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Decadent Shellfish recipes from Chef Kim

Home cooking made better with seafood

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OYSTERS BABY! I’m not a seafood person. Give me a juicy burger and a milkshake, that’s my sweet spot. There’s just something about seafood that makes me feel fishy… and not in a good way. This incompatibility doesn’t make sense to me though; I love the ocean and the coast. You’ll almost always find me in the water, channelling my inner Moana just to see how far I can go, how much I can forget about the land as lose myself in the sea. How badly have I always wanted to be a mermaid? How often have I wished that Atlantis was real? The answer is always. But that doesn’t mean I want to eat the beautiful creatures. Honestly, when that shark from Finding Nemo said “Fish are friends, not food”, I really felt that. But being the editor of Yummy means I cannot turn my nose up to anything. Here we have to be open to anything and everything, no matter preferences. So when it came to this issue, I put aside all my biases and dived right in. Here’s the shocker: I fell in love with oysters. Who would have thought the most ocean like delicacy would tickle my fancy? A simple lunch at Tamarind Mombasa had me awwwing, oooohing and attempting to steal the platter from my brother. They were so good, it changed my whole perspective. But back to diving in: Our coastline is amazing. The Yummy team had the privilege to roam around the coast and indulge in everything the big blue world had to offer. Life in coast is something else… calm, beautiful, friendly and surrounded by so much great food! Everywhere my team and I looked, we squealed like kids and wanted to do everything. From Diani to Mombasa, to Kilifi, we explored every haven we could find and have made sure that you get to enjoy what we did. In this issue, you’ll get the best of the best of our Coast from 3 ways to make lobster with Chef Kim to 3 fish inspired recipes that are perfect for home cooking. And to make things even more exciting, we’ve got The Art of Sushi for you and we even share tales from a Diani fish market just for you. And for you night lovers, we’ve got that etiquette guide some of you might find helpful as well as classic ice cocktails that we all adore. This issue is definitely a fishy one and I am glad of it. If I can change my mind, anything is possible. We hope you enjoy your Yummy Magazine and let us know just how much!

ON THE COVERMAGIC OF THE SEA Shot By Patrick Gitau Sushi From Inti Nikkei

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KOROGA FESTIVAL Putting the ‘F’ in fun! Are you ready for an unforgettable experience? This is the festival to make lasting memories with your friends as you sing along to reggae powerhouse Alpha Blondy who will be performing at the 27th edition of Koroga Festival. The Ivorian singer is referred to as the commander of African groove so expect lots of music, food and drinks! Two Rivers Mall 21-22 September

BEER-A-THON Beer-tastic! Hot off the fantastic Nairobi Beer Festival by EatOut and Baraka Events, comes Beera-thon. Beer enthusiasts will not only get draft beer tasting, but there’ll also be games to show who’s the toughest and smartest beer fan out there. Pair this with live music, great food and an awesome crowd and your weekend is made. Kenya Wildlife Service Headquarters 5th October

KIFARU MOVIE PREMIERE Gone, but not forgotten Sudan was the last male northern white rhino that died, greatly impacting the world. Watch this extraordinary and award-winning documentary about the life and death of this famous wild animal. There will also be a Q&A session with the director for all those burning questions. Trademark Hotel 24th October


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DUSIT D2 RESTAURANT RE-OPENS AS SOI PANASIAN Deliciously dished up One of Nairobi’s leading boutique hotels, Dusit D2, recently re-opened and so did their restaurant. Soi Restaurant, previously an exquisite Thai restaurant, launched as a Pan Asian outlet offering a new flavourful menu, great ambience and of course, rich wines. The new Executive Chef Christopher Graham delivers appetizing dishes, enough to make your trips to Dusit D2 endless.

VIVA GLOBAL BECOME PARTNERS OF DGB (PTY) LTD More to enjoy! Viva Global Ltd are now the official importers and distributors of DGB (Pty) Ltd in Kenya. DGB (Pty) Ltd is one of South Africa’s largest independent wine and spirit producers and distributors. Their portfolio includes wine brands like Boschendal, Bellingham, and Douglas Green to name a few. The spirits range include Zappa, Butlers, and Strawberry Lips liqueurs which will be supplied to both the retail and on-trade sector in Kenya by Viva Global.





Fogo Gaucho’s 17th cut is here and it’s the deliciously appetizing ostrich meat. The ostrich meat is charcoal-grilled to perfection and served all-you-can-eat at this popular steakhouse that we all love. Happy feasting!

From Monday to Saturday, you can look forward to their a là carte, cocktail, wine and finger food menu. Get your palate ready for meals like pork loin chops with glazed carrot to mixed lentils and a bed of hummus! The best part is, they have a shared food platter and happy hour cocktails!

Amateur Kenyan bakers get to try their luck at winning the grand prize on the Great Kenyan Bake Off TV show. Le Grenier à Pain founder Myra Kivuvani and celebrity chef Kiran Jethwa will be the host for this gamechanging show. Catch it in October on KTN Home. Yummy. Food. Drink. Life




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SEAFOOD SAUCES Seafood doesn’t have to be a dish you skip on because you don’t want to watch 5 different videos on YouTube trying to figure out how to devein shrimp. Skip the fuss by using quality deveined shrimp, lots of garlic and maybe pour yourself a congratulatory glass of wine for the masterpiece you are about to create. Here are 3 easy sauces you can enjoy with your shrimp, no fuss, no mess!

GARLIC SHRIMP INGREDIENTS • 1 packet of pre-cooked frozen shrimp • 1 clove of garlic • 1/2 cup of unsalted butter • 1 packet of Kikkoman Soy Sauce • 1 tablespoon of fish sauce • 1 tablespoon of maple syrup • Salt and black pepper to taste • Green onion, diced (for garnish) METHOD 1. Melt butter in a pan until frothy 2. Toast garlic in the butter for 1-2 minutes. 3. Mix in the shrimp, soy sauce, fish sauce and maple syrup. Cook for 2-3 minutes. 4. Garnish with green onion and lemon wedges.

• • • • •

1 cup of Cuzzios Peanut Butter Sauce 1 cup of honey ½ cup of Zesta hot sauce ¼ cup of lime juice Black pepper to taste

METHOD 1. Mix together in a bowl and serve. CHEESY MAYO SAUCE INGREDIENTS • 1 cup of mayonnaise • ½ cup of Sriracha sauce • ½ cup of shredded yellow cheddar • Black pepper to taste


METHOD 1. Mix together in a bowl and serve.

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Swahili Lobster by Chef Alex at Tamarind


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Quick Oyster Topping for Dinner Parties

1 Tbs Sriracha

½ Tsp Crushed garlic

1 Tbs Lemon Juice

Chopped Dill

For this recipe combine all ingredients in a small bowl with a spoon for serving.

