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SPRING INTO SUM After the daisies and the tulips have colored the gardens in the park, the sunflowers begin to awaken as the season of swimsuits and sandals arrives onto this Summer’s runway. Although the same basic neutral fabrics and pallid accessories apply this summer, remember to add an eye-popping accents to remind people of the beach ball days catching sun rays. In this hot Summer issue of The G.O.O.D.S Magazine, the staff and I have accumulated the must have’s and the must steer clear of fashion and accessory trends to keep everyone safe during the summer. Along with healthy habits for the Summer and fresh places to visit for good food and fun, our pages will keep you cool without an umbrella. If you are planning pool parties or backyard barbecues it is important to be well dressed to host the party as well as providing your guest with entertainment. Our pages will be sure to keep you updated on the sexiest swimwear and day and night looks for this season. An easy to view index of textiles that should be in your wardrobe as soon as possible and the bouncy colors that will make you stand out in the sea of people on the beach shores. A continuous use of lace blended with floral and fancy fabrics are a definite trend though the spread and you cannot miss the metallic bursts of magic that will keep you turning the pages. Here at The G.O.O.D.S we are dedicated to following the trendsetting direction we established already 8 months ago. We specifically want to thank all the viewers and supporters of this production and as long as you keep clicking on our .com for your most up-to date urban fashion trends translated from the Fashion Week in Paris and the other four fashion capitals of the world.



Swimsuit: Medavog Couture

DRESS FOR LESS Neons/ Bright Colors

Shown: Forever 21 Sunglasses in Blue $1.50 H&M Wrap Dress in Pink and Red $34.95

Statement pieces are a must have this summer. That means you can’t go wrong with bright colors, tribal jewelry, eclectic patterns. You can’t go wrong with articles that say “Hello!” before you do.

by: Raven Blair Washington

Tribal Jewelry

Shown: Aldo Ogley Earring $15.00 Old Navy Ethnic Mixed Media Necklace $12.50

Eclectic Prints Shown: Urban Renewal Blossom Pull-on Skirt $39.00 Ecote Smocked Shorts $39.00

Ironically, this summer is also the season for minimalistic items like white dresses, lace, and full girly skirts. Pairing them with statement pieces makes for a great outfit!

White Dresses

Shown: BCX Sleeve Dress With Scoop Neck $34.99 H&M Flared Crepe Dress with Butterfly Sleeves $29.95

Shown: Tiered Floral Skirt $22.80

Shown: Forever 21 Lace Trim Peasant Top $19.80


by: Jennifer Jewels

“I see that the fashion wears out more apparel than the man.” William Shakespeare

Up and comers in the fashion industry may covet this season’s bold graphic prints from Miuccia Prada, or an oversized straw hat from Marc Jacobs, however as an entry level employee creating a portfolio or interning for a well known publication, spending hundreds or thousands on the latest runway trends that will be out of style before your next promotion is hardly economical. So, how does the aspiring fashion professional achieve the latest run-

way look without dancing for Prada? With summer vast approaching, chances are you are taking a que from Miuccia Prada’s Warholian zoo story--Monkey’s, bananas, and a plethora of fluorescent stripes. To achieve this look without breaking the bank, try a jag stripe longsleeve printed dress from French Connection with a pair of two tonewideheeled satin sandals, and an ultrabraid large brim hat from San Diego Hat Company, Let the jungle fever begin!

f*ck LIMES.

1 0 0 % P u r e B l u e W e B e r Ag Av e

Certified OrgAniC

r e C y C l e d PA C K A g i n g tatequila

s i n g l e e s tAt e t e q u i l A

Sorting.The key to sorting is selecting Life in the fashion lane can drive you crazy: that is if you can’t afford all the fabulous frocks and frills. But if you follow my SHOP method you can really save and look fabulous everyday.

season colors and knowing what style or event you are shopping for. Don’t assume only out-dated clothes are on sale, because that is not true. If you know your style or what event you are are shopping for, you will not not get distracted while shopping, and you can easily find current/ classic pieces.


Habits. If you want to be fashion savvy and

save your money, then you will have to change your impulsive buying habits. Learn to be patient. Don’t buy anything full price, wait for the store to launch their sale promotion. Get in the habit of buying classic looks, so when you go shopping you are buying pieces that will also work with what is already in your closet. The last thing you want is a closet full of clothes that are no longer in style.

Online. Shop online and subscribe to email

for your favorite sites. Always browse the clearance section when shopping online to take advantage of online clearance specials. Visit sites like Shopbop, Bluefly and Revolve Clothing. Also lookout for promotional, and discount codes when checking out on online sites to score additional discounts.

