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erbian actors are on the loose. The most active remains Ljubisa Samardzic who has filmed another television series, Scent of Rain in the Balkans (Miris kise na Balkanu), which unfolds in Sarajevo between 1914 and 1945. A feature of the same name, inspired by the series, is also planned. Actor Lazar Ristovski directed the political farce White Lions (Beli lavovi). Finally, Montevideo, God Bless You! (Montevideo, bog te video), the directing debut of actor Dragan Bjelogrlic, is a crowd-pleasing period drama set between the two World Wars, about the formation of a Serbian soccer team, in advance of the first world championship, by a bunch of enthusiasts. It scored well at the box office and a sequel is already planned.

Zelimir Zilnik’s One Woman – One Century

In his feature How I Was Stolen by the Germans (Kako su me ukrali Nemci) writerdirector Milos Misa Radivojevic tells the story of his own childhood, when he was practically raised by a benevolent German officer during the war, in occupied Belgrade. The more recent civil conflict remains a hotly debated subject for domestic filmmakers. The Enemy (Neprijatelj) by Dejan Zecevic is a tense horrorthriller set in the earlier stages of the recent wars, about a mysterious, devilish man found by a stray Serbian platoon, who gradually drives each of the soldiers to suicide.

Lazar Ristovski’s White Lions

Darko Bajic’s documentary Gringo, whose subject is also soccer, is dedicated to a Serbian player Dejan Petkovic Rambo, the only foreign player to ever achieve success and fame in Brazil. Other notable documentaries included Mila Turlajic’s Cinema Communisto, which looks at the genre of Yugoslav Partisan films set during World War II – the most successful cinematic genre of the former federation. Zelimir Zilnik’s One Woman – One Century (Jedna zena – jedan vek) is a profile of a 100-year-old woman from Istria, in Slovenia, who witnessed the demise of six states in the Balkan region.

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Milos Misa Radivojevic’s How I Was Stolen by the Germans

Mladen Maticevic’s Together (Zajedno), about a writer who manages to win back his estranged wife, is a low-budget TV family drama that successfully scored festival distribution. Zduhach Means Adventure

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Vladimir Blazevski’s Punk’s not Dead, Romanina director Sinisa Dragin’s If the Seed Does Not Die, Bosnian Danis Tanovic’s Circus Columbia and Dutch director Sasha Matijevic’s Hij were all supported by Serbian actors, crew, production facilities and public funds. The year’s best films Tilva Rosh (Nikola Lezajic) Parade (Srdjan Dragojevic) Gringo (Darko Bajic) Miodrag Milinkovic’s Zduhach Means Adventure

(Zduhac znaci avantura) is a teenage comedy shot with a Cannon EOS camera, which enabled writer/director Miodrag Milinkovic to work with a small budget, similarly to Maticevic. October (Oktobar) is an omnibus film about democratic changes in Serbia. Nikola Lezajic’s Tilva Rosh


Srdjan Dragojevic’s Parade

Parade (Parada), a dark comedy about organising a Serbian gay pride parade, features a collection of colourful characters, above all an ex-warlord who runs a small security company, which ends up sandwiched between Belgrade’s arty LGBT community and rightwingers who want to beat the hell out of them. Srdjan Dragojevic, who wrote last year’s runaway success Montevideo, God Bless You!, wrote and directed Parade, which looks set to dominate the top of the box-office charts for the season. Admissions in Serbia in 2010 rose steeply by 22 per cent compared to 2009. Notable regional efforts, such as Macedonian director

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All Tel/Fax numbers begin (+381 11) The Film Center Serbia, Zagrebacka 9/III, 11000 Belgrade. Tel: 262 51 31, 262 87 47 Fax: 263 42 53. Yugoslav Film Archive, Knez Mihajlova 19, 11000 Belgrade. Tel/Fax: 262 25 55. kinoteka@eunet.yu Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Bulevar Umetnosti 20, 11070 Belgrade. Tel: 214 04 19 Fax: 213 08 62. fduinfo@eunet.yu

GORAN GOCIĆ is a broadcast and print journalist whose works have been published by over thirty media outlets in eight languages. He has published works on Warhol, Kusturica, illness in cinema and pornography, and directed two feature-length documentaries.

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