9 Rules to follow when Buying & Cooking Fish or Seafood By Chef Miko 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Look out for freshness. When dealing with a whole fish lookout for shiny bright, round, popping eyes. Avoid fish with sunken dark eyes. Keep an eye out for red shiny gills, that’s a good sign. Trust your nose. Fresh fish or seafood shouldn’t smell. Avoid buying fishy smelling fish. If it’s frozen lookout for a vibrant colour. Anything dull is usually a bad sign. Shellfish shells should be hard and tough. Prawn and lobster shells should be hard and shouldn’t crack easily. Spots or discolouration is a bad sign. Have a cutting/chopping board dedicated to only seafood. This will help to avoid any cross-contamination. If possible, avoid wooden boards whenever dealing with fish. Never buy “ready marinated fish”. This is usually a way to cover up the

old stale fish smell with marinations. Fresh fish may be stored in the fridge for a day or two but it is recommended to cook and eat the fresh fish or seafood on the same day of purchase. 7. Do not overcook seafood. Fish and seafood can be very delicate to cook. Keep an eye on done-ness. Fish should remain flaky while prawns or lobster should be firm but not rubbery. 8. Keep it Simple. Do not over marinate fish. Let your fish speak for itself. Salt, garlic and lemon can elevate the fish nicely so keeping it simple is key. 9. When cooking fillet fish try cooking fillets of roughly the same thickness so as to ensure even cooking on the pan. 6.

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sofas, armchairs and ottomans, the Classic range will be available to order in base cotton, ready to upholster in a fabric of your choice while the Limited Edition collection will showcase these same “Classics” already designed and upholstered in fabrics of Chris’ choice, ready to buy. The quest to save and re-love unloved furniture from all over the world never ends. The pieces that come out of the workshop are as rare and eclectic and the items that make them up: an 18th-century French gilt boudoir chair, bought at an antique fair in the English countryside and now upholstered in vintage West African Asoke cloth is not an un-typical story at White Elephant. Every time you visit their store brings new surprises with beautiful pieces that once gone, will never be repeated.



bjects that are known to be useless or troublesome; that’s what people called a White Elephant: Things that are unloved, judged to be useless and often discarded. This is the namesake of the antique and vintage furniture company based in Kenya. A beautiful store located in Karen that specializes in rescuing unloved furniture from Europe and shipping it to Kenya where it is redesigned into exquisite bespoke pieces of furniture for your home. Chris Payne who runs White Elephant spends months in Europe finding these White Elephants that have been set aside and brings them home to re-love them and give them a new life. This process is intricate: involving Kenyan craftsmen with a passion for creating and a team who personally select what and how it will be remade; from the design, the fabric, to the paintwork. Every piece has a story, a history and The White Elephant Trading Company are the ones to tell it. Right now, White Elephant have a new special collection to their store: The Island Edition. This is a collection of unique pieces that showcase antique European furniture reupholstered in rare vintage ceremonial cloths from the islands of Flores, Timor and Sumba; exquisite sculptural pieces from the far-flung island of Papua and a range of elegant vintage teak furniture from Java. From the beautiful island of Bali, you can buy handmade baskets and antique decorative pieces to add texture to your home. Next month, White Elephant are going to launch two new furniture ranges that will be made in Kenya. Carefully crafted reproductions of some of their favourite


Order your favourite pieces online at https://www.whiteelephanttrading. net/ or visit their store at No 18 Windy Lane, Karen.

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SAKINA’S BBQ Located in a little corner in Karen, Sakina’s BBQ is a surprise and a delight. A family run business that specializes in Bohra cuisine, a traditional way of making food that combines culture and tradition that the Bohra people hold dear. One of these traditional ways of cooking and serving food is the Thal, a communal way of eating that represents the close community of the Bohras. The Thal is a large round metal plate, the eating focus where family members sit around it, sharing from the same plate, enjoying each of the courses coming their way. This is the meal that we enjoyed on a beautiful day, being warmly welcomed in, led to the Thal and sitting down on the floor rather ungracefully. Sakina, the owner of the restaurant, took us through this traditional meal from the square cloth called Safra that is placed on the carpet. Before the meal starts, we began by taking a grain of salt which is believed to clear the taste buds and cure many diseases. The meal began with salt and ended with salt and unlike most meals, the Bohra meal started with dessert, a delicious plate of sweetened rice called Sondanu and Julto Pool, a homemade custard with egg white island after which was followed by four other courses accompanied with pickles, and salads and ending with homemade coconut ice cream. Every meal was had together, no separate plates or even sections. Everything was shared and all the food was finished, with our hosts informing us on the importance of food and not allowing any to be wasted. The Thal dining experience is available upon request, but if it’s not your style, not to worry. Sakina and her son Mohammed have developed a regular menu with favourites like poussin chicken, bhajias and more. LIDO LOUNGE AT WHITESANDS The best thing about this job is that we get to travel and experience new things. The launch of the Lido Lounge in Whitesands is one of these new experiences. Everyone knows of Whitesands, the famous hotel with the beautiful pools so perfect for family trips and a popular destination during the holidays. But now, people can look forward to something more at Whitesands. Lido is known for their brilliant seafood, but now, you can enjoy your crab as well as great music and cocktails. The Lido Lounge is the new hot spot in Mombasa with an epic sea view, menu and bar; a bar that is run by The Bar Factory, a team of two mixologists who are experts at creating cocktails for bars 18

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TWO PEAS IN A POD In this issue, Yummy team members Sanaa Mughal and Lucy Munene eat their way through Nairobi & Mombasa and share their favourite experiences!


NEW ON THE BLOCK providing unique combinations that stand out. During the Lido Lounge launch, they awed us with their various shot variations that had everyone gushing excitedly. The Lido Lounge is one of the ways Whitesands is now catering to all groups, no matter what you’re looking for. So if you’re looking for a true coast experience where you can dive into seafood, music, sea views and cocktails, this is your new spot! ZANTEA This cute little spot is about to take all our money. Conveniently located in China Town along Ring Road Kilimani, ZanTea is a place that has been lovingly decorated by its owner and is run by her well-trained staff. On entering you’re received warmly and patiently taken through all your options each with its own clear picture so that you know what the final product is going to look like. I took along my colleague who picked the signature milk tea which is a delicious combination of fresh Kenyan milk, Kenyan and Chinese black tea and sweet squares of boba that make the ‘bubbles’ in bubble tea. I was drawn in by the mango tea which was made of white sand Chinese green tea and sweet Kenyan mangoes topped with the creamiest and smoothest cheese milk. The salty topping and sweet tea disappeared way too fast and I can say that they already have a loyal customer in me! ZION RESTAURANT There is nothing better than a restaurant with a story. This particular one tells its story through the rustic furniture and the family pictures on the wall which give away that the place is a family establishment. The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in was the muted simplicity of the place. Dark walls, functional furniture and minimal clutter on the tables. In the warm afternoon sunlight, I enjoyed a welcome coffee and took in the peace and quiet of the Ngong area. Once the food was out I was sold. Between mouthfuls of tripe, egg and bean curry, lamb ramen and the most decadent chocolate cake I got to know the chef and resident DIY-er Sxzilawe who recently relocated from Uganda. He brought his excellent cooking skills and started off this cafe (and the regular farmers market that is held on their grounds) as a neighboorhood hang out. That was clearly evident as families trickled in later in the night to enjoy wine by the fireplace. You might want to come hungry and cancel any other plans because this is the kind of place you won’t be in a hurry to leave.




