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WHY ON GIFTS The gift is a genuinely complex and holder of total coherence social fact. Thus, not researching it may "deprive" us from unleashing insightful perspectives and uses of gifts on marcomm, whether if thinking of brands, of the more and more demanding consumers, of business relationships and, in few words, of what stands for lots of emotionality and meanings. In these contexts, Grey-G2 approach on <On Gifts> study comes as an inspired and valuable initiative as, on one hand, it embraces a subtle and well-timed research topic, and on the other hand, it brings to light "gifts" TODAY new facets and meanings. <On Gifts> study is a source of inspirational answers for some of the market wise relevant key points as it uncovers up-to-date contexts and emotionality around giving and receiving gifts, it identifies "giftable" brands, it tracks potential trends on the market and many moreâ&#x20AC;Ś. Among others, Grey-G2 research <On Gifts> may also be taken as a truly useful "diagnosis" of the quest for gifts process and of contemporary gift typologies (e.g. from "stand alone" to "never again" & bribery gifts). In short, Grey-G2 <On Gifts> study comes as an opportune, fresher and insightful invitation to plan the future by thinking gifts!

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...and also to everyone passionate about the topic


"Tell me what you offer, and I will tell you who you are." Aiming to offer a great gift is both pleasure and pain, on one side there's the desire to find an original and spectacular gift, but on the other side, there's the pressure that this will take a lot of effort, money and time. This research can be used as a guide to make the path towards the perfect gift smoother and more enjoyable.

FOR COPYWRITERS We know that your work doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t revolve around gifts. Or maybe just every now and then. But there are times when you need just a hint of something to turn it into a great idea. Gifts are not objects, they are first of all stories. And that may prove the spark you can use for one of your next ads.

FOR PLANNERS People are still very much into stories. Telling a good story is very important when it comes to presents, the storyline being more important than the gift itself. Therefore, it's not about the object you offer, but about the story you place it in. Keep that in mind whenever you come up with a strategic route, try to tell a good story and to make people become involved in your story.

FOR ACCOUNT MANAGERS In a way, we all have a client to please, even if this time he is the gift receiver. Because we do not accept halfmeasures easily, we analyze our target, we look at their likes and dislikes, at their fears and hobbies, and we decide which of the several possible routes are best to follow in our quest for the perfect gift. In the end, after offering the gift, we all wait eagerly for the feedback.

FOR BRAND MANAGERS The findings will serve for a better knowledge of the consumer's acquisition behavior. Brands could use them to "wrap" their offers more efficient. Nonetheless, companies may understand that gifts are supposed to be personal for the consumers, and that there are specific "dont's" when choosing rewards or prizes.

METHODOLOGY QUALITATIVE RESEARCH „ Exploratory interviews with 28 respondents ‟ Target selected based on an online survey, age 18-55, Bucharest residents „ High affinity to offering gifts 5+ times/ year „ 2-3 interviews with each cluster: 18-25; 25-35; 35-45; 45-55.

‟ Interviews with groups of 2, 3, 4 respondents: group of friends, couples or mixed ‟ Pre-defined discussion guide & collage of photos as base for interview „ Interviews have been conducted by the planning team, at Grey-G2 Romania headquarters, during Oct & Nov 2011

OBJECTIVES 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Map out contexts in which gifts can become memorable Explore the needs and the fears of respondents in 2 scenarios: offering & receiving gifts Define the differences between male and female type of gifting Highlight trends in the contemporary act of gifting Understand what marketing efforts are efficient during a promotion with gifts

SUMMARY „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „

General attitudes towards the act of offering and receiving gifts Best gifts received vs. less fortunate choices Purchase Decision Journey Wishlists Gifts for privileges Anonymous gifts, gifts without any special occasion and “I’m sorry” presents Fears upon making the choice The act of gifting in a relationship Recycled and “last-minute” gifts Presents bought from holiday Contemporary gifts vs. those offered 10-20 yrs. ago Sources of information & brand choice Promotions & “incentives”

LET'S DIVE INTO THE WORLD OF GIFTS looking over the respondents' recent gifts.


