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BOSSY! Fall Issue

B O S S Y S C O P E S b y A S T R O L Y S Z

This end of 2020 will be deeply transformative! For end of September and beginning of October, Pluto (the planet of transformation, depth, and rebirth) and Saturn (our Authoritative Karma planet) go direct. Saturn asks are you in alignment and do you have your life together? Going direct allows healing to finally emerge and now you’ve learned how to make it happen. Every step truly counts.

There will be a series of squares which means clashing energies and major tough breakthroughs if you hang in there and operate with compassion. Tensions and impatience can be at an all time high. Watch how you react and what you say it may have long lasting results. Be kind to yourself and those around you, were all feeling the pressure.

November will be deep sea diving in our communication and present day to day in Scorpio season. Venus will also be in Libra most of Scorpio season sprinkling blessings, beauty, abundance, and balance in all relationships, but in deep waters.

Mars in Aries goes direct almost mid November which finally gives us the boost of energy and passion to our lives that may have been harder than usual to muster. What inner empowerment have you uncovered? What will you do with it to make your desires come true?

In December we have a major conjunction (where two planets link up and their energies make major change) of Jupiter and Saturn. We may see the breaking down of old structures to make space for a new dawn. Depending on where it effect in your life prepare to be catapulted into a New You before the 2021. We can’t be same and expect new results. Will you let the old break away and the new surface? Tap into your higher self it’s time to thrive.

B O S S Y S C O P E S B Y A S T R O L Y S Z ( C O N T I N U E D )


The overall vibe for you is abundance inspiring and filled with opportunity. Make it happen but also seek the balance between working hard and playing hard.

In October it will be a theme of expansion and growth and taking risks. New beginnings and messages will come clearer to you. Use your intuition to make the right decisions. Know that abundance is yours. You’re on the precipice of something new, be mindful and in full alignment, the light is green it’s time to go.

For November, rest is in order, allow the universe to handle some of the seeds that you have planted this year. Things will be brought to the light that you may not have expected. Less doing and more being in the moments with whom ever you share your energy. Let these moons move through you and use them to make your manifestations aloud.

For December it’s time to get out of your cave and show them what you got. This has been a very difficult heartbreaking year for many of us and it’s time to go full force on your plans, your safe celebrations, 0 2 and toasting to life. The magic is yours to enjoy and bask in. May nothing hold you back, not your thoughts nor hardships; whenever it seems like too much to bare, let go of the heaviness of the world and tap into yourself.


Overall energy is you becoming more of yourself. You are this great being, be as such. In October there will be a series of difficult energies, do not allow them to weigh on your mind and enclose you into a self imposed box. Express your truth and liberate yourself for new experiences and new beginnings in your relationships even if it’s with yourself.

In November things may be moving a little slower than usual with finances and any offerings that can be coming in. Know that in divine timing you will receive what you need. Use your sharp wit and your mind and your gift of gab to keep the processes moving and building towards more abundance and opportunities.

In December, be ready to persevere and stay the complicated course, towards growth for a more for fulfilling life. Allow adventure and life to surprise you as you embark on a new journey or business venture. There may be some hangups and flareups along the way stay patient and stay focused.

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B O S S Y S C O P E S B Y A S T R O L Y S Z ( C O N T I N U E D )


This October, put Bob Marley on and don’t worry about an absolute thing. Divine guidance has you going through changes and sometimes tumultuous events but it is to lead you into a new path. Everything is in alignment. Everything is in divine order. It might feel like you’re losing, keep continuing the path that you’re on. Follow your heart and your mind continue to move forward and stay in your higher self. Your foundation is being rearranged to be on firmer ground.

November will be a time of small wins and moving forward. Make sure that with each step you take you also make space to honor how far you’ve come and to rest. Opportunities are arising make sure you’re ready for them physically, emotionally, and mentally. Spiritually your guides are making these plans for you.

December, you may be at an impasse where you have to make decisions and you may encounter some setbacks or roadblocks. Use your intuition and spiritual self to move forward, not by brute force, but by knowing that you are worthy of what you are trying to manifest in love or creative opportunities. Connect to your inner self for your next mov


In October if things get a little too tough or complicated it’s OK to sit things out and be completely still. Commune with your intuitive and spiritual self cancer. There is a shift, allow it to move you. Anything that doesn’t exactly workout is only for a change in your perspective and to show you a different way to excel.

The only way to fail is to not try a different way. Take initiative towards the emotional fulfillment that you seek in your life. Let it be a slow and steady one. but also allow yourself to honor your boundaries. This is the time for you to be accountable for your life and for the adventure that you wish it to embark, one step at a time.

December this may be an unexpected turn of events for you. A lot of the old that you may have been still hanging onto is going to fall away and it may all feel like it’s falling apart but it’s only for your reincarnation towards greatness. Learn to laugh at life and the crazy things that it may throw at you. Seek joy, nurturing, and safe spaces while you go through your metamorphosis.

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B O S S Y S C O P E S B Y A S T R O L Y S Z ( C O N T I N U E D )


Your overall quarterly energy is being accountable for the life that you want to live. Accepting and being real with yourself about how you took place in some of the unsavory parts of your life but also forgiving and releasing yourself so you no longer hold that resentment. Make space for blessings by acknowledging your growth and worthiness.

This October you got the Midas touch. You know where you want to go, and you’re working on manifesting your way through it. The magic is in your hands and in your soul spirit Leo. Allow that warm loyal self to shine and let nobody damper it. Act from a place of love and know that what you give will multiply tenfold.