US FOR LESS by: Ayana Singhateh


How to be Stylish, Chic and Financially Sound. by Raven Blair Washington

Often times, people assume that it costs huge amounts of money to look good. However, this is a myth. Style is a frame of mind, not an amount of money. Well known designers may set the trends but there are more ways than one to follow them. This summer, learn the art of being a bargain shopper. You’ll look great, and you’ll have money to spare. The best way to start is by deciding what your budget is. Whether you have 200 or 2000 dollars to spare, always keep the amount of money that you want to spend in the back of your mind. Also, keep track of what how much you want to spend on each item; this will prevent you from over spending. After you’ve decided a budget for yourself, decide what items would be beneficial to

your personal clothing collection. The biggest mistake people make when buying clothes is not paying enough attention to what they buy. If you don’t love it at the store, don’t buy it. Each item purchased should be a direct representation of the person that you are. ऀAfter you’ve done some planning, shopping is your final step. This freaks a lot of people out because they have no idea where they’re supposed to go. But really, you can go anywhere. Sale racks are a bargain shopper’s dream. And guess what? They have them in every store. However, if you don’t feel like rummaging through marked down clothes, you can go to places like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, H&M, Target, Old Navy and The Gap. You’re sure to find great deals at all of those stores.

:eeeeeeee eeeeeee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee eeeee eeeeeee ee eeeeee eeeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeee eeee ee:ee eeeee eee eeeeeee eeeeeee Seeeee eeeeeeeee eeee eeeee eeee eeeeee eeeeeeeeee eee eeee eeee ee eee eeee Fee eee eee eeeee ee eeeeee Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Freshh hhh hhhh hhhhh h hhhhh hhhh hhhhhhhhhhhh hhhhhh hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :eeeee hhhh eee eee eeeeeee eeeee ee eeeee eee eeeeeee

Burberry Summerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrr rrrrrrr rrrr rrrrrrrr rrrrrrr rrr rrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrr rrrrrr rrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrr rrrr rrrrr rrrrrrrr rrrr rrrrrr eeeee eeee eeeee rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Alien by Thierry Mugler - Sunessence:: :::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::

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Hee Seeeee Be:eeee! Twirl by Kate Spadee eeeee eee eeee eeeeeeeeeee eee eeeee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeee e eeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeee eeee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeee eeeeeee eee eeeeeeeee eee eeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeee eeee e eeeee ee eeeee eeeee eeee eee eee:e eee eeeeeee eee eeeee eeeee WeheIeG: :eee eeeeeeeee e:eeee e eeeee eeeeeee!

Feee eeeee eeeee eeeeee eeeeeeeeeee ee eeee eeeeeee eeeeeeeee


By: Flavio Angel Alvarado

This summer, don’t get your orange fix only through vitamin C or a sorbet! No matter your skin tone, there’s a way to get the summers hottest look! Pump up your look with MAC Cosmetics Morange lipstick. Its a great way to take a simple day look and vamp it with a colorful and bright orange that can work day or night. If this look is too daring for your taste, try Wonder Lip Gloss by NARS, which will only give a touch of color while keeping your natural tones and adding a luster lacker to your lips. Because blush is a girls best friend, don’t be afraid to use it or even mix it! Remember never to over cake it! The day look this summer is very sweet and lightly sunkissed with a little help from products such as Clarins Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in Sunset Coral. Apply blush with a powder brush in a

light circular motion on the apple of your cheek for a perfectly clean fresh look. A nice way to transform this look is to apply another coat of a darker shade of bronzer. Suck your cheeks in, and starting from your cheek bone stroke with your brush lightly in the direction of your lips, stopping at the cheek. This will give the day look a glamour like feel, as well as a great contour to your face! Try it and don’t be afraid! To set your makeup so it looks flawless from start to finish, use Urban Decay’s All Nighter! This wonderful spray will keep your makeup looking fresh without having to re-apply! Never leave home without sealing the master piece! To finish the look, wear your hair in a top notch for day time, and let it down at night! Not only will it have great volume but the texture will be perfect for a hot summer look!

