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13 2012



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t’s Tuesday 5th June, and I’ve just finished watching the launch night special for the 2nd year of Channel 5’s Big Brother. In 2010 Channel 4 decided not to renew their contract with the shows owners Endimol and in effect passed the baton on to Channel 5 who took over in 2011. The show run on C4 from 2000 until 2010 and it seemed they had struggled to find answers to the declining viewing figures and 2 major incidents which had plagued the series for a few years. The first being the

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infamous ‘Fight Night’ on 16th June 2004, where the shows 24hour feed was cut and security and police had to enter the house after a mass brawl erupted. The second and probably most prominent was in 2007’s Celebrity edition of the show when it was plagued with claims of bullying and ultimately racism against Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty by the late Jade Goody, her mother Jackiey, Danielle Lloyd, 23, a former Miss England, and Jo O’Meara, formerly of S Club 7. During the show there was nearly 8,000 complaints made to C4 by fans of the show including comedy star Meera Syal of old comedy series ‘The Kumars at No 42’. From outside it appeaered that C4 were struggling to find a real direction for the show and in 2010 decided to end its connection to the franchise with one last Ultimate Big Brother where Brian Dowling (series 2 winner in 2001) was eventually crowned the ultimate winner. With Channel 5 at the reigns of BB UK and with a celebrity version under their belts they kicked off their 1st proper series (officially BB12) in in the winter of 2011. JUNE 2012 - BB13 SPECIAL

With BB12 it was generally felt by a huge proportion of the BB core fan base that Channel 5 had made a few major failings as far as the franchise was concerned. Rather then potentially learned from C4’s failings they seemed to be falling into a similar trap. They had flatly refused to utilise one of the major online features that hardcore fans adored in having no ‘Live Feed’ – fans feel that a live feed allows them to see everything that goes on in the house as it plays out and allows them to make their own decisions on what goes on in the house. They also seemed to be throwing all of their apples evenly into 2 distinct baskets. Basket 1 was the ‘Sex’ basket and 2 was the ‘Conflict’ basket. Rather than perhaps looking at previous seasons, where there was a clear mixture of ages and demographics among the housemates, C5 went all out for an age range more reminiscent of a cheap med holiday, including all the possible social problems that can sometimes come along with that, with the age range being only 18-30. As a result the series lacked any real depth with their audience and it seemed from the outset like a set-up battle between the 20 year olds and the perhaps more sensible and restrained 30

something’s among the housemates (of which there was only 1 for the majority of the show). In the end they ended up with only a couple of serious ‘housemate’ contenders among them. Throughout BB12 C5 were berated by fans for what seemed to be their overzealous control of the house. There appeared to be heavy weight behind some characters that appeared to have carte blanch to wander around and do just as they pleased with little or no repercussions from the BB controllers. Large elements of their ‘hard-core’ fans who kept up with all the BB goings on across all media streams even claimed that C5 were manipulating highlights etc. These claims arose because of C5’s handling of their media streams. They had decided to ‘kinda’ embrace the latest social networking aspects from a media perspective and ran and additional 2 update streams daily to complement their

TV updates, things were initially reported on Twitter, then slightly later re-posted on Facebook then they would be aired on the highlights show the next day. According to some fans events would be initially reported on Twitter, then a bit later on Facebook and eventually on to the TV show the following day (although sister show ‘Big Brother’s Bit on the Side’, or BBBotS as its dubbed by fans, would sometimes discus events from the same day). Fans claim that Twitter reports would be changed when released on Facebook and again would change if/when shown on BBBotS and eventually be completely different on the main TV highlights show the following day. On occasions the biggest events reported on their social sites during the day were NEVER shown on TV… again fans claim this was due to these events perhaps showed certain housemates in a bad or good light. One well known example of this being the infamous ‘Freezer Gate’ where one housemate reportedly

defecated in the communal freezer breaking many of the house rules and a clear heath risk to others, this should have resulted in immediate expulsion from the show for the person involved but by all accounts nothing happened to the housemate, it was never shown on TV or confirmed by any BB representative as true but WAS confirmed by almost every housemate leaving the house. The show eventually ended in a historical win by Aaron Allard-Morgan who goes down in history as the ONLY winner to be universally booed as he left the house (previous winner Rachel Rice was also met with a less than warm reception in 2008 but nowhere near as bad). It is thought among fans, after eye witness reports, that the crowd had been heavily ‘geared’ towards another housemate winning resulting in the unfriendly reception for Aaron. My thoughts are that there usually isn’t any smoke without fire and agree that from a viewer’s per-

