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Pictures from the Simeon Henderson Show with The Voice Contestant

Sandy Redd and Black Innk’schicago Van johnson





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Editors Note always

This summer review issue was a blast! We had so much fun working with everyone to make this come together. We were lucky enough to build this issue with a great team of people; both inside and outside the the FStyle Team. We cannot make this happen without our community behind us. To everyone who stepped up and worked hard to ensure the success of this issue - I salute you for your time and patience. I can’t thank you all enough! One of the advantages we have at FStyle Magazine is that we are afforded the opportunity to speak with people who are presently redefining our culture. At times - certain life moments make us proud. At times - certain life moments make us sit back, shake our heads, and say “What is this? What are we doing?” These are the moments that we need to not sit back, not shake our heads, but rather take action. We can be the change we want to see in the world! I’m honored to have worked on this issue. FStyle Magazine has 12/F-STYLE CHICAGO /

been about the change makers and the trendsetters that don’t sit back - they are the change. Individuals who are on the very cutting edge, forging a path, and making their own way - not accepting the status quo. We are confident this issue narrates a story of the challenge to success. This issue is dedicated to the re-definers! This issue is dedicated to - the Vic Mensas, the Lawrence Lee Wallaces, the Eric Lanes, the William Edward IIIs, the Semion Hendersons, the Maja Hamptons - of the industry. This issue is dedicated to ones who are the beacons of light in their city - the ones that go beyond dreaming and execute their plan. We see you rising! We hope you continue to grace our pages on your journey to show others the way. IT’S POSSIBLE! Much love to you all - and much respect. Also I have to give a very special thank you to one of the models who I so wish to work with that is not only in the U.S Army and beautiul, but she also is a writer and editor who will be helping t edit the publication moving forward. , thank you Ms. Jasie Kelch you are truly appreciated Marcus Fizer FStyle Magazine

Congratulations to Director Lawrence Lee Wallace on his award at the Various Artist Indie film festival with the Honorable mention, Best Tv pilot for his production of the Girls Of Rodney


f style magazine Safety Apps & Communty Resoursces B Safe Saftey app National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255 Domestic Violence Hotline 877-863-6338 (24/7) Toll Free 877-863-6338 Business 312-743-0202 Languages Spoken English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, Vietnamese *Collect calls accepted TTY/TTD 877-863-6339 Fax 312-743-0205



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The cover

Our cover model Maja Hampton is breaking boundaries in the fashion world she has overcome obstacles of bullying but did not let it stop her but gave her the strength to want to inspire others to find their inner strength and press forward. See her exclusive interview at and get to know her and love her like we do. Symbolism of the golden goddess and the importance




vic mensa 15/F-STYLE CHICAGO

Social Impact

vic Mensa One must commend Chicago Rapper Vic Mensa for using his platform to show the country the injustice of the Chicago Police as they used bait trucks to entrape African American youth. Never have you seen this done in anyother communities, which further shows

it takes a

just how deep the situation of the injustice African Americans face in this country. Now more than ever we must stay woke, we must start to be proactive instead of always reactive. What I mean by this is simply hold more community town hall meetings, stemming from you community block clubs. Teach your children the 16/F-STYLE CHICAGO /

summer recap

value of money and political power both nationally and international. Have a plan for your home for always finding ways to have passive income stream lines as you make plans to become business owners or investors. Now with these plans we become an political and economic power house that can bring real strategic change and not band aid fixes. This one young man should not have been the only one addressing this issue but we are glad he did.

Now its time for everyone to step up and take their lane in finding solutions long and short. We can do this but it will take effort and commitment.

Community Activist Tomika Hill

Nation of Islam there to help out Kristen Pierce-Sherrod (Daughter of the famed Harold Chicken Resturant business)

village by Marcus Fizer

Community Activist Englewood Barbie

Rapper Wes Kardign

Reporter Shanell Oliver



The artist take


fusion radio For artist that are looking for exposure of their hard work and new projects, you have got to check out FUSION RADIO. On this radioshow if selected you get an entire hour dedicated to you on what you want to talk about, play or promote or even interview! You got to check this out IIT’s 89.3 radio station. F-Style Magazine had an exclusive opportunity to film Chicago rapper Wes Kardigan as he host his entire show.

take over


check out our exclusive video of the Artist take over at

Wes Kardigan History ( Wes was featured in the freshman class issue of the XXL 2015/16)


