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Mirta Evi

Purple in Grape t a and H y n : An by Carlos e d a m ( On cover rs lt in 13 colo a Ronda Wide Be available L ) a p il o worksh y Luzm Fernanda pe Purple (made b 6 Gra vailable in a , in Light ) p o h s s work in Dark and Carlo Tagua Earrings cle d Inti colors an colors, Cir 6 in le b ade by vaila colors (m 3 Purple, a in le b , availa op) Necklace r worksh a s e C d n Olga a

"Si fuĂŠ ramos de capace u n s i r n os, hermos q seria el o y que cerca uĂŠ futuro" no Che Gu evara.

“We love to be part of our artisans life, we

honor them working with their ancestral technics and converting in

beautiful designs”

Featuring: MINI LONG ETERNITY SCARVES, available in 5 colors (made by Jose Luis and Mercedes workshop)

LA RONDA BELT WIDE in Bright Orange, available in with Wood

and Tagua



(made by Luzmila & Carlos and Armando´s workshops)

ANNY HAT in Bright Orange, below in a tree full of color



nature and the city,

we fusion


the 2 worlds in one�


Model wears Yasuni Silver 5 pendant Necklace Yasuni Silver Circle Earrings


Available in lemon green, (circle) forest green, grape purple as photo and 3 colors more (chips) (made by Charito and Carlos workshop)

YASUNI RINGS SILVER CHOKERS AND TAGUA PENDANTS Sunrise Collection, available in tangerine and lavender


Available in grape purple, teal, cobalt blue, electric blue and 4 colors more, (made by Charito and Carlos workshop)


Available in bullhorn with colors from white to black (made by Armando´s and Charito´s workshops)

“The Fall

South America, an in

a m a z i n g experience”

Featuring: INTISANA WALLETS WIDE AND PETITE, available colors in chocolate, ante, grey and black (pictured)

SUMACO SILVER CHOKER, available in aqua green and 3 other colors .

SANGAY GRAPE PURPLE NECKLACE, available in 6 colors.

Opposite page: ANNY HAT IN CAMEL, CRONOS LEATHER WATCH (pictured) stripes available in 3 earth tones (made by Charito´s workshop)

YASUNI DOUBLE CHOKER available in ebony and ivory (pictured) and other 3 colors, (made by Olga, Cesar and Charito´s workshops

Featuring: TRIANGLE SHINY AND NATURAL BRACELETS, available in light purple & cobalt blue (pictured) and 8 other colors, (made by Enrique and Olga´s workshops)

CARNIVAL EARRINGS, available in 7 colors (made by Enrique and Olga´s workshop)

Featuring: In this page: BOVIDAE RING Available colors from whites to black,


by Armando´s


Opposite page: LADY TOQUILLA HAT in natural ivory and chocolate, available in 4 colors (made by Ramiro and Alicia´s workshops)

BOVIDAE CUFFS Available from white to black, (made by Armando´s workshop)

A Walk Trough Quito The perfect balance between new and ancient

will find treet you s is th n O hence the e crosses, seven ston de las siete lle name ¨Ca crosses are found he T . ¨ s ce u cr d the picio¨, an Alto, os in ¨El H en of El Carm rario, La churches ag S l E , ía ñ La Compa Concepción, and La Catedral, rbara á B Santa

Construct ed by the Jesuits betw 1605 and een 17 facade of th 65, the stones of th e is baroque style churc were sculp h ted by n at 1767 to 18 iv 07 the chu es. From rch closed due to the expu remained ls Jesuits fr om Ecuad ion of the or. It w re-opened as by the C hilean pr Camilo iest Henríquez Buenamu of the erte involved in order, who was late r the fight fo dence in h is country r indepen.

planned from The city was 1535. The this square in rno, The ie ob G Palacio de and e Town Hall Cathedral, th e all rzobispal wer the Palacio A e. the squar built around lonial era, co e th During is ere held on th bullfights w site. e Paul III 8, 1545 Pop On January new Diocese of San the established was Quito, wich Francisco of ol of a bishop and ntr under the co ved in various ts li his asistan rch La nd the chu houses arou Palace served as the his Catedral. T arting in r Bishop st residence fo ins city ta n co it 1700. Today offices

Featuring: In this page: DIAMOND HAT available in black (pictured), chocolate, beige, camel (made by Fabrizio´s workshop)

RUNARACU OPEN SCARVES available in light grey (pictured), black, ivory, terracotta, camel and chocolate, (made by Jose Luis and Mercedes workshop)

handmade wood box hand painted, organic gourmet coffee with and without ganoderma (a Includes a

healthy coffee that give an

amazing benefit to the body), an Imbabura Party Necklace (available in Technicolor, Bicolor (cyan, lavender, grey, black all combine with ivory acai seeds), a

Mini Long Eternity Scarf, a pair of Sangay Earrings and a bar of Organic Chocolate of Ecuador. Note: The jewelry and accessories can be choose in any prefer color by customers.

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Inca Trail Collection is the fall and winter collection by The Andes Fashion a Fair Trade and Eco Chic brand from Ecuador.