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Vol 8 | September 2017 | Uganda

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LIVE RIGHT These days, healthy eating is no longer the preserve of health freaks or fitness gurus with more and more people concerned about eating well. In this issue, we cover what eating well means in Uganda today and some of the trends to watch out for. Over the years, I have grown to be one of those foodies for whom a full meal is not complete without a cocktail and a scrumptious dessert. Consider this month’s theme a call to action for all of us who may need a little help when it comes to making healthy choices. While we may all indulge in the odd eating spree, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that binging isn’t very good for you. To state the obvious – it’s all about finding the right balance. If you can’t resist the temptation to eat just one more fresh brownie or order that side of buttery mashed potato, you need to make sure you hit the gym later. If the steak with pepper cream sauce on the menu is calling your name, maybe you could get a salad and some greens to go with it, instead of those oily chips. Some people may say that Ugandan cuisine favours heavy dishes with way too much oil, carbohydrates and big chunks of meat. Perhaps, if you don’t look around and use

your imagination. Uganda is blessed with an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and what many consider as super foods, all year around. A visit to Nakasero market reveals a treasure trove of Asian herbs and spices, exotic vegetables that you never knew grew in Uganda, and rare, vitamin-packed fruits that have no name in English. And what could be a healthier way of cooking than good, old-fashioned steamed luwombo? Away from all that tasty traditional fare, it is our job at Yummy to scout those places and recipes that you may not have heard of, helping you to find the best new ways to eat in Uganda. So, this issue is not about revealing some fashionable diet ‘secrets’ or making you feel bad about wanting a slice of cake. Instead, we do what we always do best and give you well-researched, mouth-watering content, just this time with a healthy component (call it a salad on the side). If you turn to page 19, you’ll find out all about novel ways to jazz

up your H2O. If you are – like me one of those who ends up ordering a sweet soda because you’re tired of drinking boring old water all the time, after reading (and trying) these infusion recipes, you will definitely reduce on that sugar-heavy soda intake. This month’s restaurant review by David Cecil gave me a good laugh. Sometimes, at the end of the week, you need to reward yourself for eating so healthily and pounding it out in the gym, by going for a gourmet meal that doesn’t undo all that hard work. David recommends we head down to Karveli for our well-deserved ‘cheat day’ treat, that time when you have temporarily suspended your diet – well, because you’ve earned it! Check out his review on page 12 and see how this great new restaurant is combining good eating with a good conscience. If Uganda is one of the best places in the world to eat healthy, what baffles me is why so many Ugandans

end up with such life-threatening food habits. On page 7, ‘the aspiring foodie’ Lindsey Kukunda gives us a wakeup call as she tackles the realities of red meat. Eating healthily is not so much about restraint and the denial of pleasure; it is about finding ways to eat well and live better. With this issue of Yummy, we highlight those people, places and dishes in this bounteous country that can give you all the pleasure your palate needs, without giving you a heart attack or turning you into a hippo.

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PAN ASIAN FUSION Chef Nir Bahadur Palli speaks to us about his culinary inspiration



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7 BUBBLE BURST Lindsey Kukunda shares her experience after choosing to

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Delicious and easy salad recipes for you to try out this month.


22 GET GLOWING Find out how to achieve smooth and silky skin with


ingredients from your kitchen pantry.

We explore the health benefits of Moringa Olefera

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PIZZA HAVEN Delicious stone oven pizzas at Papi’s Pizzeria Papi´s Stone Oven Pizzeria is the latest addition to Ntinda´s buzzing restaurant scene. For those of you who prefer a thin crust wood fired Italian Pizza, then Papi’s Pizzeria is just for you. Conveniently located on Ntinda Road, Papi’s offers a wide selection of pizza and daily combo offers and family size options. If you want to avoid traffic, they deliver in Ntinda and neighbouring areas.

DELICIOUS TREATS Juicy delicacies with a Nordic twist at the Farm House. The Farmhouse by Victoria View Farm runs on the motto of “ slow-cooked – served fast”. With thorough preparations and homemade ingredients coupled with a Nordic street food twist, you end up with a delicious and unique menu including a duck confit burger, a juicy roast pork burger with crackling and more. Check out The Farmhouse at The KURB in Kisimenti.

YATAI WONDER Japanese street food in the heart of Kampala at Yatai Lab In case you didn’t know, Japan is known for its exceptional street food scene. “Yatai” are small food stalls that can be found along the streets and on festivals. Yatai Lab by Yujo located at the brand new The KURB in Kismenti, offer just that. Take the opportunity to try some price friendly and quick Japanese meal, and discover more about the culinary wonder that is Japan.



OKTOBER FEST Food, fun and beer Oktoberfest Kampala is an annual outdoor festival that has taken place at the Uganda National Museum for 2 years running. The event mirrors the world known Bavarian beer and food festival from Munich, right here in Kampala. Expect plenty of food vendors, beer stalls, live music performances from local and international acts, games and activities for children and adults, and of course the colours of the famed Oktoberfest costumes. Date: 23rd September Time: 12pm Tickets: UGX 10 000 Location: Uganda Museum, Kira Road

MYSTERY DINNER Dinner for daredevils


Kampala Amateur Dramatics Society – KADS are at it again. After previous successes, they are bringing us “Death on Lake Victoria” a murder mystery dinner for all daredevils out there. Help the detective solve a crime over three acts as the facts and evidence are revealed throughout the evening. In order to ensure that that inner detective of yours stays alert, you will be served a three-course meal prepared with an extra touch of mystery. Date: 21st – 23rd Sep 2017 Time: 7pm Tickets: UGX 50 000 Location: Ashiana Restaurant, Bandali Rise, Bugolobi

Dinner and dance under the stars The Uganda Conservation Foundation is hosting their annual Starlight Safari Ball at Sheraton Gardens. Expect a sumptuous 4-course dinner, live music and dancing under the stars at the beautiful gardens of The Sheraton Hotel. Get your ticket and start preparing your attire for the night; the dress code is wildlife or formal so get your creative thinking caps on. Date: 9th Sep 2017 Time: 6.30pm – 2am Ticket price: UGX 250 000 Location: Sheraton Gardens, Sheraton Hotel




Blankets & Wine continue to draw the crowds as East Africa’s premier music experience. The 17th edition of B&W Kampala didn’t disappoint. With big names like Seyi Shay, Joel Sebunjo, Shifa Musisi and T Bro, the audience was on fire. The event offered a wide selection of food experiences from some of the best restaurants in Kampala, as well as a unique shopping experience with selected jewellery and clothes designers. 1.






