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Having 2020 Vision

BY: REV. DR. CHRIS J. HAYES Senior Pastor

Can you believe it is almost (or already, depending on when you are reading this magazine) 2020? For most all of my life the year 2020 seemed so far removed and so futuristic. I expected flying cars and frequent recreational trips to the moon by now when I was growing up. No matter what your expectations were, or how you are dealing with the current reality of it being 2020, the most important question for us as people of faith is “what does God imagine for us in 2020,” not so much what did we imagine for 2020.

Having God’s 2020 vision means actively seeing things through the lens of God’s love and hope, and not simply relying on our personal perspectives to see things clearly. As people of faith there are so many things we can focus on and so many things that attempt to capture our attention, but we are called to focus in on God’s vision for our life and for the world. So as we enter this New Year, what do you think God imagines for your life and for our church?

I believe Jesus addressed this same issue when many people around him were worried about all of the things that they might need to focus on. There were so many laws, so many Bible verses, so many traditions, so many needs and problems. The people therefore asked Jesus, how do we focus on what is most important? Jesus clearly responded, love the Lord your God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself (Mark 12:30-31). Jesus said if you do these two things, the blurriness of everything else clears up and you can find what is most important.

As we live into 2020 we may not have flying cars or recreational space exploration. We do have some chaos and plenty of distraction both good and bad all around us, but we also have a very clear vision from Jesus about the way we can focus in our life of faith. If we love God and love neighbor above all else, everything else is so much clearer. May we strive to find that clarity together at First UMC Arlington so that we might have God’s 2020 vision!

May God Bless and Keep, Pastor Chris