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Contents We Recommend... 30 Mix It Up 32 Vitamin D 34 Perfectly Preppy 36 Hot Stuff 38 Chilled to the Core 40 Hit the Streets

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Contents People 44 Giada De Laurentiis 46 Kipton Cronkite 48 Kelly Slater 56 Sean Patterson Model Behavior

74 Christina Zilber Intelligent Beautification

121 Euan Rellie A Charmed Life



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Contents Opulent Living 26 Beretta: Take a Shot at Summer 50 Palms Place: Vegas Recomposed 82 Fashion: Simple Summer Pleasures 106 Nota Bene: Bespoke at its Best 130 Culture Portfolio: Taking the Time to Appreciate



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Contents Places 65 Ryder Cup Golf’s Grand Gem descends upon Valhalla

89 New England Sailing the windswept beauties

96 Capri Timeless elegance

114 Thirty-Six Hours Savannah Sumptuous southern charm

140 Indian Ocean Sea of excellence



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The Editor’s Note For me, summer is all about reminders. Reminders that I am not stuck for perpetuity under grey skies; that I have a wardrobe away from lamb’s wool and cashmere, and; that the umbrella is not a natural extension of my arm. It is also a reminder that sunscreen is necessary. We all enjoy summer wardrobes, summer holidays, summer weather – and, generally speaking, the overwhel ming sense of freedom that summer represents. I think of it as a chance to exhale: a sigh of relief. Summer brings with it the opportunity to experience luxury in its simplest forms. Pristine white beaches, azure waters, and seafood fresh from sea to plate. There are a multitude of sterling locales at which to experience these simple pleasures. In this pheno menal edition of 100Thousand Club we’ve highlighted a couple. For decades, Capri has been a playground for the jetsetters who don’t need a crowd. And with sophisti cated and wealthy travelers expanding their Rolodex of ‘goto’ settings, now seemed as good a time as any to explore this occasionally overlooked gem. For something a little different, the hotels of the Indian Ocean have brought the traditional beach re sort into the 21st Century, and we just cannot get enough of them. You’ll find a terrific group of re commendations in our special on these islands of pa radise. But it isn’t just islands that have our attention this summer. Our lineup of personalities is as diverse as it is captivating. These people are calm, cool, and sharp as a knife. UKborn investment banker Euan Rellie leads the pack. His insights into hip New York, international travel, and luxury goods are as candid as you would hope from an envied public figure married to darling luxury kiddie clothier Lucy Sykes. Sean Patterson was fresh out of the NYC clubpromo ting scene of the late 80s when he landed a job with Wil helmina Models. Today? He is president of the infamous modeling agency and taking it into the 21st Century with calculated abandon. Of course, there is a lot more in these pages. Do your self a favor and have a look while relaxing on one of those pristine beaches. I hope you enjoy. Salutations,

Harlan Davis, Editor




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Contributors• Summer’08




Josh Sailor is a special man. After working

“Some of my earliest memories are of visiting

Norimichi Inoguchi is a skilled still life pho-

in production for the better part of his pro-

the Metropolitan Museum of Art and getting

tographer who has worked on and partici-

fessional career, he eventually caved into

lost in the objects and stories, seeing how the

pated in many large-scale advertising

his passion of photography, and hasn’t

things we love can shape our lives,” says

campaigns for brands such as: Baileys

looked back since. Keeping a studio in New

Charlotte Keenan, Assistant Editor at

Irish Cream; Miller Lite; Smirnoff and

York City, Josh’s portfolio is as sparkling as

100Thousand Club. In this issue, she explored

Johnson and Johnson. He focuses on im-

his experiences, and he provides fabulous

the wonderful Savannah, Georgia, a long time

ages using movement and water. He is in-

shots of people, installations, and of course,

favorite destination of discriminating travelers

trigued by the interaction of water and

beautiful places around the world. He has

from all over the world. Charlotte found the

fashion. Additionally, Nori has experience

spent the better part of the last few years as

contrast between old comforts, traditional de-

with photojournalism, having worked for

the official photographer for former New

sign, and modern cuisine and amenities a won-

two large Japanese newspapers. He holds a

York Yankees manager Joe Torre’s Safe at

derful recipe for a quick weekend trip.

BFA in photography and was first in his

Home Foundation.

Charlotte’s addition to 100Thousand Club’s ed-

class at the International Center of Pho-

itorial department has been fantastic, and her

tography. It is our pleasure to feature his

work is incredibly enjoyable.

work (We Recommend).

Kate Winick, associate editor at 100Thousand Club, is a lifelong

Sally Goetsch, a regular contributor and native of South Florida’s

sailor, and was excited to write about her passion for outdoor sports

sunny shores, was delighted to contribute her love of sand and sea to

in a profile of surfer Kelly Slater and a guide to summer cruising in

our stories on Capri and the Indian Ocean. “Capri is arguably the

New England. She also found herself excited by the passions of some

oldest resort community in the world, and the resorts in the Indian

of our other profiles: beauty guru Christina Zilber, budding art-world

Ocean region are some of the newest, because of how fast the luxury

entrepreneur Kipton Cronkite, businessman Euan Rellie, and chef

industry has expanded there, so it was great to see the contrasts be-

Giada De Laurentiis. Kate’s curiosity obviously has no boundaries,

tween these two gorgeous destinations.” The beach is one of her

and her passion for all topics related to an enriching lifestyle come

greatest loves, and armed with new gear she picked up at our shoot,

through in her work.

Sally is ready for summer.



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We Recommend...

Fire into Summer


100 Thousand Club

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We Recommend...


100 Thousand Club

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Beretta One of the most famous arms manufacturers in the world, the Italian company Beretta is among the world’s oldest corporations and has been owned by the same family for more than 500 years. It is no wonder that quality control is the company’s greatest strength. Beretta’s legend began in 1526, when Mastro Bartolomeo Beretta was paid 296 ducats for 185 arquebus gun barrels for the Arsenal of Venice, an important buyer that established the company’s name. The subsequent years cemented their reputation of excellence in quality, design, and performance, and fifteen generations later, the legend continues to grow. The company’s name soon spread beyond the borders of Italy, and the family spent much of the 1800s developing an international distribution, which kept their factories running during periods of political strife and foreign domination. In the 1900s, the focus turned to internal quality control and upgrading facilities – one of the first firearms manufacturers to truly modernize. The company secured numerous patents and opened new factories within Italy and around the world, allowing production to expand, fostering further growth. Beretta has been there for history in the making – they were the small arms manufacturer of choice for the Italian, German, and Japanese armies during both world wars, and now supplies the official regulation pistols to the U.S. military. Today, Beretta’s reputation as a maker of firearms is established beyond doubt, and the family continues to expand and grow their business, using their sterling reputation to back development of new technologies and new product lines. This includes performance gear, accessories, and unusually chic clothing – don’t forget, after all, they are Italian. The premium SO10 Giubileo shotgun, distinguished in both performance and appearance with a polished walnut construction and beautiful baroque engravings, is a perfect example of the enduring Beretta legacy.

100 Thousand Club





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Mix It Up Tour players have club upon club to choose from to put in their bag, making sure they have the ideal driver or wedge for the course’s conditions. Callaway golf wanted to bring that same advantage to the weekend warrior, and the I-Mix driver is their solution. Interchangeable shafts give golfers more flexibility and choice, and ever the forward-thinking brand made sure that your golf bag will look just as smart as you do out on the green.




We Recommend...

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Vitamin D D as in diamonds, that is—it’s time to upgrade your shades to the next level of luxury. Women’s sunglasses from Bulgari and Tiffany’s sparkle this summer, in classic black and universally flattering shapes. Men’s glasses are appearing as updated classics—we like Oliver People’s sleek black rectangular frames, and Tom Ford’s gold-and-rosewood aviators.




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We Recommend...

Perfectly Preppy Summer staples from brand stalwarts J. Press and Brooks Brothers are classics for a reason–nothing beats seersucker and linen for comfort in the summertime. Bright colors and unexpected combinations keep the look fresh, and don’t be afraid to accessorize to express your personality – everything from bright ties to pocket squares, new shoes and retro-styled hats are game to create this look.




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We Recommend...

Hot Stuff Designed by former Apple industrial designer Robert Brunner, the Fuego Grill is a reinvention of the backyard classic – a perfect example of form following function, resulting in a fabulous-looking conclusion. A perfect example of technology marrying high-end design, the sleek, architectural grills come in two sizes, and the styling in no way compromises the heat and power grill masters require.




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100 Thousand Club





We Recommend...

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Chilled to the Core The Globalight is something very special. When you combine the talents of Veuve Clicquot and worldrenowned designer Karim Rashid, something special inevitably happens. This limited edition champagne holder – only 500 created – features sensual lines, and serves as a portable cooler with a soft halo of light. Better yet, it will keep your champagne at ideal temperature for two hours. What more can you ask for? Only that you procure one before they are all gone.




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100 Thousand Club

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We Recommend...

Hit the Streets Audi is a company built upon the history of racing, and with one of their newest and most inspired releases in recent memory, we can think of no better way for them to celebrate their heritage. The R8 rides as wonderfully as it looks. It begs to be pushed to the limits and we hope that your yearning for summer cruising leads you down Audi’s path.

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Page 44

Inspired by... Giada De Laurentiis

t’s tempting to dismiss Giada De Laurentiis


Dining Room and Spago in Beverly Hills. She also

as yet another manufactured television star.

applied her broad base of knowledge to founding

Her bright-eyed, perky demeanor and exotic

her own catering company, GDL Catering. An arti-

beauty seem made for TV, as do her famous

cle she wrote about her family in Food & Wine

fitted T-shirts. But underneath all the surface ap-

Magazine caught the attention of the Food Network,

peal beats the heart of a committed, creative cook

and her show has been a runaway success, pro-

with a lifelong appreciation for food.

ducing legions of devoted viewers and best-selling

Born in Rome and raised in Los Angeles, Giada’s life revolved around the twin themes of food


cookbooks Everyday Italian, Everyday Pasta, and Giada’s Family Dinners.

and entertainment. She is part of a large Italian

Though she and her husband of 19 years, cloth-

family where food is an integral part of their family

ing designer Todd Thompson, recently welcomed a

life—and that family is mostly involved in film, as

new baby girl into their Los Angeles home, Giada

Giada is the granddaughter of legendary film pro-

has stayed on the move. She had been hosting Be-

ducer Dino De Laurentiis. However, he wasn’t ini-

hind the Bash, a look behind the scenes of major

tially supportive of the idea. She has said of her

movie premieres, over-the-top weddings, and Las

family’s reaction, “When I first wanted to do it, my

Vegas parties, and Giada’s Weekend Getaways, a

grandfather thought I'd lost my mind. A female

series of food-focused three-day weekends, both for

wanting to cook! He said, "You should just get mar-

the Food Network. As if that weren’t enough air-

ried and have some kids. Don't you worry about a

time, four years ago she began appearing on the

career." And I wasn't very good the first season.”

Today Show in New York as a correspondent during

But to audiences, her show, Everyday Italian, fea-

their fourth hour.

turing recipes learned from her family’s kitchen

Unlike many television personalities, Giada’s

made perfect sense, and has stayed popular well

reputation has only benefited from her media expo-

into its 11th season.

sure. Sophisticated eaters dismiss many television

Of course, her natural passion for cooking has

chefs, but Giada has managed to combine the force

quite a polish of professional training. After grad-

of her personality and her cultured upbringing to cre-

uating from UCLA, she attended the cooking

ate a persona and a lifestyle that is appealing to peo-

school Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, where she spe-

ple from all walks of life, including those who might

cialized in cuisine and pastry, a combination that

not otherwise watch her on television. With a well-es-

gave her a useful breadth as a professional. She

tablished career, a growing family, and that brain in

began her professional career in Los Angeles, and

that body, we’re sure that Giada’s star will only con-

worked at restaurants like the Ritz Carlton Fine

tinue to rise. We know that we’re addicted. 

100 Thousand Club




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Inspired by... Kipton Cronkite


riven by a passion for art and a com-

The organization does about 25 exhibits a year,

mitment to the people who create it,

as well as master classes on different genres of art,

Kipton Cronkite combines his busi-

art buying, and other topics. “Exhibitions are in

ness knowledge with his social and

public and a way to experience art and meet artists

charitable connections to create a new framework

without being intimidated, “ he says. Kipton’s role

for young artists developing in New York. We can’t

includes cultivating relationships with public rela-

think of a better way to do good, while living well.

tions companies, real estate developers, boutique

“KiptonART started after 9/11. I was originally

owners and other trendsetters to coordinate collab-

finance trained, but when 9/11 happened, it

orations in new public spaces.

changed my perspective. I took a year off to travel,

This public’s social mentality is much more ac-

and right before I left, I went up to the Metropolitan

cessible than the traditional auction house or

Museum of Art and was struck by the evolution

gallery setting for many people. “We have a lot of

from traditional to young contemporary art, which

younger buyers in finance and law, who are looking

was so strong and expressive. I went and traveled

for great pieces at a reasonable price, before other

around Europe, and I came back committed to get-

people know about them. Plus we get socialites,

ting emerging artists into the art world and giving

older patrons, people like who are really keen to see

them a voice,” he says, and while returning full time

what’s going on. It’s a nice mix at the events, it

to work he began the launch of his new project.

makes it fun.”

The organization’s major step forward came

While some may complain that an unusually

when the website launched in 2005, allowing artists

wealthy class of young people is changing the face

to contact KiptonART directly to publicize their

of New York away from an artistic haven, Kipton

work and try and gain the organization’s support.

sees it as his responsibility to keep the artistic life

Artists submit their work to a juried panel to decide

of New York thriving. “At the age young profes-

on the appropriateness of the work for the site, and

sional are starting to want to give back to the com-

if they warrant further interest for exhibitions or

munity and support the arts, we’re there to show

special support.

them how.”

“We really want those who are committed to

Much of the organization’s success is dependent

art—we look at how much they’ve produced, their

on the founder’s own charismatic personality and

education. These people are super-talented but they

involvement in the New York art world. He is a fix-

just don’t have the resources. They’re committed to

ture at New York City hotspots like the Beatrice Inn,

selling, but also to building some credibility. Those

and often includes his friends, young socialites like

that really prove themselves do the best. The main

Ally Hilfiger, Dabney Mercer, and Emily Brill in his

goal is selling the artwork and helping them under-

events. His passion is artwork in its own right, and

stand the way the art world works. It’s great learn-

we love the opportunity to act as a gallery to show

ing and great fun,” says says Kipton.

him off. 