1. Nigerian Seyi Shay hit the stage with a bang 2. Shakib Ssendagire as one of the reknown MCs of B&W never fails to entertain the audience 3.Seyi Shay looked stunning in gold 4. Judith Heard “Queen Bee” looked stunning in her red dress 5. Miss Deedan must be one of Uganda’s best dress MCs with her stunning kitenge creations 6. Denzel skipped the bowtie and chose a more casual look this Sunday.



BUBBLE BURST In as much as Lindsey Kukunda would like to stay true to her culinary roots, she finds her concerns for her overall wellbeing taking centerstage as she weighs up the different information on what constitutes a healthy diet. I’m a Munyankore. Hailing from Western Uganda, our appetite for victuals like meat and milk is legendary. I took this appetite for granted until a relative almost suffered from a severe case of a disease called Brucellosis. Now where is that definition again? Oh yes, here we are. According to Wikipedia ‘Brucellosis is a highly contagious zoonotic caused by ingestion of unpasteurised milk or undercooked meat from infected animals, or close contact with their secretions. Symptoms include weakness, loss of appetite, sweats, fatigue, joint, muscle and back pain and headache.’ So the next time you’re taking Coldcap for the flu, you may want to make sure you do not in fact have brucella. Brucellosis doesn’t often kill but if mismanaged, it can be fatal. Now I have to come out and say that as Ugandans, we tend to consume more meat than we should.

We eat meat samosas for breakfast, meat pies during tea break, a bucket of it for lunch, a little sum’n sum’n before dinner and an entire constellation of it for supper. We need to stop that nonsense. If you over like your muchomo, someone recently told me that you’re 20 percent more likely to develop cancer, especially if it’s red meat. A statistic that really got me thinking. Is it really hearsay that pancreatic cancer, in particular, has been linked to heavy meat consumption? Meat also contains lots of saturated fat and cholesterol, which I’m made to understand, can lead to heart disease. For my part, my meat intake reduced after I begun dating a vegetarian. I know. 'Satanists, the lot of ‘em!' But I noticed that in fact, there was more variety in that direction. I’d never heard of bean sprouts until I found myself being ordered to ingest them. Delicious by the way. I sampled the delicacies of leeks and potatoes

and pasta. I know this probably sounds like a broken record to a white person but to a Munyankore? It was akin to Aladdin taking Jasmine to a whole new world. I was saving money and (not to be indelicate) my bowels were thanking me too. Now let’s talk about milk. It’s my personal opinion that the only creatures that should be drinking milk are babies and calfs. Milk is sold to adults to make them buy oats. I am going to share a quote with you from 'Most of us were taught at a young age that drinking milk builds strong bones, and it's true that getting adequate calcium from foods is beneficial for skeletal health. However, new research linking high milk intake to increased risk of fractures is raising eyebrows this week'. And according to the website www. '...many scientific studies have shown an assortment

of detrimental health effects directly linked to milk consumption. And the most surprising link is that not only do we barely absorb the calcium in cow's milk (especially if pasteurised), but to make matters worse, it actually increases calcium loss from the bones'. I’m not sure if these horror stories are true but I do believe the rumours of humans being naturally lactose intolerant (please don’t make me break that down scientifically). However, milk has been commercialised until we think it’s the shiznaz. All I know is when I stopped drinking milk, I just begun to feel better. My personal research showed something about hormones, gut benefits and a reduction in cancer infection. There. It has been a pleasure bursting your bubble about two important ingredients in a Ugandans life. Now I’m off to hide.



For those who are trying to eat healthily, the Nawab Asian Bistro kitchen prepares dishes with olive oil or with smaller amounts of sauce




PAN ASIAN FUSION On the roof top in one of Kampala’ city Malls, Charlotte Beauvoisin, sits down with Chef Palli of Nawab Asian Bistro to find out more about his background and his contribution to the growing health movement in the city. If Acacia Mall is the ‘in’ place to be in Kampala these days, then admiring the city from the Nawab Asian Bistro rooftop must be tops - in every sense of the word. Today I’ve climbed to this trendy Kampala rooftop to meet the newest addition to the team: Chef de Partie Nir Bahadur Palli. As I sit waiting to start the interview, I take in the understated yet rather splendid surroundings. I admire the intricate woodwork behind the bar and momentarily forget I am in Kampala. I flick through the menus, of which there are several. One menu is entirely vegetarian. The main menu comprises dishes with no onion or garlic. There is an extensive drinks menu that includes champagnes, single malt and blended whiskeys, cocktails, mocktails, dawa, masala teas and my favourite: cappuccino. The blue sky draws my eyes to this venue’s main attraction: the view. Nawab Asian Bistro and her neighbour the Nawab Signature Lounge, extend onto a spacious veranda that run almost the length of Acacia Mall. The restaurants overlook Kisementi Square up to Kololo Hill in one direction, and to Bukoto and

