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Darla in Africa Book One “Insatiable”

By Gregory James


Chapter One- The Train Station Darla cried as she thought about all that pain that she had been through, and to her, as a shooting star went across the sky she whispered to herself, "even the stars were passing judgment on me." In the cemetery, near Eddie's grave, and hours before the train to Montreal was scheduled to leave and take her away forever, young Darla lay in the chill darkness of the Great White North, staring despondently at the all-seeing firmament above her. How could she have made such an utter mess of her life in only 19 short years? Where was the childhood she'd longed to live... the budding promise of womanhood soon to come? What was her future? She scanned the earth below. The Northern Lights seemed a million miles from where she thought she'd be tonight, a million miles from Jean Paul, and even further from the cemetery where dear, vulnerable Eddie lay cold in an early grave, and Bobby, who somehow never forgave her for never coming back. She felt empty, hollowed out, alone. As she looked at the barren tundra desert stretching outward toward infinity, she couldn't help but wonder where did it all go wrong? When had her world become such an unbearable place in which to live? When had it all turned to dust? As she gazed toward the infinity, her mind began to wander to more pleasant thoughts, like the day a few years ago, when she left the doctor's office flushed with excitement of her own sexual awakening. As she lay there, she pulled down her jeans and pulled up her sweatshirt and fingered herself as she remembered in vivid detail about that day she learned what sexual pleasure was all about... Shy and modest in all regards; despite her outgoing personality and dreams of traveling the world, Darla, at age 17, had been raised in a very strict, though at times often abusive puritan family. Her god mother, Sofia, who had made an appointment to take her in, told her that they would be going to see Dr. Redding, who was in fact, unknown to Darla, her god mother's lover. She was getting ready to join the cheer leading squad at school, and for this she needed to get a physical done and have an approval from her doctor that she was in good health. Darla, who only had female physicians in the past, was a bit nervous about going, but her god mother assured her that it would be fine, and with a wink and a smile told her that Doctor Redding was very gentle and was very thorough.


Darla and her god mother, who was an attractive 35 year old nurse, arrived at the doctors office a few minutes before the appointment. While they waited, Darla and Sofia sat and talked as they waited to be called back to see the doctor. “Darla, no matter what happens inside the examining room, just relax, and know it is all going to be fine. This is the same kind of exam I got when I was your age. It is something every girl should do."Sofia said with a mischievous smile. A few minutes later, Darla was called back, and her god mother went with her. When they walked in the room a nurse was there, who said, "Darla, I need you to undress, including your bra and panties, and then put on this gown. Dr. Redding with be with you in a moment." The nurse left and Darla proceeded to change out of her clothes and into the gown. There was a knock on the door, and Dr. Redding came in. "Good morning Sofia."" Good morning, Darla. How are you today?" "I'm fine." "She is a bit nervous about the exam Dr. Redding, but I have reassured her that everything will be fine."Sofia said. "Well good then, lets get started."Dr. Redding said. " Darla, I need you to sit up on the table for me. I normally would have my assistant in her, but since your god mother is staying she does not need to be in here." Darla sat up on the table with her legs dangling off the side. "Darla we are going to start off by me checking your ears, nose and throat, and then your breathing." Darla sat there while Dr. Redding proceeded to look into her ears, nose and throat. Then he listened to her breathing from her back. "Very good Darla, now I want you lay back on the table. When you do I need you to open up the gown." Dr. Redding could see a very nervous look on her face. "It will be ok, we just need to do a breast exam on you. It is very important that all girls check their breasts once a month, and I am going to teach you how to do that." Darla looked up at Sofia, and her god mother gave her a comforting smile. Darla laid back on the table and let her gown fall open. Dr. Redding moved next to her.


"Just relax Darla, and if you want keep your eyes closed, if that will help you any." Darla laid there with her eyes closed, shaking inside. Dr. Redding took his hand and placed it on her breast. He slowly massaged her breasts in circular motions. "You are going to feel me add a little pressure as I go Darla, I need to make sure there are no lumps inside you." He continued to work his hands around her breasts. "Now Darla, I need to make sure that your body has the right response to stimulation. It is very important that we make sure your body is working the correct way." When he finished saying that he glided his fingers over her nipples. He started rubbing her nipples under his hand. They started to grow hard like little pebbles. As Darla's "exam" began, Sofia could not help but get turned on at the site of her beautiful god daughter. Darla was beautiful and sexy beyond words, and as her god mother, she felt it was her duty to introduce her, in the absence of her real mother, about the joys of sex. "Very good Darla. You are being a very good girl. Your body is reacting just the way it should." "Now, I am going to add more pressure to see what happens." He took her nipples between his fingers and gently began to squeeze. Darla looked over at her god mother. "It is ok dear, just relax and let the doctor do his job." Dr. Redding continued to squeeze on her nipples. He would tug at them a little bit. He could see Darla starting to squirm. She could not see the smile on his face because of the medical mask he wore. "Darla, your body is acting just like it should. Every time I squeeze your nipples or pull at them, I can see your whole body reacting. That is very good. So far, I think you are a very healthy girl." "Now I need to massage your stomach to make sure there is no pain. While I do that I am going to have your god mother help me out. She is going to continue massage your breasts and nipples. I want to make sure your body is stimulated the right way, so we can have a complete evaluation of you." Sofia then stood up and came next to the exam table where Darla laid.


As Dr. Redding started to feel around her stomach, Sofia started to cup her breasts, while Darla kept her eyes closed tightly. She was starting to get a funny feeling through her whole body, something she had never felt before. "Sofia, make sure you are massaging her nipples, squeezing them and tugging at them. I need to make sure your god daughter's body is one hundred percent functioning correctly." With that, Sofia started to roll Darla's nipples between her fingers. Dr. Redding proceeded to check her stomach. "Very good Darla. It seems everything is in working order so." "Now, Darla what I need you to do is scoot down to the end of the table. Bring your legs up and move down as far as you can. It is time to move onto the next part of the exam." "You are going to find your body will probably do things that you have not experienced before, and that is ok. If everything is working right, then you will feel sensations that are new and exciting to you." Dr. Redding moved down to the end of the table, and pulled over a tray next to him that was covered by a sheet. He uncovered the tray. The first thing he picked up was a pair of latex gloves. Darla could him stretching them over his hands, and then heard them snap. "Darla, please spread your legs open a bit more for." She did as he said. "Good, now we will start." "You are going to feel me touch you. Just relax, I will talk you through this." Darla felt his finger on her. "Darla, I am now touching you. Do you know what the area I am touching is called?" Darla shook her head no. "This is your clitoris. Every woman has one. It is a very special spot on you. I am going to make sure that it is functioning correctly." As he said this, Dr. Redding started to rub her clit with his finger. Darla started moving on the table. "Just relax sweetie. I know it is a new feeling to you. Just lay there and let the feeling move through your body."


Dr. Redding started to apply more pressure to her clit. Moving his finger in small circles. "Very good Darla. Your clitoris is starting to respond to my touch. It is starting to grow harder, just like it should." "I am going to move my finger faster on you. As I do this you should be feeling a warmth between your legs and your body should be producing a wetness. This is very important." He continued to move his finger over her clit. He could hear her breathing start to increase. She looked up at her god mother, with a helpless look on her face. It was all Sofia could do to refrain from sucking on Darla's perky virgin breasts, as she just smiled down to her and gave her a reassuring wink. Soon Darla could feel a tingling all through her body. "Darla you are being a very good girl. Just relax, and let things happen." He could see that she had pressed her lips together, as if trying to not to make a noise. "It is ok Darla, you can make noises. No one will hear you. It is very normal." With that Darla let out a moan. She couldn't believe the feeling that was running through her body. Her whole body was starting to shake. "Just let it go Darla." Dr. Redding applied more pressure and started rubbing her clit with quicker motion. Darla was laying there with moans escaping from her mouth. Dr. Redding knew she was about to have the first orgasm of her life. "Darla your body is doing great. There is allot of wetness down here between your legs. That is just what we wanted." "Sofia, I want you to started massaging her breasts again. It is important to see how the body works together." Darla lay there with her doctor rubbing her clitoris and her god mother rubbing her breasts. She couldn't believe the reaction her body was having. Her breathing started getting more intense, she wanted to scream out. With in a few seconds she felt this warmth rush through her body, her legs were shaking uncontrollably. Her body felt on fire. "Good girl. Your body did perfectly Darla."


Dr. Redding loved knowing he had just made the sexy redhead have her first orgasm. "Now we will move on to the next part of the exam. I normally would have to use some sort of lubrication for this, but you have done so well Darla, and have a lot of wetness to you, that I won't need it." "It is time I see what is going on inside of you. You are going to feel me insert a finger inside your vagina. Just lay still." Dr. Redding slowly started to slide his finger inside her. He couldn't help but to think to himself that she was very tight. He could tell she had never had sex before. "Now Darla, I am now going to place another finger in you. You are going to feel me move my fingers apart inside of you. It is important that I stretch you just a bit for the tools I will need to use in a few minutes. Do not worry this will not damage you in any way." Once Dr. Redding had two fingers in her hole, he started to move them apart, spreading her open. "Darla, can you feel that?" Darla nodded yes. "Good. Now I am going to move my fingers in and out of you." Dr. Redding moved his fingers in and out of Darla. Her body was responding beautifully. He removed his fingers. He picked up something shinny off the tray next to him. "Darla, this is a speculum. I am going to use this, so I can see inside of you. It will spread you open just like my fingers did. It is going to be cold when it goes in, but it will warm up in a few seconds." He started to slowly insert the speculum. Darla jumped at the coldness of it. She could feel him opening it inside of her. "Darla, I am going to turn on this light above me, so I can get a better look." Dr. Redding spread her open, and started looking inside of her." "Everything looks perfect." He removed the speculum. "Now Darla, I have a special tool that I am going to use on you. For it to work correctly, I am going to have to move it in and out of your vagina. It will probably stretch you open more than my fingers and the speculum did. And it may hurt at first, but you will find 7

that in a few seconds it will feel very nice, and you may even experience the same feelings you did just a bit ago when I was testing your clitoris. " Darla could not see what was happening the sheet covering her. She could hear thought it was probably was the zipper then it suddenly dawned on her what in “the tool� really was!

between her legs, because of something open. At first she on the bag for the tool, but fact was happening and what

"Now you are going to feel some pressure on the opening to your vagina. Just breath deeply and relaxed." She could feel the cock pushing at her. The pressure was getting more intense. "Here we go Darla, I am going to push the tool all the way in you." Darla let out a scream as the cock was pushed into her. Her god mother softly ran her hand across Darla's face and told her it was going to be fine. She could feel the cock stretching her open, she thought she was going to rip. Dr. Redding held onto her knees. He thrust his cock deeper inside her. Once his cock was all the way in. He began moving it in and out. He started slowly, then picked up the pace. "Darla you are doing wonderfully. Your vagina is perfect. Just a few more minutes with this tool, and we will move on." Dr. Redding pumped his cock in and out of her tight pussy. He loved the feeling of a virgin. He thought to himself about all the girls he had taken their virginity away from. Darla was starting to breathe hard again. Her moans were becoming louder. "Yes, Darla that is good. Let it go again. Your body is acting just like it should." Dr. Redding could feel he was near orgasm. He grabbed tighter onto her knees. "Just a few seconds longer Darla. When I am done with the tool, I am going to squirt a special liquid into you. It is very important that I do this. You may feel a slight warm gush." Darla was holding on to the side of the table as her doctor continued to move this tool in and out of her. Her body was losing control. She felt light headed and as if she was almost floating.


Without warning she could feel something fill her vagina. She thought to herself that this must be the liquid Dr. Redding was talking about. "Very nice Darla. You have done a wonderful job so far." Darla could hear the doctor zip back up the “bag” from which “the tool” came from. "Now Darla we will move to the last part of the exam. The next part might be a bit uncomfortable, but it is something that must be done." Dr. Redding walked away from the exam table. Darla could hear water running in the sink. She could not see what he was doing, his back was toward her blocking the sink. "I need to now exam your rectal area. For me to be able to do this properly, I must first clean you out. Have you ever heard of an enema Darla?" Darla said no. "Well don't worry my dear. Allot of people have this done. I will be as gently as possible." Dr. Redding walked back to the table. He was holding a bag with a long tube connected to it. "Darla, now I need you to change position for this to work the best it can. I know this is going to be a little embarrassing, but trust me this will make you as comfortable as possible." "I need you to get on your hands and knees on the table." Darla didn't move for a moment. "Go ahead, the sooner we start, the sooner you can be out of here." Darla moved to all fours on the exam table. "You are going to feel something wet on your anus Darla. It is some lube that I will use to ease away the pain. It will be cold, but that will go away in a minute." Darla could feel Dr. Redding's finger on her opening. A cold wetness covered her hole. "Next you will feel some pressure on you. I am going to insert the tip of the tube inside you. Do not worry it is not very big." Just then Darla felt something pressing at her. "Relax, it will make it easier." She felt something push into her. She jumped. Her god mother ran her hand down her back, trying to relax her. 9

"Now, Darla, I am going to flip the switch on the tube. When I do that you are going to feel warm water rush into you. As the water goes in, you are going to feel fuller and fuller, and your body will want to get rid of it. Do not push it out. It needs to sit there for a minute to clean you out. You may feel some cramping in your stomach as the water fills you up. I am going to have your mom massage your stomach to help rid you of some of the discomfort." Dr. Redding flipped the switch on the tube. With in a second warm water started flowing from the bag into Darla's asshole, as her god mother started massaging her stomach. Darla felt herself getting full. The cramping Dr. Redding talked about was starting to happen. "We are almost done Darla, just a little more water." Darla didn't think she could handle much more, she thought her inside were going to burst. "All the water is now in you. I am going to leave the tip of the tube in you for a minute to give the water time to work inside of you." Her god mother continued to rub her stomach. After a few minutes Dr. Redding removed the tip. "Clinch yourself tight Darla. I want you to get down off the table and go right into the bathroom that is connected her next to the exam room and I want you to go and sit down on the toilet and release the water. Come back in here when you are done." Darla got down off the table. She rushed to the bathroom, she didn't think she could hold it much longer. She sat down on the toilet. As soon as she sat down the water started expelling from her. She sighed in relief. She was thinking to herself that she hoped she would never have to do this again. When all the water was out of her, she returned to the examining room and got back up on the table. "Let me clean you off good Darla."Dr. Redding stated. He took a cloth and wiped her clean. "I need you to scoot down on the table like you were before for the first part of the exam." Darla scooted down. Dr. Redding replaced the sheet that was there before. "Just like I checked your vagina Darla, I must do the same to your rectum. During this part of the exam, I will use lots of lubrication to make it easier on you." Once again she felt the cold substance on her, as Dr. Redding rubbed the lube around her hole.


"I am going to insert a finger now. I want you to bear down. This will make the entrance a lot easier." He slid his finger inside her. He could feel her hole clamp around his finger. Her ass was nice and tight, he knew this was the first thing she had ever had up there. "I need to stretch you open some, so I am going to use two fingers. Just relax. " Dr. Redding took two fingers and slide them in her. He kept telling her what a good girl she was, as he spread his fingers apart. "Now, Darla, remember that tool I used in your vagina before? Well I must use it here too. This is the most important tool that I have." Darla thought to herself that this tool would not fit inside of her. She remembered how big it felt inside her vagina, she figured there was no way it would fit inside her ass. "I want you to bear down again. I am going to add more lubrication." She could feel the coldness again. Then she felt his cock press against her hole. "Here we go Darla, this won't take long." "I am going to go slow." Darla could feel herself opening up to his cock. She could feel it moving into her. She cried out. "It is almost in all the way. It will feel much better when it is in." She felt it slide in more. She felt very full. "I have it now, Darla. I am going to start moving it in and out." Dr. Redding moved his tool in and out of her slowly. He was in heaven taking her ass. Darla was losing control again. She felt like his cock in her was up in her stomach. She wanted it out, but enjoyed the feeling it was giving her body. "Darla you are doing perfect. We are almost done." His cock pumped in and out of her for a few minutes. Then she felt the liquid flow into her just like it had done in her vagina, after which his cock was removed. "Darla, you did great. You have been the perfect patient. I am going to leave the room. You can get dressed and pick up your physical slip at the front desk." 11

On his way out the door, he looked over at Darla's god mother. "Sofia, could you please come into my office? I want to discuss with you that job offer in Montreal." Suddenly, Darla was brought back to reality as the whistle sounded of the train, which she prayed would lead her a new life full of adventure and wonderment.


Chapter Two- Darla's Life Story May 30, Northern Quebec Life had never been easy in the Padgett household, she reflected. Her father, Charles Padgett, a Royal Canadian Air Force NCO, was both a brutal man, and a drunk. His nightly dance with the bottle had left her mother weary beyond her years, and battered beyond endurance. Within those tired and faded walls, the passing of time had become a tortuous existence. And so, while it damaged her in more ways than she would ever know, it came as no surprise to Darla when on the night of her 15th birthday, her mother simply vanished. That was when her god mother Sofia, an army nurse, entered her life. However, by the age of 17, not long after her exam at Dr. Redding’s, Sofia left the army for a new job in Montreal. No one had even looked for the matriarch of the Padgett family. It was as though her escape was long overdue, the theft of a clemency that had never been granted. In fact, if anyone had bothered to give it any thought at all, they would have wondered why it had taken her so long. She had told her mother that she'd be "sleeping over" at her friend Cheryl's house that night, but it had been a lie. Cheryl was barely an acquaintance. Instead, she'd spent the night with her best friend and drinking buddy, Eddie. In honor of her birthday, Eddie had "boosted" a six-pack from the local 7-11, an infraction that was rapidly becoming a habit for him. Close and kindred souls, they spent the night watching the constellations float lazily across the darkened sky. There, beneath the unseeing moon, they sipped their beer and dreamed of rosy futures beyond their reach. "Darla?" he'd said. "Some day I'm going to get away from here. I'm leaving this place behind me, and when I do, I'm never coming' back." "Me too, Eddie. Me, too." she replied. "I'll be so far gone; this place won't even be a memory." Darla recalled coming home from school the next day, her long, dark hair streaming behind her. "Where have you been?" her father had slurred drunkenly. "I thought you left with that bitch of a mother of yours. I was just getting ready to celebrate." "I had to study at the library." she lied, knowing full well that Charles Padgett would never check on her there. "Well, pull my shoes off!" he ordered. "If I'm stuck with you, then you're damn well going to pull your weight around here." 13

Stunned, Darla realized that her mother was never coming back, and her already oppressive life had just taken a turn for the worst. Her first impulse was to follow her mother's example, and get on the next bus out of town. Sadly, her best friend had demons of his own to deal with, and so they had formed a mutual support group for each other. He never asked for more than she was willing to offer, and she extended him the same respect. Instead they shared an empathy that only they could understand or offer. They each gave the other the comfort and understanding so needed in their young lives, but which the fickleness of fate had denied them both. It was hard to believe that things could have gotten worse, but with the absence of her mother, life in the Padgett home suddenly took on nightmarish parameters. Charles Padgett, formerly a closet alcoholic, now decided to make his status official. His frequent binges on the dilapidated sofa in the living room became essentially a thing of the past. His safaris into the bottle now lead him to the seedy bars and local whorehouses. More than once he'd been sentenced to the local brig for becoming "drunk and disorderly". Her life was actually better when he was away, however, for it was when he was present that life truly became unbearable. Having no one else upon whom to vent his ever-deepening anger and frustration, he exercised what he felt was his paternal right and tormented his only daughter with his perpetual invectives and insinuations. And then one day, right after her god mother left for Montreal, during the summer of her 17th year, Jean Paul Regale came roaring into their cluttered yard on his huge, black Harley, and stole her heart away. Jean Paul was a rebel, a "bad boy" of the first order. Most people in their small town headed the other way when Jean Paul rolled by. But to Darla, he was the salvation she had always needed. The rugged biker was eight years her senior, and had lived life on the edge since he had dropped out of high school at 16. His aging Harley, burdened with more miles than anything on wheels was meant to have, had been his only companion on the lonely road, and so, it was no surprise that he formed an immediate attachment to the lovely waif with the long, raven-colored hair and doe-like eyes. He said that he'd stopped for directions to the interstate that day, but in fact, Regale had seen young Darla from the dusty dirt road that ran by her yard, and had invented a weak excuse to stop and establish a connection.


Wide-eyed and naive, Darla had fallen immediately beneath his spell. He was her master, and his hold on her was hypnotic. And so, in spite her father's vehement attempts to dissolve the relationship, Darla found herself spending much of her free time on the back of his Harley, her thighs wrapped firmly around him, her cares becoming lost on the lonely stretches of roadway they perpetually explored. The situation came to a head late that summer, on a balmy night in the front yard of the Padgett bungalow. Jean Paul had once again ridden up to claim the winsome Darla, only to be confronted in the yard by her father. Old Man Padgett was drunk that night, as usual, only this time the "spirits" had told him it was time to take Regale to task. Grateful for a chance to escape her father's wrath, Darla had rushed out to meet the aging Harley, hoping to be far away before her father could intervene. But it was not to be. With a burst of speed unbelievable in one so despoiled, Joe had rushed madly out into the yard behind her, grabbing her hair, pulling her off of the roaring piece of machinery into the dirt at his feet. It was hard to say exactly what happened next. One minute Jean Paul was sitting astride his ebony steed, and the next, he was leaning over her father, pinning him to the ground with his knee, his fist forming a choke-hold on the tequila-soaked collar of the older man's shirt. She could still remember the words, which escaped, like a feral growl into the desert night. "If you ever touch her again, Old Man, I'll kill you," he promised. Then, once again astride his Harley, he had offered Darla his hand. Darla looked at her father lying drunkenly in the dust, and at the handsome young man whose coal-black eyes pierced her very soul, and made her decision. That night, in the desert, with only the stars to bear witness, Darla gave herself to Jean Paul Regale, and crossed an expanse that forever claimed the final tatters of her childhood innocence. That Jean Paul wanted her came as no surprise. She was a beautiful young woman, and was accustomed to the lecherous stares of the young men with whom she came in contact. But until that moment, she had never felt the trust required to allow sharing this last piece of her body and soul with another human being. Now, at 17, Jean Paul had come into her life, a knight in tattered armor rescuing her from the ravages of her existence, and she knew the time had come.


Jean Paul had taken her far out into the desert that night, beyond the small sprinkling of buttes that ringed her tiny community, and away to the east where the sand shone red and gold in the fullness of the moon. He'd taken the large, colorful serape he kept bundled on the back of his Harley, and stretched it out on the desert floor. Then, retrieving a bottle of mescal from his saddlebag, he'd lead Darla across the moonlit expanse, to the edge of the festively decorated blanket. Silently, he removed the cap from the mescal, and pressed the bottle to his lips, sucking greedily at its contents. Then, wiping the rim on his sleeve, he extended the bottle to Darla, his eyes bidding her to share in its warmth. At first she was hesitant. Her experience with alcohol had been limited to the infrequent six-pack that Jimmy occasionally provided. But Jean Paul was a man, not a boy, and the look on his face said that he expected her to act like a woman. Silently, Darla took the bottle from his hand, and poured the burning liquid down her quivering throat, feeling it sear its way into the pit of her stomach. She coughed... gasping for breath as the fiery liquor began to claim her senses. Regale took substantial half filled he directed him.

the bottle from her hand, and once again drained a amount before screwing the cap in place and tossing the container down on the sand at his feet. It was then that his attention to the naively alluring young woman before

Darla stood, pale in the moonlight, her hair streaming down her back, almost to the edge of the brief cut-offs that exposed her trembling thighs to the chill night air. Regale eyed her hungrily as he closed the distance between them, his hands moving impatiently on the black leather of his biker chaps. Wordlessly, within the unyielding grip of his arms, he pressed the rugged planes of his body to hers, and claimed the soft interiors of her mouth. Darla tipped her head back, and watched the stars spin crazily out of control. She could feel his lips move greedily down the length of her throat- touching, tasting, and demanding. Then, with a primal growl, he lowered her to the blanket and Darla felt the last vestige of her childhood slip silently into the desert night, to be replaced by a woman of hunger and passion. Slowly Jean Paul untied the drawstring on her peasant blouse, gently enlarging the neckline until it cleared her shoulders and he was able to enjoy the fullness of her naked breasts. He was surprisingly gentle as he ran his hands up under her rib cage, cupping her with his palms, stroking her with his thumbs. 16

"Darla, you're so beautiful." he whispered, as his mouth sought her turgid nipple, inflaming its pebble surface with his tongue. "You make me so hot, Mon Ami', I think I'm losing my mind." The prominent bulge at the apex of Jean Paul' chaps had grown alarmingly, pressing, rock-hard against her outer thigh. Her breath quickened. He seemed so huge, the thought frightened her, and yet something inside felt drawn to the physical presence of him. Sensuously, Jean Paul trailed his fingers down her midriff, his hand descending to the front of her cut-offs. Her breath caught in her throat as she felt him gently "pop" the snap at her waist, slowly lowering the zipper downward toward the juncture of her thighs. "You're not wearing any underwear, My love, I like that. I like that a lot." he gasped, as his fingers dipped between her thighs and explored the downy triangle between her legs. His touch was electric, as he invaded her by inserting a finger between her moist folds, seeking access to the hot, moist inner recesses of her body. But something was wrong. "Darla...?" He looked puzzled and unsure. "Darla? Are you? I mean, have you ever had sex with a man before?" he questioned intimately. By now she was aware that it was Dr. Redding's cock which had been her first, but fearful that her honest answer might displease him, Darla hesitantly shook her head. "No. Not yet, Jean Paul. You'll be the first." Slowly he got to his knees beside her, and stared at her well-endowed form laying prone in the silvery moonlight. She was untried, and she wanted him. She was his for the taking. No matter what else happened, she would remember this night for the rest of her life. Wordlessly, he bent and pulled her blouse off over her head. "My Cherie, I don't know how much I can take. I'll try to take it easy, but..." He was unable to finish the thought. Caressing her leg, he silently removed her soft leather boots and reached for the waistband of her brief denims. His hands trembled as he peeled them down her naked thighs and dropped them on the sand at her feet. He inhaled deeply, closing his eyes, praying for control. Then Jean Paul stood above her, tearing at his own clothing until, finally, he stood naked before her anxious gaze.


Unseen in the pale moonlight, she felt a flush creep upward, engulfing her face. He was enormous! Darla had heard stories from other girls about their "first time", and she felt the initial stirring of apprehension begin to grow and build within the in the pit of her stomach. What if he was too big? What if she was too small? Should she ask him to stop? Should she run? Shakily, Jean Paul knelt on the blanket between legs, his hands slowly caressing the silken flesh of her inner thighs, working their way upward toward her moist, quivering epicenter. Breathing heavily, he once again paused to regain control over his burgeoning member, then inserted his thumbs between her nether lips and opened her fully to his heated gaze. She was wet So very wet. Jean Paul inhaled sharply at the thought of burying himself in her moist, molten center. How long could he hold off? Already his body was screaming for release. Determined to make her transition to womanhood as painless as possible, Jean Paul hungrily lowered his head and began to taste the sweet moisture which flowed freely and unbidden from the wellspring of her soul. Darla gasped as a silken knot began to form in the pit of her stomach, growing, consuming, radiating throughout her body. Her heartbeat quickened, and she pressed her thighs uncontrollably around his face, capturing the object of her pleasure. Then, fully under his spell, felt herself go rigid and a rush of moisture gushed from within her. In a state of shivering abandon, she began to arch her spine, grabbing his hair, pulling him upward, urging him to consummate their union. No longer did she worry about the size of his member, only that it fill her immediately. Jean Paul could wait no longer. Her mute pleas drove him over the edge, beyond the point of reason. Wiping his face on his lower arm, he leaned forward, resting his weight on his forearms, positioning himself to remove the last barrier to nirvana. "Are you sure, Darla?" he gasped huskily, wondering if he still had enough control to back off. "Yes" she breathed. "Now do it!" He gazed steadily into her eyes as though to gauge her readiness, her state of arousal... her pain. Then, readying his body for the quick, powerful thrust that he knew they both wanted, he paused. There was a better way.


He suddenly realized that it was within his power to keep from hurting her. Once more struggling desperately for control, Jean Paul wrapped his arms around her, rolling on his back until she lay above him, her thighs straddling his hips. Then, sliding his hand between them, he again positioned his engorged member within the nest of her saturated curls. "Go ahead, my love, you call the shots." he said, praying that she would be quick. The hand which had aligned their union, now began to pay homage to the feverish nub which strained insanely beneath his experienced touch. Maddeningly, Jean Paul passed his finger across its distended surface, manipulating, arousing and bringing her once again to the very brink of ecstasy. His left hand, now free to roam, pressed insistently against her buttocks, drawing her against his straining manhood, frantically urging her to complete the joining of their bodies before he burst into a million pieces. Darla dug her nails into her palms, her face contorting into something primeval. Moaning deeply, she began to shudder, her climax throwing any thought of hesitation to the wind. Then, hungrily, with a motion born of heated abandon, Darla thrust herself against his powerful erection, feeling it penetrate her barrier, her body, and finally her soul. If there was pain, she didn't notice. Jean Paul's cock felt so much like the tool that Dr. Redding had used on her. Her only sensation was one of pure, untamed passion as he arched his pelvis, impaling her fully on his distended sex. She paused to adjust to his enormous presence, then thrusting her hips once more, she sought to take him ever deeper within her, feeling him fill her with his pulsating arousal. Feral moans erupted from her throat and were lost in the still air as she began to mimic a rhythm as old as time itself. Finally, unable to control himself any longer, Jean Paul once again flipped her over on her back and began to thrust mightily within her. She cried out, not in pain, but in an effort to urge him still further. Jean Paul complied, and as he once again felt her heated juices flood around him, he gave a final, powerful lunge, burying himself ever deeper within her, inundating her very being with his essence. Jean Paul collapsed at her side, his breath coming in deep, labored gasps as he sought to regain his composure. "My love, if that was your first time, I can't wait to see what you're like with a little experience under your belt!" She smiled weakly. The night was young, They had lots of time to find out. 19

Late Summer, Northern Quebec Jean Paul proved to be both an exciting and demanding lover, and it was at his insistence that Darla left her home with Padgett and took up residence in his rented trailer on the outskirts of town. There, in their little hideaway, the alcohol she'd abhorred in her former home, ironically became a frequent visitor in her own. Eventually, her father grudgingly resigned himself to Jean Paul' dominance in Darla's life, and began to separate himself from her altogether. Jean Paul, himself a drop out, offered little or no support when it came to Darla's education. It was to Darla's credit alone that she remained in school, although the influence of his demands, and the alcohol, which he readily supplied her, took a decided toll on her grades. Life with Jean Paul was not the idyllic existence Darla had longed for. The fact that he considered her his property went without question. His irresponsibility and domineering nature, however, became a burden she had not expected. If not for the alcohol dependence he had fostered within her, and the terrible fear of retribution, Darla would have packed a knapsack and vanished, like her mother, on the next bus. Then, on her 18th birthday, Jean Paul drove Darla south along the main road to the bright lights of Montreal. There, at Jean Paul' insistence, and "high" on tequila "shooters", they became man and wife, forever removing her from any illusion of control that Charles Padgett might still harbor. Their honeymoon was a brief affair, intensely sensual, but dimmed by the alcoholic haze which surrounded it. Jean Paul had blown the budget and rented a honeymoon suite near Old Montreal. Darla was amazed, for never in her life had she seen a room so decadently appointed. It was a vision in red and white. The pale carpet was thick enough to lose yourself in, and the large, round bed came equipped with an array of built-in remotes that stimulated the imagination. But the focal point of the suite, was the private hot tub for two that sat invitingly in a red tiled room beyond the bed. Darla crossed the scarlet enclosure and dipped her hand into the bubbling water, smelling the aroma of fresh strawberries rising from its depths. It was then she felt Jean Paul close behind her, his hands on her hips, preventing her from turning to face him. "Do you like it lover?" he whispered, his tone husky and seductive. "I planned this just for you." 20

Dropping his shirt to the floor, Jean Paul reached his arms around and cupped her breasts with his hands. "You've got too many clothes on." he rasped, his fingers pulling her sweater up and over her head. She felt his hair-roughened chest press intimately against her back, pinning her body between his and the raised edge of the hot tub. Slowly, he brought his hands behind her and released the catch of her bra, dropping it to the floor at his feet. His lips explored the bare expanse of her back, and he once more reached around to squeeze her hardened nipples. Darla flushed, a rash of "goose flesh" spreading across her upper torso. Remaining behind her, he silently kneaded her breast with one hand while he insinuated the other beneath the waistband of her skirt and panties, thrusting his fingers into the dampening crevice below. Aroused, but confused, Darla attempted to turn and face her husband, but with silken control, he held her fast. "Not yet." he whispered huskily. "Please, not yet." Darla felt his lips descend her spine as he lowered himself to the floor behind her. Then, pressing his lips to the small of her back, he raised her skirt and began to gently tug her panties down her thighs, covering each inch with his tongue as they slowly sank to her ankles. Trying to conventionalize their actions, Darla tried a second time to turn and face her husband, but again his pleas held her firmly in place, his hands positioning her naked posterior before him. He had only just begun. Gently, he lifted her foot, and bypassing her shoe, removed her left ankle from its silken restraint. Waves of passion washed over her, her knees began to tremble. Once more she reached out to support herself on the edge of the hot tub. Jean Paul pressed his hands between her legs and urged them apart, stroking the silken texture of her inner thighs, again plunging his fingers into her dripping core. She was incredibly wet, aroused beyond belief at his unconventional approach. Jean Paul gently nudged her upper torso, causing her to lean forward, and project her creamy globes closer to his questing lips. It was then that Jean Paul slid between her legs on his knees, and positioned himself between her trembling thighs. Darla's eyes widened as she felt his warm breath waft across the dark curls between her legs. Then, reaching upward with both hands, he plunged his questing fingers into the heated recesses of her body, causing her to gasp raggedly and press against him. 21

Gently opening her delicate folds with his thumbs, he inserted his probing tongue into her vagina, feasting hungrily on the abundant moisture within. "Jean Paul!" she exclaimed, her voice high and uneven. "W...what are you doing? Oh..." she bit her lip, stifling a moan of passion. "Jean Paul!" she tried to speak, but the words died in her throat. Thrusting his tongue maddeningly in and out of her quivering core, Jean Paul began to stimulate the hardened nub before him with the tip of his finger. Darla's knees began to buckle, and a ragged cry tore from her lips. "Jean Paul. Jean Paul! Oh my god!!!" She began to sink to the floor beside him, but he stabilized her body with his hands until she once again found support from the hot tub. Then, as her climax rocked the room, he quickly stood up and opened his zipper, plunging his enormous erection deep into her wet and quivering flesh. Darla was beside herself. She grabbed the hot tub for support as her senses fled, leaving only animal passion in their wake and an untamed hunger that only his body could satisfy. Grasping her hips beneath the bundled vestige of her skirt , he pulled her roughly against him, thrusting wildly into her dripping sex as her vaginal muscles greedily sucked his engorged organ. He was hard, he was hot, and he was ready. She felt his lips press hungrily against the side of her throat, his body covering hers... bending her forward, and plunging harder, deeper, and faster, until she she felt the hot rush of him flood her inner being, carrying her once again in its wake. Afterward, they lay exhausted, in each other's arms as the warm, scented water swirled around them. Let tomorrow take care of itself, she thought. "Tonight is made for love." Autumn, Northern Quebec As with all good things, they must all to soon come to an end. When they returned home Jean Paul's possessiveness took on manic proportions. She was his wife now, to him that meant he owned her body and soul. Darla became more and more unhappy with each passing day. With a year yet to go in school, Jean Paul grudgingly continued to rent the small trailer on the edge of town, and Darla attempted to complete her studies. She tried valiantly to create the home she had always wanted, but by now her alcohol abuse was absent only during the six hours each day that she spent in class, and as a result she 22

never was sober long enough to clean up the mess and white trash decor. At home, Jean Paul' supply seemed to be never ending, and Darla felt her physical and emotional dependence growing with each passing day. One night, as she lay awake in bed, her eyes tracing the posters of beer advertisements and gracefully distasteful Playmates. The sheets reeked of body odor, beer and ancient semen. Darla swore she never knew why she stayed in that contemptible bed, but deep down, she knew the truth. The reason she fucked her possessive husband both for a quick thrill as well as her hopes for his renewed affection. However, both were illusions: the thrill of her and Jean Paul fiery beginning had quickly melted into her discontent with sex and the affection she felt never existed. One morning, after a terrible fight, the sun woke Darla, who was too annoyed sleep anyway, and, without waking Jean Paul, who was out cold from his night of constant drinking with his father, turned on the hot water and showered away the tears of regret, slowly rubbing her clit, accomplishing what her drunken husband, who lately never had the energy, never could. After drying off from the shower and orgasm, she dressed and went to see the only person she knew would be awake this early on a Saturday. Darla was never ashamed of her body, as you could tell from her outfit consisting of a miniskirt that clutched her firm ass and the powder blue tank top that exposed her tempting and luscious breasts. Even without the dynamite body, her fierce, emerald eyes could strike a hard on for any man daring enough to look her straight in the eye. It was no surprise that even that nuns who taught at her high school turned their heads when she walked by. Despite all her credentials, she found herself settling on the first archaic pick up line she heard in college. Darla walked slowly to Jean Paul' best friend Bobby's apartment. She didn't know him very well, but his expertise in computers and quirky sense of humor made their friendship beneficial. He opened his door quickly after the first knock, only slightly shocked by her arrival at dawn. He had undoubtedly been laboring at his computer all night. "Hey Darla, good morning. Wanna cup of coffee?" he asked as he lead her inside his place. For the first time, she noticed the drastic contrast between his ebony hair and gentle blue eyes. When he turned around for an answer, she gasped when she saw violent waves of sapphire roll through his eyes. Her vision moved lower, past his pouty lips, onto his bare, chiseled chest. He was not an exotic steroid pumped body builder, but his torso was perfectly toned and dominating. Darla bit her lip as she felt her panties moisten.


