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Horseshoe: On Malia: Leather jacket, Van Jean; Top, Sid & Nancy; Jeans, M Boutique; Ring, Bohemian; flats, Van Jean. On Ashley: Crochet sweater, Sid & Nancy; Polka-dot skirt, Van Jean. On Lee: Cardigan, Bohemian; Plaid shirt, Gentleman’s Closet; Shoes, Salty’s Surf Shop.

Nickelodeon Theatre On Malia: Maxi skirt, Bohemian; Peep-toe wedges, Van Jean; Gray jacket, M Boutique. On Ashley: Wool coat, M Boutique; Sheer blouse, Sid & Nancy; Skirt, Van Jean; Wedges, Salty’s Surf Shop. On Lee: Collared shirt and T-shirt, Sid & Nancy; Jeans, Salty’s Surf Shop; Leather cuff, Sid & Nancy.

Goatfeathers Restaurant On Lee: Collared shirt and jeans, Sid & Nancy. On Malia: Coat and leather belt (worn as a necklace) 2 G’s; Dress, Salty’s Surf Shop; Bead bracelets and Stud earrings, Sid & Nancy; Loafers, Van Jean; Clutch bag, 2 G’s. On Ashley: Turtleneck, Van Jean; wool shorts and watch, Bohemian; Earrings, Sid & Nancy; Heels, Van Jean.

New Brookland Tavern On Malia: Maxi skirt (worn as a dess), Bohemian; Sweater and bracelet, Sid & Nancy; Chain necklace and shoes, Van Jean. On Ashley: top, Bohemian; leather cuff, M Boutique; Earrings, Sid & Nancy; Bracelet, 2 G’s. On Lee: Plaid shirt, Gentleman’s Closet; V-neck t-shirt, Salty’s Surf Shop; Leather cuff, Sid & Nancy.

On Ashley: Sweater and vintage purse, 2 G’s; Skinny jeans, M Boutique; Boots, Van Jean. On Malia: Sweater and leather belt, 2 G’s; Dress (worn as a skirt), Salty’s Surf Shop; Wrap-around watch, Bohemian. On Lee: Zip-up sweater, corduroy pants and dress shoes, Gentleman’s Closet; V-neck T-shirt, Salty’s; Watch, Bohemian.

SPECIAL THANKS Van Jean 2734 Devine Street 803.252.4339 Sid & Nancy 743 Saluda Avenue 803.779.6454 M Boutique 2820 Devine Street 803.765.2243 Bohemian 707 Saluda Avenue 803.256.0629 Gentleman’s Closet 717 Saluda Avenue 803.256.3868 Salty’s Surf Shop 912 Harden Street 803.748.9946

PHOTOGRAPHY // SARAH KOBOS CREATIVE DIRECTION // ELIZABETH HOWELL STYLED // MELISSA BROWN HAIR & MAKEUP // JULIA HIENZ Production Assistants: Stephanie Pope, Hallie Lipsmeyer, Christian Barker, Malia Griggs & Molly Mcnutt Models: Malia Schofield, Ashley McClary & Lee Garrett Videography: Anna Hodgson & Dylan Knight Behind-the-scenes video at

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