Naguru to the north. The open space is relaxing. The kitchens are prepping for a busy weekend as Chef Nir emerges from the kitchen dressed in casual clothes. The chef is not what I expect. Aren’t chefs supposed to be stressed? This one doesn’t fit the profile at all. He looks relaxed and beams happily throughout our short chat. Chef Nir arrived from Dubai 18 months ago. “I like Kampala,” he tells me, “the climate is just like Nepal – but there’s a lot of traffic!” I ask him who inspired him to cook. “My mum,” he says. The young Nir wanted to be a chef since he was a child, although his father did not allow him to cook. Not to be deterred, Nir’s mum was the first to teach him and remains his greatest inspiration. After completing catering college in Nepal, Chef Nir moved to India where he gained more on-the-job experience in restaurants and hotels. He later moved to Dubai. Celebrating 25 years, the Nawab chain of restaurants stretches from Kampala to Dubai, London and Malaysia. In Kampala, Nawab are perhaps best known for their original branch (another rooftop location) at Garden City which specialises

in Indian cuisine. They also have branches in Naalya and Bugolobi. Nawab are the brand behind seven very successful food courts across the city. By contrast, the Nawab Asian Bistro at Acacia Mall is the company’s only ‘fusion’ upscale restaurant. The menu includes Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Mexican and Continental cuisine. Popular dishes include butter chicken, ‘thread fish’ (Tilapia deep fried to create delicate ‘threads’ of fish), chicken tikka masala, lamb rack and crispy beef. The Bistro is popular with a wide range of clientele from all backgrounds. I ask Chef Nir to tell Yummy readers all about his signature dish, Chang Pan. This combines steamed chicken and Chinese cabbage flavoured with capsicum, garlic, Worcestershire Sauce and sesame oil. We discuss healthy eating. “These days many customers don’t want too much fat, oil or masala in their food.” For those who are trying to eat healthily, the Nawab Asian Bistro kitchen prepares dishes with olive oil or with smaller amounts of sauce. Customers from Acacia Mall’s rooftop gym often request steamed fish or grilled meats. They choose salads from the

continental menu, spinach roti or buttermilk (believed to be good for digestion). Next door at the Nawab Signature Lounge, sports are a popular fixture on this exclusive bar’s flat screen TV, which hangs unobtrusively on the dark wood panelling. Happy ‘hour’ extends between 4 and 7 PM. The elegant cut of the expensive-looking white leather seating catches my eye. I’m not the world’s biggest sports fan but I’m willing to endure a football match just to enjoy this plush yet subdued environment. What a classy setting in which to wile away a few hours. As with the Bistro, the Signature Lounge has an indoor section and a veranda area. The design of these two establishments can cleverly be reconfigured to accommodate between 370 and 500 people, for a wedding reception, for example. On my return visit, you’ll find me in the Signature Lounge checking out that beautiful white leather. “You must come and see the evening sky from here”, advises the manager Kumar. If the twinkle in his eye reveals anything, the night view must be wonderful!



KAMPALA IN MOTION As we remind ourselves of the benefits of living a whole and healthy life, we set out to see what Kampala has to offer when it comes to fitness communities.




Belly Dancing is an expressive dance emphasizing the torso. The contouring movements and easy steps are quick to pick up and a perfect workout for flexibility, toning, blood circulation, and learning to dance. Malaika, the instructor, teaches different styles and concepts at Paradise Fitness City located at the rooftop of Acacia Mall. She also offers private lessons.

Bodypump is a barbell workout for anyone looking to get lean, toned and fit – fast. Using light to moderate weights with lots of repetition, Bodypump gives you a total body workout. Instructors will coach you through the scientifically proven moves and techniques pumping out encouragement, motivation and great music

Boot camp is a training program that mixes traditional and body weight exercises with interval and strength training. It aims at working out every part of the body. With the right instructor, boot camp pushes participants harder than they would actually push themselves making it a preference for those who want to see results.

+256-753- 660092, Paradise Fitness City, Acacia Mall


+256 (0) 702 711 315, The City Gym, Boulevard Building, 4th Floor, Kampala Road

+256 (04) 14309000, Maisha Gym, Serena Hotel, Kintu Road, CBD




Kampala is home to Africa’s ONLY Buti® instructor and she’s can be found at The Enlightened Cat. Buti® is a soulful blend of power yoga, cardiointensive tribal dance, strength and conditioning, and deep abdominal toning. This all-in- one workout tones + sculpts the entire body while facilitating complete inner transformation.

The name Tae Bo is a portmanteau of taekwondo and boxing. Tae Bo Aerobics is a total body fitness system that incorporates martial arts techniques such as kicks and punches. The workout will burn more calories compared to a more conventional aerobics class. Because of the movements it involves, Tae Bo is effective in toning and defining the body’s musculature.

Vinyasa is a style of yoga characterized by stringing postures together so that you move from one to another, seamlessly, using breath. They offer a variety of postures and no two classes are ever alike. The opposite would be ‘fixed forms’ such as Bikram Yoga, which features the same 26 postures in every class, or Ashtanga which has the same sequence every time.

