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Anna Chuprina by Barry Druxman

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by Nicole Lundy

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Tami Roman

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Lluvy Gomez


March 2012



Wire W

Photography By: Ken Shames Fashion Editor: Yanad Burrell 2 fashiontrends



Fashion Show

fashiontrends 3




ohemian tyle....

10 fashiontrends


Bohemian Style Coral set, 5 necklaces and earrings: Short with skull pendant: $500. Short coral strand: $400. Long coral and onyx with large coral pendant: $675. long coral and Onyx strand: $500. Coral skull earrings: $300.

Amber set: Two short strands natural cut: $200. each Large chunky stones: $400. Long strand or natural cut amber: $350. Long strand with antique Tebetian amber bead, mixed stones, amber, citrine and bone: $500 Amber earrings, not for sale

Jade set: Two short strands with jade pendants, jade and green pearl stones, $500. each Long strand of mixed stones, Brown jade, green pearl and brown amber: $450. Long strand with light brown jade pendant and large antique Tibetian Amber bead, mixed stones of brown jade, green pearl and wood. $800. Large brown Jade earrings: $400 citrine braclet: $300. Brown Amber bracelet: $200. Turquoise set: Choker: $175 Short strand large stones: $500. Medium length large stones: $600. Long strand with various carved stones, $800. Long strand with carved jade and turquoise, Brown Jade Pendant: $1200. turquoise and jade earring: $500

Photographer: Nina Pak


Fashion Brochure Template



ami Roman Her Reality by ~ Cherie Johnson

Venice Beach! Tami has landed series regular roles vampire hit “Moonlight”; made numerous guest-starring appearances on several shows including but not limited

owned her own consignment boutique and spear headed

of Miami. Tami agreed to sit down for a little chitchat with me and this is what she had to say…..



ami Roman

watch the show any other way.

Fashion Brochure Template

the pressure of being a role model to the younger generation? entertainment. Having been an actress for many of color and what is available usually goes to the same old people. Hollywood has tunnel vision and

up too much of yourself to the public? TR: No. I want to be as transparent as I can be. My

show? to there are people on the show who have been Shaunie has been a wife...Jennifer has been a that.

world seeing that. are stepping into the role of producer? If it is true what made you add producer onto your resume?

feel the pressure of being a role model to the younger generation? entertainment. Having been an actress for women of color and what is available usually goes to the same old people. Hollywood has

TR: My company has a full slate-including short us and displays creativity. It is important to all of the people in my production company to put out characters. Continued........




ami Roman

happy with telling stories that matter to us on a smaller scale.

Fashion Brochure Template


best partners they can be Tami Roman style.

it are you be voting for the 2012 election? How important is it to you to vote? And whom are you voting for? TR: Obama - I feel he has made strides and you

that gets on my nerves and I personally am not a fan of because they drag my name threw ways to implement change. gossip blog sites?

CJ: Are you involved in any charities?

fact-I call them bootleg sites LOL. They will

helps them build a creative voice by allowing them to perform original monologues based on for the girls to serve as mentors and peer place for a young teen today. Couture staff wants to extend candy thoughts and many blessings.

the gossip that is put out about you? attention and commenting on them only gives them light. I address the things that matter. If I some BS.




Make the transition from winter to spring & brighten up with this sunkissed look!


By Lisa Inouye

L’Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Color, $11

L’Oreal Couleur Experte, $14

L’Oreal Paris Hi-Light Styliste, $10.99 L’Oreal Touch-On Highlights, $13 Clairol Nice ’n Easy HairPainting Highlights, $10.99

Clairol Herbal Essences HighLights, $10

Revlon High Dimension Color Accents Highlighting, $13

Revlon Frost & Glow Highlighting, $8.99

Spring’s Sexiest


Fashion Brochure Template



t’s sexy time! I mean, it is spring time as well, but this year, it is going to be a sexy spring time! Whoo-hoo! How do you like the sound of that?I am super excited for two main reasons--really three reasons, but I will share only two of them with you right now: 1) I strongly feel that “sexy” makeup is only encouraged for V-Day and other special occasions and never for an entire season (and this needs to stop);

10 to off the charts (which is never a bad thing in my book).

shine (highlighter) on your brow bone and the bridge of your nose. Audrey Hepburn here – no more thin brows!


Skinny Bitch Cocktails

Skinny Bitch Cocktails “That Don’t Add Fat to Your Tail”


sometimes served in sugar-rimmed glass.

and tequila. They typically have no carbs.

Fashion Brochure Template


and high in antioxidants

favorite! Made with Splenda in help to balance the taste.


Fashion Brochure Template



Anna was born in Saint Petersburg Russia and moved to Los Angeles California 5 years


Anna Chuprina




Fabulous Fashion


Photographer: BARRY DRUXMAN Hair and make-up: FELIX

Fashion Brochure Template

Shedding the Extra Layers by Ashley Lombardo

4. Long dresses with slits from winter--still have those? Remember we paired them with boyfriend sweaters a few months ago? boots and various other winter must-haves.


to these. They are a great addition to rainy spring days.

and is showered in the warmth of spring how do you lighten your load to prepare for the warm spring and summer months? Here

7. No spring trend is as popular as overthe-top prints. And I mean any print; from

ahead of the gang during spring. Pair these prints with some of your solid 1. Start by removing all of the spring no-nos: will show you what you already have in your