"Coffee? No thanks. Let's just go to your room," she finally replied. Darla's mind raced with her new found attraction. Did his shy and demure nature keep his extremely lustful qualities hidden? Or did her obsession with the loser who quickly faded from her memory prevent her from seeing real opportunities? He sat at his desk as Darla lay down on his bed. They had ten minutes of frivolous small talk about weather, classes, and mutual friends. Darla could stand it no longer as her carnal lust possessed her. She walked to him, then straddled her legs over him. "I want you to fuck me," she announced confidently. Bobby seemed overwhelmed by the possibility, but he overcame that as he looked into Darla's eyes. "OK. I've never had sex, so why don't you fuck me?" Darla answered with a decisive kiss. As their warm tongues met, he wrapped his godly arms around her, pulling her into his erect cock. Darla's clitoris tingled with anticipation as she felt his bulge beneath her. The deflowering had begun. Kissing became an uproar of passion. Bobby's virginal hands roamed freely across her back. That wasn't enough for Darla as her flawless tits burned with ardor. Slowly taking off her tank top, she revealed to Bobby his every fantasy. A light pink bra bound her voluptuous breasts. Bobby's purity vanished as he fumbled with the bra, finally removing it to exhibit her hard, pink nipples. "Lick them." Darla demanded. Bobby encased her lovely nipples in his lips then tasted the sweet, soft flesh. At first he was timid and gentle, but then an erotic fervor spread through his loins. His hand cupped the breasts his mouth wasn't savoring and caressed it with hunger. This intense and affectionate stimulation was intoxicating to Darla and she let out a low, melodic moan. As his unsure finger graced past her crotch, she could no longer take the teasing. Her clit tickled, then ordered more. Darla sat up from Bobby's lap. Torturing Bobby and his hard dick, she slowly danced out of the skirt. Now, only in a pink, lace thong, she laid down on his bed, offering her curvy, feminine body to him. "Take off my panties." Bobby followed her command, shaking with arousal and apprehension. Kneeling at the edge of the bed, he gently peeled the moist thong from Darla. Immediately, he was dizzy with rapture as he saw the smooth, silky skin surrounding her pink cunt. Possessed by an appetite he had never known, he dug his face deep into her legs, hungering for the sweet juices of her pussy. As he licked the outer lips, Darla's body eagerly tensed up. His tongue teased and kissed.


Neither could stand the temptation, so Bobby spread open her lips, embraced the Mecca before him, and unleashed his strong, sensual tongue onto her throbbing clit. He was obsessed with the smell of sugar and sweat. Darla shook with delight as her clit swelled with pleasure. His tongue quickened its pace and increased pressure; Darla let out shrills and groans of euphoria. Her own hands added to the experience as she pinched her erect tits. For being a sexual novice, Bobby indeed mastered eating pussy. He massaged her soft thighs as Darla had, up to that time, the most intense orgasm of her life. Her muscles exploded with energy and a flood of cum flowed into Bobby's mouth. He moaned at the full, delicious taste of his lover. By now, Bobby's cock ached for sex. "I need you to fuck me right now," Darla said. She sat up and lead his shoulders to the bed. Bobby was on his back now, lying down. Darla slowly took off his boxers, revealing his dick pointing to the sky. Amazed, Darla observed the length and girth of his impressive cock. Leaning over his thick cock, she licked the warm, sweet precum of his soft head. Bobby's breathing became deep and heavy as Darla's tongue rolled around the tip of his penis. Her tongue felt smooth and firm. Bobby's fingers went through her silky hair as Darla swallowed his dick deeper and deeper into her throat. He growled with ecstasy as her tongue stroked his rock hard dick and her hands massaged his balls. Darla's intense eyes gazed into Bobby's as she bobbed her head up and down his cock. Just as Bobby felt his muscles tense up, she released his member from her satin mouth, and for the first time savored the taste and aroma of his male essence. "I want to feel you inside of me," Darla whispered as she straddled his again. She sat on his huge cock, rubbing it against her hard, wet clit. The friction was irresistible, so Darla firmly grabbed his smoldering cock and thrust him inside her dripping cunt. Bobby's eyes widened with surprised pleasure as Darla moved her body in a lustful rhythm. His finger furiously attacked her clit as he pulsed deeper into her tight pussy. Drunk with passion, they gazed into each other's eyes. They fucked hard as Darla's hips plunged his giant, juicy manhood into the depths of ecstasy. Darla aggressively fondled her tits to deal with his electric dick and finger. "You're beautiful," Bobby shouted as he climaxed and released a lifetime of desire. Darla's body shook with tremors as their cum mixed inside of her. Still connected, she lay on him. For an eternity they're still, their heartbeats corresponding. At last they separate, but only to spoon and kiss throughout the night. She felt his breath on her back, smelled his luscious, sweaty body, and heard him whisper heavenly praises in her ear. 25

They slept into the day, eventually awaken by Darla's ringing cell phone. She recognized the number, for it was Jean Paul, but as much as she wanted to ignore the call and tell him that she wanted to breakup, she meekly went home and crawled back to into Jean Paul's arms, where they both drifted back into a peaceful slumber. Yet, despite her fling with Bobby, who was Jean Paul's best friend, she believed that it was in Jean Paul's arms where she was meant to be, no matter how much of a bad boy and influence he was. As the summer turned into autumn, and autumn into winter, the money quickly began to run out after Jean Paul was laid off. However, even though he was laid off, it seemed that the cash flow and Jean Paul's free spending ways would never end. Occasionally, Darla would ask Jean Paul how he'd earned the money that paid their growing expenses, but his response was always the same. "Here and there." he'd repeat evasively, his look silencing any further query. Darla's tumultuous life with Charles Padgett had taught her to leave well enough alone, and so she accepted his avoidance in the interests of peace, and self-preservation. Then, one day the mounted police showed up at the entrance to their small trailer. In their hands they carried an arrest warrant for Jean Paul. The charges: armed robbery, arson, and murder. It was then that Darla's world came crumbling down around her, for Jean Paul days before had murdered the owner of a convenience store, which he then proceeded to set fire to, in a small town a few hours drive to the east. The evidence against him was conclusive, as it was all caught on a security video. As a result the respective lawyers involved soon plea bargained the inevitable charge to a span of 30 years to life in a provincial prison. It was at that moment, as Jean Paul was led away, on the day before her 19th birthday, that Darla's world and the direction she was heading in life changed forever. Spring, Northern Quebec It was hard moving back to the bungalow in which she'd been raised, but by then, her father was serving a stiff brig sentence for drunkenly assaulting a female acquaintance, and was no longer present. Darla found herself truly alone. The townspeople treated her with contempt. "Jean Paul Ragle's little bitch," they whispered as she passed down the street, "Charles Padgett's drunken kid!" Then one day a familiar face turned up on her doorstep" "Aunt Sofia" Darla squealed, throwing her arms around her visitor. It her god mother Sofia, her mother's best friend, home from her latest medical recruiting tour on the farthest reaches of some mysterious shore. 26

"I can't believe that you're really here!" "I had to come, Darla. I heard some of the rumors coming from this one-horse town, and it wasn't good." Darla was momentarily subdued. Her neighbors hadn't wasted any time. "It's not too bad." she lied. "I'm getting along okay." Then her voice brightened. "I'll be graduating in two weeks...can you stay?" she asked hopefully. "Absolutely!" Sofia replied. "I wouldn't miss it for anything. The next two weeks were the most pleasant that she could remember. Sofia became more than her god mother, she became her friend. Even her drinking problem, which had reached astronomical proportions, became more manageable. For the first time in her life, Darla felt truly connected... genuinely cared for. It was then that she began to worry about what her world would be like after Sofia left and resumed her duties, and she was once again alone. Could she bear to revisit the alienation and loneliness that had become the calling cards of her life? Sofia was sure that she was stronger than she gave herself credit for, but in her heart she knew she was wrong. Then, three days before her graduation, her insecurities won out. Taking a bottle of vodka from her former "stash", Darla crept out behind her home and attempted to dim the still, small voice that so plagued her. She drank until the world became a gray, painless blur, and all of the pieces seemed to fit once again. Then, too compromised to rise to her feet, she closed her eyes and drifted into a deep, dreamless sleep. That was how Sofia found her the next morning, "Darla. Darla? Wake up. Have you been out here all night?" Darla looked guiltily around her. Her clothing was disheveled, her hair was matted with sand, and the half- empty vodka bottle lay, like a dying soldier at her side. Remembering her father, Darla looked warily at Sofia, and waited for the invectives to assail her senses. But Sofia was nothing like Charles Padgett. Far from the reproach she had expected, her regard was for her welfare alone. Crouching by her side, her voice was soft and calming. "Darla? Are you alright?" She asked, her face masked in concern. "Do you think maybe you'd like to come inside now?"


It was then that the tears began to flow down her ravaged, dirtstreaked face. "Oh! Aunt Sofia. I'm so ashamed. I let you down. You must hate me." Gently she brushed the tears from her cheeks, turning the tiny rivulets into wide, muddy swaths. "I could never hate you, Darla. You should know that. As for letting me down, you're the one who's feeling guilty and ashamed right now. Maybe the one you really let down is a lot closer to home." Then, regaining her feet, Sofia turned back toward the bungalow, attempting to leave her god daughter some shred of dignity. "Come on in when you're ready, Darla. I'll put on some coffee and get a little breakfast started." And then she was gone. Darla raised her hand to the ravages of her hair, and tried desperately to salvage her clothing. She was amazed. Even at her worst, Aunt Sofia still loved her. The knowledge filled her with a warmth she had never known, and with a dread she could not control. What would she do when she was gone again? The incident that night should have helped Darla gain at least temporary control over her drinking problem, but alcohol had been her comfort and salvation for far too long to abandon it now in her time of insecurity. Instead of fostering moderation, her apprehension over his departure became an excuse to intensify her indulgence. Soon, she and her old "drinking buddy" Eddie were once again sipping contraband in the forest, only now they had both graduated to a much higher level of abuse. Graduation Day, June 25, Trudeau High School Darla was drunk when they handed her the diploma she had worked for thirteen years to earn. She'd been drunk for days. Even the solicitous presence of her Aunt Sofia did nothing to diminish her frequent trysts with a vodka bottle. She felt lost and without redemption, and it was in this physical and emotional state that she and Eddie attended the prom at the school gymnasium that night. Darla's teachers had all been aware of her condition for days. It was only because they'd taken pity on her, and because the end was so near, that Darla had not been expelled. But now, at the dance, they were forced to draw the line. Quietly separating Darla and Eddie from the crowd of jubilant seniors, one of Darla's former teachers escorted the inebriated teenagers outside.


"Darla and Eddie" Mr. Cummings had begun. "You stay here. I'm going to get my car and take you home. You're in no condition to stay here tonight, and I'm not going to turn you loose on the streets." And with that, he turned and was soon lost among the sea of cars in the parking lot. Eddie, both drunk and defiant, lost no time in hurrying Darla from the scene. "Come on!" he'd shouted. "Lets go! My car's just down the street. By the time old Cummings gets back, we'll be long gone. He's not taking THIS dude home!" Confused and disoriented, Darla wove erratically down the road on Eddie's arm. They were soon in his battered old Chevy, "burning rubber" down the main street of town. The speed was exhilarating, and the young couple thrived on the sensations it evoked. Then, just ahead, the light began to turn from green to amber. Eddie, beyond reason and filled with a sense of his own invincibility, decided that he could "make it", and stepped hard on the gas. It was a mistake. The cross street was a busy one, and the driver entering the intersection from the left had no chance at all to avoid plowing into the aging vehicle. Shattering glass. Grinding metal. The cool touch of the windshield upon her face. The hard surface of the pavement beneath her, and then darkness. When she awoke the next day, Eddie was gone. He had been killed instantly. She herself was in the hospital, swathed from stem to stern with bandages and stitches, her head pounding unmercifully. In spite of it all, there sat Sofia, holding her hand, coaxing her back to the world of consciousness. Groggy and confused, she tried to speak. "Aunt Sofia. Eddie is he??" "I'm afraid so, Darla. He didn't stand a chance. The bystanders said you two were going probably 100 miles per hour when you hit that intersection. It's just a miracle that even you made it through the crash alive and relatively intact." Overcome with grief and pain, Darla began to sob uncontrollably. "What do I do now, Aunt Sofia? There's nothing left. I should have died with Eddie. I don't want to be here." Sofia looked sternly at her god daughter for the first time. "Well, you didn't die, and now you have an even harder task to deal with. You've got to find a way to turn this around and get on with your life."


Darla tried to turn away, but Sofia refused to be put off. Taking her hand, she continued. "Listen to me, Darla. Maybe there's a reason that you didn't die out there on Main Street with your friend, maybe not. But the fact remains, you're here, and you're going to have to deal with it! "I've already called my boss and asked for a leave of absence. You'll be out of here in a week, and then we're going to cope with this issue together. I promise you Darla, you're not alone. You're stronger than you think. You're going to make it." August 1, Le Grande Plateau Canadian Provincial Reserve Darla and Sofia had been in seclusion for a month, just the two of them, far from civilization. They'd "packed in" and set up camp in a large cave near the pinnacle of an escarpment known as "Le Grande Plateau". It had been two weeks of recuperation and both emotional and sexual discovery for Darla. Aunt Sofia was good for her. For the first time in her life she truly had someone to respect... to want to emulate. Aunt Sofia was all of that, and more, especially during their late night sessions, when Sofia told her most, but not all, of her sexual secrets. During their month together, Sofia seduced her god daughter through her erotic tales of travel. Under the stars, Darla told her god mother of her dreams to escape her small town and her abusive father, while in return Sofia mesmerized Darla with tales of all the womanly pleasures that she had experienced in her travels around the world as a nurse. The emotional bond that both women forged eventually progressed in to the realm of the physical senses on one special night under the stars. That late summer night, next to the roaring fire outside of the cave, as Darla described her desire to once again feel the emotional release of her first climax, Sofia, sensing Darla's vulnerability, decided that now was the time to teach her a new lesson in love. As Darla slowly described her first night of love making with Jean Paul, she felt Sofia slowly begin to caress her arms and then eventually her breasts, which swayed freely underneath her loose t-shirt. At first Darla was taken aback, but when she felt Sofia's soft lips kiss her and gently force her tongue into her mouth, any apprehension that she may have had about making love to another woman quickly evaporated. Darla had always thought Sofia was the sexiest woman she had ever known, and often times in her own bed she would dream about making her a part of the threesome that she and Jean Paul always used as a fantasy scenario when they were making love.


Sofia had desired her young god daughter ever since she had 'accidentally' seen her naked in the shower when the young woman had turned 16. Darla's trip to Dr. Redding, when she was 17, was only an excuse for Sofia to both certify her health for school and to fulfill her lover's fantasy of deflowering a virgin. After Darla's exam, her lover and now master, Dr. Redding, had embarked on a erotic and swinging lifestyle that few people had ever dared to experience. Now here Sofia was, just as she had desired for so long, alone and in sexual command of Darla, who, from the sweet sounds emanating from her mouth and her reaction to her kiss, was a lot more open to sexual experimentation and sexual adventure than she could have hoped for. The physical pleasures that her god mother soon taught Darla that night and for the next ten were unlike any pleasures that the young 19 year old had ever known or experienced before, and would soon mentally and emotionally transform the young Darla and eventually prepare her for her new life, which soon lay ahead. On the last night of their month together, as Darla lay, naked, next to her first female lover, she thought about all of the life lessons that her god mother had taught her. Unlike her mother, who had been weak, Aunt Sofia was a "rock". It was from her, during this period of "rebirth" that Darla learned to take control of her life, and responsibility for her actions. She learned that "intestinal fortitude" is a survivor's creed, and that the pride of accomplishment can mend a damaged spirit. But most importantly, she learned that personal integrity and self-respect are gifts that you give yourself, and are not to be considered lightly. Sofia's leave of absence was rapidly drawing to a close. It was their last night on Le Grande Plateau, and both of them dreaded the separation the next day would bring. As Darla lay, naked, silently contemplating the twinkling stars in the clear night sky, she heard Aunt Sofia approach from the mouth of the cave. Wordlessly, he sank down beside her and shared her inner space for one last time. "You know, Darla, there's one thing I haven't told you this month, something that I think you ought to know." "What's that?" she questioned, amazed that they still had any secrets to share after their time together. "Well, I get the feeling that you've sort of got me on a pedestal right now. I just wanted you to know that I don't belong there." she paused. "Darla, twenty years ago, I was pretty much in the same boat that you were in last month. My life was a wreck, I was drinking more than I should, and my self-esteem was in the toilet. If I hadn't gotten my act together, I know I wouldn't be here talking to you now." 31

Sofia turned to gauge Darla's reaction, as a multitude of stars reflected in the dark pools of her eyes. "Why are you telling me this now, Aunt Sofia?" "I think you can stop calling me Aunt Sofia now. I am not your aunt anyway. I'm your lover now. However, I'm telling you this so you'll know that you're never alone. We're the same, you and I, and I know that you're going to come through this, just like I did." Darla sat deep in thought, contemplating the incredible sexy woman sitting beside her caressing her breasts. "Sofia?' she began. "Was someone there for you back then too? Back when you hit bottom?" Sofia smiled, the answer bringing a low chuckle to her lips. "Yeah. I guess you might say that. There was Dr. Redding, and the French-Canadian Medical Corps who got me on my feet. The corps gave me what I needed to become someone I could live with, someone I could learn to respect. I guess that's why I've stayed with them and Dr. Redding all these years. They have both been my family.� “That it how I met your mother for she was my first patient here in town. Most of the corps facilities are in Quebec and France, but recently we have branched out to Africa where we operate a number of clinics, particularly in Central Africa. Dr. Redding, or should I say Pierre, began his career in the corps and his first tour of duty as a young doctor was in the Congo. I wish I was as brave as he was, but the corps only sends a few good men each year to serve as doctors in Africa." Darla digested this information, an idea forming in her mind, despite the pleasure Sofia's fingers were applying to her pussy. "Think those 'few good men' could use a 'few good women' too?" she asked. "I don't see why not sweetheart. However, Africa is a dangerous place for a woman" She looked up from Darla's breasts and smiled again. "But just be sure that if you do decide to join the corps, that you're doing it for yourself and not for me. You need to find your own path in life now Darla. I don't want you letting me, or anyone else push you in a direction not of your own choosing. My only advice is never let an opportunity to broaden your horizons or see the world ever pass you by." Darla paused. "I'm going to give it some serious thought. Do you think I'd make a good nurse?" she asked, the question echoing in the stillness.


"Darla," Sofia replied, sincerity resonating in her voice as she moved down to Darla's wet pussy. "We at the medical corps would be lucky to get you. VERY LUCKY!" And with those words, Sofia and Darla made frenzied love for hours and hours until, after countless orgasms, they fell asleep underneath the stars entwined, in each other's arms for the final time until sunrise. Darla and Sofia then left Le Grande Plateau the next days, after several more love making sessions, with each shouldering their own load as they descended the steep cliffs to the valley floor. It was there, on the plateau, that Darla left the insecure girl of her youth behind in the ashes of the campfire. In her place, a woman of newly found substance and determination accompanied Sofia to the base of the plateau and then back home, where a new life would soon begin. Darla now owed her new found confidence all to Sofia, and for the first time in her still young life, Darla knew that she would never be alone again. However, before she could begin her new life, she would have to return to the home of her drunken father, who was far from happy that Sofia had taken Darla away. The reason being that many years ago, when Darla was still in diapers, her mother and Sofia had embarked upon a torrid affair. The heartbreak of which led to Darla's despondent mother to leave her husband and daughter, and seek refuge in the arms of a man the world now knew as the 'Caliph', the leader of the world's largest caliphate in Baghdad. For Darla, her mother's disappearance when she was an infant had led to her to constantly feeling abandon and unwanted. Yet, despite her feelings of abandonment, neither her father nor Sofia had ever told Darla the truth of her mother’s disappearance in order to protect her from those who might have sought to kidnap her and take her to Baghdad to be part of the Caliph's harem. Eventually, in due time, Darla would learn the truth about her mother. The revelation of which would lead her on an incredible time bending adventure...


Chapter Three- Into the Big Bad World Many weeks later Sofia returned to Montreal, after another satisfying swinging party in Toronto, where she found an urgent message waiting for her. Darla, after a great deal of thought and tears, had finally made her decision to leave her small town and to join the FrenchCanadian Medical Corps as a student nurse. Sofia was elated that her young lover and god daughter had called, but by the sound of young Darla's voice, she sensed something back home had gone terribly wrong. Darla's voice was sobbing as she told Sofia that her father had kicked her out after having discovered her with an older French lumberjack at the corner bar, and now she needed some money and somewhere and someone to stay with by the end of the week. However, this time Sofia wasn't about to call up old Charles Padgett to chew the alcoholic out, like she had done once before, but she did call Darla to tell her that a train ticket to Montreal would be awaiting her on Saturday. Sofia had promised Darla's mother many years, after their love affair had ended, that, when the time was right, she would mentor and guide her young god daughter and keep her safe from what Sarah Padgett had termed "the big bad world." Shortly thereafter, after saying goodbye to Eddie and leaving a flower on his grave, Darla found herself on a train headed southbound toward Montreal. As the train slowly began to pull out of the station, Darla settled back for the long journey. She stared out the window as the small little town she had known all her life faded out of sight. Only now could she believe that she was really doing this, heading out on her own, into what her mother always called, “the big, bad world.� Now, at the age of 18 with both her parents out of her life and no siblings, Darla now had nothing to hold her to this place. As the train began its journey, Darla began to think about her life, what she had done, and what her goals were. As she daydreamed, she heard footsteps coming towards her. She looked up to see the best looking man she had ever seen. He reminded her of a cowboy, like the one she once saw on a billboard. As he walked by she couldn't resist staring. His broad shoulders, thin waist, and tight butt reminded her of feelings that she hadn't dared to think of in a long time. As the cowboy walked past, the smell of his Stetson cologne lingered and remained in the air.


Again Darla's mind began to wander, but this time it wasn't about things past. Rather, things that she would like to do in the future, the very NEAR future. Maybe even with the tall handsome stranger who had now crossed her path. Nothing seemed beyond her reach at this point in her life. As the sun went down, Darla decided to take a walk. Wandering from car to car she came across a very dimly lit room with a very large window. As she paused to watch the scenery whipping by she did not hear the door or the stranger come into the room. She was startled but not really afraid as a blindfold was slipped over her eyes and fastened behind her. She attempted to turn around but two strong arms wrapped around her pinning her to her spot. His lips were warm as they brushed her neck. She could feel a mustache and smell the Stetson, the same lingering smell from earlier in the day. She tried to picture the cowboy's face from behind her blindfold, to remember his hard body and feel his strong hands, the hands that were now releasing her to linger on her breasts. He cupped her breasts gently at first then started pinching her nipples through her blouse and bra. She knew she should be afraid, but this is what she had left for, wasn't it? For her the cowboy was just a taste of all the adventure, and excitement that she now desperately craved. With ease he had unbuttoned her blouse and removed her bra leaving her amble breasts open to the world in front of this big window. She felt him coming around in front of her. Felt his tongue begin to flick her nipples. Her pussy was so hot and wet. She knew it would not be long before he realized that she had no panties beneath her skirt, her own wetness would be dripping down her leg. He continued to tease her nipples licking them then biting them just enough to send waves of pleasure through her. She had noticed a table in the corner of the room when she had entered. It was there that he now led her. Not saying a word, the cowboy turned her around and gently pushed her to the floor. She could hear him unzipping his pants and felt them fall onto her knees. Placing his hands on either side of her head he guided himself into her mouth. She took him with pleasure, running her tongue around the tip of his cock. Then sucking him in deep down her throat making him moan with pleasure. He started pumping her mouth until he couldn't hold it any longer. Shooting his seed into her mouth and onto her lips. As she sucked and licked up ever drop he reached down and removed the blindfold. He was beautiful. His body was ever better than she imagined. Now she wanted to be fucked, and to feel his hard cock deep inside her. With little effort on her part she quickly got him hard again. "Now," she said, "It's your turn to please me." Bending over the table she 35

lifted her skirt making her wet pussy very accessible. His cock slipped easily into her and began pumping her hard and fast. She loved the feeling of being fucked. The feeling of his cock filling her up, the feel of his balls slapping against her, the smell of sex, she loved it all! She knew it wasn't going to take long for her to reach orgasm, but she didn't want to do it like this. She wanted to see his face. Jumping up on the table she pulled her legs up and he gladly returned to his hard, hot pace. That was all it took, watching him as he pounded her was just too much. She started to cum with such great intensity that she almost fell off the table. But he had a hold of her. Again he began to fill her pussy with his hot cum. As they both began to come back to earth she could feel his hot cum running down her ass. She put herself somewhat back together, kissed his lips and excused herself to use the restroom in the next car, but when she returned, her cowboy was gone. It was at that moment that Darla began to realize that this is what an exciting life could be like away from her little town. As Darla sat down and watched the scenery roll past, her fingers found their way to her still moist slit, where she scooped up a leftover dollop of the Cowboy's spunk and savored the taste, as she smiled and silently thought to herself, "I think I'm going to enjoy this big, bad world." A few weeks after her arrival in Montreal, Darla reluctantly moved out of Sofia's townhouse, as well as the bed she joyously shared with her lover and mentor. Her new home was now the dormitory at St. Basil's Women's Nursing College, as Sofia had pulled a number of strings to have her young lover admitted over those more qualified. Specifically, Sofia was also the lover of the college's male dean, whose affections Sofia had purposely sought out weeks before in order to get Darla accepted into nursing school. For Darla, despite her poor scores on her entry exam, she in fact did have both the intelligence and compassion to be an excellent nurse. However, in order to compensate for her poor study habits and earn her certificate in nursing, she would have to endure over a year of mind breaking study and intensive work, which when totaled all together, added up to 70 hours of work and on the job training. Fortunately for Darla, Sofia, as promised, was able to enlist her into the French-Canadian Medical Corps. As a member of the corps, her nursing school was paid for through a four-year commitment to the corps, which would require her to go anywhere the corps thought her skills would be needed. For the next year Darla struggled through her courses. The stress of her school work and on the job training often caused her to break into tears as she slept alone in her dorm room. The only chances she had to relieve any stress were on those rare occasions when either 36

Sofia dropped by to check up on her beautiful protege, or Darla spent long weekends relaxing in the bed and arms of her mentor. With Sofia, all of Darla's fears and anxieties were momentarily lifted as the two of them made mad and passionate love. Yet, such erotic and emotionally satisfying moments were rare during those 18 months of studying and taking hellish exams. However, the hard work and study eventually paid off when she received her nursing certificate, and, on the same day, was offered a job as a trauma nurse at the Raelian Hospital in Quebec City.


Chapter Four- The Physical Exam Weeks later, after she and Sofia moved her belongings into her furnished apartment, Darla received a letter informing her of her starting date, as well as the details of her large salary, the medical and dental plans, the profit-sharing program, as well as a myriad of other benefits. The only catch was, despite the fact that her health was certified by the French-Canadian Medical Corps, she would, for insurance purposes, have to have a complete physical exam by one of the physicians registered with the company's health care provider. After reading the letter, Darla called the hospital and asked the human resource director (who was a woman) if she could see a female doctor for the exam. However, the woman at human resources said that Darla could request a female but it would cause a lengthily delay in scheduling the exam, because there was only one female doctor in the program and of course she was booked for weeks in advance, but she said that if Darla wanted to schedule an appointment right away, she could take her chances and she might get lucky and get one of the female nurse practitioners, that were also in the program. Darla decided that she would take her chances, even though the thought of a male doing the exam completely horrified her. Despite the erotic remembrances of her exam at the hands of Dr. Redding, she was still very uncomfortable at the thought of a man examining her. However, Darla didn't want anything to delay or get in the way of her new career, so she said O.K. The woman then said "I can get you an appointment for tomorrow morning; how will that be?" To which Darla said "O.K., that's fine," and right away started mentally preparing herself for the compromising position she might soon find herself in should she be unfortunate enough to get a male doctor. The following morning Darla got up and got dressed knowing that she would probably have to expose herself at least somewhat during the soon approaching and dreaded exam; so she chose a very attractive and conservative matching bra and panties set, laid it on the bed and proceeded to shower and bathe extra thoroughly, as she always had prior to a visit to the doctor. Darla was a petite woman, just under 5' 1" and scarcely over a hundred pounds; her French, Irish, English ancestry gave here extremely fair skin with the faintest of freckles still remaining over most of her body; which had been much more pronounced in her youth, she had rich red hair which was thick and slightly curly and her hair "down there" was the same; thick and bushy, unshaved, completely natural, as it had been during her entire nurses training. After drying off, she chose some perfume and dabbed it here and there, over her body, she slipped the lacy silk panties on, pulling 38

them up tightly, symbolic of covering her most private female parts, as she thought to herself, "I hope that I won't be letting any man see down there today; not if I can help it, especially since I haven't shaved in weeks!" She then put the matching bra on, which fitted on her ample and firm breasts perfectly, then put on her blouse and headed out the door. Darla showed up a little early to the doctors office and signed in, whereupon she told the nurse at the desk that she was there for an insurance physical and then asked if she could have a female to do the exam. The nurse then made a telephone call, and related to the voice on the other end her desire to be seen by a female examiner. However, after the nurse hung the telephone up, she apologized to Darla and said that all the female practitioners were booked for at least three weeks and if she wanted to wait that long she would be guaranteed a woman doctor or nurse practitioner. Now Darla had the dilemma of protecting her pride, modesty and vanity or delaying her start date with her new employer. However, since she didn't want to jeopardize her yet to be established reputation with the hospital, she told the nurse that she would go ahead with her appointment for today; figuring that it couldn't be that bad going to a male doctor, especially since she didn't have any female problems "down there" and therefore wouldn't likely be taking off her panties. The nurse then said; "fine, you'll be with Doctor Anderson," handed her a clipboard and said; "fill out these forms on both sides, sign and date them and we'll call you shortly." Whereupon, Darla sat down in the waiting room and began filling out the extensive questionnaire about her health history. Not to long after Darla completed the health history questionnaire, the door to the waiting room swung open, jarring her out of the trance she was in; as the nurse said "you can come back now Darla. Right in here please?" The nurse said, directing her into the exam room. "Now you'll need to take everything off, you can go behind the curtain and put this on, but leave it open in the back;" as the nurse pointed to an exam gown sitting on the exam table, "you can set your clothes on the chair, I'll be right back to take your blood pressure and get your temperature," and then the nurse left and closed the door behind her. The nurse's words "you'll need to take everything off" reverberated in her head, but she decided that she would nullify the nurses instructions and keep her panties on, and if they questioned it, she would say "Oh I thought that's what you meant by everything." So Darla undressed down to her lacy and well fitting panties, and then put the exam gown on, leaving it open in the back as the nurse had instructed. 39

Once it was on she then tried to tie the two ties in the back, but she could only reach the lower one. However her arms, unlike her limber legs just were not flexible enough to tie the gown, so she decided to leave it open, despite how awkward and queasy she felt about her level of exposure. She then went over and sat on the exam table and crossed her legs and arms tightly, in a gesture of defiance... As Darla started to look around the exam room and caught sight of certain medical supplies, in particular the box of latex exam gloves sitting on the counter. As she looked at the gloves her mind wandered back several years to her “exam� by Dr. Redding, the thought of which made her instantly wet. However, despite the eroticism of that past experience, in this setting she was felt both uncomfortable and intimidated, for reasons that she herself could not understand. Just then the door opened and the nurse returned, who then quickly and efficiently began taking Darla's blood pressure, temperature and a small blood sample. Darla of course had to uncross her arms for this, but her legs remained crossed, as the nurse sensed her level of modesty and the fact that she was a little nervous. Sensing her nervousness the nurse smiled at Darla and said, "just relax now honey, the doctor will be right in to do your exam." However, despite that fact that Darla herself was a trained nurse, the kind words the nurse said to her in trying to comfort her were not working, and as the nurse left Darla resumed her crossed arm position. Now the waiting was driving her nuts and she just wanted to get all this over with so she could get dressed and go home. Finally after what seemed like forever, the door opened and in came the doctor. The doctor was an average looking man in all regards; average height, weight, middle aged and somewhat balding, but he seemed pleasant enough; he was wearing a typical white doctors coat and had a stethoscope around his neck and was carrying a clipboard. He then said, "Hello Darla, I'm Doctor Anderson and I'll be doing your exam today, how are you doing today?" To which she answered in a subdued voice; "I'm fine thank you." "It looks like you're here for a complete physical then? why don't you uncross your arms and legs and relax and we'll go ahead and get started. Looks like your BP and temp is normal, I'm going to go ahead and listen to your heart and lungs now." He then came up close to her and placed the cold stethoscope on her chest, and then moved it a couple different places on her breasts before moving it around to her back, by her kidneys, when he said; "take a couple deep breaths please," and moved to the other side.


"Again please?" as she continued to breathe "in deeply..." and out, "exhale... thank you!" The doctor then took the stethoscope out of his ears and said; "everything seems fine," as he walked over to the counter, opened a little drawer and picked up a little light scope. Again he came close up to her and said; "open wide and say ahhh!," she was feeling more relaxed at the moment, being that the focus was not presently on the more personal and vulnerable parts of her anatomy. Darla complied enthusiastically, opening her mouth wide and saying a pronounced "ahhh!" "Very good! now tilt your head back a little," and looked in her nasal passages with the light and proceeded to do the same with her ears. The doctor then asked her to look at his finger as he moved it slowly from side to side and focused the light into her eye, he then set the instrument down and with his fingers pressed lightly up under her jaw line, and asked; "feel any pain there?" To which she replied "No." "All right then, I'm going to need you to drop your gown down in front so we can do the breast exam." Darla then slipped the gown over shoulders and let it fall down about her waist, as the doctor came in front of her and looked at her fully exposed breasts. The doctor then said, "O.K. why don't you lay back and we'll get started;" and as she did, the doctor loomed over her. The doctor then took Darla's left arm and gently placed it above her head. He then produced a little cushion from somewhere under the table and shoved it underneath her shoulder, and then said "O.K. just relax", as he began to feel her lymph nodes under her arm, working his way down towards her breast. The sensation of his touch tickled though, and with a giggle she pulled her arm down in a natural reflex, as he said with a smile "sorry! I know it tickles" and then placed her arm again above her head, while he began to fully examine her breast. As the doctor examined her, Darla felt her heart start to race with desire as he moved the pads his four fingers in a sweeping motion from the outside in, towards her nipple, while he palpated each quarter of her breast in a clockwise fashion. The doctor then moved to Darla's areola, depressing into her with two fingers. By now Darla was having a hot flash of desire as well as embarrassment, fully aware of that he was now examining closely her femininity. It was at that moment that Darla realized just how long it had been since she 41

had been touched in the most intimate of places, since her encounter on the train, by a pair of strong male hands. The doctor then finished examining her areola and briefly squeezed her nipple between his thumb and forefinger; but not before he noticed a very surprised look on her face and said; "sorry I have to check your lacteal duct for any discharge," and then proceeded to give her nipple another little squeeze and then brought her arm down. The doctor then removed the cushion and repeated the procedure on her right breast. As embarrassed as she was, Darla was by now very stimulated by the sensation of a man touching her, and her nipples were now protruding outward, poised and tense; however despite her concentration, she couldn't control her level of arousal and this made her that much more embarrassed. The doctor then completed the breast exam and began palpating her abdominal area, as he lowered the gown down to her waste. He then noticed that Darla was still wearing her panties, he gave her a wry and knowing grin. The doctor knew Darla from her classes at the college, but it was obvious that she had not recognized him. Just like Dr. Redding, who had been the first man ever to have had the pleasure of seeing her nude and in such a vulnerable position, it was clear from his movements that Dr. Anderson was going to take his time and enjoy examining his new patient, despite the fact that he was doing nothing more than the standard routine for a complete physical and pelvic exam. However, unknown to Darla, as a gynecologist, the doctor had learned a thing or two about how to pleasure his patients without ever having one complain or report him to the medical board, a reputation which had earned him a great deal of money doing after-hours exams for certain foreign clients. The doctor then completed the abdominal exam and said to Darla; "you can sit up!" As Darla sat up and, out of natural habit, pulled the exam gown up over her breasts; the doctor said to her; "I'll be right back." At that moment Darla felt relieved and, at that point, thought that the exam was pretty much over, and figured that the doctor was just filling out paper work for her file. Soon the door opened and in came the doctor followed by a nurse who very much reminded her of Sofia. The doctor then said to Darla; "even though you didn't request that a nurse be present during your pelvic exam, the rules require that a female nurse be present and assist." To which Darla said with a bit of apprehension, "Oh! doctor that won't be necessary, everything is fine down there; really it is."