100 Thousand Club





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Inspired by... Kelly Slater


hen an eight-time world


Athletes has a way with women. Pamela An-

champion surfer tires of

derson’s name appears on a list of lovelies that

surfing competitively, what

includes actress Cameron Diaz and models

does he decide to do next?

Gisele Bundchen and Bar Rafaeli. But re-

He might start a band and record an

cently, he’s been making a name for himself

album. He might date a gorgeous model or a

with more PG pursuits. Kelly Slater’s Pro

famous actress. He might open a surf shop. He

Surfer video game has been an unequivocal

might go on a goodwill mission to the Middle

hit, allowing players to get inside the life of a

East. He might become a character in a top-

pro surfer, especially through the soundtrack,

selling video game. Or, if he’s Kelly Slater, he

an appropriately mellow blend of pop and rock

might do all of the above.

music from bands that have influenced and in

Born in Cocoa Beach, Florida, far from the

some cases collaborated with Slater’s own

breeding grounds for surfing world champions,

band, The Surfers, with whom he began

Slater began surfing for the sheer love of the

singing in 1999.

sport—to be out on the waves with his brother

Though his personal escapades get

and his dad. He has often spoken publicly

plenty of press, Slater is frequently in the

about the difficulties he faced in his home life,

news for his extensive charity work. He

and threw himself into the surfing world where

works with the Kelly Slater Foundation,

the beach offered him an escape. Incredibly

which supports environmental causes; the

competitive and a natural on a surfboard,

Life Rolls on Foundation, which raises

Slater drove himself to success from the time

money for victims of spinal cord injuries;

he was picked out of a crowd of young surfers

Surf Aid, an organization aiding the native

at a competition in Huntington Beach, Cali-

peoples of the popular surfing island off of

fornia, when he was just 14.

Australia and New Zealand; and Wildlife

Slater has always walked a line between

Warriors Worldwide, founded by the late an-

expanding his business empire and maintain-

imal expert Steve Irwin aiming to protect the

ing his credibility in the insular world of big-

environment all over the world. He has also

wave surfers. Never seeking the kind of

participated in goodwill surfing missions all

celebrity that was thrust upon him when his re-

over the world, most recently in February of

lationship with Baywatch babe Pamela Ander-

2008 to the Middle East, teaching a mix of

son became public, Slater has managed to

Israeli and Palestinian children to surf.

carve out an existence where he can satisfy the

His sport remains the foundation of his life

demands of his fame and his sport while still

and work, but Slater has made a point of get-

doing, more or less, whatever he wants.

ting off the waves and into the world, using his

His name in the press is frequently fol-

influence and celebrity to create a lasting im-

lowed by the words, “is dating”—no one can

pact for fans and strangers alike—as always,

deny that one of People magazine’s Sexiest

he is thinking bigger. 

100 Thousand Club




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Page 52

hen it comes to Las Vegas, it is very difficult to be original. Each new extravagant property seems to be trying

to one up its predecessor. For decades now, the theme has been bigger is better. Glitz, glam, bells and whistles. Developers and hoteliers make the extra effort to make guests feel in awe of each property they step into. Do we enjoy these extravagant urban resorts? Of course. MGM Mirage has dotted the strip with monstrous properties – each with their own personality. Steve Wynn’s namesake is luxury at its finest. The formula obviously works. Properties operate near capacity more than one would think, and it is impossible to not find a favorite place to stay. The question is then, why would anyone try something different? Why take a chance with something that has never been done before? In this instance, that question is asked of George Maloof, hands-on owner of the Palms Casino Resort. In the spring of this year, George opened the newest addition to the property, the Palms Place tower. Palms Place is not bells and whistles. It does not follow the mantra that bigger is better. It is unlike anything else in Las Vegas. Do we still love it? Absolutely. Palms Place – the third tower in the Palms Casino Resort campus – is not a traditional Las Vegas hotel. For starters, each of the 599 studios, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments, and penthouses are privately owned. The owners of these stunning enclaves of sophistication have the option of putting their unit in a pool that is then sold out as hotel rooms. And lucky for us, many of them do. Palms Place could be lifted and transplanted to Soho and it would not be out of place. You could also pick up the 47-story tower and plop it down in West Hollywood, and it would fit right in. Rather than go the route of shock and awe, Maloof chose to go calm and cool. The tower is a sophisticated, chic, urban hotel that just happens to be sitting in the middle of the most indulgent


100 Thousand Club




Page 53

The exterior of the new Palms Place, far left, encompasses the luxe Rojo Lounge, above left, and luxurious apartments like this one-bedroom, below left

100 Thousand Club





Page 54

place in the country. The property is incredibly luxurious, yet understated

vate outdoor garden lounges and an exten-

all at the same time.

sive treatment menu. You may be asking

So to answer the question as to why take a chance with something

yourself what exactly is a hammam? It is a

that has never been done before? The answer is because there is now a

Turkish bath evolved. A large co-ed tiled

place to stay in Vegas that caters to our sense of style, our need for so-

sanctuary of ambient heat and steam that is

phistication, and our ego that thrives on exclusivity. Yet it is still con-

in this unofficial expert’s opinion the best

nected to the most happening casino in Las Vegas by an elevated moving

place to lounge half naked in all of Sin City.

walkway called SkyTube. George has accomplished all of these prereq-

The other standout at the property is

uisites with flying colors.

celebrity chef Kerry Simon’s new Simon at

Among the properties exquisite features: Drift Spa & Hammam, a

Palms Place. Kerry is a rockstar in his own

sanctuary of wellness and pampered activity. Spa Director Jennifer

right, and we have raved of his creations

Noble oversees this spectacular 50,000 square foot space that in-

previously on these pages at Simon LA in

cludes indoor hot and cool soaking pools, steam and sauna pods, pri-

the Sofitel Los Angeles. Here at Palms




Page 55

Place, it was a no-brainer. The restaurant is

at any of Kerry’s restaurants, you’d know going into the project that was

situated on the sixth floor, which also con-

the one sure thing.

tains the spa and a clubhouse style pool that

My initial trip to the property was during a soft opening period, and

is so swanky and inviting it feels like it be-

as I was able to appreciate the property’s aesthetics and style, I was still

longs on the roof of the Soho House. The

wondering what its personality would be like when filled to the brim with

full-length windows of Kerry’s restaurant are

a stylish who’s who of culture and society. Those questions were an-

against that very pool, and the scenery

swered – and then some – on Saturday May 31st at the grand open-

couldn’t be better. Again, the restaurant,

ing party. Filled to the brim, Palms Place’s personality was one of

with its surrounding settings feels like a

excitement, albeit in a calm, cool, and collective manner. Everyone

wonderful secret. It is tucked away in the

in attendance knew how spectacular the place is, but they didn’t need

tower and is reminiscent of not one other

to shout about it. Thus, something that has never been done in Vegas

restaurant in the city. Again, this is a good

before. Attention all 100Thousand Club readers: you have a new

thing. And the food? If you have ever dined

place to stay. 

Left, the plunge pool at the Drift Spa; right, the interior of the Simon at Palms Place restaurant

Sean Patterson:10jan



Page 56



or most young, aspiring, ambitious men, the dream of heading up one of the largest and most successful modeling agencies in the world seems like a pipe dream. It is not the type of job that has a crystal clear career path to follow rigidly. In the case of Sean Patterson, President of Wilhelmina Models, the path

started as a club promoter in NYC in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Just a college student at NYU who had made the trek down from his native upstate New York, Sean would tell you he hadn’t seen this coming. The lesson learned – personality, ambition, patience, and an unnerving confidence can go a long way. Killer charm and the gift of gab don’t hurt either. Today Sean is heading up Wilhelmina, after being tagged as the company’s leader by owner and former President Dieter Esch at a surprise lunch almost five years ago. Sean has taken Wilhelmina to new heights, developing its Artist Management division, as well as various other projects, including the TV Land Program, “She’s Got the Look.” Sean knows that in this ever-exposed world, his role as a personality and face is more and more important in the evolution of Wilhelmina as a brand. He spends a few nights of the week at the Waverly Inn, is friends with just about everyone, and has a blackberry address book that would make the tabloids drool. All in all, a pretty exciting day-to-day life. The 100Thousand Club was fortunate enough to sit down with Sean in his Madison Square Park office to discuss the current state of affairs.

On still working in the role of an agent: I still sit on the booking board. That’s one of the things that is most important. My office that I have in the back is more ceremonial. It’s re-


100 Thousand Club

Sean Patterson, president of Wilhelmina Models, in his signature shirt-and-sweater garb

Sean Patterson:10jan



Page 57

Sean Patterson:10jan



Page 58

stricting. It’s a beautiful office and everyone is impressed when they come back here. But it’s


Staying in touch with the pulse of the industry:

On problems some agency CEOs and Presidents face:

not as inspirational when I am sitting on an ac-

I still feel like being on a booking table

It’s losing touch with exactly what’s hap-

tual booking table. Handling phone calls. Han-

keeps me in touch. Who’s shooting what cam-

pening in the industry. Every good agent needs

dling bookings. It’s just a different scale of

paign, what photographer is doing this next big

to know what’s going on. You need to speak

bookings than when I started at the company

editorial. You overhear everything.

from an informed place.

15 years ago, and today I am dealing with

Which stylist is working with Calvin Klein

When you’re talking to your talent or client,

multi-million dollar deals for celebrity

or Dolce and Gabbana. It’s all very inspira-

the only way to stay as actively informed as I

clients, and we’re producing TV shows, and

tional to me for sure. Any agent that goes and

think an agent needs to be – especially in the

we have a lot of other projects we are in-

tries to sit in an ivory tower starts to negate

fashion industry where things move so quickly

volved in.

what their true gift is.

– is to be somewhere you can get all that infor-

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Sean Patterson:10jan



Page 59

mation. I’ve watched people throughout the

veloped into superstars, they have had a last-

years get to a position of authority, and once they

ing presence because a new generation was

get into that ivory tower, it’s a slippery slope.

never allowed to come up. And for that reason they have developed their careers into

On the development of the Artist Management division:

Celebrating Wilhelmina’s 40th anniversary with some of the agency’s top models, left, and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas, right

other businesses because a lot of them are in their late 30’s now.

Artist Management was started in 1999.

Heidi, is a good example, She has been

All agencies were affected somewhat by the

around for a while, she is a fabulous personal-

fact that the era of the supermodel was end-

ity, she’s a great model, and I think she said,

ing, and ir was all about these nondescript

“there are ways for me to springboard what I’ve

girls. The last girls through the door who de-

done as a model into a bigger business. Tyra has done the same thing. One of the shifts that happened at the same time, concurrent to fashion not allowing girls to develop to the point of being household names that they were during the super model era, was the celebrities. The type of image that clients needed to put out there to sell their products was that of celebrity. That nondescript girl may work on the runway, but I don’t know how much the person at home and the average consumer could relate to her. Fashion brands started using celebrities in much greater quantities. Because that happened, we decided to make our shift in artist management. We have done deals with everyone from Brandi to Beyonce, Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson, Fergie. Fergie we are doing a tremendous amount of work with right now. It’s one of those situations, that since fashion moved in that direction, we moved with it.

On evaluating talent: For the most part, whenever we sign any talent, we like to feel like they have the ability to do anything. I think it is very limiting to say, “She or he can only do this or that.” We try to operate from a philosophy that every agent has to agree that the talent has the potential to do very well, and they have the ability work with the entire range of clients that exist in the business. It’s very rare we would take someone and say, “She’s just going to be catalogue or she’s just going to be editorial.”

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la vida sera resort.indd 60

11/6/08 14:26:59

Sean Patterson:10jan



Page 61

In general, I just love doing the deal. I’ve had phenomenal relationships booking every type of model and every type of celebrity, because it’s more about creating something with them and for them doing something cool that they didn’t necessarily think could be created. That is the buzz and excitement of being in this business.

On being a salesman at heart: Oh for sure. My God. I think that somebody who doesn’t have real salesmanship who gets into this business, or an agency who hires someone without good salesmanship is making a fatal error in doing so. Everyone we hire has a very good level of salesmanship and in some cases a phenomenal level.

On beginning as a club promoter in Manhattan: Coming up in the club scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s was the best training ground you could ever have. You had to think on your feet. You had to worry about people trying to rip you off. You had to worry about getting through the door. You had to create something out of nothing. It was a very educational part of my life. I have a lot of respect for those guys. I know you spoke with Andrew Sasson, he is a good guy, and we have a lot of mutual friends. Guys like the Noah Tepperbergs of the worlds. They are definitely personalities. They are tastemakers in LA and New York. With Diane Kruger at Mr. Chows

I think that would be a mistake, and potentially other agencies may operate from that perspective. We clearly want our talent to do

On Miami and Los Angeles compared to New York:

everything. We don’t pigeonhole our talent, be-

I used to be a big Miami guy. We have an

cause once you do that you stop letting the client

office down there. There used to be winters

decide, and you are coming into it with a losing

where I would try to sneak down maybe once

perspective. It’s like saying, “This girl’s only

every three weeks in the cold weather, and

going to do that, so that’s the way we are going to

maybe have a 3 or 4 day weekend. And be-

push her.”

cause of the ways things worked out over the last year or two, I have spent a disproportion-

On his favorite part of the business:

ate amount of my time in Los Angeles, but I am enjoying it.

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Page 62

There is definitely something to be said for LA. The more time I spend there, the more I

On the line between work and his social life:

into them, saying hi, having a glass of wine with them. You’re dealing with so many dy-

really start to enjoy it. In some ways there is a

I’m never out when I am not working. It al-

namic people. That’s the beauty of our busi-

little bit more of a lifestyle. You’re outdoors

ways runs together. You walk into the Waverly

ness. That’s the beauty of being in fashion and

more, you have a home. There is less of a pace.