@fusionradio08 21/F-STYLE CHICAGO



Sopporting Local Artist new music




Brian Stinson hosts “Fusion Radio,” a Hip-Hop and R&B radio program Saturdays 3pm-5pm CST on WIIT 88.9 FM in Chicago and Tune In Radio App seach WIIT


Brian Stinson with Next featured artist Treasur’ 25/F-STYLE CHICAGO

Music Resources Distribution Bonxo 150 delmar rd. Rochester, Ny 14616 585-314-2826 Contact:Dan Regna Big easy Distributing 134 Harbor cir.,Ste. C New Orleans, La 70126 504-241-9800 fax 504-241-9866 Fontana Distribution 111 Universal Hollywood Dr., Ste.500 Universal City CA 91608 877 878-Fontana all styles Caroline Districution 101 Ave. of the Americas, 4th Fl New York, NY 10013 212-886-7500 Fax 212-643-5563 contact Michael Bull Rock, pop, Urban, world, Punk City Hall Records 101 Glacier Point. Ste. C San Rafael, Ca 94901 26/F-STYLE CHICAGO /

415-457-9080 Fax 415-457-0780 contact: Robin Cohn jazz,Folk, World, Dance, Rap, HipHop, Latin, Rock, R&B, Oldies Carrot Top Distribution 935 W. Chestnut St., Ste. LL15 Chicago, Il 60622 312-432-1194 Fax 312-432-1351 Contact Patrick Monaghan Electronica, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Emo Indie rock & pop, Punk CD Baby 5925 N.E. 80th Ave. Portland, OR 97218 503-595-3000 Fax 503-296-2370 all styles Music Lawyers American Bar Association 1050 Connecticut Ave., N.W. Washington, Dc 20036 202-662-1000 Additional Location: 321 N. Clark St. Chicago, Il 60610 800-285-2221

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WZND 106.1 FM University of Illinois 007 Fell Hall Normal, IL 61790-4481 309-438-5491 Email Address: Website: Format: R&B and alt. rock INDIANA WFHB 91.3 & 98.1 FM 108 W. Fourth St. Bloomington, IN 47404 812-202-6397

Email Address: Website:

WGRE 91.5 FM DePauw University 313 S. Locust St. Greencastle, IN 46135 765-658-4643 Email Address: christineWebsitester_2014@ Website: Format: eclectic WSND 88.9 FM Notre Dame 315 LaFortune Student Center Notre Dame, IN 46556 27/F-STYLE CHICAGO

the art of Femi Now available: Posters Canvas Hanging Wall Art

Art for homes and business

Photo and digital artist Marcus Fizer


574-631-7342, 574-631-4069 Email Address: Website: Contact: Michael Byrnes, Station Mgr. Format: eclectic

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Protects Your

Protects Your




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Let’s learn about

We all talk about it and when you

look on social media we all see how many people mess up trying to live in it. The question is for those who try to obtain it, how many books do you read and study on it personaly and has the one you decided to give your heart to, have they did the same? Its one thing we really have to start being more faithful to, so to offer a bit of guidence we pray this article will offer some guidence and begin healthy discussions and reading for healthier relationships, families and communities. Here are the 5 stages of love: Stage 1: Passion and fun. You meet the man or woman of your dreams and fall head over heels in love with them. You think about them all the time and love spending time together. You learn about each 30/F-STYLE CHICAGO /

other’s experiences, interests, and attitudes toward life. You want to try things you wouldn’t normally try. This stage is also known as the honeymoon stage. It’s all about flirting, excitement and passion. You feel butterflies in the stomach, your heart beats like crazy and your hormones run wild. This stage is like a fun game and it tends to be everyone’s favorite. Stage 2: Getting serious and settling down. You’re way past the infatuation stage. The love between you is becoming deeper and deeper. You become a couple and commit to each other. You still keep the romance alive, but something has changed. Maybe you’ve moved in together, or even got married and have kids.Making love is still per-

fect, but it’s become more meaningful and profound. You feel cherished, cared for, and protected. And although adult responsibilities just keep piling up, this doesn’t keep you from enjoying love. In fact, you experience love at a whole new level. Now, everything makes sense. It feels like you’ve started a new journey in your life – a journey you want to last forever. Stage 3: Disillusionment. Unfortunately, this is the stage when many couples break up. Things begin to feel off. You’re stuck with your domestic responsibilities – taking care of your kids, paying the bills – a lot of things to worry about. Everything has turned into a routine. You begin to wonder what happened to all those cuddles, kisses, romantic nights, and love feelings. You feel like your partner is taking you for granted. Unimportant things that you didn’t even notice before begin to annoy you.Constant quarrels have taken the place of romance You have mixed feelings which make you doubt if you made the right choice. You may even start resenting each other and want to call it quits. And sadly, that’s what most couples do. Stage 4: A deeper understanding.