To which the doctor replied; "I understand how you feel, a lot of women don't like the pelvic exam, but your chart indicates that you're here for a comprehensive insurance physical, which does require a complete vaginal and rectal exam, so I'm afraid you'll need to remove your underpants so we can continue." The words vaginal and rectal exam tore through her like a cold knife and the command "you'll need to remove your underpants" didn't do much for her either. The doctor now let the nurse take over, as the nurse approached Darla, who was still holding the exam gown up covering her breasts." "You'll need to go ahead and slip your panties off now dear, you can go behind the curtain and put them with your clothes if you want," the nurse said. At that point, Darla knew she had been defeated in her plan to keep her panties on no matter what, but the two professionals were now in control, so she slipped the gown back over her arms, got up from the table and went behind the dressing curtain to remove her underwear. She then slipped her panties down around her ankles, stepped out of them, put them on top of her clothes, and returned submissively to the exam table. The nurse then instructed her to "go ahead and lay back on the table and put your knees up." When Darla did so her exam gown fell down about her waist revealing her now naked genital area, naked that is except for the thick bush of unshaved, auburn pubic hair, which was now in full view. As Darla revealed her bush, the doctor's cock pulsated under his tight spandex bicycle shorts, which he wore so that he could maintain his decorum during his appointments with the many attractive women whom he was paid handsomely to see both during the day, as well as at night, in another office building where he and the nurse operated a very special and very private clinic. The nurse unfolded the retractable stirrups at the end of the table, and as Darla watched her getting them into place, which reminded her of some kind of medieval torture device. "Go ahead and put your feet in here," the nurse instructed, as she continued on to say, "you'll need to slide down a lot more so that your bottom is at the edge of the table." As Darla complied with the nurses request, she felt more and more embarrassed because her legs were now completely spread, as she watched the doctor in her peripheral vision to see if he was gawking. However, instead of gawking, the doctor seemed to be completely oblivious to her, likely due to the fact that he did this all day long, and her particular vagina was not the first he'd ever seen. In 43

fact, the doctor was looking at the clipboard, contemplating how he would make her orgasm, while completely ignoring what was happening to her on the exam table. The nurse then turned some handles on the table and Darla's legs spread even farther apart, which to her was very humiliating, as now the doctor went out of her field of vision from her compromised position on the table. However, Darla knew he was putting on the exam gloves from the familiar snap when he put the rubber gloves on his hands. The nurse then backed away from the table and the doctor replaced her at the end of the table. At this moment Darla suddenly realized that her ankles had been locked in firmly in place with leather straps, and that both the nurse also was placing on her hands rubber gloves, after which she held out a large tube of lubrication and squeezed a dollop on the doctor's outstretched hands. After which he casually smeared the clear and cold gel all over his fingers. The doctor then spoke; "O.K. Darla I'm going to examine your external genitalia first and then we'll do the internal exam." Then without hesitation the doctor brought his thick lubricated fingers to her vagina and began brushing through her pubic hair, so as to inspect the underlying skin. He then examined her entire groin area, palpating and pushing on certain places with his forefingers, and then suddenly, to Darla's shock and amazement and with out warning or the benefit of even asking her permission, he spread open her outer lips wide, the sensation of which caused Darla to gasp with pleasure. The sound of Darla's gasp caused the nurse, who had been watching her patient the whole time, to smile wide. As she watched her young patient's facial expression pleasure, she asked innocently, “are you alright?� To which Darla simply nodded yes with flushed embarrassment. Knowing now that this part of the doctor's pleasure technique, which he had used on hundreds of young attractive woman before her, was having its desired effect, the nurse reached under the table and used a lever to spread Darla's legs even wider and higher. After which, the nurse then prepared a number of special instruments for Darla's rectal examination, which she would personally conduct. Underneath Darla, whose eyes were closed and who was breathing heavily with lust, the doctor separated her now moist and lubricated labia with his thumb and forefingers, leaving her inner lips, prepuce and clitoris all completely exposed. However, despite her moistness, Darla wasn't ready for this at all, especially the pleasurable feeling that had suddenly washed over her locked and spread eagled loins and upturned breasts. Despite the pleasure she felt, Darla had 44

wished the doctor would have warned her of what he was going to do, but he was intent, and at this point there would be no more small talk to try and put her at ease. For it was clear to her now his intent was to make her cum. Instead the doctor remained professional and focused on the task at hand of bringing the young woman to a slowly building and satisfying prolonged orgasm. Wordlessly the doctor held her open with the thumb and forefinger of one hand, while with the other he pulled back her prepuce to reveal her now swollen clitoris. Darla was extremely embarrassed, but her heavy breathing now betrayed her as she opened her eyes to see in the mirror opposite from her that her pulsating clitoris was now fully engorged. For the doctor and nurse, the sight and sounds of Darla's building desire meant that they could continue on in their journey of bringing her to full orgasm, without fear of her ever complaining to administration. Now, with her desire steadily building, the doctor then slid his finger under her hood and palpated her clitoris, which in turn caused her moan, squirm, and then squirt a little vaginal fluid down onto the examination table. With her breathing now very heavy, and her skin now sweating out copious amounts of perspiration, the doctor then moved his finger underneath her urethral opening and palpated there. Then, with his fingers still at the base of her vagina and holding her open, he instructed her to cough. After she complied, the doctor then coldly asked her to repeat the action several more times. With that done, the doctor than said in a condescending tone, “Thank you Ms. Padgett, I was just checking for a urinary tract infection. I hope I did not cause you any discomfort." To which Darla simply and meekly said, “No doctor.� The doctor next slid his fingers down between Darla's inner lips and spread her vagina open, revealing her pink and moist vulva, which he then held open with one hand, while he examined the surface of her vulva with his other fingers. As he continued to hold Darla's lips open with his left hand, he withdrew his right hand and extended it out to the nurse, who had opened a tube of unmarked lubricant and applied a copious amount to his two fingers. The lubricant that the nurse had applied to the doctor's fingers was not just any kind of lubricant, but rather it was a specially designed mixture, based on the African Mahala plant, an ancient sex stimulant. Once applied, the Mahala gel caused Darla's sex to burn even hotter, the tingling sensation of which caused her to let out a small whimper of desire.


Looking up at his turned on patient,the doctor then said coldly to Darla, "I'm going to begin the internal exam now so just relax, if you can." As he brought his fingers to the base of her vulva and spread the lubricant generously around her vaginal opening. Then, without any hesitation, he inserted his two fingers up into her vagina, the sensation of which caused Darla to let out a low guttural moan as she shook with a minor orgasm that now pierced her soul. As Darla moaned in pleasure and tried to bite her finger to stifle an even louder moan, the doctor looked up at his sexy patient and gave his nurse a a silent and knowing smile. For long minutes the doctor probed her insides, until eventually his fingers were inside so deep that he was practically fisting her. As he felt around inside her womb, the doctor then said, "I'm going to check your ovaries now." Then, with the fingers of his left hand depressed downward, outside of her pubic mound, with the fingers inside, he palpated the ovary holding it in place with his outside hand; and then changed the position of his hand and examined her other ovary. He then held his fingers straight in Darla's vagina and told her to cough again; which she did, and then slowly withdrew his fingers. By this point Darla could barely remember her name, as she closed her eyes and focused on her building second orgasm. The coldness and perversion of her situation was extremely erotic. Her submissiveness and humiliation at this point now caused her vagina to drip ever more juices down her slit and over her asshole. However, for Darla, her exam ended all to soon, as she suddenly felt the doctor remove his hands, after which he wiped her pulsating vaginal lips, which now begged to be stretched, with a hygienic wipe. As the last of her juices were wiped from her still wet and secreting pussy lips, she noticed the doctor removing the gloves and breathlessly said, as perspiration rolled down her forehead and breasts, "can, can I get dressed now?" To which the nurse coldly replied, "Not yet Darla! I'm afraid we have a couple more things to do. Have you ever had a deep rectal exam?� As Darla shook her head 'no', she watched with wide eyes as the blond and buxom nurse took the doctor's place between her thighs and snapped on a pair of rubber gloves. The nurse then looked deep into Darla's eyes and said, "I'm now going to do the rectal exam. Please relax, this should not take more than a few minutes." With that said, the nurse applied a small amount of Mahala lubricant onto the finger of her right hand, brought it to the base of her 46

rectum, and then proceed to insert his finger up into and through her tight sphincter. The sensation of her asshole being speared by the lithe finger caused Darla to reach up, grab her breasts tight, and moan hard, while at the same time her vagina convulsed in orgasm and squirted her own brand of lubricant onto the nurse's exposed cleavage. Smiling at her sudden reaction and erotic surrender, the nurse inserted two fingers into Darla's vagina. The nurse then brought the two fingers in her vagina down toward the one in her rectum, and felt the thin tissue that separated the two cavities. For long minutes the nurse finger fucked her patient, whose eyes were now closed as she pinched and pulled her pink nipples. However, once it was apparent that Darla was about to cum, the nurse slowly and deliberately palpated the tissue and moved her fingers around a little, one final time, before finally withdrawing them slowly from Darla's rectum and vagina. “Very good Darla; however, we still have a few more things to do before we can give you a clean bill of health. The doctor here needs to conduct one final exam.� The nurse said as she stood up and removed her rubber gloves. "Just one more thing Darla we're almost done," the doctor said, as he put a new pair of rubber gloves on and resumed his position in front of her spread legs. Suddenly sensing what was going to happen next, Darla watched in silence as the nurse handed the doctor a very large speculum. However, unlike the ones she had seen in nursing school, this one looked like it was not for a human, but rather for a horse. Which of course it was. As he prepared to insert the cold steel device into her, the nurse applied a large amount of lubricant onto the shiny device and handed it to the doctor. The doctor then approached Darla with the ominous instrument, which measured nearly 12 inches long and three inches thick. "Now Darla, we are going to do a pap smear. I just have to open your vagina with the speculum to expose your cervix; so if you can just relax a little more for me, I'll be able to insert it without causing you to much discomfort." The doctor then again opened Darla's wet pussy lips with one hand and slowly and gently inserted the giant tool, pushing it all the way in. As the steel bullet entered, Darla began to slowly feel her vagina stretching beyond that which was comfortable. The violation was both painful and pleasurable as the doctor held the handle of the speculum firm and open her womb even more so that he would be able to to peer into the darkest region and most private part of her body. 47

By now Darla was beyond feeling embarrassed, as the sensation of the cold metal instrument being inserted in her womb caused her to once again grab her breasts and cry out with another orgasm. At this point of the exam the doctor, upon seeing her orgasm for the third time, decided to have some fun and watched the reaction of Darla as she saw him lift up a second silver bullet and aim it at her rectum. As Darla continued to sweat and breath heavily, she meekly asked the doctor, “What are you doing?� To which the doctor simply replied with a wicked grin, then pressed the silver bullet up against her sphincter and pushed. For Darla, the sensation of the large metallic dildo enter and stretch her bottom was too much as she felt it slide into her and rub against the other metal object in her pussy. As the dildo slid in, the doctor slowly slid out the speculum, and then watched as Darla began to experience the first minute of a nearly ten minute long orgasm, during which he and the nurse measured her blood pressure and pulse. As Darla convulsed, moaned, and writhed around in seemingly non-stop pleasure, the doctor instructed the nurse to place a pair of suction cups on their patient's nipples, after which the nurse then turned on the milking machine. As the breast vacuum sucked hard on her nipples and breasts, Darla's body began to shake and shimmy in an erotic near epileptic seizure, for the pleasure she was feeling was unlike any she had ever experienced. However, for the doctor and nurse, Darla's exam was but yet another experiment, and though they enjoyed the sight of their young patient succumb to her desires, they also had little time left before they were to see their next patient. At the ten minute mark, the doctor told his nurse to turn off the milk machine, after which he slowly withdrew the dildo in Darla's ass. For Darla, having the dildo removed from her ass, which to her was the ultimate of pleasurable sensations made her whimper with disappointment. The feeling of the cold metal in her ass was one that she knew that she had to experience again, and soon. After the doctor gently withdrew the horse speculum from her vagina, he said to Darla, "that's it! were all done! now that wasn't so bad was it?" To which Darla just wordlessly replied with a smile, and laid her head back on the table, closed her eyes, and felt her nude and vulnerable suddenly shudder and convulse with another orgasm. Under the glaring light of the examination table, as the doctor and nurse watched, for nearly two minutes, Darla convulsed in pleasure, until finally, after the last tremor had subsided, she opened her eyes and saw the doctor and nurse's smiling faces, and blushed with complete embarrassment.


Wordlessly, the doctor removed Darla's supple and sexy legs from the stirrups, after which the nurse came over and handed her another wipe so that Darla could wipe any residual lubricant from her genitals. The doctor then said to Darla, in a very professional, though friendly tone, "Your, all done, you can put your clothes back on now. Oh! and you did very well!" Both the doctor and nurse then left the room leaving Darla to wipe herself off, and get dressed. Despite the hour of pleasure she had just received, Darla was glad to be done with what she considered to be the most embarrassing moment of her whole life. Though she was not planning on making an appointment again anytime soon, she did have to admit to herself that this had been the most erotic and sexually satisfying moment of her life. For her body had been aroused in ways that she had never felt before, and would hopefully be reliving the experience later for her own self gratification and possibly as a fantasy to tell Sofia when they next saw each other. Darla then wiped the wetness from between her inner and outer lips, she pulled back her prepuce and wiped her clitoris and then the rest of her vagina and proceeded to get dressed. After which, on the way out, as her pussy and ass tingled underneath her skirt with the thought of what she had just experienced, Darla asked the nurse if she could make an appointment for a follow up appointment. To which the nurse simply smiled, and gave her an appointment for another full pelvic exam. When the nurse handed Darla the appointment card, she said with a knowing and seductive wink, "I am sure Dr. Anderson will be happy to see you again. He loves his work!" After Darla left the office, the doctor noted that the young red head lived in the apartment directly across from his, and that she worked in the same section of the hospital as his old pal Pierre. He then copied down her e-mail address, but not before reviewing his file on the computer and learning a bit more about this sexy young woman.


Chapter Five- Darla's Erotic Adventure Really Begins Shortly after having started her new job at the hospital, which recently had been acquired by the Raelians, the powerful religious sect whose teachings Darla was supposed to have learned as part of her new job at the Raelian owned hospital, she met Pierre, a recently divorced general practitioner whom had recently been recruited by the Raelians to train new interns. Pierre was a very kind, shy and gentle man, who truly was enchanted with Darla after having met her at their orientation session at the hospital, despite their large age difference, with he being 43 and she only 20. However, after several weeks of meeting for lunch, and despite his shyness and apparent lingering pain as a result of his recent divorce, Pierre finally gathered the nerve to ask Darla out to dinner. However, prior to their first date, Darla had yet to learn about the Raelian sect's religious practices. All that Darla knew was that the Raelians were not Christian, and were somewhat like the church of Scientology. In fact the Raelians were a sect devoted to the worship of sex. According to the little that could be found on the Internet, the Raelians believed that humans were created by ancient pleasure gods from a distant star. However, despite the sect's large financial wealth, the members of the sect practiced extreme secrecy, and the only known members were those former members who had made outrageous claims against the sect as being a pornographic cult devoted to bizarre sexual practices and rituals (a fact that had escaped Darla's notice since she never took the time to learn about her new employer and benefactor). In reality, the claims of the former members was true, for the cult had its roots during the era of free love, and became a financial powerhouse due to its investments in and the porn industry. The sect's teachings involved numerous sexual practices, one of which was the 'initiation' of young female recruits at select sites, mainly gyms, where selected females would be seduced and subsequently injected with an ancient African sexual potion called "Mahala." Of the more bizarre rituals for female members was the legendary mating ritual, whereby the female recruit signifies her devotion to the church by giving herself sexually to a genetically modified horse at the sect's secret headquarters high in the mountains of northern Quebec in front of hundreds of spectators. The sect also practices ritual tattooing including the branding of all new members with the sects secret brand on their left buttock. For the next several weeks Darla and Pierre continued to see one another; however, Darla was becoming frustrated that he would not so much as kiss her. It also bothered her that he had never spoken about 50

why his two marriages ended in divorce. After the fourth date, Darla called her god mother Sofia and asked her for some advice. The advice Sofia gave her god daughter was simple- "seduce him." Sofia then went on to tell Darla that she would need to be the one to make the first move, and not be afraid of being more than a little slutty, but not before playing hard to get. Lastly, Sofia told Darla to start reading the advice columns and stories on the Internet so that she could broaden her mind and learn what it was that really excited men. According to Sofia, the stories there would definitely inspire her to reach for the heights of erotic fulfillment. The Friday night that she and Pierre finally consummated their relationship was a special one indeed, and it would also be a night that would signal the beginning of Darla's incredible erotic journey to the deepest reaches of the Dark Continent. As Pierre and Darla strolled hand in hand into Old Quebec City down the Grand Allie through the Port Saint Louis into the old walled city, Pierre told Darla that he loved this city more than any other place on earth. As they walked around the romantic cobble stoned streets, he commented that in all his 48 years, both as a child and as an adult, including all of the years he had spent away at medical school, no place was so much like home for him as Quebec City, and it was at home where he truly believed that he belonged. As she laid her head on Pierre's shoulder, after they stopped to gaze at the Chateau Fronteac, Darla noted that, unlike Montreal, Quebec City had an open friendliness, a slower pace of life, and there was always time for "bonjour ca va" (hi, how are you) even to the stranger as they entered the shops, or walked by others on the streets. The French charm of the city, Pierre remarked to her, was uniquely its own, not Canadian not Parisian, but Quebecois, and that despite the province's latest threat of succession, he loved it all. Later that evening after a romantic candlelight dinner and dancing to the smooth sounds of jazz at the outdoor festival, Darla and Pierre took a taxi back to her apartment. After the two of them entered her small three room flat. She casually slipped off her blazer, scarf, and undid the top button of her blouse. "Pierre, I'll make the coffee." "Would you make a fire?" "Yes" "Every thing you need is right by the fireplace," she said as she disappeared into the kitchen. Pierre then built the fire. The sounds of coffee being made floated to him from the kitchen.


Darla returned with two steaming cups of coffee. She had kicked off her shoes and had taken off her stockings. It had taken Pierre sometime to find every thing for the fire and open the flew. He had just laid the match to the fire when she came in with the coffee. He almost burnt himself. Frozen for a moment by this picture of loveliness silently padding in on bare feet. Darla set the coffee down and sat on the small love seat and patted the place beside her. It was here where she would make her move. He took the seat feeling comfortable at her nearness, but he never got the chance to get comfortable, as Darla, who was by now more than ready to make love, gently kissed him, and before he could say anything or react, she softly placed a finger on his lips to silence any possible protests. Then, with the seductive movements of a cat she straddled his legs undoing his tie and opening his shirt to the waist. She lowered her head to his hairy chest slowly pulling at the hair with her teeth. Darla tongue flicked across his left nipple sending a shock through him that caused a very noticeable bulge in his crotch, as a low moan escaped his lips. Darla then ground her crotch into that bulge and thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. Pierre fought to breath as their tongues entwined. Passion coursed through him as she stood up and motioned for him to follow her. Once in the bedroom, Darla raised his hands to her breasts, while she ran her hands down to his ass. As they stood in front of the open window, Pierre, with trembling fingers, undid the buttons of her blouse as he pulled it from her skirt, while she slipped his shirt from his shoulders, as they slowly stripped each other until he stood in his boxer's and she in her sheer lace bra and panties. Darla broke their kiss and slowly stepped back so they where an arms distance apart, but not before Pierre momentarily plummeted form the towers of passion back to reality. What had he been thinking of, she was not of the faith and he was nearly twice her age. Most importantly, his years of sexual addiction, as well as his love of the Raelian art of group sexual meditation, had nearly destroyed his medical practice, and thus forced him into rehabilitation. However, here he was, just a month out of rehab, in the arms of the most beautiful woman that he had ever had the pleasure of being with, who was now seducing him. As he gazed at her lovely semi-innocent eyes, which he knew, because of his addiction, would eventually shed tears once his sexual addiction consumed him like heroin, his mind wrestled with the decision as to whether he should stay, or should flee like a frightened bird. Darla saw the confusion and hesitation in Pierre's eyes. She had never seen him as a frighten little bird ready to take flight, but always as a soaring hawk. Darla knew she must act quickly so that the 52

hawk would soar and before the little bird took flight. She undid the clasp in the front of her bra letting it slip from her. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her panties she slid them down her silken legs playfully tossing them away with her foot. Quickly she stepped into him brushing his lips with a kiss. She trailed kisses down his body pausing briefly to run her tongue around his navel. Slowly she went to her knees trailing her kisses lower still. As she pulled down his boxers and pooled them around his ankles, she noticed the strange looking tattoo of six pointed star tattoo on his left buttock, which, when she asked later, Pierre said that he would explain its meaning in "due time." She then cupped his cock and balls in her hands, kissed them, licked them, tongued them, and then slowly drew his cock into her mouth. Pierre could feel his cock growing, pulsating as she ran her tongue up and down his cock, sucking teasing, and encouraging him. The pressure building in his balls for release and fulfillment was the greatest joy and pain he had ever experienced. It took a power and self-control he never knew he had not to cum in her mouth but to slowly withdraw his cock from her warm succulent mouth, as he sank to his knees. His legs had turned to butter as he guided her to the carpet to lay beside this sensual creature he hardly knew. He brushed her lips with a tender kiss. His hands played over her body light as a butterfly tickling teasing, searching for ways to bring her pleasure. His kisses floated over Darla's body, teasing her nipples, brushing across her belly. To the velvet softness of her inner thighs, down her legs to her calves, to her feet, then back up again to just behind her knee. Higher still they went till they reached her soft bush. There was no need to spread her legs. She lay there with them open, inviting. An invitation he could no longer refuse. He parted her soft and inviting lips moist with her passion, licking, sucking, tonguing, his tongue flicking across her hard little clit, then nipping it teasing it. As Pierre orally pleasured her, Darla thrust her hips forward to meet Pierre's probing tongue. Her body stiffened. Her back arched. She pulled his face into her with her hands as she came, moans and screams of passion escaping from her parched lips. However, Pierre could wait no longer, for as he inhaled the sweet smell of Darla's musk, he immediately relapsed and his addiction took him over full throttle. As he slid up her body, he kissed Darla again deeply with all the addictive passion he now felt. Darla's hand soon guided his cock to her waiting pussy, as Pierre entered her slowly at first with deep long penetrating strokes, slowly picking up speed, with each stroke deeper harder than the last. She wrapped her arms and legs around 53

him. Pulling him into her, meeting each stroke with a passion to match his. They quickly came together with such a joy and passion as his body and her's had not recently known. On that first night of making love to her new boyfriend Darla came with such a force that she cried and her hands and arms went numb. They fucked for nearly 40 minutes and afterward they took a nice hot shower together. And then, for the next hour they fucked and sucked again like wild animals, until finally, as sweat dripped off their bodies, they collapsed together in each others arms, as the firelight was reflected off their naked bodies. Holding each other close unwilling to let this moment pass Darla and Pierre drifted off to sleep. The following night Darla decided to wear a tight black teddy that she had been saving shortly after she and Pierre had first met. While her boyfriend awaited her to come out of the bedroom she stood naked in front of the full-length mirror and admired her red haired pussy and firm tits. Her mind raced with kinky images since, ever since she had taken Sofia's advice and logged on to the Internet, all Darla could do was think of kinky sex, especially when she was working at the hospital, which always reminded her of her first erotic experience. However, the stories on the web sites were the ultimate aphrodisiac, since it only took one story to get her hands in motion, exploring first her tits and then her dripping pussy. The stories she read had often aroused her so much that she had to cover her mouth as her right hand fingered her clit and forced her to cum. Now here she was, on the verge of revealing her dark sexual side, reading the latest kinky tale, while Pierre impatiently waited outside her bedroom door. After sitting at her computer and reading a story of a submissive woman being introduced to the world of exhibitionism and sexual slavery, Darla was ready to fuck, as sweat covered her breasts she forced her self to recover and slipped into her black bra and panties. As Darla slipped on the the bra her breasts, the g-string dug deep into her cunt, which caused her to bite on her knuckle to stifle a low moan. When she looked in the mirror her fiery red hair accented perfectly the black tight bra and g-string, along with her matching black stiletto heels. Darla then walked out of the bedroom and walked up to her sex addicted boyfriend and kissed him deeply. She then looked at him and begged "please fuck me and make me your slut." She then led him into the bedroom, laid him down on the bed and pulled his hard cock out. She sucked on him for 30 minutes until he grabbed her hair forcefully and ordered her to swallow, as he streamed his cum down her throat.


Darla then took charge as she sucked him dry, until Pierre was weak in the knees, and then kissed got on top of him and kissed him full on the lips with her semen coated tongue. For her it had been way to long since she had savored the taste of a man's cum, and she vowed to herself then that she would never go hungry for it again. She then got off of Perrier and pulled out a bottle of baby oil and proceeded to pump his cock back to life. While she pumped, Darla began taking dirty and explaining what her Literotica inspired fantasies were, among which was a gang bang at a gym. "As you can tell I have so many fantasies" she started, "and I want you to help me fulfill everyone of them! Ever since we started dating I have been hooked on this erotica web site that has made me imagine all sorts of things. Since I met you all I have wanted is to be your whore and plaything." Pierre was floored at Darla's revelation, and he smiled with the knowledge that she would be an easy convert to the Raelian religion, for it was in the teachings of Rael that he learned just how wonderful sex and fantasy fulfillment could be. As Pierre closed his eyes, Darla continued, "My first fantasy I want to fulfill," she said as she massaged his balls "is to be fucked in front of my bedroom window with the light so the tenants across the parking lot can watch!" With those words Pierre got up, and stripped off his clothes, and took charge of the situation. He then ordered Darla to goto the bedroom, turn the lights down low and open the curtains, as he told her he would be coming soon, after which he stepped into the living room, and then picked up his cell phone and dialed. When the caller picked up, Pierre whispered into the phone and said, "if you look out your window right now I believe that I have found a potential recruit for our Africa mission," and then hung up. As she awaited Pierre, Darla was on all fours on the bed. When Pierre entered the room, Darla begged him to "put your cock in me now and leave my teddy on. I feel so sexy wearing leather, lace and latex. Just sink your cock into me and then fuck me until I pass out! When you cum again I want you to do it all over my face!" With those words, Pierre, who by now was consumed with addictive lust, pulled her g-string aside and began licking her pussy and asshole, as Darla squealed with delight as his tongue probed her pink rosebud. His tongue was wet with her pussy juice as he licked her clit and then spread her wet pink folds apart and ate her inner most cunt. He then grabbed her hair and pulled her head back kissing her full on the lips. The taste of her own juices sent a shiver down her spine as she wondered if other women tasted the same.


Pierre then startled Darla by slapping her cheeks with both hands, causing Darla to yelp in pleasure as his hands stung her creamy white ass. He struck her so hard that it forced her hands and face to be smashed against the window. All she could see outside was the darkness that covered the apartment complex and then thought about all of the faceless men and women who might be watching her getting thoroughly fucked. Sweat soon started rolling of Darla's skin as Pierre's cock entered her pussy. He then grabbed her firm tits and pulled them out of her teddy, pulled her close and said, "I want everyone out there to see just how magnificent those tits of yours are!" As Pierre said those words, Darla could sense a change in his personality. Pierre then slowly worked his cock in and out of her as she pressed her sweaty tits against the glass. After 10 minutes of intense doggie style fucking Darla began screaming that she was cumming and collapsed on the bed convulsing. Her boyfriend then pulled out of her and turned her over and placed her head on the end of the bed. He then grabbed her head and began dick slapping her before he stuck his cock deep down her willing throat, as she diddled her wet clit and tugged her g-string up her pussy. After several minutes he pulled out and aimed his spurting cum toward her lips. She then grabbed his cock and used it to spread his cum all over her face and then rubbed some all over her tits. He then grabbed the curtain and lowered it and shut off the bright light. She got up and stripped out of her teddy and heels and pulled down the bed sheets. She then went over and turned the air conditioner down to 60 degrees and led him into bed. She cuddled him and held his flaccid cock firm as they both drifted off to sleep. During the night Darla had trouble sleeping because her mind was filled with erotic visions and her pussy was still wet, though sore, from the fucking it had just received. As she slept her hands drifted down to her muff and dipped her fingers deep inside her cunt. She drew them out and tasted her own juice and smeared the rest all over her face and nipples. She finally fell asleep, but was up early the next day to make breakfast. Meanwhile, Pierre, who was half awake, decided that since his little Philly was more open-minded than he had ever dreamed, decided to call his friends at the gym where he knew he could always go to be with his fellow Raelians, who, like him, also shared his dangerous addiction. As Darla waited for Pierre to fully wake up she turned on her computer and checked her e-mail. The only message was from the hospital that said, "Hi Darla, I am watching you. By the Way Nice Tits! You were magnificent last night as your boyfriend fucked you from behind. Maybe someday I can give you a special examination!" Darla stared blankly at the screen in shock as she recognized the last part of the e-mail address, which was the same as hers at the 56

hospital. Who was it that sent this message? It sounded like it was someone from the hospital, but who? She knew only a few men and women personally, but none of them she knew had her e-mail address. However, as she sat and looked over at her sleeping lover, Darla's mind went back to her brief interlude last year with the mysterious cowboy on the train. Yet, instead of making her scared, the thought of a mysterious and sexy admirer and stalker actually made her pussy wet, as she looked at and turned her attention turned to the Raelian brochures on her desk, and read more about the topic of sexual meditation. As she read over the material, her pussy got even wetter thinking about a threesome. To bad her Aunt Sofia had left so soon for Paris. Maybe there was someone local she could make contact with. Darla, now excited with the thought and prospect of pleasuring two men at once, something she had always wanted to do, then went to a the local swingers web site, which Pierre had suggested as they talked about fulfilling their mutual fantasies, and placed an advertisement. The advertisement read: "Young white professional male, age 43, and female, age 20, couple seeks man/women or both to help fulfill her deepest desires and fantasies. Darla is 5'0" with blue eyes, athletic with firm tits, tight ass, creamy skin, and a desire to swallow. No reasonable offer will be turned down." She then scanned in a picture that Pierre took of her after their morning shower and then uploaded a second picture of herself with her swimsuit on that Sofia had taken during their weekend in Cancun. As the sun fell over Pierre, she stepped away from the computer, and then went into the kitchen to finish making breakfast. After Pierre woke up, Darla reentered the room, dropped to her knees, and then proceeded to suck him off and drink from his cock yet again. Then, after licking up all of his salty spunk, she got up off her knees, and showed him where she had been online. She also pointed out the mystery e-mail, and then headed back into the kitchen to make some French toast. As Pierre read the ad that Darla had placed, the Mr. Hyde part of himself smiled with delight, and decided to call the gym and let his friends, who were always looking for new Raelian recruits, know about where to send their invitation for her to join their "club." In addition, as Pierre read the mystery e-mail, he gave out a silent laugh and then sent a message back to his sender, whom he knew was the sender, based upon the return address. As ironic as it sounded, both he and the sender of the e-mail were very good friends, and they now both knew Darla very well. The message simply instructed the mystery man to contact Pierre so that they could make arrangements for a very private exam of young Darla. Pierre, then thought about Darla's desire to know more about his tattoo. For years Pierre had been a devout Raelian, but he was wary 57

of telling Darla that he was a follower of the faith. He was extremely afraid to scare her off, especially after her remark during orientation that she thought the Raelians were nothing but a crazy cult. Which is exactly how the Canadian and world press, over the last fifty years, had portrayed the sect, ever since it had begun cloning humans. Yet, despite the ridicule in the press, the Raelians were not as dangerous or crazy as the papers said, instead they were a benevolent type of a cult, much like the Church of Scientology. The Raelian's founder, Rael, was now nearing his 100th birthday, and his members worldwide numbered in the millions. In addition, the Raelians had recently purchased a major stake in the Tyrell Replicant Corporation, and operated a number of medical facilities both in North America and in Europe. The Raelians also contracted with several third world African and Asian governments in providing needed medical personnel to their countries in exchange for generous donations to the hospitals who provided such personnel. However, despite Darla's initial stated impressions of the Raelians, and especially after she divulged all of her dark sexual desires to him, Pierre knew that if she was introduced to his friends of the local congregation, who were devout followers of the faith, as well as swingers, it would take very little effort on their part to turn her on to the art of sexual meditation, which was one of the pillars of the Raelian faith. Once introduced to the Raelian belief system, Pierre knew that she would not hesitate to renounce her Catholicism and become a Raelian herself. Sensing an opportunity, Pierre stepped outside for a smoke, and walked towards the pool, and placed a phone call, to his good friend Louis, well out of the hearing range of Darla. As he spoke to father Louis, who was the high priest of the local Quebec City congregation, he was assured by his mentor that young Darla would be well taken care of during her introduction to the teachings of Lord Rael, and that he would send a message to her soon inviting her to the gym, where her erotic education would soon begin. Not too long after hanging up, Pierre's telephone rang again, it was the hospital. Apparently there was an emergency at the Raelian hospital located in a remote part of Germania, in Southwest Africa, and that his presence was needed immediately for the next several weeks, possible months, as the only local physician at the hospital had been killed in a car accident. Pierre was overcome with emotion and devastated that he had been ordered by the hospital to leave immediately, but such inconveniences were a regular part of being a doctor, particularly as a member of the French-Canadian Medical Corps, which had paid for his education, and also had overlooked the complaints of several patients who were not happy with his past bed side manner. 58

Pierre then called father Louis back and explained the turn of events, to which Louis replied, "Don't worry my friend, me, Bruno, Isabella, and the rest of the congregation will take special care of Darla. She shall receive an invitation from me very soon. Be safe my friend." Pierre then went called his other friend, and left a message that he would make contact soon regarding Darla's private screening before leaving for Germania. Upon hearing the news, Darla was understandably disappointed and upset, and she couldn't help but break into tears; however, she understood, but since there would soon be a Lear jet waiting for him at the airport, he had to leave soon and go back to his apartment and pack, but not before enjoying a quick breakfast and quickie, as well as shedding a few more shared tears over their abrupt separation. After breakfast she went back to his apartment with him and helped him pack. As Pierre got in his car Darla, who was now crying very hard, gave him a long slow kiss that made his cock rock hard, and then said "I promise to be a good girl." He then, with a tear in his eye, smiled and drove away, but not before he whispered in her ear, "Don't worry, my friends will look after you!" Winked and then kissed her one last time before departing. After Pierre left Darla, she went back to her apartment cried for nearly an hour, and then quickly got showered and dressed for her double shift at the hospital, during which she tried to focus her sadness into treating and making her patients smile.