The presenting team return for another season - Dowling is OK, Willis can be fine but East & Levine have shown last year that they simply can’t remain impartial, in particular the Holy Moly dude East, so perhaps a change would have been good there. JUNE 2012 - BB13 SPECIAL


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spective that there was potentially some strange goings on in last year’s show; in particular some of the Twitter/Facebook/TV Highlight show goings on reported by fans I witnessed myself where one person was shown in one light during the online daily updates and in a completely different light in the TV Highlights show and sometimes even worse on BBBotS. Its widely thought that this was done to favour certain housemates who had been picked out as perhaps engineered stooges having appeared on various other C5 shows previously and rumours were rife at the time that certain ones had even already been signed up for a selection of future C5 programmes BEFORE entering the house. So with the 2012 show kicking off (BB13) I was, to be honest, hoping for a more rounded house this time with some slightly more ‘normal’ housemates to enjoy over the coming months and a lot less blatant BB interference. So after Sky+’ing it (so I can skip the ads and Brian’s waffle) and series linking both the main show and BBBS I sat down to watch the madness unfold, although not without first running a strong Americano through the espresso machine and grabbing some large bits of Cantucci for the journey (Italian sweet almond biscuits for you and I – I only knew the name because I have the packet right beside me).

Housemate No 1 - Deena Uppal

Housemate No 2 - Arron Lowe

So, with me hoping for a more interesting and normal collection of entrants, the show kicks off. The set is the usual layout but looks good as usual, rain is threatening play but the show must go on as they say. Right off the bat we are hit with what for me is a kinda weak ‘twist’, which doesn’t bode well for my hope of a less interfering BB, when first into the house Deana Uppal is advised she was randomly picked as the first housemate to enter and that as such she has to pick 3 people for eviction this week in return for ‘her’ immunity from eviction.

Housemate No 3 - Caroline Wharram

I’m getting a little sinking feeling here already… Deana Uppal, 23, current Miss India UK, successful model in the UK and India, lives in India and has three servants…. normal? rounded? Your typical day to day person you meet at work/shopping/out and about? Number two in is Arron Lowe, 23, Model, Mixed Martial Arts fighter. Third is Caroline Wharram, 20, former boarding school girl and from what I Page 4


Housemate No 4 - Shievonne Robinson

can tell, ‘comes from money’. Fourth through the doors is Shievonne Robinson, 28, an ex-Playboy bunny from Lewisham who thinks all men are liars and cheaters. Fifth on the chopping block is 24 year old personal trainer Conor McIntyre, who’s party trick is to wrap his manhood around his wrist and to ask people the time, something he calls “the c**k watch”.

Housemate No 5 - Conor McIntyre

Housemate No 6 - Lauren Carre

Housemate No 7 - Luke Anderson

I’m kinda crossing my fingers now with each new name that is flashed up on the big screen on the side of the house hoping for NORMAL people. Sixth up is Lauren Carre, 20, a criminology student from Jersey, holds a black belt in karate and her father owns the biggest cattle farm in Jersey. Followed by Luke Anderson our seventh victim, 31, a South African-born chef raised in Wales who had a sex change after feeling like “a boy in a girl’s body” from a young age. Although happily married he gives off the impression he’s up for anything?? The rain is now starting to fall heavily and number ten brings us English/American Adam Kelly, he’s 27 and a former member of the infamous Crips gang from the age of 19 and has lived most of his life in Los Angeles after his parents separated when he was a kid. The remote is in my hand so I can skip the ads and I’m even contemplating skipping through the housemate walk & wave segments and maybe even their VT’s as they usually talk sh*t in these anyway and rarely turn out to be what they say they are. I’m struggling a bit as I’m getting more and more disappointed with every housemate that isn’t above 30 or doesn’t have what to me is a normal’ish career. Another girl follows at number nine and whehey… she’s from just along the road in Edinburgh, Sara McLean, 22, a former Miss Edinburgh (is there a miss Edinburgh?) who finished as runner-up to Miss Scotland in 2011. She believes she should have won but was thought to be ‘too opinionated’ by the judges. I’m glad there is a Scot in the house as it’s been just too long without hearing someone talking at 100 mile an hour and using all our wee regional dialect stuff… ken whit a mean? She doesn’t sound like she’s from Edinburgh though? Sounds a little too weegie to me? And being a weegie myself, I tend to smell a weegie from a mile away. Back to the action and our tenth housemate is Scott Mason, 20, he has ridiculous bleached hair and hopes to launch a career as a ‘celebrity historian’ after Big Brother. He never came out officially

Housemate No 8 - Adam Kelly



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to his family, suspecting that they may have “gathered” by now. He enjoys hunting game and would love to visit Africa to “bring trophies back”. Ashleigh Hughes slips down the soggy catwalk as our eleventh contender, a 20 year old pottymouthed Essex girl who claims not to conform to the stereotype, a pretty girl, she says 3 sentences to Brian, each one has the F word included despite being repeatedly warned by Brian (my only laugh out loud moment so far – hoping she wins already – or maybe not?).