If you’ve passed stage 3, consider yourself safe. In this stage, all veils are stripped away. You begin to see each other for who you really are. You gain a deeper understanding of your partner’s problems and insecurities. You acknowledge that they have needs, wishes, and insecurities, just like you. You get better at expressing your needs and desires and you’re more willing to face problems together and work on them. Now, you understand that the real recipe for true love and a meaningful and long-lasting relationship or marriage is mutual understanding, acceptance, and compassion. Stage 5: Moving forward together. Now, that both of you have accepted each other’s weaknesses and imperfections along with your strengths and merits, you’ve decided to work together on the relationship, face all difficulties, and stay together forever. You realize that love is not perfect and it’s never a smooth sailing, but if both of you are headed in the same direction, you’ll always be ready to do your best to keep the love and relationship alive. 31/F-STYLE CHICAGO

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Sopporting Local Artist new music




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Gabori M. Hill Sr., CPT, PES

Gabori is a former United States Marine Corps veteran who served his country for 8yrs. Going on many deployments including a tour in Operation Enduring Freedom, as well as Iraqi Freedom. As a Marine Corps Sergeant, he was also in charge of over 300 Marines, Sailors, and other service members, teaching them the importance of physical fitness, and self defense, amongst other things. During this period, Gabori taught mixed Martial Arts (Attained a Green Belt), and played Semi-Pro military basketball.

Gabori is an International Sports Sciences Association Certified Personal Trainer. He has a Performance Enhancement Specialist Certificate through National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). He is also certified in Physical Activity/ Instruction of Older Adults. Gabori has over 15 years of personal training experience and over sixteen years of experience in teaching physical training. He’s a current member of IDEA Health and Fitness Association, and an affiliate of TRX Suspension Training. He also has experience in strength and conditioning and Sports Performance with the TRX, Kettlebells, Battle Ropes, the TWIST CONDITIONING smart gear, and the Lebert systems. 39/F-STYLE CHICAGO



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420 Brief History lesson

Cannabis is illegal because it’s cousin,

number of lobbyists around Hemp, was a better product to make paper that time working towards the vilification of hemp, pulp with,, better than trees, Hearst, the pubproducers and paper makers of lisher was deeply invested in paper mills course but the cotton industry and he set in motion the villainizing of marijuana to secure timber as paper’s place had more to lose and contributed more to the parties and as the only source. The usual claim, most law makers at the time. often repeated, is that four conspirators Hearst funded the movement. cooperated to kill the hemp industry with Let’s not forget the DuPont something called the Marihuana Tax Act nylon rope company. They put (spelled with an H) of 1937. an effort in to keep cannabis These conspirators are identified as newspaperman William Randolph Hearst, illegal as well, along with the whom the legend describes as being heav- efforts of Harry Anslinger . ily invested in the timber industry to support his papers; the DuPont family, whose With the changing laws of chemical company had just invented nylon cannabis and hemp production it is important to use this and was allegedly afraid of competition opportunity for financial gain from hemp fiber; Andrew Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury and the nation’s richest as well. There is now a huge growing industry and it would man, who had significant investments in just be smart if you take a look DuPont; and Harry Anslinger, commisinto the industry and the many sioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, companies that make profit who drafted the legislation. To protect from these changing laws. In their industrial interests, these parties are other words do just benefit said to have conspired to make hemp ilfrom the self medication get legal in the 20’s was when it started. the financial benefits as well. Once is was a law they discovered that they could disenfranchise a whole race/ community and remove their voting power. Nixon weaponized it. Now we are sure of the bio fuel advantages. There where a 41/F-STYLE CHICAGO





on it

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Here are just 5 legal stocks for you to consider to watch and follow to get you started. Here are some investment apps you can consider to get you more familiar with investing without big financial risk

Cronos (CRON) Tilray (TLRY) GW Pharmaceuticals (GWPH) Scotts Miracle-Gro (SMG) Canopy Growth (CGC) Robinhood Stash Acorn



