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Class Analysis 7th Grade

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Background: Symbiosis, is a close relationship between organisms of different species in which one or both of the organisms benefit. There are 5 types of symbiosis: • Parasite, is an organism that lives in or on another organism (Host). • Mutualism, in this relationship both organisms benefit. • Commensalism, one organism benefits and the other organism is neither helped nor harmed. • Neutralism, where organism neither benefits nor get harmed. • Predation, happens when one organism hunts/predates another organism. One benefits and the other gets harmed.

Activities: 1. Analyze the possible biological relationships between organisms in the following biomes/ecosystems: North Pole, Hot Geysers from Yellowstone Park, Atacama Desert, In your own body, Bottom of the Ocean, Tropical Rain Forest, Taiga, Villa Swamps (Pantanos de Villa). 2. Identify and describe at least 5 different symbiotic relationships from the assigned biome/ecosystem. 3. Prepare a Web Diagram using your biome/ecosystem as the central idea. 4. Propose a topic to research from the biome/ecosystem you’ve been assigned to.

7th Biology - Class Analysis  

Symbotic relationships