+256- 020- 0555000, Speke Apartments, Plot No 19 - 21, Wampewo Avenue, Kololo

+256- 702- 789 322, Acacia Wellbeing Centre, Acacia Apartments Plot 23, Acacia Avenue, Kololo

+256-794- 515 415, Plot 3, Sadlar Way, Naguru




CHEAT MEAL HAVEN Sometimes, after jumping into the healthy journey wagon, the body craves what many may consider sinful culinary pleasures. David Cecil discovers a place where one can eat to their fill on cheat day without the guilt. Most people assume that healthy eating limits one to the Puritan delicacies of lentil salad and beetroot juice. Karveli seemed, at first glance, to be the last place to visit as I struggle to reduce my waistline. On the terrace, customers tucked into pastries and coffee next to a large refrigerator display cabinet stacked with elaborately-decorated iced cakes. Inside, I was greeted not by an earnest vegan, but by plump, smiling waitresses swirling around yet more display cabinets filled with ice-cream, pizza and a thousand loaves of bread. The bakery selection was aweinspiring and smelled of warm dawn. Loaves, baguettes and buns of all shapes and sizes jostled for attention, made in every imaginable variety: sweet white, multi-grain, farmer’s bread, sourdough, beer dough, fruit bread and rye. Among the sumptuous range of patisseries, one extraordinary creation shone out: the French Mignon gateau. This is a signature cake for Karveli, created by the French patisserie chef, Pascal. It seemed impossibly refined and delicate, something dreamed up by an angelic alien: gleaming with a creamy glow, the sides encrusted with toasted almonds and the top crowned with elegantly curled shavings of

white chocolate. In only five months, Karveli has attracted a loyal clientele from not only Nakasero’s embassies, but also from Uganda’s rising middle class, who are looking beyond nyama choma, molokoni and digestive biscuits. I was here to sample their savoury Italian selection, which has been adapted according to the availability of ingredients (and perhaps local tastes). First up, the Margherita pizza was impressively firm, given that it was produced without the aid of a pizza oven. The freshness of the ingredients – creamy mozzarella, tomato, oregano and some naughtily-inserted chilli – made up for the lack of burnt crispy base that Italians normally insist on. The next dish combined several of my favourite things: a breast of chicken had been basted with pesto and rolled up in a cloak of bacon. The chicken thus became a vehicle for the complementary flavours: the bacon adding smoke and salt; the basil and olive oil of the pesto aromatizing the parcel with a waft of the Mediterranean. The croquettes on the side were curious indeed. The interior seemed more grain than potato, with the dough concealing juicy chunks of onion and green

herbs, while the exterior was crunchy and spicy. These were perfect dippers for the woody, tangy mushroom sauce, which contained no trace of cream. Mushroom sauce is becoming a frequent feature of classy Kampala joints, but is all too often drowned in fatty dairy; thankfully this was not the case at Karveli. Karveli’s kitchen takes the classic combination of mint + lamb to another level, by marinating the chops in a tart mint sauce before grilling. This suffuses the meat with a fresh sweetness, complemented by a blob of mozzarella on top and a garnish of raw diced sweet peppers. In one mouthful I experienced an intriguing fusion of European roast, Mediterranean barbecue, and sweet and sour salad. Overall, the portions were generous but not excessive. There was a lightness of oil and fats, and the freshness of the ingredients, as well as no less than two salads accompanying each main, left us feeling invigorated instead of drowsy after eating. But there was one thing missing: I had yet to sample the patissier’s pride, the French Mignon cake. The surprise here was its lightness. Chef Pascal’s genius lies as much in the balance of ingredients

as in the physics of cake-sculpture. Gently sweetened cream was sandwiched between feather-light sponge and tarted-up with sweet-sour slivers of kiwi and strawberry. For each explosion of cream or chocolate on the tongue, there was a tingle of sour fruit and the levity of airy sponge. Karveli is the perfect place for those moments when you need to cheat - you have an overwhelming urge to indulge yourself but have told all your friends you are on a diet. Outwardly, this sophisticated eatery proudly displays the guilty pleasures of the finest ice cream, pizza and cakes. However, its emphasis is on fresh ingredients and refined taste, rather than weight and volume. Add to that its unparalleled range of home-baked bread and it surely ranks as one of the most wholesome places for Kampalan’s to indulge their palates. Its immaculate, spacious and warm interior complements the eating experience perfectly, while the waiting staff are well-informed, genuinely charming and seem to love their work. With the food and atmosphere in perfect harmony, it is not too much to say that Karveli is a very healthy place indeed: for mind, stomach and soul.



MORINGA MAGIC The Moringa tree is making an impact on people’s lives and not just for those that are taking it as a supplement. Malcolm Bigyemano travels to Masindi to find out more about how this superfood bearing tree is transforming a community. “It’s the superfood of superfoods and it’s really helping people out here make a living”. We are in Masindi, Raintree agroceutical farm to be specific and its founder, Teddy Ruge, has just finished telling us all about why the Moringa tree is proving a favourite amongst local farmers. The Moringa tree, also referred to as horseradish tree, can trace its roots to Northern India. It is a fast-growing,drought-resistant plant widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas, where its young seed pods and leaves are used as vegetables. “Agroceutical is similar to agricultural but refers to the farming of medicinal crops,” says Ruge as he describes the medicinal properties of the plant. “Imagine the Vitamin C in oranges and the potassium in bananas and then triple those properties into one crop: that’s what Moringa is.” According to Dr. Brian Ssenoga, who specialises in the treatment of HIV/ AIDS: “Gram-for-gram the nutritional value of Moringa is higher than most foods. When it comes to prescribing


diets for our patients,” he tells us, “we realised it makes a very big difference when we don’t rely on ARVS alone”. This nutrient dense product derives from trees whose leaves are ground up into powder and seeds are turned into oil. “The powder goes into nutritional pills, food supplements and as an additive to meals,” Ruge explains, “while the oil is used mostly in the beauty industry.” Ruge recounts how he came to be a Moringa farmer in the first place: “I was visiting my mother one day when I found her in the garden weeding this crop that I had never seen before. It looked like a pineapple without fruit on it.” The plant was an Aloe vera, the seedlings of which were being sold to farmers by the government as a cash crop with a potential massive international market. Ruge did some research of his own and realised that "what the farmers didn’t know is that you need a total eco-system around Aloe vera for the whole community to benefit.” This would require, amongst other things: a multi million dollar processing facility and industrial scale refrigeration for long

