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In the beginning of December, we received more informations from GaGa about ARTPOP BALL. On December 3rd, our Mother Monster posted the following on her facebook:

“ANNOUNCEMENT: Lady Gaga's "artRave: The ARTPOP Ball Tour" is coming! It's going to be a REAL party, and an experience not to miss. members will have first access to tickets beginning at 2pm today. RSVP to the events you'd like to attend via, and you'll get an email with a unique code to purchase tickets. For all shows going on sale on December 9th, members will be able to purchase tickets starting TODAY, December 3rd, at 2:00 pm through Thursday, December 5th. For the shows going on sale December 16th, members will be able to purchase tickets starting Tuesday, December 10th through Thursday, December 12th. Tickets go on sale to the general public starting December 9. For tour dates, other pre-sale options, and more info, click here:�


This is the plan of the stage and places.

Audience: $ 85 Balconies and other reserved seats: $ 35, $ 49.50, $ 85.00, $ 200 (may suffer changes).


GaGa also published in her Twitter information about the prices. Information: GaGa raises prices for certain places, so that in the remaining places the prices would be able to decrease, giving the possibility to people with lower economic power the opportunity to watch her concert!


And an answer from GaGa to a fan, about Meet & Greet:


Look at this, there is already billboards in New York, annoucing the Tour !!! 6

On December 3rd, GaGa took some pictures with Akiyoshi Kitaoka, ARTPOP illusions’ creator.


GaGa leaving ITV studios on December 4th, at night !


Suit inspired on “Monalisa�, from Leonardo Da Vinci.


GaGa in London, on December 5th. Her jacket is absolutly amazing ! Don’t you think ?






Lady Gaga appeared on “Alan Carr: Chatty Man“ on December 6, where she sang " Do What U Want “ & " Dope". She also talked about Tom Daley, drugs, ARTPOP and other subjects.. 15

Here you can interview between GaGa:

watch the Alan and

Part 1 BGpknk8 Part 2 98hflC4 16

GaGa & Alan Carr


GaGa & Alan Carr


GaGa & Alan Carr


GaGa & Alan Carr


GaGa & Alan Carr


GaGa with her iPad and ARTPOP app, incorporated in her suit


Did you know that 5 years ago (6th December 2008), Gaga gave her first concert in San Francisco, when was the anniversary of Energy 92.7 FM? For those who never saw this performance or would like to review, here’s the link! v=PH1VgdIEYyY& 23

GaGa leaving her Hotel, in London, on December 6th

GaGa leaving her Hotel, on December 6th, but later. This suit is inspired on Picasso

Lady GaGa in London, on December 7th, taking some pictures with fans ! A sweetheart as always !



On December 8th, GaGa was seen in London, as Jingle Bell Tour was going to happen in that day. 11ºC in London in that day‌ just our Mother Monster to have summer clothes in a Winter day !



On December 8, GaGa perfomed in Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 Arena, in London. GaGa sang recent songs from the album ARTPOP, "Applause", "Aura" and "Do What You Want". That used to finish the event but, of course, not forgetting also other big hits like "Just Dance" "Poker Face," "Bad Romance" and "Born This Way.“ GaGa even posted a picture from her performance on Twitter, followed by the next statement: "This is what my happiness looks like. I've felt so dead since my tour ended. Last nights show cured a deep sadness. X.“


"Oh yeah, I mean today like in soundcheck I was reeling, I was so excited. I was a bit nervous, because I was in so much pain at the end of the last tour that I wasn't really myself and I loved playing on television and doing promotion but it's not really my one true love.�, said GaGa, while giving an interview to Capital FM, before her performance. "What I love to do is sing and dance on stage and perform for people. So tonight, I've been waiting for this for like seven months, I can't wait. I'm just going to hit the floor and leave my heart out there for London.“, added the singer.


