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Earlier this month, Jessie J posted a picture on Instagram related to Gaga and wrote: Inspiration‌ Looks like other pop diva loves our favourite singer from all times ! Let’s unite Little Monsters & Hearbeaters !!!!

It was decided to be created “Warrior Foundation� by our team that has the purpose to help people and fight against bullying. This page will be used to share stories of Little Monsters who suffered any kind of bullying and won the war against foolish people who practice this kind of abuse. For other side, it will be possible too to receive questions about anything you would like to be answered and requests of help too. Bully is just a Big Ugly Loner Loser Yearning attention ! We are here to help you, not to harm ! The intention of this is to show to the rest of the Monsters that together, we can overcame obstacles because we are strong people. Don't be afraid to share it with us; if you wish, we can put here in anonymous! Here is our e-mail: And when you think you are not... that's just a thought, but not reality. Deep inside you are. YOU are awesome. YOU are brilliant. YOU are perfect on your own way.


Gaga was in France on the fourth week of January due to the Paris Fashion Week to attend the Versace Show, ruled by Donatella Versace, her great good friend who she supports so, on 20/1, Gaga visited the Louvre Museum, in France and met the designer Azzedine Alaia to view his exhibition at the Galerie National Du Jeu de Paum. As always, she was wearing one fabulous creative outfit, a gray and and black checkered print jumpsuit with her beautiful black super-high heels. This time, her wig was a long gray braided hair. She even posted on some pictures with the following statement: “I went to the Louvre today and saw the portraits Bob Wilson made of me. It was such a special moment. I wore archive Gianni (Versace) and wore my hair in metallic braids. It was a day I'll never forget..” It was a fabulous appearance as she looked like a piece of art while she visited famous Paris’ museums and took lots of pictures with her fans who were there !

By GaGaMagazine Team

“ Bully it's just an unruly kid full of fury with no manners, ready to mistreat and beat children in the backseat of the school bus ‘cuz he wants to look cool to his gang bang. Bullies They kick. They punch. They will steal your lunch. They are beasts Don't even obey to priests They have no mercy To hit someone pursy

The victims always suffer and cry they are afraid to rely on someone bluffer while they are abused by the bad guy. But you can't give up You need to break up This routine Even if you have to be mean You all are kings and queens You have the power in your hands So take a position and stand And if you think you can't do it by yourself Don't hesitate and call us for help We will give you lights We will be your knights Every day, every night “

On 9/1, GaGa shared with us that she is gonna start a project that consists in opening a museum named “Mirror”, with Michael Jackson articles/pieces. In the end of 2012, Gaga bought in na auction “Julien’s Auctions”, his house placed in Beverly Hills and 55 pieces used by the King Of Pop.

Michael Jackson’s Crystal Glove

The huge collection counts with the famous jacket used by Michael Jackson in his famous videoclip “Thriller”, in 1983, the costume of the video “Scream” (1995), the white cristal gloves , etc. After the museum being opened, Gaga wants to donate the money collected to charity institutions. Michael Jackson’s Jacket from his video “Thriller”, 1982

Michael Jackson’s “Scream” Outfit, 1995

Lady Gaga using Michael Jackson’s white jacket, at the London Fashion week in 2012

“I’m gonna build a museum and donate all the money raised to Charity Institutions. The reason why I bought Michael Jackson’s clothes was because the clothes of my Tours, my Awards and albums means more to me that anything else. I believe that this pieces have a powerful and huge energy.”.

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