The powder goes into nutritional pills, food supplements and as an additive to meals

distance transport. None of this was actually possible for the farmers, who had neither the resources nor the information to add value to the plant. As a result, Ruge embarked on a period of research that finally found him stumbling upon the Moringa tree. “We did research on what is the global demand for this is and the tree’s capacity to produce and I came to realise there were farmers in the area with a hectare here and there that could be put to good use.” This revelation manifested into Raintree Farms in Masindi, a social enterprise

that equips and enables farmers to grow Moringa, then finds a market for their produce, primarily through a program called SIP. “SIP is Secured Income Program,” Mr. Ruge elaborates, where farmers with at least a hectare of land have the potential annual earnings from their plot calculated and are paid a monthly salary based on that even before harvest. “All they have to do is plant and weed, while we inspect the crop every two weeks." This incentivises farmers with pressing short term needs who grow many other things to remain committed to their moringa as they await their long term returns. For subsistence farmers depending on an irregular $1 a day, working for a monthly salary is a change of pace that lets them plan longer term and benefit from a market bigger than they could have accessed on their own. Not only is Raintree Farms growing the 'superfood of superfoods'– in Masindi, they are also growing a commercial farming industry that benefits the community.


SPINACH, ROASTED PUMPKIN AND CASHEW NUT SALAD Ingredients 900g butternut squash (peeled and cubed) Olive oil cooking spray or 2 Tbs olive oil 150g baby spinach Almond nut dressing 1Tbs olive oil 1 cup (100g) cashew nuts, roughly chopped 1 ½ Tbs lemon juice 1 garlic clove, crushed Salt and pepper (as needed) Method Preheat oven to 230°C. Line a large baking tray with baking paper or foil. Place the butternut in a single layer. Spray or drizzle with olive oil. Bake for 30 minutes or until golden and tender, turning halfway during cooking. Allow to cool on tray. Make walnut/cashew nut dressing: Heat olive oil in a small, non-stick frying pan over medium heat. Add cashew nuts and cook for 5 minutes or until they are lightly toasted. Remove from heat. Stir in lemon juice and garlic. Season with salt and pepper. Combine baby spinach and pumpkin in a serving bowl. Add dressing. Toss gently to combine. Serve.



GRILLED TILAPIA WITH CHILLI PLANTAIN AND ROCKET SALAD Ingredients (four people): For the Chilli Plantain: 12 Medium plantains 1 ½ Tbs Lime juice 1 tsp Chilli powder Salt to taste While you preheat oven to 375 degrees, trim the ends from plantains and cut a slit lengthwise. Arrange with the slit side up and bake on a pan or cookie sheet for 30-40 minutes or until they are creamy and soft. Remove from oven and let cool until you can remove the peels. Cut into thirds and put in a pie pan. Sprinkle with lime juice, chili powder, and salt and mix gently. Put back into oven for another ten minutes to allow the flavours to infuse. For the Tilapia: 4 Tilapia Steaks 2 Tbs Butter Juice of ½ Lemon 2 garlic cloves crushed Salt and Pepper While plantains are cooking, in a small saucepan melt the butter with the garlic, lemon and salt and pepper. Brush both sides of the tilapia making sure not to let the butter harden. Put it on a grill for four minutes on each side. Tomato Relish: 3 ripe tomatoes, chopped 1 crushed garlic clove 2 Tbs Olive Oil 1 Tbs tomato puree 1 Tbs sugar Salt and pepper Combine all of the ingredients in a saucepan and cook on a medium heat until it begins to boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes. Arrange the Tilapia and the plantains on the plate and sprinkle liberally with rocket salad. Serve with relish on the side.



POCKET FRIENDLY Malcolm Bigyemano discovers creative ways that he can have his cake and eat it too by saving the pennies and still enjoy his weekend to the fullest. Every once in awhile, you find yourself with a will to go out, drink, party and a pocket that does not match. This is the part where the wise would advise you to stay home: work on that passion project you’ve been talking about forever, save a little money, read a book, clip your toenails; do something productive. But nope; you are going out, broke or not. So how do you finance a night out of drinking without money of your own?

your calendar. What they never tell you working out is good for: getting you drunk faster. Exercising not only improves your blood circulation (which is how alcohol gets around and does its work) but also increases your metabolism, so you are turning nutrients into energy faster and more efficiently. What that means is that you can get to The Promised Land on fewer shots of whatever you shoot at the bar. And look good doing it.

First: Exercise. Working out (whatever that means for you) has many benefits: looking good and feeling good. Feeling good because you look good, looking good because you feel good, and maybe dying a little later than anticipated on

Next: Make up a birthday. Nothing makes people want to get you drunk like telling them it’s your birthday. In theory, the mugole is meant to have more fun than anybody else on their birthday night, so their friends will probably spend all night


buying them drinks. Now, the only spanner in the works is people who actually know your birthday therefore ruining everything— but who actually knows anyone’s birthday anymore? Facebook does that for us, so you just have to change your birthday on your About page and remember to change it back; or be very disappointed with the lack of love on your actual birthday. Finally: Quit. Remember when I said nothing makes people want to get you drunk like telling them it’s your birthday? Scratch that; nothing makes people want to get you drunk like saying you quit drinking. Some might say they don’t associate with quitters,

others may admit they don’t want what’s best for you in life. But almost universally, people will take your not drinking as a challenge and they will test your resolve by buying you the drinks you say you don’t want themselves. It helps to have a backstory explaining why you quit, but is just as tantalising if you don’t go into it; they will make one up themselves as you pretend you never wanted to drink again. Now either one of these measures will go a long way in getting you to drink up and save up, but the most assured success comes in combining them: Work out before you go out for your fake birthday and tell everybody you have given up alcohol, then thank me later.