Inn for dinner and you know everyone at every


But then you get back to NY, and it is the pace

table, and by the time you get to your table it’s

This is clearly not a job that you can shut

that kind of drives you forward. Everyone else is

twenty minutes later because you have to stop

off at 6 or 7 o’ clock. Especially when you’re

moving so quickly, that you better get your ass

and say hello to everyone. I think it’s things

dealing with talent. They don’t know a 6 o’clock

moving quickly too. They are so different though.

like that where I find it to be really fun. I guess

cut off, nor should they. Say Calvin Klein is in

It’s like asking someone if you like red win or

that’s the natural evolution of the club pro-

LA and shooting their new campaign, and their

chocolate. A combination of the two is best.

moter who is now running one of the largest

head of Advertising calls me at midnight want-

I am a big Vegas fan. I am as close to a de-

modeling management companies in the world.

ing to book a talent or ask me about something.

generate gambler as you can be while still

That’s the natural evolution. It’s people you’re

They need that access too. Everyone under-

being a classy guy. No, all jokes aside, we did

working with, but it’s also people you socially

stands that, and I think that’s the way it needs to

Fergie’s birthday party out there and MGM was

enjoy to spend time with. That inspires me.

be. We are in a service industry, and the moment

unbelievable. They flew everyone out, we had

There are so many creatively amazing people

I stop being out there, is the moment I am not

massive events. It was a great time.

in this business. Getting out there, running

the right guy to be running this place.

Schmoozing at the Premiere & Launch Party for VH1’s The Agency


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hotelito.indd 64

11/6/08 14:26:22

Golf’Grand s Gem Golf’s Grand Gem

100 Thousand Club

ryder cup3.indd 65


11/6/08 16:00:24


hen it comes to destination sporting events – those that are worth planning an entire day, and in many cases weeks around – the usual spectacles

come to mind; The Super Bowl, Formula One, Kentucky Derby, The Masters. Lavish parties, enthusiastic crowds, and the opportunity to mingle and mix with some of the most prominent characters in the worlds of sports, business, and leisure surround each of these extravagant affairs. The cities that play host to these competitions become as much a part of the excitement and activity as the game, tournament, or race does, and each takes on a personality unto itself. The Super Bowl zips into town two weeks before that super Sunday, and transforms even unspectacular cities like Jacksonville into a mecca of activity and excess that the whole world watches with passion and jealousy. Tiny Augusta, Georgia becomes the center of the sporting universe for a week every April when The Masters tournament graces the grounds of legendary Augusta National Golf Club. The combination of heavy hitters and corporate titans who cling together behind the ropes is unparalleled. The Kentucky Derby has a panache of its own – a debutante inspired crowd congregates at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky bearing with it a cadre of loud hats, seersucker suits, and enough mint juleps to satisfy even the heaviest of hooch guzzlers. There is another glorious event, one that takes place every two years, and in our eyes is every bit as pheCup. Every two years, the best of the golf world from the United States square off against the best of Europe in a three-day match to settle supremacy. What usually unfolds is a week of cheers, jeers, camaraderie and passion that is so often absent from many professional sports. It isn’t about the money, and it isn’t about sponsorships. It is about bragging rights, and celebrating a time honored tradition to one of the world’s greatest games. The Ryder Cup is played on either side of the pond, alternating every two years at some of the game’s greatest venues. Past courses include England’s The Belfry,


ryder cup3.indd 66

The par 4, 6th hole at Valhalla Golf Club

nomenal as all of the above mentioned. It is the Ryder

100 Thousand Club

11/6/08 16:00:30

100 Thousand Club

ryder cup3.indd 67


11/6/08 16:00:38

Chris DiMarco and other family members of US Players watch on greenside

Spain’s Valderrama, the famed Greenbrier in West

energy of the crowd. Being part of that crowd is what

Virginia, and The Kiawah Island Golf Resort in South

makes this particular Ryder Cup a “can’t miss” week.

Carolina. This year’s, however, descends upon a previ-

Louisville is a city that thrives as host to an event

ously mentioned city that is no stranger to hosting the

such as this. There is a sense of Southern hospitality and

glamorous and boisterous crowds of international sport.

gentlemanliness combined with a sporting and playful

Valhalla Golf Club, in Louisville, Kentucky will host

attitude that results in an atmosphere where well-to-do

the 2008 Ryder Cup, from September 16th to 21st, with

men and women, who normally might feel more at home

teams captained by Paul Azinger for the United States,

in a lavish and pampered environment – ourselves in-

and Englishman Nick Faldo for team Europe.

cluded – feel comfortable letting their guard down and

What makes the Ryder Cup so spectacular is a


ryder cup3.indd 68

enjoying the simple pleasures of sport and spirit.

combination of elements. Grand crowds descend upon

The best way to enjoy this event? Gather a group of

the match to cheer their country’s (or continent’s) golf-

close friends. They could be colleagues, old University

ing heroes with the same passion and fervor as a late

friends, or your regular foursome at your home country

March NCAA basketball game. It is also one of the few

club. Make the pilgrimage down to Louisville early

times that professional golfers are playing for someone

in the week, and check yourself into the 21c Museum

other than themselves. Grown men, worth many millions,

Hotel, easily Downtown’s best place to camp out for the

battle on the course with the same passion as amateur

week. The beautifully revived Main Street area is the

athletes, banding together, playing off the spectacular

perfect setting for this terrific property, whose lobby acts

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Page 67

as an actual gallery, and has numerous con-

Another outstanding benefit of arriving

self. There are a variety of courses throughout

temporary pieces that rotate on a continuous

early in the week – you should purchase a

the area, many of them both challenging, yet

basis. The adjoining Proof on Main restaurant,

full access pass – is the opportunity to see

accessible for a leisurely round. A few to con-

with regional cuisine is a great place to serve

the players, and even interact with them. The

sider are Louisville Country Club (private),

as your watering hole for the week. If you are

Ryder Cup while famous for its battles on the

Persimmon Ridge Golf Club (private), Seneca

still thirsty for a nightcap after returning from

course, has also become known as a place

Golf Course (municipal), and Long Run Golf

the course each day, the mini bar stocked with

where these world class athletes let loose in

Course (municipal). After all, it’s difficult to

mint and bourbon will surely do the trick.

the clubhouse after a day of play, and many

spend a week walking around a Nicklaus de-

Now that your group is in town, take the

times tipple a few back till the wee hours the

signed course without getting the itch.

first practice day of the week to scout out the

same way you may do with your brethren after a

When the day arrives and the players put

course. There are fewer people who attend the

round at Pinehurst or Pebble. Meander around

on their game faces – and matching uniforms

practice rounds early on, and it is a great op-

the clubhouse, and you might find these living

– make sure to arrive early, and be front and

portunity to check out the way the gallery flows

legends of the game back slapping and riding

center. The energy of the crowd is something to

through the course. You can assure yourself

each other in a way that demonstrates it is the

be treasured, and be sure to cheer Uncle Sam’s

a leg up on the rest of the crowds during the

game itself that keeps them going year after

team to victory. The course will be immaculate,

three days of competition, as everyone tries to

year, not the money.

the beer very cold, and the company infectious.

scurry along together to watch Tiger and Phil take on Sergio and Monty.

Another piece of advice is to skip the last day of practice rounds, and get one in your-

We can’t think of a better venue. That is until Whistling Straits in 2020. See you there. n

Sergio Garcia leaves the stage with his partner Morgan Norman after the opening ceremony of the 36th Ryder Cup at the K Club golf course


ryder cup3.indd 70

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soho mews.indd 71

11/6/08 14:29:39

Above: US Ryder Cup team captain Paul Azinger and European Ryder Cup team captain Nick Faldo pose with the Ryder Cup trophy Below:European Ryder Cup team captain Bernhard Langer celebrates with fans after Europe won the 35th Ryder Cup

ryder cup3.indd 72

11/6/08 16:07:50

100 Thousand Club

ryder cup3.indd 73


11/6/08 16:07:59

Christina Zilber Ed P74,75,76,78,79,80:10jan



Page 74

Christina Zilber Ed P74,75,76,78,79,80:10jan



Page 75

A Beautiful Life Movie executive-turned-cosmetics diva Christina Zilber is the best kind of perfectionist – steeped in years of luxury goods and beauty products, she has an eye for style and innovation that is guaranteed to put her cosmetics line, Jouer, in stores nationwide and right into your – or your better half’s – purse.


t is very easy for some people to rest on

The initial line of Jouer products (the name means “to play” in

their laurels, and comfortable financial

French) was pulled off the shelves after Zilber realized that she needed

position, and enjoy the fruits of their pre-

to refine the product and packaging to truly achieve her vision. The new

vious labor. Whether the first part of life

line will be re-launching in August of 2008 in New York City. Her sim-

was in the creative field, the labyrinth of fi-

ple, functional approach to beauty is inspired by her busy lifestyle—

nance, or some sort international industry, there

after pulling the original line off Sephora’s shelves, the businesswoman

is always the option to spend the second (and

and mother of two put her expert problem-solving skills to work.

third and fourth parts) part of life on some beau-

“I travel a lot and I always love the concept of palettes, but I hate that

tiful white grainy beach sipping vintage bottles

there are those random colors that no one would ever wear, and then you

of Veuve Clicquot. You can’t blame someone for

end up scraping the bottom of the pan for the color you love but you can’t

taking this route. There are very few people for

buy on its own, “ she explained, and discovered many of the same lim-

whom this doesn’t sound appealing. There are,

itations in her initial launch. “The packaging options just weren’t flexi-

however, some who find the same type of pleas-

ble enough—we’re never going to eliminate the makeup bag, but I knew

ure in creating, doing, accomplishing, and

there had to be a better way.”

bringing their vast ideas into fruition. Lucky for us, Christina Zilber falls into the latter.

The process of working with packaging engineers, designers, and factories, took about two years from start to finish. “Having a vision and

Movie executive-turned-cosmetics diva

putting it into reality is complicated with so many variables,” Zilber says,

Zilber is the best kind of perfectionist—

but she finally arrived at a combination of sheer, easy-to-wear colors in

steeped in years of luxury goods and beauty

an innovative interlocking palette, allowing her customer to choose dif-

products, she has an eye for style and innova-

ferent size compartments of different colors, as well as liquid slide-on

tion that is guaranteed to put her cosmetics

components like mascara and lip gloss.

line, Jouet, in stores nationwide and right into your – or your better half’s purse.

The packaging brings together modern technology and thoughtful elegance, with subtle but thoughtful improvements born of relentless test-

100 Thousand Club


Christina Zilber Ed P74,75,76,78,79,80:10jan



Page 76

Christina Zilber (top) and family

ing. Sleek black compacts are constructed with special hinges that allow them to link together, and the mascara tubes are mirrored, to simplify on-the-go application—one less thing to carry, one less thing to hold. The products embody a whole lifestyle philosophy, which is ultimately Zilber’s vision for her entire retail experience. She wants guest designers to collaborate on her counters, and is working with florists, artists, and home décor companies to bring her concept to life. “I want everything on the counter to be for sale; not just the makeup but the glass tray it’s displayed on, not just the products but the vases, the flowers, the whole idea. This was a very technical process being guided by a totally subjective vision, but ultimately I got what I wanted.” A phrase that befits a former independent film producer. The multi-tasking woman is a theme Zilber returns to again and again. “My mother had a huge hairdryer she used to sit under for half an hour to set her hair—we can’t do that anymore, but we all want to do something good for ourselves.” In the wake of the mineral makeup craze, the health benefits of makeup are a hot topic among consumers, and Zilber kept her finger on that pulse as she developed the line. “Makeup has to multitask, just like we do. I really wanted everything to do something. Our moisturizers are really moisturizing, increase collagen production, have an SPF; even the pencils have shea butter and jojoba oil. There are lots of cream-based shadows and glosses that go on with just a finger--this is not my mother’s makeup.”


100 Thousand Club



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Page 77

Christina Zilber Ed P74,75,76,78,79,80:10jan

Designer Tia Cibani, Kelly Killoren Bensimon, and Christina Zilber


100 Thousand Club



Page 78

Christina Zilber Ed P74,75,76,78,79,80:10jan



Page 79

Zilber is not a hard-liner about organic or natural products, though. After surveying the research on skincare and health, she concluded that a combination of technology and nature achieves optimal results. “Putting minerals on top of your skin doesn’t do anything, but combining minerals with a formula that helps penetrate skin can make a big difference.” She is totally committed to the effectiveness of her products, and wants to make sure that they’re working as hard as their owners. Her life in Loa Angeles has provided ample opportunity to test out what makeup can fit in an evening bag. A well-known fixture on the Los Angeles charity circuit, she has an international flair and travels frequently to France, visiting boutiques like Colette in Paris to stay ahead of trends and mixing at home with other supporters of organizations like the Lycee Francais de Los Angeles and UNICEF’s biannual Snowflake Ball, a major fundraiser for the children’s char-

This active life in L.A., while it may seem hectic to some, is the driving

ity. She has also been an organizer of events for

force and focus behind the line. In the same way that her mother originally

One Voice, a charity benefiting underprivileged

sparked her fascination with beauty, Zilber now draws inspiration from

children in the Los Angeles inner-city area. As

her children. “The pinkest lipstick in the line is named after my daugh-

she puts it, the work is “great contacts, but also

ter. I want them to see me working; they inspire me to follow my passion.”

great to help out with.”

