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The Journey to Arve

by Callen

We have been on Arve for over 2 weeks now. My Father Ans is a scientist. My sister is Danes and my name is Fane. Luckily, Arve was discovered with its own sun and moon outside of our solar system just before the magma began escaping the earth’s crust. Our huts are finally finished. We named our village Tarafon.

Arve was a good choice for us because there is oxygen, water and food from the fish and crustacean like creatures that live in the salt water as well as the large mouth bass that we brought which have been especially adapted to live in all types of water conditions. We are also working on growing special hydroponic vegetables.

Today we decided to try swimming at the other large body of water that looks like an ocean. We raced to the edge and Danes jumped in. She popped up and yelled, “Hey I’m floating!” So I jumped in and I was floating too!

My father collected a water sample and later after doing some experiments and looking at it under a microscope he discovered there was a high salt content in the water. I wondered if there were any extremophiles. We looked through the microscope again and found Tardigrades!

I decided to take a nap but Danes came rushing in. “Fane there are three holes in my wall that were not there before come quick!” “I’m too tired,” I said, “Go tell dad.” “No, I want you to come with me” she said. I said “No!” again. So Danes told dad instead.

He brought a spear and pushed it in one of the holes...suddenly a prehistoric looking creature jumped out and began chasing Danes...she screamed, “AAAHHHH!” Dad realized it was harmless and said “Don’t be afraid Danes.” Danes stopped running and they both slowly approached the small dinosaur. He did not seem afraid of them but instead began chewing on the wall. “What should we do, dad?” said Dane. “It seems that we have built our huts out of the creatures food!”

We decided to build a fence around our huts from the rocks nearby. It took all day! The next morning I woke up to find the rock fence broken in several places...we were all very disappointed. Dad called a meeting to talk about what to do. “We could build a bigger wall.” said Danes. “Maybe we could find something else to use to build new houses,” I said. But no one liked the idea of doing all that hard work again. Suddenly one of the prehistoric creatures came through the wall and knocked over the salt water experiments. Salt water spilled everywhere. The creature screamed and backed away. It looked like he had gotten burned. “I have and idea,” said dad. “We will spray salt water on our huts.” So we did, and even after it dried the creatures would not come near our houses.

We were happy and to celebrate we ate a dinner made from our first crop of vegetables. Danes prayed and we were thankful.

The End

The Journey to Arve  

A story about a space colony.

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