what they want. That is why they are eager to find you to take the black pearl. We and the police have protected you for six years. That’s why you haven’t been attacked by them before you were eighteen years old.” I suddenly realize that the first dream represented “spider” would begin to take action soon. As for the second one, it wasn’t a dream but I inadvertently returned to the past. Thus the person who saved me six years ago was actually me. It seemed that I had to prevent everything.


Chapter 2 Mission

“Oh! I forget to introduce the girl next to me. She is my secretary, Cathy. She is about your age”. “Nice to meet you, I’m Cathy,” Cathy said. “Nice to meet you, too.” Joseph asked, “ So, do you agree to join us? ” “Yup! But let me tell my mother first. Even though she won’t agree, I am eighteen now and I should be able to make my own decision”

I went to Egypt with them. After I went into the pyramid, people near by me all disappeared. Pharaoh and the two ministers I saw not long ago appeared before my eyes again. I hid first and saw Pharaoh giving the things to that minister – black pearl. The minister cut a tiny hole in his right hand in order to put the pearl into it. The other one was put in the box. I returned to the present. To my 12

surprise, they didn’t find out that I returned to the past. I fell into the myth. Was I the reincarnation of that minister? In this case, the leader of “spider” should be the other minister’s reincarnation. It seemed that we need to find the key and the box first. “We ought to go to the Mausoleum promptly,” I said. In fact, my goal wasn’t Pharaoh, but that minister’s coffin. There were a key and a map putting in it. Machu Picchu was drawn on it. I couldn’t help but suspect that people could actually go through the Mediterranean and the Pacific Ocean to arrive at Machu Picchu which was located in South America, Peru by the Seamanship then. Though I had the question, I still chose to believe the map. We took a ship to Machu Picchu. It was a very long journey. In this long time on the ship, I learned marksmanship. The reason was I had a premonition that there would be grotesque creatures. The violent storms and mountainous waves made us feel giddy. After a few days, we finally arrived 13

at our destination. Upon arrival at Machu Picchu, we were all dumbfounded. All of the buildings were the same. I checked the map again. It showed the box was under a site which had a big tree on it and also the maze of the site. I didn’t know the meaning of drawing a snake by the side of the maze. I saw there was a big tree on the obvious site. I fell into meditation again. Why hadn’t the picture which that minister drew changed? We went into the site and many tiny skeleton men ran from inside. It was time for me to use my marksmanship I learned on the ship. Good times never last. The bullets would run out soon. Tiny skeleton men still endlessly ran toward us. We could only desperately escape. I suddenly had a similar feeling six years ago. Was it possible there was a connection between the present and the past six years ago? Cathy’s voice halted made me stop my meditation.” Stop! There is a deep hole in front of you,” she cried. I almost fell into the hole. Fortunately, she called me, so I retreated 14

to the other side. Then, tiny skeleton men that were chasing us fell into the hole one by one. It could be seen that they were not intelligent. Figuring out how to cross over the hole was a big problem for us at this time. The distance across the hole was ten meters. Even an Olympic Long-Jump champion the long jump player of Olympic Champion couldn’t jump over it. We couldn’t find anything to tread on. I unconsciously pushed the bricks of the wall and one of the bricks caved in. Something amazing happened. A stone bridge appeared at the two sides of the hole. Cathy asked, “How do you know?” “No! I don’t know. I just push it unconsciously.” We kept walking for a long time until we reached the end. There was a statue and a hole was above it. I put my hand which had the black pearl into it. Just then, the floor split. How awesome it was! A large snake with its mouth opening widely was awaiting and trespassing. 15

I felt that we kept falling down and I didn’t know how long it passed. After I woke up, my partners who were next to me only a few minutes ago disappeared. Instead of them, I saw the minister giving the box to a disgusting Cyclops.

I returned to the present. It looked like we had to defeat the Cyclops to obtain the box. We kept going forward. Along our way, we saw many sites. The snake was really big because we had already walked for a long time. Finally, we saw the Cyclops. At first, I intended to steal the box when it slept. However, the box was next to it and it looked energetic. Therefore, we had to defeat him in order to get the box. We fired out guns many times, but it was no use. It was intact. I kept finding its weakness. I shot toward its eyes, and it fell to the ground right away. After this, the second white point appeared on my pearl. We used the key to open the box we just 16

got. The other key and other map were put inside. I couldn’t help to suspect the minister wanted to play tricks on us. The map showed us Everest. We went back. The mouth of the snake opened when we arrived at the “entrance”. We left the snake’s body. This was the first time I felt the air was so fresh. We kept running back until going out of the maze. Unexpectedly, the snake didn’t climb out to chase us. Maybe it wanted to help us find the box. We left Peru for China. We bought some thick jackets because the degree temperature was under zero Celsius. After we prepared everything we needed, we began our journey to the Himalayas. It was very tiring to walk from the foot of the mountain to the mountain peak. We must be concealed with chasing bears. Moreover, we had to endure the torture of the blizzard. Even though it was toilsome, I didn’t want to give up because Cathy was by my side. One of the reasons I promised to search for the other black pearl together at first was because of 17