Chapter Six- The Big Bad World Cums Calling By the time she returned home at midnight, Darla was both emotionally and physically spent after having had to work extra late, because of a car accident, for nearly six hours without so much as a 15 minute break. Darla was even more saddened by the fact that all the sex she now craved, and which she believed Pierre could giver her, would now have to wait weeks, possibly even months. Maybe, she thought, she should make another doctor's appoint, as she checked her messages and found only two from Pierre, one of which said that he had made it to Germania, and the other to say good night, but nothing erotic or dirty. Outside of the bedroom Pierre was a perfect gentleman, but in the bedroom he appeared to her to be the perfect master to serve. She then decided, after stripping out of her nurses uniform, to check her e-mail. When she signed in she found three new messages. The first was from the mysterious messenger who sent a picture of a woman tied up naked in a hospital bed with two black cocks in her face with a caption underneath that said "say aaah?" To which she replied with a very short answer "Who are you!" The next message was from some fat weirdo who sent a picture of him and too much personal information, which she quickly deleted. The third one said: "Darla, allow me to introduce myself I am 48 year old massage therapist and personal trainer who would love to help you fulfill your desires. I am the owner of the Powerhouse Gym on Center Ave. Please feel free to come in and check us out. If you like what you see and are agreeable send me a message. If you want to join or try a free trial membership, with no strings attached, please call Bridgette and she will sign you up over the phone. Yours Louis. P.S. I hope you enjoy the video." As Darla read the message her pussy became wet; however, what really got her pussy wet was the video that he had sent. The video was a promotional shoot for the gym; however this one was obviously not meant for public viewing, but was done for her benefit only. The video opened with the thong bikini clad, grey haired, muscled bodied Louis explaining to Darla the location of the gym and of the rates of normal membership. However, at least for Darla, Louis was going to offer to her an after hours membership, but only if she responded within the next 48 hours and asked to schedule a one on one session with Bruno at 9:00 p.m., which was one hour before the scheduled closing of the gym to regular customers. He then signed off by looking directly into the camera and saying, "The staff here at the gym would love to have the opportunity 60

to give you the workout of a lifetime, and I promise you a very special massage afterward. Call Bridgette soon, and remember ask for the 9:00 p.m. session with Bruno." Darla's mind raced and her sexual urges awoke as she wondered what to do. Should she call this stranger and take him up on his offer, or should she decline and remain true to Pierre. As she thought about it and weighed her decision, she decided that only an erotic movie would help her make her decision, as she grabbed her keys and ran to the video store. She asked the pimply and fat cashier where the adult tapes were and he smiled and then pointed out the way. Inside the adult section there were three older men browsing and watching her. She saw hundreds of titles, but they all looked the same. Finally she found the one she was looking for, it was titled "Pumping Irene." She checked it out and headed for home. Once inside she checked her e-mail again and found the stranger had sent another message this time with a picture of a woman wearing a tight t-shirt and jeans being held by two construction workers, with a caption that read, "Which holes do you want drilled?" Darla then smiled with desire at the thought of being double penetrated, but not before demanding the sender tell her who he was, and then went into her bedroom and opened the curtain. She could see nothing, but black night, though she knew that somewhere out in the blackness the stranger was watching. She then seductively stripped out of her hospital scrubs, much to the delight of her stalker, and then turned away from the window closed it and stepped into the shower. In the shower, Darla's mind drifted as she thought about Louis' message as her hand slipped to her cunt, while her free hand caressed and pinched her nipples, the sensation of which sent herself into a deep erotic trance as she pictured herself being fucked by two powerful men, as she came again and again. However, just before she could cum for a sixth time, Darla was woken out of her dreamy state suddenly as the hot water turned ice cold. She then quickly jumped out from under the freezing water, and to the realization that she had been in the shower over an hour. Despite the cold water, the bathroom was still very warm as she dried; however, as she opened the door she stepped naked into the cold air conditioning, which forced her nipples to hardened and stiffen, as the small apartment window air compressor fought to stave off the oppressive nighttime August humidity. Darla then went into her bedroom without a towel on and started rummaging through her closet looking for her spandex sports bra and shorts. As she was looking the computer chimed "you have mail." She went over to her computer and found that her secret admirer had sent a picture of Kim Bassinger, in a shear slip from the 20th Century erotic movie 9 1/2 Weeks with a caption that said "Please dance for 61

me Princess!" She quickly replied, sensing the sender was watching, "Only when you supply the music and men. But first you have to give me a hint of who you are. PLEASE." To which a reply quickly came, "I will reveal my existence to you in due time, and by appointment only." Darla wondered about the cryptic response, and then strutted to the bedroom window and waved goodnight to her secret admirer and closed the curtain. She then walked over to the closet and pulled out her old aerobic suit, turned the light off, put the suit on and then oiled herself up with baby oil. Darla then set up her digital camera and raised her sports bra to massage the oil into her breasts. She then pulled out an old dumbbell and posed, and then put the disk into the drive and sent it to her stalker with a caption that said, "Are you man enough for me?" and then signed off before he could reply. Not to soon after Darla's stalker received the taunting message and picture, his telephone rang. On the other end was Pierre, who related to him his plan to introduce Darla to his Raelian friends. The stalker was enthralled at the plan that Pierre had hatched to convert Darla into a Raelian sex toy; however, at least for the stalker, his role in Darla's life, was to be Pierre's eyes and ears, and for him to report back to him any problems. The only caveat was that the stalker was not to interfere in anyway with Darla at the gym, nor to any other situations that she might find herself in as a result of her associations with those she would likely meet at the gym. In return, Pierre had mailed to the stalker a copy of the key to Darla's apartment so that he could plant as many hidden cameras and listening devices as was necessary to monitor all of her activities. Meanwhile, after Darla turned off the computer, she placed the Xrated video into the machine and watched. The first scene was of a woman lifting weights and Irene instructing her on the proper form. Eventually it led to a lesbian lick-fest, as Darla stood mesmerized in front of the TV rubbing her oily tits. All during the movie she played with herself as every new scene unfolded, the best being the scene where Irene was gang banged on the massage table, as hot oil was constantly poured all over her. Irene's final act was to be double fucked by the two largest cocks that Darla had ever seen and then let them cum all over her. As Darla watched the erotic site on the screen, she fingered the rim of her ass and wondered how good a cock would actually feel up her rear pathway. The only time she had ever been penetrated, was during her last two previous medical exams, the sensation of which were both very erotic. As she watched the movie she made her tired self cum several more times before the credits rolled, after which she turned the TV off, went to bed, and then masturbated some more before she fell sound asleep to the erotic thoughts of being the star of her own adult exercise video. 62

The day itself had been a very long one for young Darla, and as she slept soundly, across the way at the next apartment, her stalker was busying himself with his own private investigation into her past, just in case he needed to take matters into his own hands... The next day was Darla's regularly scheduled off day, and when she awoke and turned her computer on, she was again surprised to find several new messages. The first one was from a guy nicknamed Biff who left only his measurements and phone number (deleted); the next one was from Tom and Kari who also sent pictures. Kari and Tom looked to be a little to overweight and ugly to be swinging (deleted). Her stalker then sent a picture of a blindfolded and hogtied woman being anally penetrated by a leather clad masked man, with a taunting question underneath, "Do you dare?" The last message was from her Aunt Sofia, who said that she would be in town in Quebec City on Monday and wanted to meet her at a local biker bar the following Tuesday so she could share with Darla her new hobby, motorcycles. Along with her god mother's message was a photo of her, nude, on her new Harley. As Darla looked at Sofia's nakedness, she marveled at the sexy 38 year old woman, who was always in incredible shape and thought back to how her pussy tasted the last time the two of them had made love. She had such an emotional and physical bond with Sofia that it pained Darla every time her mentor left to travel. Darla replied to Sofia, "I will definitely meet you. I have so much to tell you. Unfortunately Pierre has been sent to another hospital in Germania as an emergency replacement for at least the next several weeks. I can't wait to see you and lay in your arms again. Love, Darla" It wasn't even 9 am and now, especially after seeing the nude picture of Sofia on the Harley Davidson, Darla's mind could think of nothing else but sex. She then went back to Louis' offer and then thought about the videotape from last night. She then picked up the receiver and called the gym, and soon Bridgette answered. Darla then nervously told her that Louis had instructed her to call and sign up for an introductory session with a personal trainer. Bridgette, who obviously had either no clue about the purpose of her call, told Darla that she should be there at 8:45 p.m. since Bruno would not tolerate lateness. As for Louis, Bridgette said, he had been called away to Montreal for business, but that he left a message for her to relax and have fun with Bruno. The thought of meeting Bruno, who in her mind was just a faceless and muscled stranger, got her pussy extremely wet, especially when she began to diddle her pussy and began thinking what he might look like naked, oiled up, and firmly embedded in her ass. Finally, after an hour of nearly constant masturbating, Darla regained her senses, got 63

dressed and headed toward the mall to shop. She had a feeling that it would not be a bad idea to add some clothes to her wardrobe and buy some new sexy dresses and exercise outfits. By the time Darla returned home it was after 8 p.m., and Darla marveled at all that she had bought. Among the clothes that Darla purchased were three halter dresses that fit very tightly and accented her body already firm figure, four workout thong backed outfits, two one piece thong backed swimsuits that zipped up from the front, ten different styles of thongs and gstrings, four new pairs of black stilettos and five tight Lycra micro mini dresses that left little, if anything to the imagination. She also bought a black leather choker collar and several black garters and stockings. She then grabbed a drink from the refrigerator, and checked her e-mail, only to find more porn pictures from the stalker across the way, as well as an on line greeting card from Pierre that said "I can't wait until I see you and make love to you again! By the way, I am sending you a special dress that I want you to wear on the night I return. However, do not open the package until I give you permission and explain what it is that I want you to do after you put it on." Darla got wet just thinking what Pierre might command her to do sexually after he returned, but right now her mind was focused on her workout. She then quickly stripped and wiggled into her new thong backed blue spandex aerobics outfit, and then put a pair of tight shorts over her bottom, so as not to draw any undue attention, filled her gym bag with a towel, water and her wallet, and then got in her car and drive to the gym. As Darla drove out of her parking space, the stranger walked out of his apartment with a tool box filled with all kinds of different bugs and video monitors, and went across the street to her apartment and let himself in, where, for the next hour, he placed hidden listening and video devices in nearly every dark crevice, of which their were many, of the dimly lit apartment. The stalker then went back to his apartment, turned on his computer, and waited for his prey to return... Elsewhere, across the St. Lawrence Seaway, at the Powerhouse gym... After Darla told the pretty blond clerk with perky spandex covered tits that she had an appointment with Bruno for a personal training session, he stepped out of the back, after he was paged to the front desk, Darla suppressed a desirous sigh, as he quickly walked up to greet her. Bruno was dripping with sweat from his workout, and he excused himself as he smiled and introduced himself, as he shook Darla's hand with his right hand. It was all Darla could do to control herself and not lick the sweat off of his arms.


On the other hand, despite the ring on his finger, Bruno suggestively looked Darla over like a fresh piece of meat, and then politely suggested that she put her belongings in the locker room and come back out to get started for her workout. Darla then said thank you, and walked into the women's locker room where she immediately noticed the sauna, whirlpool and large massage tables. She also noticed that the shower room was very large and in open view of the weight benches outside, a fact which started her juices flowing yet again as she thought of all the men who might be watching her... Bruno was Louis' right-hand man and partner at the gym, as well as an ordained minister in the Raelian church's Quebec City congregation and, most importantly, an avid swinger. The Quebec City congregation had a worldwide reputation in the Raelian community of being practitioners of the most erotic forms of erotic meditation. As a result, the Quebec City congregation attracted many curious foreigners from other congregations all over the world. Chief among these visitors to the congregation was a visiting Congolese doctor and army colonel, from the war torn nation of Kukuanaland, Mombassa Wemba, whom had recently arrived at the Raelian Hospital, and who was in Canada on a fact finding and recruiting mission for skilled medical professionals whom were urgently needed in the numerous Kukuanan military hospitals located in various remote locations near the border with Katanga in order to replace the dwindling number of native nurses. Colonel Mombassa also was a devout Raelian, as well as a skilled interrogator in the military. Despite his medical credentials, the colonel had only earned his high rank through his sadistic torture skills, which he learned from the Russians as a young and ambitious recruit. One of the items that he brought with him was a special dual use device that he developed first for the military market, as an interrogation device, and later modified it for the civilian pleasure market. It was at this time, during Darla's initial workout, that the colonel had dropped off Bruno's lovely wife Isabella, whom had just provided to her a practical demonstration of the device. Meanwhile, Darla, who by now was soaking wet with sexual desire thinking of what it would be like having Bruno fuck her from behind, desperately needed to lean up against one of the metal lockers so that she could regain her composure before she went back out to the workout area. She was flush with sexual energy, and she wanted to be fucked right then, but she also knew that she needed to let the right moment develop naturally and not to rush. After a few minutes pause, Darla finally regained her stepped out into the workout area and met with Bruno, introduced her to his wife Isabella, whom was smiling afterglow. Isabella was a voluptuous woman with large

senses and who in turn with a sexual tits and a firm 65

body, and a very youthful appearance. Bruno was about 45, but Isabella looked 20, if that, and for a brief moment Darla thought, before they were introduced, that Isabella was Bruno's daughter. After exchanging pleasantries with Isabella, Bruno and Isabella kissed each other goodbye. As Isabella walked over to the door, she said to Darla "I teach aerobics tomorrow night, if you want there is an opening in my 8:30 class tomorrow morning." She then continued, "but if not maybe I'll see you at the after hours hot tub party! Ciao." as she gave Darla a knowing wink as she left the building on wobbly legs, which were still shaking from testing out the colonel's pleasure device. After Isabella left the gym, it was only the two of them alone, as Bruno led Darla over to the exercise mat and explained to her that the health club regularly held an after hours hot tub party for all its new members. The thought of being nude in a hot tub with Bruno and Isabella made Darla very wet as she said to herself "this keeps getting better all the time." Bruno then proceeded to show Darla how to stretch and limber up and afterward he put her through several reps and let her hit the showers. All told Darla's workout lasted 45 minutes, and by the end her muscles were pretty sore and felt like rubber, however there was no suggestion of anything sexually during the entire workout. Afterward, Bruno commented that he had to leave for home right away, the comment of which help Darla to decide to skip the shower. However, she told Bruno that she would be back tomorrow morning for aerobics. To which Bruno replied "great my wife will look forward to it, We'll see you then. And then maybe afterward we can reward you with a massage." As Darla drove home, her thoughts turned to Isabella as she tried to get a mental picture of what she might look like nude, as well as what that promised massage would feel like. However, before she went home, Darla suddenly remembered that she had to stop at the video store to return her tape, and decided that she should definitely pick up at least one new movie from the adult section to help her relieve the sexual tension that was building in her. At the video store she picked up several porno movies, along with "9 1/2 Weeks," "Wild Orchid 3" and a Playboy video of real couples acting out their fantasies. She also picked out a movie on bondage and inter-racial sex. When Darla got home she showered and slipped into her nightgown, and fast forwarded through all the movies so that she could watch the sex scenes while she diddled her clit, which in turn was now being observed and recorded on a computer, via hidden cameras, from across the way in her stalker's apartment.


"Wild Orchid 3" excited her most because it showed a hot young woman being sold into white slavery. 9 1/2 Weeks was good, but it seemed pretty tame compared to the others she had just seen. The bondage and inter-racial scenes in the pornos excited her the most because she had yet to experience either one. After turning off the movie she drank some wine and went online. Logging on she found a single message, which was from a young 18 year old named Charles, who wrote: "Darla, You are HOT!!! Would you consider meeting me? I just got out of the Army and I am in excellent condition. My Army buddy also saw your picture and could not stop talking about you. We live near Quebec City. Would you consider a "double" date?" To which she replied: "Hmm... Two men taking me out? Sounds very tempting?" and then attached the picture of her in her old aerobic outfit, signed off and showered. After drying off Darla decided to check out the adult bookstore in the seedier part of town, and even though she knew it might be dangerous, she was in such an aroused state she was in she threw caution to the wind. However, since it was colder she slipped into her full Lycra body suit and decided to put a jacket on. She then drove to the seedier part of town, near the loading docks, over to the area occupied by numerous strip joints and sleazy bars. The thought of bringing Pierre to these places certainly excited her loins, as she pulled into a place called "Mickey's," which was an adult book, video and toy store. Once inside the dimly lit shop, Darla saw several couples and young men browsing the shelves. Her first idea was to check out the videos, but they all were expensive and were the same as in the video store. She saw a number of Penthouse type magazines and selected Variations and The Forum along with some cheap paperbacks. She then went over to the toy section and was amazed by all that they offered, as she silently picked out a very long and thick black dildo and put it in her shopping cart. However, soon she got carried away by the thought of pleasuring herself, and by the time she was finished she had an arsenal of sex toys. Among her new toys were: butt plugs that ranged in size from two to six inches; dildos that all were as thick as her wrist and ranged in length from seven to twelve inches; several bottles of scented oil; a strap on dildo for when Sofia came to town; anal beads and Ben-Wa balls; as well as a ball gag and blindfold. Once she could see no more items that piqued her lustful curiosity, she went up to the counter and the clerk checked her out, as she quietly paid her $200 and headed straight for the car, got in and quickly drove back to her apartment. Once inside of the apartment, Darla dumped the contents of her shopping back onto her bed and began taking all of her toys out of their packages and washing them off. 67

The time was now 1 a.m. and Darla was still in a dreamy erotic state when the phone suddenly rang, it was Pierre. She could tell he was horny and jacking off when he breathlessly asked, "what are you wearing?" Darla: "I'm wearing my new aerobics sports bra and the matching thong." Pierre: "Did you buy it for me or your stalker at the the complex?" Darla: "No I bought it for my sexy new personal trainer Bruno! I joined a gym today, but I am sure the other guys will like it. The thong is wedged so tightly that it is spreading my pussy!" Pierre: "Is Bruno hot? Do you want him to nail you while I watch?" Darla: "Of course! But only with your cock in my mouth." Pierre: "What else did you buy?" Darla: "Use your imagination! I don't want to spoil the big surprise!" Pierre: "Listen, I must go now, I'll see you soon hopefully, but please play nice and have fun while I am away! But don't be too good!" "Click-" Afterward Pierre placed a call to his colleague and told him that their plan for Darla's special exam would have to be put on hold until he was able to return. Prior to calling Darla up, he had been informed that his services might be needed permanently in Germania, and that, per his contract with the French-Canadian Medical Corps, he would not be able to decline the offer. In the meantime, he would have to content himself with the naked real time images of Darla that his friend and colleague, her stalker, was broadcasting to him and the world over the Internet. Unbeknownst that she was now being spied upon by people all over the world via the Internet, Darla quickly stripped off her leotard and grabbed the smallest dildo. She was so wet by now that the rubber phallic slid easily in. She proceeded to pound away at her pussy until she climaxed with such force that she fell off the bed. However, Darla still wasn't satisfied, as she picked herself up off the floor and grabbed the KY jelly in the medicine cabinet and headed back into the bedroom. She then slowly inserted the next biggest dildo deeply in her pussy, and then, after it was all the way in, she grabbed the small butt plug, smeared a giant glob of KY on it, and then turned over and spread her legs as she proceeded to slowly inch the plug up her tight asshole until it reached its widest point, and then lodged itself snugly in.


By now Darla was squealing with pleasure as she slowly fucked her pussy with the dildo and felt the plug rub up against it through the thin membrane that separated her two love canals. Finally, as Pierre, the stalker and numerous unknown others looked on, and after what seemed like hours, Darla finally came again and went limp. However, she recovered just enough to pull the plug out of her ass and put it and the dildos in the bathroom sink, and then went straight to bed and turned out the lights for the most peaceful night of sleep that she had in weeks...


Chapter Seven- Darla's Workout The next morning Darla's newest friend and coworker, Shelly, called and woke her up out of her deep sleep. Shelly had called to see if Darla wanted to go for an early morning swim; however, Darla, who by now was wet thinking about Bruno and Isabella, suggested that Shelly come with and join her at the gym for aerobics. Shelly said she had already made an appointment to meet her other friend at the pool, but suggested they go shopping after work tomorrow, since they were both working double shifts the next day. After Shelly hung up Darla, who found the perky and blond headed Shelly extremely attractive, as well as very open minded and a tad on the slutty side, headed for the shower and slipped into her aerobics outfit and headed for the gym. When Darla arrived at the gym, she was met by Isabella who wore her and the other ladies out during the low impact session. After the 30minute session she followed Isabella suggested to Darla to follow her to the female locker room for a sauna, whirlpool and shower. Isabella then said, as they walked in to the empty locker room, "Louis should be coming in soon to give massages, I hear that Bruno offered you one, do you think you could use it?" To which Darla, who was tired and horny at the same time, stammered simply "y y yes!" Isabella then said that she, Darla, would not have long to wait, and Isabella said suggested "we can soak in the whirlpool while we wait." To which Darla just nodded affirmatively, and followed the sexy aerobics instructor to the whirlpool. Quickly, in the locker room, Darla undressed, and placed her clothes in the locker, while at the same time she watched Isabella slowly strip out of her sweat soaked spandex. The site of a woman had never aroused Darla as much as it did now. Even Sofia's nude body was tame compared to the dark skinned Italian beauty that she now say unclothed before her. Darla, who was drinking in the site of Isabella's statuesque body, was caught off guard and brought back to reality when Isabella, who had caught her staring in the mirror, suddenly said, "So Darla, do you like what you see?" as Isabella smiled at her with a mischievous grin. Darla just blushed and tried to cover up her desire by replying, "Why yes. I mean no. I mean, well what I meant was that I wish that my body looked that good." Isabella then walked up to Darla, looked her over, and then placed her index finger on Darla's quivering and pouted lips, and said in a very seductive tone, "as long as you keep attending my classes, you'll not only look good, but feel good! In fact, being trained by me and Bruno may just change your life." After which Isabella kissed Darla on her left cheek, looked deeply into her eyes and then took her hand and led her naked body to the sauna.


As Darla followed Isabella she noted the same kind of tattoo on her ass check that she saw on Pierre's, "what does it mean," she thought as she felt the secretions of her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second as she was whisked away for a steam. She then followed Isabella into the sauna first, where they sat down on cedar benches, as the steam caressed bodies, as Darla watched Isabella closed her eyes, laid face up on the bench, and closed her eyes. Darla once again focused on Isabella's body as she fantasized in her mind all of the pleasures she could hope to give and receive from the lusty Italian. After about 15 minutes of idle small talk in the sauna, the two sweat soaked women stepped out of the opposite door from which they entered, and felt their nipples hardened as their bodies met the rush of cold air that permeated the locker room. Darla, who smelled a strong odor of male sweat as they closed the door behind them, had not seen this part of the health club before, but silently followed Isabella to the Jacuzzi where they slowly got into the steaming cauldron, and then gently let their bodies sink downward, so as to adjust their soft skin to the hot mineral water. Darla purposely sat on a jet, which blasted a stream of hot water on her sore back muscles, as well as her tender anus, which still tingled with the remembrance of last night's butt plug injection. Then, as Darla's body became adjusted to the spraying and bubbling jets of hot water, Isabella turned the conversation away from Darla's job at the hospital, and began to ask her some preplanned questions. Isabella: "So do you have a boyfriend?" Darla: "Yes, but he is away in Germania for at least the next three weeks. He was called there on an emergency. He's a doctor. However, he really is just a new boyfriend, we've only gone out a few times. I am really hoping that he comes home this weekend though." Isabella: "Does he know you joined the gym?" Darla: "Yes, he sounded pretty excited. By the way, I was wondering, what does the tattoo on your butt signify?" Isabella: "Oh that? Well let's just say that this in not an ordinary gym. The gym has two functions, the first one being exercise for paying customers. As for the other function, let's just say that after closing, we only let certain people who live a certain type of lifestyle, and who have certain beliefs, in for other types of physical activity." Darla: "Are you saying that this is a swingers club?"


Isabella: "Yes and no. Yes, nearly all of the members of our sect been part of the swinging lifestyle, but that is not what this gym is all about. We practice a certain kind of sexual art known as erotic meditation. I am sure you have heard of it. As for your question about the tattoo, well lets just say that someday, if we earn your trust and friendship, maybe you too might want to do what it takes to become one of us." Darla: "Swingers? Do you mean that my boyfriend and you are part of the same sex club???" Isabella: "Yes and No. Darla your boyfriend, is his name Pierre, and is he say about 43 with a birthmark on the foreskin of his cock?" Darla: "How do you know that??? What are you saying??" Isabella: "What I am saying that not only do I know your boyfriend, I have made love to him on a number of occasions, we are both Raelians, but converting you to our faith and branding your bottom with our mark is not the reason why Louis invited you here. Pierre knew that, because of your desire to place that naughty and daring advertisement on the Internet, and that since he was going to be away from you and the horny sex that Pierre told Louis that you desired, that maybe it would be best if you we, the ones whom he trusts as friends and lovers, introduced you to the art of erotic meditation, and then, if you were ever willing, we could also introduce you to the Raelian beliefs of cosmic erotic awareness." By now Darla was shaking with fear as well as desire, as she and Isabella had moved closer, in fact their nipples were touching, during this revelation of fact. To think that Pierre had asked someone to watch over her as well as seduce her! Shaken and confused by all of this, as well as incredibly turned on, Darla was a jumble of emotions. However, as she thought for a second, in her head she could hear the advice that Sofia once gave to her in a fit of mutual passion, "Never be afraid to reach out and touch the stars." As she sat there remembering Sofia's advice, Darla slowly stammered: "I, I, I placed the ad because I wanted to experience something new and exciting! All my life I was told I wasn't pretty or worthy enough, but here I am with you, and you are so beautiful. Since I met you and Bruno my mind has been picturing all kind of erotic thoughts..." Then, just before Darla could finish that last sentence, Isabella, who was never one to sense an opportunity, pulled Darla to her and kissed her full and hard, with Darla's own lips, tongue and arms doing the same in surprise return. When their tongues met and their wet bodies fell into each others arms, their hands and fingers began to do some intimate exploring each others bodies, as Isabella jammed her fingers up Darla's sopping and exposed cunt, rubbing her clit 72

hard while force-feeding her ample breasts into Darla's waiting mouth. Darla sucked and pulled on both of Isabella's large breasts like a newborn, and quickly cried out as her pussy quickly convulsed in a long awaited orgasm as Isabella began to work a finger up her ass. For the next 15 minutes both women took turns giving and receiving as much anal, oral and pelvic pleasure as each could muster in the bubbling cauldron, while Bruno, Louis, and a very muscular black Senegalese woman named Lola watched in bemusement , on the closed circuit TV, at the carnal exhibition taking place inside the gym's special "members only" locker room that was located in between the normal men and women locker rooms. The locker room however was not sound proof, as the orgasmic shrieks and moans of both women carried and were clearly audible to all of the men and women who could not help but laugh and smile with imagination at the sexual carnival that was going on somewhere. Finally, after Isabella watched Darla rocket through her third orgasm, with the help of Isabella's thumbs and forefingers pressing gently into Darla's tender bunghole, and Isabella's teeth practically chewing on Darla's tender nipples, she sensed that the time had now come to introduce Darla to some more of Pierre's Raelian friends. As Isabella watched her prey calm down after the convulsions of her orgasm practically sent Darla's eyes rolling back like a epileptic seizure, Isabella smiled and looked up at the camera high over the whirl pool and silently lipped the words "its time" to her husband. Isabella then brought Darla close to her and spooned and stroked her lovingly, she then whispered that "its now time for that massage you were promised." To which Darla, after looking back and kissing Isabella deeply, asked breathlessly and mischievously, "Does that mean more sex?" "Of course" Isabella replied, "However, think of it as an exercise of your most intimate muscles!!" Once out of the hot tub Isabella and Darla toweled each other off, after which Isabella motioned for Darla to follow her over to the massage table. Isabella then grabbed piece of black cloth and said, "now put this blindfold on and lay on your back." Darla did as she was told, and then felt Isabella grab hold of both of her arms and stretch them over her head, cuffing her wrists into a pair of leather shackles. Isabella then smiled wickedly at her lovely captive who was now desperate to relax. Isabella then moved down the table and spread Darla's legs wide, until they were practically draped over the sides. As soon as Darla was fully spread eagled, Isabella made way for Lola, who approached Darla silently so that she would not know that there was a second naked body tasting her juices. Lola approached Darla with bemusement and desire as she smiled at Isabella, whom then 73

nodded for the black beauty to proceed to lick her pussy and asshole until she was just at the brink of another orgasm. Lola was a Nubian goddess whom had the physique of a Venus or Serena Williams, and the beauty of Vanessa Williams. The plan of the day was to make Darla desperate for release, and to have her completely physically exhausted when that final sexual release came. As Lola orally assaulted the young blindfolded prisoner Darla squirmed and moaned as Lola expertly ate her muff out and fingered fucked her butt. However, just as Darla's moans and cries began to signal the onset of an orgasm, Isabella cried out to Lola, "stop, I believe it is time for her shave!" Darla then felt cold shaving cream being applied to her bush, and then a felt the cold sting of a straight edged razor gentle and oh so carefully deflowering her decidedly hairy pussy until after several minutes she was completely bald. Lola soon finished her work and then announced that in just moments her promised massage and first lesson in the ways of erotic meditation would begin. As Darla silently laid on the massage table she felt the lights getting hotter above her and her skinning beginning to burn as sweat slowly dripped off her body. As she lay wondering what was going to happen next, she noticed several voices coming closer to her. In fact she could make out at least four voices, Bruno and Isabella's along with that of Louis, and another man, whom she did not know. Isabella then leaned over and whispered into Darla's "Your masseuses are here. Bruno, and Louis. Now do what they say and you'll experience pure pleasure, but if you refuse I guarantee that you will never know what you missed. Shall we proceed?" Darla was by now practically speechless as she nodded her head yes and felt the familiar tongue and lips of Isabella kiss her deep. Louis than came up and whispered into Darla's ear "I am so glad that I finally get to meet you. I know that this will be an experience that you will never forget. And we are so sure you'll enjoy it we have been videotaping your every move tonight when you and Isabella entered the locker room. A copy of which will be sent to poor Pierre in Germania." Then he said in a louder tone of voice, "Now, let's work out the kinks in those muscles! Lola, please apply the oil." Darla then felt baby oil being poured and squirted all over her sweat soaked body. When Lola finished pouring, she felt six strong muscular and calloused hands began kneading her sore but aroused loins, as they slowly worked the baby oil into her creamy skin, pussy and ass crack. As the men massaged Darla, Isabella began the filming of the event.


Of course Isabella made sure that she caught every movement on film, as well as the moans and cries of desires that were coming out of Darla's throat. As the men rubbed her, Darla's cries of desire and ecstasy began to become somewhat of a distraction for Louis, who decided that it was time to silence the young maiden. Louis and Bruno then began talking like doctors preparing for surgery, as Louis ordered, "Lola prepare the enema, and please gag our little red headed guest." Lola then forcefully jammed a ball gag in Darla's mouth and tightly secured it around her head, and then rolled her over so that they could pour more oil onto her skin, in their mission to make her muscles as loose, limber and flexible as possible before beginning her long introduction to the Raelian erotic experience. Minutes after the men started the massage, every muscle in Darla's body had surrendered and was now a willing slave to whatever pleasure lay ahead. Soon, one of the men pulled and positioned her up on her knees, with her head bowed down, and then used his muscled and meaty hands to spread her plump and tiny ass cheeks apart. Once she was up and spread wide, Bruno then said, "OK we are ready to proceed. Darla this will not hurt, just relax and let all your worries out, while at the same time you let all the pleasure in." As Darla relaxed, she felt the distinctive feel of a tapered tube enter her bottom and then suddenly a rush of very warm water enter her bowels. As the warm water coursed through her system, Darla began to shake and thrash about on the now very slick oil coated table, while six very strong masculine hands held her firmly in place. The sensation of the bubbles and water flowing up into her nether region caused Darla to moan and shriek with desire as she felt her thin walls being stretched and massaged by the fast-moving current. And then, just when she thought she could no longer hold any more water, Darla then heard the enema machine switch gears as it slowly started to suck all of the water and left over waste embedded in her bowels, out of her. Not to soon after the enema tube was gently removed, and a after few seconds of positioning Darla in place, Lola whispered into her ear, "Now Darla, we are now going to see just how many times you can cum in a 30 minute period. During this part of your training, we are going to fill you with numerous devices, as well as a real cock or two, in both your cunt and your ass. I suspect that by the time we are finished with this stage, you will be barely able to remember your own name."


Darla then heard Isabella, who was intently taping the session, say to her from off in the distance, "Do not be afraid Darla! Remember, we are doing this for your pleasure." As Darla heard and digested Isabella's words of reassurance, her mind began to whisk away the last shreds of any doubt or fear in Darla's mind, as she felt a cold dollop of KY jelly being applied to her bottom and coated by Lola's extremely strong though feminine fingers, which also were caressing Darla's freshly shaved pussy as she coated. As Darla purred in delight, in her doggie style position on the bench, as Lola caressed her pussy and lubricated her bung hole, Louis, in a low sexy voice, said to her, "Now Darla, the first order of business will be the string of anal beads." as she suddenly felt, one by one, marble sized beads of progressive size disappear into her lubricated rear end. Then, after Louis had finished and filled her up with over 20 beads, the last one being nearly an inch in diameter, Darla felt an enormous latex-covered dildo slowly press up against her creamy pussy, as Bruno then said "I am now going to slowly penetrate you with this long piece of rubber with very long and slow strokes as Louis slowly removes the beads from your bottom." Slowly Darla was penetrated by the nine-inch rubber dildo as she felt the beads in her ass rub up against the walls of her ass on the other side. Darla immediately felt a shiver of desire course down her spine as her body was held in place on the massage table by Louis, Bruno and Lola. The beads, as Bruno slowly began a rhythm of fucking her, began to very slowly exit out of her bottom with an audible "pop," until the strokes of the dildo became hard and faster, until finally and without warning, the last ten anal beads were yanked out of her ass as she felt warm water shooting out of the urethra of the plastic dildo. The sensation of all of which forced a series of loud moans to erupt from Darla's throat, despite the fact that the ball gag wedged in her mouth was designed to mute her. Then, as she tried to catch her breath, which was by now ragged with desire, the dildo was pulled out and she was allowed to collapse on the table moaning into the ball gag, as her sweat caused her to slip around the table from all the gyrations and orgasmic spasms she was now having under the hot lights until finally she calmed down and felt beads of sweat roll down her back under the bright spot lights. After her trainers had let Darla catch her breath, and for them to prepare the next gauntlet of her training, Lola then ordered Bruno and Louis to introduce her to a third cock. Upon Lola's orders, Bruno and Louis lifted up the limp Darla, whose wrists were still shackled together, and carried her over to a cedar bench, whereupon they proceeded to gently place her upon the rigid cock of the stranger. Bruno and Louis, who held Darla's legs far apart and lined her cunt up with the very hard and large human male organ, both watched in 76

delight as she moaned into her ball bag as she felt her still and always tight cunt slowly swallow and become adjusted to the thick shaft that soon stretched her lips wider than they had ever been before. However, before Darla could sit upright and adjust her womb to the inhuman cock, her head was forced down and made to rest on the stranger's musky, sweet-smelling sweat covered chest. Then, as Darla lay there and was forced down by the stranger's muscle bound arms, she felt a slender female finger snake up her ass. She then heard Bruno say "I bet her ass has never had a cock like that in it. Look at how she flinches as her hole tries to draw your finger in. We should probably try the smallest size first since we do not want to rip her apart." Then, as she lay silently on the stranger's muscular barrel chested body, enjoying the gentle strokes on her ass and back from his meaty hands, Darla suddenly heard a series of snaps and clicks as she soon realized that Lola was was going to mount her with a strap on dildo. However, before she could be violated, Lola applied more KY to Darla's very soon to be violated asshole, and soon, after Lola had smeared copious amounts on her, Darla felt an enormous latex presence begin to slowly stretch and slowly invade her ass. Lola worked the rubber shaft into Darla's bottom slowly and gently, as the stranger's strong hands held her moaning and short of breath lithe body steady, while he enjoyed the sight in the mirror of seeing this young woman's ass being spread and raped. Upon entry of the rubber cock into her ass, Darla felt a tinge of pain at first, however very quickly the pain subsided and the pleasure began to increase exponentially until soon Lola had the dildo lodged deep in her rectum and then slowly began to move it back and forth, while at at the same time the stranger began his slowly piston his cock out of her now very tight cunt. The in and out motion of the twin cocks in her system caused Darla to begin moaning uncontrollably, as she experienced the most intense pleasure she had ever felt and soon came three times in quick succession before the stranger's cock exploded deep inside her at the same time Lola's fake cock shot more warm water up into her bowels. As the three of them laid there on the bench catching all of their collective breaths, Lola and the stranger finally decided that they had to pull out. From behind Darla, Lola's cock made a loud "pop" as she separated from Darla's still tight bung hole, while afterward Darla was picked up off of the stranger by Bruno and Louis, and then carried over to the another bench in the coed shower stall, where Bruno and Lola then cleaned her up and dried her off.


As Darla moaned and cooed to the soft and gentle movements of Lola and Bruno's hands, she heard Louis say to Isabella, "Well, she is certainly all that Pierre said she was. Now take her home and make sure you leave a copy of the tape with her. Make sure she stays blindfolded until we leave. I want you and Bruno to continue her education tomorrow at your house, and may I suggest that she wear tomorrow night the novice costume, as well as has planted in her the sacred objects." Finally, after having been thoroughly sponged bathed and dried, as well as having her long hair knotted up by Lola into a pony tail, Darla began to regain her composure and closed her eyes under her blindfold as she savored the loving and attention that Lola and Bruno were administering to her. Then, after what seemed like a second, but was rather minutes, Darla found herself alone, with her hands free, but still tightly blindfolded in the locker room. However, instead of getting up and removing the blindfold, Darla contented herself with gently stroking her now well fucked body until she finally came one last time as she pressed her breasts together with her knees and she finger fucked both her sore ass and tender pussy. Not soon after having came for that final time in the locker room, Isabella and Lola returned to put Darla's clothes back on her, and then, after she was dressed Isabella handed to her a Powerhouse gym bag, as she listened to Isabella's instructions. "Here in the gym bag are your clothes for tomorrow night. A tape of your initial training is also in the bag. Bruno and I will now walk you to your car, were he will then remove your blindfold and gag. Once they come off you are to leave immediately and then go home and sleep." Darla was then led to her car, which had been moved to the back of the gym for privacy, and then handed the keys. Isabella and Bruno then took off her gag and blindfold, whereupon Isabella then kissed her deep for a solid minute while behind her Bruno rubbed his muscled body and meaty cock against Darla as he caressed her Lycra covered breasts. Finally, as Darla savored the feeling of being sandwiched, kissed, fondled and loved, Isabella broke the embrace and said to her in a very serious tone, "You will come to our house tomorrow night for a follow up session with Bruno. If anybody asks where you are going, particularly Pierre, tell them that you are coming to our house for what we Raelians call "novice training." Pierre knows what kind of training that is." Isabelle then pulled out of the gym bag a set of large brass Ben Wa balls and a solid chrome butt plug with Greek type lettering on them. As she showed them to Darla, Isabella said "as a part of your novice training, these must be in your cunt and ass at all times when you train with us. These are sacred objects that I was once given by Lord Rael, and which, as legend has it, are made out of the first Raelian spacecraft that crashed to Earth. Now go home and get some sleep, for 78

we know that you have a long night shift at the hospital awaiting you. I will call or e-mail you with directions to our house. We will expect you to be there dressed in the outfit at 9 p.m." Darla then put the gifts and the outfit back in her bag and then drove home in a deep sexual trance as she replayed over and over the sexual events of the morning, while at the same time nearly twice rear ending the cars in front of her. As she drove back to her apartment, she could not help but touch herself as she thought of what she had just experienced. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever think that she could enjoy so much pure and guilt free sexual pleasure at one time. Yet, she could not help but wonder what both Lola and the stranger looked like, especially that monster cock of his that had filled her up so completely, and more than ever man had before. As Darla looked at her face in the rear view mirror, she could not help but smile at the sexual glow that was now showing clearly in her cheeks and in her blue eyes. She knew that she had to tell Sofia about what had just happened to her, but as for Pierre, for some reason Darla wasn't now sure where he stood with her. Yet even tough it was he, Pierre, who had been responsible for her being subjected to so much pleasure that she had just experienced at the gym, she somehow had the dreaded suspicion that he was either not coming back to her, or if he did come back, that the one on one relationship that she had hoped for would somehow not be as meaningful now that she knew he had set the whole erotic scenario up. Yet, despite her feelings for Pierre, Darla also knew that if she had to ever choose love or sex, well it would be her love of sex and all the kinky fantasies that she now desired which would win out. By the time she finally returned home, Darla was an emotional and sexual basket case as she struggled to rationalize her need for not only love, but also for sexual fulfillment and experimentation. Meanwhile, across the parking lot, Darla's stalker watched as she got out of the car, and headed into her apartment. Once inside Darla stripped off her clothes and headed for the shower, where, as thousands watched on their own computer screens, the red headed nurse erotically soaped herself up as she closed her eyes and laid in the tub. For nearly an hour Darla laid down and let the luxurious bubbles sooth her most tender parts as she made herself cum again and again, with her eyes closed, as she remembered every last incredible kinky detail of the day's workout at the Powerhouse Gym...


