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Arrivals and Departures

JUST ABOUT FIVE MILES OUTSIDE OF LISBON lies the internationally renowned Humberto Delgado Airport. Colloquially identified simply as Lisbon International Airport, the hub acts as a gateway to Europe for millions of passengers every year.

The airport began operation in October 1943 while Europe was still in the thick of World War II. Since then it has grown to be Europe’s 20th-largest airport, serving more than 26 million passengers in 2017. The airport houses a hub to South America as well as Africa, providing Europeans access to much of the world.

The name of this Portuguese airport’s game is versatility. Throughout the facility, amenities ranging from currency exchange to health care stores, living room-styled accommodations, business set-ups for solo work and collaboration, playgrounds and more fill the airport before and after security clearance areas.

Travelers coming through Lisbon Airport can expect a variety of amenities to combat downtime and forgetfulness. A fully equipped Airport Business Center provides charging stations, meeting spaces and even lounges to rest in. The spaces mean business travelers coming through Lisbon don’t need to wait until they reach their hotel or office to dig into work waiting for them.

Passengers who arrive at the airport and need to take care of business utilizing the postal service can do so as well. CTT offers postal services for travelers including prepaid envelopes, post boxes and vending machines containing various items. Unrelated to the postal services offered, Portuguese travelers can also get electronic passports issued in a pinch.

By Erich Martin