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Issue 4 June 2013

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FOCUS Staff & Contributors Founder/Editor in Chief: Edvard L. Tramsen Writers: Valeria Solonari, Marc Ramos Garzon, Sara Constantinescu Martina Kiehas, Dayana Tsvetkova, Wojciech Ĺťmijski, Tine Soerensen Photographers: Sara Constantinescu

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Wojciech Ĺťmijski

FOCUS magazine is a non-profit student initiative started in January 2013 with the first issue out in March. The project began as an entreprise with willing and volunteers young people from Herning area, who shared an interest in developing and creating a unique Student Magazine, and furthermore to share interesting written content with the students of AU-Herning and TEKO. Through local companies and organisations, we were able to fund printing costs and make the magazine available for free for students.



A puppy a day


Alex Da Silva


Career Corner: Graduation


Make it happen!


Rewarding talent




Birk League 2013


A new beginning



The summer sun has finally arrived to Denmark and the FOCUS team is looking forward to kick off the holidays in style. We are very excited to bring you the final issue of our magazine of this school year. To best help you through your exams and graduations, we have packed this issue jock full of inspiring stories for you. We’ve all been feeling the tension and pressure of finishing off the semester. For a lot of people it will be the last and maybe even the final time in their lives that they experience exams and school projects. Last month we offered an issue of FOCUS magazine with interesting stories from the students of AU-Herning and TEKO. We joined together on a sunny afternoon to hand out printed copies of the magazine with a slice of cake to our avid readers. On this occasion we were thrilled with the turn-up of people and the amount of praise we received for our efforts. Even though summer holidays are starting it doesn’t mean the end for FOCUS. Currently we’re working on a massive issue, which will cover not only Birk, AU-Herning and TEKO, but also stretches further locally covering Ikast, Erhvervsakademiet, Downtown Herning and many other organisations, projects, events etc.

This magazine will be printed in thousands and used as an “informational guide and welcome” to new arrivals and students interested in the student life of Herning. Of course our current readers will also be presented with another unique issue of FOCUS. For now, this month we have prepared a cheerful good luck and farewell to our graduates and students around AU-Herning and TEKO. In this issue you’ll find an extensive coverage of one of the beautiful bachelor projects coming out of TEKO graduating students. You’ll find engaging stories of graduation and advice for the summer holidays. Lastly this issue carries once again a few articles of interest from the local student environment. We hope that our magazine will motivate and inspire you to celebrate this summer and get the most out of the days to come. Until next time, stay positive and take care!

Edvard L. Tramsen,

Editor & Founder of Focus


A PUPPY A DAY keeps the doctor away?! It is not a secret that many kids are crazy about animals. Some dream about their own pony, others are into dogs, and some are enthusiastic about the whole fauna. By: Martina Kiehas

When we grow up, many of us still enjoy the company of a pet. Humans can even feel that something is missing in their life, if they do not spend time with animals. What is it that animals contribute to our lives? The idea that animals are good for our mental state is not a new one: already in the 19th century, some British psychiatric hospitals kept sheep, birds, monkeys and other creatures to create a less hostile surrounding. There are in fact a number of studies showing that the presence of animals lowers our blood pressure. On top of that, individuals who are simply exposed to videos with animals, show decreased symptoms of stress.

Being surrounded by pets lowers the risk or intensity of anxiety and depression, while it supports positive feelings such as competence and autonomy. Moreover, pets can help us to regain our psychological or physiological health. The so called “animal assisted therapy� exists since the 1960s and is used in e.g. nursing homes or hospitals. In Great Britain a survey was devoted to the value of pets in our lives. Three quarters of respondents said that that they especially value the entertainment and laughter pets bring to them. Close to 70 % percent stated that the unconditional love they get from their pets is the most important factor for them.

I spoke with three pet owners from Herning about what their different pets contribute to their lives: Marcin was kind enough to tell me about his nameless cat that actually had many names. The cat however just didn’t bother to react to any of them, so Marcin stopped naming him. However, the cat is very playful and always greets his owner, whenever he returns from University or other places. Marcin has always been living in a hours with cats and since they are allowed in his apartment, he got his own and is very fond of it. The ICM student also mentions that a cat comes with responsibilities, but that this is alright, considering the fun they bring to your life. Egle’s favorite animals are dogs. She argues that her English cocker spaniel “Nemo” is her best friend, because he loves her unconditionally and does not judge her. To Egle, who is about to finish her Master’s, dogs are family members.

Kristina already finished her studies and has a full time job. When she goes to see her horse “Laki”, she forgets about time and just enjoys being with him. Furthermore, she says that horses are the most beautiful creatures on earth and that they never ask stupid questions. For her, horse riding is the best way to de-stress and she believes that you get back lots of affection, if you treat a horse right. The semester is ending, so all the projects are handed in, all the exams are taken and you can relax now. Being a pet owner is different, it’s something you are 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Even though it is fun to have a pet, every aspiring pet-mom or pet-dad should think twice, before he gives a cat, dog, guinea pig, goldfish, parrot, turtle or any other animal a new home. Animals can become quite costly when they’re sick and you need a vet, also you cannot just go on a holiday without having someone to look after your pet.