Chapter Eight- The 'Art' of Sexual Meditation As Darla lay nude on the bed next to all of her new sex toys, the alarm clock awoke her out of a strange erotic dream. Despite the eight-hour nap, which she took after having arrived home after a long and exhaustive double-shift at the hospital, she suddenly awoke and had a sudden sensation that her session at the gym yesterday had been all a dream. She had been so tired after arriving home from the hospital that she had forgot to check her messages. As she awoke, as she looked at all the sex toys that laid around her, she smiled wickedly as she remembered what it was that had she had been dreaming about. As her stalker, Pierre, and others on the Internet watched, Darla slept on top of her bed fully nude as she began to experience the first of numerous destiny fulfilling dreams. In this dream, the first of such ones that she would begin having after her orgy at the gym, Darla was Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider, and she was in the heart of Africa on an expedition to find the Lost Mines of King Solomon. During her incredible journey, Lara, meaning Darla, was only able to find the lost treasure after having been subjected to numerous gang bangs and rapes at the hands of the alien creatures who protected the mines. In her final battle to wrest control of the mines to her, Darla, as Lara, was forced to fight a large eight foot humanoid monster, whom intended to impregnate the tomb raider with his seed. It was only after enduring the hardest fucking that she had ever experienced, and after the monster had cum in her, that Darla was able to kill the beast who was weakest when he began spewing his seed into her. Then after having stabbed the beast with her dagger, Darla got off of the wet and glistening cock of the monster and savored the taste of his sweet and salty cum, and then, finally feeling sated, she mounted the monster cock again and rode it to an earth crushing orgasm, at just the same exact moment that the alarm clock signaled to Darla that it was time to awake. At around 9 p.m., the phone rang at Darla's, however, Darla was preoccupied with her shower and impending orgasm that she had to let the machine answer for her. Once out of the shower, Darla listened to the message. The message from Isabella said, "Bruno and I live at 515 Lafayette St. Be here in one hour. Remember to wear the outfit we gave you, as well as the sacred objects. See you soon! (Click)." The message from Isabella got Darla's juices flowing again, for she now knew that her time at the gym had not been a dream. She then went over to the gym bag and pulled out what looked to be a toga 80

miniskirt, with a golden head band, matching white thong, and sandals that tied up around her calves. Then after seeing herself in the daring Isis type outfit Darla remembered about the metal butt plug and Ben Wa balls that she had been instructed to insert into her. Going back into the apartment, she reached into the gym bag and took the semi-heavy metallic objects to the bathroom, rinsed them off, peeled down her thong, and then proceeded to lube the butt plug up. As Darla stared at the gleaming tapered metallic invader, smiled, drew a deep breath, and then ever so slowly, she inserted it into her ass. The coldness of the gel and metal on her anus forced out a low moan as she inched the plug up her tight bottom until about midway, when the widest point passed her sphincter and her rectal muscles pulled it in deep, until finally the four inch metal dagger was firmly anchored in. After that, Darla had to force herself to concentrate on inserting the Ben Wa balls into her already wet and now bald pussy. Once the large metal balls were in, she put back on her thong panties. lowered her toga skirt, grabbed her keys and license, and then headed for the car. As Darla walked to the car she could hear the metal clinking sound of the balls, and she could feel the objects moving up against the thin membrane that separated her love canals. Yet even though it felt wonderfully strange and erotic to walk with the pieces of metal bouncing up inside of her, that was nothing compared to the feeling she experienced when she sat down in the car seat as the butt plug seemed to expand as she moaned loudly in pleasure as the plug and balls used the force of gravity to bury themselves into her to the hilt. After several minutes of getting adjusted and calming her already turned on and nearly naked body down, she mentally focused herself to the task at hand, driving to Isabella and Bruno's house. After about 15 minutes of searching, Darla found their house. Once out of the car she entered the open door, after having gotten no response from knocking, and noticed that the lights in the basement were on and the stereo playing smooth jazz. As she made her way into the candle lit basement, she found Bruno slowly eating Isabella's pussy, who was outstretched on a wooden alter underneath a Star of David begging for him to make her cum. However, since both of them were so lost in their own pleasure, neither one noticed that Darla had entered the room. As Bruno made passionate oral love to his young wife, Darla could not help but become flushed with desire at the site of Isabella's spread eagle legs bent all the way back toward her knees, as Bruno's muscular body hunched over and drank from her essence. Suddenly, not to soon, after she silently entered the basement, Darla watched intently as Isabella climaxed with a loud shriek and matching convulsions, as she pushed Bruno's head deeper into her crotch. Then, 81

after a few moments Isabella, with perspiration on her forehead looked up at Darla and reached for her hand, while at the same time Bruno came over to her and gave his guest a deep wet and pussy flavored kiss. As Isabella pushed herself upright, she held Darla's hand tight and said, "That was so incredible! Tonight you'll find out how good of a pussy eater my husband and me are. I am sure your pussy is incredibly sore and sensitive from yesterday still, but we need to have your cunt ready for Pierre tomorrow night. He has a special surprise for you." Bruno then reached for Darla's hand and told her to follow him to the backroom where he ordered her to take over her top and to lay face down on the massage table so he could give her a simple no sex massage to help relax and prepare her for her erotic spiritual awakening. As Darla lay face down in the cold and unfurnished concrete massage room, she asked what it was that Pierre had planned for her tomorrow night. To which Bruno simply replied, "I can't tell. Remember, its a surprise." After about 20 minutes, Bruno had Darla sit upright and then told her to put her white dress back on. By now the pleasure of the Ben Wa balls and the butt plug were becoming unbearable as Darla felt the mini orgasmic jolts of the metallic devices beginning to go toward the base of her spine. Soon they both went back upstairs to find Isabella swimming in the pool nude, and without the need for any encouragement, Darla stripped down to her white thong and jumped in. As Darla tread water, Isabella swam over and wrapped her arms and legs around her, and then asked "Darla do you want to experience what true erotic awareness is all about? If you let us we can introduce you tonight, for the sake of your relationship with Pierre, to a whole new world of both mental and physical erotic stimuli." To which Darla simply nodded her head "yes," and then lowered her lips to Isabella's ample bosom at the same time she reached for and began fingering her tutor's shaved pussy. Soon Isabella's ass was on the edge of the pool as her new student held her tight to her face and eagerly lapped away at her own shaved pussy, as Isabella reached out to her husband and motioned for him to take his Speedo's off and join them. Then, as Darla slowly mouthfucked Isabella's pussy, Bruno knelt next to his wife, poured suntan oil on his cock and proceeded to fuck her tits as he pressed them together, and then after several minutes of licking and fucking, Bruno timed his climax perfectly with that of Isabella's as she screamed out in an explosion of desire, while at the same time she grabbed her husband's exploding cock and aimed his wad at her face as she sucked in every salty drop.


After watching from below, Darla, who by now was feeling a bit left out, jumped out of the pool and got on top of Isabella and French kissed her hard, as their cum and pussy juice filled tongues met and danced erotically while they humped each others mound. The sight was so erotic, and the Ben Wa balls and butt plug were adding so much pleasure friction that Darla soon began to cum until she finally collapsed teary eyed on top of her buxom new lover. After a minute or two of watching the girls attempt to recover and regain their senses, Bruno told Darla "now it's your turn! I want you to dry off and follow me in the house after you help Isabella get her footing." Darla then helped Isabella up, but Isabella was so weak from her last two orgasms that she was barely able to stand or walk. However, with Darla's help they slowly followed Bruno into the house and down into the basement where Isabella said, "first the three of us will take a shower together then we'll start your session." The two women then followed Bruno into the back of the large basement where the weight machines were, and then entered a separate room that looked like a cross between a medieval torture chamber and a church. In the back was a large industrial type shower stall that was big enough for about 15 people. However, the stall had no curtain and contained several plastic stools and removable shower heads. Bruno then instructed Darla to remove her wet thong, which Darla did, and then she was told by Isabella to bend over. Darla then grabbed her ankles and felt Isabella slowly remove the butt plug and Ben Wa balls at the same time. The intense sensation of both objects being removed caused Darla's knees to shake as she moaned in both ecstasy and sadness, for she was sad to now be so empty. After the objects were removed, Bruno then took Darla's hand, led her to the shower and then ordered her to cross her wrists and place them over her head. Isabella then slapped a pair of cold steel padded handcuffs on Darla and attached them to a chain in the ceiling, and then, before Darla could relax, Isabella began raising the chain until Darla stood only on the tip of her toes. The position the two were putting her in caused Darla's posture to take an awkward position as her breasts now stood out and were proudly on display. Then after having secured Darla to the ceiling, and making her completely helpless, Bruno and Isabella then began to explain the philosophy of the erotic meditation. After now having nodded that she understood, and that she desired to learn the ancient erotic ways of the Raelians, Bruno said "Now my dear Darla, this first test will be a test of both mind and body. If you can endure and find pleasure in a nice ice cold shower than you will be able to enjoy the candle session later. Are you ready?" To which Darla nodded yes as she felt the water sprinkler above her rain down ice cold water, while Bruno and Isabelle simply watched in amusement as Darla tried to focus on the pleasure of the coldness. 83

However, stopped. hoses in hands on her with

no sooner had the water from above started above it suddenly Isabella, upon Bruno's instructions had set up the garden the basement where they each took one and applied a more approach to testing and pleasuring Darla, as they sprayed powerful streams of cold hard water.

Darla shrieked with both pain and pleasure as the ice water made contact with her strained and sore body, as her nipples hardened even more as Bruno worked them over with the hard spray of the shower head, while Isabella concentrated on shooting hard streams of cold water over her clit and pink rosebud as their sexy novice and student begged them to stop. Which they finally did, but only to leave Darla there in the cold basement shivering as Isabella and Bruno gave Darla a practical demonstration in the art of anal love. As Darla hung limply from the ceiling chains, Bruno wheeled in a padded saw horse, grabbed Isabella forcefully by the hair, bent her over, and slapped her ass hard as he proceeded to ignore Darla and started shouting expletives at his young wife who was by now meekly draped over the wooden horse. Bruno then applied a fair amount of Jergen's lotion on Isabella's now upturned ass and poured even more on his rigid 12-inch monster, and then told Isabella to explain the next lesson. Isabella, who by now had blood rushing to her head, turned to Darla and said in a desperate voice "Now watch as we show how years of practice can make for an easy ass fucking! I have been loving it like this, rough and tough, since I was 16." Bruno then grabbed his wife by the hair with one hand, and with another spread apart Isabella's cheeks as he slowly inserted his raging member up her petite ass. As Bruno slowly entered his meaty member into her, Isabella screamed in pleasure as she begged for him to go deeper, until finally, after Bruno slowly sank his meaty member all the way in, he began slapping her ass and ordering her to take her free hand and to finger fuck herself, while he forcefully rammed her asshole like a piston. As she watched, mesmerized as the violent intensity with which Bruno sodomized his wife, Darla's ass tingled at the thought of being nailed and sodomized with the same kind of raw and violent animalistic intensity by such a large cock up her very small and tight hole. After nearly 15 minutes of intense fucking, as Darla watched helplessly, Bruno yelled "I'm cumming!!!!" as he slapped her ass, leaving welt marks, and emptied his entire load in his young wife's ass. As he came so did Isabella who moaned loud and heavy with so much passion that she nearly passed out from the intensity and the eroticism of doing it in front of an audience.


After a minute or two of afterglow, Bruno pulled out of Isabella's gaping asshole, and then helped his wife to her feet. Isabella then turned around and, with her breasts, cleaned his cock up with her mouth, all the while bent over in front of Darla so that she could get a good look of Bruno's cum that now slowly drip out of her tiny ass. Then, after they were done, they then turned their attention back to Darla, and released their willing captive. By now Darla's muscles were terribly sore from the tension of being strung up, but at this point it didn't matter to her, especially after the scene she had just witnessed. As the three of them put the terry cloth robes on that hung in the basement, Darla asked Bruno if he could take her in the ass. Bruno however declined the invitation, saying only that Isabella had someone special in mind to fulfill that request. They then went upstairs for a few drinks before moving on to the next lesson. Soon, after about the third vodka and orange juice, Darla was feeling a little buzzed as Isabella and Bruno led her to their bedroom where candles were now burning and around a large alter type table. Isabella then turned to Darla and ordered her to disrobe and for her to "get up on this table and lie on your back with the pillow under your tail bone." Darla did as so instructed and instinctively and even crossed her wrists and placed them over her head. When Bruno saw what Darla had done, he laughed and said "I see she is a quick learner!" Bruno then went into the closet, and put on his silk boxer shorts, while at the same time Isabella came out of another bedroom wearing a simple shiny nightgown and a carrying a large bottle of skin lotion. As she lay on the table, Isabella poured nearly half the bottle over Darla's breasts, belly, legs and bald pussy, while at the same time Bruno and her began massaging it Darla's, all the time enjoying Darla's heavy sighs of sexual desire. Soon though the massaging stopped and Bruno stepped up between Darla's legs and began to slowly tongue fuck both of her orifices, while at the same time Darla closed her eyes and moaned softly as she, for the first time since Chris made love to her felt a man's tongue assault her sore but aroused love holes. However, just as she was enjoying the pleasure of her clitoris being gently bitten, Darla opened her eyes to see Isabella standing over her with a burning candle. However, before Darla could blink or react, the first drop of hot wax landed on her left nipple. The hot searing wax caused Darla to scream with a mixture of pain and pleasure as the wax quickly hardened and was wiped away by Isabella. Before she could regain her composure and beg her to stop, the second drop hit her other nipple and sent a shock of electricity throughout her entire body.


Soon, Darla felt a rain of scalding wax drops hit her clit, nipples and breasts, while at the the same time Bruno held her wrists and thighs tight so that she could not escape the pleasure and pain that she now was begging to be released from. Bruno and Isabella continued their wax and mouth assault on the struggling Darla, until finally, as the pain and pleasure merged, Darla came and screamed with such a force that Isabella had to shove her tongue down her throat to keep her from waking the neighbors. As Isabella silenced Darla's screams and moans of passion, Bruno removed his mouth from Darla's puffy lips and removed his 12 inch monster from it's silk pouch. Isabella then moved Darla's head over the edge of the table and then straddled her so that her pussy was even with Darla's mouth, after which Isabella ordered her to open wide. Darla knew what it was that she wanted, and she found it as Bruno slowly forced his meaty member down Darla's willing throat, as Isabella traded places with her husband and set about finishing the oral mission that her husband had started. Darla wanted to taste and savor Bruno's cock with so much abandon that she almost gagged as she swallowed every inch of his 12 inch dick, until finally he could take it no longer and emptied his thick load down Darla's throat as she reached for his cock and rubbed off as much semen as she could get into her begging lips, while at the same time herself she began convulsing from the latest in a series of orgasms that seemed to be constantly emanating from her loins. Darla's sweat and cum covered body soon went limp, and as her pussy slowly convulsed and calmed down, Bruno carried her to he and Isabella's King size bed where the three of them continued to make love and pleasure each others bodies until they slowly drifted off to sleep.


Chapter Nine- Hello Shelly, Goodbye Pierre The next morning Darla awoke in her own bed to a strange dream of being taken from behind by a strange looking four legged animal in the jungle. The dream began with her running from some type of danger, however, the danger she remembered was actually quite pleasurable. Then she recalled the tongue of this animal beast pleasuring her beyond any human limitation until finally, just as she was about to cum, her alarm went off and brought her crashing back down to reality. As Darla awoke and realized that she had been dreaming, she realized that she was lying nude and in her own bed. The last she remembered of Bruno and Isabella was that the three of them were embraced in a modified 69 with Darla in the center licking Bruno's own asshole while he and Isabella licked hers until finally they all collapsed in exhaustion from the passion. Darla then began to think that the whole episode had been a dream, until she got up and walked over to her kitchen table and found a note on the table from Isabella which said, "Bruno & I decided to bring you home before sunrise, since you need to get some rest and we have a lot of running to do. I am expecting you to 'cum' to aerobics at 12 today. Also, I took your laundry to the cleaners; you can pick it up after the session. Also, I have been invited to to a place called the Oreo Club with some male Raelian friends from Africa tomorrow night. I want you to come, I can't handle six strong black men by myself. It is a private club, but the owners prefer that the females wear as little as possible. BRING A FRIEND! Maybe that blonde Shelly you are co-workers with.� “As for what to wear, the tight fitting little black dress I saw on your dresser will be perfect! None of us will be at the gym today since it is our regular day off, but if you need to reach me, ask the clerk for my pager number. Also I have a certain friend who is going to be at the Oreo Club that just started working at your hospital, his name is Mombassa Wemba and he is this gorgeous doctor from the Kukuanaland (very sexy). Like I said, he will be at the party too, but during the week he needs someone to take him to buy furniture and other things for his new place, and, since I can't be everywhere I would owe you big if you spent sometime with him and got to know him. I've e-mailed his picture to you!! Isabella." Darla, after reading Isabella's note, quickly hoped in the shower, got dressed, threw on her old shorts and t-shirt, and then logged on. Over 20 messages were waiting for her! Most of them were pictures of overweight men offering their services and more porn shots from her stalker. She then opened Sofia's message that read like a n adult 87

novel. For ten minutes Darla read Sofia's letter that described what had happened to her at an English biker pub. Darla then replied with a quick note asking her god mother to call her immediately once she returned from Europe so they could catch up on old times and also to let Sofia meet her new friends from the gym. Next she downloaded the pictures Isabella sent of Mombassa. It took nearly five minutes for all the pictures of Isabella and Bruno's African friend to arrive. According to the dates on the file the pictures were only months old. The first was of him in his uniform. He was definitely a large and trim man, but the second picture made Darla gasp in amazement. The picture showed Isabella on all fours attempting to get her lips around what must have been a three to four inch thick cock as another black man fucked her from behind. The third picture was of Mombassa lying on the weight bench and lowering Isabella on his raging hard on. The finally the last picture showed Isabella with a ruler measuring his cock. Mombassa was truly "hung" at 12 inches!! Darla's pussy got moist and at the same time cringed at the thought of being ripped apart by such a meaty cock. She then e-mailed a reply to Isabella. "I will e-mail you tomorrow to confirm for the party, and yes I can take Mombassa shopping!! Did it hurt?" Darla then went to aerobics for her 12 p.m. class, where a very muscular and flat chested red head named Kathy was the leader of the four person work out group, which consisted only of house wives. Darla then decided to skip the shower and headed over to pick her laundry up. By the time she arrived home it was 3 p.m., and since now she really wanted to go to the party the next night, she decided to tell Pierre of her intentions and all that had transpired to her sexually during the week, even it meant losing him. After a great deal of thought, she decided that maybe a long distance relationship with Pierre was not a good thing, especially with her having met his friends and discovering her own insatiable sexual needs. As Darla thought about it, maybe she could introduce Sofia to Pierre, and if they were lucky maybe she could, even during a mutual threesome at the gym, get him to realize that Sofia was more his type and closer in age than she would ever be. Later that day, at around 5 p.m., as Darla tried to get her mind off of sex by cleaning up her messy apartment, the phone rang, it was Pierre and he sounded like he was on a ship somewhere at sea. "Darla, it's about time your home! I've been trying to reach you all night and day!" She then saw that somehow the answering machine was turned off. "I'm not coming back to Quebec City. The hospital has assigned me to serve as the personal physician of Germania's Kaiser. Since the earthquake in the Rhine in last week, the German Army decided to recall all of its qualified doctors to help with the suffering" 88

Darla couldn't believe it, but the news about the civil wars in Cameroon were true. "Will you be all right?" she cried. "Yes, but I am guessing I won't see you for another six months since I will be on the front lines in a tent. Listen I have to go now, but I want you to promise me that you won't wait for me. You are much to special and sexy to wait for an old man like me. I will write as soon as I can! Bye!! (Click)." It was a decision that he knew that he would someday regret, but he knew that it was best for him to watch Darla from the shadows, for he knew that her insatiable sexuality, which he saw unleashed on the videodisc that Louis had sent him, as well as on the Internet, would only lead him down the path to his eventual destruction. Many years before his sexual addiction brought him to the brink of utter destruction as he lost nearly all that he loved when he found himself a wanted man. The other reason for his decision to let Darla go was that she wanted to see the world, and being with him, who had already seen and done all that there was, would only hold her back. However, per his agreement with his Congolese friend Mombassa, Pierre was promised that his now ex-girlfriend, Darla, would eventually be offered her own opportunity to go to travel and see the world, particularly Africa. However, little did Pierre know what eventually awaited Darla in Africa. Yet, even though Pierre had decided to let his lover go, he still had a bit of unfinished business with her that, through several friends, particularly Darla's stalker, he intended to see through, as his way of providing her the sexual excitement she so desperately desired. Meanwhile, back in Quebec City, Darla just stared at the telephone, for she could not believe what she had just heard, that her new boyfriend was leaving her, and going off to war a zone. She had barely begun to love him, and now he was gone, As Darla put the telephone back on the receiver, she began crying like she had not done in many years, and didn't begin to stop until the phone rang. It was her friend Shelly wanting to know where she had been the last two days. Darla, who was still crying hard, apologized to Shelly, telling her truthfully that she had been spending a lot of time at the health club where she met some new friends. However Shelly, who was just a few years older than Darla, could tell that her friend had just received the news that she had heard the day before, and told her that she was coming right over. By the time Shelly arrived Darla had returned to her normal perky self, but she was still very blue about Pierre. Shelly and Darla watched a chick flick and finished the pizza, then decided afterward to go swimming since the outside air was nearly 87 degrees in the hot summer night. Darla decided to wear another thong and sports bra while Shelly stripped down to her fresh blue cotton bikini briefs and put on one of Darla's t-shirts. Shelly was caught off guard by 89

Darla's fashion choice, but she complemented her on pool side fashion choice, grabbed some towels and headed over to the pool. Shelly, who was nearly 25, had blonde hair, and possessed a slim figure with firm breasts that gently bobbed and swayed under her loose t-shirt. On the way out to the pool Shelly then tied her hair up into a ponytail and followed Darla outside to the pool with her own pitcher of purple passion. Darla carried the towels and the glasses to the complex's pool. During the hot summer the pool had normally been very busy, but tonight for some reason it was strangely quiet. Under the watchful eye of the stalker, whom Darla had pretty much put out of her mind, Darla and Shelly chatted and drank for a while and then took a quick dip where they swam several laps and retired to their lounge chairs. By this time the sun finally began to go down over the horizon, both women had become quite buzzed from the alcohol, which in turn led the normally reserved Shelly to ask, "so how was the sex with Pierre?" To which Darla answered with a devilish grin, "Incredible! But I have to confess that because of him, our last session led, as luck would have it, into a situation where I met some incredible people who have, I think, have changed my life forever. I mean that after this morning, I will never ever think of sex and love the same way again." Shelly looked incredibly puzzled and asked curiously, "what do you mean?" Since Darla was floating in a drunken stupor she did not hesitate to spill the beans about her sexual experiences over the past few days, describing to Shelly every erotic detail. By the time Darla finished Shelly's pussy was soaked with her own juices and desperately wanted to know more. Then Darla said with another devilish grin, "do you want to see the tape? The one that Isabella taped of me at the gym? I have yet to see it myself." To which Shelly answered, "YES!" as they picked up their belongings and rushed back into Darla's apartment. As the girls rushed back inside, Darla's stalker decided to cancel his dinner date with his assistant, and instead instructed the assistant to come to his apartment so they could watch Darla and her friend, as well as to map out a plan to get Darla to pay a visit to the office, which, as you will see later, would be a brilliant ruse and another great excuse to play doctor give young Darla yet another full medical exam! Meanwhile across the apartment complex, Darla told Shelly to go into the bedroom and put the videodisc in. Shelly then found the videodisc that was simply entitled "Darla- The Joys of a Woman" and put it in the machine. Shelly and Darla then laid on the bed side by side, still dressed in their underpants, and turned the TV on and pressed the play button. For the next 45 minutes Shelly watched intently as her co-worker and best friend was raped by four physically beautiful physical specimens. As the scenes played out, both Shelly and Darla could not help themselves and instinctively put their hands inside 90

their panties and stroked their moist pussies as they nuzzled closer to one another, sensing that very soon their relationship would soon be changing. Soon both women were stroking their tits and hard nipples through the fabric of their tops as they watched on the screen Darla being sandwiched by the buff and handsome older man with a salt and pepper crew cut whom Darla knew only as Mr. X, and Lola, the beautiful athletic and muscled Senegalese woman with large black and firm tits. As the two of them reamed Darla's ass and pussy, the girls began to climax on the bed, while on the bed, both Darla and Shelly had removed their tops and felt first their breasts, and then their lips touch. As the video ended Darla and Shelly, who by now were in a drunken and sexually charged state, had began to slowly make love to each other. For Shelly it was her first time ever touching another woman in a sexual way and yet it felt so natural. Shelly had long fantasized what Darla must look like getting fucked, and now she was seeing and experiencing it first hand. As the two of them gyrated, petted and kissed each others body, Darla slithered down to the end of the bed, slowly and seductively pulled off Shelly's cotton panties and then began to lick and finger fuck her moist blonde bush. As Darla manipulated Shelly's clit, Shelly suddenly squealed and moaned in delight as Darla zeroed in on her Gspot and then, without warning, jammed a lubricated finger up her friends ass. Soon, as soon as Shelly's breathing became more labored, she began to cum quick and hard, and then, as she laid there on the bed in afterglow, pulled Darla up to her mouth so she could taste her own nectar on her new lover's tongue. Then as the two of them Frenched and stroked each other's breasts, Shelly begged Darla to, "Please fuck me more!" To which Darla replied, "we have all night!" and then got up and opened her drawer full of new toys. Shelly looked up and gasped as Darla offered her a choice of what to begin with. Shelly then asked "please fuck me like they did it to you on the tape! Give me the biggest and roughest of everything you have!" Which of course caused Darla to grab and put on the strap-on dildo, and then attached a long 12" cock to the harness. Darla then grabbed the next biggest dildo and smeared KY all over it. When Shelly saw the second dildo her eyes got wide and said, "I haven't had my ass fucked since college! I hope I'm not to tight." Darla just smiled and told Shelly to turn over and get on all fours. Shelly then did as she was commanded as the first cock that had she felt in over a year slide into her tight cunt. Under the watchful eyes of the stalker and his assistant, Darla slowly fucked Shelly from behind, while at the same time Shelly screamed and moaned for Darla to fuck her faster and harder. Soon 91

Darla was pounding Shelly so hard that the bed was squeaking harder than it had when Pierre had fucked Darla on it just days before. Then, as Darla began to tire, she picked up the other dildo and then gently began sliding the lubricated cock up Shelly's ass. At this point Shelly screams were of both pleasure and pain as the rubber prick slowly worked its way past her sphincter and slowly filled her backside as Darla held the other cock steady in her pussy. Then, as Darla felt the dildo hit bottom, in her most devilish tone, told Shelly that she was now going to ream both her ass and pussy hard. Underneath Darla, on all fours, Shelly whimpered hoarsely as she adjusted to the feeling of both dildos that rested next to each other and which were separated by only a thin piece of flesh, "Please!! Please!! Fuck me hard!!! Make me cum!! I'll do anything." To which Darla simply replied by fucking and reaming Shelly's sweat soaked body while at the same time she slapped her bottom and talked dirty to her just like Bruno had done to Isabella the night before. For 30 minutes Darla double fucked her girlfriend in perfect rhythm, watching with pleasure as one cock slid in as the other slid out, in perfect sync, without even a pause, as sweat poured off their bodies, until finally neither one of them could go on any longer. By the time Shelly eventually passed out from shear pleasure she had been receiving from Darla, who was by now sensing that she was becoming insatiable in her desire and thirst for sex, counted over ten orgasms coming from her co-worker and new lover's throat. After Shelly finally said "no more! Please stop! I'm your slave!! I give up!" Darla watched in pleasure as she slowly pulled both cocks out of Shelly, and then watched in amazement as Shelly's dilated orifices slowly returned to their normal sizes. Darla who by now herself was completely physically spent, then turned Shelly over and slowly caressed her limp and sweaty body. Shelly responded in return and then said to Darla "let's 69, I want to taste your pussy and lick your asshole." Shelly then straddled Darla and slowly made sweet oral love to Darla's twat and sphincter. In response Darla devoured Shelly's trim bush and finger fucked her still well lubricated asshole. Their feast lasted until the wee hours when finally, they fell asleep still entwined in an intimate 69. After the two young women fell asleep, the stranger across the way accessed the computer of the hospital and the schedule where both women worked. He decided that it might be a good idea for one of them, particularly Darla, to meet his his friend Todd. Todd owed him, and since Todd was also a Raelian and a member of the gym's erotic inner circle, he figured, with his looks and personality, that it would not be too hard to get him to lure Darla to his office.


As it turned out, Todd in fact was one step ahead of the stranger, and told his friend that he would be more than happy to bring Darla to his office, however first he had to let Isabella know of his interest and then be at the gym at the right time so that he could properly introduce himself.


Chapter Ten- Ladies Night Out That night, as both women lay entwined in each others limbs, they both dreamed that they were on a plane and that somehow they were forced at gunpoint to make love to each other, and also to service all of the passengers. The erotic scenes of danger mixed with sex continued to loop endlessly in their minds, as both women found themselves trapped in a dizzying circle of non stop danger and eroticism in an exotic place far from home. By the time Darla's alarm clock signaled 10 a.m. Shelly was already in the middle of trying to wake Darla up with her tongue as she greedily sucked on her new lover's feminine nectar for breakfast, which of course made Darla respond in kind, and then competed with each other until finally their tongues tied, and they both came simultaneously. Shelly and Darla then showered together, groomed and shaved each others pussies and then made a quick trip to the mall. By now, despite it just being less than 24 hours after his call, Pierre was very quickly becoming a distant and faded erotic memory, as Darla now reveled in the new love she had found in Shelly. As Darla began to see it, women were in many ways much better lovers than men, but there was no way she could ever deny her need to taste and be enslaved by a real cock. After coming back home Darla checked her email and cleaned up all of the responses to her ad. None of them appeared promising; however she finally had heard back from Sofia. Sofia had made it clear in her message that she was only going to be in town for a day or two, and that, at least on this visit she wanted to have a truly memorable experience. Shelly, who was busy eating some cereal, then stripped out of the previous night's clothes, put on her new bikini and headed out to the pool to tan while Darla stayed inside and made some calls. The first number she called was Isabella's pager. After she hung up the phone immediately rang, it was Isabella. However, before Darla could say hello Isabella blurted out "I hope you're coming tonight!" To which Darla smiled and said yes, and then asked if she could bring Shelly. Isabella said, "well I have to assume she is attractive or else you wouldn't ask. I hope you explain to her that this is a private party, meaning a lot of sex between a lot of strangers." Darla then told Isabella about how Shelly reacted to the tape and what happened during their love making session afterward. Isabella then said, "Mombassa will definitely be there, he arrived yesterday. He and Bruno fucked the shit out of me for nearly six hours yesterday before calling it a night." Then Isabella said, "dresses are required, however miniskirts and one pieces are preferred. Also make sure you wear heels and either a thong, g-strings or nothing at all underneath." Darla said she understood perfectly and then began to describe Shelly. Afterward, Isabella then suggested to Darla that 94

Shelly also join the gym, and then she said "I hope she likes black cock, because tonight there are only going to be three white girls and eight black men. Bruno, Louis, Lola, and Mr. X, are headed to Las Vegas to negotiate a new gym site on the strip." Darla and Isabella hung up as Shelly entered all bronze from her hour in the sun. Darla then told her "I hope you like black cock because tonight, according to Isabella, we are going to be full of it." Shelly asked why and then came up to her, kissed her deeply, as Darla held her tight and said, "We have been invited to an orgy! One-piece mini skirts, thong and heels are all that are required. I hope our pussies and asses will be able to handle the meat! Lets go pick out something to wear and get fucked in!" As they tried to decide what to wear, Darla filled Shelly in on what Isabella was like, and what the Raelians at the gym were like. After sorting through all of Darla's clothes,Darla decided to go with the one-piece black mini halter dress that clung to her like Saran wrap and a matching black thong and heels, while Shelly dressed in a skintight blue mini dress with a pair of black heels and a very skinny white thong. After the girls picked out their evening wear, they headed into the hospital to work their noon to 8 p.m. shift. Afterward they changed into their evening where, put on their makeup and headed out for dinner. Darla and Shelly purposely to a nice restaurant where they were sure they would get noticed. In fact all of the men who noticed and watched them to much, as they ate their salad and soup, that several wives and girlfriends got so mad that they asked to leave. By the time dinner arrived Shelly and Darla were putting on a small show as they purposely crossed and uncrossed their freshly shaved legs to all of their remaining male admirers in the crowded bistro. After finishing their meal, the girls then then paid the check and left. They were due at the the club in less than 15 minutes, but as they were driving they noticed that the direction they were headed into was in fact the poor side of town, the heart of biker gang territory. Darla and Shelly began to get a little nervous and scared at what lay ahead; however their fears were soon set aside as they arrived at a tavern named "The Oreo," where they walked in and found Isabella, wearing only a raincoat talking and being fondled by eight very muscular military uniformed black African men, including Mombassa, who appeared to have the most medals on his chest, as they tried to find out what exactly she had on underneath. All of the men in uniform had recently been sent over from Kukuanaland to help recruit medical staff for several new hospitals that were soon going to open in the country. As Shelly and Darla entered the club, all eyes turned on them as they walked through the door and were greeted by Anton, who stood about 6'5", welcomed them. Soon, Darla and Shelly were introduced to everyone as Anton said "I believe we are all here, so lets begin. 95

Only the finest drinks for the ladies as we prepare for the evening. Ladies name your poison." Darla, Isabella and Shelly ordered mixed drinks and the men all were served malt liquor as Barry White began playing on the jukebox. When Isabella met Shelly, Darla could sense the instant electricity building between the two women as they hungrily eyed each other, the men and Darla as Anton, who was the owner of the club served them all their drinks. The girls made small talk with the men as they leered and gently touched their prey. The bar was basically a nightclub with a stage with three poles on one end, and three pool tables on the other, and it reeked of cologne, smoke and something else Darla could only describe as smelling like the musk of a black man. The nipples of all three women were clearly visible through the thin fabric of their dresses, and, as the alcohol quickly began to take effect on their senses, their own hands became ever more friendly to the men that surrounded each of them. Then after about 30 minutes, Andre announced that the show would begin and that everyone needed to take his or her seats, as Isabella went to the ladies room and the uniformed men showed the Darla and Shelly to their seats, which were strategically placed in the center, as they separately surrounded by their uniformed ebony admirers. Then, as they all sat in front of the stage and chatted, striptease music started playing, as Isabella sauntered onto the stage wearing her raincoat, and then ripped it off to reveal her in a black teddy with black heels and white stockings when she got up on the stage. Isabella, who was a trained ballerina, danced like a pro and rubbed her body so seductively that Darla sensed that she must have done this professionally before. Soon, Shelly and Darla felt strong black hands exploring their cloth covered bodies, which only got them even more wet, as they pinched and fondled their breasts, nipples, and smooth legs. By the time the first song ended the crowd of soldiers knew for sure that the rest of the evening would be something very special, just as their leader Mombassa had promised them. After the first song ended, the second song, "Leave Your Hat On," by Joe Cocker, quickly began. Isabella easily put Kim Bassinger to shame, Darla thought, as the lusty Italian slowly gyrated and made love to all three poles, leaving a clear trail of her secreting juices on them. As the girls watched and felt the strong probing hands upon their bodies, each knew that soon, after Isabella had finished dancing, the real entertainment would soon begin. After the music ended and the applause finally died down Andre announced it was time for the Oreo Club pool tournament. Shelly, Darla and Isabella, who went back the ladies room and quickly returned wearing a tight semi transparent Lycra dress, were each assigned to a different pool table. Andre then explained the rules. 96

Each woman would play eight ball against a team of two or three opponents, and each table would have to wait for the other games to finish before beginning the next stage of the tournament. This was done to ensure that the no one would be distracted by the second and championship round of the tournament, for which the pool tables would also be used. The victor or victors of the eight ball game would then decide which article of clothing would be removed by their opponent, and the round would continue with new games of eight ball until finally someone was down to only their stockings and shoes. When that happened after that would be the next round, in which the victors would compete with the other tables and see how long the losers could endure the pleasuring of the victors. The winner would be the table that had held out from giving into their urges the longest. The other rule of the game was that the teams were to be divided by race and sex, meaning that each woman was basically at the mercy of her male counterparts. Andre then announced that the teams and tables had been already predetermined, and that the pairings looked like this: Isabella vs. Tyrone and Joe At this table, Isabella won the first game and the men were forced to remove their shirts, which of course Isabella loved as she smiled in anticipation as the men removed their loose fitting clothing and revealed their bodybuilder physiques. The second game Isabella also won and the men were forced to strip down to their thong Speedos that barely covered their fist size packages. However, after the second loss Tyrone whispered into Isabella's ear and said "ain't no white woman gonna call the shots on this table" as he came up behind her, rubbing his hard into the crack of her ass, and grabbed her full breasts, which in turn caused her to lose her concentration as she broke for the last time. Of course, because of that poor break, Isabella lost the game and was then told by Joe "lets see those white titties Isabella! Take that dress off!!" She then pulled of her dress over her head to reveal her tan and sleek body. Then Tyrone said to Isabella "now set them balls up, you lost control of this table bitch." as he and Joe laughed and watch the other two tables, while Isabella meekly complied and set the table up for what would be the final game. Isabella then proceeded to purposely lose the final match and without a word slid out of her damp black g-string and gave it to Joe and Tyrone for them to smell and savor, as they prepared for the next round of play by removing all of the remaining billiard balls off the table.


Darla vs. Andre, Mike and Deon Darla had no chance against her three vocal opponents. She lost the first game in two minutes and was told by Andre "I hope you suck cock better that you shoot pool." Darla just blushed and drank her vodka, as Mike said "if you got panties on they're off now." Darla then slowly hiked up her skirt and slid her thong off and threw it on the table. Deon grabbed them and brought them up to his face and inhaled deeply, and then passed them to his teammates as he asked Darla "you ever fucked a brother?" To which Darla smiled embarrassingly and shook her head no. Then Mike said "after tonight you may never go back to white meat, I know my wife didn't" and then he laughed and ordered her to rack up the table. In the next match Darla sank the eight ball on her second shot, and immediately heard Andre say "off with dress my little red headed ho." The tone of which made Darla even wetter as the three of them talked to her like she was nothing but a piece of white meat, just like Bruno had done to Isabella. She then slowly lifted of her black clinging dress to reveal her pale freckled female form, which caused Deon to say to Mike "look at those tits! I'm definitely going to fuck those tight titties and cum in her face before the night is over." To which Andre just nodded his head and said to Darla with a sadistic smile, "bitch clear off the table so we can fuck you!" The words of which just made Darla even more turned on as she realized that all three of them were going to fuck her, and not just in her pussy, but also in her ass and mouth. Shelly vs. Mombassa, Mark and Robert Shelly was out of her dress less than 60 seconds after the first break when she sank the eight ball. After seeing that this, the three black men just smiled as she desperately wiggled out of her skintight outfit. Her admirers then ordered her to set the balls up for the next game, as Mombassa asked her to tell them more about herself and Darla. Shelly was so drunk that she began describing how Darla had fucked her in the ass the night before with a dildo and that her butt wasn't very sore,l even though her she reamed her pretty hard. Upon hearing this, Mombassa immediately knew that he had to have this women come back with him to Kukuanaland to serve in his new hospital in Kindu, where he had just been named chief surgeon. The three men then watched in awe as they offered Shelly the first shot, watched her bend over and immediately sink the eight ball, whereupon she instinctively pulled her panties off and said with a smile "guess I lose!! Now what's next?"