Zilber attending a W magazine party in Los Angeles

”The line is inspired by my own needs and wants—I am a beauty

Zilber is first and foremost a mother, and

junkie for sure. If a magazine says, this is the must-have shade, I go

her charity work and makeup line have to fit

out and buy it. I have drawers of makeup. So now that I’m making my

around her son and daughter’s school sched-

own, I don’t want to use any products but my own; I want to make sure

ules—she admits to doing a lot of her work via

that Jouer is exactly what I want—the best.” The line is aimed at

Blackberry in her car. She jokes that her kids

equally discerning consumers, shoppers who have access to everything

have become accustomed to the chaos, and

and can pick and choose. She points out after a very endearing inter-

they seem to have adjust to being surrounded

rogation, that most women, herself and this writer included, buy the

by makeup, and she jokes that her work had

same colors over and over from different companies, maintaining her

been much more popular with their school

philosophy that “Women intuitively know what they want and what they

friends’ mothers than with the kids themselves.

look good in—I don’t want to dictate, I want to offer a range where you

100 Thousand Club


Christina Zilber Ed P74,75,76,78,79,80:10jan



Page 80

Jouer in action, with individually selected colors and products sliding together to form a palette


100 Thousand Club

can find yourself.” The comprehensiveness of

As Jouer prepares for its launch, she is keeping some hard-won busi-

the line, from fun lipglosses to functional, vi-

ness knowledge from the previous line close to her heart. “New York

tamin-packed face creams, is intended to pre-

City is really the hub of the beauty industry, so that’s where we need to

vent her target audience from ever needing to

launch, but we will be building a presence everywhere and coming back

stop at her competitor’s counters on the way

to L.A. eventually.” Launching in Sephora, while certainly a coup for a

out of the beauty department.

new line, doesn’t allow for the same kind of brand development as a

In the same way that Zilber lives in

smaller, more cultivated launch, and Zilber is planning a series of events

dresses and flats, accessorizing with big bags

to build the brand’s credibility into something lasting. Her love of trendy

and a white ceramic-faced Chanel watch, the

boutiques like Planet Blue as a shopper have directed her ambitions this

line doesn’t make one of everything under the

time around, and once the national expansion of the brand begins, Jouer

sun—just the best basics, with a few items

intends to find a home anywhere fashion-forward women are shopping.

just for fun. She is all about convenience in

Currently, Jouer is organizing a series of meetings with makeup

every aspect of her life, shopping online at

artists in the area, to build not just a celebrity-based buzz, but to prove

Net-a-porter and through the biannual luxury

the products’ professional quality. “We don’t want to grow too fast—I see

goods catalog, Vivre. She is more Rodeo

us as a Laura Mercier or a Trish McEvoy kind of line. A makeup artists’

Drive than department stores: “I would rather

line, that is sold in big department stores but also in boutiques, that gets

go into a designer’s boutique or somewhere

used because it really addresses women’s needs, like Jouer does.” As

small like Planet Blue and work with people

the company sets off on its journey, Zilber absolutely has big dreams—

who really get to know you personally.” She

she would ideally like to grow the brand internationally within a year—

prefers well-constructed beauty to logos—the

but feels it is important to be open to new possibilities. “I will have to

simple elegance of a classic Valentino gown

be delegating a lot more, and expect to adapt as things happen, but I

or a well-made bag or shoe over the hot item

know New York is just the beginning.” New York is just the beginning,

of the moment. “I do love to shop,” she ad-

but as Christina’s passions translate into her craft, there is no reason to

mits, laughing, “but right now, the focus is on

believe Jouer isn’t on the fast track to universal recognition as exqui-

the business.”

site. Much is the same way Christina is.

100KUS6_Place D'Armes:6NOV07


6:49 PM

Page 81




Page 82

R OAD Fashion Editor: George Cortina Model: Julia Stegner Hair: James Brown for James Brown London Makeup: Frank B. Manicure: Jenna Hipp for Carolyn New York Prop Styling: Colin Donahue Production: Susannah Phillips for North Six © Sølve Sundsbø / Art + Commerce





Page 83

Bodysuit, Rossella Tarabini for Anna Molinari Pumps, Alexander McQueen


R E A D Y ...




Page 84

Dress and collar, Miu Miu




Page 85

Jacket, tank, shorts and belt, Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquiere Bracelet, Christabel B B




Page 86

Tunic, Chanel Pumps, Alexander McQueen




Page 87

Blouse, Lanvin Shorts, D&G Belt, Burberry Prorsum Superstay Silky Foundation SPF 12, Maybelline New York 100 Thousand Club


The Oberoi P88:10jan



Page 88

New England Sailing:10jan



Page 89

COME SAIL AWAY ailing New England in the summer


ing aboard would deny you the experience of

is a chance to experience life’s simple

some top-notch hospitality and incredible meals.

pleasures in a refined and comfortable

Whether you plan to cruise from port to port, or

way. Though the entire experience

just want to add a nautical dimension to your sum-

could easily be spent at sea, especially aboard

mer getaway, here are our picks to make sure that

some of the luxurious charters we’ve selected, liv-

you enjoy more than just the view.

100 Thousand Club


New England Sailing:10jan



Page 90

Port: Newport, RI One of the United States’ most famous re-

perience, and is always working to stay ahead

blending modern amenities and technology

sort towns, this famously nautical area has

of the curve in terms of trends in the yacht

with artistic Victorian touches and artwork

played backdrop to some of history’s most fa-

charter world. Northrop and Johnson work to

from the family’s collection. For a romantic

mous political, naval, and cultural stories. A

customize each trip, from specialized itiner-

getaway, opt for the Cliffside Inn, an elegant

clearinghouse of sailors racing everything from

aries to unique on-shore excursions, water

Victorian home tucked away in the heart of one

dinghies to America’s Cup twelve-meters,

sports equipment, and anything else groups

of Newport’s most historic neighborhoods. Fur-

Newport is equally adept at providing on-shore

particularly desire.

nished with fine antiques and a private rooftop



To Stay: Although Newport is full of

spa deck, and famous for its intimate afternoon

To Charter: Northrop and Johnson World-

unique and adorable small properties, there

tea service, it is the perfect place from which

wide Yacht Charters, The

are a few standouts with their own endearing

to survey Newport harbor.

“Gentlemen’s Brokers,” based in Newport for

characteristics, specifically the Legendary

To Eat: Start your day with breakfast at the

more than 50 years, arranges custom crewed

Inns of Newport collection. The Abigail Stone-

Franklin Spa, a favorite with visitors and lo-

luxury charters all over the world. Sailboats

man Inn is the quintessential small luxury

cals alike. The small, nondescript house serves

available in New England range from 56 to 116

hotel, best-known for its unique menu of

classic American breakfast done absolutely

feet, and catamarans and power yachts are also

amenities, including a 15-item pillow menu

right. Lunch can be one of the most fun meals in

available. Owner Missy Johnston is a member

and a bath soap collection of 30 fine-milled

Newport—head into the downtown for a seafood

and past president of the American Yacht

soaps designed in pairings with the tea menu

feast and good beer. The Black Pearl on the

Charter Association, and personally inspects

and water bar. The bed & breakfast exists in

busy waterfront serves what is reputed to be the

and evaluates each boat, crew-member, and

its most perfect form in the Cliffside Inn, for-

best clam chowder in town, and the Clarke Cook

chef to control the quality of each guest’s ex-

mer home of artist Beatrice Turner, known for

House is the place to go for fresh seafood and a

100 Thousand Club

New England Sailing:10jan



Page 91

To Stay: For overnight accommodation, the capacious wine list. Dinner is the perfect time to

biggest events of the summer drawing jazz

National Hotel is Block Island’s gold standard, a

see the depth of Newport’s classic cultural roots

greats and visitors from all over the world.

45-room hotel in the heart of the Old Harbor that

at the White Horse Tavern, a classic Colonial restaurant serving innovative American cuisine,

was named to the National Register of Historic

Port: Block Island, RI

Places. The recently renovated rooms were de-

or Restaurant Bouchard, a classic upscale

About 13 miles off the coast of Rhode Is-

signed with an eye to the building’s colonial her-

French restaurant that somehow manages to

land is Block Island, a popular summer tourist

itage, and has a quaint but comfortable look and

make old favorites feel fresh and exciting.

destination that has managed to keep a good

feel. The Atlantic Inn is perched upon 6 rolling

To Do: The historic nature of Newport

portion of its natural ecosystem intact and un-

acres south of downtown, with gorgeous views

means there’s plenty to see here all year round,

developed. The tiny town of New Shoreham can

from the classic Victorian porch, and comes

but the city really comes alive during the sum-

more than triple in size during the high points of

complete with antique furniture and one of the

mer. Take in the scenery indoors and out with

the summer, such as Fourth of July, but it re-

best restaurants on the island.

a tour of the mansions along the Millionaire’s

mains a unique outdoor escape even then.

To Eat: Start your day with coffee and scones

Mile and the Cliffwalk along the rocky

To Charter: While Block Island is the per-

at the Orange Cat Café, a local staple known for

beaches. This sporting city is home to the

fect distance away for a day sail from Newport,

their fantastic baked goods. For lunch, The Oar

Newport National Golf Course, one of the best

the White Rose Custom Sail Charter company

at New Harbor is a local landmark, decorated with

in New England, and the Tennis Hall of Fame,

keeps a 42 foot custom sloop available on

hundreds of painted oars that hang from the ceil-

as well as the constant stream of big-time rac-

Block Island proper, an elegant sailboat popu-

ing—seafood is naturally the local favorite. The

ing yachts coming in and out of the harbor. If

lar for wedding parties and other special occa-

Hotel Manisses is on every local gourmand’s list

you’re visiting in August, be sure to plan

sions, but also available for private chartered

of fine dining restaurants for dinner, highlighting

around the Newport Jazz Festival, one of the

tours of the island.

fresh seafood prepared with local ingredients.

100 Thousand Club


New England Sailing:10jan



Page 92

New England Sailing:10jan



Page 93

To Do: Block Island is the place to get back to nature and get away from it all. Bikes are available all over the island, and are without a doubt the best way to explore the island’s interior and the lush wildlife preserves. The ferry tour is a traditional part of a visit here, but sailors may find it more relaxing to relax on the beach. The island really comes to life for Block Island Race Week and other sailing events, which are great parties even for those not out competing.

Port: Martha’s Vineyard, MA The Vineyard is a special place, one that you will want to return to time and time again. It forms a part of the Outer Lands region, and while a tremendously popular summer colony, there are still many appeals that will make you want to come back time and time again. To Charter: There are no large charter companies based in Martha’s Vineyard, but it is the perfect place to try out private, independent charters to explore the scenery. Sail Ena is a 34foot wooden sloop, a beautiful example of a classic wooden sailboat. The Schooner Alabama is an incredible 90-foot tall ship, available to sail with a group or for private parties. To Stay: Two resorts in Edgartown are standouts even on this island with years of experience catering to summer visitors. The Harbor View hotel is considered locally to be the best on the island. The grey-shingled Victorian is known as the Grande Dame of Martha’s Vineyard, and the comfort of the traditionally appointed rooms is matched only by the idyllic harbor view from a rocking chair on the 300-foot verandah. For a more modern feel, the Winnetu Inn and Resort is a large luxury hotel offering some of the fullest service on the island, with two- and three-bedroom suites and a variety of amenities and offerings. To Eat: Cuisine on Martha’s Vineyard is as diverse and sophisticated as anything on the mainland, with many restaurants combining fresh local ingredients and classic prepara-

100 Thousand Club


New England Sailing:10jan



Page 94

tions. The Beach Plum Inn overlooks the vil-

To Charter: The Yacht Charter Group of-

phere. The Club Car is a great choice for lunch

lage of Menemsha and is beloved for its

fers luxury yacht charters all over New Eng-

or dinner, where locals enjoy an innovative

desserts, especially the soufflés. For classic

land, and indeed all over the world, but has

Asian spin on traditional lamb and beef

French done Vineyard style L’etoile and

an astounding selection of larger sailing ves-

dishes. Over at Oran Mor, chef Chris Freeman

Alchemy are two downtown restaurants that get

sels available, all in their typically well-ap-

transforms local artisanal ingredients into ur-

bistro fare right. The Park Corner Bistro and

pointed style. Their ships range from 48’ all

bane, sophisticated fare – to really appreciate

the Sweet Life Café are the local favorites for

the way up to the incredible 76-passenger

the depth of his skills, order the six or eight

local specialties – specially prepared seafood

245’ yacht Caledonia, but we think you’ll be

course tasting menus.

and fresh vegetables abound.

fine on the 160’ Arabella, with her on-deck

To Do: If you can tear yourself away from the

Jacuzzi, water toys, and beautiful interiors.

array of art galleries, crafts, jewelry and cloth-

land of Cuttyhunk, a tiny island floating in the

To Stay: The sail-in luxury hotel the White

ing (stock up on those Nantucket red shorts) for

waters between Buzzard’s Bay and the Vine-

Elephant is located right on the harbor and offers

sale downtown, Nantucket’s Whaling Mu-

yard Sound. The island is home to about 50

spacious rooms and cottages with cozy touches

seum is a great way to get a sense of the his-

people, but it is a popular destination for

like in-room fireplaces and country décor. The

tory surrounding you on this island.

sailors and fisherman – the striped bass off

Cliffside Beach Club is right on the beach but

Similarly, the Endeavor cruise is the longest-

Cuttyhunk are legendary.

farther out of town, a meticulously maintained

operating charter boat on Nantucket, a

Jazz Age mansion, formerly a private club trans-

wooden ship hand-built by her captain,

formed into a luxury resort, with vintage interi-

James Genthner, who is a local authority on

ors complementing a state-of-the-art fitness

Nantucket’s history, sights, and traditional

center and spa.

industries, especially boatbuilding. For on-

To Do: A beautiful day-sail away is the is-

Port: Nantucket, MA Nantucket is an island 30 miles south of Cape Cod, and is a favorite of many a sum-


mer time reveler in this preppy beautiful area

To Eat: Whether or not you’re staying at the

shore entertainment, the Actor’s Theatre and

of the country. Be prepared to pack your red

Cliffside Beach Club, be sure to check out the

the Athenaeum are two successful cultural

shorts, and a variety of pastel polos, which

restaurant, The Galley – in one of the island’s

endeavors, presenting everything from poetry

represent the laid back good life that regu-

most beautiful locations, the Galley presents

readings and lectures to avant-garde modern

lars of the island treasure.

chic cuisine in a breezy oceanfront atmos-

plays and summer comedies. 

100 Thousand Club

100KUS6_Business Jet Seats:6NOV07


6:11 PM

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Page 97




Page 98





Page 99

or those who have not been

Where to Stay on Capri

there before, Capri is certainly

From its position on the heights of Anacapri, the most exclusive and

one of the most beautiful

unspoilt part of the island, the Capri Palace Hotel and Spa, offers breath-

places in the world.