Belt and perfume for a friend

Hand-made ring for girlfriend

Rose from boyfriend

Green ring, agenda, mobile phone

Photo camera

Scarf, brooch, a bracelet and f lowers

Set of weights

Muffins and cakes Victoria’s Secret creams for 10 friends Multi-tasking printer

Bottle of home-made vanilla ex tract Pajamas from mother

Perfume for boyfriend

Cosmetic gifts


“One Million” perfume, Secuiana trousers and Nexus shoes Imprinted T-shir t with bowling

T-shir t and cigar, wrapped in a Bamboo box

Stanley Kubrick’s life and activity album


OFFERING gifts is regarded as a much more pleasant activity, compared to RECEIVING them. This is because the dear ones' surprise, smile and thankfulness make for an unbeatable reward.

There is a tendency towards GROUP contribution for a gift, instead of offering individual presents.

This way, the present can be bigger and the responsibility of choice no longer belongs to a single person exclusively.

Upon receiving unwanted gifts, disliked objects or dull presents, emotions are often hidden or masked; the discomfor t is rarely visible. The uppermost expression, when receiving an unpleasant gift, is saying “thanks, it is very nice of you”. The remark is made upon the one who offered the present, not on the gift itself.

"I never told them I don’t like candles and decoration items. I put a smile on my face, but the child inside me star ted crying”.

Unwanted presents are usually being kept for a period of time, so that the “giver” can get to notice that his present was appreciated. “I had to display joy upon receiving the kitsch golden watch: I had to keep it for when I’d meet the one who offered it to me. This way, I could prove him that I still have it. I never told him I disliked the present.”

“Often, people who offer you a gift want to see you wearing it/using it. If you didn’t like it, you have to lie and come up with something absurd <it doesn’t go with the necklace>; you have to be argumentative in order to avoid hur ting their feelings.”

DOES THE PERFECT GIFT EXIST? Usually people think that the value of a gift comes from the gift itself. More often than not, the gift is highly appreciated when other factors come into play. Most probably, there's no such thing as a perfect gift, but everyone can remember the best gift ever received.

1. The best gifts are always those with a STORY behind them, which makes them memorable. It's not about the object itself. How to add the story to the actual gift: „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „

A digital photo frame from boyfriend, with photos that told the story of their ski trip A huge box with dozens of pillows and hidden at the bottom, an expensive mobile phone A perfume bought in complicity with her kids for their father’s 52nd anniversary A surprise when friends made her choose a gift for another person. It turned out those earrings were for her. 2 years ago she received a gift each day, starting the 25th and ending with the 31st of December A watch in a McDonald’s pie box For the 1st of March, the boss remembered an employee’s preference towards sea horses and offered her a personalised pendant A T-shirt with collage of photos of a work colleague during various stages of pregnancy A ring offered 2 days after she was asked to choose a nice ring; Her boyfriend lied about going to the bathroom, but he actually went to buy that ring.

2. The best gifts may also challenge the expectations. They can be a surprise or an unconventional idea. „ 1000 RON when she graduated, to buy whatever she wanted; she felt, for the first time, empowered to buy whatever. „ A clutch bag from Accessorize ‟ she didn’t have the money to buy it herself and it came as a surprise. „ A Wii console for X-mas, in a time where expectations were related to fruit and chocolate

â&#x20AC;&#x153;NEVER AGAINâ&#x20AC;? GIFTS Not all gifts do good. There are some that turn out to be among the WORST presents ever received. Just like the wonderful ones, the worst gifts are linked to expectations.

“NEVER AGAIN” GIFTS ...examples

„ I got a very… homey gift from my new boyfriend ‟ I

expected sexy lingerie, but instead got a luxurybrand pajama, made of cotton, with a sheep print on it; When I first saw the brand, I got enthusiastic. A few seconds later I realized it was a gift that my grandmother would offer

„ I was invited to dinner and found out it was the

host’s birthday; I felt so wrong, I literally ran away.

„ All I got was 2 mugs with hearts on it ‟ I found them

kitsch, so I placed them on the corridor of my apartment building, maybe someone else would need them.

„ My boyfriend got me a night lamp, even though I

never read at night. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings, neither did I want to receive the same stupidity next year… I just said the color was beautiful.

„ I expected an engagement ring but I got a pink bath

robe. Then we split up.

„ My boyfriend offered me one single ticket to a

Sting concer t. What was I supposed to do with one ticket? I went to the concer t, but I never forgot that episode.

„ They got me a vibrator and condoms, which is

totally not funny. I used to make these jokes when we went to bir thday par ties in highschool.