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A WHOLE NEW WORLD Yummy’s staff writer, Lucy Munene took the time to rediscover this Coastal gem and appreciate both the new and old spots in the area.


iani is a paradise. Saying the name alone brings up different memories for everyone. I put together this guide so that the next time you’re in town, you can take a break from your usual spots and try out our new favourites! WHERE TO EAT In the last five years, there has been a surge in the number of restaurants around the Coast. As I moved around and jumped from tuktuk to pavement, I couldn’t help but stare at all the new additions to the Diani food scene. If you go to Diani with the intention of keeping up with your diet then you should probably stick to what your hotel offers. Beyond those manicured gardens, on the


Yummy. Food. Drink. Life

side of the road is a whole new world of food (cue the Aladdin soundtrack)! Prior to my trip down, I did some research and settled on 5 that seemed either relatively new or relatively unknown. My choices definitely paid off because none of them disappointed. PIRI PIRIE’S BAR & RESTAURANT Piri Pirie’s prides itself on the dishes on its menu that are inspired by British pub food. The battered fish and chips were delicious but the seafood lasagna was a magical experience. I did not know that I needed prawns, calamari, crab, fish fillet, layered in pasta and coated in a cheesy white sauce until I tasted this amazing creation. The

sauce wrapped around the fresh seafood and was so well balanced that not once did I feel the need to reach for my drink to wash it down. Light and airy are words that were invented to describe the chocolate lava cake here. Once cracked open, a pool of chocolate pours out that I could have drank cup fulls of. If you plan on eating here, show up hungry and in loose clothing because you might order more than one round of food. ANIELLO’S RISTORANTE PIZZERIA This restaurant is the definition of unassuming. If you’re not looking out for it, you will miss the simple sign that directs you off the road and into their parking. The interior is thoroughly Italian bistro, from




the cream coloured chairs to the owner sitting in the corner shuffling cards. The laid-back vibe is perfect for a long lunch or early dinner that stretches out until closing time. From the thin Italian crust that held up a generous layer of sauce, cheese and various toppings to the garlicky Chicken Kiev, everything was so expertly flavoured. I can guarantee that I will be going back for 3 or more pizzas. COLOBUS SHADE RESTAURANT It was once known for its location right on the beach and the blue tarp that shielded patrons from the sun as they feasted on their seafood dishes. It has now moved further inland but is still close to the beach. Besides the location, nothing else has changed. Here is another place that is great for groups. The seafood platter is altered in portion according to the number of people on your table and our was a portion for 3 that we struggled to finish. The fresh lobster, crabs and octopus served with a fragrant pot of rice, potatoes and coconut sauce almost had us in a food coma. The generous portions and friendly service are worth every penny! JOLLY BAR PIZZERIA The colourful decor of this restaurant makes it stand out among the others around it, inviting you in to try its Sicilian delights. More pizza was ordered here along with a round of drinks. The atmosphere is comfortable which makes it a great place for afternoon cocktails and beers. The extensive menu will have you spoilt for choice but don’t hesitate to try more than just their pizzas.

WHERE TO STAY LEOPARD BEACH HOTEL This hotel is making a come back from a fire that destroyed a good part of their previous suites. From the ashes, new stunning superior and deluxe suites have risen and they are filling up fast every month. These newly designed suites have been put together with comfort in mind. If you’re travelling as a couple or small group then these suites are for you. These newly refurbished and redesigned rooms are refreshingly contemporary and luxuriously styled for a sleek resort feel. Interior Designers, Savannah Design Studio borrow inspiration from the ocean with shades of sophisticated emerald jade and teal and other rooms that are swathed in calming azure blues in their latest Italian fabrics collection set against stark whites and palettes of greys and cobalt furniture . The extended spill out balconies offering stunning panoramic views of the ocean these new rooms are a stunning addition to this already award winning property. It might be hard to leave the comfort of your suite but the restaurants here are worth it. The main dining area has a new healthconscious menu that will make sure you don’t return from your holiday 5 kgs heavier. Besides the extensive salad bar, the main menu offers a selection of vegetarian meals and desserts. Don’t forget to try their pizzeria that offers freshly made pizzas that may not be as friendly for your waist but taste great and are complemented by the stunning view of the ocean.

SWAHILI BEACH HOTEL From the name, you can already guess what the theme of this hotel is but you will not be prepared for the level of detail and effort put into the aesthetics. From the high ceilings and themed furniture to the beautifully designed rooms, everything about this place makes you want to leave your worries at the door and embrace the space. In their suites, you will find plush bathrobes, the softest sheets and even a mini sewing kit. The rooms are set up to be so comfortable that you probably will only leave to bask by the pool or enjoy lunch by the ocean at Zan-zi-bar before running back to sink into the bed. Let’s talk about their food though. Heading the Kitchen Brigade is Chef John Chesimbili who has a great working relationship with Swahili Beach for the past number of years. Chef John is responsible for maintaining the new methodology of inhouse skills development and sourcing of sustainable, local ingredients supporting local community businesses. The management understands that you came down all this way to relax, unwind and be wowed which exactly how their dining options are set up. Besides Zan-zi-bar, there is the renowned Spice Route restaurant at Swahili Beach is a traditional Indian Swahili Fusion restaurant and it is here that Chef Parwar Shivaji displays his magical hand with exotic spices and traditional cooking methods. With two decades of experience in running fast pace, high volume, professional kitchens, Chef Gregory Henderson is proud to be mentoring the team of chefs at Swahili Beach Resort. Henderson believes in employing local community staff to develop and transfer skills to elevate the competency level of mostly unskilled labour, he says “A skilled work force is vital to the success of any business and certainly make running operations easier, but it is by far more rewarding to develop that skill in a passionate and willing individual that does not have the funds or resources to obtain formal training. I enjoy going on this journey with them.”

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ombasa is home to some of the best food in the county, full of heritage and the casual lifestyle that is practically palpable in the food. From the street food joints to even the most fine dining establishments, Mombasa has a lot to offer for those looking to excite their palettes. Here are our top picks of places to try in Mombasa! MN KAFE This adorable cafe moved from just another spot to THE spot to enjoy eclectic and wholesome meals. From their epic waffles menu (a whopping 23 options of waffles) as well as French toast, pancakes and so much more! From their grill menu, you can enjoy a HUGE range of burgers, hot dogs, wraps and sandwiches. MN Kafe is also one of the most tech-savvy restaurants on the coast with their app and user-friendly website. Here’s some advice: Plan to visit more than once. There’s a lot to get through and you don’t want to miss out any of it. MILIOS PIZZA Located in a little corner in Kizingo, Milios is a hidden gem serving you the best authentic, wood-fired, thin-crust pizzas. Milios has quickly become the favourite pizza spot in Mombasa ranking #8 on TripAdvisor’s list


Yummy. Food. Drink. Life

of best Mombasa restaurants based on fan reviews and #1 in pizzas. Specializing only in Pizzas, you get exactly what you want at Milios. If you’re looking for a half and half pizza or even a shrimp pizza, they’ve got it. Milios is mostly known for their Tasty Tuesday promotion and for their customer service that always feels like home- Not surprising because Milios is a family run business and when you enter the pizza spot, it feels like it. QAFFEE POINT Located in the CBD, this restaurant is full of surprises. It has not one, not two, but three levels to it, designed to suit the type of dining experience you want to have: Such as casual dining, lounge space and a family section. The restaurant is a labyrinth of seating space and you’ll never know where you’ll end up. Their menu is also designed to suit all types of taste buds- Like epic seafood platters for the seafood lovers to classic Mezze platters for those who love their Lebanese cuisine. Qaffee is also home to freak shakes and a one-of-a-kind Menthol shake so it’s safe to say your visits will never be dull! TAMARIND MOMBASA We all know about how amazing Tamarind is and they fully deserve that reputation. With

an amazing sea view, Tamarind Mombasa provides the best of seafood. Enjoy the coastal breeze over a platter of Oyster Bamburi, Grilled Calamari or their famous seafood platters. They’ve also got a cocktail menu that is perfect for the selection of every meal (with a local favourite being the always trusted Dawa). Tamarind is a classic for Mombasa diners, especially for those special occasions. TAMARIND





ilifi is so much more than just a New Year’s party spot. The county is full of hidden spots that host the most interesting people as well as the best seafood restaurants. It’s always a surprise and delight to delve into the foodie gems of Kilifi. Here are our top spots you need to give a try: THE FOOD MOVEMENT - KILIFI TOWN It’s impossible to talk about Kilifi dining without mentioning The Food Movement. Run by the creative and eccentric Warren Wilson, The Food Movement is the most unassuming place around in the middle of a farm, in a simple shack with a team of the friendliest people. Warren and his team have excelled at fusion food combining Swahili food and contemporary classics like tacos, poached eggs and more. Their menu changes as their mood wills it so make sure you go hungry and with an open mind! MONSOON - MTWAPA Located in the National Museum of Kenya, in the Jumba Ruins, Monsoon is a seafood restaurant gem nestled in the middle of history. If you’re a lover of fresh seafood and have an eye for detail, Monsoon is your spot. With specialty meals like the Lobster