Celebrity Beauty Tips : Summer 101

By : Trese Nicole

Celebrity Beauty Tips for Summer Class is now in Session. Who other than yours truly, Can you take beauty tips from? The Celeb Divas , of course. All you favorites from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian. To keep you hair from going frizzy, use LíOrÈal Elnett hairspray ì Itís very light and holds whatever hairstyle you want.î----- BeyoncÈ. To get that moveable body of hair like Rihanna, her stylist suggest leave- in conditioner. ìIf you can avoid your blow dryer and straightener in the summer, that’s a plus. Go natural and donít fight your hair. Use leave-in conditioner ó you can apply it in the morning and reapply midday. -óRihanna’s Hairstylist Ursula Stephen. Be sure to keep your pout perfectly moisturized. Always keep a lip balm or light gloss handy. “I know it is hard to believe, but you can burn your lips. A lip balm with SPF 15 is in every single one of my bags.” óKim Kardashian. A top secret to keeping hair from going dull and dry during that summer heat, BEER. Thatísís right, Jennifer Lopez confessed to using dark beer as a conditioner, not only does it makes hair shine, it also is feels silky. Use a almond oil with it though, and rinse well, because it may leave a light smell. Thatís all for now ladies, , hope you learned a bit, class dismissed ! Go be Fab Ladies !

Color Play

olor Photographer Stylist MUA Hair model

OkHeyDay Tiffani Chynel Brie Leach Chloe Doan Heather Burton

Yellow mini dress: Jatin Varman Blue lapis bib necklace: Left Turn

Mauve silk ruffle romper: Bebe Purple clutch with gems: Bebe

Large purple stone necklace : Left Turn, Cream basket weave strapless mini: Jatin Varman

R E M M SU S Y A D C I T S P I L D AN DES by: Ayana Singhateh


Dior Addict has released over 40 new lipstick colors: so tis the season of sunny days and luxurious lip shades! Not your average lipstick: this collection delivers smooth textured and shimmery formula that upholds the Dior reputation and embodies the Rock Icon, Glam Icon and Doll Icon style in every diva. From barely there to vibrant dark colors and every shade in between, this line allows a diva to Be Iconic in her own style! Plus, this lipstick doesn’t have that sticky feel but it does give you that smooth shiny glow. Say bye-bye to carrying lipstick, AND primer in your makeup bag: Dior Addict also offers a moisturizing lip primer and polish all-in-one! With so many colors to choose from this product is great for an everyday shade or for a night out in the town and can easily be used for an everyday color. It will cost you $28, but you will NOT be disappointed. Dior Addict Be Iconic collection products are available at Macys, Nordstroms, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sephora stores. The makeup bag in the picture above can be purchased on

WOMEN AT WORK Photographer Stylist MUA Hair models

David Bechtel Sah D’ Simone Kenecia LaSahe Tywan Williams Karla Lopez Hawa Diawara

Art, it’s subjective and when it’s right, makes the mind think. Mike Saijo does just that with his craft. Taking an array of medium and using the world as his palette, he creates a world in which art strives and takes shape. Mike recently had an exhibit many Angelinos would appreciate. It took a page out of a history book and brought the past to life with an interesting technique. In between work and reality Mike found time to sit down and give me some insight on his latest exhibit, music and time travel.

ARTIST PROFILE: Mike Saijo Kendra Beltran: Who are you currently listening to? Mike Saijo: My friend’s band, Zenda Marie who I just photographed images for this past weekend in Malibu Canyon Creek. They’re a very talented young band about to release their first folk album. Galen almost got bitten by a giant rattlesnake.

Kendra: Does music play a big part in your creative process? Mike: Not a big part, sometimes I might title a title of a song to title of a piece if coincides with what I’m doing. A couple weeks ago I performed a sound performance with a producer and mixed the back beat of Radiohead’s “Reckoner” with audio clips of Edward James Olmos from Zoot Suit the movie, newsreel from WW2, Zoot Suit riots, Watts Riots, LA Riots, protests about war in Gaza. The concept was to do a Riot Mash-Up of regarding the history of LA.

Kendra: You had an exhibit last month that just recently ended, A Dream Deferred. How did it go in your eyes?

Kendra: Going off the Langston Hughes reference in your exhibit, do you have an idea of what happens to a dream deferred?

Mike: I think it went very well...and felt that the exhibit was successful on many different levels. It was the first time I had focused on a particular time and place, Boyle Heights, Los Angeles circa 1940s and how the war had affected three ethnic groups - Japanese American, Jewish and Mexican communities. The subject matter struck a chord with many who grew up in Boyle Heights at the time and shared stories of what they can remember. This was the first time I really wanted to push the boundaries a little further from the usual with more of a construction including found objects and giving it more of a multidimensional experience as a whole.

Mike: Well it’s really sad and can be very painful and sometimes a very difficult thing to accept. My parents came here from Japan by an arranged marriage in the 70s and started out working in the LA flower market, they had so many hopes and dreams, many of which never came into fruition or were forgotten due to too many distractions as the economy picked up in the 80s.

After the artwork was installed at CB Gallery a group of young Hasidic Jews recognized the Shul and Passover imagery through the window and came into the gallery, to my surprise were ecstatic, and began speaking to me in rapid Hebrew, telling me how important it is for me to go to Israel, to look deeper, and there I will find...something special. At that point I knew it was a success, when art can bridge together people that don’t even speak the same language.