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“ Without your own cultural identity, you become anything that they tell you you are”





esse quam videri


If My Energy alone doesn’t get you

aroused, then I ain’t the One. If My Spirit doesn’t uplift you, then put the connection down. If My Genius doesn’t help you, think deeper then don’t mind Me. If My Passion doesn’t move you, then move past Me. If I don’t help you evolve, then don’t get involved with me. If My LOVE doesn’t open your heart, then don’t fall for Me.




let one who desires peace, prepare for war


And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.



a leader who caves to fear, is no leader at all



Photography Workshops now Starting

What Will I Learn? Shoot with Multiple Speedlights Shoot Using Different Light Modifiers Shoot Using Color Gels Shoot Creative Concepts How to set up and organize your shoots How to pose and work with models and much much more 68/F-STYLE CHICAGO /

We will be bringing in some of the top glamour, fashion and artistic models from around the nation as well as international models from countries such as: Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Romania, Russia, etc, just to name a few to kick off our Workshop series. Shoots will be done in a controlled environment with every photographer getting quality shooting time in the rotation. None of the workshops will be shootouts. These are workshops where photographers can network and learn new techniques....meals, snacks and beverages will always be provided at each workshop. Professional lighting is provided. All you will need is your camera and a pocket wizard (if you have one, if not, there is usually a couple on site to lend out), and you’re all set. The meet-up group is designed to allow photographers to share in the cost of bringing in top modeling talent, so that they can improve their skills in a comfortable environment. Photographers of all skill levels are invited to join. With a mixture of amateur and experienced photographers at all of our events, this provides for great discussions and learning opportunities for all. Models who will be featured in upcoming events as well as those who wish to be considered among the best in the country are also welcomed to join. We will also be holding model development

workshops in the months ahead, so that less experienced models can grow and learn under the advice of those with years of experience. Makeup Artists/Hair Stylists/Wardrobe Designers/Stylists are also welcome to join the group. Your services are always needed and this group provides a tremendous amount of networking opportunities. We are very much looking forward to seeing all of you at the many fantastic events that are planned for the months ahead!!!

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F Style

A Film, Photo & Event Space! Great 4 rehearsals. Unique Lighting, Green Room, V.O booth, Gated entry, Security, fully stocked kitchen, bathroom & wifi

Rental Space for Private -Photoshoots -Movie and Tv Production -Voice over production -Auditions -Small Workshops and more. Now with Food Menu for your private events 70/F-STYLE CHICAGO /


Moives/ films / actors

coming soon

MALEVOLENT! Animated horror movie with William Shatner and Morena Baccarin! Written and Executive Produced by Jim Cirile and Tanya Klein, Co-Executive Produced by Lawrence Lee Wallace

Congrats to Director Lawrence Lee Wallace on his production which of Pieces of David which is nominated in the African American Arts Allience in 3 Categories Best Film BestActress Best Director 71/F-STYLE CHICAGO

Moives/ films / actors

“By Bye Noon” The Official film.. This film focuses on Suicide and Metal Health which is a big problem in America! Here you have Director RipperBrown working side by side with Actor Arch Harmon to Tell the story of a lonely Veteran struggling with PTSD and mental health.. Each day he decides if he will “Live or Die” THE WARNING SIGNS ARE THERE BUT TO MOST THEY’RE INVISIBLE


The story follows this wildly attractive yet very mysterious character named “Sirius”. Sirius is perceived as the typical ladies’ man, but has a dark past that is ever present. Sirius is incredibly charismatic and has an almost magical gift with people, but his past prevents him from creating friendships or meaningful relationships. This story addresses some issues that have been too taboo to even mention. Sirius has a very complicated relationship with God and border line hatred for organized religion. As a child, he and his mother were thrown out of the church after it came to light his mother was having an affair with the pastor. The result of this leads to a life filled with drugs, prostitution, molestation, and violence. He is envied by the character “Gary” and obsessed by the character “Cynthia”, both are his co-workers. They make it their mission to find out who he really is. 73/F-STYLE CHICAGO

On the Verge





Eric Lane been a real inspiration for our circle. Recently he was casts for a role in the pilot episode of Fox’s Rel as the character Frank the Barber, which airs Sunday’s at 7:00 p.m. Lane has also appeared in Barbershop, Empire, Chi-Raq the Series, and dozens of other films and TV programs