„ My dad offered me a big teddy bear that

occupies a lot of space. Plus, it’s a bit strange, isn’t it?

„ I remember an unpleasant situation for my

parents, who got from their godparents the same gifts they themselves had offered 3-4 years before.

HMMM... IS THAT ALL? Sometimes a gift is not enough and it might be perceived as boring. These are the gifts that are accepted only if they come along with a bigger gift. These gifts are APPENDIXES.


„ Photo frames „ China shop objects „ Cookies, bottles of wine, chocolate boxes „ Soap, shower gel, spray, brooches „ Decorative items „ Mugs & cups „ Teddy bears „ Generally, every gift that will eventually land on a shelf somewhere, in a cupboard or on the balcony.

(S)HE'S LOOKING FOR A GIFT Offering a gift makes people feel great. Actually, they feel great because this is the cathartic moment after the burden is overâ&#x20AC;Ś Yes, the preceding search for a gift is a terrifying journey.

(S)HE'S LOOKING FOR A GIFT ...examples

„ Normally have a chaotic gaze, don’t really know what to buy in the first place.

„ Desperate, constantly looking at the shelves and the prices, comparing and comparing

„ Very involved, ask shoppers to try on dresses and ask a lot of questions

„ In a hurry, they want to get rid of the burden faster, men look very confused

„ Loud people, usually in a crowd ‟ in malls and at exhibitions/fairs

„ Enter shops they wouldn’t normally enter, spend money on all sor ts of useless and expensive things

„ Men who are wrongly placed at intimate lingerie department stores ‟ you can see he is not familiar with the place

„ Unsure of themselves „ Spend more time in front of shop windows, ask for shop assistant’s help

I WANTâ&#x20AC;Ś Even if attentively crafted, wishlists are never entirely passed on to the others. They are either told partially, suggested, or truncated.

I WANT... ...examples

1. For some, WISHLISTS are confessions only made to close friends, but intended at acquaintances. You usually use your partner/sister to deploy whatever you want as a gift and never say it yourself. Some only disclose what they don’t want to receive, while some only whisper it to parents or very close friends.

"I normally tell my close friends what I want, so that they can fur ther deploy it to my less close friends“. “I only ask them not to bring me multiple small objects or little nothings, I want one big present”.

2. If wishlists are made totally visible, the SURPRISE element will disappear. Some believe that 50% of a gift is made by the surprise element. They don’t want to miss the surprise ‟ it sometimes happened that they said something and that person remembered otherwise, For more than a few it’s all about the surprise.

"I exclaim out loud whenever I see something nice, maybe someone will remember that object and moment."

3. Sometimes wishlists are revealed if people INSIST on you telling them. But you only say the decent-priced gifts. Most people offer suggestions only when asked about their wishlist.

"I find it irritating that someone will tell you straight in your face."

"My perfume is nearly ending!"

ALMOST GIFTS, BUT NOT QUITE Choosing a gift is not an easy decision. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not enough to buy something, or to give something. Some gifts are just not giftish enough.

ALMOST GIFTS, BUT NOT QUITE OVERUSED gifts Usually they come together with excuses and arguments

„ Perfumes, Liquors, Consumables „ Little nothings for interior decoration (i.e. decorative candles) „ Teddy bears and jewelry „ Sometimes cosmetics, bottles of alcohol

Key ring, Orange SIM card, Moto helmet, Bag, Watch, Mirror, Lip-gloss, Blouse, Earrings, Perfume, Agenda, Eye shadow, Ring, Mp3 payer, Mobile phone, Ring, Bracelet, Scarf.

Gifts ON YOU If you are willing to give away something you have on yourself, then maybe that's not too valuable

SYMBOLIC gifts They are usually not standalone gifts. After spending 80%-90% of the allocated sum, people think of a symbolic gift. They are purchased as standalone gifts only without a formal occasion.

Fridge magnet, Mug, Flag, Key chain, Postal cards, Drawings, Candle with bunnies

HELP YOURSELF WITH A GIFT There are those gifts you give for privileges. In our everyday life, we interact with some of the following 5 social categories, each with its traditionally known gifts.



Most common: coffee, chocolate, flowers Students at Medical School are experts in a wide variety of gifts, ranging from laptops to cakes.