A se-

taking views over the surrounding sea, a panorama spectacularly framed

cluded, rock-addled island off

by the Bay of Naples and the islands of Ischia and Procida creating a

the coast of Italy, it has been a

masterpiece of natural beauty. Only a few minutes away from the Hotel

place where the rich, beautiful, tasteful, and

you cannot only find fashion boutiques and typical Caprese handicraft

discerning have made their way to for some of

shops, but also some of the most famous sightseeing spots of the island.

the most relaxing holidays for many years. On

The hotel has 79 tastefully furnished rooms, among them 10 suites,

days past, Jackie Kennedy could be found

offering the utmost in luxury for the most discerning of travellers. For

shopping here. Frank Sinatra could be found

guests looking for something really special there is the "Megaron Suite",

holding court at any number of al fresco cafes.

the only one of its kind on the island, a 150 square metre penthouse

The list is endless, and the one common thread

boasting a circular swimming pool set in a Mediterranean green roof gar-

that brought everyone to this enchanting little

den. Alternatively, at just a stone through away from the stars, one finds

island time and time again – the beauty.

the latest addition to the Hotel's top floor accommodation; the classi-

Not just in the beauty of the island, but of

cally elegant and sun-filled "Acropolis Suite".

its people, its food, its clothing, its culture, its

Famous guests have stayed here and enjoyed the unique ambience

water, its merchants. Everything moves at a

of the Capri Palace in the past years: King Carl Gustav and Queen Sil-

pace much more conducive to long lasting

via from Sweden, stars like Whitney Houston, Harrison Ford, Julia

years, health, and happiness. It is true that the

Roberts, Keanu Reeves and Mariah Carey. Not to forget the well-known

secret of the Isle of Capri is not as secret and

industrialists from famous Italian fashion houses, as well as designers

exclusive as it once was. More hordes of

and artists.

vanilla tourists arrive by boat every single day.

A recent re-styling, inspired by the simple elegance of classical

But if you pick the right time, and pick the

Mediterranean architecture has lent the Capri Palace the grace of an an-

right place, and eat the right things, and let the

cient Patricia palazzo stepped in tradition and history. The columns,

spirit, hospitality, and pastels of the island take

arches and vaulted ceilings blend in perfect harmony with the white

over every single one of your senses, you’ll be

stone paving and the softly textured ecru-coloured furnishing.

left wanting to return every year. For those who

The Restaurant "L'Olivo", awarded with a Michelin Star, is a

are virgins to Capri – which is surprisingly

favourite rendez-vous point for the most discerning of gourmets. Fine

many more than there should be – we have put

cuisine created by the young and creative chefs with Mediterranean spe-

together your ultimate insider’s guide to make

cialties is served in most elegant surroundings with comfortable arm

sure your first visit to the island is filled with

chairs beside private fire places and library areas. New is the wine cel-

all the glory it should be. Ciao.

lar ,which features more than 9000 prestigious bottles with more than 1000 labels. Another fantastic option is La Scalinatella. It is a luxury boutique hotel where guests delight in its unique and intimate hospitality. The extremely comfortable rooms are large and have terraces with sea and Charterhouse views. There is a terrace with a swimming pool and a restaurant serving lunch and snacks. In America it is known as "Bella Scalinatella". The Scalinatella, the epitome of excellence, is situated in the most panoramic and peaceful area of the Island of Capri. This romantic hotel offers to its guests an atmosphere of exclusive elegance in a tradition of a grand hotel. Its impeccable service is guaranteed by the professionalism and with the years of experience of the owners. The Morgano family, who run the hotel, have been able to create a charming

100 Thousand Club





Page 100

Italian style ambience which makes it an experience of a lifetime. At

gantly designed following the traditional ar-

midday, lunch can be enjoyed at the restaurants, by the pool, specializ-

chitectural style. Fifty years ago King Farouk

ing in Caprese cuisine accompanied by an excellent selection of wines.

of Egypt used to reserve year round a suite that

A third and equally incredible option that we recommend is Caesar

today is called The Farouk Suite.

Augustus. On a cliff 1000 feet above the sea, it offers one the most spectacular vistas you can find in any European hotel. From there, like from


100 Thousand Club

What to See

an eagle's nest, you can see all of the bay of Naples. Mount Vesuvius,

La Grotta Azzurra is something magical that

Sorrento and Ischia make up the breathtaking scenery celebrated by the

no word or image could ever describe. It is a 60-

famous novelist Axel Munthe, whose own personal villa is nearby. Enjoy

metre-long, 25-metre-wide cavity; to get into it,

the new Infinity swimming pool, which seems to flow into the sea, and the

you need to take one of the small rowing boats

private sun bathing decks surrounded by lovely, fragrant gardens. The

moored outside the cave; since the opening is

finest suites enjoy a breathtaking view, and they are spacious and ele-

very narrow, you will have to lie on the bottom




Page 101

of the boat to get into the grotto (in case the sea

It was rediscovered and made popular as late as April 18th 1826 by

grows rough, boat service is suspended). There

the German painter August Kopisch and his friend Ernst Fries with the

is actually a bigger but completely submerged

help of Angelo Ferraro, a fisherman; since then, the grotto has been vis-

opening; this very underwater entrance allows

ited by millions of tourists from everywhere in the world. Tours of the

the blue coloration of the water inside the grotto,

cave are always possible due to the special light conditions, but under

due to a phenomenon of sunlight reflection.

optimum conditions such as special water transparency, a clear sky and

There is an almost surreal view in the inside,

a diffused sunlight you get a particularly intense blue. If the boatman will

the transparency and the blue color of the water

not sing for you, do sing a melodious song yourself and you will be sur-

gives the impression of navigating through a

prised at the marvelous acoustics of the grotto.

clear sky, and the boats seem to float on a sus-

Unfortunately, bathing is forbidden, but you will not find it hard to

pended universe. The Blue Grotto has been

imagine a unique experience such as a bath in these waters as those

known since the Roman times.

of Emperor Tiberius. You will just have to lean out of the boat and dip

100 Thousand Club





Page 102

The buildings and the collections reflect a romantic, Symbolist taste, typical of that century. As to the origin of the objects, we can find Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian finds. Some architectural details date back perhaps to the ancient Roman villa. Besides, according to Munthe, most of the finds were bought under unusual circumstances. In the book, for example, is the fantastic account of how the head of Medusa appeared to the physician as if it had been a cameo on the seabed. Besides the head of Medusa, considerable objects are the tavolo cosmatesco and the marble bust of Emperor Tiberius and the Egyptian sphinx. In the garden you can see a series of typically Mediterranean plants, as well as plants coming from other latitudes. From the colonnade you enjoy an extraordinary view of the Gulf of Naples. Do not miss the whole view of the garden, the architectural structure and the artistic collection. The construction of San Michele began with the purchase of the plot, in 1895, and the first building works began a year later. The architect was Munthe himself. A striking element of the building is the opening to the sea and the sky, described in the book as a clear objective to be achieved: "My house must be open to the sun, to the wind, and the voice of the sea, just like a Greek temple, and light, light, light everywhere!".

Where to Eat your hand into the sea to feel its enchantment take your hand and your

L’Olivo is a restaurant that has a magnifi-

mind. There are many tales and legends about this cave, and when you

cent terrace overlooking the Bay of Naples,

see it, you will believe the unbelievable and become part of the legend

while inside, sofas, bookcases, antĂŹque mirrors,


and stone fireplaces - all give the impression of

Another great spot not to miss is the villa San Michele. It is located


100 Thousand Club

an elegant and comfortable drawing room.

on the north-eastern side of Anacapri, 327 metres above sea level. Here

In this stylish ambience one finds a cui-

was an ancient Roman imperial villa, whose ruins were preserved by

sine which is modern, innovative, and fresh.

Axel Munthe and are now to be found in the garden. In the area there

Chef Oliver Glowig has re-interpreted the local

were the remains of a medieval chapel later moved to its present posi-

traditions, maintaining the genuine flavors of

tion by Munthe himself. San Michele was Munthe's residence between

the region and combining them with his par-

1896 and 1910. The fanciful architecture was meant as a perfect envi-

ticular light style of cooking. In November

ronment for the collections of its owner, and at the same time, served to

2004, the Restaurant was awarded with a

enhance the beauty of the landscape.

Michelin Star. A visit to the wine cellar is defi-




Page 103





100 Thousand Club

Page 104

nitely recommended, to admire the fine selec-

Caprese dishes, a sprinkle of originality, which places the Aurora among

tion of regional, Italian, and foreign wines.

the most exclusive restaurants on the island. Aurora boasts a wine cel-

Another great dining option is the Aurora

lar with over 300 labels from Tuscany, Piedmont, Campania, Puglia, and

Restaurant and Pizzeria, one of Capri's oldest

Sicily and a selection of excellent French and Californian wines - an-

restaurants. For more than a century the D'A-

other of the reasons why it has become a must on any gastronomic itin-

lessios have continued to promote the culinary

erary and a popular haunt of celebrities visiting the island.

traditions of the island, creating what has been

This family restaurant was the first to bring carefully chosen quality

referred to as a kind of "gastronomical mu-

wines to Capri, and has maintained their dedication for many years. The

seum," lovingly looked after by three succes-

constant search for the best Italian wines and their ever-expanding cel-

sive generations of the family, the last of which

lar has led Aurora to open Vino, an enoteca in the heart of Capri.

is comprised of Gennaro and Lucia, helped by

For a taste of the original – unchanged, non-fussy, purely delicious

their children Mia and Raffaele. The best of

– look no further than da Gelsomina, situated in one of the most fasci-

Mediterranean cuisine is served in the large

nating areas of the island, nestled amongst the vineyards of Anacapri,

dining room with a splendid veranda over-

gazing out towards the sea. From every angle of the restaurant and ter-

looking the historical Fuorlovado street.

race, guests can admire a splendid panorama over the Gulf of Naples.

Chef Franco Aversa adds a pinch of cre-

The cuisine offers typical local dishes and wine produced from the prop-

ative flair to the traditional Neapolitan and

erty's own vines. Da Gelsomina also has a number of guest rooms and a




Page 105

nual collection. Many famous customers have appreciated Canfora's creations, among these the unforgettable Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. More than once late at night Amedeo opened the shop just for the first lady, letting her choose her favorite sandals, and he made even one exclusively for her called "K". Other customers of international fame have been in the shop, such as Grace Kelly, Princess Margareth, Princess Caroline, Sofia Loren, Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Dawn Addams, Anita Ekberg, Naomi Campbell and many others. Go on in and get yourself a pair. You might have trouble purchasing sandals anywhere else ever again. “Limoncello di Capri”. We’ve all drank it, some of us like it, some of us love it. As far back as the turn of the last century, Granny Vincenza Canale (one of the first hoteliers on the island) used to offer a glass of Limoncello to her guests at her famous guest-house the Mariantonia. Since then, devotees to the island have continued to meet at the end of the day to sample this delicious liqueur. Amongst the fans of this very special drink one finds Ignazio Cerio, J. Fersen, Axel Munthe, F. A. Krupp and Amedeo Maiuri, to name just a few. To this very day Limoncello continues to be made based on the same time-honored recipe. A natural liqueur with excellent digestive properties, Limoncello is made by macerating lemon peel taken from lemons grown and picked on the island. It is a simple natural product, free of colorants, stabilizers, additives and preservatives, which embodies all the authenticity of the original recipe. Go to the source, and pick up a bottle to enjoy on the terrace at sunset.

Where to Swim, Sun, or just be These are no ordinary beaches. While you may not find the great exwonderful swimming-pool. The complex "da

panses of sand, crammed with parasols and deckchairs of the Italian

Gelsomina" offers a shuttle service, running

Riviera, the spectacular coastline of Capri offers visitors the chance to

all day long, both for the restaurant and for the

experience the marvelous Mediterranean sun and sea surrounded by

swimming pool, from and to Piazza Caprile in

some of the world’s most fabulous scenery.

Anacapri center. It is definitely worth a visit.

There are countless places in which to soak up the sun and cool off in the shimmering turquoise waters that caress the island’s shores. All

Where to Shop

around the coast of Capri you will find hidden bays, almost totally im-

Perhaps the most traditional and famous

mersed in semi tropical vegetation, some of which can only be reached

shopping experience on the island, the bou-

by boat, superb rocky terraces carved out of the cliff face, tiny sheltered

tique Canfora was founded in 1946 by

pebble beaches, and sun soaked platforms, all just a stone’s throw away

Amedeo, who created an amazing variety of

from the Faraglioni rocks, the Blue Grotto or the Punta Carena light-

sandals with hundreds of styles and an infinity

house. It may not be the soft sand of the Caribbean. It’s better.

of colors. They are all handmade with real

If all of this sounds like your paradise, you’re probably right. And

leather and fabulous applications of costume

you’re probably of the same mind as us. We love Capri, for everything

jewelry. Today, Amedeo's daughters Angela

that it has and represents, and for everything it doesn’t. Simplicity is

and Rita and their family continue the tradi-

sometimes the best cure for an itching for luxury and carefree days and

tion, adding a touch of originality to every an-

nights, and Capri provides it better than anywhere. 

100 Thousand Club





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Page 107

Corners of the World... and more

and bespoke travel advisory,


“50 percent are from the United States. 25

concierge, and guide producing

percent are from the UK. The remaining 25

“I think that when the design hotel con-

group in the world. Their clients

percent are split fairly equally between the

cept first started, everyone was going for the

are some of the most discerning and meticulous

Middle East and Russia, and Ukraine. We also

ultra contemporary style. But when you think

travelers in the world, and the advice and ex-

have a fair amount of clients from German

that Kate Moss had her birthday party at Clar-

pertise provided by Nota Bene is unparalleled.

speaking Europe. Switzerland, Germany.

idges, it says something. They want great serv-

The 100Thousand Club and Nota Bene are

There was some good exposure in some of the

ice, they want great luxury, and they can bring

aligning to bring our members the best in travel

German publications.”

their own trendiness to the party. It’s about the

ota Bene is the most prestigious

Where your clients come from:

people there. It’s good for people like us. It’s

advice. We are privileged and honored to work with such an esteemed group. We were fortu-

The age of your clients:

nate enough to speak with the founder and

“The first few years the average was 35-

owner of the group, Anthony Lassman, over

54. We’ve noticed that some of them are getting

lunch at Il Cantinori in Manhattan a few

quite a lot younger. It’s definitely a trend.”

not about pretty pics in a mag, or trendy looking hotels. It’s about serious strong opinions, experience, knowledge of having been there, having tried it, really opening their eyes to

months ago. Here is some of what he had to say:

How clients find you:

Trendy design oriented hotels frequented by younger people:

Being characterized as a concierge service:

everything they need to know to differentiate the good from the average. Just because

“I would say essentially it has been through

“Concierge is becoming a ubiquitous term.

word of mouth. There has been press from time

We advise, we inspire, we book, we manage.

to time. Essentially it has been through people.

We take care of every little detail. Down to the

It started off with the Nota Bene books. Then it

fitness trainer, massage, hair, the whole lot.

developed into premium services with advice.