Marinara and their famous seafood platter, Monsoon was easily one of our highlights during our seafood tour. LA MARINA - MTWAPA La Marina Restaurant is located along the Mtwapa Creek and specialises in seafood cuisine. The unique location on the creek is perfect for a seafood meal as you enjoy the view, the breeze and the anchored dhows and yachts. In their menu, you’ll get the best of the best of seafood as well as other cuisines like pizzas and a grilled menu. La Marina is perfect for large families. KILIFI BOATYARD The name is not an exaggeration, it literally is in a boatyard on the Southside of the Kilifi Creek. Surrounded by boats and the ocean, you can enjoy quick meals and an amazing beach bar totally suited for the surrounding. Whether you’re having fish and chips or a burger, the boatyard sets the perfect scene for a great lunch. The boatyard serves a variety of different meals from junk food to seafood specialities like their crab salad and prawns piri-piri.



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A CITY STUCK IN TIME Njoki Munene gives a descriptive experience of what restaurants she found and liked on her recent trip to Lamu. “A dream come true” would best describe the feeling of landing in the exotic city of Lamu. Not only is the weather amazing and the people kind-hearted but the food is to die for. I write a little something about the mustvisit restaurants in Lamu. KIJANI ROOF TOP RESTAURANT & BAR Of all the places I visited in Lamu, this had to be the most rewarding. It’s calming white interior was spiced up with a beautiful aqua blue floor and rustic chairs that added a slight sophistication to its ambience. The restaurant overlooks the ocean and in between, the leaves of palm trees hang, letting rays of sunshine sneak through into the restaurant - Magnificent. As a lover of Japanese cuisine, I was delighted to see that the menu had a couple of Japanese starters, with a twist, of course. My favourite dish was the Miso soup with clams. Clams! What a brilliant way to switch it up with an added touch of something fishy. THE MAJLIS It comes as no surprise to me that the à là carte menu at the Majlis restaurant came with no prices besides its meals. From the moment we got off the boat and landed on the clear white sandy beaches, we were awed by the simplicity and use of Swahili architecture. The restaurant is surrounded by large stunning murals that give character to the white walls. Yummy! That is the one word I would use to describe the food at Majlis. It was a lovely blend of International and Swahili dishes served by the kindest people. I had grilled prawns that came with a side of steamed rice. The prawns were well seasoned and came with a dipping sauce that was out of this world and tasted like a mixture of a thousand island sauces and chilli. On the plate, there was a couple of slices of lime that when squeezed onto the prawns and dipping sauce gave the meal a hint of tanginess. It was simply a match made in heaven.


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WHISPERS CAFÉ A hidden gem in a hive of activities, this charming little café in the middle of Lamu town was the last stop of our tour: Donkeys were parked at the entrance, hustlers on the floor shouting prices and hitting the donkeys with sticks to move them out of the way and I must admit, it was not the best welcoming to what I would later find out is a little piece of heaven. This surprisingly quiet space is divided into three parts, one interior sitting area and the outside sitting area divided by an old brick walk. All together this quaint oasis accommodates not more than 25 people at the same time. The walls surrounding the cafe are covered with green wall creepers that extend from the floor to the sky, creating a beautiful contrast between the shades of green and the clear blue sky. The food was fresh and created an exquisite blend of flavours that matched its ambience. In my opinion, they have the best coffee on the island, matched with tasty cakes, some of the best I have had in a long time (especially the coconut lemon cake). Not to mention their Date milkshake and tamarind juice on a hot afternoon to reboot and refresh your body after a long, hot day. Delightful.



alindi may be considered a great place to vacation but we can bet that you did not know that it can be a great place to eat as well. Here are 5 places that will start your gastronomic exploration of this coastal gem. BABY MARROW ART & FOOD MALINDI Art and food coexist in this simple restaurant in Old Town Malindi. Besides the interesting art on the wall and beyond a menu filled with Italian words, you will find a great variety of Italian pastas, pizzas, fish, meat, vegetables and desserts. Its better to go in as a large group because that means you get to share as many of their delicious dishes such as pizza Davide, fusilli Bolognese and ravioli ricotta with spinach. Pair all these dishes with wines from their extensive wine list and have a great meal! BAR BAR RESTAURANT & PIZZERIA If you have been here before 2017 then you might like to know that the restaurant go a facelift and is looking better than ever. The ambience has remained the same with the space being so comfortable that you might find your breakfast spilling over into lunch. If this happens then their menu has got you covered. From their freshly baked bread and pastries to their spicy salami pizza, everything is cooked fresh and pairs well with a fresh cup of coffee or generously poured glass of wine. KAREN BLIXEN RESTAURANT & COFFEE SHOP Sometimes after a day (or days) of indulging in large meals paired with copious amounts of cocktails, all you want is a strong cup of coffee and fresh pastries. Thats where Karen Blixen comes in. This cafe in a tent is a great spot to enjoy a cornetto with a fresh cappuccino as you plan the rest of your Malindi adventures. If you do decide to have a meal you can enjoy fantastic dishes such as lobster pasta, penne in marinara or a veggie pizza. ROSADA BEACH RESTAURANT Rosada is the perfect spot to enjoy a lazy lunch that involves enjoying the gentle ocean breeze as you stuff yourself silly with authentic Italian pizza. The location makes it popular so during the high tourist season you might struggle to find a table. Besides the pizza, their other dishes are undeniably great and their extensive Sunday buffets are particularly popular. Don’t leave your dancing shoes packed in a suitcase somewhere. Take them along with you to their Monday evening private beach parties and dance off all the pizza!

OLD MAN & THE SEA This is one of the oldest restaurants in Malindi and you might miss it around all the new restaurants that have popped up around it. If the moorish architecture does not draw you in then the smell of their delicious food will. The intimate ambience makes it perfect for an impromptu date night and you can enjoy their smoked sailfish, steaks and seafood (which is cooked on a grill right at the entrance of the restaurant) as you take in the view of the Vasco Da Gama pillar.




COASTAL GEM Whether you’re on a holiday or maybe just passing through, here are our top spots to feast at in the legendary Malindi.


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2 A stage in processing coffee cherry where the coffee beans are separated from the pulp. 7 Italian almond biscuits that originated in the city of Prato. 9 A grade of coffee beans consisting of the largest Kenya coffee beans. 10 Most Kenyan coffee is grown on the side of these natural volcanic land formations

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10 Send a picture of your completed crossword to social@ dormanscoffee.com and info@yummy.co.ke to stand a chance to win Dormans merchandise.

