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Inception • Before entering in the email marketing field, you have to find out what is the final message you want to deliver your reader and how your reader will be able to show that they have not only gone through your message, but also reacted on it. • Even if you want to stay in contact with new leads, active or potential customers, email provides a non-invasive, yet highly efficient method to get in touch with the most important people to your business.

Types of marketing emails • If you are not spending on email marketing, probably you are missing out big opportunity. In this presentation I have drawn attention towards six different types of marketing emails that your business has to use.  Responsiveness emails  Greeting emails  Deliberation emails  Send event related emails  Create lead development emails  Gain customer’s trust with loyalty emails

Responsiveness emails • Ignore email marketing for a second, and consider the aim of developing product awareness with your customer. At this phase, you are just trying to develop awareness that you survive in a customer’s state of mind.

Greeting emails • These are the auto generated responses an organization delivers when a new customer joins the email list. Welcome or greeting emails have among the maximum email open rates of all kinds of emails, so make sure your welcome or greeting emails make a very first impression of your company’s email marketing program.

Deliberation emails • Once you have got a customer’s interest, you are required to consider a new kind of emails that create and drive thoughtfulness. Different from awareness oriented emails, deliberation emails have educational components that enthusiastically move the reader toward taking a particular action to purchase or try a product.

Send event related emails • With these kinds of emails, you can make a comprehensive email marketing campaign just about your events such as webinars, presentations, and discussions to help you in building awareness and give confidence to participate.

Create lead development emails • This kind of email helps you in getting a lead through your sales channel, whereas cutting the amount of time needed by a sales team to instruct prospects about your services and products. Lead development emails should be precise emails with the major purpose of driving customers to take action.

Gain customer’s trust with loyalty emails • Actually, loyalty emails are delivered only after a purchase or deal has taken place between you and your customer. This helps in capitalizing on purchasing something they worth to control viral marketing. In fact, loyalty emails have a more extensive lifespan.

Conclusion • Therefore, when all is done, effective email campaign does not begin with the most wonderfully created messages; it starts by getting one of the six kinds of email into the customer’s inbox and getting the proper reaction from the reader.

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6 types of marketing emails that every business should use  

If you are not spending on email marketing, probably you are missing out big opportunity. In this presentation I have drawn attention toward...