Everything only to do with travel. We’ve got

“A lot of our clients will say to us that

Then we developed NB Pulse. It has been a

young subscribers that are paying a lot of

they’ll go to a destination purely because of a

phenomenal development phase.”

money. We have one guy who is 27.”

hotel. It’s a hotel that will inspire them. It goes

something costs a lot of money that doesn’t mean it’s great.”

Choosing a feature destination:

100 Thousand Club





Page 108




Page 109

back to the buzz thing, and the influences. You

dle of August. Whatever everyone wants to say,

can look around and there are many travel

we still love

guides, books, etc. People think, ‘anyone can

Staying in the right hotel or villa, eat in the

get this information, there are all these re-

right restaurant, having a great boat, knowing

leases, etc.’ It’s just not true.

some of the restaurant owner on the beach. We

Six people can walk into a shop with the

offer high level of service.”

same amount of money, and all the same merchandise at their disposal and many times only one comes out looking well dressed.”

Favorite US hotels: “Staying in a bungalow at Beverly Hills Hotel, or for business, the Peninsula. I love the

A destination having staying power:

Four Seasons in NY for a number of reasons. I love the views, I love some of the suites. I think

“Sometimes magazines have to make bold

Twin Farms in Vermont is an exceptional hotel

statements like ‘Panama is the next hot spot.’

for real country experience. In Florida I would

That is not going to last long unless there is a

go to the Setai. Most of the hotels are over-

fantastic hotel there. And restaurants and

priced and under deliver in Miami. I go there


because of the art.”

The travel experience:

Justifying the cost of Nota Bene:

“There is a way to do things. We like people to do it the Nota Bene way. We have a very

“Look at the time it’s saving your highly

strong language, and very strong opinion. We

paid PA from all your travel. She doesn’t have

love St. Tropez, but we don’t love it in the mid-

the knowledge or the connections.”

“Sometimes magazines have to make bold statements like ‘Panama is the next hot spot.’ That is not going to last long unless there is a fantastic hotel there”




Page 110




Page 111

Trips you have planned reeently:

restaurants, and travel. I used to speak to every magazine editor, tearing everything

“It’s amazing how great some of the

out of every single paper. I was on a place to

things are. A heli-skiing trip in New Zealand.

NY with my wife. I picked up a magazine,

A 20th wedding anniversary present. It’s

and I read an article and said, ‘Oh my God,

costing quite a lot of money. We source the

this journalist never could have stayed in

finest guide, helicopter, the pilot’s creden-

this hotel,’ and she challenged me, ‘You

tials. The suite in the lodge. The restaurants

would make a great editor or journalist.’ She

in Queenstown. Flying London through Los

didn’t think I would do it. And now she

Angeles. We are getting them a day room at

says ‘Oh my God, if I ever would have

the Peninsula for their layover. We’ve been


doing cities in India, private plane everyvilla and room number.”

On working to make Nota Bene even better:

Starting Nota Bene:

quickly as you can win them. Sometimes

where. We specify everything, every single

“People are fickle. You can lose them as “I was doing residential real estate de-

quicker. I work very hard in the company, I’m

velopment. Ever since I can remember, I

at it virtually 24-7. It’s like having a baby

have been absolutely fascinated by hotels,

later in life.” 

Anthony Lassman, founder and owner of Nota Bene: “Ever since I can remember, I have been absolutely fascinated by hotels”




Page 112

Join the Club... Online. Every single limited edition issue of the 100Thousand Club is available at Take a visit for more exclusive information on our partners. Your exclusive online resource for all things luxury.

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Page 113

Next Issue... Coming in the 100Thousand Club Autumn 2008… We will explore the vast world of South American wines, taking a look

George Maloof, the celebrity owner of the Palms Casino Resort. Mal-

at some of the most celebrated vineyards and winemakers of Argentina,

oof, who is always in the public spotlight, is also one of the most thought-

Chile, and Uraguay. This part of the world has stepped into the forefront

ful and fascinating people in Sin City. For travel planning, we’ll look at

of the winemaking, and some of the best varietals now come straight from

some of the most spectacular suites in all of Hong Kong – a city short on

our southern neighbors. We’ll also take you deep into the world of

nothing when it comes to luxury. Stay tuned.

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Page 114

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Page 115





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Page 116

Day 1

Hotel, a beautifully restored 1888 Victorian

brick Georgian mansion dating back to

mansion in Savannah’s historic district.

1771, the Venetian chandeliers and English

Though the interior is heavily decorated

antiques create an atmosphere that has

Arrival: There is no need to drive the

with over 400 pieces of the hotel’s art col-

been home to generations of Southern gen-

five hours from Atlanta, when you can land

lection as well as a variety of antiques and

tlemen. Traditional fare like she-crab soup,

safely in your private flight straight to the

collections, its commitment to modern lux-

Caesar salad with fried oysters, and sweet

Savannah/Hilton Head International Air-

ury runs deep. The property is outfitted with

ice cream in a praline basket is satisfying

port, in a plane arranged by JetRide char-

a full spa and 24-hour fitness center, restau-

and delicious fuel for the day ahead.

ter company. They’ll make your flight ultra

rant and lounge, wine cellar and a unique,

luxurious, and you might not want to get off

state of the art cooking school.

11:00 am

Shopping: Shopping in Savannah is an

the plane.

1:30 pm 12:00 pm


3:00 pm exciting and diverse experience. While not

Lunch: For a real Southern experience,

a retail center in the traditional sense, al-

Check in: There is no better place to

try the Olde Pink House, the place to eat for

though Broughton Street is filling up with

stay than at the Mansion on Forsyth Park

Savannah’s local elite. Housed in a pink-

new shops (Marc Jacobs is a recent arrival),

100 Thousand Club

36 Hrs Ed P114-119:10jan



Page 117

the burgeoning art scene is becoming as

7:30 pm

with the historic downtown, it’s time for you

much of a draw as the historic district. To

Dinner: Elizabeth on 37th is a Low-

to meet its former inhabitants—Savannah is

see and purchase work from up-and-

country restaurant with an upscale atmos-

considered one of the most haunted cities in

coming art stars, visit shopSCAD, the bou-

phere, housed in an early 20th-century

the United States, and late-night ghost tours

tique for the students, faculty, alumni and

mansion, and is considered by many to be

abound. From the Hearse Tours that drive

staff of the Savannah College of Art and De-

the quintessential Savannah dining experi-

you through town in their eponymous vehi-

sign. For more established artists on dis-

ence. The seafood-rich menu is full of re-

cle, modified to a top-down convertible, to

play, the Telfair Museum of Art is the oldest

gional tastes like shrimp and grits with

the Sixth Sense Savannah walking tour, it is

art museum in the South. Opened to the

red-eye gravy, and oysters served three

an amusing and sometimes spooky way to

public in 1886, the original building is it-

ways. With a sumptuous bottle of wine, you

see another side of the city. Most of the

self considered an archetypal English Re-

might be tempted to start checking out the

tours combine quite naturally with pub

gency structure, and the new arts center,

local real estate.

crawls—public consumption of alcohol is

opened in 2006 and designed by Moshe Safdie, continues in the tradition of architecturally significant buildings.

legal here, and what better way to calm your

10:00 pm Get Spooked: Now that you’re familiar

nerves than a mint julep as you hear story after ghost story?

100 Thousand Club


36 Hrs Ed P114-119:10jan



Page 118

Day 2 10:00 am

brier Spa is the area’s premier luxury spa des-

spectacular salmon under the vaulted glass

tination. Centered on hydrotherapy treatments

ceiling off the hotel’s secluded courtyard.

such as the signature mineral soak, Swiss Shower and Scotch Spray combination refresh

cally famous novel “Midnight in the Garden of

the body, as do the organic products incorpo-

Idyllic Beach: Located just 20 minutes

Good and Evil” has been in business since

rated into treatments. The Live Oak massage is

east of downtown Savannah, Tybee Island feels

1903, serving omelets, grits, fresh biscuits and

a deep-pressure treatment inspired by the

worlds away. Known as Savannah’s Beach, this

malted waffles. Their signature dessert, a justly

longevity of Savannah’s famous foliage.

quaint community has is a sanctuary from the city and a beautiful daylong escape. The bar-

famous jumbo éclair, isn’t exactly breakfast food, but who could blame you for indulging in one for the road?

11:00 am


2:30 pm

Breakfast: Clary's Café, featured in the lo-

1:00 pm

rier island features plenty of seafood and all

Lunch: The 45 Bistro, located in the his-

sorts of opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of

toric Marshall House – Savannah’s first hotel –

the water from its five miles of beaches—watch

fserves up seafood-focused dishes with inter-

the pelicans and dolphins frolicking just off-

Spa Relaxation: The sister spa of the

national flair. The chef, Ryan Behneman,

shore, rent a surfboard, or just relax on the

famed Greenbrier in West Virginia, the Green-

serves his lasagna of jumbo sea scallops and

sand in this beachfront haven.

100 Thousand Club

36 Hrs Ed P114-119:10jan



Page 119

5:00 pm

“There barrier island features plenty of seafood... Watch the pelicans and dolphins frolicking just offshore, rent a surfboard, or just relax...”

checkout. It is considered one of the best

Carriage Tour: Savannah Carriage Tours

restaurants in town, famous for updating

is the premier company in a town full of sce-

local favorites into upscale cuisine—the

nic tours. Guests are taken through Savan-

hotel’s commitment to fine food shows right

nah’s most beautiful historic squares in a

down to the gleaming culinary school

vintage open carriage, with a knowledgeable

kitchens. Dine out on the rooftop marble

tour guide, and many available add-ons, in-

patio overlooking Forsyth Park, while you

cluding engraved glasses, champagne, and

enjoy the live music coming out of the hotel’s

regional wines. They’ll pick you up at your

bar, Casimir’s Lounge.

hotel and drop you off in time for dinner after a last look at this beautiful city.

10:00 pm Depart: Aboard your JetRide private

7:30 pm Dinner: Take your final dinner in the hotel restaurant, 700 Drayton, for a leisurely

charter flight back at Savannah/Hilton Head airport. After this day at the spa and beach, we’re sure the ride will be a pleasant one.

100 Thousand Club


100KUS6_Red Ledges:6NOV07


6:53 PM

Page 120

Euan Rellie ed:10jan



Page 121


Euan Rellie ed:10jan



Page 122

Euan Rellie, investment banker, husband, father, and fixture on the New York social scene, claims to be getting old. “When I first started I was traveling like a lunatic, spending 200 days a year in hotels. Now I only do three or four round-theworld trips a year.”


ost businessmen would not take this as signifying any kind of decline. Similarly, Rellie’s 40th birthday party, held at his friend Jason Denton’s restaurant Bar Milano – “a funny little Rat Pack Italian restaurant,” as he de-

scribed it – was a lively 75 person dinner party, including the John Galliano-clad singer-songwriter Alexa Wilding popping out of a cake for a birthday serenade on a miniature guitar. Famously up for a good time and for seamlessly combining his family, social, and professional lives, Rellie’s place in the world seems to be simply rising, not peaking. Rellie is of Scottish descent, educated at Eton and Cambridge, and arrived in the United States in 1996 to help found Business Development Asia, an investment firm based in New York, Singapore, and London. He currently lives in New York City with wife Lucy Sykes Rellie, Vogue fashion editorturned-children’s clothing designer, and their two young sons, who occasionally help their father liven up parties, fashion shows, and photo shoots. They have lived in the West Village for almost 11 years (“My wife says she misses the transvestite hookers”) and even as the neighborhood has evolved from quaint urban oasis to Sex and the City-approved hotspot, have never had the urge to leave. Or as he puts it, in terms of the scene itself: “We lived here when it was just Florent, and then Pastis, and now through all these horrible clubs and such.”


100 Thousand Club

Euan Rellie ed:10jan



Page 123

Euan Rellie ed:10jan



Page 124

He is on the board at the West Village Nursery School, where his son attends preschool, and feels strongly that the neighborhood should be livable for all kinds of people. “It’s nice downtown, and it’s a nice school he’s going to, a little church place, not like the Upper East Side Gossip Girl schools. We feel the West Village still has something more in the way of community.” “You name a time of day, we have somewhere around here that we like to be—Café Cluny with the kids, Barbuto for dinner—the kids spend all summer on the roof at Soho House swimming in the pool. It used to be that once people had more than one child, they’d leave the city and go out to the suburbs. People don’t do that anymore, they squeeze into an apartment, and we keep a small house in Bridgehampton, which I’m seeing now is typical of most of our friends. I would rather stick pins in my eyes than live in the suburbs. I moved to New York to be in the thick of things.” He often favors parties with a charitable bent, and frequents many fashion events all year round. He is also a committee member at Soho House, the members-only downtown club. “I’m on the board at Soho House, but I don’t think New York really needs a clubby scene. Brook’s [in London, where he is a member] is a club, my father’s club, and it’s a stuffy old-fashioned place. In New York, we live here because of the amazing variety of the social life. I mean, really, you can sit next to Kofi Annan one night, Bob Geldof the next. New York is a magnet for ambitious people of all kinds.”


As befits a habitual jet-setter, he’s spent

bridge together, he says he woke up every morn-

some time on the West coast as well. His sister,

ing for six months desperately missing New

Jemima Rellie, lives in LA where she works at

York, and then after six months never thought

the Getty Museum, and he says, “Every time

about it again, loved LA.”

we’re out there, we rent a convertible, and we’re

He’s also put in more than a few hours in

driving around, and we start to think that when

Sin City, most recently traveling with Vertu, the

we’re bored of the claustrophobic rat race of New

luxury cell phone maker, to a poker tourna-

York, then maybe LA – the lifestyle is very ap-

ment at the Wynn. When it comes to Vegas, his

pealing.” Though the rat race seems to be what

preference would be, ”to spend three days of

he loves about New York City, he assures us,

my life every year there and to not sleep—any

“My friend Chris Weitz, [director of About A Boy

longer and I think it could get a bit awful and

and The Golden Compass] we went to Cam-

depressing.” In this particular case, he was

100 Thousand Club

Euan Rellie and wife Lucy Sykes attend the Theory Icon Project, New York City

Euan Rellie ed:10jan



Page 125

cheered by his win at the tournament, and the

It’s a very exciting place to be working.” These

prize of a new ostrich leather and titanium cus-

are the trips he has down to an art form. “Usu-

tom-made phone. Not a bad pot.

ally when I travel now, I wait until I have a

His company, Business Development

couple requests in Europe, a couple requests

Asia, currently has an office in Bahrain, and is

in Asia and India, and then I buy a British Air-

in the process of registering to move to Dubai,

ways around-the-world ticket, and I travel

an exciting move as the city continues to grow

every other day—one day working, one day fly-

apace. The firm’s executive committee will be

ing. I don’t mind it really, I’m not anywhere

flying out on SilverJet, his favorite planes, to

long enough to get jet-lagged, and I don’t mind

stay at the Fairmont and strategize their ex-

saying that the flat beds on British Airways are

pansion there. “They’ve built all these hotels,

not the least comfortable way to fly. I have a

now we just have to hope everyone shows up.