Coffee, Tobacco, Sweets, Flowers, Whiskey.

To help our children graduate, we offered a lamb to a university professor.


A bag, 50 RON.


Flowers, Coffee.


Perfume, Coffee, Sweets. „ I was told that, before going to Vama Veche, you must have a bottle of


vodka with you; everyone will gather around you and you’ll make lots of new friends with guitars, fire, music, fun. „ For sexual life improvement, I sometimes buy sex toys and offer them to my girlfriend.


Youngsters are not feeling at ease with the bribe culture; offering gifts for privileges is regarded as a very unpleasant event, just as weird and uncomfor table for both sides. "I am not capable of doing this”.

“I find it weird, what should I say, should I say something at all?”

"I usually ask my mom to do it”.

“I never know where to place the money, I think of what that person might say, if the sum is enough… I ultimately get out of the room with the money in my pocket”

GIFTS OUT OF THE BLUE Have you ever found yourself surprised by a gift from nowhere?

GIFTS OUT OF THE BLUE BOYS are more prone to anonymous gifting. They offer gifts crafted from spontaneous ideas linked to something recent. Gifts range from flowers and Christmas donations to... „ I found out the girl I liked needed a lighter and the next day „ „ I put one in her post box „ „ I was being offered flowers and toys in high school, that I usually received via an intermediary colleague „

I once wrote a poem for a guy I was in love with, in 6th grade I once put a seashell in an envelope I found a flower in my desk, drawer during 7th grade One morning, I found a rose on my car’s windshield (it was from my boyfriend)

GIRLS, on the other hand, like to offer gifts without any formal occasion. „ For their girlfriends, when they need to be cheered „ For their par tners ‟ some go to their workplace and leave cherries for him & colleagues up: usually cosmetics would do „ For a friend who studied Film and Theater ‟ a collage „ From family and very close people ‟ they receive made of famous actors’ testimonials about what makes a perfumes, jewellery, necklaces, blouses, cosmetics, great actor. It worked as an encouragement. f lowers, chocolate, belts. „ For babies in the family ‟ they always receive gifts: toys, clothes „ Cookies for work colleagues

THOUGHTS ON THE GIVER Gifting is not unisex. Every gender has its own perception on the world of gifts.

THOUGHTS ON THE GIVER BOYS' PERECEPTION ON GIRLS Boys say that women are much more empathetic & in complicity with each other. ”It’s as if

they had a common conscience. They buy things we would never have guessed ‟ lingerie, without any stress, without any interpretation and it doesn’t matter in what relationship they are”. They believe that girls say very often that “I liked this so much, so I wanted to offer it to you.” Boys say women are much more considerate and attentive when buying a gift, spending more time and looking more in-depth to details. Boys say that girls usually offer gifts that make each other look better - dresses, blouses, skir ts - and they get frustrated because girls “are damn good at doing this”. Boys say girls buy things to each other, things that can be easily & more quickly spotted, visible in public contexts; they are more prone to seeing the reaction; i.e.: “you look so good with that lipstick I got you, that nail polish is unique, only you have it”. Also, girls tend to adver tise more their own gifts.


Boys usually offer each other superficial, funny gifts, jokes, amusement objects, without giving it too much thought. They leave everything to the last day, they panic and usually resor t to asking a woman.

Boys say that they are more practical, that they buy useful stuff, while girls buy things filled with emotional connotations i.e. photo frame, antiques, special mirrors.

THOUGHTS ON THE GIVER GIRLS ' PERECEPTION ON GIRLS Girls usually buy for other girls gifts that they themselves like, whereas guys think of that specific person who will receive the gift.

Girls have a wider pool of options when offering gifts to other girls. They would prefer to give blouses, perfumes, cosmetics. Girls would offer more clothing to each other. Girls rely much more on intuition, they are more attentive to details, whereas “guys are more

in a hurry, they don’t want to show they’ve put too much effor t or too many emotions in a gift”. They believe that girls are more into buying gifts, whereas boys “don’t put much effor t into gifting, they usually buy bottles of alcohol”. Girls say they invest more (everyone agrees with this, it’s common knowledge); also, buying stuff for guys is a tremendous nightmare.

THOUGHTS ON THE GIVER GIRLS ' PERECEPTION ON BOYS Boys are more practical, they buy PC games, whereas girls offer gifts with a meaning. Gifts for girls are cheaper, guys want gadgets.

