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soccer football baseball basketball running other sport apparel and equipment footwear jerseys and uniforms custom names/numbers provided

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(pronounced Jah-Door)


Sex & Rock ‘n Roll Issue


Keri Hilson: The Ultimate 'Get It Girl'

R&B starlet, award-winning songwriter and Georgia Peach Keri Hilson is the hottest ‘Get It Girl’ on the scene who won’t stop until she is Living In A Perfect World.

Features 84

Bret Michaels:

Still Looking For Love

From his wild days with rock supergroup Poison, to his solo recording career and successful reality show, Rock of Love, Bret Michaels still gets mad love.


gym class heroes:

On The Run


Porn’s ultimate sex symbol, Jesse Jane, shares her unconventional story of becoming adult entertainment’s perfect princess.

J’Adore jumps on the tour bus with Gym Class Heroes’ drummer Matt McGinley to dissect their eclectic sound of reggae, rap, pop, rock and ‘emo’ intonations.


doug reinhardt:

TV vs. Real Life

From starring in the reality TV hit, The Hills, to playing major league baseball and eventually becoming a successful CEO, Doug Reinhardt shows us how he plays the field at all positions.

jesse jane:

Energizer Bunny


Artist of the issue:

Hazel Dooney

Australia’s most controversial, young female artist rocks ‘the land down under’ and abroad with some freaky art.

Cover Image and image on this page By: Derek Blanks




Still Looking For Love



Sex & Rock ‘n Roll Issue

Departments image BY: Carmel Samiri



Real Life

14 Pause, Flash! 16 Rock ‘n’ Roll: In The Beginning 18 Rock ‘n’ Roll: The Day The Music Died 20 Revisiting Woodstock: 40 Years Later 22 Roots, Rock, Reggae! 24 Eve’sDropping 25 The Fly Guy Chronicles 26 Paris: Serve & Protect…Yourself 27 Stop Keeping Secrets… 28 Money Matters: Banking Basics 30 Your Brain on Drugs


life & style

32 Health & Fitness: Celebrity Trainer Mark Jenkins 34 Escapism: Suite Spots 36 Dining Destination: Charleston, South Carolina 38 Celebrity Chef D’Andre Carter 40 Hip Sips 42 Cold One…01: Ale Sharpton’s India Pale Ale ‘Draught Picks’ 44 Gifts For Your Special Lady 45 Smell Goods 46 Grooming

48 Guilty Pleasures: Birth Control, Contraception & The Independent Woman 50 Sensual Seduction: The Art of Pole Dancing


71 Did You Know? 72 Purple Reign: Top 5 Prince Albums & Romances of All Time 74 Old School Keeps Rockin’ 76 Music Notes: Rock & Soul 78 Top 10 Sexiest Female Athletes


52 ‘Miami Heat’: Sagia Castenada & Simply Jess Drop Jaws 55 Crème De Le Crème: Tyme 56 The Baddest Angel: Suelyn Meideros 58 Nazanin: The Talent of a Sweetheart 60 Neisha Mickles: Hustling Honey 62 The Casting Couch: Director Gil Greene 64 A Taste of Honey: Death of the Urban Celebrity Model




66 Future Rock Part 1: Malik Starx Breaks Barriers 68 Future Rock Part 2: ALIen’s Extraterrestrial Drumming 70 Future Rock Part 3: Celebrity Parties Like ‘Rockstarz’

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98 Atlanta’s eModa Fashion Boutique 100 Fashion How To 101 Watch This 102 Groupie Pursuit 104 Lingerie Preview


106 Guys & Gadgets 108 The Tech Side 110 Hugging The Road: U.S. Autos That Rock in 2009 112 Music Reviews 114 Book Reviews: Cherry Bomb 116 On The Reel: Movies & Musicals That Rock! 118 The Last Page: A Letter To T.I.



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contributors Shawn Jackson

Ale Sharpton

Dawn Montgomery

"In life, risk is part of the equation." This is the quote from his personal account of his deafness and subsequent surgery to restore most of his hearing in the 4th issue of J'Adore Magazine. An avid reader, this native of Philadelphia, MS has long had a way with words and uses them to not only put to paper what fails in voice, but also to educate others on issues he is passionate about and what he feels are often ignored subjects such as the deaf community. Feeling inhibited by his surroundings, but still having a love for his home state, Shawn moved to Atlanta, Georgia to be closer to the action with J'Adore and to continue to grow as a writer and editor. Shawn is the self-described “cool tech nerd” as he has his regular columns in the Xtras section that he's been writing since issue one, starting on page 106.

“Beer is the most underrated, misunderstood and stereotyped beverage on earth, yet, it is the second most consumed drink next to water,” says beer writer and photographer Ale Sharpton. After being an enthusiast for more than two decades, Ale took his appreciation for ales and lagers to the next level, writing and educating readers for a number of publications including his popular “Cold One…01” column for J’Adore Magazine. Now burgeoning on YouTube, touring breweries, reviewing different styles of beer, and covering events and festivals globally, Ale’s mission to spread the love of what he terms “the world’s greatest beverage” is generating serious buzz. Look out for the launch of his highly anticipated website,, during the summer of ’09. In the meantime, enjoy his humorous, yet informative take on India Pale Ales on page 42. Originally from “gorges” Ithaca, New York, and a Cornell University alumnus, Ale now proudly represents Atlanta, Georgia, which he terms “the fastest growing beer hub in the nation.”

Sometimes, models don’t understand that there is much more to the industry than music videos and magazines," states rising model and journalist Dawn Montgomery. In a perfect world, such aspirations would be completely satisfying, but this enterprising scribe from Hattiesburg, MS is striving for much more. With her amazing spirit, high energy, keen attention to detail and universal mind, Dawn is on a mission to re-invent the mindset of aspiring urban/ethnic models. Her love for journalism manifested while acting as personal copy editor for the stories her grandmother authored for the Hattiesburg American during her courageous battle with breast cancer. Dawn continues to use her experiences as a mother, voice as a writer and reach as a model to show young women who come from humble beginnings that anything is possible. She is the epitome of the trendsetting movement called J’Adore and caps off this classic issue with a cover story on the burgeoning starlet, Keri Hilson on page 80.

Michael “Ice-Blue” Harris

Andrea Janise

Alex Lamarsh

Born and bred in Virginia (P-Town), seasoned in New York and now calling the “ATL” home, Michael “IceBlue” Harris penned J’Adore’s tribute to T.I. A former editor at Vibe and The Source Magazines and frequent contributor at J’Adore, Ice-Blue wrote last month’s feature on the “Hip-Hop Doc” (Issue 8) and has also penned stories for XXL, Upscale and F.E.D.S. during his ten-year grind. Speaking on his T.I. tribute, the new proud father says, “Everybody had their opinions when his situation first happened, but it’s easy to speak on something. Try walking in his shoes. If he’s made a change, you’ve got to judge him from here on out and let his new actions take precedent.” Read Michael’s letter to T.I. on page 118.

Food writer Andrea Janise discovers the flavorful low country cuisine of Charleston, South Carolina on page 37. “Charleston is definitely one of the South’s best kept secrets,” exclaims Andrea Janise. “From the fresh seafood and southern specialties to the dynamic restaurant scene and the fabulous annual Food and Wine Festival, Charleston has quickly become one of my favorite dining destinations!” Now residing in Atlanta, via her native town of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, this culinary aficionado is found regularly at restaurant openings, reviewing cuisine and covering numerous culinary events throughout the nation.

At 6’2”, Alex LaMarsh is a force to be reckoned with. Whether wielding a makeup brush or producing photo shoots, Alex has conquered every aspect of her craft. Rising fromher humble beginnings in Nebraska, she moved to San Francisco to study fashion and costume design. At the age of 19, she worked as a costume director in theater and opera in San Francisco, then moved to New York to steal a bit of the spotlight for herself as a model. Now living in Los Angeles, Alex works fulltime as a freelance makeup artist bringing a bit of creativity to an industry plagued by lack of imagination. See some of her work on page 46.

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Pubisher's Letter "Just take those old records off the shelf I sit and listen to them by myself Today’s music ain’t got the same soul I like that old time rock n’ roll" - Bob Seger

Those lyrics constantly played in my head as I compiled ideas together for this new installment of J’Adore, appropriately titled the Sex & Rock N’ Roll Issue. Rock n’ roll is more than just a genre of music. It’s a movement that has fused so many cultures, sounds and races together for decades. With sex, the most natural act since Genesis, has evolved into a phenomenon that has undoubtedly impacted society in style, attitude, dress and countless sources of entertainment. Collectively, sex and rock are one of the most influential and prolific duos the world has ever birthed. This, shall I say, stellar issue boasts a modish new look (thanks Fran!) that promises to embrace a plethora of interesting facts, exclusive interviews from some of today’s top rock stars, sexy television personalities, the newest products to hit the market, the hottest lifestyle section on the racks and some of the most gorgeous people our readers have ever seen. I mean, can you blame us for featuring the next pop sensation, Keri Hilson? Expect to get a tuition-free history lesson on rock n’ roll, revisit Woodstock 40 years later, tour the Rock and Roll Museum in Cleveland, Ohio and learn about the pioneers that made it all possible. Today’s stars provide exclusive interviews with J’Adore including veteran rocker and reality show star Bret Michaels, the restless Gym Class Heroes, the seductive porn star Jesse Jane and The Hills’ most popular bayboy, Doug Reinhardt. And fellas, prepare for your jaws to drop when they see the layout of the curvaceous Miami Heat duo in our highly popular Model Citizen section. Keeping this edition balanced, J’Adore lists the top 10 sexiest female athletes in the world of sports with a surprising #1. We also have real life pieces on finance to keep your books straight in these trying times, an as-told heartfelt testimony on sexual abuse, how to “serve and protect” yourself when dealing with authorities by guest columnist and revolutionary rapper Paris, and how to stay in shape with celebrity fitness guru Mark Jenkins. And then there is our Lifestyle section. Escape with us and shack up at one of our recommended Suite Spots throughout the U.S. and abroad. Thirsty? Pull up a stool with renowned beer writer Ale Sharpton and try one of his highly recommended imperial India pale ales or order a glass of one of J’Adore’s Hip Sips. Hungry? J’Adore’s food editor Andrea Janise reviews some of the best restaurants Charleston, S.C. has to offer. Then, of course, we show you what time it is in Robert J. Mair's Watch This, feature some of the most slept-on rock albums from yesterday and today in Tashir J. Lee's Music Notes, entice noses in Smell Goods and much, much more. To appropriately end this issue, J’Adore wishes Atlanta’s own rock star and “King,” T.I., a safe return from his highly documented jail sentence. I can assure you that after reading this issue, it will leave you wanting more, so please visit us on the Web at for exclusive articles and behind the scenes footage. And of course, your constructive feedback and kudos (hopefully) are always welcome so that we can continue to give our readers the “Best Of All Worlds, All Together.” God Bless J’Adore and you lovely people.

Taneish, Publisher J’Adore

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real life


flash! pause...

(images by Nadia Mosley )

Lebron “King” James rocks Atlanta! On Saturday, February 28th, Eighty81 presented a night with Lebron "King" James at an exclusive location in Atlanta, MF Buckhead, hosted by super producer Polow Da Don. The best in sports and entertainment filled the private affair from wall to wall for this royal affair. Special invited guests included:


Nicole Garner (the Garner Circle Pr) & Sheree Whitfield (Bravo TV)


Brian Michael Cox DJs

Jagged Edge

Daniel (Boobie) Gibson, Cleveland Cavaliers

Lebron "King" James

Bow Wow

Devyne Stevens, Polow Da Don, Lebron James

Polow Da Don

stylist Reno valentine & jazze pha

Also, check out the red carpet pictures by Kat Goduco at:

T Boz & dwoods

Lebron & chubbie baby

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model Tomika Skanes 

taneish's birthday party Publisher of J'ADORE MAGAZINE, Taneish Leslie, celebrated her 26th birthday at Tongue & Groove Lounge in Atlanta, GA. She was surrounded by Family, staff members, close friends and associates Taneish Leslie and Ella

Takeo Spikes

Taneish Leslie & Derek J

Christian Louboutin Black Leather pumps and shoe box.

Cristal Steverson and Shawn Jackson

Taneish Leslie, Betrice Benbow and Dawn Montgomery

Neishon Leslie

Neishon Leslie

Anna Maria

behind closed doors On Saturday, March 7th Presidential Touch ENT and Silent Partners Media Group presented "Behind Closed Doors" the sexiest event of the year in Toronto, Ontario, held at the trendy location Vola Lounge, this was defintely a night to remember.

Jason Gilmore and Dawn Montgomery

Presidential Touch

Dominique Washington

Andre Numbrz and Kayan. A

Andre Numbrz and Lissa Monet Re-Shane Wilson

 j’adore

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real life


k c ‘R o ‘n’

: ’ l l o R

In the Beginning By: David Gilmore

Rock ‘n’ Roll was birthed out of Rhythm and Blues (also known as known as “race music”) from the late 40s and 50s in the United States. This music genre has an interesting history that includes little-known facts and stories behind the music that undoubtLittle Richard edly need to be recognized. The following is a breakdown of individuals—both popular and unpopular—who paved the way for rock and roll. In the beginning, Alan Freed, the disc jockey credited with naming “rock and roll,” was born near Johnstown, Pennsylvania in 1933 and eventually moved with his family to Salem, Ohio. In high school, Freed formed the Sultans of Swing, a band he played the trombone for. Little did he know he would soon be termed the “Father of Rock and Roll.” Freed was the biggest promoter at the very beginning of the rock and roll culture era and still has not fully received the recognition he deserved. He helped to advance a new brand of music that raised an excitement within a virtually untapped market in America—the teenager. Ultimately, Freed and his new teen following also turned out to be the unified force that brought attention to segregation in venues and helped with the racial integration of the U.S., including bringing black music into white homes and erasing racial divides in concert venues. There are, of course, several names that top the list of the greatest in rock and roll, but no one has garnered more fame than Elvis Presley (January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977), the undisputed “King of Rock and Roll.” He rose from humble circumstances to help launch the rock and roll revolution with his commanding voice and charismatic stage presence. Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi and grew up surrounded by gospel music of the Pentecostal church. In 1948, his family moved to Memphis, where he was exposed to blues and jazz. In the words of the historical marker that stands outside the house where he was born: “Presley’s career as a singer and entertainer redefined popular music.” Presley’s hits included songs like “Hound Dog,” “Don’t Be Cruel,” “All Shook Up,” “Blue Suede Shoes” and many more. To his credit, Elvis also starred in movies Viva Las Vegas, Jailhouse Rock, Girls Girls Girls and others that all contributed to the lure and popularity of the music. Another pioneer of rock and roll that deserves recognition is Rev. Richard Wayne Penniman, also known as Little Richard, who was born in Macon, Georgia on December 5, 1932. As a singer, songwriter, pianist and one of the premier ambassadors of the music form, the self-proclaimed “Architect of Rock and Roll” is iconic in this genre. Ray Charles asserted that Little Richard was “the man that started a kind of music that set the pace for a lot of what’s happening.” In fact, in his high school year book, singer Bob Dylan declared that Alan Freed

 j’adore

16 

his ambition was “to follow Little Richard.” In 1969, Elvis Presley told Little Richard, “Your music has inspired me—you are the greatest.” Obviously, Pat Boone thought he was pretty special as well because he copied just everything Little Richard did and then repackaged it and sold it mainstream. One of Richard’s early bands had the young, then unknown singer James Brown (May 3, 1933- Dec 25, 2006) before he reached the “Godfather of Soul” status; a 14-year-old keyboardist named Billy Preston (September 9, 1946-June 6, 2006) who became the only musician to play with both the Rolling Stones and Beatles; and the famous and legendary rock guitarist The Rock and Roll Jimi Hendrix (November 27, 1942–September 18, 1970). Talk about Hall of Fame Foundation an all-star group! Little Richard’s first recording session took place at WGST Leaders in the music industry joined together in Atlanta, Georgia, resulting in his first record, “Every Hour,” which enjoyed in 1983 to establish the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame heavy airplay on the city’s WERD radio station -- the first completely blackowned radio station in the United States. He followed with a string of hits Foundation. One of the Foundation’s many funcsuch as “Tutti Fruiti,” “Good Golly Miss Molly,” “Ready Teddy,” “Good Gosh tions is to recognize the contributions of those who Almighty,” “Lucille,” “Jenny Jenny” and “Keep a Knockin.” Little Richard’s echave made a significant impact on the evolution, centric personality also help fuel the demand for his appearance in rock and development and perpetuation of rock and roll roll-themed movies such as Don’t Knock the Rock and The Girl Can’t by inducting them into the Hall of Fame. Help It (both from 1956). He also has cameos in recent films like The Hall’s search committee considered Down And Out In Beverly Hills (1986) Why Do Fools Fall several cities, including Memphis, In Love (1998) and many more. As versatile and ageless as the home of Sun Studios and ever, Little Richard continues to delight fans globally with Stax Records; Cincinnati, his extraordinary stage presence and flamboyant antics. Now inducted into Cleveland, Ohio’s Rock the birthplace of King and Roll Hall of Fame (see the sidebar) along Records; New York; with many others, his contribution to the and Cleveland. world of music is eternalized. Cleveland Other early notables inlobbied excluded Chuck Berry, Fats tremely hard Domino, Jerry Lee Lewis, to be chosen, Buddy Holley and Bill Haley & citing that one-time His Comets. The ladder group’s “Rock local disc jockey Alan Around the Clock” became the first rock and roll recording to hit the top of the American Freed was widely credrecord charts, where it stayed for eight weeks. The ited with promoting the new #1 slot was occupied on charts worldwide as well. genre and the term “rock and roll.” Columbia Pictures cashed in on the new craze by hirAdditionally, Cleveland representatives ing Haley & His Comets to star in two quickie movies, Rock Elvis Presley emphasized their city was the location of Around the Clock (1956) and Don’t Knock the Rock (1957). the first rock and roll concert. Civic leaders To add, Happy Days (1974-1984)—the very popular sitcom based in Cleveland added a pledge of $65 million in pubin the 50s starring Henry Winkler (the Fonz) and Ron Howard (Richie lic money to fund the construction. To sweeten the Cunningham)—featured this song in its debut season. deal, a petition drive was signed by 600,000 fans faEvidently, rock and roll is far beyond simply a musical style, birthing legends, revolutionizing the sound of television and film; influencing fashion, voring Cleveland over Memphis, and a USA Today attitudes and politics; and overall altering societal norms throughout the poll revealed that the Ohio city won by 100,000 world since its origin nearly a century ago. J votes. In the end, the Hall of Fame board voted to grant the metropolis off of Lake Erie the museum. By 1986, the first inductees were named which included many artists and non-performers alike including Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, James Brown, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and of course, Alan Freed, the “Father of Rock and Roll.”

 j’adore

17 

real life

RL The Day

the Music Died By: David Gilmore


t was a cold winter’s night almost 50 years ago when a small private plane took off from Clear Lake, Iowa bound for Fargo, North Dakota. Unfortunately, it never made its destination. The plane crash that killed Buddy Holly (known for the hit “Peggy Sue”) also took the lives of the pilot, Ritchie Valens (“La Bamba”) and The Big Bopper JP Richardson (“Chantilly Lace”). It will be remembered as one of the more significant tragic events in the history of rock and roll. Since all three entertainers were so prominent at the time, February 3, 1959 became known as “The Day The Music Died.” Singer/songwriter Don McLean memorialized the tragedy in the highly acclaimed song “American Pie,” which reached #1 in the U.S. in 1972. In the spirit of rock and roll, J’Adore thought it would be appropriate to remember these icons by placing the first verse and chorus of McLean’s classic that also included political statements regarding America’s status at the time: A long, long time ago, I can still remember How that music used to make me smile And I knew if I had my chance That I could make those people dance And maybe they’d be happy for a while But February made me shiver, with every paper I’d deliver Bad news on the doorstep, I couldn’t take one more step I can’t remember if I cried, when I read about his widowed bride But something touched me deep inside the day the music died So bye, bye Miss American Pie Drove my Chevy to the levee but the levee was dry And them good old boys were drinking whiskey and rye Singing this’ll be the day that I die This’ll be the day that I die

Buddy HOlly

Ritchie Valens

 j’adore

18 

The Big Bopper JP Richardson

Thursday - Sunday Doors open at 10pm

For reservations 702.770.3375 3 1 3 1

l a s

v e g a s

b l v d .

s o . ,

l a s

v e g a s  j’adore

19 

n v

8 9 1 0 9

real life


s r r a e e t Y a 0 L 4

Revisiting Woodstock:

By: David Gilmore

J’Adore revitalizes the spirit of one of the most influential and important music festivals of the modern era. If you do not know about Woodstock, it's time to realize its significance.


ugust of 2009 will mark 40 years in the making of the most historically significant rock and roll concert ever. With close to half a million people in attendance, it lasted more than three days; through the rain, cold, and breakdown of numerous support systems including sanitization, it certainly challenged the hardcore rock enthusiast to persevere. Regardless, Woodstock not only turned out to be a one of the most historic musical gatherings ever, but a significant political statement as well for an entire generation. This concert took place near Woodstock, New York in a town called Wallkill on Sam Yasgur’s farm in August of 1969, and proved to be the climax of the 1960’s free spirit mentality and arguably the peak of the peace movement. All in all, it was the Holy Grail of rock and roll venues. When asked about the Woodstock experience, Bethel, New York town historian Bert Feldman said, “What we had here was an once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Dickens said it first: ‘It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.’ It’s an amalgam that will never be reproduced again.”

Arnold Skolnick, the artist who designed Woodstock’s dove-andguitar symbol, described it this way: “Something was tapped—a nerve in this country. And everybody just came.” The Woodstock dove is really a catbird; originally, it was perched on a flute. “I was staying on Shelter Island off Long Island and I was drawing catbirds all the time,” Skolnick revisited. “As soon as Ira Arnold [a copywriter on the project] called with the copy approved—‘Three Days of Peace and Music’—I just took the razor blade and cut that catbird out of the sketchpad I was using. First, it sat on a flute; I was listening to jazz at the time and I guess that’s why. But anyway, it sat on a flute for a day and I finally ended up putting it on a guitar.” The counterculture’s biggest bash ultimately cost more than $2.4 million—which is a small amount by today’s standards—and was sponsored by four very different young men: John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, Artie Kornfeld and Michael Lang. It can be easily argued that this quartet did not know the magnitude of this festival that would have such a social and musical impact on not only the U.S., but on the entire world.

Another was for a recording studio, to be tucked off in the woods more than 100 miles from Manhattan in a rural upstate New York community. The location would reflect the back-to-the-land spirit of the counterculture. Besides, the Ulster County town had been an artists’ Mecca for a century. By the late 1960s, musicians like Bob Dylan, The Band, Tim Hardin, Van Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin were moving to the area and wanted a state-of-the-art studio. The newly formed Woodstock Ventures company was trying to book the biggest rock n’ roll bands in America, but the rockers were reluctant to sign with an untested outfit that might be unable to deliver. “To get the contracts, they had to become credible, and to get the credibility, they had to have the contracts,” Rosenman said. The investors solved the problem by promising paychecks unheard of in 1969. The big breakthrough came with the signing of the top psychedelic band of the day, Jefferson Airplane, for the incredible sum of $12,000. Airplane usually took gigs for $5,000 to $6,000. Creedence Clearwater In the Beginning Originally, they came together to get Revival signed for $11,500. The Who then plot ideas for a TV sitcom, Roberts and came in for $12,500. The rest of the acts started to fall in line. Many of the top Rosenman put a classified ad in the Wall Street Journal and The New York music acts that performed at Woodstock Times in March 1968: “Young men with included Ritchie Havens, Arlo Guthrie, unlimited capital looking for interesting, Joan Baez, Santana, Janis Joplin, Sly legitimate investment opportunities and and the Family Stone, Grateful Dead, Joe Cocker, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young business propositions.” They received thousands of replies, including one for and Jimi Hendrix. From there, the only thing left was the actual performance. biodegradable golf balls and other offthe-wall responses. One seemed strange Ventures made sure the deposits were enough to work as a real business ven- paid, signed the contracts, and that was it—instant credibility. In all, $180,000 ture, Ski-Bobs—bicycles on skis that were a fad in Europe. Actually, Roberts was spent on talent. The organizers settled on the conand Rosenman researched the product crete slogan of “Three Days of Peace and before abandoning it. Music.” The promoters figured “peace” The idea that ultimately became would link the anti-war sentiment to the the Woodstock event was for a cultural rock concert. They also wanted to avoid exposition/rock concert/extravaganza. any violence and figured that a slogan with “peace” in it would help keep order. While the theme was covered, the logistics were still a challenge. First, the developers of the concert ran into

problems finding an actual site to host the concert thought to attract no more than 200,000 attendees. Wallkill officials were told in late March that the concert would feature jazz bands and folk singers and that 50,000 people would attend—if they were lucky. It was actually supposed to be in Woodstock, but the townspeople did not like the thought of a large number of “hippies” showing up in their backyard. Once a place was found, parking issues, transportation access, water, electricity, and stage problems began to arise. The concert developers became quickly overwhelmed when the numbers neared 500,000, but none of this adversity stopped the show.


The concert opened with Ritchie Valens on Friday, August 15, 1969 at 5:07 p.m., and ended with Hendrix on the morning of Monday, August 18. The Festival was indeed lengthy—many acts performed for hours including The Who, whose show featured a 24-song set. Because of rain delays (the farm lands were transformed into one big mudslide), interruptions, long sets and disorganization, the concert carried on into Monday morning, and most of the people had left wet and weary. By the time Hendrix performed, most of the crowd had left, which was unfortunate because he delivered one of the most stellar and memorable performances for those who stayed to see firsthand. At the end of the show, Woodstock attendees made the New York State Thruway a standstill and created one of the nation’s worst traffic jams to daye. It also inspired a wave of new county, local and state laws to alleviate a repeat of

some of the problems encountered in an event of this magnitude. Woodstock also ended with tremendous financial burdens. Since the concert gates became flooded and run over by the overwhelming crowds during the shows, the developers decided to forego the cost of admission and turn it into a free concert. Initially, they didn’t make any money. However, money was later generated from record and film sales, so they did recoup some of their costs. Despite all of the problems encountered with the Woodstock Festival, for three and a half days, the site became a platform of peaceful rebellion and a cultural expression of the new generation of concertgoers—many of them embraced numerous mind-altering drugs. “Peace, Love and Drugs” was now the new theme. Overall, the Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969 had become the epitome of youthful pleasure-seeking during the 60’s. The farm’s owner, Yasgur, was overwhelmed by how peaceful such an event was even though half of a million were there. He also stated that the racial and political feuds in America at the time should learn a lesson from the harmony the great Woodstock Festival exemplified. The concert went on to be a successful venture and a very significant event in music history that spawned many revivals years later. J

Cost of Living - 1969

Average income (1 person)...............................$ 6,500.00 A new house cost approx.............................. $ 40,000.00 A gallon of gas cost...................................................$ .30 A Fillmore concert poster.......................................$ 1.25 A new car cost approx...................................... $ 2000.00 A gallon of milk cost................................................$ 1.10 A loaf of bread cost...................................................$ .20

real life




By: Robert J. Mair


A history lesson on the strong connection of two of the world’s greatest music genres

n January 19, 1994, Bob Marley was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Bono of U2 presented Bob’s wife, Rita, with the honors on behalf of her late husband. Singer Robert Palmer wrote in a tribute to Marley, “No one in rock and roll has left a musical legacy that matters more or one that matters in such fundamental ways.” Such was rock and roll’s acceptance and recognition of the King of Reggae, born in the small village of Nine Mile Jamaica some 49 years earlier. It was a matter of time before reggae artists would be recognized and marketed as their rock counterparts.


Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records, had a vision of the international acceptance of the reggae artist. Blackwell, who spent his childhood in Jamaica,

Bob Marley, mick jagger, peter tosh

Bob Marley

had eventually returned to his birthplace of England where he found success in the music business with a wide range of white and Jamaican artists. His diverse ear for music enabled him to sign bands ranging from Traffic and Emerson, Lake and Palmer, to Jamaican artists such as the 16-year-old Millie Small, whose single “My Boy Lollipop” reportedly sold six million records. Blackwell also invested time with the reggae singer

 j’adore

22 

Jimmy Cliff, who eventually landed the lead role in the film The Harder They Come (1972). Once again, Blackwell achieved success with a Jamaican artist as the film and soundtrack exposed reggae to a vast international audience. Blackwell’s intention was to market Cliff as he would a rock star, however, before he was able to break him into the rock market, Cliff signed with EMI. As fate would have it, within weeks of Cliff’s departure, a relatively unknown Wailers group led by Bob Marley met with Blackwell in his London office. Marley and the Wailers convinced Blackwell to invest 4000 pounds for the recording of an album. Considered a tremendous risk at the time, Blackwell’s investment yielded historical results: the seminal and soon-tobe classic album, Catch a Fire (1973). Blackwell finally had the reggae artist he could market to a rock audience. When Catch was released, Blackwell had added guitar, organ and clavinet tracks by rock session musicians to create what he felt was the right sound for a rock audience. When the Wailers’ second album Burnin’ was released six months later, the single “I Shot the Sheriff” caught the ear of rock legend Eric Clapton who covered the tune and furthered reggae’s exposure to the rock world. Marley continued to blend rock lead guitar in his music, particularly in his live performances. Check out the reggae rock segues in “The Heathen,” “Concrete Jungle,” “Stir It Up” and “No Woman No Cry.” The Wailers’ lead guitar consisted primarily of American-born Al Anderson and Jamaican native Junior Marvin, who continues to tour with The Wailers Band. In addition to Marley’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, he has graced the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine several times.

eric clapton

black uhuru

Another excellent reggae group, Black Uhuru, would later be marketed by Island Records with a rock edge. This Grammy Award-winning group recorded their top hits in the 80’s and featured the unique sound of Sly and Robbie. At a given time, the drum and bass team of Sly and Robbie backed Peter Tosh (as part of the band, Word, Sound and Power), Black Uhuru and Grace Jones, also Jamaican, on her most successful recordings such as her mega-hit ”Pull Up to the Bumper.” Peter Tosh was signed by Rolling Stones Records in 1978, resulting in the release of Bush Doctor. The single, “Don’t Look Back,” featured a duet of Tosh and Mick Jagger on vocals. Tosh quickly became a reggae star with a rock audience. He also released the album “Mystic Man” on the Rolling Stones label. Tosh’s touring with Word, Sound and Power during this period featured some exceptional rock lead guitar to supplement the hard reggae percussion and basslines supplied by Sly and

Robbie. The guitarist was none other than Al Anderson who left Marley to work with Tosh during this period. On the British scene, Rasta reggae and rock frequently formed an alliance. The rebellious British youth who supported the punk rock scene of the late 70’s and 80’s related to the Rastas as social outcasts. Punk groups like The Clash utilized reggae as part of their sound to the point of releasing cover versions of popular reggae tunes. In fact, the innovative reggae DJ/rapper Mikey Dread can be heard on The Clash’s Sandinista album (1980). Also, before Sting’s love affair with the mainstream media, he was the bass man and lead vocalist for the three-member white rock/reggae group, The Police. Music enthusiasts will find the dub portion of “The Bed’s Too Big Without You” from their Regatta de Blanc LP (1979) extraordinary. Not to be left out, the British reggae group Steel Pulse was gigging with the Police in the late 70’s. Steel Pulse incorporated a rock sound and jazzy vocals to their reggae music. Their classic LP’s include Handsworth Revolution (1978) and True Democracy (1982). Also, the rock lead guitar in “Babylon the Bandit” from the Grammy winning LP of the same name reflects the marriage between rock and reggae. Another deserving mention in the “Reggae meets Rock and Roll” category is the group Third World, which combined some of Jamaica’s best musicians. Third World, considered too commercial by some reggae purists, nevertheless experimented with combining musical styles. Their international hit “Now That We Found Love” (later sampled by Heavy D in 1991)

The clash

brought them to the attention of Stevie Wonder, who worked with them on their song “Try Jah Love” – one of the few reggae tunes of the time to be featured on the rock station playlists. Ultimately, a countless number of rock and regsteel pulse gae-fused hits were created by musicians worldwide, further solidifying the popular phrase that was birthed in the 70's: “Roots, Rock, Reggae.” J

 j’adore

23 

real life



By: Lakeisha Williams

Welcome to another Top Ten list of things men need to know about women. Aren’t you happy that I’ve been a secretive, yet informative guiding light in your quest to learn more about women? Sharing all of the idiosyncrasies, fantasies, likes, dislikes and everything in-between about the female species is certainly enthralling. Being a woman myself, it would be safe to say that I am a reliable source. Trust me, I know the ins and outs of my kindred spirits. Without further adieu, let’s get into another round of the Top Ten things men don’t know about women.

Women have highly detailed memories. We store everything and never forget any of it. So, yes, we remember your double-take at that waitress named Tina with the tiny waist, or the time you gave us the infamous forehead kiss after a long day; even the watch you were sporting the day we met. Good or bad, it’s instilled in the mental rolodex. Oh, and remember, one white lie destroys a million truths.

“If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it.” Once we’re over you, it’s a wrap. Most women give everything of themselves when in a relationship. After we’ve tried to wait on you, work through issues and be forgiving without a hint of growth or change on your behalf, there is no turning back. Make sure you love wisely and timely.

Bed buddies are not out of the question and we definitely don’t fall in love with you just because the nookie is on point. Females are actually very capable of getting it, keeping it moving and giving you a call the next time we’re feeling frisky.

Although some women may appreciate the metrosexual man, the majority of us may have a real issue with our guy taking more time in the mirror than us. Sure, it’s cool to get your Kanye on from time to time, but being a “divo”–a male diva–is not the business.

Your shoes tell a story. Let it be a good one. It’s super exciting, thrilling and downright sexy to date “bad boys.” The spontaneous part is attractive and fun. Yet, when it comes to settling down, we’re looking for Mr. Level Headed, successful and reliable. Hey, we need someone up to par when it comes time to meet the parents. A pair of Christian Louboutin heels are the perfect gift for any occasion, including birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, make-up to break-up pleas, etc. Look for the red bottom of the soles, close your eyes and choose one. Any, one.

Ambition is a wonderful characteristic to have. However, we have way too many aspiring rappers, producers and entrepreneurs in the world. It gets really old meeting the same type of guy every time we step out of the house. Dreams are real and yes they do come true, but if you’re losing more than you make from your “occupation” without any hint of reward in the future, it may be time to try another route. Now I’m not saying women


Nice guys may finish last, but funny ones finish way ahead of the game. Chicks appreciate a man with a great sense of humor. The ability of one to laugh at themselves or light up a room with smiles is such an attractive quality to possess. We tell our girlfriends a lot, but not everything about our relationships. We may let them in on an intimate bedroom scoop and reenact catty fights, yet we do understand when and where to draw the line concerning our personal life with that special guy.

are gold diggers, but no one likes a broke, broke, broke... you know the rest. J


flyguy chronicles

types of women that all men

h ate

1 2 By: The Fly Guy

It’s time to officially clear the air. There seems to be this common misconception that suggests men have lower standards when choosing a mate. That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, men are a lot pickier than we lead you to believe. To prove this point, I’ve decided to share “Five Types of Women That All Men Hate.” So pay close attention, because if any of these sound like someone you know, then that may explain why they can’t seem to keep a man.