Pavlovian thing now that I start to get sleepy

Family man Euan Rellie bundled up on the beach in the Hamptons this winter, with wife Lucy and sons Heathcliff and Titus

100 Thousand Club


100KUS6_Marcia Webber:6NOV07


6:40 PM

Page 126

Euan Rellie ed:10jan



Page 127

as soon as I get on a plane, so a glass of red

I bought all my shirts when I was a 20-year-old

wine and a packet of peanuts is really all it

banker instead of a 40-year-old banker, like I am

takes. I’m lucky that I can sleep, I suppose.”

now,” and favors Tateossian, Links of London,

His work travel hasn’t dulled his appetite for

and “old-school British no-name gold cufflinks.”

his favorite international destinations, however.

His tastes are fashion-forward, though not fussy

“Lucy used to work as a fashion editor [at Vogue

or impractical. “I never wear a watch. I suppose

and Marie Claire] and she used to bring me to all

I’ll inherit my father’s, if I outlive him, which

the ready-to-wear shows in Milan and Paris. I

sometimes seems unlikely, but for now I’m on

love the Grand Hotel and the Four Seasons in

my Blackberry all day long. Maybe the Vertu will

Milan, the Meurice in Paris—in Paris I could

replace the Blackberry.”

stay in a 100-euro a night hotel on the Left Bank

He loves Thom Browne, and has appeared

and just wander about without any luxuries at all.

on record and in photographs many times, in-

Although there is gorgeous food everywhere.”

cluding in our photos, to that effect. “He’s a

Fashion is a recurring theme in the Sykes-

good friend of mine and Lucy’s, we’ve loved his

Rellie household, and many bright lights of the

work from the beginning and I helped him with

international fashion world are among their close

his deal to get him launched. I have probably ten

friends. Though he claims, “I still get all my

or eleven of his suits, and they’re a uniform,

shirts from Hackett’s in London, which is where

that’s what’s great about them. Whenever I ask

“I never wear a watch. I suppose I’ll inherit my father’s, if I outlive him, which sometimes seems unlikely, but for now I’m on my Blackberry all day long. Maybe the Vertu will replace the Blackberry”

100 Thousand Club


Euan Rellie ed:10jan



Page 128

Lucy what I should wear out, she usually says ‘Thom Browne’ and I don’t even have to think about it.” For casual wear, he says, “We love David Neville for Rag & Bone, for dress down clothes. They’re doing more men’s stuff now.” “I also like Ports 1961, they came out of China, but also Canada—I first saw them in China, then a friend introduced us to the designer, Tia Cibani, who is Canadian but lives in a tiny port town in China, and now Lucy and I both wear it.” Asia is both a personal and a business destination, from Shanghai, where he stays at the Ritz Carlton Portman, to Hong Kong, where they stay at the Mandarin and have several close friends. “I’ve been to Bombay a lot recently – I suppose I should say Mumbai, but everyone there calls it Bombay, so I’ve rather adjusted to that. We stay at the Taj at Lands End or in South Bombay. I don’t mind saying this about Bombay, because it’s true, the infrastructure is terrible there, everyone knows it, but it’s terribly exciting. All good global cities share that one thing, that bustle.” Though the thrill of that bustle has brought him from London to New York and from there sent him all over the world, the family escape at the beach is currently on his mind as summer approaches. “This winter we bought a little cottage in Bridgehampton—4 bedrooms, 3 fireplaces, little place, not one of these horrible McMansions springing up everywhere. We spent a lovely winter snuggling in front of the fireplace and periodically getting dressed up in eight layers of sweaters and fleeces and such and going down to the beach. It’s important with the boys to get them out on the beach where they can be outside.” Though an urwith the friends with whom they share their city, Rellie offers, somewhat mischeviously, “If we ever decided to leave the city, we would really leave, probably move to a tiny village in the English countryside that no one had ever heard of.” Please Euan, don’t. New York would be missing someone who makes it special.


100 Thousand Club

Euan Rellie in Thom Browne

banite to the bone, and ever more involved

100KUS6_Fredrick Wildman:6NOV07


6:28 PM

Page 129




Page 130

Some of our favorite galleries, some of our favorite art – works from Coady Contemporary, Patricia Carlisle, and Gallery on Greene


100 Thousand Club




Page 131

Culture Portfolio


here are several components to a fulfilled lifestyle. A life of leisure should be comprised of things that we each enjoy on an individual level. Fortunately, there are several choices when it comes to these types of pleasures. In the realms of wine, real estate, and art – three of our favorite indulgences at 100Thousand Club – the choices are literally endless. For this reason,

we feel it is sometimes necessary to point out the best of the best. The best of the best does not always mean the oldest vintage, the most lux-

urious locale, or even the most limited edition. What it does mean, however, is that for one reason or another, a particular vineyard, or community, or gallery may have set itself apart in some way that makes it worthy of a closer look. This could have something to do with a long-standing business success that has always maintained a commitment to excellence. Or it could be the act of contributing to a greater cause, and taking a larger responsibility in a community or environment. There are a plethora of reasons that businesses in the lifestyle spectrum are recognized. We have recognized a few below that for one reason or another are making a relevant cultural statement, while still maintaining a standard of excellence in their primary goal. We call this our Culture Portfolio.

100 Thousand Club





Page 132


in the business span and touch on so many different aspects of the busi-

Coady Contemporary is an art gallery worth not

ness, that her expertise is almost tangible. With degrees in art history,

only keeping an eye on, but also worth a visit.

her passion and involvement in the art world takes on many different

Any many visits to this brilliant spot in Santa

forms. She is a collector, a writer, a lecturer, a curator, and alas, an owner.

Fe, New Mexico will also probably result in a

Her Canyon Road gallery is a magnet for collectors from all over the

purchase. What makes this gallery so special?

world, and serious collector’s rank it among the best worldwide. As a re-

For starters, the location in Santa Fe, an area

sult of her unshakable leadership, Coady Contemporary perseveres to

and a state that has become so rich with spec-

continue to represent unique contemporary art. It is among the most

tacular art, that for this reason alone it is a des-

spectacular and wonderful galleries, and it all stems from Judy herself.

tination. Secondly, and most importantly, Judy


Coady. Coady’s involvement in art is much


more involved and in-depth than the average

The current day status of Frederick S. Wildman as one of the largest and

New York City gallery owner. Her thirty years

most celebrated of wine importers in the United States is a result of a

100 Thousand Club

The California landscape is dotted with rolling vineyards and lush green vegetation




Page 133

group including Cacciato. All along the way, however, there has always

tremendous history, consisting of a variety of

been a guiding principle by which the company is focused. It is a quote

changes, developments, and ultimately, suc-

from Wildman himself:

cesses. Many of the terrific wines we all enjoy

“Business, and particularly the wine business, should be conducted

on a daily basis today are a result of this pio-

as to bring pleasure, pride and friendship to those engaged in it. We

neering companies work over the last several

pledge ourselves to preserving the tradition of fine wine merchants and

decades. From wineries such as Domaine

the heritage that fine wine itself deserves.”

Darviot-Perrin, with current vintages such as Beaune 1er Cru “Belissand” 2004, to the

Real Estate

champagne house of Pol Roger and its famed

We have written in these pages before about the splendor of the Blue

Cuvee Sir Winston Churchill 1988, so many of

Ridge Mountains, and we are forced once again to revisit this area. This

the most spectacular bottles we uncork every-

time, our attention is diverted to the Red Wolf Run, a glorious develop-

day are the result of Frederick S. Wildman

ment that we are highlighting not only for its “Cosmopolitan Mountain

companies efforts.

Living,” as developer Ron Basile likes to call it, but also for its dedication to green and eco-friendly living.

The history of the company is lengthy. After the repeal of Prohibition, Frederick S.

Red Wolf Run is special in a few ways, and its commitment to envi-

Wildman bought the century-old wine importer

ronmental responsibility is at the top of that list. Their award winning en-

Bellows and Co., and that year traveled to Eu-

vironmental vision has resulted in The Red Wolf Run Foundation, which

rope’s vineyards to add wine to his company’s

is a private, not-for-profit foundation that was established in order to

cellars. Within a short time, Wildman signed




Page 134

The Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina are the setting for Red Wolf Run’s incredible community. The project embraces the environment with passion and responsibility




Page 135

on some of Burgundy’s best, including Armand Rousseau and J. Moreau

support environmentally responsible efforts

et Fils, which are still important products in the Wildman portfolio today.

that have a special significance in Western

With Frederick in charge he grew the company quickly and effi-

North Carolina. As the Asheville and Blue

ciently, taking a hands-on approach. He wrote the newsletters and wine

Ridge Mountain areas have become more de-

notes, always reflecting his personal taste (as well as his client’s) for the

veloped in the recent years, it has become

best product.

paramount that developers and commercial

Throughout the course of the second half of the twentieth century,

enterprises take the responsibility of preserv-

there have been many changes in the structure and ownership. Bellows

ing what makes the area so incredible special

was sold to National Distillers and it subsequently abandoned of the

very importantly.

wine business. This was followed by Wildman’s taking a position as the head of the fine wine division, and the eventual recreation of Frederick Wildman and Sons, Ltd.

Red Wolf Run has undertaken this task as well as anyone. In an incredible act of graciousness, Red

Frederick eventually retired, and the company became a subsidiary

Wolf Run, LLC., is the main benefactor of the

of Hiram Walker, which was followed by its purchase by an investment

Foundation, and contributes a significant por-




Page 136

tion of every home-site sale to the not-for-

that demands our attention and praise as well. It is called the Tides at

profit. In addition, their contributions have

Crystal Cove, nestled on the Pacific Ocean in Orange County, California.

also spearheaded and supported some more

Rarely is there an opportunity to own such a spectacular piece of natu-

creative and interesting eco-friendly endeav-

ral beauty such as this.

ors as well. The funds have been pledged by

The place speaks for itself. It is a long sweeping cove, half hidden.

the Foundation to build the new red wolf habi-

From every perch there is a coastal freshness in the air. Long stretches

tat at the Western N.C. Nature Center. A sim-

of beach seem to demand nothing but relaxation.

ilar endeavor is underway to develop a disease

People are drawn to a place like Crystal Cove for a variety of reasons.

resistant chestnut tree – another hallmark of

They are people who appreciate a natural beauty that transcends the

this splendid part of the country.

magnificence of a proverbial “McMansion.” The people who built who

Obviously, this is only part of why Red

hand-built the original cottages at Crystal Cove in the 1920s and '30s did

Wolf Run is the type of property to strongly

so with a goal to not overshadow the natural surroundings, but embrace

consider. The rest is born out of the details of

them, and take full advantage of their near flawlessness.

its careful planning, and luxurious lifestyle.

Crystal Cove’s location is also special for another reason. It is one of the last great stretches of beach in this splendid area of Southern Cali-

Crystal Cove


fornia, between Newport and Laguna beaches. This type of ocean living

One the absolute other side of the country,

is much different than what most people experience throughout the

there is another spectacular real estate project

world. The combination between white sand beaches, and jagged rocks

100 Thousand Club

echoto.indd 137

11/6/08 14:24:24




Page 138

combine to create a setting that is as much

your choice of activity. The community of Crystal Cove borders Crys-

Pebble Beach as it is tropical Hawaii. The

tal Cove State Park, 3.5 miles of coastline, and is accessible to resi-

open spaces seem to fit in all the right places,

dents at three points around the area, from Reef Point and Pelican

enabling one to see beautiful lights in the

Point to Los Trancos.

midst of spectacular natural formations. In a

And as with any community, there is an important aspect of life out-

land like Southern California, where few things

side the gates. At Crystal Cove, the locale offers a rich array of shop-

seem to be natural and real, this is a rarity.

ping and dining destinations. Just like with other parts of Orange

The community itself is exclusive and gated, but close to so many great places and


Country, the elegance and luxury abound in almost any meal our cultural experience you crave.

things. Crystal Cove caters to just about every

The Crystal Cove Promenade is within walking distance for Crystal

aspect of life, or any personality one may un-

Cove residents and includes unique retail shops, luxury boutiques, and

dertake throughout the course of a week.

casual and lively outdoor cafes.