The men then cleared the table of billiard balls, and grabbed more drinks as their white fuck toy for the evening went to the bathroom to pee. When Shelly came out, Isabella and Darla were both sitting on their respective pool tables, naked and legs crossed, watching all of the men undress and pull their massive cocks out of their large pouches. After the men undressed, all three girls were ordered by Andre to hop up on to the pool tables and then for them to get on all fours so that the men could spread their cheeks apart and apply banana oil down their upturned rectums. Then, there under the bright lights of each pool table, after the men used their meaty paws to pour the slick African made lubricant into their soon to be cock filled holes, the girls were each presented with a massive cock in front of their faces and then ordered to commence sucking, as behind them, a second man slowly began ramming his cock into each of the girls upturned pussies. The sight of three petite and beautiful white women being willing penetrated by a cock in each of their begging holes was truly a sight to behold Darla thought as she and Shelly were each introduced to what they later called their first taste of "jungle love." For this evening Isabella requested that Mombassa bring with him those soldiers whose cocks he knew measured 10 or more inches. However, for Mombassa, the size and girth of all of the men whom served in his company was actually something that he was very proud of. For in that part of Kukuanaland from where he and all his men came from, as members of the Zambezi tribe, they were all magnificently blessed with very large and thick black cocks. In fact, as Mombassa proudly boasted to Isabella, his own great grandfather was rumored to have a cock as long and as thick as that of the arm of a gorilla. Mombassa however was a champ in his own right, coming in at 12 inches, while Andre and Joe boasted 11 inch members, with the rest of the gang peaking at ten inches. Of course everyone had a dick that was bigger then that of even the largest white man, and of course, such men would definitely be jealous of the fact that here, under the bright lights of three separate pool tables, three tight white pussies were now being slowly penetrated, as the men marveled at the muffled moans and sounds of the white skin being slapped mercilessly in the near empty club. The evening sex session lasted for many hours, as the sounds, cries, moans, smells, and sensations of the intense inter-racial orgy caused all three young women to cum countless times. However, despite their oftentimes sincere pleas of release, none of the men had any intention of letting any of the women rest for even a minute.


The goal of Mombassa's men, all of the whom took an enhanced Viagra pill earlier in the day that allowed them to stay hard even after they came, was to fill each of the three women with so much of their African cum, that not only would they be full for days, but that the experience would lead the two nurses to follow him back Africa, where he had many other decadent plans in mind for each of them.


Chapter Eleven- Mombassa's Pleasure Machine The final act before the evening was scheduled to end was for each woman to receive over 22 combined inches in both her now well lubricated cunts and rear ends. Up until now, neither woman had been fucked in the ass. However, the double penetration that each woman eventually received, despite their pleas of mercy at the pain and pleasure their completely exhausted bodies were now being forced to endure, caused each of them to finally pass out as their asses and other orifices were slowly filled with long salty streams of cum. After then men pulled out they woke the women up with smelling salts and ordered them to dress and leave. Mombassa and the men then escorted them out to the parking lot, where the three of them, who were still in a daze, piled into Shelly's car and drove back to Isabella's. The three women, still practically drunk from all of the cum that was now in their systems, eventually arrived back at Isabella's and headed inside for a night cap and more play time, since Bruno was out of town for the next several days. Once inside, Isabella told the girls to relax and throw their clothes in the washing machine, as they made their way to the basement shower room. As the three of them sat down on the benches in the shower, while they luxuriated in the feeling of the hot spray of the water upon their bodies, the three of them recounted with wonder at just how beautiful and satisfying the African cocks were and how, if given the choice, none of them would ever turn down another opportunity like they had just had. Indeed, that evening Darla and Shelly finally found out why black cock was indeed the best. Finally, after they cleansed themselves clean of the reminders of their evening at the Oreo Club, toweled off and put robes on, the three women then headed to the kitchen where they made themselves a pitcher of purple passion, and then went upstairs to the king sized bed in Isabella's room where they all made love to each other, tenderly and slowly, until finally they slowly drifted off to sleep. As Darla slept, she had a very vivid dream. In the dream she was in a jungle, and all around her their were hundreds of strong and muscular African in war paint chanting her name - "Darla, Darla." Before her there is a temple and an alter. On top of the alter is a very large muscular black man, and underneath him Darla can see a white woman with her ankles tied up behind her and pinned to her ears while several war painted men in masks danced around the alter holding and stroking their hard cocks.


As Darla looked closer she could see that it was Shelly, and that the muscular black man's cock was in fact a serpent that he was slowly forcing into her pussy. However, Shelly, who looked over to Darla in fear, suddenly, as the serpent entered her body, cried out in ecstasy as the serpent was slowly forced up into her. However, as Darla called out Shelly's name, she suddenly opened up her eyes to see Shelly and Isabella, holding her hands and wiping the sweat of her brow, as they tried to calm her down from the strange dream. After finally awaking fully, Darla decided that the dream, no matter how real it seemed to be, was just that, a dream, and thus decided to keep the details of it vague to both Isabella and Shelly. However, Isabella knew better, and explained to Darla, after they went downstairs to have breakfast, that dreams after a night of hot sex, according to the Raelian's were in fact the desires of the subconscious, and that what ever types of dreams they were, it was quite likely that they were trying to enlighten Darla as to what her desires and destiny really were. Isabella then reminded Darla about her offer to help Mombassa settle in to his new apartment. Shelly then reminded Darla that she was going to be working the midnight shift for the next several weeks, but offered her help once she settled into her new graveyard shift schedule at the hospital. Darla on the other hand, because of her Level II nurses exam, was now on a two weeks paid vacation that was given to her for the sole purpose of studying for the extremely grueling exam. However, for Darla, despite her poor study habits in high school, was actually already well prepared for the exam, but accepted the two weeks off anyhow, just so she could finally, for once in her life, enjoy being on vacation. As for Pierre, so much had happened to her sexually, since the last that they saw of each other, that until now, when she noticed the picture of him on Isabella's living room wall, she had totally blocked him out of her mind. She vowed to e-mail him, but in reality she had resigned herself to the fact that they would probably never see each other again. Earlier in the year Darla, after yet another bad blind date, she had promised herself that, given the choice, she only wanted a lover, and not a boyfriend. Now that Pierre was gone she vowed to continue her new erotic and sex filled lifestyle, and to avoid at all costs falling in love. However, avoiding love is never easy, even when one is sexually liberated, Isabella reminded Darla. Yet, at least for Isabella and Bruno, it had worked out. Darla asked Isabella how she has been able to remain married and still have sex with other men. Isabella said, "we have an open marriage and we are friends. He likes to share me and I like to share him. It sounds complicated, but it's not. Our marriage is perfectly suited to the lifestyle we have chosen." 102

Shelly then asked if her and Bruno belonged to a club for swingers? "Yes and no. We are Raelian's, and the Raelians espouse a philosophy of sexual openness in ones intimate relationships. In fact, that is how we met every one of the African's who fucked us last night. Mombassa, their leader, is a devout Raelian. There are Raelians all over the world who live the lifestyle we do,; however for some reason the men always outnumber the women! Which I am not complaining about in the least. Since joining the faith, I have been nailed by more men from more countries than I could possibly name. The other added benefit is that most Raelians belong to swingers clubs, and as a result, there is a lot of crossover sex." Isabella said with a smiling face. Before they left Isabella gave Darla Mombassa's telephone number and then told them to both be at aerobics, but that they would be wise to show up with a butt plug firmly in place and a freshly shaved pussy since she planned on giving Shelly a much more rigorous initiation then Darla had experienced. Several hours later, Mombassa met Darla at a prearranged time in a Starbucks, where, over a double espresso, the two quickly became friends. However, during their discussion, neither one of them mentioned about their evening at the Oreo Club, but instead Darla listened as Mombassa regaled her with war stories from his native Congo. As they were leaving, Mombassa casually mentioned that, as part of his mission to Canada, he was seeking out new recruits for several of the new hospitals in the eastern part of Kukuanaland. The thought of which made Darla think hard about what her godmother had told her about never turning down a chance to see the world or pass up a chance to live an adventure, as she helped Mombassa pick out his furniture. After selecting the furniture for the new apartment that was to be used by he and the Kukuanan defense attache, whom was to take up residence after Mombassa went back to Africa, Mombassa offered Darla to come and see the apartment. Once inside the only furniture that Darla saw was what looked like some kind of combination chair, and exercise machine. According to Mombassa, the machine was his own invention, and its original purpose was for war, as it was used to get men, but especially women to confess their sins and secrets, by applying so much sexual and painful stimulation to the victim, that the captive would eventually break and spill the truth. However, he had since made some slight modifications and planned on selling the prototype to Adam & Eve, whom in turn would market it as "The Pleasure Machine."


As Darla walked over to the machine and felt the cold steel of the apparatus, she looked up at Mombassa with a look of desire, and said, "pretend I am your captive!! I want to see this thing in action." To which Mombassa replied, "OK, but it may get scary. However, if we play, we play by my rules! If you want me to stop you must say the words 'no Allah,' whereupon, I will then slip out of character and release you." to which Darla readily agreed. Darla, who was dressed for the day in her spandex thong exercise outfit and tight shorts, then went to the bathroom to pee and relieve herself, but when she came out all she saw was a pitch black room, with the only light being that from the lamp over the pleasure machine. However, before she walk any further, she felt Mombassa's giant black hand cover her mouth and his strong arms pick her up effortlessly. He then said, "So white bitch you have fucked up and stumbled into the wrong home. I will not tolerate such mistakes and now you must pay," as he brought her into his bedroom, and threw her on the giant bed, and then forced her mouth open and jammed a rubber ball deep into her mouth and secured it tightly around her head. Mombassa then turned Darla over onto her stomach, and seeing that was getting turned on by their roll playing, got up and grabbed a giant Army knife off the wall, and then gently pressed it against her throat without breaking the skin. He then said, in his most evil tone, "Now I could kill you, but instead I have other plans!" He then picked her up off the bed and made her face the mirror so that she could watch him seductively move the knife over the thin fabric that covered her firm breasts, until her nipples were rigid and hard. He then pulled her top off and continued running the cold steel over her now highly sensitive pink nub, until finally he moved away and told her to remove her shorts, leaving her standing in front of him trying to meekly cover her naked breasts. The eroticism of the dangerous role playing had fired up Darla's imagination, as she wondered what it would really be like to be kidnapped and raped. She then gasped as Mombassa laid his knife down and pushed her hands away, whereupon he then began biting and pinching, very roughly, her creamy pink breasts and nipples. As Mombassa then fondled his white captive, he reached down and began using her thong bottom as a wedge before finally ripping, with a great deal of violent force, the Lycra outfit that covered her shaking body. After shredding the last of the spandex off Darla, Mombassa then kissed her deep and whispered into her ear, "now my little white slave it is time for your punishment!! I will now tie you to the torture chair and begin my interrogation. However, I must warn you that the more you moan the more punishment I will inflict! I hope that little pink pussy and asshole are well insured!!" He then grabbed her by the throat and dragged her out into the living room 104

where he forcefully sat her in the machine and proceeded to strap her in, as he tied each arm high over her head and then tied each of her limber legs to two more straps over her head and far apart from each other, so that she was tied up in the shape of a W. Once Darla was secure, Mombassa then stepped back to admire his handiwork, as Darla's limbs strained for adjustment and release as he slowly adjusted the tension until he sensed that she could be stretched no more. Darla's dripping pussy and asshole were now in plain view, as she discovered that she was now truly helpless to stop him because of the fact that she couldn't say the magic word due to the ball gag that was lodged securely in her throat. As Darla looked up at the giant black and now naked soldier in front of her, she realized that she was in no position to do anything other than submit, endure and have faith that Mombassa would not hurt her, much. After finally stripping off his clothes, Mombassa then grabbed his digital camera and began flashing away, the images of which would later be sent to Kinshasa for inclusion in Darla's file. While he was taking pictures of his prey Mombassa said, "you should have seen how much Isabella and Lola enjoyed my machine!! Their husbands loved watching them squirm and scream as I strapped them into matching machines during their last trip to Africa. It is too bad that we never got that on film. Isabella and Lola always begged me to strap them back in when I have visited! Now let me make sure that you and the devices are well lubricated." Mombassa then squeezed a whole tube of banana oil up Darla's already wet cunt, which in turn slowly oozed out of her hole and disappeared into a hole underneath her. After which he then emptied a second tube up her well-positioned asshole and attached electric gator clips to her nipples, which in turn caused her to wince in pain as the clamps bit down hard on her skin, but did not break it, while the banana oil in her orifices slowly dripped out and into the opening beneath her. Then, as Darla moaned in pain from the clamps on her nipples and the numbness in her joints, as well as pleasure from the banana oil that coated her insides, Mombassa pasted a number electrodes upon her breasts, forehead, and vaginal area, and then said, "Now my little captive since you won't talk I am going to give you the ride of your life!" Mombassa then flipped a switch on the machine, whereupon the holed boxes opened up beneath her and revealed numerous gleaming silver metallic dildos of different sizes and textures, while at the same time the seat that her ass rested on, dropped out from underneath her, leaving Darla dangling from her tightly stretched limbs as she moaned in both pain and desire, as Mombassa continued to say, "You see, I modified the machine. Before it would just try a dildo and record the response. Now, it will monitor your bodies' responses and 105

continue to "test" the same dildo until you climax. At that point, the machine will change vibrators and try a new one, each time exacting a climax." he explained with a demonic chortle, as he tilted her body back so that she lay flat on a bed of cold steel. "The beauty of it is the more you fight and resist, the more it will try to make you both come, however, the more you climax, the more your mind will go insane." he continued "The machine was designed originally to make the victim a total vegetable when its done." With that, Mombassa reached over to the machine, where Darla now lay naked and defenseless on the cold steel bed, and flipped the final switch, activating the demonic machine. Whereupon, lights and pistons came to life as the conveyor belt started up. After a second or two, a dildo appeared from the front of the machine, while a robotic arm assembly then moved it toward its unprotected target. Darla's muffled cries fell on deaf ears as the first dildo found its mark and plunged slowly into her defenseless vagina, while she surged her wide hips upward in defiance as the phallic forced itself past her tightened vaginal muscles and deep into her womb. Darla screamed in shear panic as the dildo forced itself between her lips and entered deeply inside her. Her hips thrust and pounded frantically as the dildo gained each inch. The machine was designed to randomly select different devices, with Darla's being a long, curved implement with several ridges and ripples. As Darla began her ordeal on the machine, Mombassa, who was also taping her entire torture session, turned on the TV that was on the wall. On the screen was Isabella, who, like Darla, had also recently been strapped to Mombassa's demonic sex machine. Darla watched as Isabella began her session with the first of many dildos. The first one the machine chose for Isabella was a long, fat white phallic that filled her completely and was too large to allow her anytime to either resist or think. Isabella's situation was compounded by the fact that the machine, which was set on the highest setting, began sliding the device in and out of her in an attempt to make her come. Meanwhile, in the real world, Darla was experiencing the same ordeal as her curved phallic slid back and forth in a forcefully rhythmic fashion. The sheer act of being striped and molested, coupled with the forced penetration she was now experiencing, brought on her first climax which sent her reeling upward in ecstasy, while at the same time, on the screen, Isabella, hearing the erotic cries and moans that she also saw on the same screen, as she watched and listened to Lola being forced to climax, drove Isabella over the edge and forced the large breasted Italian beauty to cave in, and surge in an uncontrollable climax.


Sensing Darla's defeat, the machine withdrew the first phallic and replaced it with a new one. This one was fat and shaped like several large balls packed together in a row. The new phallic plunged deep inside her struggling hips and reached her defenseless womb. It too began to pump in and out forcing Darla to thrust wildly in defiance. Darla had used vibrators before but never like this. Nothing sexually violent had ever happened to her before, but now at the hands of Mombassa and his machine the act of being forcefully raped fed her erotic fantasies. As the thought about the eroticism of the violence she was now being introduced to by Mombassa, she began to loose herself in the overwhelming experience as another climax claimed her and a new dildo moved into place. On the screen, Isabella's next dildo was narrower and long. "A small one," Darla thought, "at least she should be able to can ride that one out..." but before she could finish her thought, she saw on the screen Isabella's hips surged in desperate panic, as another, fatter smooth phallic came up and inserted itself under the first, forcing itself deep into her. The new combination of two dildos penetrating her was bigger than the first dildo and this sent her surging in uncontrollable ecstasy as they both reached her womb. They then began to slide in and out but in opposite directions, as Isabella howled at Mombassa, "YOU BASTARD!" under her gag as the pumping drove her wild with sensation. Meanwhile, Mombassa just lay on the floor nude stroking his cock as he watched both ladies gyrating frantically as climax after climax stripped them of their wills and their minds. As Darla was raped nearly non-stop, she thought to herself, "he's right, at this rate I'll end up a vegetable." She then continued to struggle as yet another vibrator entered her. Almost an hour had passed and she was nearly exhausted from her constant struggling and from the multitude of climaxes that had almost torn her mind apart. Looking across to the TV screen, she could see Isabella surging again and again as she too was taken relentlessly by Mombassa's diabolic machine. However, concentration was almost impossible when the machine was forcefully penetrating her. It would slide each phallic back and forth like a steam piston, never giving her a chance to focus, let alone just catch her breath. She did notice, however, there was a short break between when she climaxed and when the machine changed implements. As the machine finished her with another vibrator, it retracted and a new one came down the belt. Darla gaped in horror at the new dildo. It was enormous with an array of studs and bulges. "Dear God! That's going to finish me for sure!" Quickly she sucked in her gut as much as she could to lower her vagina with respect to the table. The phallic reared its enormous head and the machine began forcing it forward. The tip slid between her pussy lips, but missed her opening, 107

instead it slid along over her clitoris and then moved under her to her still oiled, but untouched asshole. "Got to hold my breathe..." she told herself as the machine began to slowly burrow in and slowly pump the dildo back and forth into her asshole, which caused Darla to scream in a mixture of pain and pleasure as the machine forcefully sodomized her rear end. Not to soon after, Darla's eyes went back into her head as she began to experience multiple epileptic orgasms that occurred only seconds apart, as a second dildo of even larger girth entered her pussy. Her body was now sweating so much that she looks like she has just stepped out of the shower. After nearly 90 minutes of watching Darla get raped by his machine, Mombassa had seen enough, and aimed his cock toward Darla's tits, jerked himself violently off, and finally spit his seed on her, as she writhed and convulsed to the last of her machine induced orgasms. Then, after the machine withdrew the last of the programmed dildos, Mombassa then reached down and turned off and silenced the orgasm machine, as Darla lay there moaning and convulsing to the last of the orgasmic tremors still coursing through her loins. For nearly 20 minutes, Mombassa let Darla lay, with her tits facing upward, on the machine, until finally, sensing some of her strength returning, he untied her limbs and handed her a towel. Darla then set the towel down and rubbed Mombassa's seed into the skin of her her sweaty tits and skin, but not before licking the remainder off of her nipples and hands. She had been humiliated, raped, tortured and dominated, and she loved every minute of it, but as Darla slowly regained coherence, she noted that her legs and limbs, and extremities were so sore from the ordeal, that it was all she could do to get up from the padded seat of the machine, whereupon Mombassa picked her up and carried her off to the bathroom where a warm and luxurious whirlpool awaited them. For the next hour, in and out of the whirlpool, Mombassa slowly fucked Darla, causing her to cum at least four more times, and him just once when he emptied his seed down her greedy throat during a 69 session that brought about Darla's final orgasmic release. Later, after the two of them lathered up and made love again in the shower, Darla, who was busy drying her body, said to Mombassa, as she wrapped her legs around his waist and kissed him deeply, "I am your slave anytime you want! That machine is incredible! No wonder why Isabella likes you so much. I know Shelly would love it." Mombassa then said to Darla with a knowing grin, "Shelly will undergo a truly sexual religious experience tonight at the gym. All of the men on the gym's weight lifting team are going to be there." After which they then fucked one last time on the porcelain tile, and then afterward slipped on their exercise clothes and got in Darla's car, and then headed off to the gym, but not before stopping at McDonald's for a quick salad. 108

Chapter Twelve- Shelly's Workout Upon their arrival, the gym was packed with sweaty bodybuilders of every shape and color, pumping iron without effort. Darla met Isabella in the women's locker room, who knowingly asked, "how was the machine?" Darla then said with a smile, "it broke me! I'm a slave to it! Now I know what sex addiction is, and I love it!!!" Isabella then told Darla how tonight would proceed: "First the gym closes at seven, instead of eight. You and I will work out with Shelly in the low impact class and then tell the paying customers, as they come in, that the water pipes in the ladies room are being repaired. Once seven comes around, and the customers have left, we can then casually take Shelly in the locker room so she can shower. We will then take her into the sauna and then tell her we forgot our water and then slip out. After which three weight lifters, Tim, Al, and Todd, will then slip into the sauna, and announce to her that her initiation will now begin. I think she'll enjoy that as much as you enjoyed your first sexual encounter here at the gym." Darla than asked "what about the videotape?" To which Isabella answered "when the guys enter the sauna Mombassa will follow them, taping their entrance and reaction by Shelly. Of course before she is touched, we'll be back in so we can watch. I am getting wet just thinking about it!" Not to much after that, Shelly pulled up and stepped out of her Dodge Colt looking like Olivia Newton John in the "Physical" video. Only about eight women in addition to the Isabella, Darla and Shelly attended the class. After the work out the three girls waited for the others to leave. As they were waiting, Shelly was spacing out by practically undressing and mind fucking the giants who were on the other side of the gym lifting weights, while at the same time thinking about the Oreo Club and how Mombassa and the other two muscular black men reduced her to a quivering mass of white flesh. Isabella and Darla saw the glassy look in Shelly's eyes and knew that her initiation would be a special thing to witness. Then as the last customer left Isabella said "time to hit the showers, and then after that it's the Swedish sauna." Darla and Shelly then followed Isabella into the locker room, where they all hopped in the warm shower and rinsed the sweat off of their bodies. Shelly was shocked to see that the inside of the women's locker room was in plain view of the weight room and shyly smiled when three of the guys she had been eying, watched her and the other two girls walk to the sauna. After the sat down, Isabella and Darla then told Shelly that they were going to step out briefly and get some bottles of cold water, whereupon they exited the sauna and gave a thumbs up three of the weight lifters training with Mombassa. 109

Shelly's eyes were closed in ecstasy as the men silently entered the dim lit steam room. Shelly was lost in her own self pleasure, as she reveled in the memories of the Oreo Club. As she heard the door swing shut, Shelly opened her eyes and saw before her the largest and most muscular naked black men she had ever laid her eyes upon or ever dared to fantasize about. Together the three of them weighed over a combined 700 pounds with physiques the size of Hercules, and with cocks the size of horses, and as if in a dream she looked up at Theodore, Jacques, and Mombozu, each of whom smiled as Shelly marveled at, and then knelt and reached for Theodore's and Mombozu's cocks, and brought them both to her wanting mouth, while Jacques picked her up, and then, ever so slowly spread her pussy lips and guided his meaty member deep up into her sweat soaked box and slowly fucked her, as she savored the taste of the cocks in her hands. As the giant black muscle men fucked and sucked the young blond, Darla and Isabella sat and watched intently, while Mombassa videotaped, the site of the steroid filled African strong men willingly raping Shelly's tiny body for nearly an hour. The temperature in the steam room only got hotter as Shelly's lithe body endured countless double penetrations from the three muscle men who each took turns fucking her ass. Shelly was insatiable as Isabella and Darla, whose lips and fingers were soon locked onto to each others bodies, watched her beg for more, even as the last loads of cum were shot simultaneously down her throat, up her rear and into her pussy. Then, as the three men simultaneously withdrew their cocks from her body, Theodore stepped over to Mombassa, who handed him the camera so that Mombassa could take his place behind Shelly, who was now on the floor on her hands and knees, and slowly rammed his cock into her wide stretched ass. For nearly 20 minutes Shelly was fucked in the ass by Mombassa, who moved in and out of her with deep slow strokes, until finally Shelly's sweat covered body finally and slowly gave out as she collapsed on the pine floor and begged for Mombassa to stop as she convulsed in her first orgasm. Then, even before Shelly could catch her breath, Mombassa pulled out of her ass, turned her over, and proceeded to fuck her pussy until she passed out completely from both her orgasm, and the sleepiness that the steam in the sauna helped to induce. Once Mombassa saw that Shelly was completely unconscious, he then withdrew from her, got up, picked her up and then took her out into the colder locker room air. The cold air on the outside of the steam room forced Shelly to wake up and slowly kiss her ebony stallion, after which she asked, "tthat was my initiation?" Mombassa smiled and 110

nodded yes before laying her on the massage table so that Darla and Isabella could dry her off and rub her down. Isabella softly and very gently dried her new friend as Darla massaged her weak muscles. As they rubbed and brought Shelly's weak muscles back to life, Darla and Isabella who by this time were so incredibly horny after witnessing the rape of their friend, that they began describing to Shelly in vivid detail what it looked like from their end as a spectator. Isabella said, "It was so erotic seeing you sandwiched between those sweaty muscle bound pieces of dark meat. Your pussy and ass were reamed good! I know your holes will be aching in the morning I bet." Darla then said, "I'll bet you'll be shitting out cum for weeks. They must have pumped a gallon into you!" As the two women kept up the sensual stimulation on Shelly's worn out body. Then, after an about 15 minutes, Shelly, with the help of the two girls, sat wobbly up on the table as she felt her holes and loins returned to normal, and then followed Mombassa to the showers where he was waiting to shower her with even more pleasure. Meanwhile, the hulking black men who had so proudly done their duty in initiating Shelly, were now waiting out in the weight room for round two of their planned fun. After Isabella and Darla turned Shelly over to Mombassa for more sexual pleasure, they headed out to the main gym, walked over to the three men, and said, "quite a job you three did in there! Now it's our turn to work out!" And with that, Theodore, as planned, violently picked Darla up like a child (for he was four times her size) and placed her struggling body over to a leg curler on the other side of the gym, and then bent her over and pressed his knee into her back so that he could handcuff her to the machine, so that she would be completely helpless for what was about to come next. Darla was completely caught off guard by the violent way she was picked up and manhandled, but as she realized at Mombassa's, being treated roughly was for her a very new and exciting turn on. As she whimpered for release, she could feel Theodore's hot breath on her upturned bottom, as he proceeded to violently part her freckled white ass cheeks and began to lick her wet pussy and bunghole. Darla struggled to try to stay in some form of control, but the muscle bound African, who was now her master, was not going to let that happen. After he orally worked her pussy into boiling cauldron of dripping lust, he then proceeded to mount her from behind and burrowed his inhuman snake in her helpless and dripping cunt, and began pumping her violently, even as she begged for mercy. Theodore loved the sound of Darla's pleas, and responded by smacking her upturned bottom harder and harder, until finally, the two of them came at the same time and screamed so loud that Shelly could hear her cries over the 111

sound of the falling water in the shower were she was now being gang fucked by Mombassa and several other men. As Theodore came, he pulled out and proceeded to deposit his load in Darla's bunghole, which soon spilled over onto her ass crack and then proceeded tp massage the left over and dripping cum into the skin of her ass, which he still was not done assaulting. After letting Darla recover for just a few moments, Theodore reached over and grabbed a leather strap and began smacking her ass until small welts formed. With each smack on her ass, Darla felt feelings of both pleasure and pain that she had never known before, as she quickly came to realize that she would do whatever she could in the future to again experience the feeling of being dominated so completely. Yet despite her love of being the victim, Darla knew that she had to beg, only so that she could make her captor pleasure her more. Darla, as the blows of the leather landed on her behind, begged and screamed to be released, which prompted Theodore to growl, "keep your mouth shut bitch, you'll get up when my dick is no longer able to. Now excuse me while I ream your pretty little ass!" Darla, now delighting in and loving the feeling of being a helpless victim, gasped as she felt Theodore pry her asshole open and squirted half a bottle of cool banana oil into her already well cum coated rectum. He then grabbed her by the hair, and, with the other hand, guided his dripping cock and forced it in fast as Darla screamed and gasped in a mixture of pleasure and pain as his hot rod pushed all the way in. Theodore then proceeded to pound away on his moaning little victim until they both once again climaxed in unison, this time squirting his spunk so deep down her bowels that she could almost taste it in her throat. He then, after slowly pulling out, bent down and kissed his naked sweaty partner and said "anytime you want to be controlled, you'll know where to find me bitch!" Darla just smiled and kissed him and said "yes master." Theodore then released Darla from her bonds, but he was not quite done with her yet, as he scooped her up and carried her into the men's locker room and laid her on the massage table and ate her pussy out until she climaxed. He then nailed her pussy for one last time and slammed his muscle hardened body into her oversexed pussy as his animal hands pinched and twisted her nipples. Then, as he sensed his energy disappearing, then forced her to her knees and ordered her to swallow his cunt soaked cock and taste every drop of his pearly seed. As she was held in place, with his hands around her wind pipe, Darla obediently milked his cock for several minutes, until finally he exploded and she greedily lapped up and tasted his salty jizz, which ran down her throat and into her hungry stomach, with the reminder dripping on to her sweaty and sore breasts. Finally, after what seemed like hours, the muscle bound monster collapsed on the table as 112

Darla continued to lick the sweat and cum off his deflating cock, while at the same time savoring his taste and aroma. As she lay their gently licking and sucking Theodore clean, she could hear out in the gym Isabella begging for orgasmic release, while in the mens shower, she heard the sounds of Shelly cumming yet again, as Mombassa continued his oral assault on her. After Theodore snatched Darla up, the other two remaining muscle heads turned their attention to Isabella who was desperately wanting to be sexually used and abused. Jacques and Mombozu picked her up and brought her over to the Nautilus machine where they proceeded to helplessly tie her up, using their own t-shirts and shorts as rope, which they used to hog-tie their little new fuck toy and string her up by her ankles and wrists as she swung helplessly from the machine. They then proceeded to empty a whole tube of banana oil in her two holes, and then watched as she struggled in vain to free her loins from the weighted down trap that the two men had placed her in. As her 110 pound body hung helplessly with her two love holes spread wide and exposed to their every whim and desire, Isabella shuddered as she came to the realization that she was now going to be dominated by two men whose combined weight was 600 hundred pounds. After the men secured her, they then gagged Isabella with duct tape. Once the tape was on her mouth, Jacques said to Mombozu, "now let's make her really scream!" as they positioned their cocks underneath her hanging body and slammed their rock hard cocks up her ass and cunt at the same time. As their cocks entered, and they held her sweaty body tight, Isabella's body jerked about with a constant stream of orgasms as the men fully penetrated her oil slicked holes. Despite the tape on her mouth, her uncontrollable moans of passion could not be silenced as the men raped and reamed her wide stretched orifices, until finally both of the two men pulled out at the same time and coated her sweaty body with their steroid filled cum. Isabella, who was suspended from the machine like a marionette, could be easily heard moaning the muffled words "More! More!" as she begged them not to stop. Isabella had been sandwiched many times, but this one was different, it was much more erotic than even all the black cocks she received at the Oreo Club, or Mombassa's machine. Isabella's breasts dripped with sweat as the men fucked her and sucked greedily on her rock hard nipples, which in turn, forced her to cum with a ferocity that she had never felt before. Finally, after nearly 30 minutes of being raped, Isabella's body shook and convulsed in surrender to the power of the 600 pounds of flesh and muscle that penetrated her lithe frame. Then, after another ten minutes of continuous and relentless pounding, both men pulled out and sprayed their cum over her sweaty and suspended body, after which they then left her hanging so that they could watch as her 113

holes contracted back to their normal tiny size, after which they ripped of the tape from her mouth, pulled her down and then ordered her to finish licking and swallowing the rest of the cum and sweat off their tired bodies. When they were satisfied with Isabella's tongue bath job the three of them headed to the woman's shower room, where even more pleasure awaited them. Meanwhile, in another part of the gym, as Darla and Isabella were being raped and dominated, Mombassa was feeding Shelly more of his meaty manhood as he ate her pussy out in the sauna and shower room, while they luxuriated in a slow 69 for the entire hour that the weight lifters dominated the other women. Mombassa would dominate his new blond love slave later, but for now he wanted to savor the enjoyment of eating her shaved pussy, while at the same time she stroked and sucked his long shaft. After making Shelly cum for about the eighth time that night, he once again gave into his urges and unloaded his spunk down Shelly=s her eager throat, after which she licked up the remainder that spilled on to his body. They then got up walked out of the sauna to find Isabella and Darla recounting their encounter with the black weight lifters, as they soaked naked in the whirlpool. Shelly and Mombassa quickly joined them, whereupon he informed Darla and Shelly of the upcoming Raelian pool party at Isabella's. Afterward the four of them finally left the club, somewhere around midnight, after all were finally spent sexually, Darla returned home late. Shelly had decided to stay with Mombassa, who, like Darla and Isabella, would soon be experiencing the pleasures of his mechanical sex machine. Yet by now, Darla was physically spent from all of the sex that she had endured, both at the hands of Mombassa's sex machine, and at the gym, and in now time she was flat on her back and naked listening to her answering machine. The first message was from Sofia, who told her that she would be back in Quebec on Friday, and that she wanted to go wild. Sofia gave her explicit instructions and told her arrive tomorrow at a local biker bar so they could talk, catch up on old times, and have a little fun dancing and teasing the Hell's Angel's. The next message was from the hospital asking her to call and arrange a physical for tomorrow after her shift, per some new policy, with a Doctor Chad. The last message was from a man who only identified himself as a friend of Pierre, and as the one who had been sending her the bizarre photos and sexual suggestions. He wanted her to get in touch with him immediately regarding some unfinished business that Pierre had left him with. Darla's mind raced as she wondered if something had happened to her former lover, and she called the number to the telephone that rang across the street in apartment of the stalker.


When the stalker answered, he informed Darla that Pierre had left him with a special request; however, he could not tell her what it was, but that she would soon find out in due time what that special request was, but only if she met him at his office tomorrow. Without even a thought of doubt or hesitation, Darla readily agreed to meet him, but then, after she hung up the telephone, she realized that she had no idea of the name of the stalker whom she had just agreed to meet. However, after repeated attempts at calling the stalker at the same number, without success, Darla gave up, turned out the light, and drifted off to sleep. Meanwhile, as Darla desperately tried to reach the stalker on his unlisted cellular telephone, he was on the line making very special plans for her, as he watched her undress and fall into bed. That night, as Darla slept, she dreamed about Pierre for the first time. And what a prophetic dream it was..


Chapter Thirteen- Darla's Dream In her dream, she heard the door of her apartment close, and the sound of his footsteps walking into the living room. She was waiting in the position he had instructed her in- in front of the couch, in the middle of the carpet. With the exception of the silk scarf that covered her eyes, she was completely naked, on her knees and sitting back on her heels with her knees stretched familiarly wide apart. Her hands were clasped loosely behind her back leaving her firm up-tilted breasts with her smooth shaved pubis in full view. Darla felt Pierre's fingers trail across her cheek and along her bare shoulder. "And how is my little slave today?" he murmured. "Mmmmm" purred Darla. "I'm hot for you as usual." Darla then heard Pierre sit down in front of her and felt a shiver of pleasure run through her as she imagined him watching her. In her dream, Pierre could clearly see the bare skin of her pussy lips that were gently parted to expose the wet interior. Pierre smiled, and then reached forward to take Darla's nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. Darla moaned softly as her dominant dream lover took control of her nipples and rolled them slowly in between his fingers. In real life, her nipples were one of the most sensitive parts of her body and Pierre knew it. "Are you ready for an adventure tonight?" asked Pierre quietly. "Mmmm hmmm" murmured Darla. "All right then, I want you to go up to your room and get into your submissive position on the bed and wait for me," said Pierre as he reached forward and pulled the blindfold from her eyes. Darla, even her deep sleep, felt a shiver run up her spine. Immediately she rose to her feet and made her way upstairs feeling Pierre's eyes on her rolling buttocks as she walked. Once in her room, Darla knew just what position Pierre meant. She got up on her bed on her knees with her feet just over the edge of the bedspread and her back to the open door of her bedroom. She placed her knees very wide apart then bent forward at the waist to rest her head and shoulders on the bed and arch her back deeply to leave her bottom up in the air offered to her lover. As Darla slept she still could feel her rock hard nipples rub gently on the bedspread, as she reached back with both hands, placed them on her buttocks and pulled them firmly apart. She felt her pussy lips part slightly and the gentle air currents in the room reminded her that her crinkled rear opening was now lewdly splayed open for "inspection". 116

She had only been there for a moment or two when Darla heard Pierre's footsteps following her up the steps. Pierre did not immediately enter Darla's room although he could see her from the hallway. Darla then heard Pierre opening the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and knew for a certainty what he was looking for. Her anus clenched involuntarily in anticipation, as Darla heard Pierre enter her room and open a drawer directly behind her. She had no doubt it was her new "toy" drawer which contained the various sex and bondage devices she had collected after Pierre had left her in real life. Pierre moved to Darla's side so she could see him. As she expected, a tube of KY was in one hand. It looked like one of her butt plugs was in the other. Pierre then opened the tube of lubricant and poured a dollop onto his fingers leisurely covering them in the slippery gel. "We're going out for our adventure tonight." he smiled at her. "Mmmmm" Darla moaned, "Sounds like you've got hot plans for me." Pierre chuckled, "Yes, I think I've outdone myself tonight." Pierre then walked behind her, as Darla closed her eyes, waited for the inevitable. However, Dream Pierre waited a moment, knowing that her anticipation and heat were building, even though he wasn't touching her. Darla's anus was now spread wide open and Pierre watched as it clenched and relaxed despite herself. He then reached forward and held just the tip of his finger up to the tight brown ring, which caused Darla to gasp at the cool imaginary touch of the lubricant on Dream Pierre's imaginary finger. Pierre then held his finger there, making tiny minute circles over the sensitive flesh, knowing that the sensations for Darla would be intense. Darla was on fire as she held her breath while feeling each tiny movement of Pierre's finger all the way through her body. Her whole dream consciousness was now centered on that tiny part of her anatomy, and with a slow but firm motion, Pierre slid his finger past the tight muscles of Darla's anus and deep into her body, as Darla let out the air she'd been holding in one long Awhoosh." Dream Pierre held his finger deep in the rectum of the submissive Darla, letting her catch her breath for a moment before slowly twisting his finger back and forth as he pulled it from her. Darla's body trembled at the all to real imaginary sensation. It was as if every one of her nerve endings had taken up residence in her bottom. Dream Pierre then added more lubricant and slid his finger deep into her again, which in turn caused Darla to arch her back in pleasure. Pierre then picked up the rectal plug and rested the tip against the slippery opening of Darla's exposed anus. He paused for a moment then slowly pressed the plug in. The five inch plug got wider and wider until the widest part of it stretched Darla about an inch and a half open. Darla's breath was a little ragged now. 117

Dream Pierre twisted the plug slightly, pushing it in another halfinch and then let the muscles of Darla's anus pull the remainder of the plastic toy into her body. "Mmmmm, I'm so hot for you," said Darla as she let her hips sway back and forth. The imaginary feeling of the firm plastic intruder deep in her body was all at once naughty, intruding, and hot. "Now, go put on your white dress, you know, the tight and short cotton one." Dream Pierre said. "Stockings and garters too?" Darla asked. Pierre chuckled. "No, just the dress and heels and, of course, this," he said tapping on the end of the plug with one finger. Darla pulled the thin cotton dress over her head. In her dream it was one of Pierre's favorites. The form fitting dress molded her body perfectly. Her nipples pushed hard at the thin material. Darla knew that if anyone looked directly at them, they'd be able to see her dark areolas. The end of the imaginary plug was now grasped firmly between Darla's buttocks but the length of it deep in her body shifted with every movement. "I'm ready," she said. "Great." said Dream Pierre, "Let's go." Darla gasped as her bare bottom touched the cool leather of the passenger seat in Pierre's car, "Ooooh, a little cool." Pierre just smiled. "Can you tell me where we're going?" asked Darla. "Just be patient. You'll know very soon." The drive, in Darla's dream, lasted only a few minutes and ended up in the center of some unknown city. "Here we are." smiled Dream Pierre as he helped Darla out of the car. Darla's heart was pounding. What would happen here? Dream Pierre held her hand and walked Darla into an imaginary highrise office tower. The imaginary rectal plug was now deep in Darla's body as it rolled and shifted at every step. Although it was dark, there still a few people moving in and out of the building. Dream Pierre and Darla waited for an elevator and then got in, as he pressed the 18th floor button. Taking her by the elbow, he moved Darla around. "Stand in the corner like a good little girl." he said. Darla shivered as she did so, and went to stand submissively in the corner of the office elevator.