34 5

Ms. “Stick In The Mud” This woman never seems to have any fun ... ever. Her idea of a good time is probably a quiet evening at home reading the encyclopedia while eating a Lean Cuisine. On top of that, she doesn’t know how to give or take a joke, since she takes herself way too seriously. Will you relax ... please? Ms. “No One Else” Ms. “No One Else” wants all of your free time—every single second of it. As soon as the two of you get close, she stops talking to all of her friends and expects you to do the same. Some men may reluctantly agree, but that arrangement soon grows old. Ms. “Something To Prove” Ms. “Something To Prove” has always worked hard to show the world she was capable of doing anything she set her mind to. And while the entire male population respects her strength, we get kind of tired of her reminding us about it throughout the entire date. We hear: “I’ve got a good job.” “I don’t need a man to do anything for me.” “I’ve always been independent.” “I’m going to write a book encouraging other women to be strong like me.” Honestly, we’d rather listen to a Paula Abdul’s Greatest Hits album than to sit through an entire evening of that. Ms. “Read My Mind” For some reason, Ms. “Read My Mind” expects her man to know exactly what she’s thinking at all times. As a result, she constantly tests him, using his responses to gauge his level of love. This type of behavior should be avoided, as very few men are interested in dealing with the constant guessing games. Ms. “Chatterbox” Communication serves as the cornerstone for all serious relationships. However, some women overdo it a bit. The problem with Ms. “Chatterbox” is that she spends most of her time talking, and none of it listening. Before long, this type of woman grows even more annoying than that one drunk uncle who always tries to hit on your female friends. The Fly Guy Moral: So now that I have outlined the five types of women that all men hate, what will you ladies do now? Will you continue to hold out hope that he will one day change his mind and accept you as you are? Or will you learn the art of compromise and begin addressing those personal issues that aren’t conducive to a healthy relationship? I pray you choose the latter. DeWayne Rogers is the author of The Fly Guy Chronicles, your in-depth guide to love, relationships and everything hazy in-between. Love advice may never be the same.

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RL Serve and Protect...yourself Revolutionary, entrepreneur and hip-hop veteran Paris is a guest columnist for J’Adore and gives his opinion regarding controversial police shootings throughout the U.S., injustice and what our rights as people are when dealing with the authorities. Since his classic debut rap album in 1990, The Devil Made Me Do It (Tommy Boy, 1990), San Francisco, California native Paris continues to hold his tongue for no one. An opinion column by: Paris The following is meant to give a brief overview of law enforcement and how to protect yourself from unnecessary legal entanglements. Of course, Oscar Grant (the unarmed black 22-year-old male who was fatally shot by a police officer in Oakland on New Year’s Day that was captured on film) adhered to these principles -- which is why we are outraged -- but it’s still good info to pass on. Here’s a brief rundown of things everyone should be aware of. Keeping yourself safe comes down to these simple principles: 1) Non-cooperation: If you talk with the police, you could unintentionally hurt yourself, your friends, or others. 2) Do not consent to searches: Never give law enforcement the okay to examine your pockets, car, backpack or home. 3) Remain silent: Say nothing except “I’m going to remain silent and I would like to see a lawyer.” 4) Talk to a lawyer: Never take advice from the police; they may try to trick and mislead you. 5) Use trust and intuition: Work only with people with whom you have a history of trust. Without being paranoid, trust your intuition. Rights during a police encounter In a police encounter, these rules will help protect your civil rights and improve your chances of driving or walking away safely. From here on out, we are talking about your legal “rights” guaranteed by law. All of these rights also apply to minors and non-citizens. Keep private items out of view This is common sense. Always keep any private items that you don’t want others to see out of sight. Legally speaking, police do not need a search warrant in order to confiscate any illegal items that are in plain view. Stay cool and politely assertive Police are well-armed and often unpredictable, so remaining cool and calm will keep you safe. Treat them with the caution you would treat a dangerous, wild animal.

Be polite and yet assertive to ensure that your rights aren’t trampled on. Some officers may come on heavy if you are not absolutely submissive, but standing up for your rights will keep you safe in the long run in court when it really matters. Determine if you can leave You don’t have to talk to the police. As soon as an officer approaches you, ask the officer, “Am I free to go?” If you get an answer other than a definitive “No,” gather your stuff and leave without another word. You have the right to end an encounter with a police officer unless you are being detained or arrested. Don’t waste time trying to determine your status. Test if you are free to go and then go. If you aren’t free to go, the officer will make it perfectly clear. Use the ‘magic words’ If you are detained or arrested, use the magic words: “I’m going to remain silent. I would like to see a lawyer.” Do not talk to police. Wait to talk to a lawyer representing you. Even casual small talk can come back to haunt you. Anything you say can and will be used against you. Cops have numerous tricks to get you to talk. They can and do use fear, solitude, isolation, lies, advice, playing you against others and even kindness to get you to cooperate. Don’t be fooled. If you need to say anything, repeat the “magic words.” Keep in mind the credo: If no one talks, everyone walks. Regardless of what you are told by an investigating officer, you have nothing to gain by talking to the police...and everything to lose.

 j’adore


Refuse to consent to searches Officers seeking evidence will often try to get you to allow them to search your belongings, your car, or your home. Refuse to consent to a search with the phrase: “I do not consent to a search.” Usually, a search request will come in the form of an ambiguous statement, such as, “I’m going to ask you to empty your pockets.” Answer such requests unambiguously. Repeat as many times as necessary. You are under no obligation to allow a search. The only reason an officer asks your permission is because he/she doesn’t have enough evidence to search without your consent. Police officers are not required to inform you of your rights before asking you to consent to a search. If the officer searches you in spite of your objection, do not resist. Your attorney can argue that any evidence found during the search was discovered through an illegal search and should be thrown out of court. Do not try to bargain Police officers will often tell you that your cooperation will make things easier for you and many people hope to be let off easy if they are honest and direct with the police. The only thing it makes easier is the officer’s job. Do not let the threat of arrest scare you into admitting guilt. Better to spend a night in jail, than years in prison. Ask to speak with a lawyer and remain silent. Where to go for more help If you feel your rights are being violated, hold tight until you can talk to a lawyer. If you don’t have your own lawyer, the court will appoint the public defender to defend you. For more information about your rights, law education 

and what to do if your rights were violated, check out: • Midnight Special Law; 510-261-4843 • ACLU of Northern California; 415-621-2493 • National Lawyers Guild;; 415-285-5067 There may also be legal help in your community that will specifically help you if you are a senior, low-income, homeless or a non-citizen. Ask around in your community. Paris returns to the scene with his latest critically-acclaimed album, Acid Reflex (Guerilla Funk, 2008). With commentary on a wide range of topics including black-on-black crime and violence, the ongoing problem of police brutality, war, injustice, and the need for more of an equal balance between positive and negative influences in entertainment, Acid Reflex is the latest installment of cutting-edge funk-androck-inspired hip-hop in a career spanning the sale of over 3.8 million units independently worldwide. Acid Reflex also has a “Golden Ticket” Contest, with three randomly placed tickets—and three guaranteed winners—with each prize being a $10,000 award redeemable as a scholarship towards any kind of post-high school education or towards housing expenses. Visit for more information. Note: While this is an opinions column by Paris, J’Adore urges you to further research what your rights are in your specific area of residence. J


Shhh…I have a secret that I’m not supposed to tell anybody. I’ve kept it for eight years, but I think it’s time to release it.



stop keeping secrets:

An as-told heartfelt testimony about sexual abuse from a college student and burgeoning model

Those were my initial thoughts as I sat across from my minister and therapist Dr. Boyd. I met her in late January of 2003 and by the next month, I had decided to get counseling because of my constant anger and inability to maintain a healthy relationship. So I began to see her, but by April, I was still angry and still had this damn secret. What was I doing wrong in therapy? Why wasn’t I getting any better? It wasn’t four months prior to meeting Dr. Boyd that I participated in an uncharacteristic sexual act. Yep, that’s right, me, Adenike Harris – a beautiful college graduate and consistent rule follower. But despite all of that, I was an emotional wreck. I met a guy, a bouncer at a club, and enjoyed his attention and flattery. However, I failed to ask myself one major question: What does a 34-year-old man want with 22-year-old me? At that point, it didn’t matter as long as I was getting into clubs for free and was with my girls in VIP. It also didn’t matter that I was meeting him in the mall parking lot close to midnight. Before I knew it, we ended up in my car in the wooded area behind a high school. He wanted sex, but I was unsure. I did ask if he had protection, but we had sex and I never saw the protection I was asking for. What was I doing? I didn’t even do this type of thing when I was in high school. Why am I doing it now? At that moment, I realized that I didn’t love me. In fact, I hated me. I even flashed back to the time I tried to kill myself in college and realized it was time for a change. God blessed me that night because I made it out of that situation with no pregnancy or STD’s. I knew I was headed down the wrong path and the secret was still tearing me up inside. So I sat in front of Dr. Boyd and began to tell her that my stepfather had been sexually touching and raping me since I was fourteen. Deep down, I knew this was the root of my anger and self-destructive sexual behavior. At that point, my heart couldn’t hold the secret any longer. So I spoke up. I didn’t want him to hurt anyone ever again. And on that fateful day in April of 2003, I was reborn. Prior to my verbal confession, I was in complete denial, constantly living in fear that someone would find out and judge me. I felt ashamed and disgusted. But after that night in my car, I started to do some self-reflection. Was my holding on to what had happened worth all the internal pain and suffering? Was I supposed to feel guilty when I wasn’t a willing participant? But what kind of person did that make me by not saying ‘no’ in the beginning? My saving grace and catalyst to seek help was that night in my car. For me, the hardest part was admitting the abuse actually happened, and then admitting that every relationship after that was affected as a result. I made the decision to tell Dr. Boyd, which led to me telling my mom, my stepfather getting arrested and me choosing to dedicate my life to changing how the world views sexual assault, particularly within the black community. My biological father proved to be my strength through this ordeal by his restraint to retaliate and his tears from feeling like he didn’t protect his baby girl. He told me that from now on, we could have no secrets. And now I no longer live in the shadows. Talking to him, reading helpful books and countless hours of therapy have not completely ‘fixed me,’ but they have helped me understand my daily struggles. Emotionally, I have days where I still don’t feel right. I still struggle with sadness, anger and random crying -- you name it, I’ve dealt with it. But taking a stand has made me stronger than I could ever imagine. I hope you realize that your healing starts whenever you are ready. Mine did, and I’m grateful every day for it. Consider starting yours today. J

truth By: Adenike Harris

images by: M. Orlando Photography MUA: Nadia Brianne Hair: Oliver B. Adams Styling: Reco Chapple

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real life


Money matters: Banking Basics BY: Laura Turner

2008 will undoubtedly go down in history for a number of reasons, but

the United States economy going up in flames is not one to be proud of. In fact, there are people with too much pride who refuse to believe that we are in a recession now in 2009. We have major auto makers in the U.S. asking for billions of dollars in government assistance and major banks are being bought, sold and shut down because they do not have the financial stability to survive the current economy. If all this is going on with big businesses, how do they expect us, the little guys, to survive this economic crisis? In this edition of Money Matters, J’Adore’s banking expert Laura Turner will focus on making deposits and avoiding the possible drama that can come along with them. After all, we should know everything there is about the little money we put in our account, right?

Deposit cutoff times

We all make deposits into our account. One important piece of information that a lot of people do not know is what their deposit cutoff or posting times are. A deposit cutoff time means that your deposit needs to be made before a particular time in order for it to post that same business day. If your deposit cutoff time is 2:00 p.m. your deposit needs to be made before 2:00 p.m. Banks are extremely stringent about that. As a previous Personal Banker and Financial Services Representative for a major banking institution, I cannot tell you the number of NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) and OD (Overdraft) fees I spoke to account holders about. Many of these fees could have been avoided had they known what their deposit cutoff time was. All banks vary, so make sure you check with your financial institution to find out what your cutoff time for deposits is.

Know your bank’s policies

Another thing to make note of when making deposits is what your bank’s deposit availability policy is. This information will let you know when the funds from your deposit will be available,

 j’adore


depending on the type of deposit you made. A cash deposit is not processed the same as a check deposit. If you make a cash deposit, it is typically available to your account immediately. Knowing your bank’s funds availability policy is truly helpful when depositing cash to cover outstanding checks, debit or credit transactions on your account. If your cash deposit is not made before your deposit cutoff time, it may or may not post in your account to cover those outstanding transactions. A lot of this can be prevented if you read that set of booklets your bank rep provided you regarding your account. Sadly, most account holders don’t even crack them open.

Why are there holds on funds?

I often had to deal with angry bank members who wanted to know why holds were placed on their deposits. Well, it could be that their account is fairly new and this is a bank security measure to make sure the money is good. Another reason may be that their account 

has had a negative transaction history. Hence, the bank may place a hold if the amount of the deposit is higher than your normal transaction history. But the most common reason for holds to be placed is if the check is from out of state. Please understand that bankers and tellers realize that times are difficult for everyone. People want to be able to have access to their money and not have to wait for it. As an account holder, you must understand that the teller or banker processing your transaction must not only do what’s right for you, but what is right for the bank as well. The responsibility of a transaction being processed accurately falls upon the teller and the banker. Their job is to make sure the account holder gets their money and the bank is protected from possible fraudulent transactions. If a loss occurs due to a fraudulent check that

could have been prevent by placing a hold, the teller who processed that transaction is held accountable. To add, your account is now in jeopardy.

Depositing a ‘rubber check’

A loss occurs when an account holder deposits a check, they withdraw the funds and the check is returned by the issuing bank due to insufficient funds. This is bounced check. In this situation, the bank just gave you money that was not available through the monetary instrument (check) you deposited to your account. So in essence, the bank gave you money that does not exist. Had a hold been put in place to ensure that the check cleared the account of the issuing bank, the account holder would not incur an overdrawn account with overdraft fees and the bank would not be taking a loss. Holds are placed as precautions for the account holder and the banking institution. If a hold needs to be placed on your transaction, the teller or banker should notify you of that fact. You should receive a deposit hold form that includes the date of the transaction, the transaction amount and the date that the funds will be available. There have been rare occasions where a hold is not placed at the branch level, but utilized when it reaches processing. This is why it is very important to make sure you have an accurate and updated account balance before you process any transactions. So now that you’ve made your deposit on time and all holds have been cleared, let’s go shopping! Then again, we are in a recession so make sure your bills are paid first. J

Taking It To The Bank BY: Mr. Mulligan

Are you safe on all accounts? Finance expert Mr. Mulligan addresses some of your concerns regarding banks going belly up.


o you wake up one day and you read the morning paper and your local bank is closing. Before you pass out or bust a blood vessel, relax, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation – or simply the FDIC – has got your back. With the economy crashing in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the government decided to step in so we don’t have the same upheaval in the future. It is a separate agency that insures the banks on each individual account a person has. For example, Mr. Mulligan has a Money Market with $85,000 in it as well as a joint account with his wife holding $11,200. To add, there is fiduciary account for his son, Little Mulligan, with $20,000 in it. Totaling $116,200, are all the accounts covered? Well, even though there are three accounts with the same name, they are considered three separate accounts. In summary, each account is covered up to $250,000 individually because the government has set up a safety net to protect its citizens’ money and the bank’s in case of another unfortunate market crash. To find out more on the FDIC, go to You have just been taken to the bank. J

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RL your brain on

Drugs Popular drugs in the music world and how they kick your ass

By: Laura Turner

When you hear of rock and roll, you often think of the wild parties, the booze, the girls and the smorgasbord of illicit drugs available. Well, after a little research and word of mouth, here are some of the most popular mind-altering, mellowing and/or hyping “uncontrolled substances” that appear in high schools’ “Just Say No” flicks and get passed around in the always crazy music world.

truth LSD

Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or “Acid,” is a semi-synthetic psychedelic drug that was popular in the 60’s and 70’s. One of the most popular bands related to the use of LSD is The Grateful Dead. Their highly colorful album covers and posters were indicative of something designed while under the influence of acid. LSD is taken by ingesting “blotter” paper (paper that has been perforated into small squares), sugar cubes, squares of gelatin, or by dropping the clear odorless liquid under the tongue or in the eye. Its effects of LSD vary from person to person, situation to situation. The effects include: loss of appetite, rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, dilated pupils, raised body temperature, sleeplessness, dry mouth, sweating, and tremors. Those who have taken LSD often experience mood swings, heightened emotions, hallucinations, “hearing” colors and “seeing” sounds. This psychedelic drug has been known to cause users to experience flashbacks from their drug use. These flashbacks can occur within as little as a few days or as long as a year from the day of original use. Unlike cocaine, heroin, alcohol or nicotine, LSD is a non-addictive drug because it does not create a compulsive desire.

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Cocaine This widely used drug, even today, is extracted from the leaves of the coca plant. Cocaine is a highly addictive brain stimulant that you can either snort or dissolve in water and inject intravenously. Crack—cocaine hydrochloride—is processed with baking soda and water and can be smoked. Cocaine has come a long way from being an ingredient once legally used in Coca-Cola to the now illegal and illicit drug of choice for numerous celebrities. In fact, the who’s who list of rock stars that have used or abused cocaine is virtually endless because it is considered the “party drug” along with others such as Ecstasy. The effects of cocaine use include: insomnia; loss of appetite; feelings of euphoria; increased energy; mental clarity (depending on how it is used); irritability; anxiety; restlessness; elevated heart rate, body temper-

ature and blood pressure; dilated pupils; and constricted peripheral blood vessels. The effects from snorting cocaine may last 15-30 minutes, while the effects from smoking crack may last only 5-10 minutes. Once the high goes down, the user experiences depression, irritability and often fatigue.

Ecstasy Ecstasy, “E,” or “X” is a synthetic drug with amphetamine and hallucinogenic properties. It is considered to be a stimulant that is taken in pill form. It is most often used at parties, clubs and raves as an energy booster and mood enhancer. There have been numerous songs released about the use and effects of Ecstasy – particularly regarding its rep as a sexual enhancement drug. The effects of Ecstasy include: enhanced sense of self-confidence, increased energy, peacefulness, acceptance, empathy, feelings of closeness with others and a desire to touch others. There are involuntary effects of Ecstasy use such as teeth clenching, a loss of inhibitions, chills, sweating, nausea, blurred vision, increased blood pressure and heart rate. Users have also experienced seizures, severe dehydration, hyperthermia and dramatic increases in body temperature. These effects can lead to more serious side effects, including muscle breakdown, organ failure and even death. Yes, death.

herb, b u d , weed, pot, chronic, Mary Jane, grass, skunk, ses, stress and ‘bama, to name a few. Many debate this naturally grown herb that is not chemically or synthetically processed as officially a “drug” due to its medicinal properties and usage during religious practices. Marijuana is the fruit portion of Cannabis sativa, or hemp plant. The active drug ingredient in this plant is called THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Marijuana is used by cutting or grinding up the herb and smoking it, ingesting it in food, or brewing it as tea. The effects of marijuana use include: increased heart rate and blood pressure; bloodshot eyes; dry mouth; impaired and reduced shortterm memory; altered sense of time; reduce ability to have proper reaction time while driving; panic attacks; and paranoia. Though these effects appear to be dangerous, unlike any of the other drugs mentioned, it has been reported that no one has ever died from an “overdose” of marijuana.



One of the most widely used recreational drugs today is marijuana. Marijuana is the king of nicknames in the drug world with aliases that include

The most highly addictive and destructive of all the drugs used by rock stars would undoubtedly be heroin. The saying is that if you use it once,

you are hooked, so seriously, just say “No!” Also known as: black tar, brown sugar, horse, smack and mud, Heroin is created from morphine, which is obtained from the opium poppy. The typical use of heroin is via injection into a vein or muscle, smoked in a pipe, mixed in a joint or cigarette; the smoke is inhaled through a straw or it is snorted as a powder. The purity of the drug will determine the way the drug is used. The effects appear almost immediately after use and last for hours. The effects of heroin include: a surge in euphoric feelings, warm

flushing of the skin, dry mouth and heavy extremities. These effects lead to the user going on what is called “on the nod.” This is a state where the user goes from a wakeful to a drowsy state of being. The central nervous system becomes depressed, causing mental functions to be clouded. The user can also experience other effects such as: slow, slurred speech, impaired vision, vomiting, constipation, droopy eyelids, constricted pupils and slow gait. Some of the long-term effects of heroin use are collapsed veins, infections of the heart lining and valves, abscesses, liver disease, pulmonary complications such as pneumonia, and respiration issues. The effects of withdrawal are oftentimes worse than the effects of the drugs themselves. This gives us a better understanding as to why many find kicking the habit so hard to do.

Regardless of your situation, social status, or career path, drugs can have a very negative impact on your life. Though there are rock stars, celebrities, and artists who seemingly glamorize the use of drugs, there are many more out there who advocate against drug use. There are also many who believe marijuana and psychedelic mushrooms grow naturally and should therefore not be classified as illegal drugs. They are not synthetically created, but were put on this earth to be used for natural medicinal and nutritional consumption. Be that as it may, they are still illegal, so forget about arguing this in court! J

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Health Fitness mark jenkins:

The Business of Fitness

By: Evierobbie


itness never sounded as good as it does coming from the mouth of Mark Jenkins. He speaks with a vocabulary that includes words and theories such as “perceived exertion,” “personal development,” and “adaptability.” In his voice, there is an undeniable strength and determination to get the importance of fitness noticed, especially among the African-American community.

In short, we are dying. Low-income blacks and Latinos are rated the highest among weight-related deaths in the United States, including diseases like obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes. It is a fact that is too closely becoming a dangerous trend in our culture. The most alarming facet of this epidemic is that it is starting with our children. Jenkins knows this scenario all too well and has made fitness his business. Jenkins’s story is one of a man who grew from being an overweight adolescent to becoming a world-renowned trainer and celebrity fitness guru. He’s famed for getting Diddy into New York City Marathon shape in record-breaking time. He’s

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Mary J. Blige’s world tour fitness trainer and the man behind D’Angelo’s chiseled frame in the hit video, “How Does it Feel.” Both men and women have awed over his work, whether they’ve realized it or not. Behind the physique there is a teacher that is purely apparent. He is, indeed, a master of his craft. Ironically, he is also a student. Jenkins explains, “What differentiates me from other trainers is that I’m an elite-level athlete and still training myself. I was overweight through my [elementary] to high school years and had about a 44-inch waist until I entered the Navy; this allows me to relate to people. I always tell them that I’m in there with you and we’re working together.” 

For the average person that struggles just to get to the gym on a consistent basis, it’s hard to fathom a life as an “elite-level athlete” and trainer. One word sums it up: passion; Jenkins’ story includes this element along with opportunity and awareness. “When I got out of the military, I worked at the post office,” Jenkins recalls. “I had a membership at a gym that happened to be across the street from Motown Records. I was complaining about my job and got hired at the gym.” It was in the gym where he made his first disturbing observation. “There were no minorities. We have the worst health and we’re not in there.” This reality, as well as seeing the stars workout, is what propelled Jenkins into the business of fitness. He wanted to ultimately spread awareness of its importance, particularly to people of color. The best way to get their attention is to market to their icons -- celebrities. Outside of the prior noted stars,

childhood and youth obesity. This is taking place in Athens and potentially in Brooklyn. Jenkins also stresses the affordability of fitness. He acknowledges the U.S. recession and knows that everyone cannot afford a personal trainer. He says, “We’re in a recession which means that there are people without health insurance. This means that it is more important now to take preventative measures to not get sick and stay in shape. It’s about being proactive.” When in the gym with Jenkins, you’ll see that there are a lot of influences in his workout plans. Much of the reason why his system works is because it’s diverse; he incorporates Navy practices, mandatory outdoor workouts regardless of the weather and infuses African drumming. He also noted that in traveling the world, he found that Europe is years ahead of the United States in regards to fitness equipment and practices. “The vi-

Jenkins’s story is one of a man

who grew from being an overweight adolescent

to becoming a world-renowned trainer and celebrity fitness guru. Jenkins has also toned Beyonce and sculpted LL Cool J’s signature body. Yet, there is a demographic that he works hard with that isn’t as socially popular as these celebs. Jenkins also spreads his word and health initiatives through youth groups, non-profit charities and mega churches. Evidently, he isn’t just about the celebrities getting fit. His reach is more secular and involves influencing the community, particularly children. Childhood obesity has been on the rise since its recognition as an epidemic and there are said to be a number of reasons for it. Jenkins breaks it down: “Eating habits that parents hand off to their children not only affect their health, but also their self-esteem. There’s an influx in video game usage as well as in the ‘secretary’ lifestyle. There’s the promotion of fast food chains everywhere, especially in minority communities. Even the familial structure plays a part. Parents and children don’t eat together as a family anymore.” He continues, “In reference to the fast food chains, a lot of these prescription drug companies are the main investors in fast food chains. They’re double-dipping. It’s definitely a system and the low-income fall victim to the system.” This upcoming summer of 2009, Jenkins is headlining a running event in the name of ending

brating machines that are just coming out in the U.S. have been in Europe for at least five years. They’re ahead a good five to ten years.” Jenkins’ personal favorite piece of equipment is the Bodyblade, as advertised on his website,


com. It’s a favorite due to its oscillation that re-

quires a certain muscle force to change direction; to add, it’s economical. Jenkins stresses that you don’t need a gym membership in order to workout. All you need is diligence and commitment. “The number one mistake people make is separating health and fitness from every other responsibility they have in life -- work and kids included,” Jenkins informs. “If you separate it, you’ll find a reason not to workout and take care of yourself. Eventually, you’ll need to find the right system for you. It’s about personal responsibility. It’s an unhealthy relationship for a trainer to be responsible for the client’s health.” He adds, “Blood work analysis and supplementation are essential components to the transition of personal development. That’s what it’s about. Don’t train to look good because you’ll soon be out of shape.” Regarding attitudes, priorities and the overall magnitude of working out, Jenkins gets it and there is a whole population of people out there that need

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to figure it out. “I have some clients that have a half a million dollar car and no chef. I don’t get it. People will go buy a Blackberry and know every function in three to four months. Yet, they live in their bodies every single day and don’t know its functions,” he asserts. It’s true. His success is directly connected to the level of the client’s motivation to live a healthier life. So what’s next for Jenkins? When asked if there’s anyone new he would like to work with, he responded, “I haven’t had a real rock star yet, but I’d like to have someone that’s really heavy. I want to work with someone that would be a challenge for me.” After seeing how enterprising and dedicated Jenkins is, the stars will undoubtedly remain aligned for him to make this a reality. In the end of January 2009, Jenkins’ own water beverage venture, O Water, will be available in stores such as Whole Foods Market nationwide. You can also pick up his workout book, Jump Off: 60 Days to a Hip Hop Hard Body, and look out for his workout DVD launching towards the end of winter 2009. For more information on Mark Jenkins, visit his website at J 

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suite spots

e s c a 1




by: Dennis Malcolm Byron

Demanding workdays, trying times or simply everyday life often calls for a time to drop everything and simply get away. Whether it’s a luxurious resort on the island of Aruba or a secluded cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, there’s always a 'Suite Spot' to breathe easy, kick back and escape the monotony. Here are some destinations throughout the U.S. and abroad that travel writer Dennis Malcolm Byron promises will induce you to finally say, 'Ahhhhhhh.'

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1. The International House, New Orleans Take it easy in “The Big Easy”

Mardi Gras, Creole cuisine, a rich history, relaxed drinking laws and nonstop partying are just a few reasons to visit the historic French Quarter in New Orleans. Staying at the fabulous International House during your stay will help guarantee a prompt return. Just two blocks from Bourbon Street, the International House boutique hotel visually arouses guests’ senses with its contemporary décor and numerous amenities, such as a 24-hour fitness center and deluxe spa services. From the moment you walk through the alluring glass doors and step into the candlelit lobby, you will feel at home. The International House and all of its 117 guestrooms were recently renovated by Los Angeles designer L.M. Pagano, yet still warmly embrace guests with modern charm and rustic accents. As an added touch, photos boasting the work of legendary jazz photographer Herman Leonard and other artists embellish the walls throughout the building. Hungry? Rambla, an exotic new Spanish-inspired tapas restaurant on the lobby floor, further solidifies the International House as one of the hippest venues to lounge, dine and sleep in the city. To add, everything from Harrah’s Casino to Jackson Square is just a few walking minutes away, so book a room early at this lovely Suite Spot and enjoy one of the most amazing overnight stays “The Big Easy” has to offer.

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p i s m 3. Mountain Top Cabins, Blue Ridge, Georgia Cabin fever!

2. Bucuti Resort, Aruba Love is in the air

When you want to peer in your loved one’s eyes while sipping the finest Champagne by the soothing sounds of the ocean, Aruba’s Bucuti Beach Resort is the ideal romantic getaway. Incorporating the well-received “no child” policy, everyone from college lovers to married couples celebrating their 50th anniversary can get personal Intermezzo Spa treatments and stroll the resort’s private white sands of Eagle Beach free of worry, responsibility…and noise. With Aruba’s average annual temperature of 84° F, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of it hassle-free?

There’s the city and the islands, but nothing quite matches the fresh air, soothing sounds of nature and overall serenity the mountains deliver year-round. Based in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia, the Mountain Top and Cabin In The Mountains joint venture provides a number of luxurious cabins equipped with everything from multiple fireplaces to gourmet kitchens stocked with organic foods that can be prepared in five-star meals on-site by a professional upon request. With spacious cabins scaling three levels that sleep two to 12 guests, coziness is guaranteed and a dull moment will never be experienced. Play pool on the professional billiard table, soak in the steaming hot tub or watch a movie on the satellite-equipped flat screen with surround sound. For total relaxation, certified massage therapists can come to the cabins and do couples massages in front of the fireplaces or outside on the spacious decks overlooking the mountains. Outdoor activities including horseback riding, hiking, fishing and whitewater rafting are also available. Whatever you choose, these climate-controlled, extremely moderate-priced mansions located about a 90-minute drive away from Atlanta will make you feel like you are truly away without spending a fortune.,

4. Opus Hotel, Vancouver, B.C. British Columbia’s Magnum ‘Opus’

Just north of the state of Washington, Vancouver is one of the most beautiful, cleanest, diverse and eventful cities in Canada’s British Columbia, so it only makes sense to have one of the world’s top, award-winning boutique hotels maintain its prestige. Located in the hip district of Yaletown, the




To balance out the breathtaking sunsets and candlelight dinners under the stars featuring authentic, award-winning cuisine at the resort’s own Pirate’s Nest restaurant, an overwhelming number of options are available just a few steps from the resort to pick up the pace. From cruising the upscale shopping district in nearby Oranjestad, to visiting an eclectic variety of restaurants, casinos, a championship golf course situated eight miles north of the resort and numerous tours that explore Aruba via land and sea, every desire is fulfilled. Ideally located on the most adventurous of the three “ABC Islands” that also includes Bonaire and Curaçao, there is no wonder why Bucuti’s contemporary European-inspired 104 rooms and suites exceed a 90 percent occupancy rate year-round. While ensuring their guests indulge in pampering bliss, owners Ewald and Susan Biemans also take pride in their Bucuti Resort regarded as one of the “greenest” resorts in the Caribbean. The Biemans’ implementation of eco-safeguards including light and air conditioning sensors, water-saving bathroom fixtures, organized beach cleanups, stringent non-smoking laws and mandatory guest room air-purification after every visit exemplifies their dedication to preserve the earth. From 14 acres of white sands and palm trees waving in the refreshing ocean breeze to a virtually endless list of first-class accommodations, the world famous Bucuti Resort has it all.

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Opus Hotel pampers and caters to every whim of travelers after a long day of exploration or business meetings. Upon entrance, the hotel’s chic vibe greets you with atmospheric music, modern furniture, a beaming staff and eclectic artwork. When deciding on accommodations, Opus ideally defies the norm with 96 posh guestrooms that maintain individuality depending on which one of the five décor schemes you prefer. Do you favor contemporary? Warm? Vibrant? Minimal? Swank? Whatever the decision, the futuristic fixtures, flat screen televisions and spa bathrooms exude luxury. If you ever decide to leave the comfort of your private quarters, the slick bistro Elixir and sexy Opus Bar on the lobby level can serve as convenient venues to unwind. Feel a little more adventurous? Sip a craft beer at the nearby Yaletown Brewery, lower your anchor and enjoy some of the city’s best seafood at the Blue Water Cafe, or visit some of the numerous attractions, shops and culturally diverse eateries Vancouver proudly boasts. Whatever you decide, it will be comforting to know you have one of the world’s best hotels to return to–Vancouver’s Opus Hotel. The Opus brand also shares its splendor in Montreal, Quebec and New York City. J Additional reporting by Andrea Janise 

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Eats Dining Destination:

Charleston, South Carolina


Lowcountry cuisine at its best!

By: Andrea Janise

harleston, South Carolina is one of those cities that you just fall in love with. From the historic homes and picturesque views, to the Gullah culture and Lowcountry cuisine, this laid-back metropolis provides the perfect backdrop to any weekend getaway, especially a dining getaway! Food and dining may not be the first thing you think of when visiting this coastal city, but once you dig a little deeper, you will certainly find a treasure in Charleston’s Lowcountry cuisine. Deeply rooted in American history and creatively prepared, this style of cooking is a fusion of traditional Southern dishes and Cajun influences. Because of its position on the Atlantic Coast, you find a great deal of seafood-themed recipes boasting popular delicacies like shrimp and grits, shrimp Creole, salmon and rice, and she-crab soup. These characteristic menu items are also showcased annually during the Charleston Food and Wine Festival ( So whether you make plans to visit for the Festival or breeze through for a weekend, check out as many restaurants as possible including these authentic eateries that have perfected the method of serving up Southern charm.

Fleet Landing Living near the Atlantic Ocean definitely has its advantages! Serving fresh seafood with waterfront views keeps Fleet Landing a mainstay in the hearts of many Charlestonians. This former U.S. Navy loading dock was refurbished in 2004 to become one of the hippest restaurants in Charleston. Dishing out both contemporary specialties and Southern staples, Executive Chef Drew Hedlund displays his culinary talent with items like fried oysters with Southern Comfort barbeque sauce and Lowcountry grits; crispy whole fried Southern flounder with apricot glaze; lobster and shrimp stuffed hushpuppies; and Carolina lump crab cakes with creamy mashed potatoes, green tomatoes and roasted red pepper sauce. Full? No worries. Step outside and walk it off in Downtown Charleston’s historic district while enjoying the surrounding lively nightlife.

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Tristan Restaurant


39 Rue de Jean

This remarkable city has something for everyone…and Tristan is definitely for the culinary enthusiasts worldwide. This secluded hideaway flexes its gastronomic muscle by offering upscale dishes at very reasonable prices. Allow your taste buds to indulge in Diver scallops, black truffle Agnolotti, squash blossoms, she-crab soup, hominy prawns and rack of lamb to name a few. Come in for lunch and enjoy three mouth-watering courses for just $20, but be sure to leave room for dessert because Tristan showcases its creativity with delectable pastries like the Violet Crème Brule with crystallized violet petals; a Molten Chocolate Donut with malted white chocolate; and Buttermilk Panna Cotta with strawberry consommé. Bon appetit!

