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December 2011.


The FRAG Team Art Editor Jack Parsons Features Editor Preiti Kaur Randhawa Picture Editor Zara Khan The Contributors: (In order of appearance):

Flashing Red

WELCOME! To our first monthly instalment of FRAG, in each issue we will focus on bringing cliques together through fashion, music and events. This month we are focusing on the Mainstream, Vintage and Hip Hop cliques, don’t think they have something in common? We’ll show you otherwise. Also each edition we’ll have a different themed phrase for our acronym FRAG, this time it’s Flashing Red and Green getting you into the festive spirit. So enjoy, The FRAG Team x

Mitchell Knight Cameron Epstein

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Small Talk with Cameron

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Autumn/ Winter Men’s fashion

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Autumn/Winter Women’s fashion

Matthew Johnston Richard Moore Demi Whitby Ashleigh Brown Amy Cobb

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Boy Meets Girls Street Art Busker Streaming Vintage Frankfurt Market Out From The Crowd

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Small Talk | 5

Small Talk | 7

8 | A/W Mens

Autumn/Winter Women’s Fashion

There’s never been a better time to get into print. Faux fur, lace and grungy leather were all over the catwalks for Autumn/Winter 2011. The best pieces have been selected to show you what’s in Fashion right now. Photographs by Zara Choudhry THE LACE AND PRINTED BLOUSE From printed blouses to lace detailed tops, the vintage look can be worn for casual daywear with simple accessories.

THE CONTRAST TONE BANDEUA DRESS The contrast tone jewelled bandeaux dress is the perfect party dress for Christmas and new years. Combine with killer heels and a bright snakeskin clutch bag.

12 | A/W Womens

THE SHAGGY FUR COAT AND TUXEDO JACKET The Shaggy fur coat is the ultimate essential that will go with any outfit from day to night. For that added sophistication, the tuxedo jacket can glam up any out fit for a night out on the town.

THE STATEMENT SWEATER The statement sweater is bound to keep you warm this winter and from simple styles to bold slogans, there is a huge choice.

THE FRENCH BRETON STRIPES AND LEATHER TROUSER French Breton stripes have an updated look with playful slogans, dress up or down with wet look leggings.



The fitted corset will contrast with this season’s leather trouser or fitted miniskirt.

Boy me such as Lady Gaga and R&B singer Janelle Monae who have made headlines by wearing a suit or tuxedo. The trend is all about mixing masculine pieces with feminine and has so many elements to it.

Androgynous is a term that describes male and female characteristics. This can come under the categories of Fashion, Sexual Identity and Sexual Lifestyle. The Androgynous fashion trend took over the catwalks in 2011 but it has always played a part in fashion in some way.

Jean Paul Gautier’s 2011 spring advert featured the model Karolina Kurkova leaning in for a kiss with a beautiful blonde that looks like a girl, but it’s the male model Andrej Pelic.Also Kate Moss was seen on the cover of “Love” smooching Lea T. These models are blurring the lines of sexuality and the fashion industry loves it. There are also celebrities

The tuxedo/dinner jacket took it’s name from the exclusive Tuxedo Club which opened in 1886. While tuxedo jackets were originally designed for the high society men who visited these clubs, Yves Saint Laurent designed his first dinner jacket for women 80 years later in 1966. Wingtips and the closely related “Oxford” (which both fall under the category of Brogues) are two shoe styles that really complement this look well. Wingtips take their name from the detailed stitching that appears around the toe, making a “W” shape. For a long time the only difference in wingtips for men and women was the physi-



cal size of the shoe, but new colours and materials and heels have now distinguished the two styles. Suspenders started being manufactured in their modern form in the 1820s.Original designs show suspender straps made of a tightly woven wool (known as a ‘box cloth’) and attaching as an ‘H-back’, meaning they join together to make what looks like an uppercase H. This style evolved into the “X-back” as well as the “Y-back”, all three of which are available today. An excellent finishing piece for an outfit inspired by this trend is a tie. The necktie has roots all the way back to the 17th century, when King Louis XIV of France took a liking to the bowtie sort of embellishments Croatian soldiers wore. The tie became mainstream around the time of the Industrial Revolution, thanks to the ease of production, and by the 1950s it was said that a man was not dressed if he was without his tie. In modern fashion, each

of these elements has been adapted and altered for a women’s body. Blazers are more tailored at the waist, ties are made in a myriad of sizes and with whimsical patterns, and tuxedo shirts are nipped in and sometimes feature ruffles and flowy sleeves to better complement the women wearing them. The “Chindie” trend is really inspired by the American

preppy clothing trends. In terms of this casual fashion trend, chinos, vans, checkered shirts and polo tees have become a common trend among young girls and boys who embrace the trend. Retailers such as Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister and Jack Willis sell these types of clothing that you are able to purchase.