However, to her shock, Pierre reached down and pulled the cotton dress up to her waist. "Pierre!" exclaimed Darla. "Shhhhh. Be a good girl and don't move." he said, patting her bare bottom affectionately. Thank God they were alone on the elevator, thought Darla. She listened to her heart pounding and knew that she was blushing furiously at the sensation of being so exposed. But before she knew it, Darla heard the bell for their floor and felt the elevator slowing before Pierre finally said, "Ok. You can cover yourself." With a sigh of relief, Darla pulled her dress down over her hips and below her buttocks and turned around. Pierre led Darla down the 18th floor corridor and finally into a waiting room. "Pierre, what's going to happen here?" asked Darla in a nervous voice. Pierre chuckled, "Nothing too serious sweetheart, I'm just making sure you keep your body in its best shape for me so you're here for a quick checkup." "What!" said Darla, "but..., but...." "Miss, please follow me." A nurse's voice had broken in on Darla's protests, and before she really had time to think about it, Darla was being led through a door and down a long and dark corridor. With the exception of the nurse, the office seemed empty. After following the nurse down the long and dark passage way, Darla was finally led into a large examining room. "I'll be checking your weight and height first," said the nurse, "Please take off your clothes." Darla waited for a moment, hoping the nurse would leave the room or at least turn her back, but it was not to be. She stepped out her heels first and felt the cold tile beneath her feet. Using both hands, she pulled her thin dress over her head. Darla blushed as she felt the nurse's eyes on her smoothly shaved pubis. The nurse directed Darla onto the scale, and she was careful to keep her bottom turned away from her. Although the end of the rectal plug was mostly concealed between Darla's round buttocks, she was sure the nurse would see it if she turned. Once Darla's height and weight were recorded, Darla thought the nurse might leave perhaps giving her a chance to get rid of the plug, but again it was not to be.


The nurse opened a second door and motioned Darla to enter, as she kept her buttocks tightly clenched. This examining room was slightly larger and was set up with the examining table in the middle of the room instead of off to the side. "Up on the table please." said the nurse. Darla lifted herself into a sitting position on the leather-covered table, feeling the plug push even deeper into her as she sat on it. A moment later the door opened and an older man in a white lab coat entered. "Hello Darla, I'm Doctor Anderson, I'll be giving your examination today." Darla was instantly alarmed. The doctor was the same one who had performed her last physical at the clinic before she began her job at the hospital. However, before she could protest, Dr. Anderson went about his business of checking her heart, reflexes, eyes, ears and throat. Through it all, the nurse had sat quietly and Darla had almost forgotten about her. "Ok, lie back please," said the doctor, and Darla started to do so, she realized that the rectal plug was still in her. ", wait." she started but the doctor had already pulled the steel stirrups up and was pulling her left ankle into one. 'Oh God!' thought Darla, 'He's going to see EVERYTHING!' In a moment the other foot was snugly settled into a stirrup and the doctor had dropped the end of the table under Darla's buttocks, leaving her completely exposed. Doctor Anderson reached over and turned on the bright floodlight at the end of the table. "Hmmmmm." he murmured interestedly. Darla squeezed her eyes tight. She felt her face flush hot with embarrassment and knew the blush was sliding down her face and onto her upper chest to the tops of her breasts. She had never been so embarrassed. Darla felt the stirrups being adjusted. They were stretched a little wider and pulled a little closer to her body. Darla felt her buttocks and pussy spread even wider for the doctor's inspection. Doctor's Anderson's hands felt warm at the top of her thighs. "Hmmm, nicely shaved lips." he said as his hands slid higher and gently rested a thumb on either side of her smooth pussy. The doctor pulled his thumbs apart, peeling open Darla's pink, wet interior. "Hmmm, yes, you seem sexually aroused Darla." he said. Sliding his thumbs higher, Dr. Anderson pulled the head of her clitoris back to expose the sensitive area. 120

Darla felt the hands slide lower and now the thumbs were resting on her buttocks and pulling them apart. "And what have we here?" said the doctor. Using his forefinger, he tapped several times on the end of the plug. Each tap seemed to reverberate though Darla's whole body. She could feel his fingers on it now, teasing it, twisting it. "This will require further investigation, I think." he said. Each touch of the plug was electric and Darla knew her arousal was perfectly visible to doctor and nurse who could see her most intimate parts. Dr. Anderson then grasped the plug and began teasing it from her, pulling and twisting in tiny motions until just the tip held Darla's anus open. With a final slow seductive twist he pulled the device from her completely and laid it aside, as Darla tried without success to stifle a moan. The doctor just chuckled, "Sensitive hmm? Well a submissive little girl like yourself should be used to that kind of stimulation." Darla opened her eyes to see the doctor squeezing a tube of lubricant onto his finger. Embarrassed at what was happening to her, she closed her eyes again. The doctor's finger teased around her rear opening much as Pierre's had earlier and then slid in. There was no resistance. The plug had made sure of that. First one finger then two twisted and penetrated the submissive woman's bottom. Darla squirmed. "Tsk, tsk. Can't have you thrashing all over the table." said the doctor. In a flash, cotton straps were holding Darla's ankles firmly to the metal stirrups. She was helpless, yet the added restraint only seemed to turn her on more. "Give me your hands Darla." It was the nurse's voice. Darla opened her eyes and saw the nurse right beside her, and without hesitation, she lifted her hands and offered them to the doctor's assistant. She felt her hands being pulled to the head of the table and fastened there. Her breasts were now flattened against her body like little mounds with only her turgid nipples sticking up. The nurse's hand slid down Darla's side, dragging across her left nipple. She felt it, squeezed gently by the nurse as she walked back to the end of the room and sat down. Darla's body was in a turmoil of sensations. The doctor's twisting, penetrating fingers were pulling out of her bottom. "We'll be checking your reflexes again," he said as he turned to pick something up. Darla felt the end of something hard touch her now open anus. The doctor pushed and the long thin object disappeared into her slippery rectum.


It was longer than the plug but thinner, she thought as her anus contracted down on the foreign object now held in her. Another object was now sliding into her pussy. She couldn't identify it but it was perhaps the size of a small egg, she thought. A third object was resting high on her shaved pubis, almost directly over her clit. "We're going to watch you have an orgasm Darla", said the doctor, "Given your current state of arousal, you'll be quite helpless to prevent it but just in case, we're going to give you a little help. The warm fingers on Darla's right nipple made her jump. She looked up to see the doctor putting a clear ointment onto it. Immediately her nipple started tingling. It was warm and not quite tickling, not quite itching. It felt like a dozen tiny insects were crawling all over the nipple. The doctor let go and the already hard nipple stood out further. Darla felt it aching to be touched. She wanted to beg the doctor to take it in his mouth but she bit her lip and moaned softly instead. The doctor was now doing the other nipple and a moment later, both were thicker and longer than Darla could ever remember. She was squirming harder now, as only her restraints held her to the table. The doctor chuckled and moved back between her legs. A moment later, Darla felt the device in her pussy come alive. It was a vibrator! The device in her ass vibrating also immediately followed it. Darla cried out. She couldn't help herself. The doctor reached up and turned on the final vibrator. The vibrations directly over Darla's clit were too much. She was bouncing up and down on the table. With another cry she felt herself starting to come. It was all consuming, including every part of her body. Her nipples contracted even tighter and seemed directly connected to her clit, her pussy and her over-excited anus. Again and again and again she came, pulling at the straps that held her. Finally, limp and exhausted, she could come no more. As though from a million miles away, she felt the vibrators being pulled from her and her wrists unfastened. It was a few more minutes before Darla could regain enough composure to open her eyes. The 'doctor' was smiling at her, "Your Master is going to be proud of you. I'm going to give you a parting gift before you go back with him. Call it a graduation present.�; Darla's eyes then widened as she watched him squeeze a little of the teasing ointment onto his forefinger. A moment later she gasped as his finger slid gently but firmly all the way into her bottom. He twisted back and forth for a moment, coating the sensitive membranes of her rectum and anus before pulling out. The sensation was immediate. Despite herself, Darla felt a desire to have her bottom penetrated again. Darla looked down and saw the doctor holding another rectal plug.


"This plug is a little different than the one you arrived with. As you can see it has two ridges, not one and it's a little longer." Darla felt the plug penetrated her then slowly spread her open but unlike her one plug, when her anus started to clench down, it was spread again until the wider ridge was buried deep in her. The plug only partly alleviated the internal excitement and teasing of the ointment. Darla squirmed several times as her ankles were unfastened and she was helped to her feet. The nurse whose name Darla never knew, then took her by the arm out of the room and back into the room where her dress and shoes were waiting. "Go stand in the corner Darla. That's a good girl." said the nurse. Darla stood as she had been taught, nose pressed gently directly into the corner, feet apart, hands resting at her sides. With the exception of the end of the plug resting between her pretty buttocks, she was completely naked. Darla felt the nurse's hand pat her bare bottom affectionately before leaving the room, who then said, "Stay like that and wait for your Master." Darla then heard Pierre's voice talking to the doctor and nurse but could only catch part of the conversation. The ointment on her nipples had them aching to be squeezed or suckled and the ointment in her bottom made her shift her weight from foot to foot. As she did so, she felt the plug deep in her body shift too. Suddenly Pierre was there, sliding his hands down the length of her back, kissing her neck... However, before she could move on to the next part of her erotic dream, Darla's telephone suddenly rang, waking her sweaty and horny body up early to the brand new day that awaited her. On the other end was Dr. Chad, whom had informed her that, as a matter of routine, she would have to retake her physical today due to a clerical error, and that, since it was a slow day, he and his nurse would be available to see her right now at his office near the hospital. To which Darla reluctantly agreed, then wrote down the address of the office, and headed into the shower. Meanwhile, across town, at the office where Darla was scheduled to soon arrive, with the help of the two student nurses that both men had been fucking during working hours, they commenced on preparing for her exam. In planning this exam, the stranger had taken particular care to make the physical look legitimate up until Darla was locked in the stirrups, gagged and bound. The stalker, AKA Dr. Anderson, had spent many hours and days planning for Darla's visit. Not only were he, Dr. Chad, and his nurses, Michelle and Bebe, going to witness the spectacle, but also Pierre, and anyone else who could log onto the Internet.


Even though Darla's loins and muscles were still sore and tender from the sexual and physical pounding that she had so recently undertaken, for some reason she desperately wanted more. In the shower she took her time and used the bar of soap and her fingers, as she masturbated to the sounds of her own moans and groans that echoed off the bathroom tile. In her mind she replayed back all of the erotic encounters from the last several days, which in turn led to several screaming orgasms under the warm streams of water, as she lay there on the floor of the shower flopping and twisting around like a fish out of water gasping for air. However, by the time Darla recovered, she was so relaxed that she nearly forgot her doctor's appointment. She then hurried to get into her jeans and t-shirt, and then sped off to the clinic where Dr. Chad had instructed her to be. On her way to the office, as Darla waited at several lights, her mind suddenly recalled her dream, and how weird it was that her unplanned real life medical exam was taking place so soon after the erotic imaginary one she had just experienced.


Chapter Fourteen- Darla's Follow Up Exam As Darla arrived, Michelle, Dr. Anderson's new student nurse and sex partner, gave a smiling signal to both Dr. Anderson and Dr. Chad, who was a visiting doctor from the African nation of Katanga, as the young patient raced in the door and announced herself. Michelle, who was barely 18, pretended to barely notice Darla as she kept her head down and instructed Darla to fill out some medical forms, after which she walked toward the back to see the final preparations being made for Darla's examination. Michelle then asked Darla to follow her and made her take off her shoes so that she could be weighed and measured. Darla noticed that she was the only patient, but since it was real early in the morning, there was nothing unusual about it. Of course Dr. Anderson made it a point of canceling all the other afternoon appointments as soon as Darla confirmed her appointment. Michelle then led Darla to the large examination room , and then asked her to disrobe, but for her to leave her bra and thong panties on if she wished. Once undressed Darla was then told by Michelle to lay on her back and put her feet in the stirrups. Darla did as instructed, never noticing Bebe sliding in through the door directly behind her. Once in the stirrups Michelle asked Darla to hold on to the sides of the table while she moved it closer to the overhead light. Darla grabbed the handles of the side of the table while Michelle rolled her to the center underneath the unlit operating lamp. Once in the center Bebe turned on the bright operating lamp blinding Darla, as her and Michelle grabbed her limbs and immobilized them in the specialized operating table used for uncooperative patients. Darla screamed "what the fuck!! Let me ou..." as Michelle quickly stuffed a wad of rubber gloves into her mouth. Then as Darla was struggling the surrounding fluorescent lights dimmed and the spot lamp was lowered to just about 5 feet above Darla's struggling body. She then watched, as she struggled and pleaded as the two nurses disappeared into the darkness and the light above her was turned off. However, in the pitch-black darkness she heard voices from above and struggled to figure out what was happening. Then, suddenly, as she continued to struggle in her bonds, Darla felt a blindfold being tightly pulled around her head and a ball gag being pressed into her mouth and duct tape strapped over that. Outside the examination room, Michelle and Bebe both slipped out of their uniforms to reveal their lacy white naughty nurses uniforms complete with high white heels, g-string, nurses cap, bra and garter 125

stockings, as well as surgical masks, so as to conceal their identity. Dr. Anderson and Dr. Chad also had on surgical masks and head covering, as they put on a fresh pair of scrubs and slowly turned on the spotlight over Darla, who by now was completely blind and helpless to the exam that would soon come. Meanwhile in cyberspace, the worldwide audience held their collective breath as the spotlight was slowly turned on to reveal Darla's semi naked stretched out form. Under the spotlight, Darla could feel the burning heat of the lamp intensify as the level of brightness was increased and roasted her white freckled skin, as she suddenly heard a very familiar voice from her dream the night before. Darla listened intently as the familiar voice of Dr. Anderson spoke. "Please, welcome our patient Darla to today's anatomy lesson. Today you, my Internet audience, will witness the proper way to examine a highly oversexed female. Though our subject has involuntarily agreed to help us, I have blindfolded her in order to protect her anonymity, but like all subjects in medicine she is subject to the mercy of the doctor." The doctor then continued on and said to her, "My dear Darla, since you are here for an exam, especially after all of the sex you have had these past days, I believe it on right, as a responsible health practitioners to show my students what really turns you on. So without further adeau, let the lesson begin!!" At which, Darla then felt the middle of the table being raised, which in turn caused her tits to arch further up to the sky, as Dr. Anderson then said "nurse Bebe apply the clamps." To which Nurse Bebe proceeded to place giant metallic tipped clamps on Darla's upturned and sensitive nipples. The force of which caused Darla to moan in a mixture of pain and pleasure, as the clamps dug into and pinched her pink skin, and then were suddenly pulled up tight and latched with electric wire to the lamp above her. As the clamps dug into her sensitive areolas, she felt her pussy start to gush with wetness. Then Dr. Anderson said, "Now the first thing that any exam must start with is the taking the patient's temperature. Normally I would do it orally, but for today we only have the equipment to do it anally. Of course the only thermometer we could find was from the local veterinarians office. They are letting us use one especially designed for horses." He then raised up a giant long silver dildo that had red markings painted on it and began to describe it to everyone, especially Darla. "This cold metallic device is approximately seven inches long, and one inch wide. I doubt if my young patient can take it all, however, I intend to make her." Darla felt KY being applied to her exposed and recently well-fucked bunghole. She then felt the cold piece of metal being forced up her tiny rectum and slide slowly in, as slowly moaned in desire as the cold and grooved apparatus penetrated her ass. As she felt it slide 126

into her, she then heard the doctor say, "for the most accurate of measurements it is best to keep it in for several minutes and slowly rotate it left and right and in and out." Which in turn caused the young Darla to writhe and buck in pleasure as she was reamed in front of the Internet audience. Sweat poured from her body and the juices flowed out of her cunt as the girls increased the pace and tempo of her forced butt fuck. Then, finally, for what seemed like an eternity, Darla orgasmed and screamed in pleasure as her butt mucles contracted in a desperate attempt to pull the piercing piece of metal deeper inside of her, until finally she calmed down. Once Darla was calm, the dildo was slowly removed and replaced by a large butt plug that her ass eagerly accepted. As the butt plug entered her Darla shuddered in another orgasm. The sensations were just to much for her, but she had no control now, and was completely at the mercy of Dr. Anderson. The doctor than told the audience that it was now time for some lesbian action, at which Bebe and Michelle put on a pair of strap on dildos and approached the exam table. As Darla lay immobile with a plug up her ass and stretched nipples, the girls readied their rubber extensions with a coating of KY. Darla then felt the butt plug being removed and then felt it easily re-enter her bottom. Bebe then stepped up and took aim for Darla's pussy and slammed the 13-inch piece of rubber hard up her slit as Dr. Chad removed her gag so that they all could enjoy the sounds of her cries of ecstasy. As the dildo penetrated her deep, Darla howled in pleasure, as the extra wide cock moved along and up her now wide stretched interior wall, as she writhed in her restraints. Then Bebe began pumping hard and deep as the doctor urged her to fuck Darla harder, which was exactly what Darla wanted, as she began howling like a caged animal. Darla was now so turned on that she would do anything for her captors, just to keep receiving the humiliating, but erotic, treatment she was now receiving. Bebe kept pumping as Michelle filled her own ass with the other dildo, who in turn squealed in delight as the smaller cock split her ass in two. Soon the three of them were all moaning in pleasure as the doctor moved over and began fucking Michelle's ass with the horse thermometer. For twenty minutes the hall was filled with the screams and moans of three women being slowly fucked, until finally they all came in a chorus of moans and shrieks. For the next several hours Darla, who was later drugged with a mild dose of truth serum, was filled with more rubber of different sizes than she could remember. Her moans only got louder as the hours went by, during which she was licked and fucked to numerous orgasms and swallowed countless loads of cum, as she was steadily reamed in both holes, often at the same time, with both real flesh and rubber. She was so sweaty that she had to be toweled off just to keep her slick 127

body on the table. Finally for the last and final act she was placed on top of Dr. Chad, and took his cock deep. As Darla was straddling his engorged and very thick member she was paddled and whipped. Then, with Dr. Chad's cock still in her, Dr. Anderson lubricated her rear passage slid into her ass. As she was being fucked she kissed both men deep and said to them moaning "I I I Love This Thank You!!! Make me cum! Make me cum!!!" With those words Darla came like she never had before, then passed out and fainted on top of the burly African doctor. Yet, despite her slipping into unconsciousness, the two doctors continued their own march to orgasm. Finally, despite Darla's being unconscious the two men filled her holes with the last of their seed. After which, the lights dimmed and the live Internet connection was cut. After the Internet connection was cut, the nurses turned the lights on and helped the men to their feet. The men were still dripping cum off of their cocks as they stood as Bebe and Michelle eagerly lapped up the remaining salty and sticky liquid off of their semi hard cocks and balls. The doctors then proceeded to inject Darla with another dose of sleeping gas, and then watched as the nurses cleaned the sleeping Darla, but not before Michelle and Bebe laid Darla back on the table and spread her legs so they could lap up the cum that was still dripping out of her pussy and ass. After Darla was clean, Dr. Anderson and Dr. Chad carried her to her car and drove her back to her apartment. Once there, the two doctors stripped her out of her clothes, and proceeded to erase all evidence that she had been at their office. Once they were satisfied that Darla would have no proof of her visit, they set the sleeping beauty's alarm clock to go off at 6:30. Later, when Darla finally awoke to the sound of the alarm, she sat up in her bed naked, but feeling both clean and refreshed, as she tried to recall how she got there. She then got up and looked at her answering machine, which showed that only one person had phoned her in the last day, with the one phone call being from Sofia. It was at that point, that Darla realized that she must have just awoken from the most intense erotic dream that she ever had. However, as she laid back in the bed caressing her body, Darla brought herself to orgasm one more time, before getting up and heading off to the shower so that she could get ready for a night that she was sure would be as sexually intense as both her dreams, and her experiences the last few days had turned out to be.


Chapter Fifteen- Sofia and the Biker Bar For her night out with Sofia, Darla chose her sultriest dress, as Sofia had suggested to her. As she peeled into the tight black spandex dress, she looked at her sexy self in the mirror, and decided against underwear. She then brushed her teeth and applied a little makeup knowing that Sofia always appreciated the natural look. Darla then put her "fuck me" pumps on and headed for the door and out to the biker bar where Sofia was waiting. When Darla arrived at the biker bar, there were at least 25 Harley Davidson's in the lot, but only one car with a license plate that simply said "Sofia." When Darla walked in, all of the men stopped and stared at her, as she spotted and then strutted toward Sofia, who was in the corner of the dark bar, near the pool table, surrounded by a large group of motorcycle leather bound men. Sofia was nursing her fourth rum and coke as she watched the men stare intently at Darla's bouncing breasts, as her young lover entered the bar. The lustful stares of the men caused Darla's pussy to twitch, as she locked eyes with everyone in the dirty and dingy bar on her way to embrace her mentor and lover. With Darla's entrance, the sexual heat and tension in the dive bar was nearly boiling, as all the men could easily tell that both the young Darla and older Sofia were there for their benefit. When Darla finally reached where Sofia was standing, their eyes met and both of their pussies started to drip, as they embraced and kissed passionately. Sofia was wearing a leather mini skirt and black silk blouse, which barely concealed her luscious and silicon enhanced breasts. Then, after excusing themselves from the men near the pool table, Sofia took Darla's hand and led her to the bar where they ordered the strongest mixed drinks the bartender could make. It was Sofia who made the first move, while they sat at the bar, as Darla mesmerized her with the decadent details of her sexual escapades over the last several days. Darla responded in kind and grabbed Sofia by her hips, then leaned over and drew her in, as Sofia slowly tongue fucked her willing mouth. The rest of the entire evening was spent drinking and holding hands as Darla mesmerized Sofia, and the leering bikers and their old ladies, with all the juicy details of her new found erotic lifestyle..


By midnight the two women were fondling and kissing each other while they slow danced and the men whistled and shouted for more. By this time the girls were by the empty pool table and decided "what the hell." With the music playing Sofia and Darla got up on the pool table and began to dance slowly and make out passionately. For both Darla and Sofia, the separation had been long, as they both planned on making up for lost time during the short time that Sofia could spend with her over the next 24 hours. As the two of them danced slowly and seductively on the pool table, they finally decided that they could not wait any longer, and slowly started to disrobe each other as the men watched and urged them on. Sofia was the one who then took charge, grabbed the hem of Darla's dress, and began to slowly free her from her tight dress. As the men and women watched, Sofia slowly revealed her young lover's body, until finally she pulled the straps of the dress down to reveal her ample bosom. Once Darla's breasts were fully exposed, Sofia began to suck, bite and pinch her breasts, as the music suddenly stopped, so that the only sounds one could hear were Darla's moans of passion and desire, as her mentor urged her off of the pool table, so that they could reposition themselves. After several of the men helped the two of them off the pool table, Sofia told everyone to make a circle around the pool table, and stripped off her skirt so that she was only standing their in her black thong, blouse and high heels. As the men continued to surround them, Sofia then grabbed Darla by her hair and forced her back on the spot lighted pool table, spread her legs, and then dove tongue first for Darla's wet pussy. For the next hour, the two women licked and sucked on each other passionately in front of the rowdy biker crowd, as the men edged closer and closer to the pool table so that they could all take turns fondling Darla and Sofia. As the sexual heat reached a boiling point, Sofia looked up from Darla's dripping pussy, and looked around the bar at all of the men who were pawing at their bodies in search of a piece of the action. Being one to never let an erotic opportunity slip by, Sofia told the two of the men who had their hands on Darla's sweaty breasts, to pour their beer over Darla's breasts and pussy. As the beer flowed onto Darla's breasts and cunt, several men proceeded to lap at her breasts, while Sofia continued to lick her pussy, as she coated her fingers with the beer, and took aim for Darla's rectum. Several other men helped Sofia, as they each pulled Darla's legs back and spread her legs even wider. Then, one she was fully exposed, Darla's head snapped back as Sofia's bony fingers penetrated her rear end and then her pussy. For nearly an hour Darla and Sofia put on a sex show unlike any the men in the bar had ever seen before. During which, all of the men watched and participated in the gang bang of young Darla and sexy 130

Sofia, underneath the hot spotlight of the pool table. Finally, after several of the men began getting a little too rough with Darla, as they spanked her and fucked her ass, Sofia decided that the time had come for the two of them to leave. After the final two men came came simultaneously on Darla's face, Sofia pulled her up on her wobbly legs, and grabbed their beer and smoked stain clothes, and then walked naked to Darla's car, where Sofia's got into the driver's seat and drove her and her cum stained young lover back to Darla's place. Once back at Darla's apartment, the two women hopped in the shower together, cleaned each other off, and then continued their lovemaking session. Once they were in bed, Sofia asked Darla to tie her up and fuck her with the new dildo in her purse that she bought at the airport. Darla then used the rope that she kept in her closet and hogged tied her to the bed, whereupon Darla poured banana oil into her tight rear passage. After securing her mentor, despite Sofia's protests, Darla took charge and fucked her mentor's cunt with the 9inch dildo while at the same time she slowly double fucked her tight ass with nearly every sex toy in her collection. Sofia was in ecstasy as she reveled in Darla's domination, until finally, by 3 a.m. both girls were physically and sexually exhausted, as they slipped beneath the soft silk sheets and slept together for the first time in over a year.


Chapter Sixteen- The Pool Party When morning came the two women awoke at sunrise, and then slowly and passionately made love once again. After eating breakfast, Darla took Sofia back into the bedroom and hand cuffed her to the bed. Sofia then watched intently as Darla strapped on a harness around her waist and attached the longest and thickest rubber cock she had ever seen. Darla then held up another rubber shaft and told Sofia, in a menacing voice, "now it is my turn to be the teacher. Now turn over and get on all fours." Sofia was too horny to resist the orders of her young mistress, and proceeded to get in a doggie style position for what she sensed more than just the usual double penetration. Darla easily slid into to Sofia's pussy and stretched her walls wide with the textured 13 inch rubber. Sofia was screaming with lust and was begging for more as she fucked back and tried to take in all 14 inches into her pussy. As Darla listened to Sofia's screams she picked up the other dildo, a 12 inch monster, that she had hidden under the pillow, and slowly pressed it against her rear passage way. Darla then stuffed a pillow into Sofia's mouth, so as to muffle her screams of pleasure and pain, as she split Sofia's ass with the monster invader. Darla eased it in very slowly as she held the other cock still and deep in Sofia's pussy, all the while enjoying listening to Sofia=s moans and whimpers, which made her sound like a wounded animal, as Sofia felt the greased up cock slowly penetrate deep into her bowels. Sofia had never, in all her ass fucking, ever been penetrated by such a huge monster. Soon Darla hit bottom and let Sofia's muscles adjust to the strange, but wonderful feeling. Darla then announced that it was time for Sofia to know the true meaning of pleasure and repositioned herself under Sofia, so that she could more easily work both cocks in and out , until finally, after several thrusts, Sofia began to shake and then came, as she begged for release, after which Darla slowly pulled out of her and unchained Sofia from the bed so that they could lay in each other's arms and bask in the afterglow. Even after and hour, Sofia's body was still limp from the reaming she had just received and laid on the bed like a wet rag, as Darla caressed her now sore but well fucked pussy and ass, as Darla told her all about her new erotic lifestyle. As her young protege caressed her, Sofia whispered to Darla "thank you! Last night was incredible. Please tell me more about your new friends. I wish I could be fucked by two men, like you were at the gym, but last night at the bar is probably the closest I'll ever come, at least for the foreseeable future!"


Darla, realizing that the Raelian pool party was only a few hours away, looked up at Sofia, and then smiled with the knowledge that in just a few short hours, her mentor would soon learn just how sexually satisfied and fulfilled a woman could be. Later that evening, Louis and Lola greeted Darla and Sofia, who were dressed only in a pair of matching black bikini's, black high heels, and white sarongs, at the entrance of the back gate at Isabella's house. After they entered, Louis took Darla aside and to her for not spending any time with her since she last saw him at the gym. Louis explained that he had been called away to Northern Quebec to meet with Lord Rael concerning her and Shelly's desire to learn more about the faith, and how their skills as nurses would be welcome as the sect continued to grow and branch out, particularly in Africa and Asia. Everyone was wearing only the skimpiest of swim wear, with the guys confined to Speedo and the women to bikinis. Sofia's pussy was on fire as she imagined having sex with everyone here. Prior to her arrival, Darla had told her all about her and Shelly's desire to join the Raelians. After Darla had stepped aside to talk to Louis, Lola introduced Sofia to Isabella. Isabella's tight, toned; dark and buxom body especially intrigued Sofia, especially after hearing from Darla all of the decadent things Isabella had done and introduced to her. For about the next hour, everyone mingled about laughing and making small talk as they all enjoyed the constant flow of alcohol. Finally, about an hour after arriving and being served five very strong mixed drinks, Isabella looked over to Darla and Shelly, and then, with a wink to them, signaled that she had just invited Sofia for a tour of the house, starting with the basement! As she led the way, the basement was dark, as Isabella held her by the hand and led Sofia down the stairs. Once down the stairs, Isabella then slowly shut the door behind them and quietly locked it. Isabella than led Sofia to the center of the pitch-black room and then suddenly yelled, "lights!!" Sofia gasped as she saw 13 naked white and black men, including Carl, with muscles rippling from weightlifting and exercise standing around a massage table with shackles. Isabella than said "Welcome to your initiation!" As she pushed Sofia toward the shower room where the naked and oiled men waited, with all of their cocks stiff at attention. Carl than walked up to, picked Sofia up, and then placed her gently on the table, in the kneeling position. He then grabbed her bikini bottom and top, and effortlessly ripped it off her soon to be cum soaked body and told her "for the next three hours you will experience only the greatest in Raelian inspired pleasure and we will not rest until you are satisfied. As you can see by me and the other men, our cocks are well lubricated, and are prepare for immediate entry!" 133

For the next three hours the muscle bound men fucked all three of Sofia's lubricated and wanting orifices. She had never in her life had sex with more than two men at a time, but now here she was, the center of attention in an all out gang bang, as she saw Isabella out of the corner of her eye lift up a video recorder and yell "action!" To which, each of the men in the circle squeezed a bottle of baby out and emptied its contents on to her naked and prone body. Sofia closed her eyes as she felt the oil run down her ass crack and into her moist pussy and then on to the shower floor. Once the first pair of hands was placed upon her body, the next three hours became a blur of cock, cum, oil and more cock, as pricks of all shapes and colors, from every angle and of every size, penetrated her deeply and savagely. Sofia was completely at their mercy as she was sandwiched and forced to swallow every drop of cum offered to her hungry lips. The flow of cum was so much that the men turned the shower nozzles on many times in order to rinse the cum off her naked flesh and prepare her for a fresh coat. Sofia's ass and pussy eventually endured so much cock that by the end she had become their willing and eager slave willing to accept anything. As the men emptied their final round of cum onto her face she knew that sex with only one man would never be enough, whereupon she finally passed out and was left to Isabella's own devices, while meanwhile, as the men were fucking Sofia, Darla, Shelly and Lola, were having their own little candle party by the pool. Upstairs the other women took turns dripping hot wax onto the body of another. Darla was finally given the chance to not only lick Lola's shaved chocolate pussy, but also to pour scalding liquid on her exposed clit. While elsewhere, Shelly was busy sharing licks with new friends on the diving board as several college football players covered her with cum from head to toe. After nearly 30 minutes of letting her rest, Bruno and Isabella carried Sofia up the stairs and let every woman taste the sweet pussy of the sects newest member. By the time the evening ended at 2 a.m. everyone left thoroughly fucked and licked. At 2:30 am Sofia, Shelly and Darla returned to the apartment where the three enjoyed a late night menage a tois, that left them all fully sated...