1 A device used to discard spent espresso grounds after a shot of espresso has been pulled 3 A coffee brewing method that allows coffee grinds to soak directly in hot water. 4 A small, handless porcelain cups used during the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony 5 A single shot of espresso topped with 1½ tablespoons of foam 6 The coffee’s fragrant aroma and aftertaste which may range from nutty to malty 8 A single shot of espresso with fresh peel of lemon served on the side

AUDIO PODCASTS FROM KENYA (THE EAST AFRICA BUSINESS PODCAST) Host Sam Floy showcases companies operating across Eastern Africa and interviewing entrepreneurs and business leaders in this emerging market. Find conversations with companies ranging from solar power and food production to smoothies and toothpicks. Listen to it on Player.Fm.

HEART & HUSTLE BY PATRICIA BRIGHT From growing her brand as an influencer through YouTube and Instagram to running her own hair business, Patricia Bright has been a living testimony of the impact having heart and hustle has. Through her book, she shares the details of her journey and how other content creators can also use their passion to build their brands and achieve their dreams. Find all the tips she shares on how to supplement your 9 - 5 with a side hustle and eventually making it your main source of income. Book available on Koolstuff.shop

KENYAN MUSIC (SILAYIO) Neema Ntalel Silayio seemingly came out of nowhere with her performance on The Voice of Holland but she has been around for years sharing her voice with Africa and the world. Fall in love the award winner’s music at any of the regular gigs she plays around Nairobi such as neighbourhood favourite, Geco Cafe.

VIDEO KENYAN SERIES (THIS IS LIFE) You might need several cups of coffee for one episode of this series. In under an hour, we get to know several characters who take us through the complexities of different relationships and the emotions involved. Brew a fresh pot of ground coffee, get comfortable and watch the drama unfold on Youtube.

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Greenspoon founder, mother and entrepreneur Juliet Kennedy revels in the Kenyan coast and the beauty of fish



’ve travelled to a few beaches around the world, and each time I do, I have a realization that our coastline is the best. On one memorable occasion, friends said we should go to the ‘beach’ in the UK. The image in my head could not have been further from the inhospitable, quarry-like beach that had been chosen for a nice brisk walk. We are so lucky in Kenya. We have white beaches, a warm sea and fresh fish straight out of the ocean. We like to go to the slightly unknown beach near Msambweni town, where there are no bars or nightclubs. We unplug and switch off. As the breezes start to blow through shivering palms around mid-morning, we make our way to the beach. Weary fishermen pull their ngalawas through the water, slowly, for the pace at the coast is slow. Their lined faces hint at decades of stories made at sea; of rare and enormous fish, of waves the size of buildings, of colleagues lost at sea, and of raw, salty survival. Between the slap of an octopus being tenderized on the sand, we barter for a lovely fresh fish, its stunning colours rapidly fading with exposure to the air. This beauty will be perfect with my sesame plan, an easy but deliciously flavoursome way to cook fish. Pair it with a simple cucumber salad - I find that in a hot climate there’s nothing better, or more refreshing, than this cooling, tingling, tongue sensation that cuts through the more earthy taste of sesame seeds. INGREDIENTS • 2 Parrotfish fillets or any other firm white fish • A generous knob of butter • 2 tablespoons of Kampi Kitchen Ginger Chilli Relish • 300g sesame seeds • Salt and pepper Cucumber Salad 1 cucumber 3 tbsp rice wine vinegar 1 tbsp soy sauce 1 tsp sugar 1 clove crushed garlic 1 tsp minced fresh ginger 2 tbsp dhania, chopped A few sprigs fresh dhania to garnish

METHOD 1. Start by making your cucumber salad. I like to shave my cucumber into ribbons, but cut it the way you like. Mix all the dressing ingredients together and then pour over the cucumber. Set aside to marinate. 2. Pat the fish fillets dry, and then gently fry in a generous amount of hot butter. Before it’s completely cooked through, remove gently from the frying pan and spread a tablespoon of the ginger chilli relish over the fillet. 3. Roll it in the sesame seeds until the seeds coat the fish all over. Season with salt and pepper. Bang it in the oven for about ten minutes or until the sesame seeds are nice and golden. 4. Remove, garnish with coriander and serve with your cucumber and a crisp glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Yummy. Food. Drink. Life



SEAFOOD FISHING IN DIANI Susanne Ogolla is a freelance food photographer and writer based in Nairobi, whose stories highlight the inspirations and experiences involved in the creation of different cuisines. Besides that, she is an avid solo traveller, who also creates itineraries for keen-on-exploration travellers and partakes in wildlife conservation campaigns as well.


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go to Diani about twice in a year and my daily routine mainly consists of having biryani at Coast Dishes restaurant, a visit to The Sands at Nomad Beach Hotel for some Italian gelato and the breath-taking experience of having seafood in a cave setting, with a view of the stars above at Ali Barbour’s cave restaurant. After ticking those off my list I’m always open to any other new adventures. My last visit in August was quite different. I love seafood and it’s one of my most favourite cuisines and so I embarked on a mission to discover what goes on at the ocean and know more about the people behind the fishing of these delectables. I met with Saidi, a fisherman that works around Kongo River beach who promised to show me around. He was just from the seas and had caught some tewa fish which is also known as codfish, a ton of prawns which was quite interesting to see especially because they were not-so-orange like I’m used to seeing plated and a couple of red snappers. We detoured for a few minutes for him to drop them off to one of the villas, along the Diani strip -they were on order. That was his catch for the day and it wasn’t as big as he’d have hoped for. He explained that the winds stirring into the ocean were too strong, they call it “maji kuchafuka”. The ideal fishing periods are between September and January when it’s much calmer. Also, the fish variety caught in the ocean depends on the seasons such as crab season, lobster season and shrimp season. The region they fish in matters as well. His fishing method was rather interesting, I didn’t know it was possible to fish into the seas without having access to a boat. Many local fishermen there do not own boats because they are very expensive, they start from about Ksh 80,000 and could go all the way to Ksh 200,000. The few who own them get them by taking out loans. Saidi goes not too far into the ocean at 8 PM every day and stays overnight till 7 AM the next day. He throws his net in and hopes for a good catch by the time morning comes. Other fishermen choose other techniques such as one I saw who was fishing from a surfboard with little bags tied around it to hold his catch. I got to talk to another fisherman who does spearfishing- this is a skill of the chosen few - he gets the job done and it saves him some money that he’d have used to buy fish from another fisherman. Before we could go further up the beach, I had to convince the Diani Mwakamba Beach Management Unit secretary to have access. The fishermen are in different “chamas” which protect them and give them updated information on fishing rules. It was


understandable why they were reluctant to talk to me at first but they were more comfortable in front of the camera. They are used to tourists being fascinated by their culture. The fishermen are allowed to fish wherever they please, no boundaries are set to limit them. The fishermen who own boats and dhows have an added advantage for they can get deeper into the waters which assures them of getting a larger catch. They are the ones commissioned to supply to hotels which require about 100kilos of fish delivered weekly. Some seafood is specifically sold to local residents which is much cheaper than the ones sold to hotels

due to the quality of fish. Besides this, they also have deals with the fishermen who don’t own boats, so when they get to the shore, they have some who are waiting to bid for the fish to make sales elsewhere. It was such a scene observing two fishermen who had not yet even set foot at the shore with codfish, prawns, red snappers, white snappers but already had a market. Once the fish had new owners they cut them open, cleaned them up, placed them into sacks and everyone went back to their day’s business to sell them while others rested in makuti sheds that they built by the beach as they waited for other fishermen who’d gone fishing to get back to the shore.