Boy meets Girl | 15

Walking through Birmingham City centre on one of the only sunny days

we actually had this year. You come across so many different people with their own style and traits. So you would think it would be hard to stand out from the crowd in a place like this. Where could you start? What could you do? Across the City centre many creative individuals are showcasing their talents to the public. One of which I came by myself. Richard Moore. A busker from Birmingham. Who uses his unusual collection of scrap as his personalised drum kit: pan, bell, paint tin, tea tray etc His unique Samba sound is an instant attraction for those passers by. How would you describe your music? All of it is improvised. I try and make it as interesting for the people walking past; I’ll try a few things like add tricks in and stuff like that. Most of it is sort of samba based which is more like carnival drumming.

Do you find yourself playing to the situations happening around you? If there’s lots of people crowd-

ing around me, I‘ll get a bit more nervous and a lot of the time you’ll try and force yourself to impress them. But a lot of the time I try not to do that because that’s when you make a lot of mistakes. I‘ve had a couple of occasions when a guy has come up and started dancing or something, and if that happens I’ll just go with it.

years. It’s only recently since I’ve started doing the busking, before that I learnt to play on a drum kit rather than what I use for my busking. Because of the things I used I had to really adapt my playing style, it’s very different playing on the different sorts of surfaces and just on the street.

How long have you played the drums?

I enjoy both. I’ve played in quite a few covers bands over time. When you’re in a good

It’s been about 5 and a half, 6

Are you happier playing in a band or solo?

band, you can sort of feel it and everything just sort of works.

Now that it’s winter it’s getting cold, will you stop busking? I’m still going to try and keep up the busking. I might be a bit cold, but hopefully because I’m drumming it will keep me warm. But I’ll see what happens.

Do you busk for the money? I started doing it as I hadn’t seen many people do the kind of drumming I do, and I wanted to try something different because it’s just a new experience for my music. I used to work at Homebase and I quit after about a year. It’s a really nice place to work, everyone was really nice. But with the busking, it’s really nice to get paid by people walking past who appreciate what you’re doing.

What is best response you’ve had from a passer-by? A few weeks ago I had two guys who had come over from Germany come up and speak to me. And took me out for lunch and brought me dinner. That was a good day. Yeah, you meet loads of interesting people. Some people may not be so nice but 99% of the time it’s good.

Street Art | 17



hen the new millennium began there was still a niche market that were individual with their Vintage style. As time went on and eventually a decade later, the same trend has been reintroduced and adopted by fashion designers. Which led to stores including the style in their

new season lines, transitioning the many Vintage trends back into the mainstream since the first time it came about. The actual brand Vintage refers to new or secondhand items produced between the 1920’s to 1960’s. Where as Reproduction (Repro), is newly made but nearly exact copies of the older Vintage garments.

How can you tell the difference? Be aware that most Vintage stores don’t just sell Vintage clothing, and wont separate the clothing made before and after the Sixties. So to double check, smell it, you can tell the difference between old and newly made clothes. The label is another key thing to look at,

if there is a brand or union name you can always go online and research when the company started and finished manufacturing clothing. And to narrow it down even more, your garment can’t be any older than the 1950’s if there is a laundry label with the fabric content and care instructions, as it was around this era they started listing this information on the labels. Also on the label or tag will be the size. Don’t just assume your size will be the same as it is with modern clothing, the general rule is to go 6 sizes up when looking for Vintage clothing. So a modern day 8 would be a Vintage 14, but don’t let that frighten you, Marilyn Monroe was a Vintage 12-14 back in her time. Always try things on to be on the safe side, you never know a size or two smaller could still fit you. Nowadays, some Vintage shops are even selling fake Vintage labels, along with shops such as Urban Outfitters, Topshop, Banana Republic. They cater to the mainstream consumers, but what about the true Vintage shoppers? Where can they go to find items to add to their Vintage wardrobe?