Housemate No 9 - Sara McLean

Luke Scrase is at number twelve, 24, a nightclub promoter from Stoke-on-Trent, claims to be the best looking alpha male in any bar he goes into…? Girl up next, Lydia Louisa is our unlucky thirteenth challenger, 25, a professional dancer who is currently engaged to Andy Scott-Lee, allergic to alcohol, appeared in the film Mamma Mia!, where she had a scene with Meryl Streep. As the rain seems to have cleared up it’s time for housemate number fourteen Benedict Garrett, 32, former teacher… WAIT…. Hey… over 30..!!! Former teacher… !!!! At last someone a little closer to my world…. Things are looking up now continue … Garrett, currently is an actor in the ADULT industry and he was suspended from his last teaching job in 2010 when it was revealed he was a stripper and had worked in porn… AGGGGHhhhhhhhh….!!!!!!!! Spoke too soon. Mr Dowling seems to be growing into his hosting role pretty quickly since his ridiculous hosting of the original Celeb version back in Aug 2011, where he didn’t seem to be able to move without reading autocue first and clearly struggled to hide that from us, has done well so far and I for one have only seen a few glitches over the course of tonight’s events and none have really been to do with him. One glaring one was when they showed Luke S’s picture with Ashleigh’s name on it during her entrance. Script writers slip a little here by having him read a rundown of the contestants so far in the house… he mentions a ‘bouncing bailiff’… and I think to myself who the hells that? A Minute later Brian proceeds to announce the Fifteenth housemate as Chris James, 21, a silver-tongued and squeaky-voiced doorman who also works as a…. you’ve guessed it… bailiff. He’s fascinated with conspiracy theories, The Illuminati, and anything paranormal.

Housemate No 10 - Scott Mason

Housemate No 11 - Ashleigh Hughes

I’m really, really struggling now; don’t think I’ve Page 6


Housemate No 12 - Luke Scrase

ever felt so unenthusiastic about a BB before, I actually just want it to end now and I’ve already been fast forwarding through the walking and waving guff but maybe things are about to pick up as out next entrant is 41..!!!!!

Housemate No 13 - Lydia Louisa

Housemate No 14 - Benedict Garrett

Our sixteenth and final housemate is Victoria Eisermann, a plus-sized former glamour model, animal rights campaigner and dog-lover, who recently set up a dog rescue charity. She became a vegan eight years ago, and hopes to win Big Brother so she can “start a vegan handbag and shoe company”. Too much makeup, too much dye, too short a dress, too much fakeness for me, I’m guessing maybe 41 but still fighting to be 21. No sooner had all 16 housemates entered the house when Big Brother called them all to gather in in the sofa area. Deana, who was randomly selected to enter the house first before the night’s broadcast, had to pick three out of her 15 other housemates to face Day 4’s eviction based solely on her first impressions of them. After much prompting by our Scottish BB voice she picked Conor, Victoria, and Lydia. Conor because he “didn’t make enough effort to speak to her”. Victoria for having “evil eyes” and Lydia because she was “the nearest to her”. Ok not really what I was looking for and I can’t see any real ‘journeys’ to unfold this year so I guess its got potential to be a funny house if nothing else as there are a few standouts who might just decide to have a blast over the summer months they are on our TV screens, roll on Friday’s eviction…!!!! Well… that’s pretty much it for BB13 launch night or is it? Turns out the housemates will be joined by one wildcard entry at the end of the week, to be voted for by viewers of the show at BBWildcard.

Housemate No 15 - Chris James

Housemate No 16 - Victoria Eisermann

Canny wait….



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Holy Moly’s Jamie East chooses

Big Brother 2012


‘wildcard’ hopefuls

Three lucky loosers who initially failed their original BB auditions will compete to win a wildcard place in Big Brother 13/2012. Viewers will get the chance to to choose a new housemate to enter the house for the first time in over a decade. So who’s the lucky 3...?


A super-smart geek in his 30s with long hair, a beard and a top hat who has been dubbed a 1960s Doctor Who.


A gay Indian in his 30s, “a high maintenance receptionist who loves the spotlight”, described by Jamie as “funny but confrontational”


The Hurricane, a larger-than-life 20-something girl who producers originally rejected as fake. She is said to hate her nipples and hides sweets down her pants. Page 8







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