Jestine’s Kitchen

Hyman’s Seafood Company Seafood is the name of the game at Hyman’s where you’ll find the freshest in Charleston – receiving up to 11 shipments a day! Newcomers and fans alike stop by daily to try specialties like the Carolina Delight (a fried grit cake topped with scallops and covered with garlic Alfredo sauce); Charleston salmon and grits topped with bacon and cheese; Deviled Crab served with hush puppies and coleslaw; and their creamy, award-winning She-Crab soup, which will undoubtedly give you a bona fide taste of Charleston. Not to mention, the Hyman’s building has been operating for more than 118 years – first as a wholesale distributor and then as a familyowned restaurant since 1986.

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Step into a French brasserie without leaving the Atlantic Coast. The trendy eatery, 39 Rue de Jean, is the French spelling of its address 39 John Street in historic downtown Charleston. Serving classic European-inspired dishes like Mussels Mariniere with white wine, shallot and parsley; Roasted Pork Loin served with mushroom duxelle, truffle smashed red potatoes, haricot verts and veal demiglace; and the classic Coq Au Vin – chicken braised in red wine with bacon, pearl onions and mushrooms—39 Rue is the perfect culinary French kiss! Pair one of these flavorful selections with something from their extensive wine list and you have just created what the French call “Joie de Vivre,” or the joy of living. Let’s not forget their heated patio seating, making 39 Rue de Jean a delightful destination for a night out on the town any time of the year.

Specializing in Lowcountry cooking is what makes Jestine’s Kitchen one of Charleston’s most popular soul food venues. The restaurant was named after Jestine Mathews, who was the cook and housekeeper of the current owners. Jestine’s culinary legacy lives on through each soulful dish that is prepared in the establishment. Perfectly positioned in the heart of Charleston’s business district, Jestine’s consistently serves up Southern dishes like meatloaf and mashed potatoes; fried chicken and collard greens; shrimp Creole; and melt-in-your-mouth cornbread served with honey butter. Plus, Jestine’s pours some of the best “table wine” (sweet tea) south of the Mason Dixon line. Stay for the Coca-Cola Chocolate Cake and you’ll see why this charming eatery has folks lined up around the corner. For more information on Charleston, South Carolina or any of these fine establishments, visit Also, visit Andrea Janise’s website,, for more great dining features. J

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ls Eats

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How Does My Favorite Celebrity Look

So Damn Good?

By: Chef D’Andre Carter

Celebrity Chef D’Andre Carter talks to J’Adore readers about how he dishes out gourmet meals for today’s rich and famous and what it is like in the world of a Private Chef.


onsidering how J’Adore Magazine is one the best in the business when it comes to setting trends, it was a no-brainer to share with you all the lifestyle services I provide to those who seek the “good life.” If you’ve ever wondered how your favorite actor, actress or performing artist looks so good for so long, you can bet that a professional chef had something to do with it. Imagine healthy food by request. If you’ve ever uttered the phrase, “I’d like to eat a healthy meal. Please have one prepared for me, chef,” then you know that you are living the good life. Hollywood is full of people who get paid to be beautiful and chefs, such as me, are who they hire to stay that way. My name is D’Andre McCarter, Private Chef to the stars. Based in Atlanta, GA , I provide private chef services to families, singles, active seniors, famous entertainers, NFL and NBA Players, filmmakers, movie stars, CEO’s of large corporations, Hip-Hop artists and models. After serving in the hotel industry for many years, I made a discovery. I recognized that I was cooking for celebrities and no one was aware of this because I was unseen. I also couldn’t converse with the celebrities whom I always admired. You see, in the hospitality industry, upscale hotels prohibit staff from speaking to any celebrities for private reasons. I’ve had the pleasure of preparing meals for Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Tiger Woods, David Banner, Tina Turner, Jerry Seinfeld and many more. Now, as sole owner and operator of Chef D’Andre Private Chef Services, I offer “palate-specific” personal meals cooked from fresh ingredients in private homes. With so many households where people are working,

meal planning and preparation becomes an extra burden. Although frozen entrees and take-out food is convenient, it is loaded with salt, sugar, fat and preservatives. Therefore, there is certainly a need for my type of services. The most popular question that I’m always asked from potential clients is, “How much are your services”? The average cost for a private chef is $60,000 to $80,000 per year. Now, you might say that is a bit much, but you must consider that you get a whole lot in return for your investment. You have a chef that will grocery shop, prep in your kitchen and serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at your home at times convenient for you. No wonder private chefs have become such a hot commodity! Those who hire a private chef may have famous people coming to the house so private chefs definitely need life and etiquette skills to handle diverse people. And, most importantly, private chefs must respect the home as defined by the family they work for. Some families will let their private chef eat dinner with them and some may not. Fortunately for me, that has not been the case in the households I’ve served. There are definitive rules that must be followed when working in a client’s home. Privacy is paramount. Most high profile clients require their chefs to sign a confidentiality agreement for privacy reasons. Another question that I’m often asked is what is the difference between a personal chef and a private chef? Well, a private chef is employed by one individual or family full-time and is often “living in” and preparing up to three meals per day. A personal chef serves several clients, usually one per day, and provides multiple meals that are custom designed for the client’s particular requests and requirements. These meals are packaged and stored so that the client may enjoy them at their leisure in the future. Hiring a chef to plan, shop for and prepare 20 meals in your kitchen to freeze and eat later costs from $300 to $400 on the low end for rural residents, but it’s more costly for those in big

 j’adore

38 

cities like Hollywood. If you happen to be looking for a personal chef, website referrals and the phone book are good ways to find one, however, be mindful because choosing one to actually work in your home requires diligence. Follow these three suggestions to ensure your chef is top-notch: 1. Check each candidate’s references and inquire about his or her training and work experience. 2. Ask the candidate for a sample menu and initiate a discussion about his or her personal cooking philosophy. 3. Interview the candidate in-person in your home, where he or she can do an assessment of your kitchen and your appliances. I wish you much luck, healthy meals and a wondrous eating experience. To learn more about Chef D’Andre McCarter, please log on to or myprivatechef. J

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hip sips

Want to know what’s new and hip to sip on? Look no further than Hip Sips. Salud! Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur It’s no ‘secret’ that Nuvo Sparkling Liqueur is strong enough for a man, but made for a woman. From the drink’s distinctive sheer pink color to the sleek, perfume-esque bottle design and floral accents, Nuvo was definitely designed with the female consumer in mind. Vodka infused with sparkling French wine and hints of fruit flavor is what gives Nuvo its unique taste. Boasting a 15% ABV (30 proof), this grown and sexy concoction is the ideal compliment to a girls night out. Nuvo’s recommended to be served in a champagne flute over ice for the perfect experience. But if that’s too simple, they offer a roster of recipes to creatively enjoy Nuvo. Here’s one created by the king of radio hits and the vocorder, T-Pain. Plus, to show we love our readers so much, there are plenty more on our website,

The Nutron created by T-Pain 3 oz. NUVO Sparkling Liqueur 1 oz. Patron Garnish with a lime Serve this baby in a rocks glass over ice with a salted rim.

Whynatte After a couple of childhood friends conceived Whynatte in a Santa Cruz apartment on a dare mixing Jagermeister and latte, these creative lads are now destined to be another one of those great entrepreneur success stories. Okay, yeah, Whynatte (pronounced why-not-tay) is a non-alcoholic, canned coffee beverage loaded with energy supplements that rivals Mr. Bull, so what the heck is it doing in Hip Sips’ 21-and-over section? Well, first, it’s hip because it embraces the ongoing latte and energy drink rage (and tastes pretty good, actually), but the “dare” part originates from challenging folks to create drink recipes with various libations that perfectly compliment the Whynatte swagger. From concoctions named after a multi-platinum white rapper (below)to making a “Bomb” with the "JagerMonster," why not get your mix on with Whynatte? Check out J’Adore’s website for more Whynatte formulas. Whynatte’s Vanilla Ice 2 oz. vanilla vodka 2 oz. Whynatte Latte Pour vodka and Whynatte Latte over ice-cubes in an old-fashioned glass. Drink. While balancing on one leg, pull up the other ankle and swing it back and forth while chanting “Ice, Ice Baby!”

 j’adore

40 

360 Vodka Thinking about going green? 360 Eco-Luxury Vodka makes it easier to do your part for Mother Earth while catering to your vodka fixation by creating an “eco-friendly” alcohol with a silky smooth finish. Using locally grown grains and state-of-the-art distilling equipment, 360 has significantly reduced the amount of fossil fuel energy that is typically used during the vodka-making process. Not to mention, the bottles are made from 85 percent recycled glass (70 percent post-consumer waste) and the labels and packaging come directly from entirely recycled paper. The result is ultra-premium vodka and a clear conscience. Enjoy!

Lagunitas Brewing honors a rock legend! We know J’Adore’s beer guru Ale Sharpton has his own section dedicated to the suds in Cold One…01, but since this issue’s theme features rock, this one couldn’t be passed up. Petaluma, California beer powerhouse Lagunitas (pronounced lag-guh-neetas) Brewing continues to expand their already impressive roster of award-winning brews by honoring the late legendary rocker Frank Zappa with a series of beers named after his albums. The first batch–the hoppy, 7.2% ABV Freak Out! debuted in 2006, adopting the original album’s name and cover art. Recently, the ‘Nitas crew released a chocolaty stout of imperial potency (8.6% ABV) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Zappa’s fifth studio album, Cruising with Ruben and the Jets. Even though Mr. Z, who was a beer enthusiast, passed away in 1993, Lagunitas made sure they honored his decades of composing some of the most creative, controversial and extraordinary music the best way they knew how. However, since these babies are limited releases, good luck finding 'em! Reviews by Dennis Malcolm Byron and Andrea Janise

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Pale ale

By Ale Sharpton

cold one...01

Beer Writer Ale Sharpton features beers where the hippity hops don’t stop


here are those who complain that beer is too bitter, while others called “hop heads” lead search parties for brewskies that will overwhelm the back of their tongues to extreme measures. India Pale Ale is the beer style that takes pride in putting the “B” in bitter, using extra doses of Humulus lupulus, or simply hops–one of the four necessary ingredients needed to make beer. Hops are cone-shaped flowers harvested in vineyardlike temperatures everywhere from the Pacific Northwest to Germany. Hops naturally filter beer, kick the ass of spoiling wild bacteria and serve as bittering agents used to balance out the maltiness in beer. (You would be amazed that beer can taste a bit like sweet tea before the hopping process begins!) To add, hops generate an arousing aroma ranging from citrus to pine, effectively preparing taste buds for some amazing beer to follow. Oh yeah, a hop is also a cousin of Cannabis Sativa, but there’s no THC so you can’t smoke it or else one hell of a headache ensues–from what I heard. For a brief history lesson, dating back to the late 1700s, the British dramatically increased the hops to preserve their batches of brew shipped overseas during extensive trading with India and other countries. (Thank goodness pasteurization wasn’t invented until the 1860s, or who knows what I would

be writing about right now?) The result was an intensely hopped ale flavored by hints of the oak containers it splashed against during voyages that lasted up to six months. Today’s IPAs are presented in different styles including the increasingly popular American IPAs–more intense versions that are emptying kegs in brewpubs and flying off the shelves of bottle shops throughout the country because they almost double the original IPAs in every category including aroma, bitterness, body and alcohol strength. Plus, the meticulous craftsmanship of U.S. brewmasters who take pride in lighting mouths up with some love and hoppiness are garnering groupies by the hundreds daily. But beware, if you are a rookie, don’t contort your face when sipping an IPA or complain that it’s too warm–especially around a hop head. We will take it personally, yell that it is supposed to be bitter and served in the low 50s Fahrenheit, and then take your brew and give it a good home–our mouths. The following are a few Ale Sharpton Draught Picks that proudly represent my American IPA All-Star team because they know how to balance the bitter with the sweet, stir up some great conversation and get you feeling really, really nice.

Victory Hop Devil Downingtown, Pennsylvania 6.7% Alc/Vol The Hop Devil is one of the main reasons Victory continues to win over hop heads nationwide. Its gorgeous, dark orange hue and spicy, floral aroma set the stage for a refreshing sip of craftfully balanced notes of oak, grapefruit and honey. With more than 20 beers under their roof, Victory will insist they are consistently at the top of their game because of their uncommon practice of using whole raw hops, opposed to the extracts and pellets used by the majority. Their Hop Devil exploits the brew flower

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perfectly and is the ideal introductory IPA for beginners. Oh yeah, while writing this piece, I was blessed by the beer gods with a hand-pumped, cask-conditioned version 

of the Hop Devil served at a cozy brew spot called The Porter ( in Atlanta’s bohemian paradise, Little Five Points. Randomly coming across this hip sip on its first day in the bar confirms the cliché, “Timing is everything.” For an even more intense hop experience from Victory, check out their Hop Wallop branded with a lip-licking, heavily bearded miner on its label who seems to enjoy the head spinnin’ 8.5% abv and puckering International Bitterness Units in the 90s (see the "IBU" sidebar on the next page). I dig it, too!

Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA Rehoboth Beach, Delaware 9% Alc/Vol Who knew an hour and a half would mean so much in the world of brew? The Dogfish Head 90 Minute borrows the good elements of its little brother– the 60 Minute IPA (6% abv)–and the older, overpowering sibling–the 120 Minute IPA (20% abv and not a typo)– making it the majority’s favorite of the bunch. Often acknowledged as the reigning champ of American IPAs, 90's raisin, caramel and fruitcake qualities are flawlessly complimented by a surprisingly subtle 90 IBUs of hoppy goodness that doesn’t overwhelm the palate like other extreme IPAs aspire to do. You can’t lose with this ale’s nod to the sweet side, while still maintaining the hop potency to confirm its categorization. And the whole “Minute” thing? That’s how long Dogfish boils the wort when the hops are added–the longer the hops boil, the more bitter the batch. Thanks to a fellow beer geek, Hotoberfest's Alan Raines, I got a chance to taste one of those 120 Minute deals. It’s a beast that’s only available in a few states since it is strong enough to cross your eyes after consuming only one 12-ouncer. Yeah, baby!

Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Chico, California 7.2% Alc/Vol It’s no secret that Sierra Nevada’s extremely popular and refreshing Pale Ale is their cash cow, sitting next to bullies like Budweiser and Miller on shelves and menus nationwide. Well, this Northwest California brewery continues to romanticize the hop with their latest concoction, the Torpedo IPA. After hearing how innovative Sierra's brewing process is using their patented “Hop Torpedo”–an espresso machineesque device to extract every drop of oil and resin from whole-cone hops–I couldn’t help but include this new member of the family. It certainly helped that the Torpedo is a bold 70 IBUs, yet breathes an unmatched freshness of pine and grapefruit. The Torpedo proves Sierra Nevada is no joke when it comes to brewing great ales–even if it took them 29 years to make their first year-round IPA.

Stone Ruination IPA Escondito, California 7.7% Alc/Vol Stone Brewery's gangster Ruination IPA takes hopping to a whole different level. Already earning high marks from brew lovers nationwide for their Stone Pale Ale, IPA, Arrogant Bastard and Levitation, this West Coast brewery proudly feeds their appetite for taste bud destruction…in a good way. Infamous for its “ruinous effect on the palate,” the Ruination’s astounding break of the 100-IBU mark explains their demonic gargoyle mascot guarding it from consumption of the weak. Although excessive in IBUs, Stone’s Ruination IPA is the perfect concoction for hop die-hards.

As you well know, I can go on for pages and pages writing about the best American IPAs, but we have to save the trees! Just know that you can get your IPA sippin’ on with other brewery specialties including Lagunitas’ IPA, IPA Maximus and Hop Stoopid (; Avery’s India Pale Ale (; Terrapin Brewery’s Rye and Rye Squared (www.terrapinbeer. com); and Sweetwater Brewery’s IPA (www. which I actually got a little hands-on experience brewing with their gifted liquid chef, Nick Nock. There are hundreds of other IPAs that claim they are the best, so go and judge for yourself. How’s that for homework? J

Gordon, Oskar Blues Lyons, Colorado 8.6% Alc/Vol Yeah, I showed Oskar Blues’ Ten Fidy Imperial Stout some love in my last edition of Cold One…01, but when a brew can be packaged in aluminum and still be mentioned in the same breath as some of the best ales in America, you can’t hate on that. Whether on draught or purchased in the four-pack, the Gordon proudly does the late microbrewer Gordon Knight (who died battling a wildfire just miles from the brewery) justice with pure IPA perfection. 85 IBUs of hop love teams up with six different malts including an extraordinary chocolate variety, resulting in a tasty 8.6% full-bodied, imperial IPA that continues to earn high marks from beer connoisseurs nationwide.

The IBUs of the brew

To let hop heads, enthusiasts and, uh, crybabies know how bitter the brew is, the International Bitterness Units scale is the official form of measurement for calculating the amount of bitterness by taste. Brewmasters add extra hops to balance large quantities of malt and other sweet characteristics of their creations. To make everything relative, the wimpy light beers that dominate the States are as low as 5 IBUs, while English Bitters hit the 30 mark, stouts range between the 30s and 50s, and the extremely high gravity Barley Wines and IPAs on steroids (see Stone’s Ruination) peak 100 IBUs, pushing the absolute limit of some serious bitter lovin.’

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g ispecialf ladyt s

for your

A little black dress

By: Lakeisha Williams


here are several thoughtful ways to show that special lady in your life how beautiful and appreciated she is. At times, however, it may be hard to think about the ways to display your affection without rejection. That's exactly why J’Adore has taken the wheel once again to navigate during your journey to get your lady what she deserves. Check out the Top 5 gifts that line your surefire path to good love.

Simple enough for you? There is no possible way you can go wrong with picking out a lovely little black dress for your lady. It’s an essential to every woman's wardrobe. After all, it would save her (and you) a lot of worry when it’s time to step out to one of the many fashionable events you two will be attending this year.

Give unto others

Schedule a time for the two of you to head to the local homeless shelter, women's home, soup kitchen or children's hospital to pay dues to those less fortunate. It will give you both a moment to reflect on the priceless, simple moments in life that should be cherished. You'll grow closer after knowing the few hours you put into touching someone else's life has indirectly enhanced the beauty into yours.

Show her what time it is

Okay, the days of dressing up and wearing similar clothing for photos in the mall are extinct! However, there is nothing sexier than matching his and her watches by brand and style (not the dial size, though!). It's an understated, yet classy move. Plus, it's a great gift from the guy who is serious about his sweetheart but not necessarily ready to pop the big question.

The Thought that Counts

Sometimes all the money in the world can't compare to a gift straight from the heart. Free her from some of her everyday stresses for a full week. We're talking house chores, cooking, cleaning, bills and doing her hair ... okay, not that far, but you get the idea. Go the extra mile by driving her to work, picking up lunch and being her chauffeur after she puts those long hours in. These may seem like simple gestures, but it takes a lot of time and energy to get through all of this regularly. (And hey, be even more adventurous and do a little role playing in the process!)

Picture this

Okay, so you may not be able to book a hot shot photographer like Derek Blanks, but you can research your city for accomplished lens crafters and hook your girl up with a paid photo shoot well-equipped with a makeup artist, hair and fashion stylist. For a day, she will feel like the most important, glamorous woman in the universe.

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smellgoods The classics Fahrenheit by Christian Dior was introduced in the late 80’s and remains the warm, romantic cologne it has always been. This fragrance contains ingredients such as honeysuckle, violet and sandalwood, however, the most appealing characteristic is the leathery, masculine, dry-down quality. Despite being around for 20 years, Fahrenheit is still more pleasant and unique than most men’s fragrances on the market today. It is understandable why Fahrenheit enjoyed the most successful sales of any fragrance of its time when launched in 1988. Note, this cologne is strong and lasting, so I would probably avoid it for the office where you should be a little more subtle. Fashion designer Issey Miyake introduced L’Eau D’Issey Pour Homme in 1994. L’Eau D’Issey is instantly recognizable as a citrus scent, but this fragrance wins over those who are not citrus lovers due to the balance of woody and spicy notes. Consistent with Miyake’s design style, the presentation is understated. The angular, translucent bottle looks as classy as it smells and is guaranteed to add some elegance to your dresser or bathroom cabinet. Its fruity fragrance is most appropriate for spring and summer wear, and when you do wear this classic, prepare for compliments. Egoiste was created by Chanel in 1990. This woody, spicy fragrance has some vanilla and sandalwood elements resulting in quite an inimitable scent. It was originally launched as a limited edition fragrance called “Bois Noir” in 1987. The original version was created because Chanel’s Chairman of the Board, Alan Wertheimer, wanted something new and unique. It was originally not sold in mainstream retailers—only in Chanel boutiques—but luckily for us, Bois Noir became available as Egoiste in department stores by 1990. If you want to continue traveling down the old school road, check out the Egoiste Platinum version released in 1993. Often disputed, you decide which Chanel creation is the best.

Ironically, while the majority of older fragrances can be found discounted, classic standouts such as the aforementioned quartet generally are not. This is a testament to their longevity and continued demand in the market. Fahrenheit, L’Eau D’Issey and Egoiste Platinum are all available at Sephora, while the original Egoiste is available at Chanel boutiques and online.

By: Robert J. Mair

old school scents vs. the new school scents With spring in the air, it’s time to think fresh and explore some of the best fragrances the world has to offer. In this installment of Smell Goods, we like to include the classics as well as some of the latest offerings to compliment the season of bloom. The ‘new school’ scents Canali Black Diamond, released in 2007, is a woody, floral, leather fragrance. Containing the rare ingredient, Black Leather accord, I find this fragrance more unique than its Canali for Men predecessor. Released as a limited edition, this fragrance is available at Nordstrom Stores. The 2008 Prada Infusion D’Homme is one of my favorite new scents. My initial description is “clean.” This is not surprising because its creator, Daniela Andrier, explained during the fragrance’s premiere that she took inspiration from the soap version of Infusion d’Iris, an award-winning women’s fragrance. She said that she wanted it to smell like a man who had used his girlfriend’s soap in the shower. Based on this revelation, don’t be fooled into thinking this fragrance might be too feminine. Vetiver and cedar add a woody character that doesn’t make the fragrance feminine nor masculine -- just clean. Tom Ford for Men, the debut fragrance by the renowned, self-titled menswear designer, is another scent I found somewhat intriguing of the more recent releases. Tom Ford is categorized as a “Woods” fragrance, initially citrusy but later revealing amber, cedar, leatherwood and patchouli. Eventually, the fragrance settles to a masculine musk probably due to Ford’s well-hyped cypriol oil content. Cypriol oil is reportedly used in India for love potions intended to attract a woman sexually. Hmmm, I guess I don’t have to tell you when this fragrance is to be worn. There is also a limited edition Tom Ford Extreme based on the signature scent, but as the name implies, much stronger. Tom Ford is available at Sephora while the Extreme version is available from the Tom Ford stores on Madison Avenue in New York and Harrods, London. Whether the classics appeal to you or the current wave of men’s fragrance offerings, you should be able to find a long-time “Smell Goods” companion from one of these groups. J

< The Classics

The new school >

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ls grooming


he Spring 2009 runways are filled with natural eyes, glowing colored cheeks and softly feminine lips, but the natural look isn’t for everyone. For you more glam girls, “shimmer” is the word; the hottest thing on the runways for eyes were iridescent and shimmery eyeshadows. Below, you’ll find examples of both trendy looks, along with a list of must-have products to achieve the prestige of the models who make whatever style look fabulous. < Beauty notes: Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex for combination/oily skin in Nude, M.A.C. Select Sheer/Loose Powder NC15, Estée Lauder Signature Silky Eyeshadow Duo in Amethyst, M.A.C. Eye Kohl in Smolder, Estée Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara in Black, Estée Lauder Signature Lipstick in Mayfair Mauve

< Benefit Body So Fine - - $30.00 This is my top choice for a model's body moisturizer, something I always carry in my kit. Body So Fine is a lightly scented and velvety body balm that has a very subtle shimmer and amazingly seductive sent. It’s perfect for arms, legs and every other part you can think of. It’s also a great cure of ashy looking skin without the fake luster. Your partner won’t be able to stop touching your super soft skin after you use it.

^ Baby Quasar - -$449 For years now, you could only receive this highly effective treatment at the cosmetic surgeon’s office, the most amazing treatment for acne and fine lines I have found. Finally, this FDA approved product is available for home use. It works wonders for acne, hyperpigmentation, building collagen, circulation and tightening pores. It can also be used on pains, sprains and wounds because the infrared light stimulates the body's healing process by up to 50 percent.

> Estée Lauder Fleur de Lys Shimmer Powder - - $32.00 As my introduction to the beauty section said, shimmery colors and colorful cheeks are what’s hot for spring. Here is an easy way to achieve this look brought to you by Estée Lauder: With one swoop of your brush, you can add just the right amount of glow and color to look runway fresh.

^ Estée Lauder Smoked Eye Pencil - - $18.50 This is one of my most favorite personal and professional products. I normally hate eyeliners and prefer to use an angle brush with my favorite eyeshadow instead, but the Smoked Eye Pencil has stolen my heart. I only wish it came in more colors. It’s great for an all-day, long-lasting, intense color wear that's perfect for lining the waterline of the eye because it really stays.

< Estée Lauder TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara - - $32.00 This mascara vibrates, yes, you read right. Vibrates. It automatically powers on when you unscrew the cap, the ground-breaking, energypowered, vibrating LashSonic Brush delivers everything you could possibly want in a mascara; volume, length, definition, separation and curl – in one tube.

Make-up, Hair & Beauty Section: Alex LaMarsh < Beauty notes: Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex for combination/ oily skin in Nude, M.A.C. Select Sheer/Loose Powder NC15, Estée Lauder Signature Eyeshadow Quad in Truffle, M.A.C. Eye Shadow in Espresso, M.A.C. Lip Pencil in Dervish, M.A.C Lipstick in Strength

Photography/Layout Design: Creative Cocoon Productions Models: Amanda Mayfield & Brandon for Ford Models Los Angeles

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pring 2009 on the American runways brought a lot of tousled looks for hair and grooming. To prepare for a festive spring and hot summer, you men need to keep up your skin tones and general health to make sure the hotties look twice. Don’t forget to take care of your hair, or lack thereof, as well. Pay close attention to the products I suggest in this issue to keep that mug of yours looking top notch and your locks in perfect condition!

< Zirh Cocktail Bar Collection – - $15 This is a wonderfully creative collection of body soaps in your favorite cocktail scents and colors. Zirh did a great job with the idea and the product which soaps you up without leaving a lingering residue or dry skin. It’s a must-have shower item for all you lovely men out there. Us women folk love a squeaky clean man!

Zirh Platinum Drenched – - $125.00 Drenched is the ultimate face cream for normal to dry skin. It restores hydration, balance and firmness, and releases moisture throughout the day. Use it after the shower or at night for fuller, firmer and overall more toned skin your partner will want to touch over and over.

< Sharps Barber and Shop Mission Control Bald Head Balm, SPF 15 Do you have a bald or shaved head? Are you tired of sunburns and sun damage on your head? Then here is the answer to your woes! It’s a wonderfully lightweight and fragrance-free balm for the follicle-free man. Help protect your scalp and use this wonderful product regularly.

v Omnilux New–U - - $299.00 The Omnilux new-U uses the same LED technology that dermatologists have been using worldwide for years. You no longer need to visit the doctor to achieve the same results in your home now that there is the new-U. The phototherapy works to improve the signs of aging, pore size, skin tone and clarity. Look younger and more handsome with treatments in the comfort of your home!

^ American Crew Fiber – – $17.99 This is a fabulous product for molding, sculpting, giving texture or getting a super funky style with little to no effort. Yes, that’s right, this product makes things easy for you guys with hair to deal with. It allows you to re-sculpt if you need to throughout the day and has a matte finish (my personal favorite).

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guilty pleasures

Birth Control, Contraception and the Independent Woman By: Laura Turner

Today’s woman is all about taking charge of every area of her life by making sure she eats right, exercises and does all that she can to stay healthy, including taking the necessary precautions in maintaining a healthy sex life free from sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. With goals and plans to ensure her success, taking birth control has become an increasingly popular option to ensure the freedom to accomplish them out before starting a family.

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48 

Birth control, also known as contraception, is “the intentional prevention of contraception or impregnation through the use of various devices, agents, drugs, sexual practices, or surgical procedures” according to Stedman’s Medical Dictionary. There are currently six different methods to prevent pregnancy: hormonal, intrauterine devices, barrier method, natural family planning, permanent birth control and emergency contraception. Each of these methods have pros and cons, so women have to make informed decisions before subjecting her body to any of them. The most commonly used form of birth control is the hormonal method. Hormone methods of birth control work by preventing eggs from being released from the ovaries. The hormones cause the cervical mucus to thicken, preventing sperm from entering the uterus while thinning the uterine lining to prevent the possibility of implantation of a fertilized egg. Hormonal birth control contains certain levels of estrogen and/or progestin. Most birth control pills (Alesse, Brevicon, Cyclen, Diane 35, Femcon Fe, Linessa, Loestrin 20, Loestrin 24 FE, Loestrin 30, Marvelon, Discreet, Minestrin, Mircette, Nordette, Ortho, Ortho-Cept, Portia, Select, Tri Cyclen, Triquilar, Yasmin, Yaz), skin patches (Otho Evra), and vaginal rings (Nuvo Ring) contain both estrogen and progestin. Some birth control options such as implants (Implanon) and shots (Depo-Provera) contain only progestin. The majority of these hormone birth control options are used during a four week period. In the fourth week, either no patch is worn or the pills that are taken are placebo and contain no hormones. This allows the onset of menstruation.

If you want to explore other options outside of these hormone based contraceptives, IUDs should be considered. IUDs (intrauterine devices) have been in use for decades. The way they work is by inserting a small plastic T-shaped device into the uterus by a physician. This device contains copper or a hormone called levonorgestrel (LNg). IUDs, like birth control pills, have a 99.9 percent effective rate but, they do not protect against STDs (sexually transmitted diseases). The two most widely used forms of IUDs are ParaGard and the much publicized Mirena. The use of an IUD gives a woman flexible, long-term control for her contraceptive needs. While effective for up to ten years, the device can be removed by your physician in a 10-15 minute procedure if the woman decides to become pregnant. The barrier method is using a blocking device to prevent semen from reaching the uterus to fertilize the egg. Though not always as effective as birth control pills, some barrier methods can prevent pregnancies and protect against STDs. The types of barrier methods available are the male condom, female condom, diaphragm, cervical cap, contraceptive sponge, or Lea’s Shield. The main differences between these barrier methods are their size and how they are held in place. There are new forms of permanent birth control on the market today. Look at how your birth control decision is going to affect you down the road. When choosing a permanent birth control method, it is exactly that – permanent. The types of permanent birth control include tubal ligation (tying or burning of the fallopian tubes), a vasectomy (cutting or sealing off the man’s vas deferens) and Essure -- a micro-insert placed into the fallopian tubes to cause scar tissue which blocks the passage of the egg through the fallopian tube. If you have chosen permanent birth control, options for conception at that point come at a high price and with considerable uncertainty. Deciding to choose a permanent form of birth control is a major life-altering decision. Natural family planning is the least effective and does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases. Also known as fertility awareness or “the rhythm method,” natural family planning is ideal for women who are very in tune with how their body changes during the different times of the month. A woman shows distinct physical signs of ovulation, such as a

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change in cervical mucus consistency and basal body temperature. Tracking these symptoms will help a woman know when she is more susceptible to pregnancy. If she is looking to prevent pregnancy using this method, she should not have intercourse for several days after ovulation. She must also keep in mind that Keep in mind that having sex up to five days before ovulation will increase her chances of becoming pregnant. Regardless, this method of contraception is not reliable, as ovulation does not occur at the same time every month. There are also other health factors that can cause changes in cervical discharge and basal body temperature. Choosing a birth control method is very serious business. If a woman has considered all of her options and is certain on her desire to not have children, then permanent birth control may be the right decision. However, if she is not completely sure if her feelings won’t change after meeting the right person, she should consider the other long-term options such as IUD’s, the patch, or vaginal ring. Overall, protection from unplanned pregnancy and sexually

transmitted diseases is one of the most important decisions a woman can make, so it is imperative that she is completely informed about all of the options. In the end, this will lead to a smart decision that will continue her path to living a successful and fulfilling life. After all, isn’t that what a truly independent woman does? J Sources: The American Heritage Stedman’s Medical Dictionary; Spermicide,; htm, Feminist Women’s Health Center;;;;; 

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guilty pleasures

sensual seduction

The art of pole dancing By: L. Raquel Boone


very woman might not own up to it, but there’s an innerdesire to experience the intensely erotic high of exotic dancing or “stripping,” even if it means doing it only once.



is the ultimate marriage of

sexuality and music, and the most potent sexual stimulant there is. For a man, there is arguably nothing more intoxicating than watching a beautiful temptress moving sensually, writhing like a snake and balancing herself gracefully in erotic poses for his personal entertainment.

On the flipside, a woman loves captivating her audience with the sexually charged movements of her body swaying with an overwhelming aura of erotic energy that’s choreographed with entrancing rhythms. Images: Larry Niven, Shot on location at Ironworks Studio, Vancouver BC Hair and Make Up: Olesha Karrington Models: Eboney Chipman and Olesha Karrington

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50 

At one point in time, the overwhelming majority of women who knew the exact moves to entice a man only worked inside seedy gentlemen’s clubs. Not anymore. Now, there is a growing score of ladies lining up and filling exotic dance classes to capacity, eager to learn how to work the infamous stripping pole. Surprisingly, their excitement to learn is more personal than one would traditionally believe. “When you can teach a woman to love the body she lives in and express her sensual side through dance, it is truly an amazing experience,” says Carol Whitsett of Sedusa Studios, a highly renowned exotic dance studio in southern San Francisco, California. Whitsett emphasizes that learning exotic dance is a rewarding experience for many women because it is an effective method to improve self confidence. She says, “The change is unbelievable. Their newfound confidence and how they carry themselves is the most noticeable change. You also notice that [students] seem happier, lighter and more appreciative of who they are. [You] always hear stories that their partners like their changes, too.” Edith Aboul-Hosn, owner of From Mind to Body Studios in California, New York and Las Vegas, agrees with Whitsett’s sentiments. Aboul-Hosn asserts that sensual dance benefits are plentiful. “Students rave that exotic and pole dancing has improved their self-image in every aspect of their lives.” Physically, students can expect to receive a workout that provides full-body strengthening, anaerobic conditioning, increased physical endurance and flexibility. Emotionally, women experience an improved self-confidence, increased inner-strength and self awareness. Instructors attest that learning the art of exotic dance “creates a healthier outlook on a woman’s sensuality and enhances intimate relationships with their partners.” The only must-haves for the classes are simple: sexy, comfortable clothing and sexy heels – up to six inches if you can work with them. “Every woman feels sexier the minute they put on their stilettos,” Whitsett says enthusiastically. Although classes can alter movements to fit a student’s needs, it is still highly advised that, as with any physical fitness program, students with recent injuries surgeries or recent health problems should consult their physicians first before beginning these types of dance lessons. Most women start exotic dance classes with little to no experience and shouldn’t be ashamed of this; pupils are taught to eventually focus more on themselves and their movements and less on others. With time, other classmates are the least of one’s cares because they are too busy enjoying themselves. “If students are watching you in class, it’s with positive support,” explains Aboul-Hosn. Whitsett echoes this sentiment, offering reassurance that “the classes are designed for even the shyest student to feel comfortable. She soon learns that the group atmosphere has helped her become more confident with herself. She finds she is not alone. Others in the class are also working on themselves to feel more confident with their sensuality.” Class costs are generally flexible and affordable, varying from one instructor to another. Sedusa charges $250 for a five-week series of classes featuring everything from sensual to pussycat, Go-Go and lap dancing, along with stiletto basics. From Mind to Body classes start at around $20 per person. Special group rates and packages can also be designed for customers according to their interests and needs. For those who are still too timid to work it in front of others, private classes are available as well as instructional videos for a more personal experience. So ladies, get in line, enroll in a class and learn some sexy new moves. Addressing men, offer to pay for your girlfriend to learn if she’s willing. It’ll improve her health, increase self-awareness, boost sensuality and jumpstart a sensual new method of stress relief, providing the most thrilling aerobic workout a Tae Bo instructor couldn’t top. To add, a hotter sex life is guaranteed and more importantly, priceless! To learn more about exotic dancing classes and DVDs, visit Sedusa Studios at www., From Mind to Body at and J

model citizen


heat miami

By: Jay Glover Images BY: Maicol

I depend on my intellect and inner beauty


ex and Rock n’ Roll can’t be seriously discussed without visiting the glamorous,

beautiful, tropical paradise—Miami, Florida. From its white sand beaches filled with a plethora of beautiful women of Asian, African, European and Latina descent to the opulent lifestyles of Miami’s celebrity community who bask in the endless nightlife of hotspots such as The Fifth, Mansion and The Forge, Miami has long been a bastion of decadence for all that is rebellious and sexy.

rather than my looks alone.