Guys leave it on their girlfriends to buy impor tant gifts. Two guys have once taken a chair from a football stadium as a gift, just because they were running out of time. Guys resor t to their girlfriends when they have no clue. One guy bought fishing rods for every male friend that he had so that he would have someone to go fishing with. Girls believe guys are too lazy, passive and unimaginative to buy a present. Boys want gadgets and T-shir ts, mugs and watches are fine with them. Boys only remark something if a person is obsessed with that thing. Guys are more straightforward and usually say what they like. Boys are more easily impressionable because they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have high expectations Girls say boys donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t make gifts, they simply go out.

about BOYS about GIRLS

INSPIRED GIRLS' perception of themselves BOYS' perception of themselves






Gifts are not always what you expect. Some are weirder. These gifts, along with the boring ones, will land on a shelf. Then on a cupboard, then at the countryside, then maybe to the dog and so on…

WHAT THE… GIFT?!? ...examples

„ A bended metal box, received upon

St. Alexander from our godparents. I never even opened it, it’s now on a shelf somewhere. „ Adult objects, such as a beer mug in a phallic shape. „ A mirror from my sister saying “For a wonderful reflection”. „ A singing duck-toy „ A ladle for my former teacher „ Cuffs & pink fluff from sex shop

„ Adult wooden soldier from a holiday trip. „ Lingerie as a “thank you” gift from a stranger,

just for returning a mobile phone, „ A painting with a meaning that is still a mystery today. „ A decorative pillow filled with scented stuff „ A pair of shoes that were so ugly, even the shop-assistant got surprised at the fact that we wanted to buy them. I didn’t get to see the receiver’s reaction; oddly enough, that person still speaks to me today.


Now and again, we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations we would like to avoid. This is an invitation to plunge into the world of atypical contexts of gifting.

HURRIED GIFTS The MALL Usually the best resor t. Going to the mall is always equal to salvation. „ Usually, the hurried mall-shoppers get blouses, jeans, interior deco items, earrings, necklaces, rings, T-shirts, belts, wallets, perfumes.

The COLLECTOR The collector offers from his pool of objects gathered throughout the year, most often products purchased on discount. „ In pharmacies you can find help, they always have something „ Cosmetic products you always have in your house ‟ both for men and women „ Universal books that are always useful in the household „ Tea

THE “ABRACADABRA” GIFT Sometimes you forget to buy a gift or you were taken by surprise. No matter how hard you concentrate, there’s no solution*. It’s time for excuses, lies or spontaneity. „ I’d lie and say that the present is on its way and I’d go to the nearest mall

to buy something „ I’d say I ordered it online, from a foreign country, and it’s on its way „ I’d offer money, not more than 150 RON, arguing he/she is a complex person and I didn’t actually know what to choose from such a generous pool of alternatives. „ I’d make a joke improvising a box full of small pieces of paper and filling it with 50 RON. „ I’d offer a bracelet that I have and an unused agenda „ I’d write a poem

* If you are lucky to pass by a store, you might end up buying: key chain, scarf, jewelry, sneakers, lipstick, earrings, brooch, bracelet, knife, book, wallet, bag, watch.

GIFTS IN STANDBY These are the gifts that some people buy long before an occasion.

The PRICE CUT Bought long before only if there is a special offer for a product.

For KIDS IN THE FAMILY Like a nephew (i.e. baby girl) or own child.

„ A red shirt and a white bow for my boyfriend

because he said he wanted them, and they had a drastic price cut „ A ticket for a Cranberries concert, purchased 3 months before the event, for my boyfriend

„ I can never resist the temptation of buying

something for my newborn nephew. I tend to overspend because I offer him presents every week or so.

MY GIFT IS YOUR GIFT Recycling gifts is a practice neither common, nor far-fetched. „ I have a set of plates/cups that I would pass on to my family „ I often offer as a gift a book that I already have „ During Christmas I always do that. It’s an occasion when

everyone offers gifts; you can make your pick. „ Clothes or jewelry that I never got to wear, because they no longer suit me; when I get at home. I pass them on.

OFFERING GIFTS AND THE SHIVERS When you finally offer the gift, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not all over. If at first you needed to find something, now you hope that both of you will share the same excitement.