Our conversations and interactions convinced them that I had no malicious intentions and so they offered to roast some red snapper for me the next day. How kind of them! What I admire so much of the people there is how much they look out for each other and even though they are in the same business, they believe in working together to grow.

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• 45ml Gin of your choice • 75ml FruitVille Berry Juice • 1 bottle of Tonic Water • 1 Slice Grapefruit • A handful of raspberries • 1 sprig of Thyme METHOD 1. Fill a glass (We love mason jars) with ice. 2. Add the gin and berry juice to the glass. Top with soda water and garnish with a slice of grapefruit, thyme and raspberries 3. Sip and enjoy!


We’re hopping onto the gin craze and crafting our own cocktails! You don’t have to change anything about your favourite G&T. Just use FruitVille’s Berry juice to add a little colour and a whole lot of flavour to your favourite cocktail.



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M Meet Chef Kim, owner and chef at the fine dining restaurant, 5 Senses. In this issue, he dives into experimentation and works with lobster.

LOBSTER CAPPUCCINO (SERVES 4) INGREDIENTS Potato & Celery soup: • 250g potato cut into 2.5cm dice • 50g celery stem • 30g unsalted butter • 2g fine salt • 1g ground white pepper Lobster foam: • 340g peeled lobster bodies • 30g butter • 20g tomato paste • 240ml Hennessey • 1ltr double cream

y culinary journey started off in 2011 at Top Chefs Culinary Institute where I obtained a diploma in Culinary Studies. I then proceeded to Switzerland to César Ritz Colleges where I achieved a Bachelor’s Degree in Culinary Arts. During my last internship in Paris is where I realised my full passion and skill for French cuisine. That led to 5 Senses Restaurant. Five Senses is my playground with my past experience and hunger for innovation. Lobster preparation: A whole 400-600g lobster is usually enough for one person. To cook the lobster for the

and cook for 5 minutes stirring constantly so as not to burn. Add the Hennessy and reduce, add the cream and simmer 15 minutes. Remove and strain. 3. To finish, dice up your Lobster tail that you peeled off the bodyshell, in a small pot, add in the butter and some water and salt, then bring the lobster cream to boil, remove off heat and using a hand blender mix until frothy. Divide the meat between four small bowls, pour warm potato soup over lobster then to finish spoon the lobster foam over the soup. Serve immediately.


recipes provided, boil water with salt and aromatics like fennel seeds, lemon slices and some salt. Bring to boil and immerse the whole lobster for three minutes. Once done, take it out and peel off the shells which will then be used to make a base Lobster liquid sauce for the three recipes. NB: Lobster is high in protein, vitamins, and minerals. Its flesh is very lean. The creamy parts are high in cholesterol. A noble product and with pride of place in French gastronomy, the lobster has given rise to classic recipes: Lobster thermidor, lobster bisque, etc.

NOTE If You Don’t Fancy Cream In Your Foam You Can Use The Lobster Poaching Liquid.

Finishing: • 115g lobster, diced • 5g unsalted butter METHOD 1. For the soup, place the potato in a pot with 360 ml water and butter, Season with salt and pepper simmer until tender. Blend until smooth using the cooking liquid. Reserve. 2. For the foam, heat a heavy based pan over medium-high heat and sear lobster shells for about 3 minutes in olive oil. Then add the butter and roast the shells some more until they turn bright red. Add the tomato paste

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SCALLOP TORTELINI & LOBSTER TAIL INGREDIENTS Scallop Filling: • 125g scallops (You can use prawn) • 25ml egg whites • 75ml cream • 5g grated ginger (fresh) • 2 tsp salt • 1/2 tsp of white pepper Tortellini Pasta: • 300g flour • 12 egg yolks • 1 whole egg • 4tsp salt • 1 lobster tail (blanched for 3 minuteswhole lobster, peel tail from shell and keep chilled in fridge) Lobster Sauce: • 340g peeled lobster bodies • 30g butter • 50g fennel • 2 large tomatoes, sliced • 2 tbsp tomato paste • 240ml Hennessey • 1ltr pre- made Lobster liquid METHOD 1. For the Scallop filling, in a blender, put in the scallop flesh, blend for 1 minute, add the remainder of the ingredients and blend until smooth. Put into a piping bag and keep refrigerated 2. For the Pasta, mix all the ingredients in a blender, once mixed roll into a ball and keep under a dump cloth, portion into 120gr (for one person) and roll out into a thin layer. Using a square cutter 8.5cm by 8.5cm cut the dough. Sprinkle some flour onto the surface so the dough does not stick to the surface. Once cut, pipe the scallop mixture onto the square shaped dough, fold the


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square along the diagonal, brush the edges with water to seal, making sure there is no air pocket. Once folded, with your index finger in the centre of the triangle roll the pasta and join it end to end. Dust and keep refrigerated if planning to use immediately. Keeps well frozen 3. For the Sauce, heat a heavy based pan over medium-high heat and sear lobster shells for about 3 minutes in olive oil. Then add the butter and roast the shells some more until they turn bright red. Add the tomato slices and fennel. Roast for about 5 minutes, add the tomato paste and cook

for 5 minutes stirring constantly so as not to burn. Add the Hennessy and reduce, add the lobster stock and simmer 25 minutes. Remove and strain. Reduce sauce to get a thick consistency. 4. To finish take the lobster tail, in a separate shallow pan, heat 100ml lobster stock. Place the tail in the stock and baste until slightly firm and hot. In another pot, boil water and olive oil for your tortellini pasta. Poach 3-4minures. Saute in a pan with olive oil, remember to season.


SURF AND TURF INGREDIENTS Pomme Bouchon (Fondant Potatoes): • 250g potatoes • 200g butter (clarified) • 1 twig fresh thyme • 2 garlic cloves Sirloin Steak: • 200g steak • 300ml corn oil • 1 lobster tail (blanched for 3 minuteswhole lobster, peel tail from shell and keep chilled in fridge) Lobster Sauce: • 340g peeled lobster bodies • 30g butter • 50g fennel • 100g tomato slices • 20g tomato paste • 240ml Hennessey • 1ltr Lobster liquid • Rocket leaves

METHOD 1. For the Fondant Potatoes, peel and shape into two cylindrical shape. If you don’t have clarified butter, melt unsalted butter in a cast iron pan, separate the milk and water from the butter fat. Once melted this can be done by chilling the butter and spooning out the solid butter fat. In a cast iron pan melt your butter fat on medium heat, add in your potatoes, thyme and garlic. Turn over the potatoes every 5-6 minutes twice. Once done, go to low heat, cover your potatoes and let cook for 30 minutes but consistently checking they do not burn. 2. For the sirloin steak, heat the oil then deep fry your steak to your perfect level of doneness, 3 minutes should be a perfect medium. Leave to rest before portioning/ slicing. 3. For the Sauce, heat a heavy based pan over medium-high heat and sear lobster shells for about 3 minutes in olive oil. Then add the butter and roast the shells some more until they turn bright red. Add the tomato slices and fennel. Roast for about

5 minutes, add the tomato paste and cook for 5 minutes stirring constantly so as not to burn. Add the Hennessy and reduce, add the lobster stock and simmer 25 minutes. Remove and strain. Reduce sauce to get a thick consistency. 4. To finish take the lobster tail, in a separate shallow pan, heat 100ml lobster stock. Place the tail in the stock and baste until slightly firm and hot. Once the steak has rested for 10-15 minutes, slice to desired portion. For the potato, heat in the butter and plate to desired licking. Garnish with the rocket leaves and olive oil.