Styling By: Fashions by Azucar  Hair & Make-Up By: Paragonn Creators

Defined by its 80’s revolution, Miami is now the current mecca for glamour and elegance and home to many rich and famous including The Bee Gees, Gloria Estefan, Lenny Kravitz, Shakira, Diddy, Pharrell and Matt Damon just to name a few. And, we cannot forget the world of girls that grace Miami regularly such as Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum, Allesandra Ambrosia and America’s Next Top Model contestant, Anchal Joseph. It is here, where we introduce two Latin beauties who are not only enhancing the reputation of Miami as home to the most beautiful women in the world, but they are carving a name for themselves as future stars in the sexy, star-studded universe of Miami nights. Jessica Marquez and Sagia Casteneda are “The Beautiful Ones” that Prince warned you about in ‘84. Not only do they smash and redefine the picture of beauty and intelligence, but their style and swagger epitomize the very reasons why South Beach is one of the flyest and hottest destinations on Earth. Take a walk with us along Ocean Drive as we look into the lives of two of Miami’s finest. 25-year-old Colombian beauty and Queens, New York native Jessica F. Marquez is no stranger to the glamorous life of fashion and modeling. At the tender age of 15, Jessica was introduced to the industry by her older brother Giovanna Fajardo as a model for the stellar designs he created for stars such as Janet Jackson, Brittany Spears and Mary J. Blige. This entry into the business fueled her interest in pursuing other modeling opportunities, but it never and still does not define what Ms. Marquez is about. “Simply Jess” is much more than your desirable South Beach Latina fantasy. She’s an ambitious business woman whose company, The Four Hundred, showcases the hottest, star-studded night on South Beach each Friday with the “The 400 Club” at The Fifth nightclub. She also recently became the new vice president of Icon Modeling Agency. Many looking from the outside would assume that such a young, ambitious beauty would be destined to get caught up in the fast life of Miami’s sexy, rock star lifestyle. Jess counters the naysayers with wisdom and a proper perspective. “I see a lot of people get caught up in the fantasy world of South Beach. That is expected. It’s not ‘real life’ so once you get a taste, it’s difficult to not want more. But, once you’ve lived it for a while, you become accustomed to the sun, sexy people, celebrities and money, and it becomes a part of everyday life here.” Jess agrees that the relationship between music and sex will always go hand-in-hand. As a result of technological advancement, the bond has grown even stronger. Music is now much more accessible and visual, resulting in lighter restrictions on presentation and ultimately a higher degree of sexual content in music. Jessica believes that the key to maintaining a healthy balance between sex and music will come from individuals taking more responsibility. She states, “People need to take more responsibility for their lives and the lives of people they sleep with. Wake up, stop being naïve and protect yourself. Parents need to be more proactive, and musicians, athletes and celebs need to pay closer attention.” You may ask yourself, “Why is ‘Simply Jess’ so sexy?” She represents the unassuming, downto earth, grown and sexy female whose look accurately expresses how she feels at that given time. With Jess, as with her favorite rock star, Madonna, you never get the expected. For all potential suitors out there who may be harboring an affinity for Ms. Marquez, come

25-year-old Colombian beauty and Queens, New York native Jessica F. Marquez is no stranger to the glamorous life of fashion and modeling.

model citizen

mc strong with honesty, respect and an acute desire to fulfill her dreams. Propositions from hip-hop and rock stars for Jess to become their next vixen will fall on deaf ears. “Honestly, I wouldn’t have any interest in being a rock star vixen. Tour bus episodes and after parties is a bit too much for me,” she shares. In a nutshell, gentlemen, come strong or don’t come at all. Marquez’s future is undoubtedly lined with personal and business success that is fueled by an inner confidence, swagger and sex appeal that aspiring rock stars hope to one day exude. Not only is she known as “Simply Jess,” she is simply beautiful.

drinking and of course, sex. It’s all a part of the attraction. It is an escape for men and women to live their fantasies to the extreme for days, weeks or even months just as their favorite hip-hop, rockers and celebrities do. As for the lifestyle she prefers, Sagia displays many facets of her personality that define her sexiness. One day, she could be the female version of a hustler, a diva to be exact; display the strong, confident, independence of her rock idol Pink or become the natural beauty in a tee and sweats that have men temporarily paralyzed. For those gentlemen who can shake off the initial awe inspired by Sagia’s beauty, some key ingredients you may wish to pick up are: confidence, respect and personality. Sagia loves go-getters who have mastered the art of being wild at the appropriate time and reserved when needed. And, it wouldn’t hurt to possess a few qualities of The King of Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley, who Sagia names as the sexiest rock star of all time and a great source of inspiration. “His ambition alone was appealing,” Sagia winks. “He always pushed the envelope, even when facing public ridicule for his provocative dancing which was seen as too suggestive. He remained true to himself and eventually won over his naysayers and became a household name.” As for the future of sex and the music genre that “The King” made famous, Sagia sees improvement. The bottom line is that sex sells. An unanswered question still remains though: How far do women really have to go to provide entertainment? Music videos of today are prime examples of this quandary. A visual art form that was originally intended to showcase an artist’s talent and visualize their story, music videos have been lost over the past years to the showcase of “T & A.” Recently, the movement to present an artist’s work as a short film seems to have helped return the roles of women in music videos to its original state where the emphasis is not on her body, but her overall beauty. Whatever the outcome, the marriage of the sex and music culture will persevere and as long as the young and restless continue to be led by beautiful and talented women such as Sagia Casteneda. Because of her and Jessica Marquez, paradise will never be lost. In the world of modeling and entertainment. J

Ms. Casteneda Sagia Casteneda is a 22-year old, Cuban and Lebanese dream who exemplifies the exotic, cultural and diverse melting pot that represents Miami today. Her beauty is uncontested and coupled with her ambitious, yet humble mentality. Modeling has become Sagia’s passion ever since she appeared in her first music video in 2004 for Pitbull’s single, “Toma.” Since her debut on the small screen, Sagia has went on to appear in projects for Rick Ross, Ray J, Plies, Casely, DJ Laz and in publications including Smooth, XXL, Girls of Lowrider and now J’Adore Magazine. Addressing the formula for success in the modeling and entertainment world, she says, “I depend on my intellect and inner beauty rather than my looks alone. At the end of the day, modeling is a business and if you don’t know how to politic, you can soon find yourself at a dead end. Looks can only take you so far.” Indeed, time, energy and dedication are aspects vital to a model’s achievements. Staying grounded within the rock and roll confines of Ocean Drive, Collins and Washington Avenues is enough to bring about vertigo for any individual engulfed in the scene. Sagia has managed to block the flashing lights by exuding her downto-earth personality and maintaining focus. She’s a regular woman who openly admits, “There are great perks that come along with the celebrity status -- some I never imagined -- but at the end of the day, I’m still Sagia, a woman that loves to have a good time, be silly and enjoy life.” Miami is filled with nights of rebellious parting,

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de la


crÈme crème

Photography: IMAGE FORWARD DYNAMICS, Boulder, CO MEASUREMENTS:  34-28-36 LOCATION:  The Mile High City ETHNICITY: Black

HOBBIES: I love makeup artistry, being a part of creative photo shoots, wardrobe styling and I’m an English major at the University of Colorado at Denver.

Hair: Mz. Toya  Make-up: Tyme  Wardrobe Stylist: Keena P.

ASPIRATIONS: I have many goals, but as of right now, I find it very hard to commit myself to just one. I’m a free spirit who’s always thinking and dreaming. I know no matter what lane I choose, the overall impact that I want to leave is a very strong and positive one for the younger female generation. With the exception of my mother, I can’t really remember having a female hero. With that being said, there were no footprints for me to follow, so I’m currently making my own and that is something I would like to pass on to those that I inspire. BEST FEATURES:  My best features are my eyes, lips and my personality; that’s key. FAVORITE PAST TIME:  I’m addicted to fashion! I’m always looking for fashion trends in all kinds of magazines that I can apply to my line of custom t-shirts, Tyme² (coming Fall 2009). TURN OFFS: Those who are pessimistic, have a lack of ambition, or no individual style. FAVORITE FOOD:  I could eat the Barbeque Shrimp appetizer from Gumbo’s everyday! FAVORITE QUOTE:  “Put God before your dreams and he’ll guide you to them.” – S. Pestano WHATS NEXT? I have a lot of dreams and many goals set for myself, but as of right now, I’m just very thankful for the support and notoriety that I’ve gained within the last year. Not only in my hometown, but in many states where I’ve never visited, people are giving me a lot of positive feedback and respect for the effort I’m putting forth in my projects via the Internet ( I plan on taking everything one step at a time while keeping my options open.

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model citizen





his hot, rebellious, scintillating and fashionably sexy issue of J’Adore would not be complete without highlighting “the baddest” women from all four corners of the earth. Thus far, via the jaw-dropping featured models of this issue’s Model Citizen, we’ve blessed you with some of the best globally including the U.S., Colombia, Cuba, Lebanon, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Persia. As we always exclaim, “J’Adore is worldwide, not stateside!” To bring you the “best of the best” in beauty, style and talent, J’Adore always strives to consistently bring you the best from all worlds, all together in each and every issue. So, with that established, we’ll end this edition of Model Citizen on a very special note. This time around, we are proud to feature the mesmerizing model, Suelyn Medeiros.

BY: Jay Glover Images By: Images: kenneth sweeney Hair/Makeup: Alex LaMarsh Styling: Penelepe Pattee Model: Courtesy of TSD Agency

 j’adore

56 

There is absolutely no way J’Adore can feature the finest women in the world without visiting the South American dreamscape of Brazil’s notorious Rio De Janeiro. Rio’s rich history and picturesque qualities have collectively served as a heaven on earth for its millions of visitors who tread its grounds every year. Perhaps this is why Christ The Redeemer sits high above, overlooking the city. And its angels…the beautiful Brazilian women…are legendary. Be it their beautiful skin tones, inviting smiles or voluptuous bodies, the women of Rio are the fantasies that walk in and out of dreams, leaving imprints on hearts and fires of desire in souls worldwide. Rio native Suelyn Medeiros is the epitome of a Brazilian goddess. Boasting an out-of-this-world 34C22-38 figure, the 5’8” beauty and once aspiring doctor has taken the modeling and fashion industry by storm. In less than three years, Suelyn has graced the pages of publications such as Show, Black Men, Smooth, XXL, Complex and now J’Adore; appeared in numerous music videos for major artists such as Ludacris, R. Kelly, and Snoop Dogg; ripped numerous runways; and showcased her beauty in commercial advertisements for L’Oreal. She has simply been the one of the most highly sought in within the last two years, so it’s only fitting that we bring the bad boy culture of rock n’ roll together with the ultimate goddess who they all love. Believe it or not, many of today’s top models are discovered in the traditional way -- by chance. Ms. Medeiros was no exception. Discovered by an agent while attending a friend’s fashion show, Suelyn quickly connected with the passion and perks that the life of a model brings. Quickly, she was engulfed in photoshoots, countless bookings, world travel and opportunities to meet some of the greatest personalities in the fashion arena. (The cash dividends weren’t so bad either.) Unlike so many of her counterparts who solely rely on looks, Suelyn has the tendency to shine brighter due to her fiery, yet humble Latin determination and overall inner-beauty that warms any room she enters. As for how she has been able to maintain focus in the fast and furious world of modeling, Suelyn offers, “You can enjoy the perks of fame and celebrity, but the minute you let it get to your head, things will go bad.” Mature words from a young lady who has seen and experienced a lot during her ascension. She’s witnessed promising and immensely talented individuals reach the brink of stardom, only to see them crumble due to their inability to keep it all in perspective. She advises, “You become a

celebrity and achieve fame because people like and admire something about you. If you start thinking that you’re better than everyone, it won’t be long before you become disliked and are easily replaced.” It’s an obvious conclusion that Suelyn’s magnetic sex appeal attracts the best from the worlds of R&B, hip-hop and rock n’ roll. Let’s be frank, women, sex and music go hand-in-hand like politicians and crime -- you can’t have one without the other. Ms. Medeiros represents the young women that serve as icons of beauty within this lifestyle. “People are driven to things that make them feel good,” Suelyn confirms. “Sex and rock n’ roll is at the top of that list. The rock lifestyle glamorizes the best of the best and that attracts the world’s most beautiful women.” Her key for balancing it all out is to simply be true to yourself, comfortable in your own skin and know that it’s okay not to be in the limelight every minute. Accept your flaws. They are what ultimately define you. As Suelyn Medeiros moves forward into her promising future as a model and actress, questions still surface regarding the place that she and other aspiring urban/ethnic models will have in the current landscape of entertainment. Several factors of late including the oversaturation of talent, high profile misfortunes of a few and hard economic times continue to test the genre of ethnic/urban modeling. Suelyn combats these recent adversities with faith and persistence. “People will always misjudge or stereotype you by the category in which they think you are in,” she professes. “You must stay true to yourself and get the job done. Be professional at all times and people will recognize your true colors. Let your actions speak for you.” Leave it to an angel to speak the truest of truths. Can’t get enough of Suelyn Medeiros from this jaw-dropping layout? Visit her website,, and our website, www.jadoremag. com, for more entrancing eye candy. J

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model citizen



The Talent of a ‘Sweetheart’ By: Laura Turner


efore we are born, a path for our lives is created. This path helps to create our destiny and prepare us for the skills and talents that we will possess in the future. Halle Berry was born with the talent to become a box office superstar and Mariah Carey was born with the talent to sing beautiful captivating notes. Model Nazanin was also born with the unique talent to be an entertainer.

makeup & hair: Alex LaMarsh  styling By: Jessica Adjemon

 j’adore

58 

Nazanin, whose name in Parsi means ‘sweetheart,’ is a 5’5” multicultural bombshell that has been posing in front of the camera for more than 12 years. Now as a model, actress and entertainer, she is making the most of her God-given talent while still living up to the full meaning of her name. More than a decade ago, Nazanin was discovered at a local restaurant while dining with her mother. “A photographer came up to me and asked if I was a model. I told a little white lie and said 'Yes.'" So from that “little white lie,” a career was launched. A self-professed natural performer, she went on to land catalog, beauty, fashion, print, television and music video projects to build her extensive portfolio.

Aside from my love of modeling, I have an immense passion for music

Nazanin has graced the pages of Seventeen, Cosmo Girl, CoExistence and Shopoholic magazines. She has appeared in Bobby Valentino’s music video for his single “Anonymous,” gueststarred on Disney’s That’s So Raven and hosted shows on: Fuse TV, PEN (Persian Entertainment Network) and BET. This aspiring triple threat not only models and acts, but is currently in the studio working on her debut album. “Aside from my love of modeling, I have an immense passion for music,” states Nazanin. “I grew up studying everything from classical and jazz to pop music.” No completion or release date has been established yet, but this Persian beauty has teamed up with New Jersey production team, Souldiggaz, to finish the music production. When asked about her experiences, Nazanin states that she can relate to the “diva” syndrome. “Some women don’t like other beautiful women,” she informs. “We are all beautiful…we should be supportive, not insecure.” Aside from this, Nazanin enjoys every aspect of modeling “…from make-up, hair, wardrobe, to a photographer’s point of view, it’s all very intriguing to me. I feel like modeling allows me to express myself.” We don’t truly know what our path is, or where it will lead until we begin the journey. Nazanin has been finding her way since the age of 10. Now 22, she knows her roots are firmly planted in the direction of all things entertaining. Her passion for music and modeling fuel her desire to be the ultimate performer. Nazanin’s next stop? Wherever her destiny leads her. J

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model citizen

mc Nesha Mickles:

Hustling Honey By: L. Raquel Boone


f America is the land of the hustlers and thieves, Hollywood is its capital of glitz, glamour and deception. It’s not an easy road to the top, and if success is to be made, hard work and persistence are required investments into fame. Model and burgeoning actress Nesha Mickles is quite aware of this, refusing to yield to obstacles which attempt to thwart her path, especially those which come from the double whammy of being a black woman. “There are a lot of challenges [on the road to success], so where do I start?” she asks. “First, being a black woman trying to make it in Hollywood is hard. In one sense, you have an advantage, but in another, there are about ten [other] chicks that look just like you, or hotter, trying to nab the same role. You really have to keep reinventing yourself to bring out your true talent and find things that set you aside from your competition.”

Reinvention is a concept that the sultry beauty grasped as young as five-years-old, when Mickles was acting, performing and writing poetry and rap songs for her mother. “Being am, poet and actress is part of my heart and soul,” she affirms confidently on her MySpace page. “When I was like fiveyears-old, I wrote a book of poems for my mom. I totally forgot I started so young until my mom was like, ‘Nesha, I found this old poetry book you made for me!’ She sent it to me, and after I read it, I was laughing my butt off because it was too cute!” the vivacious, caramel-toned Omaha, Nebraska native gushes. “I did start young, but I do rap, and have been doing so for about seven years now, but I’m

just starting to fully step into my swag!” Despite what one thinks, Mickles wasn’t always so certain that entertainment–especially through her true love of acting–was in the cards for her. Nebraska is nowhere near the hot spots of the entertainment world, and with so many fish trying to survive in the same pond, she admits that the possibility of making it seemed “unattainable, [without] knowing anyone who could teach me how to start.” A high school boyfriend from Los Angeles encouraged her not to give up and reassured her of her talent, pushing her to make her dreams a reality. Empowered, Mickles moved to Los Angeles five years later and enrolled in several theater courses, gaining acting experience

and exposure through performances at La Mirada Theater, while simultaneously pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in business from CSULA (she minored in Art). “I studied with some of the studio acting coaches who helped me develop myself even more. Then I did extra work on television and film shorts.” Mickles is assertive and forward about her passion for acting; for her, it’s an artful outlet for self-expression and discovery. “I want to act because I have a story to tell,” she passionately explains. “Acting allows a person to be somebody else and do things in character that we may never share with the world in our own lives. I am a passionate, emotional person and [acting] helps me get things off my shoulders! I’m pleased to say that my next

Makeup/Hair: Alex LaMarsh  MAKEUP ASSISTANt: Taylor Cox Images: Anne Park Photography  Styling: Leanna Flecky

 j’adore

60 

project I will be working on soon is a feature film.” Mickles also notes that becoming influential in Hollywood would allow her to change some of the misconceptions continually perpetuated concerning black women, especially in terms of appearance. She says, “Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Although Hollywood is kind of letting in more full-figured women, the typical sexy girl next door is always skinny with big breasts. A lot of black women where I am from have big butts, little waists and smaller breasts. It would be great to see a lot more actresses with similar figures be accepted on the big screen.” Always expanding, Mickles expresses an intense desire to spread her wings by working

in front and behind the scenes. “As black women, no one can tell our stories better than ourselves; for that reason, I am positioning myself behind the scenes so I can do my part in telling some of our stories as well as enabling others to do the same.” Citing Idris Elba and Angela Bassett as strong Hollywood actors she’d love to work with, Mickles has a lengthy list of movies serving as inspiration. “I love Diana Ross for all of her roles back in the Billie Dee Williams days, but most particularly for her role in Lady Sings the Blues! I loved Angela Basset in Waiting to Exhale. Soul Food, Sparkle, American Gangster, Scarface… but I cannot forget any and all of Tyler Perry’s plays and films! He is hilarious!” Along the road to the big screen, Mickles has carved a successful niche as a spokesperson and a pin-up swimsuit and lingerie model. The 5’-4” petite powerhouse has stunning features and dangerous curves in all the right places (34-28-40) which have, undoubtedly, helped her land spreads in several well-known male-oriented publications. Such beauty is a lot of maintenance, but Mickles doesn’t make light of it. “I have to work out!” she admits with a smile. “Like three to four… sometimes five days a week depending on what work I have coming up. I

got booty and love to eat, but can’t eat everything I want! But when I do pig out, especially during the woman’s time of the month–when my hormones are going crazy and I am craving everything-- I have to work out much harder.” Despite her busy schedule as an entertainer, Mickles prides herself on being a meticulous real estate hustler, something she plans to work on indefinitely as a passion and a backup plan. “I am a licensed real estate agent and appraiser,” she discloses. “I love appraising. Having appraising experience is great because it really sets you apart from other realtors. You quickly learn how to determine true value of real property. I specialize in commercial appraising. It’s harder than residential, but it’s much more lucrative. I love real estate; therefore I will always keep my foot in that door so that I can one day open a real estate firm.” And that’s not all. The self-proclaimed “business savvy” Mickles also squeezes in extra time to enhance her corporate appeal by continuing her education in pursuit of an advanced degree. “I am currently working on my Masters in business administration. I don’t necessarily like school, but I love to learn and max out my earning potential. Although I have a business side that is like

 j’adore

second nature, getting my Master’s will increase my worth income-wise when in the corporate world.” She adds, “I will one day be in business for myself, but in the meantime, I must support my daughter until my ‘big’ day comes!” With a firm grasp on several areas of her life, one talent Mickles has yet to completely excel in is men. She knows exactly what she wants, but she hasn’t found the right man yet. “I need to take a class or something because I have the worst luck with men!” she laughs. “I’m interested in sexy, good smelling men that are truly into me, and treat me good; supportive of my goals, but have their own ambitions also! Most of the men I meet are playboys; I guess that’s the kind I attract. I don’t like B.S. and can weed through it for the most part.” She continued, “I hate men that brag too much and those who are all talk and no show! When a man doesn’t know how to treat me right or tries to treat me like ‘one of the bunch,’ I hate that with a passion as well! Even if I really like a guy, I will cut off the situation if he’s not showing enough interest.” While Mickles works hard, she also plays hard to keep it in perspective. “I am a real homebody but I try to balance it out. My homegirls and I go out on the town occasionally to dine out, to the club or concerts.

61 

I love attending basketball games, shopping or taking a trip to the spa. Traveling is very therapeutic for me as well. But if I am not doing any of that, I am with my baby at home or off doing the mommy thing with her.” It’s true that incomprehensibly high work ethics eventually pay off if you’re ready to take things to the next level. It’s also undeniably true that Mickles has been priming the pump for success, working all her talents as an entertainer appropriately. Irrefutably, “Nesh” (as her friends refer to her) has no problem grinding until she makes it among the top crest of black starlets in Hollywood, being recognized in the same breath as Taraji, Tamala, Vivica, Nia, Gabrielle, Sanaa, Elise and Jada. It’s not a question for her as to if it will happen, as much as it is when, but Mickles isn’t tripping; she’s got her plate full and her priorities in check. “I believe in Karma big time. I try my best to treat people the way that I would want to be treated! I want success, but at the end of the day, in addition to my career, the most valuable things to me in my life at this time are my family (including her daughter), very close friends and my happiness!” J

model citizen



g n i st



Gil Greene

il Green definitely commands a seat among the pantheon of music’s most well respected and renowned music video directors. Born and raised in the cultural, exotic melting pot of Miami, Green incubated his interest in the worlds of music and entertainment via exposure to the stylish cultures of hip-hop and dancehall. Green began his career as an underground hip-hop DJ who sold mixtapes by day and hosted warehouse parties at night. His love for music and film led him to pursue his passion at the prestigious film school at New York University. The talent and vision he displayed as a skillful video director soon led him to work with many of today’s established artists such as Lil’ John, Brandy, Snoop Dogg, Busta Rhymes, Akon, Frankie J and Oscar Award winners, Three Six Mafia. Today, Green continues to expand his expertise and influence on the history of hip-hop by creating trendsetting music videos, commercials, films and documentaries. What’s next? Feature film direction, of course–a level in media that Green is eager to conquer with his ingenious mind and original concepts. Join us as we break bread with Miami’s finest visionary.

Directs His Success By: Chloe Kash Written By: Marisa Watley Images By: Derick G

J’Adore: How did you begin your career in the music entertainment industry? Gil Green: Everything began with my love for hip-hop and reggae music. I knew film direction was what I wanted to do from a very early age. I attended film school at NYU, which is where I filmed my first 'no budget' music video for my first group, Backlive. I sold my car just to edit the video. We submitted it to MTV and some other networks and they all placed it in rotation. This was de finitely one of my best career moments and accomplishments. It started and fueled my passion. What has been your favorite project to date? I have a lot of great experiences. Every artist brings something different to the set. One of my favorite projects was in Jamaica where I was filming a video for Sizzla, who happens to be one of my favorite reggae artists. The whole vibe was a great experience. Who would you like to work with that you haven’t worked with to date? Ludacris, Outkast and Jay-Z. Who are some of your favorite artists? Who are we most likely to hear you listen to? I have a wide variety. I’m a big fan of Akon. I also listen to Torrace Riley, Buju Banton, Movado, Black Chinese, Young Jeezy and, of course, DJ Khaled. What has contributed to Gil Green playing such a huge role in Miami’s music industry? I show a different side of Miami. Rick Ross’ 'Hustlin' music video was the first indication of that. First, we were on South Beach, the glamorous part of Miami, and then Rick crosses the tracks and show’s you the other side of Miami such as Liberty City, Overtown and Opa Locka. Before this video, the only vision people had of Miami was South Beach and Wet Willy’s. Via the 'Hustlin' video, we were able to capture that and show the world that there is another side of Miami. Being raised in Miami and have witnessed firsthand the evolution of Miami’s music, where do you think it is today? It’s a movement and DJ Khaled is the centerpiece. Before Khaled came on the scene, you would have a lot of artists hating on each other. Khaled is bringing everyone together in Miami and beyond. Miami is where a lot of artists now come to record, party and live. What differentiates your work from other music video directors? A lot of people can’t define what a Gil Green video is. I try to make every video the best for each artist and what they represent. I try to capture the culture of the artists and imply their lyrical content into my vision for the video.

 j’adore

62 

I try to make every video the best

for each artist and what they represent.

How would you best describe your relationship with other video directors? There is a mutual respect amongst all of us; I’m really cool with a lot of them. Sometimes, we jump on each other’s set, pick up a camera and start shooting. There’s enough work for everybody and there’s no reason to hate. Do you plan on directing any motion picture films in the near future? Yes, I’m in the process right now, however, I can’t disclose too much. A lot of times it’s hard for a video director to leap into film direction because you have to understand storytelling, characters and the hero’s journey. You have a production company called 305 Films. Tell us more about it. My partner is Jud Allison and it’s located in Miami. We started about two years ago and we get a lot of love in Miami. Things have been working out very well. Being that you are usually on set with a lot of women, what advice would you give to young women who are looking to pursue a career into the entertainment industry? Watch out for negative energy, keep a positive attitude, write down your goals and stay focused. Most people that I’ve come across who are successful have visualized what their goals are and worked towards them. You have to be passionate and be willing to work above and beyond nine to five. You have to sleep and wake up to your dream. Eventually, a door will open and when it does you’ll be ready to bust down the door because you prepared properly for it. Follow your love and stay away from your fear. What advice would you offer up-and-coming video and movie directors? I would tell young filmmakers to never make excuses. Don’t say that you need to connect with a company, certain agent or rep. Honestly, if you have enough passion and drive you can make it happen for yourself. What would you like to accomplish before you retire? I want to make films that people can digest and have it affect their lives in a better way. What should we be expecting from Gil Green in 2009? Expect big things…definitely more music videos. We’re going to step into new areas online, in advertising, and with filmmaking that will allow us to reach different continents such as Africa and South America. J

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model citizen


Advice, Insight and Historical Perspective for Aspiring Models and Talent

Death of the Urban/Celebrity Model


ince the late 1990s via music videos and urban magazines such as Black Men, Smooth, XXL and Show, ethnically diverse modeling incorporating sexy, curvaceous, desirable vixens such as Melyssa Ford, Gloria Velez, Vida Guerra, Esther Baxter, Nicole Austin aka CoCo, Buffie The Body and Angel Lola Love flourished tremendously. These women and many others active within the genre not only used their mindblowing physiques to greatly capitalize monetarily, but they became the object of desire for millions of men and women worldwide. Today, as we move toward the second decade of the 21st century, the era of the “video vixen” urban-celebrity model is at a definitive crossroads. In fact, the Reaper himself seems to be poised at the door and ready to bring monumental change–or an abrupt end–to an industry that has been the delight of many over the past decade. Today’s modeling industry is very, very ill in 2009. To understand its ailments, we must first identify the root causes.

By: Jay Glover Photography: Anne Park Make-Up & Hair By: Alex LaMarsh styling: Penelope Pattee

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Let’s begin with the very definition of “urbancelebrity modeling” itself. Its very connotation places models and talent within the genre at a distinct disadvantage in the worlds of modeling and fashion. By definition, “urban” denotes an area such as a city or town and is used as an adjective to describe individuals living in such areas. Media added their own twist and began to utilize it to describe the populace residing within cities, towns or as they would become known as “urban areas.” Blacks, Latinas and Asians often make up the majority of residents in urban areas, thus “urban” terminology is often is used to describe such ethnic pockets. The “celebrity” comes into play due to the focus of models within the genre to self-promote via appearances in today’s popular men’s magazines, music videos, event hosting and many other activities that are contradictory to the true purpose of a model -- the purpose to sell a product, brand, image or service, not oneself. The fashion and modeling industry was never intended for urban talent. Urban-celebrity modeling has become an outlet for ethnic, non-white models (urban) that don’t fit the strict standards. The opportunities these models benefit from are presented because they are achieving celebrity status rather than model status. Urban-celebrity modeling pioneer Marcus Blassingame, Black Men Swimsuit Xtra Editor-InChief, offers insight, “The urban-celebrity market never existed until Black Men was provided the opportunity to contribute to it. Therefore, one must understand that there was no blueprint to follow. So, as in many ventures in the urban market, most just made up their own version of how they believe the industry should work. Because the urban market has been so long closed out of the fashion industry, we were never properly educated about it.” Hence, the cancer is mis-education. Today, this lack of knowledge and understanding has the world of urban-celebrity modeling on life support. To understand how to cure and advance past the current illness the genre faces, you must first reach back to understand the history of fashion. The fashion industry has over 100 years of lineage with established, strict rules on how fashion is to be presented. Models must have a specific look, style, size, walk and overall presentation. Fashion’s main purpose is strictly for trade as well as obtaining proper fashion press in major publications and media. Shows are invite-only and sponsorship is often provided by $1million-plus investors. In addition, many respectable fashion and model agencies will not represent urban talent because they contradict industry standards. So, for aspiring urban models seriously seeking to establish a career in the industry, it is imperative that they clearly understand their position in the industry. Below are a few helpful tidbits to assist with an affirmation. • Models who are not at least 5’9, size 0-2 with eccentric African or European features are not, by most standards, considered models by the fashion industry. • Even print and commercial models have to fit within the aforementioned criteria as stated

above. This includes advertisement, catalogue, cosmetic, beauty and hair projects. Simply stated, your look and physique must always be fit. • Commercial and print models that don’t fit fashion’s criteria in look, size and height with same strict guidelines are strictly considered commercial talent (film and print). • Aspiring film talent must obtain a degree of acting training before they are taken seriously. The emphasis is on reading and exuding personality, not taking pretty images. • Aspiring film talent must eventually become SAG or AFTRA certified. Once eligibility is obtained, talent should seek out a licensed agent. Without obtaining a licensed agent, SAG and AFTRA eligibility can be lost and careers jeopardized. The decline in urban-celebrity modeling is really not so much due to lack of talent, but deficient in proper education on the industry and proper representation. Here are some additional suggestions to help aspiring talent not only enhance activity as an urban-celebrity model, but also the genre overall: • Every beautiful woman in the world is not meant to be a model despite what anyone says. Identify and know your role. If you mislead yourself, the industry will harshly define your role for you. • Self-maintenance and maintaining fitness is what models do. It’s a lifestyle. Embrace it. Be a model. As much as possible, never give a client an excuse not to book you. • Be versatile from the start in your approach. Your portfolio must show versatility in look and attitude. Seek quality, reputable photographers that can enhance your portfolio on all levels and gear it toward the genre of modeling you are best suited for. Swimsuit and lingerie images (a dominant form in the urbancelebrity genre) can only take you so far. Don’t place yourself in the box. Break down the box. • Despite what people may tell you, never…never, ever, ever attend a casting or go-see without a portfolio or comp cards. These are standard industry tools. Portfolios and comp cards must always reflect professional quality images and approach. • Identify, research and seek out reputable managers, agents and agencies. Research their experience in the industry, the previous talent they have represented and their track record of success. The lack of proper credentials in talent representation is a death sentence for the urban-celebrity model. Talent representatives must be licensed to broker deals for talent. • Understand clearly that the urban-celebrity market is smoke and mirrors. There is no longevity whatsoever. The average longevity of urban-celebrity talent is three years, if lucky. Therefore, learning and understanding the established rules and principles of the industry is a must. Even though you may only fit into the urban-celebrity genre, don’t behave like you do. Integrate the mindset and practices of true, professional fashion models into your repertoire. Proper industry practices will show within your overall presentation. Of course, the suggestions above will not serve as an overnight cure all for the urban-celebrity models in limbo, but if practiced over time, they should help tremendously in changing their status. Urban-celebrity modeling is under fire on many fronts. From corporate America, advertisers, distribution channels, media outlets, government, activists and many others, the levels of censorship has a stranglehold on the genre with one purpose in mind: death. By understanding, respecting and practicing the proper protocols of the fashion industry, we will save a genre that showcases genuine, promising talent and beauty beyond compare. What has been presented via urban-celebrity modeling thus far has been truly superficial. Those within the industry must strive to take the genre to a new and respectful level -- one of advanced creativity, substance, responsibility and accountability. Doing so will truly prove that that there is indeed life after death. For questions or insight regarding this column, feel free to contact Jay Glover, J’Adore Editor At Large and President of HD, The Agency at or J

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future J’Adore does its best to stay up-to-date on artists destined to

blow up in various genres of entertainment. Meet a couple of burgeoning stars who are set to make big things happen throughout the U.S. and abroad in the world of music. If you don’t know, now you know.