I think different people deal with it in a different way. Some try to forget about it and pour this slimy simulacrum stuff, media is made of, all over it “like a syrupy sweet”, and hope to sugar coat it. Some hold onto to a dream and if it doesn’t get a chance to manifest then it starts to weigh itself down like a “heavy load”. It’s very important for me to realize my dreams and for it to see the light of day, that’s what motivates me to make art.

Kendra: What sparked your interest in this racial intersection of Boyle Heights for your latest exhibit? Mike: I lived in Boyle Heights for about a year and noticed that there’s a “sense of place” there that’ very unusual for Los Angeles. The more I looked the more I found it interesting that it was a spot where the many minorities were forced to live, on the out skirts of downtown, because back then it was segregated between the white folks and the others; and there weren’t too many options for minorities. I first began my research by walking through Evergreen Cemetery, one of

the oldest burial sites, and it began to speak to me. As I continued my journey I began running into folks in the neighborhood thats been there for generations and they told me personal stories which inspired many of the works.

Kendra: You used photos, Xerox’s, drawings and text for this. Are these your preferred medium of choice? Mike: I remember as a youth I would spend many days in the public library looking at art books and magazines making Xerox copies of the pictures that I liked. When I graduated from high school I began thinking about the kind of art that I have to make, something that’s unique and original. It was frustrating because I knew there was something inside of me that had to get out, something paradoxical and very complex. It had to make me think about the nature of reality, and be aesthetically strong to make an impact. Then a friend gave me a New Testament bible that was issued by the US Army in 1942 which belonged to his uncle, a Japanese American soldier in the 442nd Regiment, I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, until eventually I was pushed into a corner and felt that I had to open the book up with an aggressive act by tearing all the pages out and laying it out in a grid like form, and free it from its spine. And represent it in a spatial way so that I can see it all at once, like a map.

Kinko’s copy centers started opening up in my neighborhood and I knew we entered into a new era of information and technology so in order to make art of the present, I felt I had to incorporate this new technology somehow. That was when I discovered a small image of a WW2 soldier in a history book which turned out to be a picture of Sen. Daniel Inouye smiling before he lost his arm and leg. I figured out a way to enlarge the picture, break it up into pieces, and transfer the image onto the actual pages of the book which has its own properties (scale, form, color, and content). It was a simple idea, and I tested the idea and was able to compress the visual information with the textual information into a single plane. It opened up the world of ideas to me, especially the way I looked at books and the history. Now I find this method useful for exploring and mapping territories, systems of thoughts and beliefs, while engaging an audience to foster dialog and exchange between different groups of people. I am not a historian, nor do I have answers to the problems of the world, but can offer another perspective. A rather holistic view, revealing the complex layers and inner connectivity between the seemingly unrelated parts that make up the whole.

Kendra: Do you remember the moment in time when you knew art was it for you? Mike: Well I spent much of my youth depressed and daydreamed often as an escape, looking out the window. In the Fourth Grade I was assigned a Colonial Project where I had the option to do whatever I wanted, so I decided to construct an elaborate model of a Colonial village on a 36”x36” plywood square panel complete with Spanish ship yards, merchant stores, torture methods for prisoners, government structures, military and weapon barracks in case of attack, and animal farms. To my surprise the faculty got together and decided to hold an awards ceremony where I received a plaque for the project. That was the first time someone acknowledged me for something that I enjoyed doing and that it sort of gave me permission to continue making things. I didn’t realize I was an artist then, I just knew what I liked. It wasn’t until I went to junior college when my favorite art teacher taught us about Duchamp and yelled “that’s not art!” pointing at my strange anthropomorphic mixed media rib cage sculpture, confused and shocked I immediately responded “really?!”, then he laughed, followed by a “just kidding”, at that moment...I finally got it.

Kendra: If movies had been right and time travel was possible, is there an artist you’d like to go back and apprentice for? Mike: That is a very difficult question. There are many artists that I admire but they probably wouldn’t be the most pleasant people to work with. I think I would be interested in being an apprentice for Yves Klein, he seems like fun, since I practiced Judo for eight years it would be amazing to practice with him since he is a master sensei and discuss the relationship between Judo and art. Another artist that I would love to apprentice for would be Yoko Ono, because she so cool, and would probably be a lot of fun to work with, especially making noise.

