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Adam Robson


I responded to the ‘Manifesto’ brief the most, probably because I chose to do something totally different from what I usually do; this type of brief was open giving us the choice to make a book or a moving image.


I believe that I do not have a specific style when working because each of my projects have had aspects of all of these ‘Integral Elements’ I am still going to work on all of these skills and try to fit all of them into my 3rd year work.

3. I think I have done better in this semester than the last, my finals are a lot stronger than my worksheets, I have had complements on the D&AD and Manifesto projects this success may be because we had more time but I also enjoyed these projects more than the others and got 4.


I have always been a fan of the old cartoons and stop motion animation so that’s why I decided to create one for my manifesto. I put a lot of my personality into this so I really enjoyed writing my manifesto and storyboarding it, I would like to make more animations or even some live action videos, getting to direct my own was pretty fun.

Not having any of the Adobe software at home was a bit of a problem for when I wanted to work at home, but re-downloading the 30 day trial was good enough. Also finding someone to volunteer their hands for my animation was difficult, no one wanted to kneel for hours at a time.


Meltdown Festival Posters

Manifesto University Logo digital files are lost hard copies havebeen handed in.

Photographers Book

D&AD 1. Which brief did you choose and what opportunities and constraints did you identify in relation to the brief? Which aspects of your initial research have influenced your design work?

I decided to go with the Packageing for Whiskey brief, I enjoy working on packaging design so I knew it was the right choice. I also am a whiskey drinker so i have that little relation to the brief. I noticed whiskey packaging is always stright forward so I wanted to do somthing with a twist or have a poster or somthing along those lines.

2. Explain the concept you have come up with? My package is a thick card cylinder cut in half, and opens like a round book. there are graphics on the tube itself and 6 strips of card, printed on both sides, attatching one side to the other hiding the second set of graphics. Once it is opend, the two halfs revolve, face to face swaping the graphic to the hidden one. The hole thing is like a chinese wallet.

3. Do you feel you have successfully met the creative demands of the brief? Indicate how you have done this or where the flawed decisions have adversely affected the design solution. I believe I have seccessfully met the demands of the brief, my design is unique and also fun to use and play with. It is a bit heavy and feels easy to break but this is just my ‘prototype’ the real thing would not be as flimsy.

I did not take Photos of my prototypes

Meltdown Festival Posters

Manifesto 1. What ideas were you trying to communicate through your written manifesto? I thought about what types of things I do which I think make me a better person but also things I would like to and will start doing. 2. Explain how you translated your written concept into a visual artifact? Explain how you feel you have done justice to your concept. If you haven’t, tell us what improvements you would make? I decided to create a stop motion/pixelation animation using props and sound effects to translate my manifesto. All props were made by hand which made it that much more personal. I believe this has been successfull. 3. Having written and designed your manifesto, how do you think can: use it to inform/direct your process? to bring your own agenda to design problems? to suggest directions for future exploration? I really enjoyed making the props and animation so I will deffinatly be doing that again. With time anyone with the right softwear can make an animation but crafting your own props and taking time to take each photo will always be a desired skillset.

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Have a coffee – It’s tasty and it will perk you up. Sing in the shower – It makes you a better person. Don’t be a dick – Only a few people can pull it off. Listen to music – Other music. Don’t over do it – Sometimes it’s ok. Repeat yourself – Someone didn’t hear. Look around – There’s a lot to see. Carry an umbrella – You never know. Whisky – Whisky. Wear a watch – Don’t be so digital. Have another coffee – See 1. Make friends – Agree with people. Make enemies – Disagree with people. Visit charity shops – They’re awesome. Chat – In person. Keep promises – People will like you more. Remember names – Apologise if you don’t. Make a hard copy – Just in case. Watch films – Classic films more than once. Read things more than once – Go back to 1.

Photographers Book

1. How will you develop and broaden your technical abilities? I am going to redo my website, adding more CSS and Java script, I am going to practice my abilities on Photoshop and Illustrator and then work out how to properly work after effects.

2. How will you develop and broaden you knowledge of contemporary practice in relation to your own interests?

I am going to start publishing to blogs and design websites. Do some logo and web design for a friends company. I will also be crafting more, making things out of anything I find.

3. How will you nurture and develop you current strengths? I am going to teach my brother how to make his own website and show him how to use HTML correctly. I am going to find matierials I have never worked with so I will be able to work with it in the coming year.

4. Where do you need to strengthen your game and more importantly how are you

going to make this happen. What action needs to take place?

I am still having problems with time management even though I have gotten alot better since last semester, I an going to resesrch, read and viset design blogs to bring my knowlendge up to scratch. Mobile: 07538682718

Adam Robson Semester 2  

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