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erock Malik Starx By: Dennis Malcolm Byron  image BY: Joseph Allen


here are a number of folk rock bands out there that are receiving a lot of love and loyal support throughout the music scene, but when burgeoning Washington D.C.-based singer and songwriter Justin Trawick and his band added local rapper Malik Starx to the mix, a new music genre was instantly conceived. Think Dave Matthews or John Mayer meets a heavy dose of witty, rapid fire lyrics and a serious energy boost resulting in an overall captivating stage show and mushrooming fan base. Now promoting Trawick’s fourth project, the Starting Over EP (2009), this music collective is certainly en route to stardom. Taking a break from touring around the U.S., the insightful and gifted 31-year-old Starx kicked back with J’Adore to discuss his role in Justin Trawick, the touring experience, and what it’s like being in such an eclectic band that does everything from folk to hip-hop that’s all acoustic and, quite frankly, downright funky.

J’Adore: You have been in music for a while and you’re still doing your thing as a rap duo with the equally talented MC, Mista Cliff, called Roll Wit Us All Stars in D.C. What made you broaden your music experience by joining Justin Trawick? Malik Starx: I met Justin online on MySpace. I came across his music just clicking around and Web surfing and was impressed not only by the music, but also by the hustle of his amazingly packed schedule. He asked me to ‘stand in’ with his band at a show back in early ‘06, I did, and three years later I’m still here. The schedule has never let up and the venues and the crowds have gotten bigger. We just did a show in RFK Stadium and that’s major. I’m also learning to balance out everything, because nothing has changed with Mista Cliff and Roll Wit Us. Actually, we are finishing our latest project. That’s cool to have the ability to bounce back and forth between music genres. What would you say your role is with Justin Trawick? I bring more edge, accent and an element of surprise to the group. Surprise one, there’s a rapper in a folk rock band; surprise two, it’s not a gimmick, he actually has skills; and surprise three, it works like magic! I also bring some fun dancing and

added energy to an already rockin’ stage show. In many aspects, I’m more open with this group because nobody knows what to expect from a rapper in a folk rock band. I have a blank slate to work with here. There’s no trend to follow and no industry standard. I am the template. I am the standard. In one sentence, how would you describe the Justin Trawick collective? We’re a collection of vastly different musical backgrounds rich with experience who believe in the sound that we’re making and bring our respective knowledge to the fold. Ha! I know you want to say more than one sentence. I just wanted to see if you could do it. Do your thing. (Laughing) Thanks, man. The group makes sincere music based on real experiences with a free-flowing improvisational style. The focus is on the lyrics as well as the players. We also focus on keeping things fresh. We introduce new versions, new guest musicians, new material… we hardly ever play with a set list, actually, we just pull it out of the moment. Let’s keep it real. What is it like being the only ‘brother’ in the group—especially a band that specializes in folk rock?

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It’s an interesting experience. I grew up in PG County and went to Howard University, so my social experience wasn’t very diverse outside of varying shades of black and brown. I find that many of the people I encounter through this band do not know many black people, have not had candid conversations with the black people they’ve met and are not very knowledgeable about the black experience. I find myself acting as somewhat of a diplomat of the diversity within the black experience and hip-hop, while gladly exploding some of the myths and misconceptions that people hold. It’s not my mission to be such a representative, it’s a product of my personality mixed with the circumstances. When you’re performing in the mountains of Virginia and Pennsylvania, or even in ritzy clubs, you meet people who’ve based a lot of what they know on the television, books and the few blacks they’ve met in school. I’m a reader with vast music knowledge, especially within hip-hop, who is genuinely inquisitive. I’m also very friendly, so while we’re on the road or in the venues and people take time to talk to me and hopefully gain a new perspective about where I’m coming from, I make sure I get something in return. I want to know about the local music and culture, and what their experiences mean to them. They ask

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me about hip hop and how I linked up with these guys. The anomaly of me being a black hip-hop artist in a folk rock band gives me unique social capital for people to open up to me. They find me interesting just by being who, what, and where, and in turn it helps me to feed my interest in them. Besides the obvious including female admirers and the overall love of playing in front of packed crowds, what are the perks of touring all over the country? I think the greatest perk, besides free drinks, is all the other music we get exposed to. Seeing as though we get co-billed with everyone from the YingYang Twinz to KC and the Sunshine Band to Brett Dennen, we get to see major and independent artists from around the world, I’m talking anywhere from Los Angeles to Indonesia, Australia and beyond. The people, the music, the experiences, those are the biggest perks. It’s a constantly enriching experience. To find out more about where Malik Starx and Justin Trawick are rocking next, visit For Roll With Us news, check out J


What? A rapper in a folk rock band? Yep! Lyricist Malik Starx teams up with Justin Trawick…and they are good!




By: Dennis Malcolm Byron Image BY: Hannibal Matthews


Drumming that can only be described as extraterrestrial


hen it comes to music, everyone loves the drums. They keep the rhythm, induce the swaying hip movements from dancing listeners and certainly give necks workouts from constant head nodding. But when it comes to Atlanta, Georgia’s own Ali “ALIen” Warren, you will not only hear, but witness incredible percussion that’s literally from another world. Even with the thousands of YouTube hits and constant live performances along the East Coast, audiences cannot get enough of this self-proclaimed alien who is temporarily entertaining “mortals” before relocating to another planet.

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Sure, there are numerous percussion masters that have captivated audiences throughout the years, from the late Tito Puente and Elvin Jones, to the extraordinary like Def Leppard’s one-armed drummer, Rick Allen. ALIen aspires to be mentioned with these legends. It’s safe to say his entrancing exhibition will certainly help him complete this mission. This “brother from another planet,” complete with a blowout Afro and numerous tats, orbits his highly decorated drum set while still playing on rhythm (he often drums with one hand while the other catches a stick that he throws up in the air or is tossed to him by a nearby volunteer). In this same act, ALIen gets shirtless—still drumming, mind you—to deliver his musicianship in the rawest and most captivating form possible. While setting up for another gig, this time at the annual Art, Beats and Lyrics show—a highly celebrated hip-hop-infused art exhibition that attracts thousands of hipsters

throughout the East Coast—ALIen explained, “That taking-off-the-shirt thing started because I got hot and I always played with a lot of intensity. Since ’06, when I was playing with this Indonesian rock band called Hanoman, I started just wildin’ out. Ever since then, it just happened like that.” Constantly booked by nightclubs, launch parties and openings for major acts throughout the country, ALIen is just beginning to reap the rewards from his allegiance to the drums. Dating back to when he was banging on his surrogate mother’s pots and pans at the age of three to keep him and his ADHD medical classification busy, he laughs, “Yeah, I was an ADHD kid—the crazy ones who have the ‘H’ for Hyperactive in the middle along with Attention Deficit Disorder. The drums kept me busy, although my mom wanted me to stay with piano, which I also learned how to play by ear.” Now, the 24-year-old phenomenon stays focused by wearing out kick drums, cymbals and

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snares on stages nationwide. So what’s left for ALIen to accomplish in his human form? “I want to be the first drummer signed as his own artist in the hip-hop genre, like how a rapper or music artist is signed,” he said. “Something like Travis [Barker] who worked with DJ AM, but I want to be that dude that can hold it down solo.” There is no telling what the future holds, but it is certain that the ALIen will be strapped with smoking drumsticks when the mother ship finally beams him back. Hopefully, all earthlings will see his percussion mastery before then. Check out ALIen’s x-files by visiting his website, J 


e futurerock part3 party like


By: L. Raquel Boone Images BY: Fernando Decillis

Rocker, rapper and entrepreneur Tyree ‘Celebrity’ Smith knows how to party… hard.

Tyree “Celebrity” Smith, a hip-hop/rock artist, is a fresh face in a washed-up music industry, mixing his eclectic, party animal style with a laid back, magnetic charm. The Newark, NJ, native was a prior member of Columbia Records group, the Outsidaz, touring the world with hot artists like Da Fugees, Redman, Method Man and Eminem. Now a solo artist, the one-man party machine who has described his music as “Gym Class Heroes meets N.W.A.,” runs his own label, Rockstarz Entertainment Group, and is ready to bring the party back to the people.

J’Adore: No matter where you are, you seem like quite the party animal! Tyree “Celebrity” Smith: Yes I am quite the part animal! I party all over the world from New York to Vegas, and from Vegas to Paris. I’ve partied in strip clubs, private mansions, boats and basements. I just love to party! Anything’s an excuse to party: birthdays, holidays, just because days… I do this shit! I’m the one you see at the party standing on the bar or couch having the time of my life. People nowadays act like they have to be hard, posted against the wall, ice grilling everybody. Not me! When you see me, I’m smiling because I’m having fun! I’m trying to dance, smoke, drink, throw-up and leave with something! Maybe not in that order but you get the point. How did you get started in music? My father was into music, especially jazz. He and my uncles used to record in our basement. That was my introduction to music. Run DMC and Aerosmith’s 'Walk This Way' is what really got me into the whole hip-hop thing. I lived in Maryland for around ten years where I was introduced to Go-Go music and that’s when I really started to pursue the whole band aspect of music What’s the best thing about being a father? Making the baby! Nah, I’m just playing. I like everything about being a father. Watching my daughter as she grows physically and watching her personality develop is really big to me. Who would you love to work with? Jenni Hendrix the porn star! Nah, I’m really a fan of the producer Rick Rubin. I like his old Def Jam work with The Beastie Boys. I’d also like to do a song with Lenny Kravitz. There aren’t too many hip-hop artists I’d mess with, though. With such a crazy fashion sense, personality and overall aura, what other entertainment happenings are you interested in getting into? I do have a crazy fashion sense, personality and aura, don’t I? (Laughs) Well, we already talked about my partying exploits so you know I have a party promotion company. It’s called the Rockstarz Social Club. Like I said before, I do have my own company, Rockstarz ENT. This deals with all aspects of entertainment, including music, movies, acting, modeling and more. What type of ladies do you get down with? You know, I love the beautiful, wild, spontaneous, intelligent types. Race doesn’t matter; you can be orange! As long as you fit the criteria, I’m with it! Would you say you’re a sexual person? Absofuckinlutley! Without a doubt! What will anyone who’s been in bed with you never forget about you? My name! Hopefully by the end of the night, she’ll have said my name so much she’ll forget her own! J

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Did you know? BY: Jasaña Alleyne

Did you know Michael Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001? More interestingly, did you know that wasn’t his first time being honored? The Jackson 5 was inducted in 1997. Read on to learn more rockin’ facts about Rock n’ Roll! • Did you know that rock star Kurt Cobain, who allegedly shot himself dead in 1994, has purchased homes since then? What? How is that even possible? Well, Cobain is seemingly a victim of identity theft according to reports and his widow, Courtney Love, who found out when she did a check on the Nirvana star’s social security. • Rock band Cheap Trick claimed they got their name after consulting with an Ouija Board. • Earth, Wind & Fire, a group named after the elements of the Astrological chart, were originally called the Salty Peppers. • Jimi Hendrix claimed to write the song “Purple Haze” after dreaming that he was walking under the sea and a purple haze engulfed him. Before being rewritten, the chorus was “Purple haze, Jesus saves” as in his dream; it was his faith in Jesus that saved him. • There is a spooky number of rock stars who have died at the age of 27. “The 27 Club” includes Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison, Pigpen from the Grateful Dead, Gram Parsons (The Byrds), Al Wilson (Canned Heat), Brian Jones (The Rolling Stones), Kurt Cobain and Robert Johnson (blues singer and guitarist). • There is a myth in the world of rock that states if you are willing to sell your soul to the devil, sit by a crossroads in the state of Mississippi, wait for a strange wind and the devil himself will tune your guitar. From that point on, you will be given the talent to play like no other. After being accused of selling his soul to the devil, Robert Johnson recorded the song “Me and The Devil Blues” where he tells a story of meeting Satan. • Supposedly, if you play Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven” backwards, you can hear lyrics like: O here’s to my sweet Satan/The one whose little path would make me sad/Whose power is Satan/He’ll give you 666. • Ian Curtis, singer and songwriter for Joy Division, hanged himself in 1980. He is credited for the band’s beautiful, yet disturbing lyrics. • In 1988, Prince’s album, Love Sexy, was removed from store shelves because the record’s cover featured a suggestively nude photograph. • Former Rolling Stones bass player Bill Wyman, whose marriage to Mandy Smith lasted a mere year, had a courtship that started when he was 47 and she was 13. They got married when she was 18 and it was reported to have her mother’s blessings. Sheesh! Sources:,,,, and

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By: Jay Glover

30 years, no one figure in history has personified rock and roll more than “His Purple Majesty” Prince Rogers Nelson. A prolific artist who’s musical ver the last

influences on history stretch across several genres of music such as r&b, soul, funk, rock, pop, jazz, new wave, classical, psychodelica and hip-hop, the


prodigy made his debut onto the grand stage of music in

1978 with his first major label release For You. Now, after 28 commercially released albums, six Grammy Awards, one Academy Award and a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, Prince shows no signs of slowing down. In 2004, A rc Roc ranked him as the Top Male Pop Artist of The Past 25 Years and Rolling Stone ranked him #28 on their list of Greatest A rtists of A ll Time. Call him what you will, “His Purple Majesty,” “Royal Badness,” “The Artist Formerly Known As Prince,” “The Artist,” or “The Symbol,” Prince, at the age of 50, is still “insatiable.” Renowned for his desire to produce impeccable music and a propensity to introduce the world to some of the most beautiful women you can imagine, J’Adore pays tribute to 30 years of musical excellence with our rankings of Prince’s Top Five A lbums and Top 5 Romances of A ll

Time. We invite you to sit back, enjoy and as “The Artist” so often stated, “Welcome to the Dawn.”

Top 5 Prince Albums of All Time #1 Purple Rain (1984) Purple Rain not only sold more than 13 million copies in the US and spent 24 consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard 200, but the concurrent Academy Award-wining film of the same name grossed more than $80 million in the U.S. alone. Simply put, it made Prince a bona fide international star. Prince held number one spots simultaneously with a film (Purple Rain), single (When Doves Cry) and album (Purple Rain). The track “Darling Nikki” from Purple Rain is solely responsible for the mandatory placement of the Parental Advisory warning label seen on albums today. Tipper Gore spearheaded the movement to monitor lyrical content after hearing her 12-year-old daughter Karenna listening to the song. It led to Gore establishing the Parent Music Resource Center. #2 Sign O’ The Times (1987) Sign O’ The Times is so significant because it very well defines the most prolific songwriting period of Prince’s career. It marks Prince’s first solo project after disbanding his longtime band, The Revolution, in 1986. The double album is the synthesis of three projects that include tracks from aborted albums Dream Factory (the final Revolution project) and Camille. Sign O’ The Times is widely regarded by fans and critics as Prince’s magnus opus and yielded three Top 10 hits, the most at the time since Purple Rain. Time Magazine ranked the album as the greatest album of the 1980’s. Hits from Sign O’ The Times include the title track, “You Got the Look,” “If I was Your Girlfriend” and “Adore.” #3 1999 (1982) Prince’s fifth album was also his first album to break the Billboard 200 Top 10, reaching its highest position at number nine. 1999 was Prince’s breakthrough LP and the storm surge before the monsoon of the hit that became “Purple Rain.” Rolling Stone dubbed the album, “Prince’s most influential album: Its synth-anddrum machine-heavy arrangements codified the ‘Minneapolis sound’ that loomed over mid-’80s R&B and Pop, not to mention the next two decades’ worth of electro, house, and techno.” 1999 was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2008. Hits from the album include the title track, “Little Red Corvette,” “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” and “International Lover.” #4 The Gold Experience (1995) The Gold Experience is widely considered by Prince fans and critics to be the Purple Rain of the 1990s due to its rock and roll feel, accessibility of the tracks and Prince’s own admission that the song, “Gold,” would be the next “Purple Rain.” The album garnered Prince his best reviews in nearly a decade. What made The Gold Experience so significant was that it prompted Prince to openly protest in public against his Warner Bros. label with the word “slave” written on his face. He also stated that the release date for The Gold Experience would be “never.” This rift was caused by Warner Bros.’ refusal to release and market the album simultaneously with 1994’s Come as Prince wished. Standout tracks from the album included “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World,” “I Hate U” and “Gold.”

#5 Emancipation (1996) The triple album announced Prince’s newfound freedom from his contract with Warner Bros. and marriage to Mayte Garcia. It was his third album to be released in 1996 along with Chaos and Disorder and Girl 6. Prince experimented openly on Emancipation with varying genres, including house, adult contemporary and blues. Emancipation also marks the first album in Prince’s career to include cover versions of songs written by other songwriters. According to Prince, Emancipation was the album he was “born to make.” Emancipation was a significant comeback for “His Purple Majesty” and is the fourth best-selling triple album in the United States.

Top 5 Prince Romances of All Time #1 MAYTE GARCIA Mayte Garcia holds the prestigious distinction of not only being Prince’s first wife, but also the mother of his only child, Gregory, who was born in 1996. Unfortunately, the child suffered with Pfeiffer Syndrome Type 2, a rare skull disease, and died shortly after birth. A recording of the child’s heartbeat is featured as part of the percussion of Emancipation’s “Sex In the Summer.” Mayte first came to the attention of Prince in 1990 when her mother, Nell, submitted a video of her dancing. Prince met the young dancer during the same year while on tour in Germany and, eventually, she was hired to dance in his Diamonds and Pearls Tour. Her role was soon elevated as she became the focus of his next album, Love Symbol. #2 Sheila E. (Escovedo) Apart from Mayte and Prince’s second wife, Manuela Testolini, Shelia Escovedo has played a substantial role in Prince’s musical career as a popular member and director of his bands over the years. Although she may not be deemed as the most stunning of Prince’s protégés, Sheila E. is by far the most talented. Prince met Escovedo during a concert with her father, Pete Escovedo, in the early 1980s. After the show, he met her and told her that he and his bassist “were just fighting about which one of us would be the first to be your husband” and prophetically vowed that one day she would join his band. The prophecy was fulfilled when she joined Prince during the recording sessions for Purple Rain. Sheila E. would become a talented artist in her own right as a drummer, percussionist, violinist and guitar player. Over the years, she recorded six albums, but is best known for her solo hits, “The Glamorous Life” and “Love Bizarre.” In April of 2008, Sheila, along with Morris Day and Jerome Benton, rocked with Prince at the Coachella Music Festival. Today, along with business partner Lyn Mabry, Shelia E. heads a foundation for abused children called the Elevate Hope Foundation.

 j’adore

#3 Vanity (Denise Matthews) Denise Matthews aka Vanity is widely regarded and admired as Prince’s sexiest female protégé ever. After meeting Matthews in 1982 at the American Music Awards, Prince was so taken with her that he immediately named her as the front woman for the female trio he was developing. Prince himself coined the name “Vanity” for Matthews after stating that looking at her was like looking into a mirror and seeing the female version of him. He also named the group “Vanity 6” who went on to record a self-titled album that included the hit single “Nasty Girl.” In 1983, during preparation for her role opposite Prince in Purple Rain, Vanity abruptly left Prince’s camp and relinquished her role in the film. Today, Denise Matthews is a born again Christian and evangelist who travels across the U.S. and abroad to speak at churches. She currently resides in Fremont, California. In December of 2008, Denise Matthews released her autobiography, Blame It On Vanity, which was written, graphically designed, published and distributed entirely by her. #4 Apollonia Kotero (Patricia Kotero) Apollonia Kotero joined Prince’s entourage as the female lead in Purple Rain and the group Vanity 6 after the departure of Vanity (see above). Kotero had taken part in a nationwide audition to find a replacement for Vanity before being cast by Prince in the role that had originally been given to Vanity. Purple Rain eventually became a huge hit and Kotero became an overnight sensation. After releasing one album with Apollonia 6 that featured the single “Sex Shooter,” Apollonia would also record the original version of “Manic Monday,” a Prince song that would later become a worldwide hit for The Bangles. Apollonia would leave Prince’s camp in 1985 to appear on television’s Falcon Crest, and then sporadically in TV and film projects. Today, Ms. Kotero can often be sighted in Los Angeles, California attending industry and charity events. #5 Wendy and Lisa Although not romantically linked, Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman still played a significant role in the music career of Prince especially during the mid-1980s. However, their musical careers began long before they joined Prince’s band, The Revolution. Coleman performed in Prince’s touring bands in 1980 and Melvoin joining in 1983 as Prince began recording Purple Rain, which catapulted the collective into superstardom. Wendy and Lisa’s influence with Prince became more evident on the 1986 album Parade, the soundtrack to Prince’s movie, Under The Cherry Moon. Ironically enough, the duo would eventually depart when Prince dissolved The Revolution for similar rifts depicted in Purple Rain. Wendy and Lisa, much like Sheila E., are often mis-categorized as being part of Prince’s protégé harem. And, like Sheila E., Melvoin and Coleman are clearly professional musicians in their own right. The duo definitely had a musical impact on Prince’s sound -- specifically on the Purple Rain, Around The World In A Day and Parade projects. It can arguably be said that they drove some of the most creative music in his career. The duo has appeared sporadically with Prince over the past few years at the Brit Awards in 2006 and the Target Center/1st Avenue After Party in 2007. They were also featured on Prince’s 2007 album Planet Earth. Today, they currently score the music for the NBC-TV hit Heroes, as well as the upcoming Fox series Virtuality and Showtime’s Nurse Jackie.

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Old school keeps

rockin’! Chic, Run D.M.C. and War top list of nominees for 2009 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame By: D. Kevin McNeir


leveland, Ohio may not be on your Top Ten list of American vacation spots, but this Midwestern city has come a long way since being given the unenviable title “Mistake On the Lake.” In fact, with an aggressive move to improve the image of this city located on Lake Erie, Cleveland has transformed its lakefront to an inviting place for those with discriminating tastes. And while some say the best thing about Cleveland is the power tandem of LeBron James and Mo Williams, two ballers that currently lead the Cleveland Cavaliers, one jewel that continues to quietly shine is the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. More than seven million visitors have toured the Museum since its opening in September 1995 that features exhibits designed to provide each visitor with a “unique, interactive experience.” Some believe that there is no better place in the world to witness and enjoy the history of rock and roll. After all, where else can you see John Lennon’s grammar school report card, the handwritten lyrics of Jimmy Hendrix’s smash hit Purple Haze or the coat made famous by the artist formerly known as Prince in the blockbuster film Purple Rain? But why is Cleveland the home for such a collection of artifacts, costumes and exhibits, not to mention the place where the best musicians from rock and roll are honored each spring as new inductees into the Hall of Fame? In the 1950s and 1960s, Cleveland was the place for rock and roll acts to make their U.S. debuts including high school auditoriums. Additionally, as the city’s most popular FM radio station, WMMS, many of today’s rock icons were provided with an avenue to introduce their music to the world -- from David Bowie and Bruce Springsteen to Frankie Lymon and the Isley Brothers. The buildings which house the Museum and Hall of Fame were designed by internationally renowned architect I.M. Pei, whose other projects have included the National Gallery of Arts’ East Building in Washington, D.C., the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston and the expansion of the Louvre in Paris. “In designing this building, it was my intention to echo the energy of rock and roll,” Pei said. Representing the African-American market, what an echo the Hall continues to make with an impressive list that include the Philadelphia-based writing duo of Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, rap icons Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Cleveland’s own The O’Jays, Prince, Isaac Hayes, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner and Curtis Mayfield. Clearly, rock and roll is more than just the celebration of life by young, blond-haired, blueeyed bass guitarists. It has developed into a way of life and a message that encourages and excites its listeners.

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In order to be elected to the Hall of Fame, nominees are chosen by a committee of historians and musicologists. To add, their eligibility requires a record released at least 25 years prior to induction. Since 1986, over 225 artists as well as members from the non-performer and early influence categories have been inducted into “this pantheon of rock greats.” Rock transcends race, gender or religion. It is for some a way of life. Since the 24th Annual Induction Ceremony is held just after press time, J'Adore congratulates the five of nine nominees in advance who will join an illustrious group of music pioneers. 2009’s nominees include some of black America’s most memorable entertainers such as Chic, Run-D.M.C., War and Bobby Womack. So like Jimi’s prized guitar throughout the 60s, stay tuned for 2010's nominees! J 

Sepia Magazine Archive’s 1948-1983: 35 Years of the African-American Experience in Music

guess that Rock

Star BY: Jasaña Alleyne

Okay, so you know how to play the air guitar and even Elvis couldn’t move his hips like you do, but do you know these rock n’ roll pioneers who are credited for starting it and taking it to new heights? Guess That Rock Star!

2) a) I have been said to be the one who put the final pieces of Rock n’ Roll together b) My trademark was my double strings lick c) My “duckwalk” is still famous 3) a) My dad changed my name from John to James by the time I was three years old. b) After breaking my ankle during a training parachute jump in the U.S. Army, I became one of the greatest guitarists in music history. c) I had to play my restrung Fender Stratocaster guitar upside down because I was left-handed. 4) a) “Tutti Frutti” is just one of my many hit songs where I seriously rocked out on the keyboard. b) At age 18, I won a contest in Atlanta that would land me a recording contract with RCA Victor. c) In Huntsville, Alabama, I studied to become a Seventh Day Adventist Preacher.

5) a) Formed in the Windy City, our name is elemental. b) We were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000 after winning six Grammy’s and selling more than 90 million albums worldwide. c) We were known for including magic tricks in our stage shows. 6) a) Our final studio album topped the American charts for 17 weeks. b) You will know our lead singer’s stage name better than his birth name, Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner. c) Our second album, regatta de blanc, which can be loosely translated to “white reggae,” was # 1 in the U.K. and #25 in the U.S. 7) a) We got our name from the title of a Muddy Waters song. b) In 1967 we released three albums. c) We have been called “the world’s greatest rock and roll band.” 8) a) All four members of our band were born in Liverpool, England. b) It is estimated that we have sold more than a billion records worldwide. c) Our band broke up in 1970.

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75 

9) a) We are an Irish quartet. b) In March 1987, we released The Joshua Tree. c) We participated in historic rockfor-charity events like Live Aid and Amnesty International’s Conspiracy of Hope tour. 10) a) I bought my first electric guitar in 1944. b) I was born McKinley Morganfield in Rolling Fork, Mississippi, in 1913 (although some said 1915). c) I was ranked #17 in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

answers 1) Bo Diddley 2) Chuck Berry 3) Jimi Hendrix 4) Little Richard 5) Earth, Wind & Fire 6) The Police 7) The Rolling Stones 8) The Beatles 9) U2 10) Muddy Waters

1) a) I was born Otha Ellas Bates b) I devised my own tremolo effect and played a unique, rectangular “cigar box” guitar that I designed in 1958 c) I died June 2, 2008.



music notes

World-renowned music enthusiast and writer Tashir J. Lee delves into the eclectic world of rock Despite having invented the genre, for years black artists have largely neglected rock music as a means of musical expression. Today, however, we see a renewed interest in rock by black music fans and artists alike and to be honest, I’m more than happy to see it. Fans are understandably becoming tired of the stagnant commercial hip-hop and R&B scene and more artists are exploring new sounds and ways of expressing themselves. That’s good for the progression of music and will make for a more fulfilling and diverse experience for listeners. The following is a small sample of current black artists doing their thing in the rock arena. Keep in mind, however, “rock” is a difficult music to define without certain preconceived notions because of its genesis in blues, gospel and soul. This is our music, too, so embrace it and create it. As always, this is not meant to be an exhaustive list, it is a starting point to do further research. Go out and dig.

 Alice Smith’s 2006 debut album For Lovers’ Dreamers & Me is a perfect choice for folks who like their soul music “rocked out.” It’s a shame urban radio didn’t show this sista some love (not that she has to be pigeonholed into urban radio–not in the least!). This album is full of great musicianship, strong writing, and Alice’s unique and engaging voice. After rocking this for the last few years and seeing her live, I can’t wait to hear what’s next for this talented songstress. Cop this.

How I Do, Res’ 2001 debut album, was an industry sleeper. Despite the album’s underground success, MCA Records arguably didn’t know how to fully promote her unique and diverse style. The album is a mix of rock, R&B, dub-ish tracks, and a certain hip-hop aesthetic that made it stand out among the releases of that time. The lead producer for this album is an extremely talented cat named Martin “Doc” McKinney who was also responsible for Esthero’s excellent first album, Breath from Another. The track “Ice King” is probably the most heralded song from How I Do, but the entire album is on point. Be sure to also check out Res’ new work with Talib Kweli under the name Idle Warship.

 j’adore

Gnarls Barkley (Cee-Lo Green and Dangermouse) has made a significant splash in the rock scene with their recent genre defying work. Employing a mix of rock, electronica, hip-hop and soul, the duo has crafted some of the more progressive music to hit the scene in a while. Both of their albums St. Elsewhere (2006) and The Odd Couple (2008) have received critical acclaim and are a breath of fresh of air for stagnant ears.

N*E*R*D (Pharrell Williams,

76 


Rock and

By: Tashir Lee

Chad Hugo and Shay Haley) has been developing their rock n’ roll chops since the 2001 release of their debut album In Search Of. While Williams and Hugo are obviously famous for their hip-hop production work, the N*E*R*D projects have become fan favorites for those seeking out a new hip-hop/rock hybrid sound. It’s clear that the group has developed musically since their debut release and each album has gotten progressively better.

Tiombe Lockhart’s most recent EP, Queen of Doom, (2007) takes on a more rocked out aesthetic than her work on both the Platinum Pied Pipers’ Triple P album or her own Bootleg #1 project. This four-song digital download EP shows that she’ll be pushing the musical envelope even more on future releases and further blur musical genre boundaries. Check out Tiombe’s Myspace page and official website for download information and her new work with newly formed group Cubic Zirconia.

J*Davey (Jack Davey and Brook D’Leau) hails from Los Angeles, CA and have been on the cutting edge of today’s “nu soul” sound for several years. Their most recent album, The Beauty In Distortion (2008), is a must. The J*Davey sound is a bit hard to categorize (nu soul, electronica, rock, etc.). Suffice it to say, this duo is the truth. With Jack Davey on the vocals and production by Brook D’Leau, these two are breaking new musical ground. Each release gets better as the two continually refine and expand on their sound and aesthetic. It’s only a matter of time before they truly take the world by storm. And did I mention their live shows? Whew! You will be a lifelong fan once you’ve seen Miss Jack Davey do her thing! Support cutting edge music and pick this up.

Brooklyn, New York's TV On The Radio has gained widespread critical acclaim over the past few years. Their debut full-length album, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2004) has elements of punk, electronica and just about everything in-between. Lead vocalist Tunde Adebimpe has a unique and engaging voice. The group’s latest album Dear Science was released in 2008 and is also a favorite of the alternative rock scene.

California native Ben Harper is another artist to check out. Harper’s music is folksy, bluesy and soulful. Do yourself a favor and check out Diamonds On The Inside (2003) and the double disk Both Sides of the Gun (2006) for a nice representation of Harper’s immense talent and then explore the other great releases in his discography.

Brooklyn-based Santogold (Santi White) has hit the music scene hard with her self-titled debut album Santogold (2008). White’s music contains elements of rock, techno, electronica and hiphop. Fans have flocked to her unique vocal style and frenetic dance tracks. Her exposure soared even greater this year when Jay-Z sampled her song “Shove It” for his hit single “Brooklyn Go Hard.” White is sure to be a force in the scene for years to come. Other Black Rockers To Check Out : Jimi Hendrix Bad Brains Mandrill Living Colour Chuck Berry Little Richard Lenny Kravitz WAR Mother’s Finest Fishbone Seal Labelle Tashir J. Lee is a lifelong music fan, DJ and writer based in Washington, D.C. For additional information, musical selections from these albums and other classic works, check out Tashir’s website @ www.

Lenny Kravitz

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77 


e top

10 sexiest

There is nothing more pleasurable

to a man’s ears than the words: Women and Sports.

With scientific studies confirming that men think about women and sports more than anything else, it only makes sense that male drooling commences when a female who not only knows about sports, but excels in them, comes

along. J’Adore writer takes it a step further and lists ten with the ultimate combination—the sexiest female athletes in the world of sports today.

f e m a l e at h l e t e s By: Rob Littal

10 9 8 Laila Ali

(Professional Boxer/Dancer) I never watch the show Dancing with the Stars, but it just happened to be on one day while I was walking past the TV. I caught a glimpse of this Amazon goddess who literally forced me to walk backwards to see who it was. Of course, it was Laila Ali, the daughter of boxing great Muhammad Ali. Let me say she could play “rope a dope” with me anytime. Standing 5’10”, she had to be what the Commodores had in mind when they penned the song, “Brick House.” Currently, she is still undefeated at 24-0 with 21 knockouts and is regularly credited with putting women’s boxing on the mainstream radar.

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Gina Joy Carano

(MMA Fighter)

Tell the truth, there is something extremely sexy about knowing an attractive woman who could break your arm or leg in the blink of the eye. So no wonder Gina Joy Carano is considered the “face of woman’s Mixed Martial Arts.” On the surface, it doesn’t look like Gina would hurt a fly, but as soon as she gets in the Octagon, she is as skilled a MMA fighter as there is in the world—male or female. Currently sporting a record of 7-0 with three knockouts and one submission, if you happen to get caught in a “rear naked chokehold,” I suggest you don’t try to get away. Let her make it hurt so good!

78 

Kimberly Glass


The little known fact about this 24-year-old beauty is that while in college at Arizona, she tried out for Tyra Banks’s America’s Next Top Model show five times. I don’t know what Tyra was smoking, but her loss is our gain. I must admit that when I hear the terms “kills” and “digs” in regards to a woman, I don’t necessarily think volleyball, but at 6’2”, Glass has established herself of one of the best players in the world who recently helped lead the U.S. volleyball team to a silver medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. And she’s fine. Spike that!

1 7 3 6 5 2 4 Natalie Gulbis (Golfer)

Tiger Woods is cool and all, but I much rather play 18 holes with Natalie Gulbis. Dubbed the Anna Kournikova of golf, she is officially the LPGA “it” girl. How hot is Gulbis? She came out with a golf/ swimsuit calendar that was deemed so sexy that it was barred from being sold at the 2004 U.S. Women’s Open. Talk about haytin’ the playas!

Ashley Force

(Funny Car Driver) Women in fast cars have been a natural turn on for men and no one drives a faster car than Ashley Force. Force, the first woman to win an NHRA race, hits average speeds of 320 mph while racing her funny car for John Force Racing. This 2007 “AOL Hottest Athlete” doesn’t quite reach #1 on our list, but we have no doubt who would be in the driver’s seat in the bedroom.

