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Move over, guys


Women step into the home-services field


by Jessica Melendez Certified Franchise Consultant

Women have taken leadership positions in just about every industry. They have broken down barriers in politics, led corporate boardrooms, and made major breakthroughs in medicine. So it’s no surprise that women are making a mark on the franchise industry, too, especially in areas that traditionally have been dominated by men, like home services.

Women are still in the minority in franchising, but recent studies and statistics verify that women have been unwaveringly rising in the ranks of business and franchise ownership over the past three decades. According to the 2013 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express OPEN, women own 20.5 percent of franchised businesses; men and women co-own 24.4 percent.


The main skill set needed to run a franchise business is not necessarily an expertise in the industry—it’s business acumen and soft skills. So, for example, you don’t necessarily need a carpentry background to run a home-remodeling franchise, but you need to be organized and communicate well. Women are great organizers, they are detail-oriented and work well in structured environments. We adapt to situations as needed.

Women are skilled managers and multitaskers. We are used to running an entire household. Franchisors have noticed these character traits and skills and actively pursue female franchisees.

Variety abounds in franchise brands that suit women, and the home-services industry is a great example. As a franchise consultant, I have seen this first-hand, which is why I jumped at the opportunity to run Dryer Vent Squad. With its home-based model, this simple-to-run business is a win-win for women. Franchisees can book jobs around their schedules and use their communication skills to build relationships in their communities. For Dryer Vent Squad in particular, franchisees partner with fire fighters, realtors, and insurance agents to raise awareness about the business—and about fire prevention.

With a brand like Fish Window Cleaning®, attention to detail is crucial. Compassion is key for Bio-One® franchisees, who deal with crimeand trauma-scene clean-up. Don’t be fooled by The Patch Boys’ name: This franchise, which focuses on drywall repair, has several female owners. And the list goes on…

Women are game changers in franchising and particularly in the home-services industry. Way to go to all the women who are prosperous and effectively growing their franchises!

A trainer and mentor for FranServe, Inc., the world's largest franchise consulting firm, and the CEO of WestStar Franchise Group, Jessica Melendez coaches and educates prospective franchise owners and helps them find businesses that align with their personal and professional ambitions. As a franchisor and president of Dryer Vent Squad, Melendez has first-hand experience in all aspects of franchising, which makes her an excellent resource for prospective franchisees. Contact Melendez at 915-202-8272 or Jessica@weststarfranchisegroup.com or visit www.weststarfranchisegroup.com.