Credit Crunc hers Moat Lane Great they s warehouse toc sh of qu ality s k a large co op, carves llectio in n sizes, at only various sty les and a poun d each .

e ge On t a t n i V e Mark s i s a O

on of electi ted time s s t i i h a lim ilyn g wit Alon thing, for ar M clo ling 1.50 l e e g s a t e r £ Vin they a lia. From only l i b a r o mem

Urban Vill Gibb S age treet

Selling clothin only the fines g, tV wear. W all A graded a intage nd read ith a 50 y to /50 and Fem balance of M ale ale stoc k.

Also check out the events in December: 7th

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair


Birmingham Christmas Vintage, Crafts & Collectables Extravaganza


The Vintage Fair

Streaming Vintage | 19

Finding the real Vintage shops is just step one, step two is knowing how to shop when you get there: Look around: Don’t just shop in Vintage boutiques venture else where. Your whole outfit shouldn’t be Vintage, there should be one or two key items that work as your centre piece(s).

Don’t buy to wear: Sometimes it’s good to buy even though in the back of your mind you know it doesn’t go with anything else in your wardrobe or you can’t picture where you would where it. Having theses odd bits and pieces in your collection come in handy when you do find somewhere to wear it, change your current style or even when it comes back in fashion again. And it will!

Mix and match: Don’t just buy clothing from one era, the reason old trends come back into fashion is because they were so unique the first time

around. So experiment, find your own style.

Photography: Preiti Randhawa.

Do it all by yourself:

Model: Demi Whitby.

See something you like but it’s the wrong colour, style or size? Try it yourself. There are plenty of videos and tutorials online to help you with anything you would like to create.

Clothing and accessories from: Vintage One Urban Village Credit Crunchers Primark H&M

Streaming Vintage | 21


Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market is the largest outdoor Christmas market in the country. Celebrating it’s tenth year, the market is a focus for Birmingham’s festive celebrations, featuring a wide range of traditional handmade toys, art and items from throughout the world - and, of course ,plenty of food, including German mulled wine (Gluhwein),

grilled sausages, vegetarian options, pretzels and German beer. With continental sights, sounds and smells in the beautiful setting of Birmingham’s Victoria Square and New Street, the Frankfurt market combines with Birmingham’s Craft Fair to offer 180 picturesque stalls for you to browse in search of that perfect Christmas present.

Over the years the public have grown to love and highly anticipate the Frankfurt Market. But they aren’t the only ones, here’s what the stall owners had to say: ‘I love the culture and the people here, it’s very different from Germany’

‘British people here love our food especially the pretzels!’

‘We attract a lot of people to our stall, as they like the authentic German sausages’ ‘The quality of the knitwear and scarves is really good for winter ‘Alot of people like buying toys from us for their children’

‘People like buying chocolates from us to give as gifts for Christmas’ Frankfurt Market | 23

‘We really love

Birmingham, it’s a great city’

StarGazer The quick fix

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When everyday hair just isn’t enough

No peroxide or ammonia. Washes out. No need to re-dye roots. No damage to your hair. Do it yourself. A total of 26 shades to choose from. Can mix dyes together to create your own unique colour.

xr Is there anything you’d hate to happen again next year?

Jump off a 20 foot wall and sprain my ankle.

Out fro Cro


New Years Eve is ap want to know about and future experienc

What is your New Year’s party trick?

Not being sick.

Double jointed thumb.

Can instantly recite any words backwards.

What is your b mem

Hahaaaa, best and worst is pro 2 party crashers attempted to carton of eggs, several Cho then ended up being chased o gry mum with a broom!’s

t r

pproaching, and we t your past, present ces.

Holding a party at my house, maybe some fireworks and lots of alcohol!


om the owd

What are you doing this New Year’s Eve?

Think of three words you’d like to describe your 2011.


best New Year’s mory?

obably going to a party where o steal 2 pairs of shoes, a oc Dips and a pack of bacon out of the house by a very ans a story to tell to say the least!

Inspirational, interesting, life changing. One to remember.

Out from the Crowd | 27


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Flashing Red And Green  

Welcome! To our first monthly instalment of FRAG, in each issue we will focus on bringing cliques together through fashion, music and events...

Flashing Red And Green  

Welcome! To our first monthly instalment of FRAG, in each issue we will focus on bringing cliques together through fashion, music and events...