Kendra: A number of your pieces have text on the subjects’ faces. If you were your own subject, what would the world read on your face? Mike: I received a book from a friend about the history of self-sustaining gardens called The Earth Knows My Name by Patricia Klindienst. She speaks directly to this gap in our understanding, exploring the deeper implications of what it means to cultivate a garden and to grow one’s own food. “The fifteen gardens presented in The Earth Knows My Name have all been fashioned by people usually thought of as other Americans: Native Americans, immigrants, and ethnic peoples who were here long before our national boundaries were drawn, including Hispanics of the Southwest, descended from the Conquistadors, and Gullah gardeners of South Carolina, descendants of West African slaves. All of these gardeners straddle two cultures-mainstream America and their culture of origin. Their stewardship of the land is an expression of the desire to preserve their heritage against all that threatens it. And so each garden becomes an island of hope and offers a model, on a truly sustainable scale, of a restorative ecology that renders justice to both the land and the people who cultivate it.” - from description on “The Earth Knows My Name is a beautifully written testament to the transformative power of working the land-its capacity to create stability in the uprooted and exiled, to instill faith in the local, to shape history, and to lend promise to the future.” -Jane Brox, author of Clearing Land: Legacies of the American Farm

Kendra: Lastly, what do you have planned for the remainder of 2011, artistically speaking? Mike: A solo exhibition is scheduled for Fall 2011 at Caporale and Bleicher Gallery, a follow up exhibit to Dream Deferred. So far I’m currently in the research stages of looking at the case of Mendez VS Westminster, the Japanese Americans on Terminal Island, and the Yugoslavian/Polish/ Czech Community in Los Angeles circa 1940s.

Photographer DESIGNER MUA Hair model

Emily Soto Francisco Medavog Jenn Kolhagen / Amy Richardson Lauren Ritchison / Latera Pugh Pierce Ross / Sarra Hansen

LOCATION SĂŠ Hotel, Downtown San Diego

by: Donna Wilkins

Now that you are in swimwear shape and have found the perfect suit, where do you go swimming and what do you wear? Living in California, there are many choices. The golden state is a Mecca for sun, surf, and sand. Millions delight in vacationing here to soak up a little bit of paradise and revel in its’ bliss. So is every beach worth visiting as you plan to embark on the sands of California? No, but there are quite a few to choose from. So put on your suit, dip your toes in the Pacific and let’s begin our journey from northern California down to Baja California, our neighbors to the south. Along with we’ll visit some of the most popular beaches. And with the help of Garnet we’ll keep you looking fashionable.

Let’s begin at Drakes Beach which is north of San Francisco. You’ll have the choice of whether to swim, snorkel or scuba dive. Housed at Point Reeves National Seashore, the sticky sand makes it ideal for sculpting. This calls for a pair of Teza, water shoes and a Lily Pulitzer, Joy Knit Tunic cover up. One should always look stylish when involved in any type of art.

Head south to the Santa Cruz beaches which are: New Brighton, Twin Lakes, Pleasure Point or Lighthouse Field Beaches. They all offer a variety of activities such as camping and surfing. There’s also a boardwalk which houses an amusement park. That evening, slip on a tie front cashmere sweater with a knit tiered beach skirt to keep you warm while riding the Ferris wheel. Catching a chill can really interrupt your fun.

Carmel Bay near Monterey has soft white sand; it’s a

surfer’s paradise and even hosts an annual sand castle competition. After walking bare foot through the sand, rinse off your feet and slip on your Italian leather sandals with the rubber soles and heels. It’s important to pamper your feet too.

South of Santa Barbara is Carpinteria State Beach. There is a mile of trees, shrubs, grassy dunes with tide pools, and wildlife sightings of seals, sea lions and whales. While visiting the tide pools, pull up your long knit dress so you can see where you are walking. Don’t trample the plants or animals.

Will Rogers State Beach in Torrance Beach, is

known more for its’ bike trail than swimming. The 22 mile trail will leave you feeling like you’ve gone for a swim. Wearing a racer back tank and a pair of capris, both made of a lycra blend, over your bathing suit, will help absorb any excess moisture and keep you looking chic.

Next stop is popular, trendy Venice Beach in Los Angeles. Surfing and swimming come in second to people watching. This means people will be watching you as well. This is the time to show off all your hard work in your one piece, bikini, Tankini, board shorts, boy shorts…… On beautiful Catalina Island are the small intimate Avalon beaches. All are within walking distance to hotels and restaurants. They ask that you watch at least one sunset from Descanso Beach, South Beach, Middle Beach or Step Beach. The clear water is excellent for scuba diving. Once you’ve enjoyed the water and you’re ready for dinner, shower and put on a D&G flower patterned shirt, skirt or pants from their Spring/Summer 2011 line.

