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Best Scrubs Fabric

Disposable surgical scrubs are popular because they may be worn once and discarded. In addition, they are less prone to store bacteria because they are typically not washed. The most breathable and comfortable fabric material for surgical scrubs is a blend of cotton and polyester in a lower weight designed for single use.

Polyester-based fabrics are the most resistant to stains and chemicals. Polyester is notoriously resistant to stains and chemicals, making it the ideal material for medical scrubs.


The best scrubs fabric for winter and dry weather is a blend of cotton and polyester. We recommend scrubs made from a cotton-polyester combination if you live in a colder, dryer area. This type of cloth is long-lasting and will keep you warm and cosy in chilly conditions.

Cotton Or Polyester: Which one is Better as Scrubs Fabric

In the sweltering midsummer heat, a polyester moisture-wicking fabric may best suit your demands if you are heading out to work. If you want to modify the appearance of your scrub uniform, the versatile cotton fabric will help you achieve the desired look. Cotton and polyester each have their advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, your choice will depend on what you need in a material that matches your needs and gives the comfort and appearance you desire.

If you’re a seamstress searching for a niche, think about making scrub tops for those in the medical field.

Items you’ll need

Sewing machine • Fabric

Notions •

Homemade or store-bought patterns

Step 1

Research various scrubs fashions. To have a closer look, contact internet suppliers or go to local medical supply shops. Make preliminary sketches and note ideas for colour, fabric, and style. Print out images from the Internet to bring when you buy patterns and fabric.

Step 2

Look for a straightforward, adaptable pattern that you can alter if you want to give the scrub tops your unique flair.

Step 3

Get a wide variety of solids and prints in vibrant colours for the scrub tops. There are numerous possibilities available online.

Step 4

Sew the side seams along the underside of the sleeve and down to the top of the split on the body with the right and left sides together. All sizes should have a 16cm split from the front and back cut edge.