Candace Parker (WNBA)

Honestly, how great would it be to have Candace Parker come out on the court for a pick-up game and utter the phrase to you, “I want to post you up”? With Parker being the first woman to dunk in an NCAA Tournament game and twice in a college game, they may not be the sexiest accolades, but she happens to be drop-dead gorgeous. (The little-known fact that Parker has a tattoo on her lower back makes her even more alluring.) Oh, and to make her the complete catch, this 6’4” redbone baller also knows how to throw some hands in case you get into some beef (see clips of her infamous bench-clearing brawl in the WNBA against the Detroit Shock).

Jennie Finch (Softball)

If you did a word association with the majority of Americans and said the phrase, “women’s softball,” they would respond: “Jennie Finch.” While Finch gained some serious respect throwing underhanded

(and unhittable) comets over the plate, it was her blonde hair, blue eyes and breathtaking smile that helped mesmerize particularly the male audience. For years, people debated who the hottest female athlete was—her or Anna Kournikova; in an ESPN poll, the fire-throwing Finch came out on top. Credit this softball bombshell as being the #1 reason why young girls have flocked to the sport over the last decade.

Trish Stratus

(WWE Wrestler/Fitness Model) I have a very short list of women who I would marry with no questions asked and Trish Stratus has been on it for a decade. The former seven-time WWE Women’s Champion is by far the best out of a bevy of beauties the WWE has produced in more than the last 50 years. The three-time WWE Babe of the Year and Diva of the Decade is considered one of the most accomplished female wrestlers of all time. Although Trish would be prejudged as a “shorty” at 5’ 4” and around 125 pounds with wet clothes on, don’t let the small frame fool you. This former fitness model has a body that most women could only dream of and won’t hesitate to body slam you if you disagree. Oh, and there was never a better-named finishing move in the WWE than her patented “Stratusfaction.” I know I was always satisfied after I saw it.

Come on now, when you are watching Serena Williams playing tennis, you aren’t totally focused on the form of the backswings and power serves. You are zeroing on

the body. It’s hard to describe seeing the beauty of Serena’s physical specimen moving, jiggling and bouncing among other things that have men channeling their inner Quagmire (the perv from Family Guy, folks, or if you are old school like me, our inner Beavis and Butthead). It is almost hypnotic watching it all move in motion. It has made any Serena Williams match “must TV.” We don’t even care who wins, we just want it to go at least three sets. By the way, she won a total of 18 Grand Slam titles (in singles and doubles), is the former #1 player in the world and has earned over $21 million during her career. I think we can safely say she is a good catch. Ask rapper and actor Common.

 j’adore


(Pole Vaulter) I am going to assume that you have heard of the majority of the heartthrobs on this list at least in passing. Well, you may not have heard of Alison Stokke, but trust me, you will never forget her now. Here’s the thing about Ms. Stokke -- her celebrity was by accident. One random picture taken at a high school track and field meet literally shut down the Internet in Eagle Eye proportions. She even made a point after becoming an overnight blog sensation that she was not seeking that type of attention. She wanted to be respected for her craft which is being one of the best up-and-coming pole vaulters in the country. Too bad! Now a freshman at the University of California, Stokke is quickly becoming known more for her athleticism than her stunning beauty, but how does she get the #1 slot? The thing that separates her from everyone on the list is the simple fact that she isn’t even trying to be a sex symbol. She has no model shoots, magazine covers or calendar beach shots, so this boosts her sexy meter reading even more. Stokke’s just naturally smoking hot. J ‘Adore likes to be a couple of steps ahead of the game, so just remember where you heard of her first.

Honorable Mention:

Serena Williams (Tennis)

Alison Stokke 

Anna Kournikova (Tennis) Since Anna Kournikova doesn’t play professional tennis anymore, she doesn’t technically make the list, but let’s not make any mistake about it -- she was hands-down, no questions asked the most stunning female athlete in the last 50 years. Kournikova garnered the nickname “Red Light” because when she stepped into a room, everything stopped. There aren’t many women in the world who are like that unless Angelina Jolie all of a sudden develops a killer backhand. AK’s accomplishments on the tennis court were only “Ugly Betty” worthy, but when you look like she does, who cares if she’s never won a single WTA event. She was still considered professional, wasn’t she?



“Get It Girls”

know exactly what they want and will fight to get it. Sometimes, things may get gully, but when you have a burgeoning career in the entertainment industry, ugliness is simply a part of business. The world of entertainment is full of independent women that handle their business in various facets of the industry. M any are songwriters, some model, several focus on artist development, and a few are accomplished producers. They all have the final say in the direction their

Image by: Giuliano Bekor, courtesy of Interscope Records

careers ultimately take them. R&B artist and Georgia Peach, Keri Hilson, is the epitome of a “Get it Girl.” Born and raised in Black Hollywood, the gorgeous model-chick that had you sprung in the video for Usher’s “Love in This Club” can share with you a thing or two about waiting until one’s time to shine. Simply stated, this award-winning songwriter, arranger, engineer and incredible vocalist is a force to be reckoned with. Join J’Adore as we take a ride through the past twelve years of K eri Lynn Hilson’s life–a journey complete with heartbreak, love, failure and success that will definitely get you “Turned On” like her chart-topping single.

Get Itgirl K e r i H i80 lson  j’adore 

By: Dawn Alicia Montgomery

of destiny. Hilson reflects, “Polow asked that if I did become an artist, who would I want to produce the album? I said, ‘Timbaland.'" Little did she know that Polow had already moved on informing the renowned producer about the budding star. Keri adds, “I am a firm believer that you can speak things into existence and that is exactly what happened.” The stars were aligning for Keri as she began working with Timbaland initially as a songwriter and then later as an artist, flexing her muscle on Timbaland’s 2007 album Shock Value. Via features on Value’s standout tracks such as “The Way I Are” and “Scream,” Hilson’s journey had indeed come full circle. “As a songwriter, I was always proud of my many accomplishments, but I always felt somewhat unfulfilled because of my desire to also be a successful artist,” says Hilson. You see, true “Get It Girls” know that seizing every moment does come with some degree of heartbreak and failure, a lesson Keri learned very early in her career. Her chance meeting with Polow and eventual relationship with Timbaland was testament to the fact that the Creator does indeed have other plans. As for other aspiring artists, Keri offers understanding and encouragement. She states, “You don’t have to jump at every situation that comes across your lap. You have to be smart, and recognize that everything is not for you, and if you are talented then it will come in due time. Secondly, everything is a learning experience. You have to take the times when you are discouraged and focus your energy into something else to help propel you forward. This industry is all about survival of the fittest.” Newcomers, take heed to her words. Nothing in the entertainment industry comes easy and people are easily dissuaded daily regarding their potential, talent and careers. “It’s all about who can stand up the longest and who can survive it all,” Hilson emphasizes. Music has been–and still remains–an integral part of world culture, and today’s artists are being looked upon as role models at a much higher level due to their global exposure. Keri definitely understands this responsibility that today’s artists face and embraces it with proper perspective. “It’s important for us to be role models for our fans, but this is the entertainment industry and artists are not paid to be parents to our fans,” she informs. “We are not perfect. We are human beings just like our fans. Our music reflects us as a person and how we feel when we write a record. Our music also shows how we may be dealing with a situation at a particular time. Things happen in life. Why should we be exempt from the common compassion that a person receives who is not in the industry?” Point very well taken. Just as fans read this article, Keri was also once an admirer of others in the industry. She used that adulation, motivation and her talent to become one of today’s most revered artists and songwriters. She used the stories of their careers and fights through past judgments, rumors and innuendos to strengthen her journey. She understands who she is and acknowledges the blessed opportunity of being able to fulfill her dreams. Yes, people will continue to watch

 j’adore

81 

Image by: Giuliano Bekor, courtesy of Interscope Records

Image by: Derek Blanks, courtesy of Interscope Records

Keri was destined for stardom from day one. While performing in school plays and winning talent shows throughout Atlanta, she taught herself how to write songs at age twelve. After missteps with two defunct female groups, Keri was later introduced and mentored by famed music producer Anthony Dent (Destiny Child’s “Survivor”) and groomed on the nuances of music such as production and songwriting. Under Dent’s guidance, she began collaborating with legendary ATL-based producers Jazze Pha, Jermaine Dupri and Dallas Austin. With such invaluable experience, Keri turned her talent as a songwriter into a lucrative talent. She sold her first song at the age of 18 and went on to pen hits for Brittany Spears, Ciara, Usher and Ludacris. In 2004, Keri became a member of The Clutch, a collection of songwriters consisting of Candice Clotiel “Gg” Nelson, Ezekiel “Zeke” Lewis, Patrick Michael “J. Que” Smith, Balewa Muhammad and Keri. Collectively, they have written chart-topping songs for megastars including Omarion, Timbaland, Mary J. Blige, Avant and Bobby V. Keri’s hard work and progression led her to a chance meeting with stellar producer Polow Da Don, also a product of Georgia’s capital. Both knew of each other’s work after crossing paths frequently in Atlanta recording studios. Their union would prove to be a sign


c her and judge her movements, but she will move forward with focus and avoid the roadblocks that attempt to curb her success. In today’s hard economic times, music seems to have become a business of conformity for the sake of selling records rather than providing real creativity, imagery and emotion. Many people claim that they still desire “real” music, but neither the media nor the songwriting truly reflects that. Keri has certainly taken notice. “It’s funny,” she says. “Some people say they want to hear someone real, but some artists do not even write their own songs. Some artists do not even meet with the songwriters that sell them their next big hit. So, if you appreciate the music and understand the realness of a true artist, then check In A Perfect World…. I have songs that anyone can relate to and they are from the heart,” Keri concludes adamantly. Nuff said! The “Get It Girl” is definitely not ashamed or afraid to speak her mind. For the fellas who really, really want to know how to approach Keri or any other “Get It Girl” around their way, pay special attention to the In A Perfect World... gem “Turnin Me On” to learn the do’s and don’ts. For those seeking her professional hit-making services as an artist and songwriter, Ms. Hilson can usually be found in Decatur, “Gawga” utilizing her gifts. It’s Keri’s undisputed ability to create universal, infectious hits that confirm she is strong, independent, determined, fun-loving, innovative and a no-limit survivor who rules hearts and the charts. For this, the world can exclaim to Keri, “Get It Girl!” J

did you know...

Yes, it’s common knowledge that Keri Hilson’s drop-dead gorgeous and her album, In a Perfect World... is killing the charts, but how much do you really know? Here are some interesting tidbits that J’Adore has compiled that help our readers realize how much “Keri-Okey” has accomplished over the years. • Besides playing the piano and being a thespian in school, Keri taught herself how to write songs before she was a teen – she was twelve. • When Keri was 14, she joined a girl group called D’Signe. • She graduated from Atlanta, Georgia’s Tucker High School where she got the nickname, “Keri-Okey” due to her constant singing wherever she was. She still embraces the name in song credits. From high school, Keri attended the prestigious Emory University in her hometown. • Speaking of song credits, you will see Keri’s name on a host of them due to penning lyrics for some of the world’s most popular artists including Ludacris, Usher, Ciara, Beyonce and Britney Spears. She started writing in 2001. • Keri is a part of a group of songwriters called The Clutch. • Regarding her singing career, Keri has shared the microphone and camera lens with a plethora of artists from various genres of music. Leading up to her solo album, In a Perfect World..., that was released in early 2009, she has collaborated with Xzibit, Diddy, Lloyd Banks, Rich Boy, Britney Spears and, of course, Timbaland. • Obviously revered for her writing and vocal talents, Keri is also not too shabby when it comes to looks. In fact, she has made a few video appearances on Usher’s "Love in This Club" and Ne-Yo's "Miss Independent." • To add to her already stellar list of collaborations, Ms. Hilson has teamed up with Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo and Kanye West. After promoting her debut album, J’Adore is certain Keri’s accomplishments will dwarf this list and we wish her continued success.

Image by: Derek Blanks, courtesy of Interscope Records

 j’adore

83 



By: Mz. Limitless

BRET MICHAELS The group Poison consisted of a quartet from Pennsylvania named Bret, C.C., Rikki, and Bobby who rocked especially the 80s with monster hits including “Nothin’ But a Good Time,” “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn,” and a host of others. Of the group, Bret Michaels has continued to maintain his luster in the limelight. From his solo recording career, to being a judge for a reality show, to staring in one of his own, Bret is still a major player in the entertainment industry. While taking time off from his hectic solo tour and reality show to recuperate from being ill, Mr. Michaels rolls with J’Adore and provides a tell-all interview of what really goes on behind the closed doors of more than 20 years of fame.

J’A dore: You are still on tour right now, is that correct? Bret Michaels: Yes. The Rock of Love Bus Tour started about three weeks ago. We just finished up 12 or 14 dates and we're taking off two weeks in which I’ve got to finish up a bunch of other stuff and finish up the Rock of Love Show. Then we start back out again and that’s for all the solo shows and fortunately–I’m just knocking on wood–in this day and age and economy that we’re in, every one of the show’s have been sold out in advance, which is nice. That is awesome. So is it safe to say that the tour is going pretty much as planned, if not better than expected?

Yeah! See, here’s the thing, fans know with me, by now, the one thing that they can count on is when I come to play, they know I’m still very passionate about what I do. I give a 1000 percent on stage. Afterwards, I normally have a meet and greet of some kind or have a little party going. This gives me the chance to hang out and party with a few of the fans, kids that are sick or radio winners. Secondly, they know I’m going to make it fun. They know when they leave a Bret Michaels or a Poison show, you’ve had a good time. Let’s take it back to the days of Poison. We all remember the classics you have made including the 8-million seller, Open Up and Say…Ahh. What was the industry like for you going from being in such a popular group to being a solo artist?

For me, here’s the truth: The transition was very natural for me. Poison has always

maintained our existence. In other words, for the last 22 years as a band, Bobby, C.C., Rikki, and myself are still very much together. We’ve had a very successful run, but our normal shows come in the summer time. We’ll start out sometime after Memorial Day and go until Labor Day, then we’ll do some stuff in Europe and Japan. For me, it was a very natural transition for this reason: I’m extremely driven and extremely passionate about what I still do. I always say that people like Robert De Niro, I don’t think he continues to act simply because he needs the money. He does it because he loves to act and he loves to direct. I still love to play music. That is what I’ve always originally wanted to do. I’ve never really looked at it as work, even though it’s probably ten times more work than anything else you can do. So for me, the transition was quite natural because I continue to do everything that I do. I go into my home studio and I write music. I go in and I direct the videos. The creative process is what’s exciting for me. A re there any plans to do any future albums as a group? For Poison music, I think as far as writing new stuff right now is pretty doubtful. I continue to write for myself. I write all my solo stuff. I score music for big pictures. I write for a lot of country artists. We will still be going on tour this year, which will kick off in Philadelphia on the 23rd of June. It will be Poison, Def Leppard and Cheap

I’m still very passionate about what I do.

I give a 1000 percent on stage.  j’adore

84 

Trick. For Def Leppard and Poison, throughout our whole careers we’ve always played in the big arenas. I think that the two groups combined together, I feel it’s going to be one of the biggest tours this whole summer. You mentioned about doing production. You and Charlie Sheen hooked up to create a Entertainment. You then produced the film A Letter From Death Row. How did the idea for the film come about? Really simple. I had written a script called A Letter From Death Row. The idea came from a person who was on death row. They were an inmate and they were telling you a story as if they were being interviewed. They want you to believe them. The whole premise of the story at the end of the movie is Do you or don’t you believe them? Sort of in the way of The Usual Suspects, where at the end you’re not sure exactly what happened. It was a really twisted story and it’s very suspenseful that meets sort of a Dead Man Walking, the Sean Penn movie from years ago. I wrote this in the mid ‘90’s. But here’s how funny this is in my life: I walked into the William Morris Agency. I took it to a friend in the film department and he said, ‘Great, give us the script if you’re looking to get it funded or financed, looked at and read. We’d be happy to do that.’ This is no lie. I looked over at the assistant that was working with casting and they had a pile of about 50,000 scripts. If there is one thing I know in my life, by the time they read my script, I would be about 170 years old. So I found a ‘right-to-work’ state, which was Tennessee. They had a prison I could work and shoot the film in. I financed it myself and went down there and did it. After it was done, I took it to Charlie to critique it. I wanted him to give me some advice on some of the cuts and stuff. Honestly, he was fantastic. I mean, this is an actor. Even though he’s my friend, he didn’t need to take the time do that. We’re both sports fanatics and we were flying down to see the Super Bowl. He watched the movie, took notes and I really can’t thank him enough. After that, we formed the company. We did a second film on a script that we co-wrote together called No Code of Conduct. Dimension bought that picture. Then we did a third movie called Free Money with Marlon Brando and Mira Sorvino. production company called Sheen/Michaels

What was it like working with the late Marlon Brando? Honestly, I never worked with him. I briefly would pass him. I was just a co-producer. I was still finishing up No Code of Conduct. I was in L.A. and they shot that in Montreal, so I only got to meet him. The ten minutes I spent talking to him at the screening, he sat beside me at the back of the theater where we were screening it and we were talking. I was nervous because here is an idol’s idol, you know? I mean a legend. I heard so many different stories. Some of them were great and some of them were horror stories, but he was nothing but nice to me. I think he could tell that I didn’t want anything from him. I was just like, ‘Hey, thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to do this.’ So for me, it was a good experience. Coming from a musical background, what was it like to produce a film? Producing a film is very, very tough. This is the reason: When I do music, I go into a room, I sit down with my guitar or piano and I write something. I have an idea where I’m going. When you do a movie, you have an idea where you’re going and then 257,000 people tell you where you’re not going to go. It sounds weird, but some of the best pictures I think are independent films. There aren’t a whole lot of people to screw it up. I hate to say that, but I really realize that the movie business is tough. I give credit to good actors. I’ve stuck my foot in it a few times, but being a good actor takes a lot of skill to shed everything and fall into a part, especially comedy. You know, Will Farrell and Vince Vaughn and those guys I think are just fantastic. I can be funny if me and you are at a party and I’m slightly toasted. Let someone say, okay, we need you to be funny 15 takes in a row with the same joke and I don’t think I could deliver it. Those guys are just able to bring it. My respect level after doing pictures has gone up much higher.

 j’adore

85 

I like the city of Nashville. When I had the chance and they had asked me to come in and do it, I was pretty sure they were not too crazy about this rock guy doing it. What they were looking for was a guy who had crossed over. I’ve done both rock and country and obviously ‘Every Rose Has It’s Thorn’ was a pop and country hit. When they came at me to do it, I was excited. I went in and met with them, they called me back a day later and said you’re the guy. I said I’m good at critiquing, but I’m not good at judging. I’m good at giving advice. I told them if you’re looking for me to just rip an artist apart, that’s not my deal. However, if they have a great night, I’m gonna tell them they had a great night. If they picked the wrong song, I’ll say you have a great voice, just don’t try to sing that type of song. I felt that I could add a lot with my experience. It ended up being one of their highest rated seasons they’ve had. Was serving as a judge on that show what inspired you to do a country/rock album or was that something you had wanted to do?

Is film directing something that you would like to do more of in the future and does your production company have any additional films in development?

Right now, the only thing I want to worry about is making sure the [solo] tour is good. I want to make sure the Def Leppard tour is good. I absolutely, absolutely am looking to do a film. I want to direct it and be a part of it whether it’s directing or acting. I’m looking to do something really, really interesting here in the near future. However, the one thing I’m most excited about is Simon & Schuster putting out my autobiography called Roses and Thorns. Right now, the tentative date for the street is June 2009. I’m one of the few guys that has an autobiography that actually backs up my stories. A lot of times when you do an autobiography, you can sort of say and tell anything. When you read Roses and Thorns, it will put you on a roller coaster ride. I’m so hands-on with what I do that I’ve got myself into situations and I’m thinking, What happened? I give you the beginning, middle and the end, and the funny thoughts that are going through my head as these things are happening. I think people will really get a kick out of relating to my journey. I’m talking about things from getting diabetes to when I was recently over in Iraq and playing all the forward operating bases and the bases were literally getting bombed. I’m thinking am I in a CNN clip or is this really happening? What made you decide to do the book? What happened is first Harper Collins came to me and they wanted me to do just a book of the dirt, which were just basically sex stories. You know, the whole ‘groupie’ thing. I said look, in my life I’ve had some amazingly good times–some of this is in Roses and Thorns–but my whole thing isn’t about throwing a bunch of people under the bus with a bunch of stories. What I was looking for was something that gave people that, but also gave people something funny, humor, things that I’ve done. I just wanted to give them a better cross section of my life and what got me to this point.

I said to them the dirt’s a great book for Motley. It was a bunch of stories that were over the top. Some stories they can’t back up and some that they can. The point is I can make up 60,000 stories and just give them to ya, whether they’re true doesn’t matter, but who’s gonna prove it? I said what I’d rather do is give people a journey of my life. I turned Harper Collins down, which was a few years ago. Simon & Schuster approached me and I have to say that I’ve met few people in my life as patient and willing to let me tell my story as they were. They allowed me to just tell my story. You served as a judge on Nashville Star. What was that experience like for you?

I loved it. I owned a ranch down in Nashville and spent a lot of time there. I have a lot of great friends there. I find it to be a really great music-oriented city.

It’s something I’ve always wanted to do and will continue to do. For me, I would like to make music that is a little more contemporary country and then separate out the rock tracks. I think that anyone who knows me knows I’ve listened to anything from Lynyrd Skynard and Bob Seger to George Strait and then turn around and listen to Metallica and Black Sabbath. Anyone who’s followed my career knows I like to write those kind of Americana songs. Speaking of reality shows, let’s get down to yours. Being not only a rock star, but a gorgeous and successful rock star, you would think finding a lady wouldn’t be a hard task for you. So how did the whole idea for your reality show Rock of Love come about? I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I went into this as a dating show. When they approached me, I wasn’t feeling it. The first time around I turned it down. I just said I had come out of a relationship and I have two beautiful daughters. I have never put my private life

on the line like that. I asked them if it was scripted, because to be honest, I didn’t know how reality TV worked. I knew that some of it was phony, but when you watch something, you’re like some of this has to be scripted. They said, ‘The way we do our shows, we don’t work like that.’ They were doing Flavor Of Love at the time. They said, ‘We put you in a house and it unfolds. You either are into it or you’re not into it.’ So what they did is they went away and they came back about two-and-a-half, maybe three months later and asked if I would reconsider it. At that point, I said, ‘I’ll tell you what, I’ll have one meeting with ya. I’ll bring a piece of paper in and write down all my ideas. This show has to be fun for me. There’s no promise of a white picket fence. It is a dating show that is meant to be fun. That is what it’s meant to be.’ In other words, their choice was Rock of Love. I would have liked to have just called it ‘Rock the House’ or something else. Obviously, when you’re in the house, there is no doubt that you find real, true emotions with these girls. No doubt. Meaning you can’t be around them and their father passes away or this happens and that happens and you not have feelings for them. This show was meant to be fun for me. You’re right, finding lust and finding someone you like is very easy. Finding true love, I mean someone you really say I love this person, this is my soul mate–that takes time. I don’t know that you’re necessarily going to find it on TV, but the truth of the matter is, I’m not sure that you wouldn’t either. I don’t know. I’ve met some people that I’ve really liked and made some great friends doing this show.

to ‘like’ me. I’m sitting here like, You’re clapping because I’m adding competition to the show? I got mad. I

watched that episode and was thinking to myself,

what are they clapping for?

What were you thinking at

that point?

I said, hey girls, if I was competing for you and I really liked you and you brought on three new guys, first of all, I wasn’t fixing them up. Ashley really stepped it up because she was like, ‘I wasn’t laughing. I don’t want these girls here.’ I think what it is, is that I felt when you’re on the road, I think they felt somewhat separated from me. This year, I feel, is the craziest season we’ve done, but I felt the emotion was a little lackluster for the first few dates. I think that adding these three girls was amazing. I think it made them bust out. I sort of drew the line in the sand. Now they either have to step over it or they just say, ‘It’s enough, I’m done.’ I think it really caused the reaction I was looking for. At

I understand completely that they are furious and I get it, but I was reaching out as a human being and not as anything else. I had no motive other than to say I’m really sorry to hear about their loss. How cool was it to be immortalized in Guitar Hero III and what was that process like for you? It was amazing. I do have this in my book. I go in to do the Guitar Hero III and I have this vision in my head–there’s this big magical room you go in like a Disney project, right? Wrong. They stick me in this corner with a couple pieces of wood that are standing up in this huge empty warehouse. They literally put me in a suit, a ski-mobile suit, zipped up to my neck with a little hole in the area for the face and I’ve got a bunch of ping pong balls that look like their super-glued to

the beginning of

the season, you had to halt production due to one of the road crew being involved in a deadly accident.


you ever

able to get in contact with the families of the victims?

I know that in episode four, one of the contestants, Maria, fell ill. How is she doing now and have you been in contact with her? I went to the hospital to see her and spoke to her about three or four days after that, but I have not talked to her since. I spoke to her again after she got out of the hospital and got back home, but since then I haven’t spoke to her. She was really nice. She said she was fine and she said it was just too much stress. When I say going on the road is tough, I just don’t think they really understood that you pack your stuff up, go to a room, go to a show, unpack and repack. It’s a glamorous life, but it’s an unglamorous life. It’s a combination of both. I just don’t think they bought into it until they go, ‘Oh my gosh! How do you live like this?’ I’ve lived like this for the last 20 years of my life. I’m so used to a suitcase being part of my hand. I’m used to carrying my bags in and sleeping in a truck stop if I have to. I just never thought that it was bad because it’s what I know. You

were feeling like there wasn’t enough chemis-

try with the girls you originally had on the bus. You added three to the mix. From watching the show, I know it stirred things up a bit. Did this cause the girls to really step things up? A lso, are there good things to come for the remainder of the show and are there prospects of a season four?

We haven’t even discussed a season four. Just so you know, there was no intention of adding the three when we went into it. I’ll tell you when I decided to add them: when the other girls started clapping, I got pissed. You’re here supposedly to find love and you’re supposed

I want to be careful how I word this, because I think our legal system is so insanely out of whack. I want to make sure I say this correctly. Here’s me who had nothing to do with nothing. I’m not saying that to clear myself, I’m saying it literally. I reached out, as a father of two daughters, to people who were in pain. There was no contact, though. I’m not making this up, but they came after me before the day was over. I didn’t know about it until four days later. Here’s how I found out about it: I took the girls and flew to do a show and when I got back is when I found out two days later. It was technically three days later. I was like, What are you talking about? I had no idea. Before I even knew about it, they were coming after me. I had nothing to do with it. I’m a work-for-hire on the show. I’m old school in this way: I try not to be a lawsuit type of guy unless something rightfully needs to be done. I mean, when Pamela and I went through the tape thing, they were chumps and needed to be taken down. I’m one of those kind of guys where if your car is broke down on the side of the road, I’ll stop to help ya and everyone is like, ‘Don’t stop! You’re going to be sued!’ I’m like, What are you talking about? The person’s got a flat tire! I’m gonna help change it. The legal system has become so whacked out, so I don’t want to go into too much about it. I did make a statement that said as a father of two daughters, I really tried to reach out.

 j’adore


me and I’m playing a piece of wood. It was the most surreal experience. They’re like, ‘Jump up and down and kick.’ I’m like, ‘Okay, is there any music?’ They’re like, ‘No, just jump and kick.’ I’m like, ‘You guys, I suffer from rhythm ears so you gotta give me a beat!’ So they finally put on some good tunes and I was jumping around. It was such an honor to be on it. At the same time, it was so surreal. I’m going, if anyone could see me right now, standing in this cottony snow-mobile outfit zipped up, so all you can see is my two eyes and nose with a bunch of ping pong balls glued to me. It was hilarious! Now

is there anything that

Bret Michaels


done in his career yet that he would like to do in the future?

Just one thing. I know what it is. I just want to play quarterback for the Pittsburg Steelers just one game. Just one throw. That’s all I’m asking. I’m just asking big Ben to just step to the side for one play. Then I’m done! For more on Bret Michaels, visit, _love/series.jhtml and J 


f Rolling with the

Gym Class Heroes By: Laura Turner

J’Adore jumps on the tour bus with Gym Class Heroes’ drummer Matt McGinley


imilar to the mix-matched patchwork of a quilt, there is no single genre of music that you can use to classify the creativity produced by Travis McCoy, Matt McGinley, Disashi Lumumba-Kasongo and Eric Roberts – collectively known as the Gym Class Heroes. The Heroes have an eclectic sound synergistically infused with reggae, rap, pop, rock and “emo” intonations. The group has made their way from being an underground and seemingly obscure band from New York, to headlining for Mr. A Milli himself, Lil Wayne. While on tour with Lil Wayne, T-Pain and Keri Hilson, Heroes drummer Matt McGinley shook loose from his demanding schedule that includes him rocking Calgary, Alberta, Canada to give us some insight into the band and the vigorous life as a Gym Class Hero.

 j’adore

88 

After we recorded the Papercut Chronicles,

which yielded such songs as 'Cupid’s Chokehold,' we kind of realized we were sitting on top of something bigger. J’Adore Magazine: So how is the tour going? Matt McGinley: The tour is going good. It’s winding down, but it’s been a really, really awesome tour for us and a really big opportunity for us. This is probably the largest tour that we’ve been a part of. I think even with the success we have had up to this point, I still consider us to be pretty small and to a point, an obscure band, so to be a part of a tour like this is an amazing opportunity for us. What is life like for you when on tour? It really depends on the tour. If it’s a headlining tour for instance, it usually involves a lot of press, a lot of obligations and not a lot of free time. Usually, my eyes are kind of sagging because I’m tired all the time on headlining tours. On a tour like this, when you’re playing support, it’s kind of cool. Playing in these big arenas, it’s like once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. They all look the same. You’re usually parked underneath the arena in a dimly lit parking garage. There is a lot of free time and days off on a really big tour like this because it does take a lot of people to keep a really big tour like this running. It’s definitely interesting.

You have been on tour with Lil Wayne since December. What has been the most hyped city you’ve stopped through so far? I gotta go with New York City to pledge our allegiance to our home state. There have been a lot of really good shows. Minneapolis was really good to us. It’s just awesome playing in front of these crowds. For us, it’s very different to go from headlining a show of perhaps two to three thousand people a night to 20,000 people a night. It’s certainly taken some adjustment, but we think we’ve really found our groove on this tour and every show has been consistently awesome to us. I know the tour stopped here in Atlanta, Georgia on December 31, 2008 for a New Year’s performance. What was it like to perform on New Year’s Eve? Oh, it was awesome. It was really fun to be a part of the tour in Atlanta. We got really drunk afterwards. So, that’s really all I remember.

 j’adore


The original Gym Class Heroes included you, Travis McCoy, Milo Benacci and Ryan Geise. There hasn’t been much mention of why they left the band and were replaced by Disashi and Eric Roberts. Can you speak on that situation? When we first started Gym Class Heroes, we were just a bunch of really young dorks from New York. We had ambition to make awesome music, but we never really had the focus of doing it as a career. After we recorded the Papercut Chronicles, which yielded such songs as “Cupid’s Chokehold,” we kind of realized we were sitting on top of something bigger. That’s when the opportunity came to work with Fueled by Ramen and tour full-time and whatnot. For Milo, it was about not being able to fully commit because he was still going to school. It was a natural parting. That’s when we brought Disashi in. He was a friend that we knew locally from other bands. With Ryan, he toured with us for maybe half a year or so. Then he just kind of realized that maybe full-time touring wasn’t really his thing. 


f Do you still keep in touch with them? Yeah! Actually, I talk to Milo all the time. Milo’s in a new band now called Ra Ra Riot. They are doing incredible. They’re a really good band. They have an album out so I talk to Milo pretty frequently. I talk to Ryan semi-frequently, although I did see him last summer in Portland. We’re definitely on really good terms with the former members of the band. Leading up to you actually being signed with Decaydance Records, what was it about the Papercut Chronicles that caught owner Pete Wentz’s attention and ultimately led him to sign Gym Class Heroes to the label? As in touch as he is musically, Pete is a savvy business dude as well. I think when he heard Gym Class Heroes it kind of struck him because, musically, Gym Class Heroes is fairly ambiguous. For instance, we could sit just as well on a tour with Fall Out Boy or the Warped Tour, as we could on tour with The Roots or Lil Wayne. There are not a lot of bands out there that can honestly hang in the many different musical settings. I think Pete instantly recognized that and saw what we were creating was honest, quality music, but it had a broader appeal than what we were getting at the time. I definitely give a lot of credit to Pete for being open to taking a chance on a band like us. With anything new, it’s always a gamble and I think we were no different. How did it feel to win the MTV award for Best New Artist when you had released your first album six years before? It was awesome, you know. I’ve been watching the VMA’s since Nirvana was performing on them. Even though we had been working at Gym Class Heroes for so long, I can understand why the masses –the popular commercial audience–considered us new artists. To the MTV culture, we were new artists that year. It’s always awesome to receive praise or recognition for what you’re doing. There were some video clips from where the band was performing in Baltimore. The topic of discussion was the importance of maintaining your hustle. Being that you are with a major label now, does the band feel it is still as important to self-market? I think it’s important. I think there are ways to do it that are like hella cheesy and provide little results. Then there are really effective ways of marketing yourself. One example is when you go on Myspace and you see some rapper who’s left a comment and it says check me out or listen to my music, and then they’ve copied and pasted it like a hundred times. That’s a way of self-marketing that is wack. Things like booking your own tours and going out and really going at it is a lot more productive way of self-marketing. That’s kind of how it worked for us, initially. To get the ball rolling for us, it was all about touring and going out after we would play and selling our own merchandise, talking to fans and taking pictures. It’s more about meeting the fans who were going to buy your record when it comes out.

First and foremost, it’s

about making music that we believe in and music that pleases us.