Huntington Beach in Orange County is 8.5 miles

long. Swim, surf, build a sandcastle, eat, or shop along this long stretch of beach front. This calls for many wardrobe changes. Carry all of your goodies in a sporty beach tote. Your first chore once you arrive in San Diego County is to tan your hide, in a Roxy bathing suit, in Oceanside. Next, throw on a pair of board shorts and watch the surfers from the boardwalk in Carlsbad. Protect your face from the sun in a chic Helen Kaminski straw hat, where the surf meets the turf in Del Mar. San Diego beaches are favored by locals and tourist alike. Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach and Mission Beach, have a laid back vibe. A long, cotton, gauzy dress and a pair of Havaianas will help you fit right in.

Finally, Coronado Beach in San Diego is a great family beach. You’ll need to be a little more conservative and not flaunt all of your hard work. A one piece or modest bikini should do the trick. Don’t forget your cover up. Continuing along the Pacific coast line and traveling into Baja California, the beaches of Ensenada and Rosarito are second homes to many California surfers. Scuba diving, snorkeling and whale watching can be done on the beaches of Los Cabos’ Playa Cemeterio, Playa Santa Maria, Playa Costa Azul, Playa Canta Mar and Playa Solmar. The choices are endless now that you know what to wear and where to go swimming. Like bathing suits, there are hundreds of beaches to explore since 70% of the world is covered by ocean. So, put on your favorite swimwear and swim where you please.


California G


Photographer DESIGNER MUA Hair models

Villanueva Stone Lauren Elaine Cindy Nguyen Sona Beglaryan Chelsea Rae Kayslee Collins Emma Baker

LOCATION Caliente Tropics Resort, Palm Springs



by: Ayana Singhateh

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month: so ladies that means you still have time to get fit, firm and bootylicious for the beach this summer! The key to nurture your health is to find the right balance through meal moderation and exercise. You don’t have to trade in your wallet to get fit, either. You can start out slow by working out for 20-30 minutes daily at home and minimizing your meal portions. If you have $20 to spare, I suggest trying Chris Freytag’s 10 Pound Slimdown DVD. The workouts are only 20 minutes each: yes quick but NOT easy! Freytag uses a circuit workout to provide the best results through challenging strength and resistance training. The 10 Pound Slimdown DVD is a great workout that targets upper body, lower body, core, cardio, and flexibility in just 20 minutes. Perfect for someone who is too busy for the gym, who likes to workout at home or someone who is new to the fitness “thing” and doesn’t feel comfortable joining a gym just yet. But remember, in order to drop those pounds effectively and to maintain your health, do NOT starve yourself. Dedicate some time to exercise at least 20 minutes a day and decrease your calorie intake by reducing portion sizes in your meals.

Photographer Wardrobe stylist MUA Hair Stylists assistant model

Lucinda Wedge Gabrielle Lewis Amanda Rose Martinez Melody White Amber Ross Alyena Jaye

Black Knitted Vest: Uneekboteek Orange Top: Stylist Own Green Printed Silk Skirt: Lorie Lester Fall 2011 Obsidian Arrowhead Cuff: Charles Albert Printed Pants: Line and Dot Turquiose Ring: AMI CLUBWEAR Headpiece designed by Nava D’Moi Feathered Silver Earrings: Stylist Own

Fitted Leopard Dress: Stop Staring Green Scarf: Stylist Own Multicolor Wrap Skirt: Stylist Own Headpiece designed by Nava D’Moi Red bag: Paige Hamilton BLO Jewelry Blue suede heels: AMI CLUBWEAR Tribal necklace: Costa Blanca Orange and silver beaded necklace: Costa Blanca

-Fur Hat: Spirithoods Painted Top and Painted Pencil Skirt: Ema Savahl Crystal Necklace Stylist Own Ring Stylist Own

Fur suede Vest: Uneekboteek  Yellow Printed Dress: Stylist Own Purple Cotton Jumpsuit: Lorie Lester Necklaces: -BLO JewelryScarf Stylist Own Gladiator Sandals Stylist Own Gold chain cuff: FlirtCatalog

-Headpiece: Stylist Own -Fur Vest: Uneekboteek Leopard Print Dress: Lorie Lester Printed Silk Skirt by Uneekboteek Brown Sandals: Stylist Own Pink Scarf: Uneekboteek

Headpiece: Stylist Own Black fur Vest: Uneekboteek Black Shirt w/Gold Sequins:Monique Leshman Pattern Printed Silk Skirt : Uneekboteek Blue Stripped Skirt Stylist Own Orange and Grey Socks: Stylist Own White Wedge Sandals: Stylist Own Fur Purse Uneekboteek Square wooden bangle with silver accents: Wooden bangle with gold accent: Costa Blanca Red and gold circle pendant necklace:Costa Blanca

