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Drink of the Month: Pistacchiello Coffee


This special espresso was created for Pasticceria Cioccorocolato in Pisa, Italy, integrating the shop’s two top products: handmade pistachio cream and espresso. Both are characteristic elements of Italian tradition.

The intention was to change the classic way of having a coffee, to make it a visceral experience involving all senses. The final product takes into account not only the taste, but also the look.

The base is an Italian blend, which provides a strong, tasty espresso flavored with bitter Robusta, while the milk foam, enriched with the taste and the color of pistachio cream, gives extra body to the aroma. A crunchy touch is given by crushed pistachios.

And so, we obtain a sweet, balanced coffee that looks beautiful and delicious enough, that your customers will devour with their eyes first. Our customers always say they have to take a picture to enjoy the full experience.

INGREDIENTS: Pistachio Cream, Espresso Milk Foam, Crushed Pistachios


• Pour pistachio cream into the bottom and on the lip of the espresso cup.

• Sprinkle crushed pistachios onto the lip of the cup.

• Add a shot of espresso (Italian blend).

• Pour in the foam of milk to top off the cup.

• Decorate the top with parallel lines of pistachio cream and sweep a toothpick through the center.