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1. There are a few integral elements to my work and these are mainly stylistic so they’re clear to see when viewing my work. Textures are a key element. I work in an almost digital collage style, so strong ‘cut’ shapes placed in an interesting composition are a definite feature. Interesting narrative and ideas behind the compositions give greater depth and space to dissect the work whilst allowing the viewer to add their own story or interpretations. 2. My more successful work has occurred when I have ejoyed a greater involvement with the subject matter and been able to bring more of myself into the work, such as the MF DOOM magazine and personal illustrations. I also work best when there is a challenge or more than one idea to show, such as my Big Sleep cover and the Muckle Toon logo. 3. I have definitely started bringing more of my personality into my work and this has been a particular strength this semester. I am interested in a broad range of subjects from music to politics but I would say the main personality traits that I bring to my work are a quirky suggestiveness and a dark sense of humor with more adult themes. I think creatively I would suit a more independent studio, working for smaller clients. My dream studio is ‘Hort’ in Berlin.

WORK EXPERIENCE//PLACEMENTS _Feet First Productions _Muckle Toon _Placement with Founded

BLOG// MAGAZINE APPEARANCES I have also appeared in the showcase section of the May edition of Digital arts.

COMPETITION WINS _Muckle Toon Adventure Festival branding _Be As One logo design

Dissertation_Is Graphic Design becoming a decorative commodity?

Robert Marshall // Semester 2  

A portfolio of my final pieces and development from semester 2.