SIPPING PRETTY Many health enthusiasts will agree that water plays a pivotal role in staying fit. For some people, me being one of them, water is bland. Good thing is that water can be infused with different fruits and fresh herbs to give it some much needed liquid personality. Your body is about 70% water, the majority of your blood and every cell in your body is composed of it. Therefore, you need water to function properly. Let’s face it; water can be a little plain for some people. “It has no taste”, or “I forget to drink water”, are some of the regular excuses. To begin with, water has its own benefits which include; relieving fatigue, helping in weight loss, flushing out toxins, improving skin complexion,and as a headache remedy. Water doesn’t have a taste and maybe therein lies the whole challenge to drinking enough. Now of course, simple and plain water is the perfect choice, but if that’s not going to do it for you, let’s infuse it! Infusing water is fast becoming a trend which has caught on. So how do we jazz it up whilst enjoying the maximum benefits? The good thing about infusing your water with fruits and or fresh herbs, you ‘spice’ your drink with all the extra minerals the body needs while hydrating yourself at the same time. One can use oranges, lemons, cucumbers, ginger, strawberries and many more. SLIM DOWN DETOX WATER This is a really popular recipe that makes it good for detoxing. The tartness of the lemons is balanced with the unique, mellow taste of the

cucumbers, and the sweetness of the grapefruits helps add a nice element of flavour. This tangy recipe helps provide a healthy dose of Vitamin C, which is full of antioxidants and has amazing health benefits, including protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling. ENERGY BOOSTING This infused drink gets you all pumped up especially before a workout session. Mint is one of few natural herbs that are beneficial for your digestion. It eliminates gases, prevents stomach acid, helps you absorb nutrients, is an antiinflammatory and relieves nausea. Ginger activates the functioning of the intestines and stomach, helps digestion, prevents gas and inflammation, and boosts the elimination of fat. If you combine it with the other elements like the ones listed here, you will get an ideal remedy to get that workout. The ginger will heat you up just enough to cause a sweat detox. Cucumbers are a great diuretic, facilitate the elimination of fluids, and are great for treating infections like cystitis and nephritis, diseases that also tend to make your stomach get bloated.

CUCUMBER, MINT, AND GINGER Ingredients 1 litre purified water 10 mint leaves 2 tsp of ginger, grated. 1 cup cucumber, sliced Method Make the mint infusion by adding ten mint leaves to boil in a cup of water. Once it boils, let sit for five minutes. Peel the cucumber and blend it as you add the mint infusion. Blend until smooth and pour into a pitcher. Pour in the water and mix it all. Add two teaspoons of grated ginger and if you would like, another mint leaf. Let it sit in the refrigerator for up to an hour but not more than 24 hours. Serve. LEMON, GRAPEFRUIT, CUCUMBER, LIME AND LEMON Ingredients ½ litre purified water ½ lemon, sliced ½ lime, sliced 10 grapefruits, sliced 1 cup cucumber, sliced Method Pour the chopped fruits into a jug; add the ½ litre of water. Let it sit in the refrigerator for up to an hour but not more than 24 hours. Serve.



Smoothies make it easy to have your fruits, milk, proteins, antioxidants and vitamins and other nutritious ingredients. These simple recipes easily transform into a meal-ina-glass. If you are looking to add smoothies into your diet, these recipes are one great way to start.

AVOCADO GREEN SMOOTHIE Ingredients Serves 2 cups 1Ÿ cups cold unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk 1 ripe avocado 1 ripe banana 1 sweet apple ½ large or 1 small stalk celery, chopped 2 cups lightly packed kale leaves or spinach 1 1-inch piece peeled fresh ginger 8 ice cubes Method Blend almond or coconut milk, avocado, banana, apple, celery, kale (or spinach), ginger and ice in a blender until very smooth.


TURMERIC, HONEY AND CINNAMON LATTE Ingredients Serves 1 1 cup unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk beverage 1 tablespoon grated fresh turmeric 2 teaspoons pure maple syrup or honey 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger Pinch of ground pepper Ground cinnamon for garnish (optional)

Method Combine milk, turmeric, maple syrup (or honey), ginger and pepper in a blender. Process on high until very smooth, about 1 minute. Pour into a small saucepan and heat over medium-high heat until steaming hot but not boiling. Transfer to a mug. Garnish with a sprinkle of cinnamon, if desired.




GET GLOWING We all want to achieve skin texture that is smooth and evenly toned. We recommend you start that beauty journey in your kitchen. Ingredients like sugar, pineapples, honey, coffee and many more are not only good for you inside your body, but they also act as great exfoliating agents for your skin leaving you smooth and smelling oh so delicious!

PINEAPPLE MANGO BROWN SUGAR SCRUB Pineapple and mango have enzymes that will help clear up any problematic patches on your skin, as well as help to brighten and tighten all over. The brown sugar acts as a gentle exfoliating agent and works well for normal skin types. Ingredients ½ cup mango, finely diced ½ cup pineapple, finely diced ½ cup brown sugar Chop both the pineapple and mango very finely, and add the fruits to your mixing bowl along with the brown sugar. Use a pestle and mortar to smash the ingredients together, and then scoop into a jar. Apply onto skin and avoid eye contact. CITRUS AND SEA SALT BODY SCRUB Soften tough skin with a moisturizing sea salt scrub. This simple recipe leaves the skin soft, refreshed and renewed. Use sea salt that doesn’t have rough, sharp edges. The texture of the sea salt should be fine and gentle to the touch, because you don’t want it to scratch your skin but gently exfoliate the dead skin cells. The lemon will help dry out the oil from the skin.