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by: David Pinson

If screenwriter Charlie Kaufman (“Adaptation,” “Being John Malkovich”) ever focused his warped vision on the documentary format, the end product would probably be a kin to Morgan Spurlock’s new creation befittingly entitled “POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”. The movie is a meta-infused treatment of reality that brings to light Corporate America’s incessant need to sell, sell, sell. The concept is simple: Spurlock has made a movie exposing the truth about corporate sponsors and product placement in the motion picture industry entirely funded by corporate sponsorship and product placement. If that sentence lost you, trying reading it out loud in front of a mirror. It’s an entertaining and self-referencing idea that even seems to have Spurlock confused in the early stages of the film. He doesn’t seem

to know what is happening, only that it is happening right now. Much of the film involves Spurlock in conference rooms pitching away to perspective sponsors. If they choose to get on board with the project, Spurlock will present their company’s wares as the greatest. The Mini Cooper is the best vehicle in the world because the company gives him seven of the micro machines. Jet Blue provides free airfare, making Jet Blue the No. 1 airline ever in the history of commercial flight. The people over at POM Wonderful pay a pretty penny (say “one million dollars!” like Doctor Evil) to “present” the entire thing and therefore no other beverage contains the antioxidants levels that the fantastic, 100% pure pomegranate juice offers. Considering this is the guy that took fast

food giant McDonalds down a few pegs with his hugely popular “Super Size Me,” most of the suits he meets are not interested. This is because Spurlock presents the function of placement advertising as a deceitful and shady business that has become a necessary evil. By exposing the truth and fully investing in the very thing he’s denouncing, Spurlock sells out as well and joins the enemy. He becomes a contradiction, shilling with a smirk and never buying what he’s selling. Except his Merrill brand shoes. He really seems to like the shoes. Like Michael Moore, Spurlock is the star of his own documentaries and he is a capable host that doesn’t share much of Moore’s heavy-handed preachiness. He knows how to entertain as he presents his case and this movie has plenty of humor in it. But there is some educating going on as well. New

vocabulary words such as “brand integration,” “faction” and “brand collateral” are all explained. Considering that we (the ever faithful audience) are the consistent recipients of these tactics, it is important to brush up on some of the key terms. “The Greatest Movie Ever Sold” isn’t earth shattering in its implications or exposures. Most people are aware that they are being bombarded and except it. What the movie does is open the eyes a little wider. While it is apparent what is happening when the television show fades and some smiling salesman throws some product down your throat, it is less obvious when the smiling salesman is Iron Man and all you want to do is see how the movie ends. It’s a form of trickery that isn’t appreciated and Spurlock is merely pointing it out.

4 out of 5


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RELATIONSHIP TIPS Make it known immediately what you want out of the relationship. If you haven’t laid this out during the

dating phase then before you call yourselves an item this needs to be done. Nothing could be worse than spending a year with someone you want to marry when they don’t have the same intentions. This will save you headaches and fewer tears in the long run.

Set a standard of how you will and won’t be treated.

You are entitled to this. This is ultimate showing of respect to yourself and sets a precedent for the relationship.

Give each other compliments.

You never realize how saying “you look beautiful” can lift up someone’s morning. This also reconfirms that you are attracted and into this person. Oh by the way ladies, men like to get compliments too.

Remember actions speak louder than words.

Its great that you’re listening to your partner instead of just hearing them. Its even better to show them you comprehend what they are saying with your actions. This will reduce all your arguments you have by half. Trust me.

Be yourself.

Yes its okay. If you’re not the smooth Casanova or the seductive vixen don’t try to be. Keep doing whatever you did to attract your partner in the beginning it obviously worked.



Give each other space.

At the end of the day we are individuals and we need our time to ourselves. Don’t take this as the other person being selfish but within a relationship everyone needs their own independence.

Get to know each others friends.

Knowing the affect of how your partner’s friends influence them can be informative to how they will react in certain situations. This is not meant to be a sweeping statement because we all have friends that in most circumstances people wouldn’t understand the dynamic. Nevertheless, in the eye of public opinion or your partner’s you are who you associate yourself with. Keep this in mind.

Know the boundaries.

Psychologically, emotionally and sexually. They will tell you with their words or actions. Pay attention.

Inspire your partner.

Make them feel they can accomplish anything. This also promotes you as being an active participant in the relationship instead of a bystander.

Know when it’s time to move on.

Sometimes it is not meant to be. Don’t stick around if you’re not happy. The person you are meant to be with could pass you by the longer you wait. Waiting only creates more tension between you and may lead to infidelity. Be honest with your feelings and your partners to make the split as amicable as possible.