This November is make it happen season, in October you may be planting seeds, but in this one you are tending to the garden. Know that you are the golden flower coming out of this garden. Love on yourself and respect yourself and the rest will go in alignment, when you embody joyful and honorable energy within yourself: the world will know how to love on you.

December you are releasing any old pain and heartache, you have carried throughout this year. Let it go. And only then can you receive the abundance of all things that you desire. Accept only equal energy exchanges; money is not the only value so are time, love, healing and experiences.


Dear Virgo, it’s time to completely believe in the universe as you take steps into a new path where you have no idea how it’s going to go. Stop micromanaging the universe, let it work. In October things may feel uncertain, realize that no matter what you will always be victorious. Let the universe surprise you and blow your own mind. Celebrate everyone’s wins even your smallest ones. Don’t allow all the energy and previous experiences stop you from living in the present moment.

November things may be a little tight with money, don’t hold on so tightly that you’re unable to share pieces of yourself with others. Scared money doesn’t make money so if you’re embarking on a new venture be wise but don’t be stingy. Use the end of mercury retrograde to see with clarity and use that sharp mind of yours. Boundaries may also be big for you. Don’t be afraid to go deep into healing commune with others.

December comes with difficulties and some may not be very happy with how far you’ve come into this life but in this world everything is circular and so as above so below: keep operating from integrity, stay resilient even when you feel weak and take your time to wait and see what happens. Don’t assume that all is lost just because of yesterday. Stay out of your head Virgo and in your heart. You are whole and worthy as you are let nothing and no one make you feel small, not even those worries of yours . Push through the wall of worry.

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Overall energy for this quarter is sunshine and blessings and abundance. October is still your month of celebrations and joy. Ask and you shall receive dear Libra. You legit can have whatever you like but mindful who you’re receiving from as well as how much you’re taking. May every gift be with well intentions. Watch for anyone who gives because they would like to take from you later on. Thoughtfulness is a form of giving back and matching energies in this sunny season.

Come November the vibes change and now it feels like the tide have turned. Fulfillment and success are always around the corner. Keep your mind right and know that you are capable of all things as low as you surrender your troubles to the universe.

December may have you feeling a little cold, maybe it was a tough month to in November. This is a transformational month for you that asks you to open up your heart to evolve. Let nothing taint the joys and wins you have had. Be still and be open to receive


Expect the beauty in all of the unexpected. This next quarter will be filled with highs and lows and lessons for your spiritual, mental, emotional elevation. In October reach out for support when you feel you can’t move forward. Your fighting against the flow because you can’t see the way. You’re going to get there regardless. Know and act as though you are supported by your loved ones and your spiritual guides. Allow space for a change in perception.

November brings financial blessings from all places. Closed mouths don’t get fed, but in your season you are to get what you request, open that claw of your and let these blessings in. Tell those around you what you want from them and you might just get it.

December is a busy time for you, be mindful of putting yourself last and carrying burdens that do not belong to you. Pouring from an empty cup only leaves you irritated and other suffering your wrath because of it. Express your needs and value yourself. Know when to delegate and get the help you need so everyone can enjoy this jovial season with you.


You don’t have to do it all alone. Express to your loved ones what fun things you’d like to do. Make plans and be patient, it may not happen when you want but you either go solo or have a great time later. No need to feel isolated when you can reach out and maximize the joys of life.

October may have some strange moments where you don’t know what to do, ask for guidance in your safest of places. You finishing a cycle and opening up may just be the catapult you need.

November, you’re seeing through the fog of so many options and directions and the road clears. As your birthday season comes you get to seek balance and weigh your options clearly. Between December and November you’ll be speaking through your highest self. Let no one gaslight you’re or confuse you and you’re boundaries. You know what it is and how you’re feeling. Cut all old programming, old energies and don’t hold your trains and hurt against those you choose to have in page | 04 your life. Release yourself of all that stop serving you and be free for this new chapter of your life.


Smell the roses and toast to the good life. This quarter all the heavy Saturn energy eases and you can allow your cup to runneth over. Champagne for you and yours. New beginnings and emotional abundance are here this October.

Maybe an upgrade in your relationships for the better will arise. November is where you focus on networking and making deep and meaningful connections. Use this time to allow beyond the surface level interactions it will all payoff in the long run. Hang in there during this busy season.

December looks like commitments and blessings. Are you preparing and planning for a new chapter in your life? Surprises are coming take your time to savor all of these wonderful things.


New emotional beginnings come this quarter. This is the time to express what you need and to open yourself up to receive. You don’t have to do it all yourself, the universe is listening and awaiting your call. It will align you with the right people and opportunities.

Prioritize your needs and make sure that you are always getting equal energy exchanges in all of your relationships. Create some rituals around love: self and externally. Make sure your needs are getting met through all of these wonderful seasons.

Do not to get hung up on old thoughts, worries, and/or hopelessness; this will take away from the magic that you contain and it will hold you back from upgrading yourself. Break the chains on all of the constrictions and be free.


Magical Pisces you know deep in our soul what you want, let it guide you on your path. For October, you are capable of abundant things, there is no need to chase. Be still and open your heart to receive. Do not fear structuring your life a bit to unlock a new way of making money, creating, and expanding your ability to manifest. Order and consistency will get you far.

This November allow yourself to embark on a journey where you follow your inner compass. Be one with the universe that you float in so well and allow your metamorphosis to happen. Something beautiful is going to change your life.

Be kind with others and as you establish boundaries there is more than of you and yours to go around. Nothing but a rain shower all of your wishes coming true for the end of this year. Don’t hold your magic back. page | 04

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