It doesn’t suit the person who receives it.


They don’t have enough money to satisfy the other’s expectations.


It’s not the first time when the receiver has acknowledged this type of gift.


Doesn’t match the value & type of gift you received from that person.


Fear of offering something boring or cliché and that the person will throw the gift away/ forget it on a shelf.

YOU AND I... AND GIFTS Did you ever think about the importance of gifts in a relationship? Do you know everything you need to know? Or do you think there's something you are missing? There's much more than meets the eye.

YOU AND I… AND GIFTS ...what you need to know

Do NOT offer a gift from the first date. Both girls and boys think this is far-fetched and unnatural. The way you set gifting in the first 2 weeks will set the entire relationship. Guys believe they’ll have more chances if they come with a “flower or something”. Never a carnation, condoms, stolen things, too many toys. Guys believe it’s fatal if they forget about mandatory occasions. What must be marked: birthdays, relationship anniversaries, name days, X-mas, Easter. Girls believe boys should make presents more often than they do. Guys believe they are required to be constant, to fuel the relationship with flowers, tickets to movies, dinner out, perfumes, chocolate, CDs, books. It’s not good to wait for a formal occasion because then the pressure is too high;. You have to offer gifts from time to time and again, to see what is fit, what he/she likes, to test multiple variants. As time goes by, the budget remains the same or slightly decreases, but the precision gets better.

"I'M SORRY" GIFTS Generally offered by boys to girls. However, the greater the gift, the higher your level of guilt. That’s why they try to play down on their fault.

„ These gifts are normally offered to their upset mothers, sisters and partners „ GIFT IDEAS FOR WHEN YOU MAKE A MISTAKE: Flowers, Rings, Dinner out, Bed of roses, Cook for partner, Write poems or romantic text messages, Throw surprise parties, Bring cookies to their door.

HOLIDAY GIFTS Some people buy them during the actual holiday trip, because they will no longer return to some areas. Moreover, they do so because they lack money on the last 2 days of the trip. Most of them buy presents at the end of the holiday, because during the actual travel they want to enjoy their free time. Likewise, they want to make sure they donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t buy something theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll later regret or spot at a much lower price. Expenses range from 2-15% of the overall holiday budget.

HOLIDAY GIFTS ...examples

„ Mosaics, Games, Fridge magnets, Statuettes, Decorative items, Key rings, Perfumes from duty free, Golden sacred icons, Bed linen, Belts, Coffee, Ashtrays, Bracelets, Bags, Sweets, Scarves, Chocolate, Dresses, T-shirts, Magnets, Mugs „ Dislikes: Magnets, Figurines, Statuettes with the names of the city, Super-souvenir stuff, because these things are for family only.

„ Once again, boys don’t bother with these things, it is girls who usually make the plan „ For very close people gifts are bought during the holiday; for the acquaintances, on the last day „ For some, it seems weird to receive a magnet as gift from a place you haven’t been to

TODAYâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;S GIFTS versus 20 YEARS AGO How much did gifts change in 20 years? Looking back you may find some impressive discrepancies.

TODAY’S GIFTS versus 20 YEARS AGO NOW „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „ „

More hi-tech; much more assorted offer Less personal Cold gifts Flashy; with more attention on the shape, the packaging, the bag They are more diverse, more tech-related They are more attentive to aesthetics People invest more in gifts Useless stuff have shown-up More hedonist now

THEN „ More shallow i.e. China shop; things that could have been offered to anyone; only a dull bag of gifts „ Limited SKUs, the same toys and the same dolls, you could not differentiate; sometimes kitsch ‟ those things with their faces imprinted on them „ More fun; teddy bears rocked „ There were no vouchers „ More standard items but all useful somehow „ More options for packaging „ People would offer practical stuff for the household

























GIFTING IN MEDIA & MARCOMM Gifts are strongly influenced by media and advertising. People usually have a well defined view on how and what to buy.

SOURCES OF INFORMATION Where people look for gifts or gift ideas:


Google,, Forums, Blogs, Newspapers, Mr Bricolage, Praktiker, Malls, Friends, Glossy magazines, Shops,


Sephora catalogues, Glossy magazines, Google, Diver ta, Ikea,, SaraBlu, Altex, The personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s house and clothes, Sensiblu, Facebook profile, Car turesti, Parfois, H&M.




