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The Art of Traditional Food


Raechelle Rapozo is a photographer and skilled homecook who reguarly hosts pop-up dinners. In this series, she explores traditional Goan and South Indian cooking that is reminscient of her and her husband’s roots. These dishes are made with love, passion and locally sourced ingredients that is a reflection of how people have always done it. With food moving away into a relm of innovation, we’re taking a look back at what was with the hope of always retaining the true nature of home cooking.

Prawn Curry with Lady Finger & Goan Red Rice

Photo by Raechelle Rapozo

In Every Goan home, seafood that comprises of Fish Curry and rice is a regular meal. This curry is traditionally cooked in a clay pot and cooked with coconut oil. If you love coconut this curry is something that will get your tastebuds talking.


Photo by Raechelle Rapozo

Sorpotel is a Portuguese dish now commonly cooked in Goa. During Christmas time, it is a tradition in each Goan house to cook the delicious Pork Sorpotel.

Goan Chorizo

Photo by Raechelle Rapozo

The Goan sausage is a typical reflection of Indo-Portuguese cuisine from Goa, It is made with pork and various other ingredients, which make it spicy. It is usually served in a curry, boiled or fried.