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New Sires for Jersey Genetic Progress

1JE01106 STACKHOUSE {4} is the leading new release for the Ideal Commercial Cow™ (ICC$™ ) index at +871. He also debuts at +203 JPI™ and +685 Cheese Merit (CM$). He adds production with over +1450 pounds of Milk and an impressive +146 Combined Fat & Protein (CFP). With +12.4 JUI™ , this Deluca son adds both functional udders and pedigree diversity. STACKHOUSE {4} is available in GenChoice™ sexed semen only.

1JE01074 ZINC {5} leads the GENEX Cheese Merit (CM$) list at +690. He is +201 JPI™ and +827 ICC$ ™ . With an extremely balanced genetic profile, this son of 1JE00935 WORLD CUP {5} is +22.2 JUI™ and +0.7 Daughter Pregnancy Rate (DPR) while maintaining extreme component percentages and +118 CFP.

1JE01074 ZINC {5}

1JE05000 MR CHAVEZ {4}-P was added to the Jersey catalog in April after being activated earlier this year as a Genomic Giant. A leading polled sire, this WORLD CUP {5} son out of a Marlo adds longevity (+6.2 Productive Life) while improving daughter fertility. MR CHAVEZ {4}-P creates daughters with great udders (+17.2 JUI™ ) while adding components (+110 CFP).

1JE01102 JAMISON {3} is a unique sire stack being a Stevens {5} out of a Hulk at +770 ICC$™ , +598 CM$ and +173 JPI™ . He's a huge production sire at +75 Fat and +56 Protein for a +131 CFP with over +1500 Milk.

1JE01105 RASHEED {4} joins the lineup at +169 JPI™ , +707 ICC$™ and +582 CM$. An udder specialist (+29.2 JUI™ ), this 1JE00966 FUTURE {3} son is also +1.0 DPR and +5.7 Productive Life (PL) with +2.8 Livability (LIV).

1JE01107 HUNTER {3} is an early 1JE00984 USAIN BOLT {3} son at +751 ICC$™ , +165 JPI™ and +542 CM$. HUNTER {3} adds daughter fertility with a positive DPR while also improving udders (+25.7 JUI™).

1JE01115 UBER-UR, another previously active Genomic Giant, debuts at +681 ICC$™ and +520 CM$. He is an udder specialist and adds impressive health traits (+1.0 DPR, +3.6 PL and +0.3 LIV).

Overall Outstanding

With his first 89 daughters added to his proof, 1JE00935 WORLD CUP {5} now stands at +759 ICC$™ , +630 CM$ and +188 JPI™ making him an elite daughter-proven sire. WORLD CUP {5} also improves component percentages along with daughter fertility and udders (+23.1 JUI™).

1JE00922 RONALDO {3} doubled the number of daughters in his proof and ranks well on the daughter-proven list at +166 JPI™ . He is +699 ICC$™ with nearly a ton of fluid Milk pounds and +147 CFP. This highly reliable sire exhibits impressive sire fertility too.

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