Make comparisons to your past relationships.

Good or bad don’t do this. Treat every relationship as a notch on your belt not as a way to measure your partner’s shortcomings. It also gives the appearance that your ex is on your mind.

Let sex rule the relationship.

Sex is good, healthy, fun, but its not everything. When sex is the basis of the relationship expect your partner to treat you differently, because they know the remedy to fix any situation. Don’t let the wrong head run the relationship.

Violate each other’s trust.

Once that’s broken it takes twice as long to repair. If its irreparable you should just cut ties.

Look through each other’s stuff.

If you are looking to find something you will. The problem is you can make something out of everything. While you’re looking through your partner’s text message you might have lost the context of the conversation. I’m not calling anyone stupid now, but if you’re looking for incriminating text messages somewhere along the line they violated your trust. You finding something on their phone is a mute point.

Be afraid to say “I’m sorry”.

Get over yourself and apologize if you make a mistake. The funny thing is that its a word less than the phrase “I love you” and sometimes tougher to say. Yet like “I love you”, don’t say it if you don’t mean it. An empty apologize accomplishes nothing.


Let the peanut gallery be involved in your relationship.


Everyone has an opinion and that’s the problem. In most cases these people are projecting their bad experiences on you. I’m not saying don’t ask for advice from time to time, but if every time you come around and “Shelia” has something negative to say you might want to ignore her.

Sweat the small stuff.

Are you really arguing because your man left the toilet seat up? You’re willing to have a five minute argument over an issue that would take two seconds to rectify. Pick the battles that mean something.

Say “I love you” unless you mean it.

Once those three words are spoken there is no turning back. Now every action you make will based off those three words. Don’t rush into that commitment if you are not ready.

Try to change the other person.

Changing someone is only possible if you have a time machine and can go back to change every influential experience in your partner’s life to match yours. Other than that it won’t work. Don’t create resentment or your partner to question his/herself because of something you probably knew wasn’t going to change in the beginning.

Disregard the other’s feelings.

This is avoided by actively listening to your partner. Nobody wants to be around an insensitive person. It gives the appearance that you don’t care when it isn’t true.

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SUMMER HAIR TIPS by; Megha Bissa

It’s that time of the year again when we begin to worry about blotting pimples and dry skin patches. Unfortunately, our mane which is the solar heat’s strongest attack is left ignored. Don’t be surprised if you see an overdose of dry, frizzy and brittle hair with more split ends than you can count. This season it’s easiest to make your hair texture go haywire. The biggest challenge is to stay pure and clean. Here are some easy to follow pointers that will keep your tresses uncontaminated and elegant this season.

For breather, push your rollers, blow dryers, and irons on the back of your shelf. You will find your hair healthier if you don’t use these instruments. If you cannot part with it, dab some leave in conditioner before you get that artificial heat to dry your hair up. This will act as a shield from the heat. Make more use of natural products avoiding the use of alcohol based products. Oil your hair often. Contrary to the assumption that oil should not be used in the summer, you should oil your hair at least once a week. Your dry cuticles needs some fodder to grow. Steam your hair after a hot oil massage for a relaxing and soothing effect. This will ensure that the oil penetrates into the scalp and makes the foundation of your hair strong. This season ensure to keep your hair as naked as possible. Go natural by washing your hair no more than two times a week. This will help in absorbing the natural oil needed for your hair. It is extremely important to wash your hair with strictly lukewarm water. Never ever bathe your tresses with hot water. This makes them extremely weak and fragile. Make sure to leave them open for a while after a wash. Using a good quality serum on the wet hair acts as a lubricant and gives it a natural shine.

\On days when you don’t have a leave in conditioner or some clothes for your hair, dab some sunscreen for temporary safety but make sure to wash it off as soon as you reach home. Leaving the sunscreen on for a long time is not advisable. If you plan to go swimming or by the beach, wet your hair before you enter the pool. The chlorine and salts have an adverse effect on your hair. To maintain healthy hair, you also need to have a good intake of proteins and adequate liquids. Supplement these treatments by drinking fresh fruit juices and at least 12 glasses of water daily. This will keep you hydrated and keep your hair vigorous. If you find your scalp to be extra sensitive giving rise to tiny skin inflations, do not use any product until it settles down. You can cover your hair from the harsh sun rays by wearing a big jute hat or a small cap according to your comfort. You can also stylize your ensemble by wearing a chic bandana or a fancy scarf. Make sure it is not too tight as this may restrict the circulation in your scalp. It is always a safe option to go short in this season. Keep your hair trimmed and healthy just before the season begins.


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May 2011  

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