Whether you are the homeowner, the jetset-

Fashion Island in Newport Beach is a premier shopping destina-

ter, the shopper, the golfer, the late night

tion for anyone in southern California, and also hosts an annual sum-

dinner party host, or the book on the beach

mer concert series, project playhouse and an annual tree lighting

type of person, Crystal Cove is conducive to


100 Thousand Club

100KUS6_Peter Vey:6NOV07


6:46 PM

Page 139




Page 140





Page 141





Page 142




Page 143


ur favorite vacations begin by

land, these round thatched roofs pop out of the

skimming along over the surface

landscape, leading you into the safe harbor of

of the clear blue sparkling wa-

their luxurious lagoons.

ters of the Indian Ocean, head-

When you do decide to explore your new

ing for a private retreat hidden from the world

surroundings, the water is a perfect place to

and filled with every necessary luxury.

start. Coral reefs unlike any others carpet the

The Maldives and Seychelles, and Mauri-

ocean bed right outside your door, and there

tius have long been a playground for Euro-

are ample opportunities to arrange for diving

peans seeking swimming, snorkeling, and

and snorkeling expeditions. For those who pre-

scuba diving, as well as sun, sand, and spas.

fer to admire the water rather than submerge in

Their isolation has kept these islands largely

it, parasailing, windsurfing, sailing, and sport

unspoiled, with pristine white beaches, palm

fishing expeditions are all plentiful. Fishing

tree oases, and luxurious world-class resorts.

especially will give you a personal connection

Neighboring nations of tiny islands, they share

to one of the countries’ other great highlights—

a visual similarity as well as a devotion to serv-


ice, luxury, and care unmatched by any other destination. As you approach by sea, on a water taxi or

Start your exploration on the island of Mauritius, 900 miles off the coast of Madagascar and a haven of luxury in the Indian Ocean.

charter arranged for you by your resort, admire

At the Hilton Mauritius all rooms face sea-

the great expanse of ocean interrupted only by

wards, ending every day with a stunning In-

tiny, private islands, fringed with white sand

dian Ocean sunset. The pool, landscaped with

beaches and capped with a lush strand of palm

rocks and waterfalls, plays underwater classi-

trees and tropical plants. The Seychelles are

cal music for complete relaxation and offers

composed of 155 of these tiny islands, while

poolside drinks service. Activities at the Boat-

the Maldives are have more than 1,100.

house include water-skiing and windsurfing,

Mostly grown out of coral reefs, this unique ge-

scuba diving and catamaran cruising, or a sim-

ography creates a landscape of lagoons and

ple lunch on the beach. The spa is one of the

wave breaks that entice surfers, snorkelers,

largest spas in the region, for a soothing respite

and swimmers alike. Though your speedboat

from the great outdoors. This family-friendly

is a far cry from the native ships that have

resort is a haven for families with children,

sailed these waters for centuries, the ocean is

with on-property activities like Mauritian

the blood of these islands, the perfect intro-

dancing and swimming groups in the warm,

duction to the land. Most resorts’ top-of-the-

shallow waters, and nearby attractions like the

line villas are built on platforms out over the

Medine Sugar Estate, Casela Nature Park, and

water, guaranteeing a private and unobstructed

a local crocodile farm. For the adults, the

view of paradise from the deck outside your

Melanzane restaurant, one of six on the prop-

own personal bungalow. As you draw close to

erty, offers traditional Mauritian food, as well

100 Thousand Club






Page 144

as international dining and entertainment, and

Pirogue and Le Coco Beach. The Company’s

each. The Sugar Beach is the perfect place to

there are plenty of places to explore the fash-

flagship property is Le Touessrok, a five-star

relax in the gardens or by the water, all under

ionable nightlife of Flic-en-Flac.

luxury resort and member of the Leading Ho-

the romance of the starlit tropical sky. Guests

Located on the picturesque northwest cost

tels of the World. Awarded the prestigious

have access to the facilities of La Pirogue,

of Mauritius, the Taamra Wellness Spa at Le

"Best Resort Hotel in the World Award" in

which is within walking distance.

Meridien Ile Maurice offers a range of soothing

2007, the award testifies to the team at Le

La Pirogue, the most authentic and Maurit-

and exotic spa treatments inspired by Asia and

Touessrok, all of whom have worked unend-

ian of the resorts, runs along one of the island’s

specializing in Ayurveda, the ancient alterna-

ingly to maintain the reputation for excellence

finest beaches, and is set in the midst of a vast,

tive healing and life style system from India.

synonymous with the property. The hotel is

luxuriant tropical garden. Inspired by the sea

Equipped with seven treatment rooms, com-

contemporary and chic and boasts a cool, mod-

and designed after a traditional fishing village

pact gymnasium, relaxation gardens, yoga

ern elegance complemented by the cultural

atmosphere. The hotel takes its name from a

pavilion and hydrospa area, the spa also in-

warmth of tropical Mauritius.

fishing boat, with the main building inspired by

corporates Reiki and Yoga training to enhance

Sugar Beach on the leeward West coast of

white sails, and the chalets are built in the local

total well-being. One of their signature treat-

Mauritius, is an exquisite contemporary plan-

style with volcanic rock and wood and thatch.

ments, the Ayurvedic Synchronized massage,

tation-style resort featuring beautiful land-

Renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, world

perfectly symbolizes the mass attention to care

scaped tropical gardens with contemporary

cuisine, and sports and activities galore, this is

and service to which the spa is devoted.

plantation-style architecture, as well as over

where couples and families experience the best of famed Mauritian hospitality.

Sun Resorts is a major Mauritian hotel

half a kilometre of sandy beaches. The central

group that currently owns and manages four re-

Manor House is surrounded by 16 villas - ten

sorts - Le Touessrok, Sugar Beach Resort, La

with 12 rooms each and six with 10 rooms

100 Thousand Club

If you’re in the mood for a party, Le Coco Beach is the liveliest resort in Mauritius.

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One of the biggest hotels on the east coast


nce you’ve arrived in country, Sun Resorts has several very special properties at which to host you. Kanuhura, a coral island hideaway in a re-

mote atoll of the Maldives accessible by seaplane, bringing you to the resort’s timber and thatch villas on silver sand. Kanuhura is a private hideaway with a wide range of relaxations, sports, and some of the world’s best diving sites, with the outer reef dropping down nearly 2,000 metres, as well as the most up-to-date spa, aerobics, and gym facilities. Accommodations are either on the island’s coral sand fringe or in a little village on stilts at the end of a wooden pier. ‘In-villa’ dining is a specialty, providing romantic dinners and special celebrations in the privacy of your villa.

of Mauritius, it is a bright, vibrant resort set in 80 acres of lush gardens, planted with thousands of palm trees, casuarinas and other endemic tropical plants. Small isolated coves and hundreds of yards of white, sandy beaches punctuate the landscape. Popular with both families and couples, the Coco Beach atmosphere is carefree and relaxed, with a whole range of activities for entertaining, high-energy holidays. Move north to the Maldives, a chain of over 1100 islands, and take advantage of the variety of resorts and cruises available. To get started planning your vacation, consult Intour

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Maldives, the premier travel planner in the area. Other incredible hotel collections in the Maldives include the Coco Collection properties, Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu and Coco Palm Bodu Hithi. Coco Palm Bodu Hithi, recently opened on the private Island of Bodu Hithi in the North Male’ Atoll, a 40 minute, well-appointed speedboat ride from Male’ International Airport. The island is lush with natural vegetation with naturally designed sandy walkways, edged by white sand beaches and coconut trees and surrounded by turquoise seas and isolated sand banks. The accommodations vary between island and water villas, and some of the most unique villas in the islands—the Escape Water Villas and Residences, with private outdoor terraces and infinity pools pouring out into the ocean and a dedicated restaurant and bar, The Stars, as well as around-the-clock butler service. There are five other restaurants and bars on property, ranging from casual breakfast and snack bars to romantic dining over the lagoon, as well as a full range of event services and in-villa dining. The Coco Spa offers treatments from Indonesia, Thailand, and India as well as a collection of Ayurveda-inspired luxury skincare products and treatments. Other leisure facilities include the yoga pavilion, Tai Chi Pavillion, over-water fitness space, infinity swimming pool, tennis courts, an indoor recreation space, as well as an extensive choice of scuba, boating, waterskiing, and other excursions. The stylishly casual Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu, located on Dhuni Kolhu island in Baa Atoll, 124km from Malé airport, captures tropical magic in abundance, beautifully balanc-

100 Thousand Club






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ing the island’s bountiful vegetation with the

Indonesia, Thailand and India. In-villa spa

hospitality, while incorporating Asian tradi-

resort’s architectural charisma.

treatments are available as well. The interna-

tions of simplicity and elegance to its overall

Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is surrounded by

tional diving school offers PADI courses, and

appeal. Sleek, contemporary and sexy, The

a lagoon of bright turquoise water and coral

the other water sports offerings include cata-

Beach House offers unparalleled luxury with

banks, fringed by beaches of white sand and

maran sailing, windsurfing, water skiing and

a private pool and a personal butler for every

richly covered with fertile tropical vegetation.


suite. World-class cuisine from all corners of

Its 98 villas, featuring thatched bungalows, are

Bandos Island Resort, a recently reno-

the world combined with countless on- and off-

either set in quiet isolation and hidden by flow-

vated property in the Maldives has been

shore recreational facilities round up the truly

ers, tropical ferns, vines and palms or out on

brought up to date with an all-new main build-

supreme character of The Beach House at

the lagoon over excellent house reefs. The

ing, shop, and swimming pool, as well as a re-

Manafaru Maldives. The attention to detail at

three restaurants feature unique Maldivian ac-

vitalization of the three restaurants and the

the resort sets it apart from its peers—the Sor-

cents, from the traditional tent-like roof in the

main bar on the property. Much care was taken

bet Butler who circulates around the pools dis-

main dining room and outdoor pavilions to the

to ensure that the old-world refinement for

pensing sorbet; the private islands are used for

Maldivian cuisine, served with Thai, Indian

which the island has a reputation remained un-

intimate dinners or for jet-skiers so they do not

and other Asian delicacies. The lagoon bar

compromised, and aesthetically the native

disturb other guests; the bungee trampolines

caters to swimmers with a wet area and a wad-

prints and upscale furnishings have remained

in the trees, available to guests of all ages.

ing area for romantic fun and togetherness at

as appealing as ever, blending tropical splen-

With an attentive staff willing to go out of their

sunset. The Coco Spa, a tranquil space cre-

dor with a taste of the Maldivian aesthetic.

way to organize activities and cater to your

ated to indulge personal desires for beauty,

The Beach House at Manafaru recreates

wellbeing and relaxation with treatments from

the style and charm of traditional Maldivian

100 Thousand Club

every need, the resort is an experience not to be missed.

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The Universal Resorts collection in the Maldives has something for everyone among their six secluded island resorts. Kurumba, Baros, Laguna, Full Moon, and Kuramathi are located within the Maldives, and encompass a variety of special offerings. Kurumba, originally opened in 1972 as one of the first resorts in the Maldives, was fully renovated in 2004 and retains its reputation as first and best, while Full Moon, also recently renovated, continues in their tradition of personalized service. Baros is a full-service luxury resort with unique visual features, like the gorgeously reconstructed overwater Lighthouse restaurant, while Kurumathi, almost a kilometer long, is one of the largest resorts of its kind, divided into the Village, the Cottage & Spa, and the Blue Lagoon depending on the kind of focus you desire. One of their most unique offerings is the Atoll Explorer, a cruise ship specifically designed for inter-island cruising, the first of its kind in the Maldives. The “family hotel� atmosphere and lack of pretension in dress of the boat belies the attention to detail and care that the staff gives to their guests. With a maximum of 40 passengers, camaraderie is encouraged among the passengers, and every weeklong cruise grows into an ongoing party full of new friends. Food is served on deck, in the dining room, or under the stars on a deserted island, providing ample opportunities to mix and mingle and enjoy time alone. Guests often comment on the freshness and variety of the food, from picnics and barbeque fare to the Captain’s dinner on the final night. The specialized itineraries ensure that guests experience the full beauty of the Maldives, and the diversity of the islands scattered across the ocean, seeing


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a variety of resorts and spas as well as local

Universal Resorts also has one property in

ting. Just a 45-minute boat ride from the cap-

parts of the islands and the capital city of

our other favorite island nation nearby, the

ital, Silhouette Island is rich in natural beauty

Male’. Each cruise has its particular treats, in-

Seychelles island chain. Similar to the Mal-

and teeming with exotic wildlife. Seafaring

cluding a visit to Kandholhudhu, an exclusive

dives in structure, the Seychelles also offer nu-

guests can take advantage of snorkeling ex-

spa island for Universal Resorts guests. There,

merous luxury resorts that are popular yet

cursions starring ancient giant tortoises, sail-

spa technicians pamper you under the palm







trees with traditional herbal remedies after you

Universal Resorts’ Labriz is a resort for

PADI-operated snorkeling. Land-oriented vis-

explore some of the best snorkeling on the

guests with a taste for the spectacular. In the

itors can investigate mountain paths on foot,

atoll, a protected reef housing stingrays, reef

shadow of Mount Dauban it is a five-star lux-

and even arrange to meet with our resident nat-

sharks, and many kinds of corals.

ury accommodation in an awe-inspiring set-

uralist and marine biologist, or else explore the


ood in the Indian Ocean region is far beyond island fare in the Caribbean or other tropical desti-

nations. The seafood, naturally, is topnotch, snatched straight from the ocean and brought to your plate. The influence of the Indian subcontinent extends to the spicy, exotic dishes, from unique salads and vegetarian meals to multiple riffs on ethnic flavors. In these islands, every traveler lives like a king. Most resorts are based around villas, on land and built out over the sea, ranging from 800 square metres to 1700 square metres. The butler, or thakuru, is a regular feature of the upscale resorts in these countries. He greets you at the boat, towels and champagne in hand, and conveys you to your residence, where drinks and appetizers inevitably await; the butler reminds you to summon him at will. Even more modest resorts boast top-notch services— care and attention shows in every corner of your room: flowers on the bed, perfumed toiletries in bathrooms, welcoming staff at every turn to answer questions, arrange activities, and simply make you feel at home. A visit to the Indian Ocean is an opportunity not to be missed—make your self at home at some of our favorite resort spots.

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spa featuring indigenous ingredients, or the six restaurants on site, from Creole cuisine in a restored plantation house, to grilled seafood amidst Japanese-inspired design, to freshly fired pizza as a daytime snack. No matter how you choose to spend your days, you will go home to a guest room or multi-room villa that surpasses all your expectations. The Hilton Seychelles Northolme is hidden away in one of the world's most enchanting locations, the jewel-like island of MahÊ. The luxury villas take advantage of the hilly landscape and are placed to give each and every room the utmost privacy, yet are raised on stilts to take advantage of the ocean views. Giant hammocks and loungers dot the white sandy coves, and the Duniye Spa gives its most relaxing massages overlooking the ocean. Complimentary snorkeling and kayaking will help you work up an appetite before strolling along to the elegant Les Cocotiers restaurant for the catch of the day, and a drink under the stars at the ocean view bar. The symbol of the Maia Luxury Resorts is the lotus flower, emblematic of the feeling of rebirth and discovery that the islands of the Seychelles raise in all who visit. The 30 villas each feature a all modern amenities gracefully integrated into the exotic wood furnishings, filling the spacious thatch-roofed gazebo, with an adjacent pool, bar, outdoor bath and daybed to take in the views, as well as a private butler to assist with any further needs. The spa, swimming pool, and tanning decks all contribute to the goal of ultimate relaxation, and every day’s meals are made specially by the Taiwanese-born, French-trained chef Andre Chiang to transform the freshest local ingredients into perfect, personalized meals.

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No matter which spot of paradise you choose to unwind, relax, and indulge in all the spectacular features of life, the Indian Ocean, as you can see, has more opportunities for pleasure than one can ever fathom. Take it from us. Take the time to take a break. You may not want to ever come back. 

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