Ingredients ½ cup sea salt ½ cup oil of your choice (jojoba, almond, olive, whatever) 1 teaspoon citrus zest (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit or a mix) Mix ingredients together in a small container. Gently massage onto skin while in the shower (avoiding eyes) and rinse off. COFFEE AND HONEY SUGAR SCRUB The caffeine found in coffee scrubs typically increases blood flow, and may reduce the appearance of cellulite giving your skin an even tone. Coconut oil is a great skin softener and helps you do away with dry and hard skin conditions. Ingredients 1 egg white (optional) 1 Tbs honey 2 Tbs ground coffee 2 Tbs coconut oil Mix all ingredients together into a bowl, and gently rub onto skin. Avoid eye contact and rinse off with warm water.


Arena Sportsbar

Cafe Ceylon

Etnico Café

Jamaican Jerky

8 Bukoto Street, Kamwokya, Kampala Continental, Bar 256 754 65 9844 The first sports bar of its kind in Kampala. Darts, Beer Pong, Board games and a menu with delicious chicken tenders, burgers and much more.

Naguru Drive, Naguru Multi Cuisine 256 792 223 344 A restaurant and café that serves a unique fusion of gourmet food, an artistic setting and a great atmosphere at the edge of Naguru.

Garden City Mall, CBD Café, Multi Cuisine 256 771 934 038 Take a break from work and soak in the rich culture that has been brought to Uganda from all over the world through Etnico Café’s international inspired menu.

Kyaliwajjala and Bunga Multi Cuisine, Jamaican 256 775 999 009 First Jamaican restaurant in Kampala stated by a Jamaican, menu offers everything from traditional jerk pork to honey barbecue Jamaican chicken wings.

Big Mikes

Café Javas

Fang Fang

Java House

Acacia Avenue, Kololo Continental, Bar 256 705 360 001 Big Mikes is a great cocktail bar located in Kololo, choose from more than 70 international cocktails and a good selection of bar food. and enjoy a night out.

Multiple branches Café, Continental 256 392 177 284 Committed to great food and service you will get your money’s worth at Café Javas, a full-service, quickcasual, coffee-themed restaurant chain with something for everyone.

1 Colville Street, Nakasero Chinese, Pan Asian 256 312 260 681 Fang Fang is one of the most established Chinese restaurants in Kampala. Get a taste of authentic Chinese/ Asian food in a classic dining setting.

Multiple branches Café, Continental 256 753 919 049 Java House gives you a modern diner setting, great pastries and a wide variety of coffees, alongside a broad menu of continental dishes and local cuisine.



Gatto Matto

Just Kicking

Plot 6 wampewo Avenue, Kololo Multi Cuisine, Bar 256 787 016 690 Brisk Brings together a café, lounge and a bar all in one place. Enjoy a coffee in the afternoon and dinner as the sun sets over Kololo.

Old Kira Road, Bukoto Bar, International 256 792 200 555 Cayenne Restaurant and Lounge offers a variety of cuisines ranging from Italian and Indian to Continental. The dining setting transpires to a fullfledged bar at night.

Plot 2, Bandali Rose, Bugolobi Multi Cuisine 256 750 424 344 Come for cocktail with friends, for a sneaky glass of wine after work or a romantic dinner in a relaxed outdoor setting or indoor exclusive club area.

Bukoto Street, Kamwokya Bar, Continental 256 414 530 661 A friendly sports bar with a variety of ice-cold international, local brewed beers and spirits and freshly prepared meals located close to Kisimenti.

Chapter One

Good African Coffee

Kabira Country Club

4 Upper Kololo Terrace, Kololo Continental, African 256 414 550 500 Chapter One Restaurant in Kampala offers great continental and African food in an ambient surrounding at Protea Hotel at the centre of Kololo.

Multiple branches Café 256 712 412 127 Good African Coffee is the perfect place to enjoy a meal and a wonderful home-grown cup of coffee. With their own coffee brand.

63 Old Kira Road, Bukoto Multi Cuisine 256 312 227 226 A full-service restaurant, offering elegantmulti-cuisine dishes in a relaxed atmosphere.


Coffee At Last


Khana Khazana

Plot 31 Acacia Avenue, Kololo Bar, Continental 256 772 285 234 Meet people from all over the world over a crafted cocktail or a bite to eat at Bushpig restaurant in connection to Bushpig backpackers. Play with the larger-than-life Jenga installation!

Mobutu Road, Makindye Café 256 704 263 333 Set in a cosy location, we serve good food, great lasagna and the best pizza you can imagine right in the heart of Makindye on Mobutu Road.

Wampeo Avenue, Kololo Indian 256 312 225 555 The Great Indian Dhaba serves traditional Punjabi Dhaba food, South Indian, and Indian classic street foods in a unique setting with a large garden.

Kololo and Muyenga Indian 256 752 224 000 Khana Khazana will ensure you excellent service and a menu with over 140 dishes to choose from. Choose between the Kololo and the Muyenga location.

Café Mamba

Endiro Coffee

Holy Crêpe


Akii Bua Road, Nakasero Continental 256 793 000 001 Café Mamba is a petite Italian and continental eatery that sits around a swimming pool and bar of the Urban by CityBlue hotel in Nakasero.

Plot 23B Cooper Road, Kisementi Café, Continental 256 312 515 322 A hidden spot behind the trees in Kisimenti offering a wide café menu alongside their locally sourced coffee all in the spirit of “Brewing a better world”.

The Seventeen Apartments, Kololo American, Crepes 256 754 843 576 Holy Crêpe is Uganda’s first crêperie specializing in a variety of sweet and savory crêpes paired with delicious fresh juice blends located on top of Kololo Hill.

Multiple branches Fast Food 256 312 532 532 KFC is the world’s largest quick-service chicken restaurant franchise serving their famous secret recipe of fried chicken. Enjoy everything from a one piecer to a bucket!

Brood Multiple branches Café, Bakery 256 792 516 266 Get delicious freshly baked bread products to take home, or enjoy a cup of coffee and a sandwich served with a smile in any of the many Broood locations.