. He also appeared in the 2006 film Waist Deep, the lead role in the 2008 direct to video film Tactical, and is the main character in the 2014 short film Night Thrasher:RAVE based on the Marvel comics superhero character Night Thrasher directed by Lawrence Lee Wallace. He currently plays the role Black Magnum from the series The Girls & Rodney also directed by Lawrence Lee Wallace. The premiere for the Rel Show was such a special event,at the premiere you saw a sea of family and friends. The who’s who of Chicago all come out to

support this great historic production. But in a humbling exchange with actor Eric Lane stated that “ I could have done more in the industry but I choose to sacrificed for my family, my daughter because I wanted to take care of my family first, my daughter came first.” That was a real moment for that actor. So humble to understand what was more important even with the success he is now gaining. That my friends is a class act. Salute to this actor and we shall continue to follow your progress with support. 75/F-STYLE CHICAGO

E On the Verge

edward williams iii

This young actor is defiantly on the verge! Remember the name. In just a short time, Edward Williams III has climbed the industry leader and has now successfully secured himself to higher L.A. markets. We first met Edward in our production of Sunshine Day directed by Lawrence Lee Wallace but since then this young man has successfully moved around to many productions in Chicago and with his signature Ray Charles impersonation has gained the love of many with this charm, wit and hilarious personality.



There is so much going on with Edward that we would need three issue just to cover. We were blessed to have this talented actor come to the studio and give us an Exclusive interview for his future project. Make sure you check out WWW.Fstyle Magazine .com






Giving a special shout out to Actor/Tv host Simeon Henderson on his new talk show. Giving a voice to the people. See the latest celebrity interviews and heart warming stories of the community. Check him out every Thurday’s live on his fb page. Simeon Henderson (MrChicago) 81/F-STYLE CHICAGO


The Simeon Henderson Show is a new, funny, entertaining and informative show that shows the dynamic range of Chicago’s Actor/TV host Simeon Henderson. F-Style Magazine was fortunate to be invited to one of Henderson’s biggest shows of his first season as he brings Chicago’s own Sandy Redd who has most recently gained national attention with her outstanding performance on The Voice. We got exclusive behind the scenes pictures of this momentous show .




Sandy Redd #TeamSandyRedd #Reddfever

Simeon’s relationships with is guest are genuine and often times produce great crazy moments that will have you entertained






Sandy Redd cries tears of Joy as she receives customized shoes from Local Shoe Store on behalf of the Henderson show 90/F-STYLE CHICAGO /



Yes, that really is Van Johnson of VH1 “ Black Ink Chicago” . Great Moments and very informative interview you don’t want to miss. Make sure you tune in Thursday’s at 8p as he goes live each week on his FB page and Youtube.



Michelle Hayes (Hayes Talent Agency) & Rubye Lane owners of Cre8ion Media came to speak to Simeon about their amazing Media Network that gives actors and directors more exposure for their productions.


One of the things we most like about The Simeon Henderson show is that he is always concerned about the community and providing opportunity to bless individual where he can. This young man is a high school senior and one of his students that expressed interest in being apart of the media field. Hearing this Simeon invited him out to his show and now got the opportunity to work, learn and meet some of his favorite celebrities in the field he plans to be in.

Say it with purpose #Besimbolic tee shirts now on sale 96/F-STYLE CHICAGO /

The behind the scenes production crew, always seeking to perfect the show an bring the community quality programming for the Simeon Hinderson show


Jossie Harris Thacker

Former In Living Color Dancer

The Simeon Henderson show is a fresh new innovative show that gives a voice to the people. Showing the world that their is a multitude of talent and Simeon show cases the talent and gives a platform to people. Tune in every Thursday at 8p live on both youtube and FB you don’t want to miss emerging new tv talkshow


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of answering to your boss and senior colleagues at work? Annoyed you haven’t gotten the promotion you slaved all year for? Or are you just tired of being under someone. Look no further, self-employment is here and FOR UNDER $100. Self-employment is the surest way to climb to the top at your own rates. You become King or Queen of your empire and don’t have to answer to nobody. No more getting their coffee, finishing up their own work, or doing any other menial jobs. You become your own boss and you will absolutely love it. Now being self-employed is not as difficult or as expensive as you think. Here are 10 business ideas that you can start RIGHT NOW for under $100. Mobile Repair In this era of diversified technology, this is highly sought after. If you have a knack for computers, cell phones, cars etc and you don’t mind driving around to do it, then all you need do is to start, the big bucks will soon start rolling in. Click here on the image below to get started with a cell phone repair business. 2. Blogging This is actually very versatile. You can blog about pretty much anything; food, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, travel, sports the list goes on. All you need to do is to find where you most thrive, concentrate and write. There are plenty of platforms where you can blog on such as your own 100/F-STYLE CHICAGO /