Cathy. I wanted to protect her. Reaching the peak, I saw a cave. A sword was inserted in front of it. It said “The person who remove this sword, your fate won’t be changed.” I grabbed it and then kept walking forward. Upon reaching the end, we found a lake. I thought we had to dive into the water. Joseph and I brought Cathy to dive in the water. We saw the light ahead of us so we swam behind the light. As soon as we swam ashore, we saw a snow monster whose body was full of fur. I lifted the sword and waved toward it. It was a little injured. It was horrible that I fell over very far away at once when it struck me. And then, it walked toward Cathy. It lifted its hand and was ready to hit her. I certainly ran fast and obstructed it with my body and took the sword to insert into its heart. Just then, the third white point appeared on my pearl.

Even though I was seriously injured, it was worth it. I won Cathy’s love. “Are 18

you alright?” she asked. “I am OK. It was a piece of cake. I will recover soon,” I replied. “I am sorry to injure you. I’m so sorry.” “Please don’t say that. I was willing to do that because of you. I don’t want you to be hurt because I love you.” “Oh, you surprised me. I never expect you would say that. You are a very nice guy.” It looked like a good opportunity to pop the question. “Will you marry me after everything comes to an end?” “I would like to,” she shyly responded.

We found the box in the snow monster’s hand. We couldn’t wait to open it. What we saw unexpectedly let us down. Another map was put within. It almost drove me crazy. Where was the black pearl after all? I opened the map. It told us to go to the North Pole. Oh, my God! That would be even colder. When we got to the North Pole, it was much colder than the Himalayas. The Himalayas was full of snow, but the North Pole was full of ice. 19

There was even a cave made out of ice. Of course, we went in. When we reached the end, an ice dragon appeared. We were unable to get close to it because it continuously spewed ice from its mouth. I kept finding an occasionan to get close to it. Suddenly, a voice rang in my ears “suspend time.” I quickly stopped time and sprinted to it. I inserted the sword into its heart and it died. The fourth white point appeared on my black pearl. There was an altar that the black pearl was placed on. I walked forward to touch it and then, the minister appeared in front of me. I crossed time and space again. This was the first time the minister talked to me. He said, “Do you know why I hid the black pearl resourcefully carefully? In fact, I passed through time and space and come to your world by this black pearl. I realized you are my reincarnation and the leader of “Spider” is the other minister’s reincarnation. He has wild ambition so I carefully hid the black pearl. Furthermore, I believe you - believe myself, but I still 20

have to remind you predestination can’t be changed. When the five white stars assemble, it’s time to accept predestination”


Chapter 3 Predestination

After I woke up, a person stood in front of me saying “I’m the leader of Spider”. I realized what had happened. Spider kept tracking us until we found the other black pearl and then attacked us. My pearl was taken away. He separately inlaid the two pearls into his left and right hand. He chanted an incantation and he became a werewolf. The fifth white point then appeared. Suddenly, the minister also appeared; however, the werewolf didn’t disappear. To all appearances, the werewolf was the other minister. The minister inserted the sword into the werewolf’s heart. Not only the werewolf, but also the two black pearls disappeared. I finally understood why the minister told me predestination couldn’t be changed, why those words carved on the sword, and the meaning of the five stars assembling. It was 22

my predestination, but I had to finish a mission first. I returned to six years ago to save myself. I defeated “Spider”, at that time I didn’t know I had borne a very important errand. Make an extra effort, child. Some day you must also bear this predestination. I returned to the present and I walked toward the werewolf. Sorry, Cathy. I couldn’t realize my promise to you. Good bye, everyone. I couldn’t change anything because it was my predestination.


Synopsis on Back Cover

Jack’s life was very tragic. There were many strange things that happened to him. When he was eighteenth years old, someone came to tell him something. He finally realized the reasons. He was going to solve some problems. His adventure started right away. What would happen to him later?


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Nothing Can be Changed Linda Cheng Words in Oxford 3000: 90% 2 By Linda Cheng Nothing can be changed 3  About the Author ……………….. 5  Chapt...

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