Pull&Bear, MSI laptop, Nokia, Sony Erikson, LG, Nike, Adidas, Nokia, Irina Schrotter, H&M, Nike, Adidas, Puma, Cardin, XL, Homemade. Malls are best places to look for gifts, also Altex, Media Galaxy, Hornbach, Ikea.

Counterfeit objects Retailers’ own label Opulent brands


Levi’s, Benefit, Mango, Accessorize, M&S, Adidas, Lee Cooper, PNK, Maybelline, L’Oreal, The Body Shop, Diver ta; Swarovski, Swatch, Sephora, Yokko, Jolidon, Stradivarius, Pull & Bear, Zara, B&B, Douglas, Converse, Celio, Dior, Ikea, Bamboo, L’Occitane, Yves Rocher, Lush, Mango, Koton. Sometimes they even knit something themselves.

Mass brands Cheap brands Brands that have items for elderly people Spor ts brands

PROMOTIONS Considered as GIFTS only if…

„ The brand doesn’t say there will be a gift, but upon acquisition, you get something totally unexpected; i.e. at a gas station, he washed the car and received a special spray for car or teddy bear ‟ you’re

not used to that, didn’t see that coming, it’s a gift, a surprise moment „ The extra product is more expensive than the initial one „ Considered deals if they inform you beforehand: 1+1=3

„ They are a trap: usually, the gift will expire very soon, and they feel tricked. „ Do not make them switch the brand already using (good quality, not wor th the fuss). „ They don’t like the trend of receiving as gift a discount for cer tain products, such as at gas stations, where you get a price cut for bags. This mechanic is not a winner. „ They like the idea of something useful but different from the initial thing: i.e. chips and kitchen glove.

MAJOR FINDINGS This almost ends the report on gifts. Maybe youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve skipped right to this part, anxious to grasp the most valuable learnings of the study. But you can always go back and look at some of the examples these findings rest upon.

The act of gifting, although regarded as very pleasant, is actually a panic-driven one: the entire purchase decision journey is actually a pressurizing race. Fears range from not being able to keep up with what you yourself have been offered to the anxiety produced by an uninspired moment of choice.

You wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get to find out quickly if your gift was a good choice, as presents are usually being kept in the house for a period of time, as a proof of appreciation.

Best gifts are either those offered to a person with very low expectations or wrapped in a story around the occasion. Complicity is also a technique that can ensure the gift will be at least memorable.

Gifts accompanied by explanations and hyper-detailing are regarded as gifts bought in a hurry, without too much consideration.

Youngsters are anything but at ease when having to offer bribe.

Guys’ specialties are anonymous gifts and “I’m sorry” presents. Girls, on the other hand, are more inclined to offer gifts without any special occasion.

Guys admit girls are more empathetic and careful when choosing a present, this is why they often leave it on their partners/ sisters/ female friends to make a pick. For girls, the pool of choices is diverse, whereas for guys a beer, a gadget or a pat on the shoulder will do.

Girls are the best advertisers of the present they have just offered.

The mall is the universal cure for people suffering of "acute search for a present".

The ritual of gifting in a relationship is being set in the first weeks. You have to be careful how to dose the present: expensive gifts will set high expectations in the future, whereas insignificant ones (â&#x20AC;&#x153;appendix giftâ&#x20AC;?) will tell the story of an uncaring partner.

Gifts brought from holiday, branded with the city/place name, may frustrate the receiver.

Contemporary gifts, compared to the ones offered in the past, are defined by the intense preoccupation for aesthetics and the wider variety of choices. Nowadays, multiple options are often divided into 2 opposite areas: either hitech gifts or hand-made ones.

Promotions are regarded as deals. The promo mechanism that has appealed to respondents was the one when the end-user hasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t been previously notified there will be a bonus at all.

In retail, the more distinct your incentive is from the initially purchased product/service, the more the â&#x20AC;&#x153;memorableâ&#x20AC;? indicator will grow.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS RESEARCH TEAM: Alina Buzatu Alex Drug Oana Nedelea Dana Pascu Alex Petrescu Cristina Ungureanu

SPECIAL THANK YOU: Alice Mihai Anabella Orosz Mihaela Zaharia Lucia Marin

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"On Gifts" Research Report - G2 Romania  

Exploratory research on the world of gifts.

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