In the following link you can watch the interview from GaGa to Capita FM, before the performance: gA “Poker Face” performance: LQ “Just Dance” performance: “Bad Romance” performance: Y


“Born This Way” performance: Is “Aura” performance: “Do What You Want” performance: A “Applause” performance: xk


Before her performance, GaGa met the ex-members of Spice Girls and Victoria Beckham was very happy to be able to meet our Mother Monster, as you can see in her Twitter:



GaGa on the red carpet of Jingle Bell Tour


GaGa on the red carpet of Jingle Bell Tour


GaGa on the red carpet of Jingle Bell Tour


Stage where GaGa performed on Jingle Bell Tour 2013


GaGa during her performance


Click in the following link to open this picture with a better resolution:

GaGa during her performance


GIF: db94dd34f0a09d55c/tumblr_mxiw7jXq9x1qkkxcdo 1_500.gif


GaGa during her performance


Curiosity: Did you know that, before going on stage, GaGa had to have medical assistance because she suffered a panic attack because this would be her first performance after her surgery?

GaGa during her performance


Lady GaGa leaving her Hotel, in London, on December 9th




In the same day, GaGa was seen leaving her Hotel with Philip Traecey


At night, GaGa used a Christmas “look”, similar to a christmas tree !


GaGa with a fan


On December 10th, GaGa updated her account on, where she put a picture with blonde dreadlocks:


On December 10th, Lady GaGa appeared in a japonese TV program called Sukkiri to sing, for the first time, the accoustic version of “Applause�. You can watch her performance in the following link:


Here it is a tweet from GaGa on December 14th:


GaGa & Taylor in a party of “Chigado Fire” series, on December 15th ! They look wonderful !


GaGa, Taylor and a friend


During the party, GaGa even took some pictures with her fans: o.php?v=210862625767862&set=vb .197346857119439&type=2&theate r


57 2

On December 17th, 2013, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera performed together in the programm"The Voice". The music they sang together was one of the most influential songs of ARTPOP album by Lady GaGa: "Do What U Want". This performance lead many fans to ask for a remix between Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera, as this performance was a success worldwide. You can view the performance in the following link: =nw0I6LuWQyA


After their performance, both singers spoke about this collaboration! You can watch that moment in the following link: watch?v=n6UCeLPgs4w GIF:

GIF: 92fcb5cd54cf46daab8 0e/tumblr_mxzhjqW2 tg1qk08n1o1_500.gif

https://d2g892zuoe3k4 d4cc64dfcba55003f68/ 665395555.gif

GIF: ef57a3a6aeb9df8e463 82/tumblr_mxzlg2Vt4 81qjgnc9o2_500.gif


In the same night, GaGa and Christina followed eachother on Twitter and they even traded some complainments:

So Xtina fans, it's time to come together with Xtina Fans and Little Monsters and together make these two PopStar Divas unstoppable! 60


Fozzy was also properly identified for "The Voice" program‌ after all, he is not a random dog! And imagine if he wishes to eat any snack! It must have a clear identification as V.I.D. (Very Important Dog)!


On December 22, GaGa and Taylor went to watch the spectacle of Marina Abramovic, a performer artist, who has an excellent relation with GaGa.


On December 23, GaGa presented a stunning "look" with a blonde wig and a polka dot coat. This "look" was used the day before, to go to Marina Abromovic’s performance with her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney. 64

On the same day but later, GaGa was seen leaving her apartment in New York, with a more relaxed "look", not leaving aside her's marvelous high heeled shoes. Simple but beautiful!


GaGa & Taylor decided to go to the cinema, in New York, on December 24th, to relax a bit ! Check it out the marvelous heels from our Mother Monster ! Incredible !


In the same day, GaGa & Taylor were seen in a shop called “Ace Hardware”, in Pennsylvania.


No dia 27 de Dezembro, GaGa foi vista a sair do seu apartamento situado em Nova Iorque e ainda tirou foto com um f達.


In the same day, GaGa had dinner with Taylor Kinner, in “Lancaster�, a restaurant from NY.


On December 28th, GaGa went for a ride in New York with her beautiful Lamborghini ! We wish we had a car like that one !


ARTPOP & GaGa’s Vodka ! Brilliant idea don’t you think ?

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