So then is it safe to say that the video blogs and social network sites you established for yourselves were instrumental in creating your fan base and maintaining your buzz? Definitely! I think the initial success we had before we had a hit song of any sort was because we had a really good following. That was strictly from touring eight or nine months out of the year and really hanging out and extending ourselves to our fans. We connected with them and talked to them to show them that we are just normal people like them. Speaking of being normal people, do you feel that you can still interact with your fans or do you feel that your new stardom makes you less approachable? Yeah. Not much has changed in that regard. When we do headlining shows, we still make ourselves approachable. If a fan wants to meet us or take a picture with us at a headlining show, chances are we can make that happen. We do what we can to make ourselves available to our audience. We try to do cool things like post videos online from our tours for our fans to check out. They are then able to see what we’re up to and see what goes on behind the scenes. We try to maintain the courtesy that we’ve always tried to show our fans.

 j’adore

90 

As far as the music industry goes today, is Gym Class Heroes looking to make any specific impact? The music industry as a whole is nothing that we’ve been centrally focused on. First and foremost, it’s about making music that we believe in and music that pleases us. Through doing that, we’ve been able to gain a lot of fans that identify with that ethic. So for us, I think it’s about making quality, honest music and we’ll continue down that path regardless of whether the music industry slumps or not. How do you feel about the lyrical content of music that some artists are putting out today? I can’t speak too negatively on a lot of the music that’s coming out because every year I continue to hear more and more diversity in the music I listen to. For instance, like two years ago, hearing Amy Winehouse for the first time, I realized I was hearing something special. Each year I’m constantly being put up on artists that offer something new and inventive. With Gym Class Heroes, I like to believe we were one of the artists that came in with that approach. We weren’t just trying to mimic other artists we were influenced by. We were trying to bring something new to the public here in the realm of music. I think with each year, I see more and more artists taking that approach. Santigold, Julian from The Strokes and Pharrell doing songs together is an example of how open musicians, as well as fans, are becoming to music. Well aside from wanting to create honest, quality music, what other aspirations do you foresee pursuing in the future outside of being the drum man for Gym Class Heroes? I think it’s important to keep balance in your life with whatever you do. I’ve even been working at getting my degree online and doing a lot of other stuff that I think brings more balance to my life, so I’m not too consumed by one thing. I think that’s why I can afford to go back to school, because I have a bunch of free time when I’m not on stage. I think even if I were working a desk job in a cubicle somewhere, I would still have that desire to encompass other things in my personal life just to stay sane. I think when doing music, especially, constantly doing this can drive a person bat-shit crazy quickly. I think it’s important to find other things that make you happy. Find other outlets to use your free time. You mentioned that you were going to school online to get your degree. What type of degree are you working on? During the creation of Gym Class Heroes I was going to school for music initially. When we decided to do it full-time and when we got signed, I dropped out of school. Basically, Boston University is helping me to get a continuation degree. This way I can get my Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, which I think is a broad liberal arts degree. Essentially, I think it just means I’m getting a degree in study hall. Now for the question that we all really want to know: What’s in your playlist? I’ve been listening to this guy Fred Hammond lately, who’s a gospel artist. J. Moss is another gospel artist that I’ve really been into here recently. So are you into Christian hip-hip as well? Not really. If it is hip-hop that’s good, it’s good, you know what I mean. I don’t know that being Christian hip-hop would sway me on it. In terms of gospel music, there’s so much energy and chaos, but beautiful chaos. It’s something that I’ve really been into lately in terms of a musician and especially a drummer. I have Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes, Cold War Kids, Arctic Monkeys, Maroon 5, The Shins and TV on the Radio in my playlist. I have a pretty wide variety of music I listen to. I can speak for everybody in the band when saying everyone has pretty eclectic taste in the music. For more info on Matt McGinley and the Gym Class Heroes, visit J

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Doug Reinhardt: Reality Television vs. Real Life From starring in reality television show The Hills to playing professional baseball in the Majors and being a successful CEO, the show must go on for Doug Reinhardt. By: Evierobbie


hen you think about the phenomenon of reality television, there are a small number of shows that trump the rest. We’re in an age where every dating show has a spinoff from a previous reject. The Hills transcends its competitors, developing into a program that is one of MTV’s most viewed reality TV shows. These Orange County socialites are coming of age and their audience is following right along. Bikini-clad women, sexy men and all the drama that ensues with that much eye-candy in one city is too enticing not to watch. This is the environment that Doug Reinhardt has grown up in. It’s a rarity to find that with all of the stimuli, vanity and 'fakeness' that regularly surfaces in California, he still has a sense of his own. Images: Anne Park Photography grooming: Alex LaMarsh styling: Penelope Pattee

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Besides being the former boyfriend of the show’s first lady, Lauren, Doug is a businessman, student at Pepperdine University and a professional baseball player. Regarding his career in America’s pastime, he was offered an athletic scholarship to attend the University of Southern California, but he turned it down to play baseball in Anaheim for the Los Angeles Angels. After leaving Anaheim in 2007, Doug signed with the Baltimore Orioles. It was during his first season that he got injured, but he still plans to resurface in the world of baseball while balancing out his drive to succeed in other endeavors including being a CEO and student. After having a sit-down with this 23-year-old boob tube heartthrob, there’s evidently content and character behind the body that holds it all together.

J’Adore: Away from the spotlight, who is Doug Reinhardt? Doug Reinhardt: I’m a fun-loving, simple guy. I’m hardworking. I’m definitely someone that believes in the theory that you work hard and play hard.

Doug is a businessman,

student at Pepperdine University and a professional baseball player.

Talk about school and the academic goals you have. I’m at Pepperdine University. I actually just walked out of my last final right before we spoke. I’m in a Political Science major with a minor in Economics. I’ve been lucky. I got hurt and decided to come back to school. Pepperdine has been very flexible with me in regards to the show and baseball. My plans are to go back to baseball next year. Outside of baseball, what’s going on in your career now? I’m always working on Fun Factor. It’s my company that I started when I was 19, specializing in mobile advertising. (Doug is the CEO of Fun Factor, LLC., and FUGEN Mobile. In this role, he develops everything from strategic marketing to concepts for new mobile downloads. Fun Factor distributes games, SMS alerts, ring tones and graphics throughout the mobile community. With his diligence, Doug has made this company one of the leading mobile providers in the entertainment sector.) How did you end up on The Hills? It’s a funny story. After I got hurt, I moved back to Los Angeles. I was out one night and I ran into L.C. (Lauren). We grew up in the same hometown, so we knew each other prior to the show. One thing led to another and we dated for a few months. I mean, I did it. It was fun. After we broke up, I was approached about sticking around for the show but my main focus is baseball right now. Do you feel you were portrayed fairly? I do feel it was manipulated a little bit. For the most part, I think I came off as a good guy, though. What happened, happened. What’s your current relationship status? I do have a girlfriend. I’m dating someone now. She’s a great girl and I think we’re a great match. I’m a taken man. Oh well. Sorry ladies. Visit for the latest news on what Doug Reinhardt has brewing in his life. J

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jesse Energizer Bunny By: L. Raquel Boone

In the middle of an economic depression so bad that even Larry Flint has to ask for a bailout, porn star Jesse Jane knows how to keep it up, keep it hot and keep it going… and going… and going…

images: Mark Sacro makeup & Hair: Alex LaMarsh Styling: Leilani Lacson

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94 

ewer stars have such a glamorous–and offbeat–success story about the adult film business than Jesse Jane, one of Digital Playground’s best-selling commodities. The Fort Worth, Texas native possesses the perfect porn princess package to drive fans wild: an effervescent personality, smoldering looks and a highly sexual nature. Since her 2004 adult film debut, Jane has amassed scores of titles under her belt to date and is most notably now known for PiratesXXX, a lusty, action-filled spinoff of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Very candid about the unconventional route she took into the business, Jane, a former regional Hooters manager, and Hawaiian Tropic model and pageant winner, admits that she actually chased after porn,

dropping her lucrative positions for the business. “I wanted to be the ultimate sex symbol,” Jane purrs. “I have a very sexual appetite. I lost my virginity to my first husband at 17, and with time developed a natural sexual craving. I was always suggesting wild things like making love with a camera and talking really dirty, so I knew what I wanted to do.” Poised to be a star, Jane approached Digital Playground and was immediately flown in. Admittedly skeptical of the buxom blonde, Digital’s execs didn’t require an audition from her, but they had to be convinced of Jane’s sincerity. After failed attempts to persuade her out of a contract (they believed she could be successful in mainstream modeling because porn would ruin her opportunities), they eventually signed her to an exclusive deal and it’s been a profitable ride ever since. Jane couldn’t be happier about the decision she’s made leading to the success she’s worked hard for and fondly remembers the early days of getting started. Nostalgically, she recalls the crew being completely nervous about her first performance. “Everyone pep talked me and kept telling me I would be okay. I remember thinking, ‘Alright, can we just shut up and do this already?’” The sweet-faced, petite, self-described “dork” proclaims fans find the contrast in her looks and behavior arousing. “[People think] I’m petite and have a sweet All-American girl thing,” Jane muses brightly. “Then they see me in bed and see how wild and crazy I am. I have a dirty mouth, I’m all over the place and it surprises them.” The energetic sex goddess, who’s so wild she needs two cameras while filming, also attributes her top-notch performances to her “natural sexual craving” and the fact that she chooses her own co-stars in order to guarantee the best chemistry. “I’m never paying attention to the cameras, nor do I worry about the scenes; I have some control over the settings, so when I’m filming, I forget about everything else. It’s all about me!” Not one to fit the conventional mold, the bisexual blonde babe uses her crossover appeal and business sense to expand her brand beyond films. Jane’s other endeavors include modeling for Drowning Pool’s Desensitized cover, walk-on roles in shows such as Entourage, writing and editing various love/sex columns, and hosting both adult satellite radio and cable TV shows.

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Moreover, these accolades are just a part of her ever-expanding resume; Jane asserts that she is constantly working to stay on top of new opportunities, and has no problem gaining respect in the mainstream and adult venues. Jane says, “I’m a hard-working person; I treat porn like a career and put my name out there. A lot of other girls just don’t work as hard. I get a lot of respect. I didn’t go to college, but I’m smart and I get respect. Understandably, many people question me about my job and the business because they’re curious. They don’t really know there’s more to working in this industry than being in front of the camera.” She adds, “I also don’t allow myself to get burned out. I stay true to myself and I have never let this industry change me. I am myself, I’m a dork, I like to laugh and have fun. I have a good head on my shoulders and I’m wild in bed, but I do a lot to stay successful.” Jane also insists that, despite the horror stories of porn careers gone wrong, she is not within those numbers. “I don’t really experience the less glamorous side of the business [like other stars]. I’m in a beautiful atmosphere [at Digital] with great people around me, and I’m in a good contract, working for several great companies. I guess those who don’t have a supportive atmosphere and don’t have a good contract might not be treated well, but I am well taken care of.” J 



artist issue of the

Hazel Dooney

By: Byron W. Harris

The Independent Punk Princess of Australian Art

Images: Hazel Photo: Hazel

What are the qualifications to be the Punk Princess of Australian Art? Is it the way she paints? Is it the way she sketches? Or is the way she does both and does not give an Aussie damn about what the art critics may say? Recently, J’Adore got to know more about Asia-Pacific region’s most controversial, young female artist Hazel Dooney and how she is changing the game in the Australian art world. J’Adore: You are the “artist to watch” in the industry! We have seen many artists struggle regarding finding their place in the art world. In understanding your gifted talent, where do you feel you fit? Hazel Dooney: The commercial art world sees me as young, female, controversial and yet saleable. The Asian market sees me as a Western offshoot of Murakami’s ‘shock pop’ and somewhat exotic – probably because I’m six-feet tall and look like one of those shaven-headed, kick-ass, leggy mercenaries the Japanese like to fantasize about in manga. I’m seen in the Australian market – and by some local academics – as a media-friendly, sex-positive, ‘new feminist’ agitator.  The truth is, I am all and none of these. I’m lucky enough to have a mainstream media profile and a measure of respect as a serious artist. I can live reasonably well from the sales of my work. It’ll be a half a century or more before the real value – or lack of it – of my work becomes apparent even to me. Regarding recognition and fame, have you found it difficult grow-

ing and staying ‘fresh’ with new works in the eyes and scrutiny of art critics?

I sacrifice a 'real' life for making and marketing my work.

My last three shows have each been very different – large, high gloss enamel paintings followed by voodoo-inspired watercolors on paper followed by pornographic ‘found’ photographs and self-portraits. Although each has presented a facet of the somewhat obsessively forensic, autobiographical thread running through all my work, I am clearly experimenting in public. So, no, I am not finding it difficult, although I am finding it (as do the critics) intriguing and sometimes confounding – and it doesn’t always come off. How do you deal with criticism from other artists and art critics? Oh God, I don’t even pay attention to it. I don’t really pay attention to the kudos either.

You are a well-known and respected artist in your

field. By being confident, controversial with an edgy twist, does that give you the inspirations behind your works of art?

I’m working out a lot of highly charged personal stuff in public with my art: identity, sexuality – I am somewhat blatantly pan-sexual – and feminism, and the way media impacts on all three. I am also prone to being a provocateur and many of the things I work at in the presentation of my art are aimed at eliciting a public response. Despite my young age, I’m old-fashioned enough to think that art has responsibility to upset the status quo, to discomfort, to piss off.

What advice would you give to other young artists looking to go farther in their craft? I offer encouragement but never advice. During the early years of my career, all the advice I was given was counter-productive – if not downright wrong. In the end, each person, whether they’re an artist or not, has to figure out what works for themselves in a way that suits their individual ambitions and needs.  What is your thought on the art world today seeing that almost everything is designed or digitally generated on the computer?

Have we gotten spoiled,

losing where it all began with a simple pencil and a brush?

I’m not sure we’re as enslaved by digital media as everyone argues. However, I am very much into traditional artisan knowledge and skill and the almost atavistic need to connect physically with the materials when I am making a work. Because of that, I have a deal of respect for the ‘old fashioned’ disciplines of drawing, of draftsmanship, of the chemistry of paint, and so on.

Let’s talk about one of your latest paintings, PORNO. What was the inspiration behind this piece? For over a decade, the large, high-glossy enamel paintings for which I am best known have reflected and commented upon the way women are portrayed in advertising and entertainment media. Lately, I have been exploring the way young women in the developed world now exploit themselves using digital video and the social networking capabilities of

the Web to gain a measure of notoriety and fleeting celebrity. Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian have proved that, these days, homespun porn can help rather than hinder a girl’s career and if you have a celebrity partner, you can even profit from it. In many ways, porn’s creepy sensibility has insinuated itself into every aspect of popular culture, from the fashion photographs of Terry Richardson to the pop star Rihanna’s robotic S&M stage persona. Hardcore porn has achieved legitimacy and, through the Internet, has found its way into the hands of millions of middle-class suburbanites who might never have risked a foray into an actual ‘adult store’ to buy it over the counter. With the proliferation of more sophisticated home media and easy-to-use applications, many have experimented with producing it themselves. As I was editing my own photography for PORNO, I became curious about the intimate snapshots others have made of themselves and their lovers. I asked close friends if they’d allow me to view theirs. Most agreed. I decided to ‘curate’ these images and include them with my own work. I refined and reprinted them and in so doing, ‘appropriated’ them to form part of my own critical experience of the new ‘porno’ aesthetic.

 j’adore


The intention of this show is not to pander to prurience, but rather to explore the contemporary socio-sexual impulses of which all these photos share evidence. Within even the crudest of them, there is not only an elemental tension but also a sadness; I suspect each is a failed attempt to locate some deeper truth about the subjects stripped naked, staring blankly at the camera, or fucking within them. PORNO is, in many ways, my first truly objective, ‘conceptual’ work as an artist. Parodoxically, it is also my most intimate and subjective. You appear to be the ‘total package’–blessed with

beauty, intelligence and the gifted hands of a true

artist. How do you balance your daily life around your love of painting?

There’s absolutely no balance at all–not even a pretence of it. I draw, paint, sculpt and photograph all the time. I sacrifice a ‘real’ life for making and marketing my work. I take time out here and there for bouts of cathartic, yet passionate sex with the one man I love–and who loves me enough to put up with the solitary, obsessive and yet hectic life I lead. But my mental and physical health are not anything anyone would–or should–aspire to, even if my career is pretty successful and rewarding. To view and read more information on Hazel Dooney’s work, visit J 

envious ensemlbes

EE Upscale fashion boutique makes ATL second home BY: Aisha Nicole

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e-Moda has learned the art of making every customer—celebrity or not—

feel like a star by carrying

items with a particular quality,

rarity and style.


hat do actresses Lindsay Lohan, Tori Spelling, Shannon Doherty and Nicolette Sheridan have in common? eMODA. What about athletes such as Bernard Hopkins, Jimmy Rollins or Gary Baxter? Yep, eMODA. Even Paris Hilton, Andy Dick and Chester Bennington of Linkin Park are in-the-know about the eMODA

phenomenon in the fashion world. J’Adore decided to see what all of the talk was about and visited this Philly based online clothing store that has branched out to become a retail location in Georgia’s capital. Located in the swanky district of Midtown Atlanta, customers can indulge in a shopping experience like no other at eMODA. Starting as a small online boutique of husband and wife programming duo Dan and Marina Kogan, eMODA has now become the trailblazer in retail and online shopping. Besides carrying hip brands such as Miss Sixty, True Religion and Rock & Republic, they also sell hard-to-find companies such as Laguna Beach, Roberto Guerrini and Avant Garde. Evidently, eMODA has learned the art of making every customer–celebrity or not–feel like a star by carrying items with a particular quality, rarity and style. By changing inventory online daily at www. and always adding the newest items to their Philly and Atlanta retail locations, it’s no wonder why the who’s who of the celebrity circuit try to lead the pack by shopping with this fashion hot spot. The Atlanta location at 950 West Peachtree Street opened its doors on November, 1, 2008 and has been immersed in overwhelming success ever since. Besides the highly sought merchandise, eModa’s posh décor including a custom runway, 10-feet-high black encased crystal chandeliers, a massive 65-inch flat screen television and walls decorated with the newest in fashion for both genders. What makes eModa further distance itself from its competitors is the vast range of sizes for its hard-to-find merchandise, which is rare for such an exclusive boutique. So now with eModa presenting the opportunity to rub elbows with Stacey Keibler and Carrie Anne Inaba while shopping in Atlanta and Philly, the East Coast will be setting fashion trends for years to come. -- Aisha Nicole J

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envious ensemlbes


Pop sensation turned "It girl." Fergie was spotted rocking a beret in a very chic, uptown, yet comfortable way. Word of advice: Ladies, the beret looks best when worn pulled slightly from your forehead leaving your hair hanging out to frame the shape  of your face. Item available at price $ 15.99 If you’re looking to take a walk on the wild side, try a beret similar to the sequined gold crochet  number featured on the for a mere $ 6.80. Can’t beat a steal like that!  


By: Lakeisha Williams

R & B crooner Ne-yo has the distinguished gentlemen look down to a science. His style is clear, concise and captivating. Part of being able to pull off such a formal ensemble is the fedora hat. It mixes the playful and classic effect quite nicely. Word of advice: The key to bringing the coy and sexy look to a fedora is definitely the fit. Make sure you choose the appropriate sizing methods when selecting the hat of choice. Item available: - price: $ 38.00

Honorable mentions:

Trucker hats have been around for a while now and they aren’t expected to o away anytime soon. Amazing designers such as Christian audigier (Ed Hardy) are responsible for keeping the trucker hat sensation going strong. Item available: Word of advice: The look is best when worn in a casual, understated way. Ashton Kutcher is known for his grungy, hipster style which goes well with the rocker hint of the trucker hat. Hats off to you for stepping out and up in style!

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Watch this

Lifestyle writer Robert J. Mair gives a little history on the wristwatch and confirms its importance, regardless of the hi-tech times we live in.


Nike Triax

n today’s hectic world, there is no doubt regarding the importance of being on time. As I rush from one express train to another during my daily commute in New York, I routinely realize the extreme importance of a timekeeping instrument’s accuracy since seconds literally make a difference for making a connection. Then there is the group of employees at work who want the official company clock to run slow in the mornings, allowing some breathing room for arriving on time, yet they want an overachieving minute hand leading to closing time. Ironically, based on my own habit and observing those around me, the cell phone has become the most important instrument when accurate time reading is necessary. Most cell phones, calibrated by their carriers with world time, are the new version of the pocket watch. However, it is important to note that a wristwatch serves as more than just a timepiece. As I have written before, it serves as a man’s most important accessory that is as prominent and relevant as a good pair of well-shined shoes. Bottom line, the watch is ageless. Going back in time The first watches appearing in the late 1800’s were deemed a feminine accessory by most men, but this view changed as soldiers in World War I wore them. Then there are the popular figures promoting them such as the great aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont. In 2004, Cartier unveiled the Santos 100, honoring the 100th anniversary of watchmaker Lois Cartier creating a Santos model for his friend Alberto. The original was reportedly requested by Santos Dumont in the early 1900’s because he needed both hands to operate flying machines, rendering a pocket watch useless. Versions of the Santos watch have been available commercially since 1911, but the Santos 100 is popularly Santos 100 regarded as the most masculine and attractive of Cartier’s men’s line. The rectangular timepiece with its oversized case (42mm wide x 51mm long) and eight screws designed to stand out like rivets on the body of an airplane give the Santos 100 a bold look. Check it out at a Cartier boutique or authorized dealer, but beware, even the stainless steel version retails for around $5,000.

Good timing for your lifestyle Lifestyle should dictate your choice of a wristwatch. There is a model and price range for just about anyone thanks to mass production and designers offering attractive styles at a reasonable price. Kenneth Cole, Hugo Boss, Guess? and Fossil all have watch lines in the $100 range. Also, if you like the look of a pricey timepiece such as the Omega Seamaster James Bond watch (see J’Adore’s Hollywood Issue), but can’t afford one, try a Swiss Army Maverick II Alarm Watch as a reliable look alike that’s under $400. If you like to “work it out” and wear the time while jogging, you definitely need a sport watch as well as a dress watch. Don’t try to wear your Nike Triax or Timex Ironman (both well below $100) to a business meeting. Trust me, it’s noticed. As a matter of fact, I attended a meeting where firms were competing for investment consulting services and one particular group of young financial analysts all decided to wear sport watches. Maybe they were trying to portray a youthful, hard-working or even fit appearance; it didn’t work. To the CEO and director, the look was immature and deemed not worthy of handling the company’s finances. In short, when doing business, look the part. If you are into practicality and want a watch for multi-tasking, keep it simple and grab one with a stainless steel band. Paired with a simple face, steel is dressy enough for a business suit and casual enough for social occasions. Also, you don’t have to worry about a leather band replacement or the inevitable “sweaty band” depreciation of the cow skin. So keep checking your cell phone when you’re running late, your sport watch when doing laps and your dress watch while in your boss’s office discussing salary because they will all be right on time for each situation. - Robert J. Mair J Timex Ironman

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groupie pursuit

Images: Anne Park Hair/Makeup: Alex Lamarsh Styling: Jessica Adjemon

Rachel and Ilia

While the crowd is captivated as the rhythmic melodies and soothing harmonies chime on, thoughts of what could be are all she hears. Tonight will be the night she gets him, she is sure of this.

Poor little rocker boy... as he plays on, he is oblivious to the fact that he has just been made the target of a groupie pursuit.



ne l t as

ck la

ce -



r> he a r co m r co s t e d ma ai s res ly w lu  d l egan t - lo r i b s e e s ' o o h b s  z am

r^ he rl e gi e pr s- s ara s e i s t an dan  p oots^ b him r ke n u s- j r an t rde  p oy a l o i r l r g e n ai re an d ch b r a - s p t an ic m  ner cel e e a g r he t b s hoe s

 j’adore

102 

r> he z i d ru r a d i ch p - r rgroun o t f le nde car eta m  s r oy a l u e d mm s te i ete a k f c a eyw n j k la c e ga n t l i s t ow c e r el kn t yl co c m b o ' s s - s al o r de t a r e o  p ren z a y s h ce - r oy w b i r d o b a k la re  elteck hat- d b all n  > nd b a d him r in r nke u j etn ma a ck nd j ener ic ts a der g r n o e a l  p o t s - t h - r oy a o ry  b ewe l e j 

tel e li en sh c r^ e gli he s r ed res nke ais t  d ket- ju ly w blu er ac an t lor i ord g l j e s a l h o e r y- r oy b o ' s e s le am ewe a r e n z j k eltb r nke s - ju an ^ an t cm h i m t and p ener i es he g t v s hoe s

r> h e ll dde o b ri e she rqu p ma o r  t ter s o f nke u j t ele d o di s te ies o i t a h n w d a  p cr o p p e gan tl y u n dr y a el e el her o' s ines ea t  l n z a m b e s - ch > o e h r s a him r k  eltke b n u j  etn ja ck r i c ma her ene ea t g l e d s an o es - th an t h p s

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lipreview ngerie What is the one thing both you and your mate can agree on to make any hot night even hotter? With sensual lingerie, of course. Allow J'Adore to stimulate your visual sense and liven up your next adventurous night out together. Follow us..."

images by: Maicol styling: Fashions By Axucar hair & makeup: Paragonn Creators Models: Laticia Mills, Ariez, T-Sloan

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guys and



Out from the shadows

very now and then, we get games that delve into the darkness of the human spirit or explore our need to annihilate everything that crawls, walks and slithers. With this edition of Flawless, we have offerings from some demented game developers that are sure to satisfy your appetite for destruction. Whether you’re Richard Riddick or Egon Spengler, we’re sure you’re going to get your fill of riddin’ the world of evil. Well go deep into the heart of darkness; thinking and finally asking ourselves, “What is fear?” Find out the answer playing these newbies for PS3 and Xbox 360, along with some other games that will surely improve your hand and eye coordination.

flawless v i c t o r y

By Shawn Jackson

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

Formats: PS3, Xbox 360 Availability: Q2 2009

Richard Riddick is the consummate rogue with a knack for getting out of tough to near impossible situations. This “expansion pack” of sorts from developer Starbreeze Studios expands on the original Xbox game, The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, with a new full-length adventure that not only brings back the great gameplay of the original, but adds in new multi-player features. The new graphics engine is sure to entice gamers to flock to this new edition. Unleash your inner-Furyan and let the new enhancements blow you away.

Ghostbusters: The Videogame

Formats: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii Availability: June 19

I don’t know about everyone else, but if there’s something strange in the neighborhood, I’m calling the Ghostbusters. Atari is bringing back the legendary team of four paranormal soldiers into the 21st century. Reprising their roles (via voiceover) are the original actors from the movie trilogy such as Ernie Hudson, Annie Pots, Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis. You’re a new recruit to the original Ghostbusters team charged with helping protect New York City from a new infestation of ghouls and pesky phantasms. Helping you on the way are some new weapons to get your ghost blasting on. You just know that Egon has been having a field day devising new ways to dispatch the next wave of perverted, paranormal poltergeists. Now you can raise your hand when they ask, “Who you gonna call?”

Alan Wake

Formats: Xbox 360 Availability: TBA 2009 Alan Wake is a man caught in a living nightmare brought about by his own past. As an author, the element of suspense always fuels the pages of his books, but Wake’s life outside of the written takes everything to higher level. Developer Remedy is looking to take the storytelling in videogames to new heights, crafting a psychological thriller that could rival some of your favorite nail-bitin’ flicks. Gameplay is king however and Remedy has prepared a large, realistic expanse to complete missions, solve puzzles and engage in combat. You’re ultimately guided through a labyrinthine, multi-layered story with more twists and turns than a Rubik’s Cube. Graphics are top-notch as well.

 j’adore

106 

J’Adore’s Advice: How to maximize your gaming audio and visual enjoyment


Formats: Xbox 360, PS3 Availability: TBA 2009 John Carmack is an innovator, game designer and constant destroyer of demons. In the gaming world, he’s also popularly regarded as the “Father of the First-Person Shooter.” And now Carmack’s famed game house, id Software, is set to release the graphically rich Rage. Utilizing id’s new “Tech 5” technology (refer to screenshot), Rage is a major step up from even Doom 3. Gameplay consists of a mix of FPS and racing. In the racing stages, players can invest money won to improve their vehicles and character. Look for Rage to drive you mad by mid spring.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Formats: PS3 Availability: TBA 2009

Did you like the first edition of Among Thieves? If the answer is yes, then this game should satiate your thirst for a successful sequel. Naughty Dog’s time has been spent crafting a worthy follow-up that may outshine its predecessor in all aspects: graphics, story and gameplay. Nathan Drake is at it again, tracing the travels of the famed Marco Polo (no, not the Bow Wow/Soulja Boy song). New gameplay mechanics are showcased including free-climbing and varied environments like the snow-covered, blizzard-laden landscape at the beginning of the game. Expect this next adventure to come to store shelves sometime this year.

Ride to Hell

Formats: PS3, Xbox 360 Availability: Q2 2009 What are you going to do when the law doesn’t want you around? Fight it? In Ride to Hell, you’re an outlaw motorcycle gang member in 1960s America, hell bent on waging war against rival gangs and making sure your hog is taken care of at all times. Like any gang member, you protect your turf, brothers and your livelihood of lawlessness. With an engaging storyline of a Vietnam vet returning home and finding great reintegrating into the urban jungle, you’ll be hooked. To enhance the realism, the graphical presentation brings a high degree of believability that you’re actually in that bygone era of free love, sex, drugs and rock and roll. Gameplay is similar to the 3-D Grand Theft Auto games. Ride to Hell also offers history lessons about the time period it depicts. Expect this game from Deep Silver to be on shelves this summer.

Heavy Rain

Formats: PS3 Availability: TBA 2009 Is it possible to care about a videogame character to the point that you grieve their death? That’s the goal of developer Quantic Dream with their “film noir” thriller Heavy Rain. Three years in the making, Heavy Rain encompasses photorealistic graphics, over 30,000 motion-captured movements and about 2,000 pages of scripted dialogue and scenes. Part of what makes this game stand out is that the actions and decisions you make drive the story unlike most predestined games, making this one a lot easier to get emotionally attached to. This one will certainly put a new meaning to “make it rain.”

 j’adore

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Hi-Def? Mos Def! It’s paramount that you are able to see and appreciate the depths of the games you’re playing, so you need to know if you have the best tools to make that happen First, address the console you currently have. If you have a Nintendo Wii, then you will need component cables, which Nintendo provides via their online store. You can also visit retail outlets such as GameStop to obtain them. Component cables provide viewing in 480p, which is the sharpest you’ll get out of the Wii. If you have a PS3 or Xbox 360, then either Component or HDMI cables will suffice. HDMI stands for “High Definition Multimedia Interface” and is the best way to experience the full visual power of Hi-Def television. Please note, the Xbox 360 Elite has an HDMI connection while the Xbox 360 with HDD does not. With HDTVs displaying sharper images in all their 1080p glory, it’s important to have the right gear and information. The next generation of HDMI will contain more pixels, a smaller connection, a high-speed data Ethernet connection and an audio return channel for surround sound.


Id Software has announced that after Rage is completed and work on Doom 4 will begin. Not much is known about it other than their trademark guns, gibs and demons will be back, but it should be amazing considering the game’s history. As we all know, Carmack is always geared to enrich our FPS experiences whenever he can. Also, chalk up another big exclusive for the Wii. SquareEnix will be bringing their monster (pardon the pun) Japanese RPG, Dragon Quest X, to the top-selling console. Game on!


tech side



By Shawn Jackson


was great for electronics and gadgets, but 2009? Whew! J’Adore’s got a smorgasbord of cool tech that’ll have you’ll wonder, “How did I get by without all this?” From the newest in HTC’s “smartphone communication” with the S743 hitting American soil to being able to surf up to 22 satellite television channels in your car thanks to AT&T, you’ll find something to be excited about.

Netgear Digital Entertainer Elite

Streaming media seems to be the future and Netgear is poised to help lead the way with the Entertainer Elite. Being able to stream HD (1080p) video content at 40 Mbps of bandwidth from the computer (Mac, Linux or Windows based) to your television sounds very good to geeky ears! The Elite possesses the ability to stream a laundry or grocery list of media file types including, but limited to: DRM, Matroska, DivX, XviD, AVI, MP3 and WMV. And if you don’t want to wirelessly stream to your TV from your computer, you have the optionally of installing a 3.5-inch SATA HDD inside the device that allows you to play the files locally. By the way, if you have an Ethernet port handy, the Digital Entertainer Elite has a builtin Wireless-N networking feature. JVC LT-42B300 Is this another HDTV with built-in Blu-ray player? Yes, and this time, the good folks at JVC are delivering this 42-inch beauty that comes complete with 1080p HD resolution, integrated ATSC-QAM tuner, digital noise reduction and dynamic backlight control. One could either call this the evolution of convergence or another notch in the belt for the lazy. There is no denying the beauty of LT-42B300 and you can bet Kodak Zx1 your bottom dollar that there is more to come. Oh yeah, there’s also a 5-band Equalizer, Smart Volume and 3 HDMI inputs with CEC. Look Did you break that for its debut in June. brand new camcorder

already? If so, let’s discuss the new innovation from Kodak, the Zx1. This HD camcorder is built tough with a weather-resis things tant outer shell to protect against water, dirt and other undesirable that’ll put a damper on your video recording experience. The Zx1tening it records 720p HD video at 30 or 60 fps in bright or low light; hasthis an expandable SD/SDHC card slot for a memory capacity of 32GB for up to 10 hours of HD video; a 2-inch LCD view screen; and built-in software for editing, personalization and uploading to YouTube. The Zx1 should be available at a retail price of $149 in black, red, pink, blue and yellow.

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HTC S743

HTC is bringing over the writer-friendly S740 mobile phone from Europe and re-christhe S743. Before you Americans say anything, publication feels your pain. Everyone else abroad seems to get the good stuff way before it arrives in the US. What’s up with that?!!! While many of the features that made the S740 a great product stays the same including the numeric keypad, 2.4-inch QVGA display and slide out QWERTY keyboard, new additions are included in the HTC S743 such as HSDPA 850/1900 3G for US standards. This is one of those times when something previously released is, well, new again. Go ahead and sign yourself up to be one of the first to grab this hot commodity! 

Tidbits: LG BD370 & BD390

LG just doesn’t stop. Once they get their foothold in one technology front, they run with it and come up with new and innovative ways to enthrall. Now, they’ve hit us with a new Network Blu-ray player, which will be the first to support the new NetCast™ Entertainment Access service that allows streaming of movies, television, videos and Widget-based user experience via Ethernet connectivity directly to the TV. NetCast content partners include such as Cinema Now, Netflix and YouTube and photo-sharing websites, so there are scores of options. Sporting full 1080p HD enhancement for DVDs, Dolby® True HD, DTS-HD audio, USB Media Host and BD-Live, expect this beast to shake up the viewing world. Also, the BD390, set to launch in the third quarter of 2009, will have all of the aforementioned BD370 features along with 1GB of internal memory for BD-Live content, 7.1 audio outputs and integrated wireless home networking. Sheesh!

HP 13.3-inch Pavilion dv3 Entertainment Laptop

While you and HP can argue the rest of the night away about the most accurate moniker for its Pavilion dv2, the dv3 is definitely an ultraportable. The AMD-powered machine comes in a plethora of configurations with CPUs ranging from 2GHz (Athlon X2 QL-62) to 2.4GHz (Turion X2 Ultra ZM-86), ATI's Radeon HD 3200 graphics, up to 8GB of DDR2 RAM, 160/250/320/400 GB hard drive choices, WiFi / Bluetooth, a dual-layer DVD burner, gigabit Ethernet, an Express Card slot and a satisfactory array of ports including three USB 2.0 sockets, VGA, HDMI, eSATA combo (with a third USB port) and audio in/out. Users can select from a six or nine-cell battery, and there's even an optional fingerprint reader if you're somewhat paranoid. Interested? The dv3 is available now for $799 and up.

Samsung P2370L

When you think of innovation, extensive product development and consistently solid design, Samsung should be one of the first few companies that come to mind. And since they are no strangers to the land of LCD monitors, their new Samsung P2370L should be of no surprise to you. The 23-inch P2370 monitor is a part of this tech giant’s new ‘Touch of Color’ family of LCD TVs and should be available by the time you read this issue. It not only packs an LED backlight, but it also sports 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio (WHOA), 1080p native resolution, DVI input, “Starlight” touch controls, two-millisecond response time and a depth of 0.65-inches.