Chapter Seventeen- The Big Bad World Cums Calling The next day, after Shelly had left, it was time for Darla and Sofia to say goodbye. Their time together had been very brief, but Sofia promised her young protege that they would soon each other again. Finally, after one last lovemaking session, they bid each other adieu. For the next several days, Darla's life seemingly returned to a more normal routine. After Sofia had left, Isabella and Bruno, as well as Louis and Lola, also left town in order to attend a Raelian retreat in Calgary. Meanwhile Shelly had been assigned as the supervisor of the neo natal section at the hospital, which the Raelians had just acquired. As for Darla's stalker, Dr. Anderson, had been arrested and taken in for questioning after a bootleg copy of Darla's exam was sent, by Pierre from his new home in Germania, to the provincial police sex crimes unit. The reason Pierre sent the police a copy of the tape, under a cloak of anonymity, was because Dr. Anderson had betrayed Pierre, not by his exam of Darla, but rather because, after he had left Canada, Pierre learned from Nurse Bebe, that the dirty doctor had planned on a second exam, whereupon he was going to drug her and then sell her to the Russian mafia. Once in the clutches of the Russian mafia, Darla would be forced into living the life an unwilling sex slave in Asia. The arrival of the tape, and the quiet arrest of Dr. Anderson, was never revealed or known by Darla. Instead, Darla was heading down another road to sexual slavery; however, on this road, she was far from an unwilling participant. Meanwhile, back at Mombassa's apartment, he and Theodore were busying themselves with their approved plans to bring Darla and Shelly to Kukuanaland, where they would be put to work in a remote army field hospital, as well as provide sexual services to Mombassa's men. However, before such a bold plan could move forward, Mombassa needed to inject both women with an ancient African sex potion known as Mahala. Once both Shelly and Darla were under the spell of Mahala, he would then administer a number of other Raelian designed drugs into their bodies. By the time each woman was finished, their body clocks would stop, and simultaneously they would be forever protected from all of the jungle diseases that Kukuanaland was known for. After the drugs were administered to their bodies, both women would be returned to their beds in the middle of the night. The next morning they would awaken and see and feel noticeable differences in the size and firmness of their breasts, as well as the tightness of their pussies. The drugs that Mombassa and his men planned on injecting in both women would 135

forever stop the aging process, and in turn make all of their future sexual experiences feel like their first. The genetically altered Mahala was especially designed to make white women sexually insatiable. Mombassa's plan was straightforward, all of the men, in teams of four, who were with the girls at the Oreo Club, just several nights before, would go to each girls apartment, and then, once each of them arrived home alone, the men were to blindfold, gag, and gently rape each of the women. Afterward, under cover of darkness that were to kidnap and take them to a secluded area, on Raelian property, near the banks of a river, and then string their lithe bodies up from a tree and take turns raping them, until the arrival of the medical team, after which the administering of the Mahala and the other drugs into their bodies would begin. Mombassa then instructed his men to go to the Army surplus store and buy all of the needed supplies such as a large tent and plenty of military grade rope. In addition, just days before the planned capture and drugging of the women, the drugs, which were needed to reverse the aging process and prevent any infectious diseases, arrived safely from a clinic in Paris. Several days later, and just a few days before she had to return to the hospital, where she was going to be working under Shelly's direction of the neo-natal unit, after a late night workout at the gym, Darla returned home and turned on the lights in the living room. However, just as suddenly as the lights went on, the lights suddenly went out, and with no windows the room was pitch black. Darla turned to head back towards the door but she wasn't sure where it was. Then suddenly she felt a pair of strong hands on her body, which caused her, in fear, to squirm away but they pushed her down. Darla couldn't tell how many but she felt at least three pairs of hands on her body. She was flat on her back with someone holding her arms down. She then tried to kick but someone else had a hold of her legs, as she felt a blindfold being tightly wound around her head, but not before she could catch a glimpse of the men, all of whom were towering over her and whose faces were hidden by gas masks. Darla then she felt another pair of hands undoing her shorts and pulling them down her legs. The hands grasping her calves released one at a time so that the shorts could be removed. next she felt hands slide under T-shirt and grope her firm, round tits through her bra. She tried to scream but another hand clamped over her mouth. Another hand slid over her naked thigh and began rubbing her pussy through her panties. She tried to ignore it, but her body betrayed her and her juices began to flow. She heard muffled whispers between her attackers and thought she heard one of them say she was getting wet. Then she heard one of them call her slut before her T-shirt was ripped from her body. Darla then went stiff with shock, unable to 136

protest as she felt her bra being undone and stripped from her body. Then what seemed like dozens of hands were groping and fondling her tits. Her nipples were growing harder by the second and her labia were starting to open as she felt hands pulling her panties down. Darla was now completely naked. With her sexual excitement of the rape betraying her, she felt her legs being spread, and then she felt something probing at her pussy. Then suddenly Darla felt a hard cock penetrate her and slide deep into her liquid center. The cock then started pumping vigorously in and out of her tight cunt and she began to moan through her gag. Then she felt another hard prick slide between her tits, while her globes were squeezed around the fat cock that began to slide back and forth. Darla's pussy was now clenching around the cock inside as she was being driven towards orgasm. However, before she climaxed, she felt a gush of hot sperm rush into her cunt and then the cock was pulled out but was soon replaced by another which quickly brought to her orgasm. She screamed through her gag as her body trembled and her orgasm rippled through her naked body. Suddenly she felt something land on her face. The cock fucking her tits had erupted spewing its load all over her face and chest. As with her pussy once the cock between her tits was withdrawn another quickly replaced it. After a few more minutes Darla's gag was removed and was replaced with another shaft of meat which she was ordered to suck. The second cock erupted inside her cunt and was removed, but not replaced. When the cock between her tits was spent it was also removed but not replaced. She then finished the cock in her mouth swallowing its great load of cum even though it made her gag. Darla then thought they might be through with her body but that hope was shattered as her gag was replaced and she was rolled onto her stomach. A pair of hands grabbed Darla's hips and pulled them up into the air. Her thighs were spread and she felt the head of another cock pressing against the entrance to her anus. She screamed in pain and pleasure as the fat head of the lubricated cock stretched her ass and slipped inside. Unfortunately the gag muffled her screams to little more than whimpers. Her eyes began to tear as the shaft of the cock slowly violated her ass and sank deeper inside. Finally it bottomed out and slowly was pulled back so that only the head remained inside. Then it started pumping in and out, slowly at first, but quicker with each thrust. Her screams of pain had quieted and were now replaced with low moans of pleasure as her body adjusted to the stiff rod penetrating her ass hole. Then her head was lifted form the floor, her gag removed, and a cock was placed in her mouth which she dutifully went down on. Darla soon felt her orgasm building slowly within her cunt as the cock now slid easily in and out of her anus. Meanwhile, the cock in 137

her mouth was thick and salty and she thought she caught a hint of her own juices on it which turned her on even more. She lifted one of her hands to help stroke it as she tickled the head with her tongue, quickly bringing it off and giving her another load of warm cream to swallow. At the same time the cock in her ass seemed to grow a bit thicker until finally then it released its load deep within her. The hot cream splattering inside her anus sent her over the edge and she squeezed as tight as she could around the cock still fucking her ass. Her body broke out in a sweat and she began thrusting her hips back against the intruder as she desperately tried to intensify her orgasm. After several minutes her trembling stopped and she felt the cock slide out of her anus. She screamed and was quickly gagged by a leather glove containing one very strong and muscular hand. She then heard the mystery man, with a familiar French-African accent say "We've been watching you tonight and waiting. If you scream I'll break your neck and if you run I'll shoot you. Now lie still as I bind and gag you." Darla stayed silent as the man tied cord around her hands and feet and bound them together. He then placed a hood over her head and tied it close. Once her attacker was finished he motioned to the others to put her clothes back on, and then to get dressed and roll Darla up in the carpeting. Once she was rolled up, the men picked her and the carpeting up and walked out to the van. For the next hour, Darla moaned in fear from the back of the van. The rape she had just experienced had been both sexually exciting and fulfilling, but now, as the van rolled along to parts unknown, Darla sensed danger, which only served to excite her pussy even more. Finally, after having survived the bumpy roads, the van stopped, and the men unrolled her from the carpeting and then effortlessly carried Darla's petrified body the 100 feet to the camp and then set her down. Finally one of the familiar voices asked, "are we ready?" To which another familiar voice replied, "yes, but only after we tie her up and then cut off her clothes." Darla was sweating with fear as she suddenly felt her arms and legs being hoisted, arching her body forward so that her limbs were spread eagle behind her. Darla didn't know if she was about to breathe her last breath, and as her breathing became more difficult as she felt the ropes became tighter and strained her body in every direction. She then heard another familiar male voice say "that's enough she is in no position to resist us now." Her blindfold was then taken off and she saw two gas masked men in black with knives attached to their legs. Darla, then instinctively moaned for help, but was instantly slapped and told to shut up. She then saw the two masked men remove their 138

hunter knives and drew them to her. She trembled as the men shredded her clothes and threw them to the dirt. They cut her bra off exposing her full and luscious breasts that heaved up and down in fear. After her clothes were fully removed one of the men began applying a liquid form of natural Mahala all over her struggling body until the entire spray pump container was emptied. After the liquid Mahala was applied, the other masked man then blindfolded her again. After she was blindfolded, the men then decided to let their captive feel the cold steel of their knives, just like Mombassa had done to her, by pressing the cold steel against every sensitive part of her body. As the knives traced her breasts, Darla's nipples became harder and more sensitive to the cold sharp steel, which she knew could take her life at any moment. Finally one of the men shredded the thong that guarded her pussy and ran the knife lightly over her clit, lips and asshole. The light touch of the knife was making her very wet against her wishes. As the two men traced her body simultaneously with the knives every sexually nerve in her body clicked on and the juices began to flow. The attacker then removed his gas mask and smelled her pussy juices, after which he gently stuck his rubber coated finger up her twat and slid his digits easily in. He then turned his knife around and began slowly fucking her with the handle. As Darla moaned in pleasure, the other attacker came around her, spread her cheeks apart and began licking her bunghole. For the next hour the men never fucked her, but teased her in a way that only made her wanting more, bringing her to the brink at least 70 times, and then withdrew before she could go over the erotic edge. The attackers assaulted and pleasured Darla's body relentlessly, but for her the frustration of not being able to orgasm was becoming almost too much for her to bear. These unknown men who had planned her capture so brilliantly were now raping her again, under the stars, but for some reason her body and mind was responding in pleasure not fear. She knew now that normal sex for her would never do, and that her body was an instrument that any man or woman could easily dominate and control. Darla had now become a slave to sex and loved the feeling of being at the mercy of her attackers. Finally, after what seemed like hours, Darla went over the erotic edge and passed out from an earth shattering orgasm that she willed from the bottom of her soul after nearly a whole evening of endless pleasure and torture. After she had passed out, Mombassa removed his mask, and then took from his medical first aid kit a syringe that contained enough tranquilizer to place his captive in the deepest of sleep. As Darla slept, Mombassa's men covered her body in more Mahala, so that their captive's pores would be saturated with the legendary love 139

potion. Days earlier, Darla and Shelly were Mombassa's first subjects, on whom he had given the African love potion, the first time they had met at the Oreo Club. When the women were not looking he poured the potion in their drinks. Less than 24 hours later, the potion had turned each of the women into complete sex addicts. After Darla was lowered from the tree, Mombassa's men carried her over to a tent that was filled with the fumes of Mahala. Inside the tent Mombassa and his men were already busy working over Shelly's naked body and injecting her body with a myriad of ancient and modern pharmaceuticals. As an added precaution, to protect the men from the intoxicating and eye burning fumes of the Mahala, Mombassa and his men all wore protective chemical masks to keep them from ingesting and getting high on the invisible gaseous aphrodisiac. Hours later, after each woman was completely injected with the breast growth hormones, anti-aging drugs, and dose after dose of Mahala, the women were taken back, before sunrise, to their apartments, and placed into their beds, where, when they woke up, all they would remember was the intense erotic dreams of being raped and molested by men in chemical gas masks. In that dream, Darla would recall seeing before her over 15 men in camouflage and gas masks standing in silence around her naked vulnerable body. As her eyes adjusted several uniformed figures with whips approached and stood in front of her. One of the men then produced a very large syringe and injected it into Darla's tight buttocks, as the others began slowly and roughly caressing her tender skin, with there leather gloves. Soon the flow of her juices welling deep inside of her body increased, as she succumbed and savored the pain and pleasure that was now being inflicted upon her, as her eyesight dimmed, and she slipped back into her dreamy erotic state... Among the most vivid erotic images Darla later recalled, was the dream of the snake. In that dream, Darla found herself naked and laid out on a beach where there was a shadow at the water's edge. Darla's heart missed a beat as her mind registered a presence, right there on the beach. It was as if her dream had come alive -- the beast of legend, and of her fantasy, sat just out of the water, sizing her up. Darla froze. Her eyes, now wide in disbelief, took in the shape of it. Long and fat, with a bulbous head, which even in the dim twilight she could tell was a deep shade of purple, the serpent bore an unmistakable resemblance to a large, erect penis. It moved. Just a shudder, at first. Darla's heart pounded in her chest as she realized that the beast had come for her, and here she was, naked, laid out on the beach like some virginal sacrifice to appease the dragon's desire. The serpent's head swayed, and then the beast began to approach her. There could be no doubt where it was heading. Darla's legs twitched at the thought of its scaly surface on 140

her skin. But though she wanted to get up and run could, as far away from the creature as possible, couldn't move. Fear -- or fascination -- held her could do nothing as the fabled serpent moved ever

as fast as she she found she captive, and she closer.

She could smell it now; a musky scent wafted up to her nostrils -not unpleasant, but its effect was instant. Darla's pulse quickened, her legs began to quiver in anticipation of the creature's touch, and with a gasp she realized that she was far from dry between her thighs. Soon the serpent was almost upon her as pebbles clinked as the beast slithered over them, and two tiny eyes blinked amid the scales covering its large head, at the front of which a shiny, needle-like tongue flicked from its dark slit of a mouth. The beast swayed, lifting its head above the obstruction of her foot. Darla wanted to withdraw that foot, to jump up, to run. But the beast had her in its gaze, and it ignored her shriek as it moved its reptilian body across her ankle. It was clear where the serpent was aiming. It slithered over her shin, homing in on the intimate junction of her splayed legs. She cried out as the creature's body slipped upwards against her inner thigh, its scales rubbing her soft skin in pulsing waves. Darla bit her lip and tried to control her trembling as the beast raised its bulbous head, its thin, forked tongue tasting her scent in the air. That bloated, purple head, so like some others she had been glad to know -- but larger and more engorged -- now lowered, and advanced on her. She stiffened, waiting for the creature's ultimate touch, the final invasion, as its tongue flicked out, which in turned made Darla shudder, as she felt the tiny touch slip between the folds of her swollen sex, making her widen her legs, inviting the creature into her. The serpent pressed its head against the cleft of her entrance, flicking its tongue inside her. The sensation of that quick, delicate exploration made her twitch, and as the serpent's head began to slide into her, its scales traversing her wet flesh, Darla cried out in unexpected delight. This was something incredible. The beast's long body snaked along her leg, its tiny feet paddling her thighs as it maneuvered its absurdly phallic head within her, thrusting deep, withdrawing, and plunging deeper still, each movement sending shivers of pure pleasure through her stimulated membranes. With each push, the creature's tongue explored her innards, flicking out, extending to all parts of her intimate interior. The serpent, intent on its purpose, paid no heed to Darla's repeated cries. She arched her back, gasping for breath as the pleasure built, each thrust of the beast's bulbous head sending her to ever increasing levels of delight. In her delirium of ecstasy, Darla wondered how far the creature would penetrate. Unlike a human penis, this phallus had no limit to its extension. She thought it had already filled her, and yet she felt 141

its scaly length go deeper still, squirming its way, each relentless pulse taking it further along the winding channel of her secret tunnel. Its progress seemed entirely unimpeded, her copious lubricant allowing the creature to probe ever deeper inside her. And all along the way, that delicate, spiky tongue explored the deepest recesses of her flesh. At each tiny flick, her body tensed. She was close, oh so very close, to what would surely be a cataclysmic release. The creature's thrusts had reduced to mere shuddering twitches within her. Darla opened her eyes and looked down at the tail of the beast flailing across her thighs in the twilight. It looked like some strange penile appendage, projecting between her legs. With each flick, the tiny scales covering its tail stroked across the sweat-slicked skin of her thigh, and a corresponding burst of pleasure pulsed within her, as the creature's muscular contractions continued inside her receptive, willing flesh. Those movements had reached a sensitive spot. Darla let her head fall back once more against the stones as the little tongue explored a place within her that she hadn't known existed. Fresh shivers of ecstasy raced through her body as she felt the creature's tiny mouth fasten onto that place. It seemed to be sucking her, manipulating her most sensitive, taut flesh, pursuing its relentless quest toward her inescapable climax. Darla tried to catch her breath as the shivers of delight pulsed through her. She cried out in the darkness, her fist held up to her open mouth as if to muffle the sounds of her overpowering orgasm. She then felt the sudden flood of her juices spurt within her, flowing round the creature's scaly form while it remained, filling her every fold and hollow. She lay back on the pebbles, her body panting its blessed release from the creature's erotic embrace, yet still it nestled within her. As a cool breeze from the lake wafted across her skin, Darla relaxed. The serpent was still buried half inside her, and yet she felt a kind of comfort in this fact, as if the beast and she were one, their union sealed in this most intimate embrace. Darla let out a long sigh as the serpent began to withdraw. It made its exit in a series of slow oscillations, its scales rubbing against her over-stimulated inner parts. Its tiny tongue licked at her insides, and she felt the creature drinking up her abundant juices as it made its languorous withdrawal. At last the beast's bloated head slipped clear of her gaping vulva, and the cool breeze caressing her body now infiltrated her exposed flesh. Darla heard the clink of pebbles under the serpent's retreating footsteps, and though she opened her eyes and lifted her head, she could make out no more than a shadow as the creature slithered into the lake with barely a ripple, after which she closed her eyes and drifted back to a deep sleep. 142

When the alarm clock went off, Darla found herself home, and alone in her own bed. Was it all a dream? She wondered, as her mind reeled back to the brief images of her rape and capture. She still did not know whom those men who had raped and captured her, and then performed all of those bizarre sexual experiments on her body. And what about her dream of the snake? It all seemed like a dream, but she was sure that it wasn't. As she tried to recall what had happened, it dawned on her that none of her attackers them ever removed their masks or uniforms. She had no idea who they were, and to make matters worse, she had no idea if it was actually a rape, since she had responded to their experiments with such sexual intensity and willingness. She also recalled being poked and prodded in all of her most intimate places, as well being stretched and bounced in ways that she never thought possible, all the while none of them ever said a word to her as the erotic drug induced trance that they had placed her under dimmed her eyesight, but also heightened all of her other senses. However, before she could slip back into unconsciousness and try to slip back into the dream, her telephone rang. When Darla picked it up she found herself talking to Shelly, who was also just awakening from her own private erotic dream. Shelly told Darla that the director of the hospital had just called and requested that they come down to his office right away. When Darla got out of bed and looked around the house to see no signs of her being raped. As she headed to the shower, Darla resigned herself to the belief that her rape and capture had all been just a dream; however, as she looked into the mirror, Darla wondered if she was just seeing things, or could it be that her breasts were now somewhat perky and fuller than the last time she looked? No matter, she now had to wake up and figure out what it was that was that the hospital administrator wanted to see both she and Shelly about. As Darla slipped on her jogging bra and checked her e-mail and voice mail, her breasts sure felt larger than usual, and to make matters even more interesting, her pussy felt different also, like it to had tightened up. When Darla arrived at the hospital her boss, Shelly, and the administrator of the university hospital met her. At first Darla had thought that he was going to fire her and Shelly for all of their bizarre sexual encounters over the last few days, but then she relaxed when she saw the wicked grin on Shelly's face. The administrator then informed Darla that she and Shelly have been specifically requested by the Kukuanaland army to train their new nurses, and that, in exchange for their services, the hospital was to be paid $1,000,000 per year, for each year that she and Shelly decided to sign a contract for. The administrator then informed Darla, that their friend Mombassa had specifically requested them. It turned out that Mombassa's father was 143

the general in charge of the Kukuana Armed Forces Medical Corps. It was Mombassa who had recommended that she and Shelly, who were both members of the French-Canadian Medical Corps, come to Kukuanaland and train their new nurses. Mombassa had personally assured the administrator of the Raelian run hospital that the girls' services were desperately needed. As Darla listened to the hospital administrator talk about what their services would entail, she remembered the words of her mentor, god-mother, and lover Sofia, who told her on that special night when they had made love to one another for the first time, to "never let an opportunity to broaden your horizons or see the world ever pass you by." As Darla recalled Sofia's words, and listened to the terms of Mombassa's offer, she knew, at that moment, that her life had now forever changed, and that somehow her sexual odyssey the last several weeks, especially the last 48 hours, was only a prelude to what she knew would soon come to experience in the dark continent, which now was reaching out to both her and Shelly. When the administrator asked finally asked Darla her answer, all Darla could do was nod her head yes. For Darla this was just the beginning of her great adventure, and she knew that there was now no turning back!!


Preview of Book Two “Heart of Darkness� The flight to Paris was very uneventful, and both of the girls lost themselves in their books, as Shelly read Sidney Sheldon novel, and Darla delved into her new Lonely Planet Guide to Kukuanaland. Darla was a bit surprised to learn that Kukuanaland had recently been taken off the U.S. State Department's travel warning list. She was also amazed to learn that Kinshasa was one of the most dangerous places in Africa, and that in some parts of the city roving youth gangs were more powerful than the police. Yet, instead of feeling scared, Darla felt a familiar tingle underneath her skirt and deep inside of her. However, she thought it best to not tell Shelly about what she had just read, for fear of her wanting to return home. Once at Paris, the girls checked their bags at the Trans Congo Air counter and headed off to the terminal. They were surprised to see that only them, and a few Mormon missionaries were the only white people booked for the 11-hour flight on board the ancient 747. The flight looked to be packed, and nearly everyone was giving them questioning looks as to why two young white women were traveling to Africa, especially black Africa. Fortunately for them, Mombassa had gotten them first class seats in an area of the plane normally reserved for government officials and businessmen. Days before their flight, Mombassa had made a call to the pilot of the plane, who was an old friend of his, and informed him of who his two special passengers were, as well as the fact that they were now under the spell of Mutant Mahala . The pilot assured Mombassa that he and his head stewardess, Lulu, would take extra special care of their lovely passengers. The pilot then later explained to his copilot and engineer about what his old friend had told him on the phone. After which, he then called in the head stewardess, to whom he gave very explicit instructions regarding their white female passengers, both of whom were in first class. The plane was packed, except for a handful of people in the first class area. Darla and Shelly settled themselves into the wide leather seats; where they were served coffee and cake, just prior to the plane taxiing for take-off. The plane looked relatively old, and Shelly wondered if it really was safe to fly; however, at this point there was nothing she or Darla could do, as the female flight attendant supervisor, who was dressed in traditional African dress, made the announcement that the plane was now departing the gate. 145

As the plane soared up into the sky, the memories of the group experience at the health club and other places, including the biker bar, suddenly played inside of Darla's mind. Watching the ground disappear, Darla quietly reminisced about what had happened between Bruno, Isabella, Lola, Louis, and her best friend Shelly. For the past weeks they both had enjoyed an incredible sexual escapade, bringing both of them to new levels of both pleasure and an of understanding of what pleasure a human body was capable of experiencing...given the right stimulation. While having this experience, the girls had met Mombassa, a doctor and a member of the Kukuana military, as well as the son of an influential Kukuana general. Mombassa's sexual prowess and his incredible pleasure machine had made such an overwhelming impression upon Darla and Shelly that a bond had formed between them. Well, maybe it was not a bond, just the residual effects of their sexual addiction, which was now being fueled by the mutant Mahala called 'M2' that she and Shelly had unknowingly been injected with. The effects of their own sexual addiction, before being given a taste of natural Mahala, had been strong enough for both Darla and Shelly to accept an invitation to come to the military hospital in Kukuanaland where Mombassa had already returned, so that they could "train" new nurses. However, Darla, being the outstanding nurse that she was, was just as curious about the level of medical treatment which would be available there. Shelly, who knew Darla better than anyone else, just wanted to join in on the fun. Darla had only flown once before; however, she had taken many long train rides, and the one thing which she always had difficulty in getting used to was the boredom that she usually experienced on those long journeys. As the hours rolled by uneventfully, Darla slipped into a series or dreams (or were they remembrances) of her mysterious rape dream. She vividly recalled the men in gas masks who rubbed lotion on her bare skin with their rough leather gloves. She also remembered dreaming about being laid out on a medical table where she was inspected and examined. While another memory of the dream consisted of snakes and insects crawling over her breasts, while the masked men all watched in silence as she fought in her bonds, and moaned in desire, as the creatures pinched and pleasured her nipples. Ironically, since that dream, both her and Shelly's breasts seemed to have become slightly bigger and firmer. Darla's bra now barely covered her pink nipples, while at the same time all of her fears, like her phobia of spiders and snakes, now only served to sexually excite her the more she thought about Africa.


Even Shelly had commented during their love making the night before at the hotel that she could tell that Darla's breasts felt and even tasted different. Yet, for some reason, Darla could not explain away the physical changes in her body, or the nagging feeling that somehow her body felt different. After about seven hours, Darla and Shelly were both wide awake, yet everyone around them slept soundly. They had already seen two movies, and read nearly every magazine in first class. As Darla was thumbing through an old issue of Jet, she turned to Shelly, and said, "I'm bored stiff, there has got to be a better way to pass the time than in-flight movies and magazines". "Me too," Shelly replied, who then smiled and pressed the alert button to call the stewardess. “What do you expect the stewardess to do?" Darla asked. "We'll see if she really moves her tail for us," Shelly replied with a laugh. The head stewardess soon arrived, and both women found themselves looking up at the very statuesque, and strikingly beautiful head stewardess, Lulu, who possessed nearly flawless ebony skin. Her hair was tied back in typical stewardess fashion, and she was dressed in a white and semi transparent uniform, which was the new Trans Congo Air flight attendant uniform. However, the tight dress did nothing to hide the obvious fullness of her breasts and nipples, flared hips and round ass. The stewardess then smiled a broad knowing smile, showing her beautiful white teeth, and asked the girls, "How may I help you?" However, before Darla could verbalize her first thoughts, Shelly asked for two blankets. The stewardess then turned to retrieve them, as both women were mesmerized by the movement of her dark ass, that was clearly visibly through her white dress, as she negotiated down the aisle. "Blankets?" Darla asked. "Just wait", said Shelly, as the stewardess returned with the blankets.. "Were those top two buttons of her dress unbuttoned before?" Darla asked herself, as the stewardess opened each blanket for them and placed them upon their laps, smoothing them out evenly. The stewardess had to lean forward to do so, forcing Darla and Shelly to catch a glimpse of this ebony goddess' generous cleavage and the scent of her arousing perfume. The stewardess then took time to stare both women in the eye, with just the hint of a smile upon her lips, as she said, "I'll be back if you want me", and then slowly walked away and entered the cockpit.


Darla then turned to Shelly and whispered, "Whew, it is too warm for a blanket now." "Not yet it isn't", said Shelly, as she slipped her hand under Darla's blanket towards the hem of her dress. Darla just closed her eyes, smiled and thought to herself, "Maybe long flights are not a bad thing after all. I have a sensation that this one surely won't be boring." Darla then let out a small sigh as Shelly's hand slid under her dress and worked its way up towards her crotch, caressing her inner thigh as she went. Darla exhaled slowly and kept her eyes closed, as she knew that she really needed some sexual release. Soon Shelly's hand was doing wonderful things, as her fingers maneuvered under Darla's thong and began to massage her now moist pussy lips. Darla's legs quickly parted to permit Shelly more access, the invitation of which she accepted, as she slid her fingers towards Darla's now trembling clit. As her fingers found their mark, Darla let out a series of loud gasps, as her gentle pinches and strokes began to make Darla squirm in her first class seat. As the stewardess passed she gave them both a wide grin, with Shelly returning a smile of her own, as she continued on administering to Darla's ministrations. Darla then felt Shelly's hand gain entry into her waiting dampness, as she slowly moved her hand under Shelly's blanket to begin pleasing her in return. Shelly then pulled up the hem of her dress with her free hand so now they could both squirm, as Darla's fingers found their mark. Their hips gently gyrated as their mutual rhythms continued, and they were both in oblivion, as the ecstasy flowed through them, when they heard a familiar voice say, "If either of you would like to use the rest room, one is free now. You should move quickly before someone else takes it." Their eyes opened with a start, as Darla quickly said, "Thank you, the room could come in handy now." They stopped their actions and removed their blankets, and then adjusted their skirts as they slid out of their assigned seats, and walked to the rest room without attracting the attention of any of the sleeping passengers. Once inside the cramped stall, they pulled themselves to each other with a passion, as their hot lips parted and their tongues intertwined with a deep sucking French kiss.


They then unbuttoned and unzipped their dresses with incredible speed, as their skirts and blouses fell to the floor, exposing their barely concealed bra covered breasts and hard nipples. Their mouths separated only to find other body parts... a nipple, a neck, while their hands probed to find and massage each others heavily moistened lips, while their hips gyrated in response. Darla then sat Shelly down on the toilet seat and lifted one foot onto the sink, using her left hand to pull her thong aside. Shelly's mouth quickly found her home and began to lick and suck, while she used her two thumbs to spread Darla's cunt lips wide, which allowed her tongue to gain full entry. Darla then leaned forward and braced herself, with her free hand, against the wall, as she arched her back without pulling away from Shelly's passionate tongue fuck of her pussy. Darla was now totally exposed, and open to whatever Shelly wanted to do. However, neither could react when the locked rest room door opened and then closed. "Room for one more I see", a familiar voice said. It was the stewardess, Lulu, who was now smiling and holding up her key to lavatory. She then unbuttoned her top completely and slid out of her sheer white native African dress. The stewardess then squatted down and braced herself next to the door and said, "One more tongue for one more hole." Then, to Darla's surprise, Lulu's strong and rough feminine hands separated her ass cheeks widely, then sniffed tentatively and, now satisfied, snaked out her tongue and began making moist paths up and down Darla's crack. After a few minutes of this, the stewardess then made small circles around Darla's anus, causing her to first tighten, and then relax her sphincter, as she became lost in the moment. Unexpectedly, the stewardess' tongue entered her asshole and slowly moved around the inside of the rim. As their tongues moved in unison, Darla gasped loudly and bit down on her index finger to stifle her moans. This was much more than she had ever expected when she and Shelly boarded the aging and rusting jet in Paris. The stewardess' lips quickly circled her ass as her tongue delved deeper inside of her. A gentle sucking soon ensued, which slowly grew in strength on both sides of her body, as both Shelly and the stewardess pulled her flesh deeper into their mouths, as Darla moaned loudly enough to wake up the American ambassador sleeping right outside of the stall. This was something new for Darla, as her body trembled with the sensation of her first "mile high" orgasm. The stewardess' hand then moved toward Shelly, where she ripped off her flimsy g-string with a loud snap, found her dripping pussy and slowly entered her with her free hand. Shelly was now spread so wide, and she was now so wet, that soon the stewardess' entire hand was inside and tickling areas never before touched, as she groaned with pleasure. 149

The stewardess then placed her other hand behind her and used two fingers to enter her own ass, slowly easing them in and out. For the next 20 minutes all three women continued their ministrations, only faster. They each were now experiencing new sensations, with each being driven to different levels of excitement and pleasure. Then, as their new heights were being reached, three waves soon formed and came crashing together, as each began their orgasms with loud moans. The ministrations continued until their involuntary spasms stopped. Shelly knew what the stewardess had done and how Darla reacted. When Darla lowered her leg and turned to the stewardess, Shelly's lips found Darla's wet asshole, and began to duplicate the stewardess's actions. Darla's head then snapped back and her mouth opened in an expression of soundless ecstasy. Seeing an opportunity, the stewardess tried to swallow first one nipple then the other, which stuck out over the edge of her bra cup, sucking and nibbling as she went. Her head lowered along Darla's torso, sliding her tongue along the way. Darla expected to feel a tongue in her pussy again, but instead, she felt her silky hair, as the stewardess' mouth had found Shelly's; however, Darla was not disappointed long, as a hand snaked up into her, to gently spread and close, stroke and tickle her delicate tissue. Once again Darla was amazed at the new sensations, as again the women felt a new round of orgasms approaching; however, this time their reactions become more animated. This time the sucking became more intense, as more of Darla's flesh was pulled into Shelly's and the stewardess' hungry mouths. Their hands and fingers become forceful upon Darla's sweaty body, as the pleasure was only enhanced by the pain that was being inflicted upon her nipples as the stewardess pinched them hard. Harsher and harsher the movements became, until the explosions erupted, as their cries of pain, pleasure and ecstasy poured from their orgasm laden throats, nearly awakening all of the men in first class. After about 10 minutes, all three of the girls ceased their trembling, and removed their hands and mouths. They then washed their faces, reapplied their lipstick, and put their clothes back into place. The three women then left the lavatory, after nearly 45 minutes of erotically perverse activity, and smiled a bewildered but satisfied smile, as the stewardess went up to the kitchen, and the girls returned to their seats. After a few minutes, Shelly fell into a deep slumber, as she was completely spent from the experience. However Darla remained awake, as the dark lusts had now arisen within her and she had no desire to have the feeling go away. She now felt a deep craving for cock, black cock, no even better still- African cock. Her thoughts wandered and then settled upon Mombassa, who was awaiting them in Kinshasa at the 150

end of their long 12-hour journey. Thinking of him, Darla smiled and closed her eyes at the prospect, but before she could slip her finger under her dress, her thoughts were interrupted by the stewardess. "Hello again", the stewardess said, flashing that broad smile. "How do you feel?" "Different," Darla answered in a hushed voice. "Like something has changed in me." The stewardess gave a soft throaty laugh. "Yes, I would guess so. I knew you were someone who would enjoy something new. The pilot wanted to know if you would like to tour the plane. It is a privilege offered to very few". Darla nodded yes, since at this point; she would have followed the stewardess anywhere. She then glanced toward Shelly and decided not to awaken her. The stewardess then took her hand and led her down the aisle toward the back of first class. All of the passengers were either asleep or distracted; however several men did not fail to notice their passing. Darla had expected to go back into the rest room for another experience, but instead they continued on to a small elevator. They then squeezed into the one person elevator, and face to face, with their breasts pressed against each other, rode down to the cold baggage area. As the elevator made its descent, their eyes met and their lips parted only to be moistened by their fluid tongues. The stewardess then grabbed Darla's red hair and pulled Darla's mouth to hers, French kissing her, and sucking deeply upon her tongue. At the same time Darla moved her hands behind the stewardess' ample ass, pulled her close to her and began to knead her buttocks through the long traditional dress that she wore, feeling nothing underneath, as they ground against each other for a few moments until the elevator came to a sudden stop in the baggage area of the plane. When they separated, they were both panting as they squeezed out of the elevator and into the frigid small room. Inside the frigid baggage area the pilot was standing there, his shirt unbuttoned, revealing a bodybuilder physique and large muscular chest. Without saying a word he grabbed Darla harshly and crushed her mouth to his. She did not resist, however, as she was overpowered, but filled with the desire to be overpowered. The stewardess then came up and stood behind her, rubbing her pelvis against Darla's ass. As the pilot savored the taste of Darla's tongue, the stewardess reached between the pilot and Darla to unbutton and remove Darla's blouse. Her skirt was the next to go as the pilot unfastened and dropped it around her ankles. From behind Darla, the stewardess 151

placed her thumbs underneath Darla's thong and pulled them down, as once again, her ass cheeks were separated and a familiar tongue entered her ass, and commenced to deep sucking. As the sucking of her sphincter began, Darla moans were only muted muffled sounds as her mouth was filled with the pilot's meaty tongue. Once again a dark euphoria permeated Darla's being, and she became lost in the sensation, as the pilot grabbed her breasts, which were still encased in her bra, and ripped the useless garment off her body, and tossed it aside. Suddenly, the stewardess stopped and pulled the two of them apart. Darla was suddenly dazed, woozy, and confused by the sudden change. However, when her vision cleared, she saw the stewardess locked in the arms of the pilot, her legs wrapped around his waist. His hands quickly raised her white skirt around her waist to expose her naked black ass, and her top was now completely open, as Darla stared at the stewardess's ass, and was mesmerized. Darla then squatted and grabbed both of Lulu's cheeks and spread them apart, as she proceeded to lick her crack and kiss the woman's pulsating dark flesh. Slowly, Darla's tongue sought out her quivering rose bud; however, before she could find it, the pilot began to lift the stewardess higher, raising her toward his face. As she moved higher, the stewardess grabbed a bar hanging overhead and pulled upward. Now the pilot's mouth was smothered by Lulu's hot dripping pussy. Watching his long tongue slid up and down the hot slit, while his mouth covered and sucked harshly on her tiny hard clit, Darla felt deprived, for she now had a need that desperately needed to be satisfied. She then glanced directly in front of her face and saw the bulge in the pilot's pants, and without a word, she unzipped his zipper and his prodigious cock flew out. Darla briefly marveled at the mass of the pilot's cock, and then began to lick along its length, grasping it with both hands. Her mouth opened as wide as possible and took in the black cock head, as she relaxed her throat and slid the throbbing monster towards into her. Once she found the maximum distance, she slid it back; just short of releasing it, then moved it back in, allowing her tongue to flick it as it moved. Back and forth her head then moved, as Darla reached inside his trousers and grasped his balls and gently extracted the heavy set. She then used both hands to cup and massage them; however, after several minutes, she sensed an urgency in his cock, for he was about to cum. Darla then withdrew his prick until just the head was in her mouth. She licked and sucked with as much pressure as her mouth and tongue could generate, while at the same time, she squeezed his balls with a strong pulsing beat. As his orgasm began, Darla nearly gagged with the amount of spunk that poured out of him. As the pilot came she continued with her sucking and squeezing, in a desperate effort to 152

try and drain every drop of love juice from his hot black pulsating cock. Finally the cumming ended, but the cock still remained hard and rigid. As the pilot came, the stewardess began to cum as well, as she began shaking and slid down the pilot's chest. The pilot then began to slide along the wall down to the steel floor; however, never did Darla release his cock, as he lay on his back, panting, his hard cock pointed to the ceiling. Once again the stewardess straddled his face, this time in a reverse direction so that she could face Darla. The stewardess then began to grind her pussy over his open mouth. Without releasing the cock, Darla then covered the stewardess' mouth with her own, and began sucking on the stewardess' tongue, as she, Lulu, moaned and pulled on Darla's breasts. Without releasing her lips from the stewardess, Darla straddled the pilot and slid his cock into her awaiting pussy that was now dripping drops of hot juice. Darla then placed the entire length of his cock into her and began to ride him violently. Again and again the pumping continued as Darla found her womb full of throbbing African meat. The nameless cock was a massive pulsing hard weapon that impaled her hungry pussy like a steak through the heart of a vampire. Now she was truly fulfilled, for this is the pleasure that the mutant Mahala had programmed her brain to seek out. As she bounced up and down, Darla quickly came twice, while she and the stewardess balanced each other upright by holding on tightly to each other's breasts. None of them wanted the feeling to stop; however, after long minutes, Darla sensed that the pilot was again about to spend his load, and slowly stopped and then removed him from deep within her, as she shifted her pelvis forward slightly and placed her sphincter over his love-juice coated dick. The stewardess then watched in awe as Darla, slowly and gently, slid the pilot's ebony weapon up inside her tight canal. At first the pain caused Darla to wince, but after she relaxed and focused on the control of her bowel muscles, was able to slide more and more of him into her until finally she was completely impaled. Darla then relaxed for a moment, as a sheen of sweat, despite the coolness of the baggage area, now formed on her body, and then slowly began to move her hips up and down. As Darla humped the cock in her ass, the stewardess, who herself was in sexual heaven from the pilot's tongue, intently watched her, even as her pussy was still being eaten by the pilot. Then, as Darla savored the fullness and heat of the black cock in her bowels, she opened her eyes and glanced up at the stewardess, and, as if there was a single thought, she and the black goddess reached out for each other to embrace and share their tongues.


For several minutes, Darla's ass fucking continued, as she now had become completely obsessed with the huge cock deep inside of her bottom, for she now desperately wanted to feel his hot cum spray into her rectum. Yet, just as she let out a loud guttural moan of her third orgasm, the elevator door suddenly opened, and the copilot walked in. The plane was now on autopilot, and the copilot was now ready to join in the entertainment of Trans Congo Air's special guest. As the stewardess held her tight, Darla stared at the dark face of the copilot, and then down to the front of his trousers where a bulge had now formed. As she balanced her impaled lithe body of the pilot's strong cock, one of Darla's hands snaked out and grabbed the copilot's belt, and pulled him to the front of her. Darla, who continued to ride the python in her bottom, now focused her oral talents on the copilot's cock, as she pulled his slacks and shorts down in near starvation for more cum. As the copilot's dick flew up and out of his pants, it was immediately surrounded by Darla's greedy mouth, as she sucked and licked him with a passion. Simultaneously, the stewardess spread the copilot's ass cheeks and stuck her tongue into his asshole, as he grunted loud with approval. From then on, harder and harder Darla sucked, while faster and faster she rode the black cock that was still buried in her tight ass, until finally, after what seemed like hours, Darla's anal orgasm occurred at the same time as the pilots began to spew their spunk down her throat and up her greedy ass. As the spunk squirted into Darla, the stewardess, who was busy milking Darla's breasts with her greedy lips, let out a loud tribal shriek of pleasure as her own love juices poured down the mouth of the pilot's greedy throat. On this flight on Trans Congo Air nearly every rule in commercial aviation had been broken so that four people could indulge in the most basic, and most pleasurable, of human activities. However, the plane was now under need of manual control, as a warning light suddenly went on overhead signaling turbulence, whereupon the women were told reluctantly by the pilots to immediately stop, even as they begged to be fucked some more. Quickly, and reluctantly, Darla relinquished control of the black cocks that were in both of her ends. As the turbulence over the ocean became stronger, all four quickly and quietly dressed, after which the pilots quickly took the stairs up the cabin in order to keep the big noisy jet from falling out of the sky. Once the women were alone, the stewardess finally introduced herself and told her name, and then, after they had slowly and lovingly dressed each other, kissing some more, she reluctantly instructed Darla, after they arrived back upstairs on the freight elevator, to go take her seat and prepare for landing. 154

However, before the elevator door opened, Lulu kissed Darla deep and then whispered in her ear that both she and Shelly were going to love the men in Africa, as it was rare to see such attractive white women in such a violent and primal land.


Darla In Africa- Insatiable