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The strong punch of Indian spices and sweet coconut cream create a perfect balance for your palate. INGREDIENTS • 4 Onions processed to fine pulp • 3 Tomatoes processed to fine pulp • 3 Tbsp. garlic paste • 2 Tbsp. ginger paste • 2 Green chilli finely chopped • 4 Tbsp. home-made spice blend (read below for recipe) • 200 ml coconut cream • 6 Tbsp. cooking oil • Salt • 1 Tbsp. turmeric powder • 1 Lime • 1 Tsp. red chilli powder • 750 Gms tilapia/Nile perch/ red snapper/ cod - medium-sized fillets • Large fresh red chilli for serving (garnish) Fresh coriander for garnish



the kitchen

Every family has their own special fish recipes that stay in the family and come out when they really want to show off. In this edition, we reached out to 3 such cooks to share their special coast recipes with us.

COCONUT FISH CURRY RECIPE BY AKSHAY PATEL Inspired by coastal ingredients, coconut fish curry is a timeless comforting dish. The simplicity of this dish allows it to be versatile whether you are cooking for a family of 4 or a party of 20. You may be tempted to cook the fish in the curry sauce, however boiling is aggressive, it may overcook the fish. The secret to having a good contrast of textures in this dish is to sear the fish in a pan and assemble the curry and fish when serving.

METHOD: 1. For the spice blend: In a hot pan, add 1 Tbsp. of black peppercorns, 2 Tbsp. cumin seeds, 1 small cinnamon stick, 1 Tbsp. cloves and 2 bay leaves. Roast them for 1 minute on low heat. Grind them to a fine powder. 2. Mix the fillets of fish in about 1 Tsp. of salt and lime juice, 1 Tsp. turmeric powder, 1 Tsp. red chilli powder, 1 Tbsp. garlic paste in a bowl and rest them aside. 3. In a pan on medium heat, add 2 Tbsp. cooking oil. Once hot, pan roast the fish fillets. Cook them to about 75% done on one side (about 4 minutes). Then flip them over to finish them off (1~2) minutes. Rest them aside. 4. In a pot, on medium heat, add 4 Tbsp. cooking oil. Once the cooking oil is hot, add ginger paste, garlic paste and chopped green chillies and saute for about 10 seconds. Add pulped onions and cook until they lose some of their water content and start turning light brown. Then add the powdered spice blend and cook for a further 60 seconds. 5. Add the pulped tomatoes, 1 Tbsp. turmeric, 1 Tbsp. chilli powder and cook for about 6 minutes and stir every ~2 minutes. Remove from heat and add coconut cream. Once stirred well, on low heat, simmer the curry for a further 4 minutes. 6. Serve the fish on a pond of curry with coriander and thin slices of fresh red chilli scattered all over. With an optional dash of coconut cream.

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MUM’S ZANZIBARI SOUP RECIPE BY ROZMIN MUGHAL When you think about a seafood soup, we’re pretty sure the first thing that comes to mind is a complex dance of spices, seafood and who knows what else that will make the whole experience harrowing. This is not that kind of soup. Easy to prep for beforehand, this unique recipe is one of those good ones where you “Throw everything in a pot” and see the magic happen. Like most ‘mum recipes’, this one can be customized to what you like- nothing is set in stone. Whether you want to throw in some potatoes in there, it’s up to you. The only constant we have to insist on is the fish, celery and the coconut (Without that, there’s just no Zanzibar!) INGREDIENTS • 1 cup celery • 1 cup leeks • 1 cup shrimps • 1 cup fish fillet cut in cubes, marinated with salt & lime • 1 cup onions • 2 tbsp garlic • 2 cup crushed fresh tomatoes • 1 tsp chilli flakes • 1 cup of coconut milk METHOD: 1. Cut all the vegetables into half-inch cubes then heat butter or olive oil in a pot. 2. Add the crushed garlic. Once it turns slightly brown, add the onions and toss for 3 or 4 minutes on low heat. 3. Then add 2 cups crushed fresh tomatoes with 1 tsp chilli flakes. 4. After 2 or 3 minutes of cooking, add the vegetables. 5. In a separate pan, boil water with freshly squeezed lime then switch off the gas. Add salt and the shrimps then let it rest in the water for 3 mins only. 6. Remove the shrimp and then add to the vegetable broth. 7. Finally, add the fish to the mixture and let boil. 8. Once boiling, add coconut milk and garnish with dhania then serve. PHOTO BY SANAA JABEEN


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POP’S SPECIAL TAWA PRAWNS RECIPE BY ADARSH SHAH Prawns have a distinct flavour of their own and the number of spices used in this dish might make you think that all that fishy goodness will get lost! Worry not because Pop made sure that everything here is so well balanced that you can even eat the prawns on their own. One word of advice though, try not to overcook your prawns otherwise you’ll end up with a spicy rubbery mess. INGREDIENTS • 125 gms salted butter • 4 tbsp. sunflower oil • 1 large white onion finely diced • 3-4 green chillies thinly sliced • ¼ cup ginger finely diced • ¼ cup crushed garlic • 4 tbsp. ginger-garlic paste • Salt to taste • 1½ tbsp. freshly ground black pepper • 2 tbsp. red chilli powder • 2 tbsp. paprika • 3 tbsp. cumin-coriander powder • 1 tbsp. garam masala • 1 can of diced tomatoes • 500 gms prawns (de-shelled) • ¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice • ¼ cup red onion rings • ¼ cup coriander finely chopped METHOD 1. To a hot tawa, add half the portion of butter and sunflower oil. Once the butter-oil mixture is hot, add the white onion, green chillies, diced ginger and crushed garlic. 2. Cook until the onions turn golden brown. 3. To this, add the ginger-garlic paste and water if required. Stir for 5-6 mins. 4. Next, add the remaining portion of butter, red chilli powder, paprika and cumincoriander powder and mix well for 3-4 mins. 5. Add the tomatoes and cook for 10 mins. 6. Add the prawns, salt and pepper to taste, garam masala and lemon juice. Mix well for 2-3 mins or until the prawns turn pink and turn off the heat. 7. Garnish with onion rings & coriander. Serve hot. PHOTO BY EKTA PATEL

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MEET THE CHEF The food at any hotel restaurant is only as good as its chef. That’s why this month, we checked into DusitD2 after its stylish reopening and peaked behind the kitchen doors to find out the culinary master behind SOKO Restaurant’s food.



hristopher Graham towers over his kitchen with the kind of confidence that assures you his title of Executive Chef is not just for show. He started his career at the Hyatt Carlton Tower Hotel in London as a kitchen


