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The permanent desire to lose weight In addition to the permanent desire to lose weight, loss of appetite can cause some medications: antibiotics, drugs to relieve swelling and pressure reduction painkillers. Lack of zinc in the body also discourages eat, because when this happens blunting of taste, namely, vitamin deficiencies. How to deal with - Try yourself awakening your appetite, in this case you can attain help with spices (cumin, coriander, and laurel), spicy food and coffee. Fat Loss Factor Success Stories However, all this is contraindicated in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, which, however, may itself trigger anorexia. So for a start, visit a gastroenterologist. If the originator of "voluntary" hunger strike became a strong stress or increasing self-doubt, consult a therapist. If you stop to eat out of a desire to lose weight, remember the saying about breakfast, which should not be shared with any enemies or friends. British scientists have proved that if you increase the nutritional value of breakfast only 10%, you can lose 210-320 grams per month. But what if it is in the morning to eat it and do not want? Answer: dinner no later than 18 hours. Rest assured, in the morning you wake up with a sense of healthy appetite. By the way: sex increase appetite, because during lovemaking is a rapid release of hormones that influence, including on food center in the hypothalamus.

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