Sign up for fantastic discounts and offers at Kampala’s favourite restaurants.




La Patisserie


Sky Lounge

The Farmhouse

Acacia Mall, Kisimenti Café 256 794 571827 Treat your soul to a delightful blend of light aromas and rich tastes. Enjoy a hot espresso with a freshly baked slice of black forest or a croissant as you tear apart the day’s newspaper.

Naguru Hill, Naguru Italian, Fusion 256 702 611 883 Olives has wood-fired pizza, a special play area for the kids and a fusion menu with a great wine selection. A perfect place to enjoy a family night out.

Plot 11 Cooper Road International, Lounge 256 758 111 132 Sky lounge is conveniently located in the heart of Kampala’s restaurant and lounge scene Kisementi. Enjoy a nice breeze alongside you’re meal on the rooftop.

The KURB, Kisimenti, Kampala Continental 256 783 104 217 The Farmhouse by Victoria View Farm runs on the motto of “ slow-cooked – served fast”. With thorough preparations and homemade ingredients coupled with Nordic street food twist.

Le Chateau



The Explorer

Quality Hill Boutique Mall, Gaba Road Fine Dinning, Continental 256 791 819 483 Well established in the restaurant scene since 1995, with its recent revamp the ambiance and cuisine has reached a new level.

20 Lumumba Avenue, Nakasero Continental, International 256 31 251 6388 With a wide range of continental dishes as well as bar and conference facilities, Piato is a perfect setting for eating out or hosting an event.

Plot 14 Lower Kololo Terrace, Kololo Thai, Pan-Asian 256 755 794 958 Tamarai is a Pan-Asian restaurant, tea bar and lounge with an authentic ambience for a unique dining experience right in the center of Kololo.

Serena Hotel, CBD Italian 256 414 309 000 This spot offers an offbeat tribute to Africa’s early explorers. Enjoy authentic Italian food in a setting inspired by a jungle-engulfed ruined city.

Little Donkey

Pizza Hut

Taste Budz

The Lawns

Plot 5554 , Kisugu Rd, Namuwongo Mexican 256 414 692 827 Known to be the best tasting social enterprise in Uganda, serving reasonably priced Mexican food and great cocktails in an energetic setting.

Multiple branches Pizza, Fast Food 256 800273030 Known all over the world, Pizza Hut is making a mark in Uganda with their excellent pizza, great service and strategic locations in Bugolobi, Kisimenti and Entebbe.

Multiple Brunches Pizza, Fastfoods +256712188833 Looking for a quick bite to go? Tasty Budz has an extensive menu featuring delicious pizzas and a variety of burgers.

3A, Lower Kololo Terrace, Kololo International, Tapas 256 414 250 337 Visit The Lawns for a cocktail and some tapas with al fresco dining in the garden or indulge in the unique menu of delicious game meat.


Pizza Connection

The Alchemist

The Seven Seas

Acacia Avenue, Kololo Italian, Continental 256 414 500 533

Garden City Mall, CBD Pizza, Burgers 256 772 220 068 Located at Garden City Mall, Pizza Connection is a hidden pearl and perfect spot to bring your friends for pizza. Don’t miss their famous matoke pizza!

Plot 31A Bandali Rose, Bugolobi Continental 256 777 194 006 The Alchemist is a new edition to Bugolobi’s restaurant and bar scene. Enjoy their unique atmosphere and sample their inspired cocktails.

Ternan Avenue, Nakasero Fine Dining 256 414 420 000 Seven Seas at the Sheraton Hotel offers seafood with an Asian or Continental touch in an exclusive fine dining setting at the heart of Kampala.

Mythos Tavern


The Bistro

Yujo Izakaya

Plot 18 Impala Road, Kololo Mediterranean, Greek 256 790 916 183 Mythos Greek Taverna and Lounge offers Greek and Mediterranean cuisines alongside scintillating cocktails. Enjoy your dining experience in a modern yet authentic atmosphere.

Wampeo Avenu, Kololo Continental, Café 256 772 712 002 Prunes is a concept store and eatery offering homemade healthy salads, breakfasts, lunches and more. Be sure to check out the farmers market every Saturday!

15 Cooper Road, Kisimenti Continental 256 757 247 876 The Bistro offers a wide menu of tapas, steak, curries and a great weekend brunch menu in a modern and industrial inspired setting.

36 Kyadondo Road, Nakasero Japanese, Sushi 256 776 975 719 Yujo Izakaya has a rich variety of Japanese signature dishes served by experienced and well-trained chefs. Their teppanyaki is a must try.

Nawab Bistro

Riders Lounge

The Embers

Yatai Lab

Kololo, Bugolobi Continental, Bar 256 392 000 701 An executive bar, restaurant and lounge situated in Kololo providing high-end service, food, drinks and a great party atmosphere for the nightowls.

7th, Industrial Area Bar, Tapas 256782460326 Surrounded by a warehousing space, sample a selection of cocktails including classic martinis alongside mouthwatering tapas and snacks.

The KURB, Kisimenti, Kampala Japanese 256 787 497498 Yatai Lab by Yujo located at the brand new The KURB in Kismenti, offer just that. Take the opportunity to try some price friendly and quick Japanese meals. After all Japan is a culinary wonderland.


An authentic Italian restaurant with one of the finest menus in town, a lovely décor and a cozy romantic atmosphere on Acacia Avenue in Kololo.


Acacia Mall, Kisimenti Indian 256 706 171 711 Nawab Asian Bistro offers a great selection of fine Pan-Asian cuisine in a classic restaurant setting and with a fantastic view over Kololo and Kampala.


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Yummy Uganda Vol 8: Eat Right  

This September, we give you tips on how to eat right and live right.

Yummy Uganda Vol 8: Eat Right  

This September, we give you tips on how to eat right and live right.