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apprentice. He went on to work at the 2 Star Michelin restaurant, the Vineyard at Stockross, working under renowned modern British chef, John Campbell. Following this he worked for an array of 5 Star Hotels including Atlantis The Palm, the Burj Al Arab (Al Mahara), Madinat Jumeirah (Pierchic) and The Grove Hotel in England. At Atlantis, Christopher was selected to represent the UAE as part of the National Culinary Team at the Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg. However, this was not his only foray into the international culinary competition scene. Selected to be a regular member of the Jumeirah Culinary Team, he helped win the coveted Parade De Chefs at Hotelympia in London and eventually going on to be team captain at Black Box competitions for the Madinat Jumeirah, Burj al Arab and Atlantis the Palm Culinary teams. He also represented the company at Foodasia in Singapore. Christopher has also worked under the

consultancy of world-famous chef Alain Ducasse who has been awarded 3 Michelin stars. Along with a dedicated team and the Ritz Carlton group, he was a part of the opening of the BVLGARI hotel London. As an Executive Chef, he has worked for The Lord Mayor of London, executing high profile functions for royalty, and members of UK parliament, including the Prime Minister. He was in charge of the kitchens at Atmosphere, located on the 124th Floor of Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and has been awarded the title of Time Out Dubai’s Young Chef of the Year. You can now find Chef Christopher at DusitD2 Nairobi which is cocooned away from the hustle and bustle in the secure, peaceful and leafy suburb of 14 Riverside Drive. Look out for his gastronomic creations at SOKO Restaurant or settle into the newly reopened SOI Pan Asian Restaurant and try out the new menu curated by the Executive Chef himself. If you have already tried one of his masterfully cooked seafood dishes then maybe it’s time you tried to replicate it in you own kitchen. Before you begin, Chef Christopher has some advice to make sure that you can cook a dish that’s close to his restaurant-quality meals. CHEF CHRISTOPHER’S SEAFOOD TIPS 1. Proper storage is crucial. Refrigeration cooler than the normally required 5 degrees Celsius(1-2 Degrees) is recommended to keep fish and seafood nice and fresh! 2. A delicate touch is needed when preparing and cooking fish and seafood. it’s very easy to accidentally ruin the product by damaging during preparation or cooking too hard. Practice makes perfect! 3. Don’t over Season. Let the seasoning complement and enhance the product, not drown it with too many spices or strong sauces and accompaniments. 4. Low and Slow. Always cook the fish or seafood slightly under the level you wish to serve it at and make sure you allow the product to rest and finish off by itself, in order to relax the fibres and ensure that the product is moist and juicy. 5. Audit your suppliers. Make sure that they maintain the cold chain from catch to delivery and that the supplier’s processing facility is as hygienic as possible, and that food safety regulations are followed at all times.




This humble combination of seaweed, rice and fish dates back to the Edo period in Japan. Throughout the ages, the dish has evolved with different ingredients and interpretations. Kenya is blessed with a coastline that means we have a constant stream of fresh fish that can be skillfully sliced into delicate shapes that sit snugly on pearly white rice. In this series, we celebrate this Japanese delicacy that has crossed borders, found a loyal fanbase here and taught us all how to eat the things we love in different ways.

Asian Gardens Chef Signature Makki roll

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Asian Gardens Nigiri Moriawase


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INTI - A Nikkei Experience Acevichada fish, onion, fried shrimp, and acevichada sauce topped with crispy sweet potato and cilantro

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Let’s talk bubbles! No, not the type that pop out of oysters, we’re talking about the ones that float decadently up a dainty glass flute. We love champagne that has a personality that is matched by how good it tastes. Here are our champagne picks that will pair well with your favourite seafood dish and look great on your table.


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1. VEUVE CLICQUOT YELLOW LABEL This golden yellow champagne starts off with the fresh taste of pear and lemon balanced well with lingering notes of vanilla and brioche. Three years of ageing create a fine balance between the fruity aromas coming from the grape varieties and the toasty aromas. All these delightful flavours combine perfectly with salmon, blinis, fish tartar, tagliatelle, parmesan or even crackers.

2. MOËT & CHANDON ROSÉ IMPÉRIAL That classic pink colour of rose hides a lively and intense bouquet of red fruits, floral nuances of rose and a slight peppery touch. An expressive palate combining the suppleness of wild strawberry, raspberry and redcurrant with a subtle note of fresh menthol pairs perfectly with beef carpaccio done in olive oil and ground pepper, fried mullet fillets in a coriander emulsion, ratatouille of fresh vegetables, red summer fruit salad and mint leaves.

Recommended retail price: KES 60008000. Available in all Carrefour and Chandarana outlets

Recommended retail price: KES 60008000. Available in all Carrefour and Chandarana outlets




3. MOËT & CHANDON NECTAR IMPÉRIAL The golden highlights in this bold yellow champagne give away the rich notes of exotic fruits. A voluptuous palate combining the creaminess and vibrancy of pineapple and passion fruit, the silky firmness of apricot and freshness of grapefruit pairs perfectly with spicy Indian and Chinese dishes, foie gras and milled black pepper, salmon in sweet and sour sauce with sticky rice, veined blue cheese, grilled pineapple and mango ginger pepper sorbet.

4 .MOËT & CHANDON IMPÉRIAL White fruits are the standout notes in this straw yellow champagne followed by white followers and the mature notes of brioche, cereals and fresh nuts. The alluring caress of fine bubbles, soft vivacity of citrus fruit and gooseberry nuances combine perfectly with sushi, scallops, oysters, white fish, white meat in herbs and white fruits in a light white chocolate cream.

5. MOËT & CHANDON NECTAR IMPÉRIAL ROSÉ Once popped this bright pink champagne delivers notes of the intense fruitiness of ripe berries such as wild strawberry, redcurrant and blackcurrant and ripe yellow peach. A sensual palate combining the richness of caramel and freshness of redcurrant pair well with foie gras marinated in red wine and red fruit-based desserts.

Recommended retail price: KES 60008000. Available in all Carrefour and Chandarana outlets

Recommended retail price: KES 60008000. Available in all Carrefour and Chandarana outlets

Recommended retail price: KES 60008000. Available in all Carrefour and Chandarana outlets

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THE PERFECT OKTOBERFEST With Oktoberfest on the way, this is your chance to step outside the box and do something extraordinary aka Host your own fest, right at home! Here’s how Jumia can help you throw the most epic Oktoberfest right from your phone! STEP 1



So many options, no wrong answers! With Jumia Party, you have your pick of a range of beers that will suit your crowd and your tastes! Tip: Mix it up! Pick 3 different types of beers, it’ll help with the experience.




Listen, it’s a fest, not a regular day! You’ll need the right type of munchies for every beer and stage of the night! With Jumia Food, you can have these in a snap! For your malt and lager lovers, we recommend going salty with the right type of roast! We’re thinking fries with fried chicken, ribs, wings and steak!

For the light beers and ciders, you can never go wrong with: Burgers, Sandwiches and pizzas.

Recommendations: KFC, Wok on Wheels & Mr Wok

Recommendations: Big Square, Pizza Hut, Mediterraneo, Newscafe


THE PARTY PLAN MUSIC It’s beer, so the traditional Oktoberfest music is rock! Crank up the volume and enjoy!

WHERE If you can host your event in a garden, that would be perfect! If not, a large living room should work fine too.

Make Oktoberfest happen! Order your drinks and food via Jumia Food and Jumia Party!

LEVELS THE ULTIMATE BEER GAME Unlike your regular night out, Is it really a beer party without Oktoberfest is a celebration of beer pong? The answer is no. This beer and friends, so you need drinking game is the right amount to pace yourself and allow your of fun for a beer celebration guests to try everything. Don’t and you can even make it more serve all your beers at once, interesting by making all the rotate your snacks and beer and beers different and making the change it up every hour. Start drinker guess which beer it is! light and take it from there.

Yummy. Food. Drink. Life




Yummy. Food. Drink. Life

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