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you’ll get good money for it. People can make up to $100 on Fiverr just for translating documents. 6. Dropshipping How do you feel about selling simple everyday products WITHOUT HAVING TO FIRST BUY THEM, PHYSICALLY SEE THEM, TOUCH THEM, OR SHIP THEM OUT YOURSELF?! If you like trading and ecommerce but do not actually want to deal with the bulk of the products, then you should consider drop shipping. When a product is requested all you need do is purchase it from the manufacturer and get a delivery company to drop it at your client’s house and as well, at you’re business. A popular Dropshipping website is Aliexpress, where you can setup an online store, place the products on your site, and then when you get an order, you have the supplier send it straight to the buyer’s address. 7. Consulting If you have specialized knowledge/input on certain important things you might as well become a consultant and exchange this knowledge for money. If you have specialized knowledge in fields like SEO, marketing, music, almost anything where you feel you can offer advice and great knowledge to those seeking it, you can consult them and rake in big bucks. 8. Purchase a website or app on Flippa On Flippa, a buy sell marketplace website where you can buy, improve and sell websites and apps at auction or buy it now. Majority

of all the websites and apps are already completed, all it needs is strong marketing and promotion. Whether you’re a developer or an entrpeneur, Flippa is a great website to make money on. 9. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is definitely one of the easiest ways to make passive income online. First, you find a Affiliate Marketing network, search for products or services that you feel fit your niche or something you have great knowledge in, become a partner, and earn a commission for each sale you help make. The main thing you have to do with Affiliate Marketing is drive lots of traffic to the website or landing page of the product or service you’re selling. There are many affiliate programs all over the net like Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, JVZoo, and more. You can learn how to do Affiliate Marketing by clicking HERE 10. Social Media Manager With a lot of essential platforms, celebrities and important people in the world, social media is a go to. We spend a lot of time on social media anyway, why not make money off of it by just managing someone’s business page. These dignitaries and sites require effective the management of all their social media handles. If this is the job description you want, go for it.


rita harris The Fierce Fashionshow was such an huge success. The concept behind what got this started really speaks to the heart of what Community means see Exclusive Interview at 102/F-STYLE CHICAGO /

Singer Carolina Davis Performed beautifully for this wonderful cause







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Deadra Rene the owner of the

online women’s fashion boutique, Suited Boutique. She always had the desire to own and operate my own clothing store. At 16, one of her first jobs was for a local clothing store in her hometown of Milwaukee, WI and she loved it! From stocking the inventory to helping the customers find what they needed, She enjoyed every aspect of the retail world. Deadra eventually decided that she would pursue dreams of owning her own store and in February of 2017, She decided to go for it with opening Suited Boutique. 107/F-STYLE CHICAGO




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Suited Boutique I saw that there was a need in my city for my vision and I noticed a niche that needed to be filled. I opened my boutique with the desire to cater to women like myself. Women who want to be themselves without the need to feel like they have to follow the crowd or society’s definition of style. I wanted to create a brand that lets women know that it is okay to be themselves. Suited Boutique encourages women to be fashionable, trendy, and

stylish, but on their own terms.

For women to express themselves through fashion according to their own standards. Suited Boutique is a play on words where we invite our customers to find something that ‘Suits’ them. Mix and match our pieces to create a style that is unique for you. There is no wrong or right way to get dressed when you dress with Suited Boutique! We offer styles that are exclusive and for just about any occasion! Suited




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Risque Intimates is made for ALL WOMEN!! Every woman deserves to feel sexy. We spend so much time working, doing for others, and just STRESSING in general. It’s time that we bring back that SEXY GAL we all know WE can be.

BE BOLD! BE YOU! BE BEAUTIFUL! We offer sizes small to 4X plus size. Special orders for sizes 5X and 6X. DARE TO BE SEXY FOR YOURSELF & DEVELOPE HAPPINESS WITHIN YOUR INNER SELF!



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