8. Leather. Absolutely.

2. Things that are debatable are normally there items evolve more slowly than other

capris or shorts (short suit style). Hooray for not having to get rid of every piece of winter

10. Have anything orange? Great. Orange is your spring go-to color.

together. Combining several shades together season.

of sherbet.)


eep It Simple Stupid and this will get his or her attention if you do it

probably the most preferred way to reach out.

interacting with others of your caliber and above. via social media or any other form is a chance to move your business forward; so if you want to be

reaching out and connecting to people. Be brief – most people are reading emails off of understand these steps to get the most out of your experience and results. There are a million than business. Overuse exclamation points the odds or chances are that they might actually help you.

them to meet with you Put the word LOVE in the content – anywhere Be repetitive

people up.

their time.

that drew you to them. Everyone loves praise


Fashion Brochure Template


Here is an example of what NOT to do (exaggerated for your reading pleasure): Hi Tom!!! my name is Gia Claire and I was hoping I could grab you for a minute over thoughts on it. I am available any night next

A more professional version:

to reach out to you as I noticed that you are in the business of ___. I recently became some mutual opportunities to further our open and available to meeting for coffee next would greatly appreciate the opportunity to understand more about your business and

And THAT is how you do it. Gia Claire

Keep IT Simple




Lluvy Gomezs Fashion Brochure Template


1. Juicing 2. Not eating after 7 3. Eating your “heavier” meal earlier in the day 4. Drinking half your body weight in oz of water a day 5. Doing a cleanse a couple times a year

1. Brush your lips with a tooth brush to keep them soft 2. Lots of water! 3. I love miracle oil, I even put it on my face. 4. Dry brushing 5. Crest whitening strips


Lluvy Gomez

Lluviana Gomez Fashion Brochure Template

GCM: Before we get into anything about ANTM and behind your auditioning for the show? LG:

came out while I was in college. Everyone would be watching “ The OC” and I would be in the apartment all alone watching ANTM! GCM: Tell the readers a little bit about what being on


GCM: Have you developed any friendships with any of the other girls who competed on ANTM? LG: I love the girls from my cycle!! A few of the girls are now

GCM: worst photo in the history of ANTM? How has that had a impact n your career? LG:

LG: It was an awesome experience! I was a nervous so it was meant to be! GCM: LG: beautiful outdoors shoot with the cutest dogs and great scenery.

GCM: how much of a positive impact did that have on your career if any? LG:

GCM: why? LG:


my face with glue. At one point they had to remove

GCM: Tell us about Passport Model Management and how you

even open up it…It was weighing it down!! Lol LG: GCM: show? LG:

burner. The boys are getting a little older now so I am really trying

was going to be a casting for ANTM the same day I


the audition and hoped for the best!

career and please explain. LG:

GCM: were cast for the show? LG: when you are trying to be someone your not! Be ready for the to ;)

Photography: Veronica King Hair: David Soria & Larry Booker (David Allen Salon) Shonna Hall & Stacey Dorton Ruak Styling


L to

? r

e v



ir e

d n

I’m going to keep this real simple for those of you who have been struggling to move a friendship to the

the great sex, he will be on to the next one without

need to be told that we like them. It’s like that high panties and a broken heart. -

him or her. So what’s the best way to do this? Hon-

enough sex with a man you are going to have feelings for him. Even if you KNOW it will never be an

ging, and showing them your feelings through your


that you would use when you love someone. Call him, “babe.” Wrap your arm around his arm when you

numbers, and moving on with his life.

If your best friend is a man, you will look at him, and think, “Why not you?” Regardless of how long he’s been your best friend, there’s a reason he’s not

next level.

life with regret for not grabbing the love you really a great friend in your life that you want to move to a -

Gia Claire


tried to do all of that … he probably won’t.


Sweet & Sexy Silh

These dresses will spring yo

Stretch Poplin Shift Dress Cacharel $335

Satin Georgette Dress Vince $320

Satin Georgette Dress Vince $320

Ready for a Spring Fling? These dresses will give you all the attention.


you shining brighter than anyone else.

ou into the season! By Lisa Inouye

Lace Racer Cute Skirted Dress Topshop $96

Lace Dress Victoria’s Secret $98

Hourglass Form Dress Anthropologie $168


weet and sexy, these dresses show just the right amount of skin for spring. They’re perfect for any climate, whether you live in a beachside town or a mountain village. Transformed into vacation spots, these places become ideal for that spring vacation you’ve been meaning to take. Whether you’re going on a getaway or just gave your love life some spring cleaning, these dresses will certainly show off that cute little body in search for a new found love. And for

Joyce Beaded Cocktail Dress BCBG Max Azria $388

Top 12 Picks to Spring You Forward

V-Neck Flutter Sleeve Sheath Dress St. John Collection $895

‘Imara’ Colorblock Sheath Dress Milly $390

appreciate these silhouette dresses. down patterns, you can’t help but stand out Dresses are meant to show of your best as- and look chic. Pair these dresses with some delicate pieces of jewelry and all you need too excited about the increase in temperature and run to the skimpy, little dress sec- your shoes. Complete your look from head to tion. What we feature are the more appro- toe with some sassy pumps for the night and priate, classic, but trendy versions of those are ready to face this spring in style, so spring type and in their soft pastel hues or toned forward your look and your wardrobe too!

Marla Dress in Printed Silk J Crew $178

Rowan Racerback Tank Dress Alice and Olivia $242

‘Dakota’ Sheath Dress T Tahari $99.50

The Trendy Fashion Issue