• Pioneer has a 400 GB capacity competitor to Blu-ray (that’s actually based on Blu-ray discs) that will be released this year. The read-only discs will arrive in 2009 followed by the rewriteable discs set to debut in 2010. Pioneer says they’re working towards 1TB discs for 2013 and that these new discs are compatible with current Blu-ray players. • Ericsson, a company known for network solutions and network building, has created a new wireless broadband network called Telstra Next G which utilizes a technology called HSPA Evolution that can reach speeds of 21 Mbps. (They claim that it will quadruple that number in the future.) • Panasonic has bought controlling interest (70 percent) in former rival Sanyo at ¥131 ($1.50) a share which brought the deal’s worth up to about ¥560 Billion ($6.41 Billion). • Look for memory cards and sticks to increase in capacity size up to 2TB later this year. No price ranges or release dates have been announced yet. The new standard format will be called SDXC (as opposed to SDHC). • AT&T will be launching their CruiseCast in-car satellite TV service this season with 22 channels and 20 satellite radio stations initially. The selection will consist of such channels as USA Network, Cartoon Network Mobile, Animal Planet, MSNBC and others. The kit will require installation of an 11.3x10.3x4.3inch antenna on the roof of your car/truck/SUV and cost $1299 with a monthly service fee of $28. • Technology is a wonderful thing and it keeps getting better with each new 18-month cycle (Moore’s Law). Green Peak announced its new technology for remote controls that should extend battery life to the full life of the remote control unit it is housed in, thus helping stem the tide of batteries being trashed to some far away landfill. The company is hoping their technology will be combined with the new RF remote control standard called RF4CE. Look for this innovation to be sold to large makers for their HDTVs and Blu-ray players.

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hugging the road:

U.S. Autos That Rock in 2009 By: Shawn Jackson

The government bailout of Wall Street and the overall down spiraling financial industry left a sour taste in American mouths, but it was the rescue mission of the auto industry that a majority of them seem to have rallied behind. In this issue, J’Adore highlights domestic automobiles that prove they are still maintaining their sensible, yet lavish, road-hugging character. Of course, what American car list is complete without the ultimate car, the Presidential Limo from Cadillac? From the new 2010 Ford Taurus to the 2009 Chrysler 200C Concept, you will see why it pays to buy American

2010 Chevrolet Equinox This new crossover is helping to disprove many people who believe that American cars are not “green enough.” With its estimated highway fuel economy at 30 MPG (25 percent better than its previous model), the Equinox is a making a bold statement. With styling inspired from its cousins, the Malibu Sedan and the Traverse, the Equinox turns out to be one stylish and sexy crossover. Arriving at dealerships this year, its two available engines (2.4L Ecotec direct injection I-4 182 hp engine and the 3.0L DOHC direct injection V-6 255 hp engine) will offer a driving range of more than 500 miles on a full tank. The Equinox also features six standard airbags, OnStar, Sirius XM Satellite Radio, four-wheel disc brakes with StabiliTrak electronic stability control, and MultiFlex rear seat capability for maximum rear leg room. Finally, “crossing over” is a good thing!

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2010 Buick Lacrosse The all new Buick LaCrosse cannot be discussed as a singular vehicle—it’s more like three models. It seems that Buick thought the Lacrosse was so awesome, they had to make a trio – the CX, CXL and CXS. The CX contains the new 3.0L direct injection V-6 engine, with 211 lb.-ft. of torque and runs at 255 hp. It also comes equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission, cloth seats and 17-inch wheels. The CXL also contains the 3.0L engine along with leather-appointed heated seats, fog lamps and 18-inch wheels. The CXS, by contrast, contains the 3.6L direct injection V-6 280 hp engine mated to a six-speed automatic transmission with 261 lb.-ft. of torque. It’s polished up with real-time active-dampening suspension, perforated and leather-appointed heated and cooled seats. Safety is also a benchmark with OnStar, StabiliTrak control and front, side, and roof-mounted head-curtain air bags. An adaptive lighting package rounds out this new whip’s appeal. Production begins the summer of 2009.

What you can’t buy: The 2009 Cadillac j’adore Presidential Limousine >>


2010 Cadillac SRX As a new luxury crossover vehicle, the SRX provides you with a lot of features to contemplate when shopping for a ride. Whether you get the SRX with the standard 3.0L direct injection V6 260 hp engine paired with a six-speed automatic transmission, or the optional new 2.8L turbocharged V6 engine, the SRX is sure to please. Fuel economy should be in the mid-20s in MPG. The available all-wheel-drive is coupled with the advanced electronic limited-slip differential (eLSD) which distributes torque evenly side-to-side along the rear axle and from front-to-rear axle as well. Advanced technology abounds with a ‘pop-up’ navigation screen with 3D imaging and adaptive forward lighting. The SRX also boasts safety features such as OnStar, rollover mitigation, head curtain side air bags and front seat-mounted pelvic/thorax side air bags. Production on the SRX begins in the second quarter of 2009 with dealership availability coming shortly after.

2009 Chrysler 200C Concept

Who says Detroit doesn’t do hybrid? This concept from Chrysler has all the hallmarks of forward-thinking with its ENVI Range-extended Electric Vehicle and Uconnect technologies. Utilizing a small gasoline engine with the integrated electric generator that produces electricity to extend the driving range to 400 miles, the 200C has the capability of driving up to an estimated 40 miles on just the electric engine with little to no tailpipe emissions produced. Based on Chrysler’s rearwheel-drive platform, agility is the flavor it brings. One thing that sets the 200C Concept apart from the pack is that there are no buttons, switches or levers inside the cockpit or the passenger side. All functions are handled with a panoramic multi-media touch screen, a ‘techno-leaf’ for passengers and a place to keep a tablet PC. If this is where the future is headed, make it so!

2010 Ford Taurus The Taurus was discontinued in 2005, but as the 2010 model year approaches Ford resurrects their flagship car’s illustrious life. Featuring the standard and proven Duratec 3.5-liter V6 263 hp engine which generates 249 lb.-ft. of torque, the 2010 Taurus comes with a choice of two all new six-speed automatic transmissions. Fuel economy is helped by both the Duratec V6 engine and the two-speed fuel pump and Aggressive Deceleration Fuel Shut-Off (ADFSO) technology. Ford’s advanced EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6 will be made available as an option at a later date. The Taurus SE (equipped with sixspeed automatic transmission and Grade-Assist hill-holding rollback prevention), SEL and Limited series models, featuring SelectShift, certainly enhance the brand’s level of innovation. Adaptive cruise control; a collision warning system; Intelligent Access with a push-button start; a SecuriCode keyless entry keypad; automatic high beams and rain-sensing wipers add even more value to an already impressive Taurus revitalization.

2009 Cadillac CTS Sports Wagon You want more room? You got it with Cadillac’s new 2009 Sports Wagon. With an astounding 113-inch wheelbase and 25 cubic feet of cargo area behind the rear seats, not only would a soccer mom love this, but so would the handyman, delivery guy, or anyone with a lot of things to transport while rolling in style. The CTS Sports Wagon’s 3.6L VVT 263 hp engine pulls in 253 lb.-ft. of torque and is standard in this model. The StabiliTrak electronic chassis control system is an integral component which, when coupled with the standard four-channel ABS and traction control, helps to give the driver a peace of mind and a safer driving experience. Rounding out the features of this wagon are the vertical tail lamps with light-pipe technology, power-opening lift gate, panoramic rear sunroof, CHMSL in-roof spoiler and 19-inch wheels.

This is what you would call “rollin’ in style.” Since the Woodrow Wilson administration, Cadillac has done its patriotic duty servicing the President of the United States for nearly a century. Since the first limo for the Chief, this luxury automaker has continued to serve up a fine specimen of engineering. While the numerous features inside this hotel suite on wheels remain Top Secret and tailored to the exact specifications of the man in change, we are certain they are on an entirely different level. I mean really, nothing can be  j’adore  too good for the one President that garners more hype than a rock star, right?





By: Montayne Farrar

Busta Rhymes – Back On My B.S.    

Once again, hip-hop’s most consistent entertainer and highly respected lyricist, Busta Rhymes, returns with his latest offering Back On My B.S. And holding true to form, his lyrics do not disappoint. Rhymes jumps off B.S. with the thumping “Don’t Touch Me” where he skillfully runs on, “Pull out the skillet and prepare for the cooking/ how I’m wildin, got ‘em wondering when I’m bringing the hook in.” His unrestricted, lyrical freedom is what his die-hard fans come to know, expect and love. Never one to shy from controversy, Rhymes recent, infectious club banger “Arab Money” featuring Ron Browz offended some listeners who misunderstood the message of the track, but as always, Rhymes brushed his shoulders off and released a hot a remix. “Blown” featuring T-Pain is another energetic, lyrical exercise that finds Busta running laps around a spastic horn arrangment. Even though the hook is a bit overzealous, Mr. Pain’s presence will allow listeners to persevere and enjoy. Back On My B.S. comes complete with hot visits from Lil Wayne and Ludacris on “Throw It Up,” and Missy Elliot and Ne-yo on “Freakin You.” A destined favorite for fans on the album is “Conglomerate Remix.” Even though B.S. has been delayed several times, it’s definitely worth the wait as Busta Bus reasserts his position in the pantheon of hip-hop’s greatest MC’s.

Syleena Johnson – Chapter 4: Labor Pains    

Chi-Town’s finest, Syleena Johnson, returns with another stellar installment of life, love and pain with Chapter 4: Labor Pains. Following a 44-hour labor and marriage in 2007, Ms. Johnson, without a doubt, has a story to tell. Labor Pains begins ideally with “Is It True” and “Labor Pain,” two powerful songs about being a women and striving to maintain pride and strength in a man’s world. “Where’s The Love” featuring Teefa speaks on the aspects of life that one really values. The hook beckons, “you can get money, you can have power, but where is the love?” Women will simply love this album because of the emotions that Syleena reveals on each song. Whether dealing with another woman on ”Shoo Fly”; abuse and infidelity on “Let Me Down”; searching for Mr. Right on “My First”; or making perfect love to “Go Home “ and “Personal Trainer,” Chapter 4 runs a full gamut of emotions that every young black woman in America faces at some point in their lives. Upon listen, you may find yourself struggling with whether to be excited about the emotions she shares or to be sad because so much of what Syleena writes occurs all too often to women each day.

Andrew Bird – Noble Beast   

Simply put, Andrew Bird is the new millieum John Denver. With Noble Beast, this Chicago native gives you plenty of reasons to continue thanking God for being a country boy. “Not a Robot, But A Ghost” is a memorable piece on the album. You’ll find yourself digging its Amish and rock flavor that is accompanied by a super slick delivery. Bird’s storytelling style hints of 1960’s hippie and rock music that Kanye West could appreciate. “Sourvein,” “Oh No,” and “Anonanimal” are tracks that you can just lay back and relax to. While “Effigy” is not Bird’s best effort and could have better served better buried as the final track on Noble Beast, its track 4 placement severely kills the mood for a brief moment. Luckily, “Tenuousness” picks the flow right back up. The majority of the songs on Beast are very well-written, such as “Nomenclature,” where Bird channels the late great Roy Orbison with lines like, “A normenclature is washing away, but did it carry you away, carry you all away, bum bum bum bum.” Very good stuff!

K-OS – Yes    

Canadian MC K-OS dons his cape once gain to save hip-hop. Since unleashing his talent on the US in 2002, K-OS has released great music. The saga continues with his new release, YES. For some hip-hop fans of today, his super positive lyrics may be somewhat annoying, but for others K-OS is all too impressive. Yes is kickstarted with the uptempo party track “4-3-2-1” that was released in December ’08 and represents classic hip-hop at its best. On “Fun,” K-OS reminices on his beginnings in hip-hop. Guitars and crazy flutes lace the pop-influenced track that boy band lovers will gravitate to. Much like Ludacris, K-OS is an artist with the innate talent to rhyme over any track presented to him as evident on “Mr.Telephone Man.” Comprised of a crazy British phone tone played repeatedly and what sounds like an old casio keyboard, K-OS swims in and out of the ragga sing-song flow that makes this a standout track. K-OS’s voice is a perfect compliment to his hooks. On the abstract “Uptown Girl,” he croons, “I’m not from the ghetto, but my momma is and she’s an uptown girl.” Not many of today’s artists can pull off such against-the-grain, abstract wordplay as K-OS. His style is very reminiscent to the classic Native Tongues. “Burning Bridges,” “The Aviator” and “Whip C.R.E.A.M” are some of his best works to date. Overall, K-OS continues to make the music we crave with a high degree of witty, abstract and intuitive lyrical content -- the very ingredients that make hip-hop great.

Morrissey – Years of Refusal    

As a fan of Morrissey for some time, I’m highly inclined to state that Years of Refusal is his best work to date. His unorthodox writing style coupled with a British sense of humor is what sets his talent apart. Become a believer yourself and check the following tracks from Years such as “When Last I Spoke To Carol,” a song about breakups, and “Mama Lay Softly On the Riverbed” disclosing his thoughts of revenging the death of his mom. Creatively, Morrissey is basically an older version of Eminem. For the macho males of the world, “That’s How People Grow Up” is a dare I say it love song that laments, “disappointment came to me and bruted me and bruised me.” Other standout tracks on Years of Refusal are “Black Crowd,” “I’m Okay by Myself” and “It’s Not Your Birthday Anymore.” On “It’s Not Your Birthday Anymore,” you can’t help but break out with laughter when Morrisey states, “Did you really think we meant all of those syrupy sentiment things that we said?” Honestly, does the average person say such things when trying to win someone’s love? Overall, quality songwriting is ultimately what makes Refusal a standout project. Morrisey’s voice is still great and, combined with his thought-provoking delivery and devious undertones, you will love this CD.

 j’adore

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Aloha From Hell – No More Days To Waste    

Aloha From Hell is a teenage, German modern-rock band the “Bandnewcomer Contest” sponsored by Germany’s biggest youth magazine Bravo. They haven’t looked back since. The Alohas consists of 16-year-old lead singer Vivi Bauernschmidt, Moo Keith, Andi Gerhardt, Max Forman and Feli Kreith. With a combined energy of Avril Lavigne and dash of No Doubt, Aloha has unbridled fun with their music. This couldn’t be more evident than on their debut CD, No More Days To Waste, that features an excellent cover of Cyndi Lauper’s classic, ”Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.” Aloha connects kids of today with a slice of musical history that many have never heard. On “Don’t Gimmie That,” Aloha pays tribute to Green Day with a solid effort complete with a very infectious hook, hard, clear guitars and simple drums. “Don’t Hurt Yourself” marries the style and sound of Paula Abdul with Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful,” which is a very odd combination, but a great song nonetheless. The Alohas have actually created a sonic plate that, at times, overshadows Vivi’s vocals. Many would say that such musical domination of vocal performance is a prevalent trend in today’s musical climate. Vivi, Moo, Andi, Max and Feli quickly dispel this fear with arguably the best song on No More Days, while “Wake Me Up,” “Fear of Tomorrow,” the title track “No More Days To Waste” and “Hello, Hello” solidify the band’s sound and separates them from similar bands in the industry. As they gear up to invade the American stage, their native Germany is now left with one burgeoning question, “David Hasselhoff who?”

MYA – Sugar & Spice    

With Sugar and Spice, we find the sensuous Mya in Japan with an excellent, new album that may never hit the States! Mya finally finds her stride with Sugar and Spice. On “One For You,” the much more mature and controlled Mya produces a geat song that will greatly excite her core fans. “Fallen Pt. 2” is the remix her 2003 single “Fallen” from her third album, Moodring. Clyde Mcknight and Mya are back at it again with yet another remix to the hot single. The debut single from Sugar & Spice, “Paradise Remix” featuring Sean Paul, highlights that island ‘ting’ that the original fell short of. The stand out tracks on S and S have to be “Money Can’t Buy Me Love” and “ Almost Naked,” with the latter again showcasing Mya’s maturation on the mic. “Lets Go To War” introduces Faith Boogie and is a screaming dance track that combines elements of techno and R & B, making it a solid hit. Mya even sweetens up the deal with a remake of Diane King’s hit song, “Shy Guy.” Overall, Mya provides quality goodies that are sugar, spice and everything nice.

Most Slept-On Album

Strange Fruit Project Presents S1 – Music Box    

Music Box is definitely an aged release, but after hearing the production again, I felt the music listeners of the world who may have missed it need know about this gem. S1 is from the group Strange Fruit Project, who have several notable albums under their belt. In 2008, S1 released Music Box and it turned out to be a pandora’s box of classic, hot sounds. Music Box features an accomplished guestlist of some of hip-hop’s best. Speech of Arrested Development takes on the title track “Music Box” where S1’s production utilizes a fiddle to increase the intensity of Speech’s lyrical delivery. S1’s production is very refreshing due to his ability to capture the perfect blend of instruments that compliment each artist featured on the album. This becomes very evident with multiple talents like Phonte from Little Brother and DV Alias Christ. On “Callin Me” featuring Phonte, Percy Miracles -- Phonte’s singing, alter ego-- stops by and dessimates the track. “Be Sure” flips 50 Cent’s “In the Club” and smooths it out to a classic R & B groove. Even Rah Digga aka Dirty Harriet stops by and gets gully on “Life Is A Movie”; Rah reaffirms to hip-hop that women still possess superios rhyme skills. “Jimmy Swag Art” featuring S1’s Strange Fruit Bretheren and Dawg Wonder epitomizes classic posse cuts. Even underground heavyweight Skyzoo stops by to take the party to the top on “Upper Echelon.” If you love classic, but innovative production solidified by great lyricists, Music Box is certainly a release that will keep hip-hop heads noddin for quite some time.

Independent Artist Spotlight

Holly Weerd – Electricity Showroom    

I first witnessed Holly Weerd in late 2007 during a performance of their single “Weerdo.” During the set, they posed the question, “Have you ever made love to a weerdo?” I thought to myself, “They may indeed have something.” Low and behold, soon after the show, the Weerdo Dance began to manifest in various places with each improved performance from the group. Now as we enter 2009, Holly Weerd is set to release their debut album Electricity Showroom. This may be the start of something very big. Showroom starts off with “Jimi’s Intro/Violet.” The track features very funny lines from random movies; as a matter of fact, Weerd incorporates this on the majority of Showroom’s tracks. The breezy jazz track “Black Dynamite/ All In Your Smile” embodies the flavor of that classic Tribe Called Quest vibe of the 90s and continues to pay homage with a quick sample of Tribe’s “Find A Way” hit. On “Miles Again/Day N Nite (wiimix),” Weerd brings you the true, raw, uncut ATL complete with speedy flows and contagious dance moves ala Souljah Boy and Yung Joc. A craxy sense of humor also serves Holly Weered well as evident on “U Scared Shawty” and “Pinexpress/ Spend the Night Pt. 2.” The soulful hooks employed throughout most of Showroom have drawn strong comparisons of Atlanta’s legendary duo, Outkast. Normally, this would be a steep burden to bare for any ATL-based group, but certain tracks such as “ Mandatory Mandate” with its harmonious hooks, crazy horns, 70’s organs and “ Bust It Open/ Fist Foot Interlude” possess a distinct Dugeon Family swagger. Lyrics like ‘I go get laid like a bug been sprayed with raid’ are strikingly similar to words spoken at one time by Andre “Three Stacks” Benjamin. To ephasize the “weirdness” of Weerd, “3000 Lessons/Step In Tomorrow” is a mello, must-listen that tells the story of a turtle. Crazy, right? All in all, Holly Weerd is a very unique group and well prepared to carry the torch of Atlanta hip-hop tradition with production that is top-notch.

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reviews By: Jonathan Williams

Cherry Bomb: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Flirt, a Tougher Chick, and a Hotter Girlfriend, and to Living Like a Rock Star (Simon & Schuster’s Simon Spotlight Entertainment)


ex and rock ‘n’ roll have always gone hand in hand. And no one is more of an authority on this fact than Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna, a rock journalist-turned-author who recently released her second book, Cherry Bomb: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Flirt, a Tougher Chick, and a Hotter Girlfriend, and to Living Like a Rock Star. Borzillo-Vrenna has been writing about music and entertainment since she was a teen and is currently married to Chris Vrenna, best known for his work as drummer for Nine Inch Nails and Gnarls Barkley. He’s also a keyboardist working for Marilyn Manson as well as his own project, Tweaker. With the help of accomplished vamps like Dita Von Teese, Kat Von D and Joanna Angel, Cherry Bomb informs aspiring rocker chicks on how to score backstage passes, stand out in the crowd and get what they want out of life, whether it be the rocker husband or the best table at a restaurant, without coming off as a total skank. From dancing and flirting to waxing and piercing, Borzillo-Vrenna covers the most personal subjects with surprising professionalism. Here, she discusses her book, her rock star lifestyle and the importance of party tricks. J’Adore: You were, and still are, a rock journalist. Is that how you met your husband? Did you employ any of the techniques you talk about in your book to win him over? Carrie Borzillo-Vrenna: Yes and yes. The first time I ever talked to him, I was interviewing him on the phone for an article in Billboard Magazine and we had a typical phone interview like we are right now. Then I saw him backstage at a Garbage show at the Palladium in Los Angeles about a year later. At the time, I was the editor of a daily music news site called and I was just looking for news. So I went up to him and asked, “What are you working on next?” Then the conversation went a little more flirty and fun and then I realized, “Oh, we’re actually flirting.” Basically, if I hadn’t been bold and outgoing–which is what I tell girls to do in my book–by going up to him backstage and just chatting him up, then I don’t think we’d be together today. He’s kind of shy and I’m the outgoing, bold one. Even though I wasn’t going up to him directly to hit on him, if I hadn’t gone up to him looking for news like a good journalist does, and not been afraid to do that, our paths probably wouldn’t have crossed. Even before I wrote the book, everything that’s in the book is stuff that I’ve done in my life. Well, not everything. There are some of the things in the fetish section I have not done, but I did my research on them. But the book is pretty much how I’ve been since I was a kid. I’ve always been a rock chick and I’ve always been the type of person who would go up to people and start talking. I’ve never had that fear in me or whatever. So when we started dating, I always had that kind of attitude with him. Everything I did ended up working out pretty well, which is one of the reasons I wanted to write the book, so I might as well share some of that knowledge with the new little rock chicks out there. He has a small contribution in the book basically saying what you just said–that if you hadn’t made the first move, things might not have progressed the way they did. From your perspective, what would you say is the most important next step to making a good impression once the initial introduction is made? That attitude translates to everything. It’s the same thing if you’re trying to get a job. If you just march into the office and say, “I’m perfect for this job, I want this job,” you’d be surprised at how impactful it can be when you just go for what you want. Even asking for a raise, people complain, “Oh, I don’t get paid enough,” and I’m like, “Have you asked for a raise?” It seems so simple, yet so many people don’t think it’s appropriate to just boldly go for what you want. But I think it works for everything. The most important thing in impressing someone you want to date is to really listen to what they’re saying. Everybody loves when somebody’s hanging on your every word. I think one of the best flirting tips is just to make eye contact and really listen and ask questions. People love talking about themselves, so when you’re on a date with somebody or just meeting somebody, the more questions you ask about them while looking starry-eyed at them because everything they say is so fantastic, that’s a big aphrodisiac for most people. It doesn’t have to be that hard and can be as simple as listening and asking questions. You can really make a connection that way.

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Knowing that your husband is a drummer and keyboard player, the section on different band member personality types and how to pick up each one was rather amusing. He actually helped me with that section, especially the drummer and keyboard player parts. He has a good sense of humor about things. Why would you say women, and people in general, are so attracted to rock stars, celebrities and people who seem unattainable? There’s a difference to me between a rock star and a celebrity. Musicians create something whereas actors are just pretending to be something they’re not. Acting is simply lying – all you’re doing is pretending to be a character you’re not. Rock stars are being themselves because they’re writing their own songs and performing their own songs, so I don’t put rock stars and celebrities in the same category at all. Rock stars are so appealing because of that -- because they do create their art on their own the same way a painter does. They’re creating something on their own from the ground up and there’s something so attractive about creativity that comes from your heart and your soul… and your groin. Rock ‘n’ roll is such a sexually powerful thing and who doesn’t want to feel a little bit of that excitement and exhilaration at some point in their lives? That’s why we go to rock shows, not just to listen to music and feel the excitement, but to look up at these rock gods who are creating this thing that’s just completely coming from nothing and just rocking your world. Of course there’s just the overall sexiness of rock stars and the mystery. They’re these mysterious creatures because true creativity is a mystery, when you think about certain lyrics to songs, or how a certain drumbeat moves you, or how a certain keyboard line tingles up your spine, or guitar solo drives you crazy or whatever. Where does that come from? It’s such a mystery. And just that true creativity I think is so insanely sexy. One thing I’ve noticed, and this is something that seems to come across in your book, is that

it’s fun to drink other people’s wine backstage and not have to pay for your drinks. Those are the perks of the job. The downside of the job, of course, is that you can get burned out and you’ve got to really be careful. If you have an addictive personality, you’re in the wrong business because drugs and alcohol are everywhere. It would be very easy to lose oneself in the dark side of rock ‘n’ roll, but I’ve been fortunate enough not to. you can be a rock star without even necessarily being famous or being a musician. Hell yeah! You can be a rock star journalist, you can be a rock star chef–it’s all about that attitude and confidence to whatever you do and making yourself really stand out in your field. You can be a rock star mathematician like in A Beautiful Mind– he was a rock star mathematician. That sexy, weird, creative thing that comes out of people when they are really passionate about what they do makes them a rock star in their field. Some people seem to get into the journalism industry as a way of having a sort of permanent backstage pass. Would you agree and do you think that might have even been a subconscious motivation for your interest in covering entertainment? Nothing wrong with that! I didn’t even know about the whole backstage world when I first started because I first got published when I was 17 years old and I wrote about local bands for my local magazine. The reason I did it was because I knew I wanted to become a music journalist when I grew up. The reason I wanted to become a music journalist was because I didn’t know what else to do with the few skills I had. I was an A/B student. I would get Ds in gym, of course, because I’m not athletic. But my best class was always English and I loved music from age five. So I figured, I like music and I’m good at English, I’ll be a music writer. And since I couldn’t write songs, I became a music journalist. Later on, I realized it’s fun having a permanent backstage pass; it’s fun being able to get into anything you want to, even when you’re not covering it;

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If there were one piece of advice you could give to those looking to get closer to the stars or become stars themselves, what would it be? Well, you have to exude a little bit of confidence, sexiness and mystery yourself in order to attract another person who is like that. Running up to a rock star with a pen and paper in your hand for an autograph isn’t going to do the trick. But if you bump into one and you can just be cool and have a little mystery yourself, be a sexy little minx on your own, then you can attract them to you. But being fan-like will always set you aside as simply a fan, and that’s not going to get you close. One thing you mention in your book a few times is the cherry stem trick. As I’m sure you know, that also impresses girls. I don’t know why every girl doesn’t do that out at a club. It’s funny to do it when you’re just in the peripheral of some cute guy’s eye line, and do it not as if you’re doing it for him, but just let him happen to see you do it. I guarantee he’ll walk over to you and say, “What did you just do?” It’s a great party trick. I’ve only been able to do it once. It’s really hard to do. You have to have a certain kind of tongue I think. And yes, guys can do it, too. Every girl wants to know that a guy is good with his tongue, right? Even if you already have a special someone, the rules of attraction say, “Do something freaky and they will come.” For more information on Carrie BorzilloVrenna and her new book, Cherry Bomb, visit J 


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Movies and Musicals

That Rock!

hroughout the years, there has been a collection of films that flawlessly fuse the arts of drama, music and dance. J’Adore’s talking about movies that make you tap your feet, remember every lyric, repeat an actor’s lines and make it virtually impossible to sit still while you watch them. While incorporating the arts, these productions may even teach a lesson or two about history, document the biographies of entertainment icons or simply serve as creative escapes from reality. From the thrill generated from achieving Fame, to the tear-jerking tragedy resulting from feuding Jets and Sharks; from music that you pump in a Cadillac driving down 8 Mile Rd. to sportin’ Grease in your hair, these are a few of the flicks and musicals that rock!

By: Shawn Jackson


Cadillac Records (2008)

Cadillac Records tells the riveting story of the rise and fall of the legendary Chess Records and portrays the musicians that helped bring in a new era of blues, R&B, and rock and roll. The film starts off with the beginning of Muddy Water’s (Jeffrey Wright) musical career on the streets of Chicago and his eventual signing with Leonard Chess of Chess Records. Throughout the movie, we are introduced to Little Walter (Columbus Short), Chuck Berry (Mos Def), Howlin’ Wolf (Eamon Walker) and Etta James (Beyonce Knowles)–all of whom started their stellar careers with the famed record company. Cadillac Records is a mesmerizing film that will undoubtedly school you a bit on the emergence of various music forms.

Fame (1980)

How many of you remember this line, “You got big dreams? You want fame? Well fame costs and right here is where you start paying in sweat!”? Raul, Doris, Montgomery, Leroy and Coco are just a few of the students at the School of Performing Arts in New York City trying to make their dreams of fame come true. Some make it, some don’t, but they all try their best with an almost insatiable hunger to succeed. Musical numbers including the self-titled “Fame” (which won an Oscar for Best Song) will leave you standing up and dancing in your living room. Starring Debbie Allen who said the aforementioned infamous quote, the late Gene Anthony Ray, Richard Belzer, Irene Cara and Anne Meara, Fame is a keeper.

8 Mile (2002)

It’s easy to “lose yourself” in the role of a lifetime for Marshall Mathers (Eminem). Based loosely on Mathers’ life, you’re taken on a journey across 8 Mile Road, the physical and metaphorical boundary between the white and black sections of Detroit, Michigan. Mathers plays B-Rabbit, a talented rapper who struggles with daily life while trying to follow his dream of becoming the best lyricist he can be. Eminem’s theme song “Lose Yourself” was the first rap title to ever win an Academy Award for Best

Song. Veteran actors Kim Basinger and Mekhi Phifer lend a hand in this moving film that further proves rappers can act and, well, rap.

La Bamba (1987)

Richie Valens, widely regarded as the “Father of Chicano Rock,” was only 17 when he died along with Buddy Holly and JP “The Big Bopper” Richardson in a fatal plane crash in 1959. Lou Diamond Phillips brilliantly portrays Valens in this heart-wrenching story about how this famous Mexican-American singer’s life was tragically cut short, but still managed to make a major impact on the music scene and cross racial boundaries through his talent. For those not familiar with the story of Richard Valenzuela (Valens real name), La Bamba is a great starting point.

Selena (1997)

Selena depicts the true story of Selena QuintanillaPerez, who was murdered by Yolanda Saldivar, the president of her fan club in 1995. Selena was only 23. Helping to bring her story to life, Jennifer Lopez, in her first lead acting role, captures the passionate energy of the slain “Queen of Tejano.” With shining performances by Lopez and Edward James Olmos, plus the recreations of Selena’s stage shows, this film accurately pays honor and homage to a star whose light was snuffed far too soon.


Popeye brings to life that classic spinach-eating sailor. Comedian and actor Robin Williams was perfectly casted to play the eponymous Popeye and Shelly Duval couldn’t have been a better quirky Olive Oyl. Rife in its comedic heritage and bristling with storybook flavor, this original musical based on the old Fleishman toons and comic strips is a boon to any family’s DVD collection. Popeye also stars the late Ray Walston as Poopdeck Pappy.

Annie (1983)

It’s a hard knock life for Annie, the little orphan girl who had big dreams of a better life and one day finding her parents. Miss Hannigan (Carol Burnett), the head of the orphanage, is a drunk and a schemer with her boyfriend Rooster (Tim Curry). Oliver Warbucks (Albert Finney) is the richest man in the world and has decided he wants to adopt a child, preferably a boy. When his assistant adopts Annie along with her colossal dog, Sandy, all hell breaks loose. In the midst of it all, love develops between Annie


West Side Story (1961)

From the classic story of Romeo and Juliet comes this modern day rendition based in the unforgiving streets of New York. Instead of the Montagues and Capulets, two rival gangs–the white “Jets” and Puerto Rican “Sharks”– are vying to lay claim to the same territory. Staying true to the Shakespeare classic, the love story between two individuals from feuding sides ends tragically and brings peace between both rivals. West Side Story stars Natalie Wood, John Astin, Rita Moreno and Richard Beymer; its great singing and stunning choreography make this movie one of the best that embraces all of the performing arts.

Beauty and the Beast (1991)

In the only animated feature film ever to be nominated for Best Picture by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, there is nothing in this film not to cherish. The classic tale is successfully reborn not only with breathtaking hand-drawings and CGI animation, but also with beautiful music that transcends time including the opening tune “Belle,” and the theme song “Beauty and the Beast” by Angela Lansbury and, later, Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson.

Grease (1977)

Popeye (1980)

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and the Warbucks household, leading to a heartwarming story for all ages. 

The 70s was a decade personified by all things disco and glamour, so when the story of Grease was brought to the silver screen during the same era, the revisited 1950s gave particularly teens something new to emulate. Grease stars teenagers Olivia Newton-John and heartthrob John Travolta as good girl Sandy Olsen and greaser Danny Zuko, respectively. This duo falls in love during summer vacation and reconnects once they discover that they’re both attending the same school, Rydell High. Differences In their lives clash, but can they stay together and recapture that magic from the summer of 1959? Great musical and dance performances are given by each cast member and Newton-John and Travolta’s chemistry is electric. While there is a plethora of movies to choose from including Flashdance (1983), Footloose (1984), Krush Groove (1985), Purple Rain (1984) and Dream Girls (2006), you have to admit that our list isn’t too shabby!

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A Letter To The King

Words by Michael “Ice-Blue” Harris

Change is good.

Just as the political landscape has shifted in America with the election of President Obama, the streets are get-

ting in line, too. While The King of the South, Clifford “Tip” Harris, is gearing up to serve a year in prison after pleading guilty to weapons charges, he also saw the need for change and redemption.

Although many have criticized Tip for his flagrant slip at buying unregistered guns, you also have to walk in his shoes as being a public figure who’s been shot at and has lost his close friend and personal assistant Philant Johnson in 2006 to gun violence. "Better safe than sorry" is probably the mindset others would have adopted as well, but it is what it is. From hindsight, he’s admitted he could have gone about the situation differently, but adversity usually makes you stronger. Hence, the rapper better known as T.I. has emerged more fierce and smarter. One could argue that the “Rubber Band Man’s” current situation prompted his change, but if it causes him to be a better man and contemplate other ways of handling situations, so be it. Everyone makes mistakes and obviously Tip is learning from his. Whether speaking to kids throughout the country as part of his courtmandated 1,500 hours of community service, or inspiring youngsters to make a change and walk away from a life of crime with his television series Road To Redemption, Tip has the power to make a difference and must be applauded for standing up and doing so. Everyone needs a little motivation and prays for help at one time or another, so who are we to judge? Tip once said he “Still Ain’t Forgave Myself,” but we at J’Adore as well as your many fans do forgive you, Partna. So until you serve your bid and then bring the King back, keep your head up, Tip, and know that J’Adore is riding with ya. Be Easy, Pimpin’, J’Adore

T.I. during his sentencing hearing at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building and United States Courthouse on March 27, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.

IMAGE BY: Moses Robinson/WireImage

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