Alex Da Silva “ My eyes opened to completely new ways of living I had never thought of..” By: Tine Gröger Sørensen


s I am sitting here in the sun, sipping my cup of coffee, I feel a relief after handing in the bachelor project that is almost surreal. Last months of my life was spent at university, looking out of the window at the people BBQ’ing and sunbathing, knowing I wouldn’t make it home till midnight. Well that’s if I was lucky and as hand-in got closer, surely I was not the only one noticing how the university fridge filled up and the couches in the hall got occupied by sleeping people. It is a tough process, and I am happy it is over. I am sure that some of you newly graduates already have future plans laid out, some are changing those as we speak and some of you don’t have any at all. This Hand-in however felt different than any other semester. It is the end of my HIH-era which leaves


aturally I felt bad about the situation Alex said, “my plans and dreams got turned upside down within an instant. This also affected my job, which I lost soon after. I didn’t know where to go with my life, from here.” As life took its turn on him, Alex received a phone call from an old friend who just moved to Copenhagen. Having nothing to hold him back, a simple visit to his friend was the start of a

11 me with the question: What now?


oday I ran into a former ICM student, and it is his story I am about to share with you, since it reminded me of why we sometimes have to stop ourselves from worrying, planning and stressing too much about the future. The only thing certain about the future is that nothing is for certain at all. Alex Da Silva, as many may know as the former ICM student counselor, experienced his plans going perfectly opposite to anything he’d ever expected. In 2012 he handed in his bachelor and was more than ready to graduate. Plans of backpacking Australia and an anthropology master study were already set for the year to come. But as the semester came to an end, something else happened. He didn’t pass his bachelor project.

completely new beginning. The biggest thing of 2012 Alex explained, was finding out about Retro café This is a place where over 200 people with different backgrounds volunteer. The café itself is run by internationals and the profit donated to a good cause. “It became the place where I would live, sleep and volunteer throughout the rest of the year.”



eople at the café opened their arms and accepted me straight away. It was a shortcut into a social group, which introduced me to many new places and interesting spots around. By being in this environment my eyes opened to completely new ways of living I had never thought of. I starting doing yoga and meditation as well as attend a Buddhist center. Getting to know people from different groups, I got to discover more alternative ways of living outside the conventional way of consumerism and capitalism. Ironically this was in fact what I wanted to do in the beginning, to study anthropology and to get to know more people living as a part of the system but with a twist.” “One of the things I discovered by volunteering at Café Retro is that it doesn’t feel like work. I enjoy it because it is like hanging out with your friends. For me volunteering gives work meaning, and I feel I am contributing to the greater good.


y big question became, how could I sustain a living like that?“

“Being inspired is easy, but to make a change you have to conceptualize what you need. I learn at the Buddhist center that by lowering my needs and by understand-

ing that my beliefs and expectations are simply creations of my mind, I can think outside the box and learn to be happy about myself in whatever situation.” Culture and traveling are passions of mine, that is why I work for the HIH rolling university twice a Month. It gives me enough money to cover my living cost for one month.

But other than that, I have cut out most of my expenses. I live on a couch at the café, I enjoy the free activities and offers around Copenhagen, I travel by hitchhiking and through the use of couch surfing and I get most of my food trough dumpster diving.” “Other than saving money, these actions also helped me become more aware about myself and the world I live in.”

13 am very grateful for that. I didn’t get to do the things I had planed, but what I got to experience was much better. I got to “study” my interest in real life situations and be a part of it myself. I have learned much more about the reality we live in every day an understand better how I can help to improve it. I no longer desire the dreams I had previously and after handing in my bachelor again this year, I will continue to volunteer. This time I am joining European volunteer services in Iceland, where I will improve conditions for homeless people.”

Take dumpster diving for example; this is becoming more and more popular among the young people in Copenhagen. Not for the lack of money but for political reasons, to sustain a better environment!”


“Everyday supermarkets throw out 40% of their goods. This would be enough to save the whole World from starvation. Things are wasted, not because they are bad, but because a packaging is broken of a product is out of season. When you think about it, it is ungrateful that, bananas picked in Colombia, shipped all the way to Denmark, transported into supermarkets, placed and handled by the employees are thrown out when they’re still good. There is something very wrong with that system. “Some people may feel embarrassed that I go trough trash, but I proud of not participating to a default system. “

People ask me how I can live like that, and what about my private life? - But to be honest, I get so much in return from these experiences and the people I get to meet that this have become much more valuable to me than any material possession I have had previously.”


ll in all I failed my bachelor, but because of where it got me, I

o the newly graduated students: Don’t worry if you passed or failed, if you do or do not have plans. Sometimes the unexpected aspects of life are what breaks the conventional way of thinking and opens you up to something even better, something that you didn’t think of, but was exactly what you needed.” “There is a great Indian saying; everything ends well, if it’s not well, it hasn’t ended yet. Therefore, go out embrace life and celebrate what comes next. At the end of the day the right or wrong, good or bad situation will be a matter of your perception.”


Congratulations! You made it! All these long years of hard(?) work finally bear fruit. You are graduating. You are done. Victory! Only, it is not. For Now, savor the taste of victory while it lasts, and enjoy the celebrations and compliments that will definitely come, as much as you can. Then, move. I can hear you already, how it is just the perfect timing to go on holidays, that you have earned them, how a long sleep of a few days is just what you need. Stop for a second, and look ahead and plan. Competition Aaaah, this is going to be the life! Swimming in money, being able to afford anything… Hold on! First you need a job. You know when the best time to get a job is? Now. Remember that everyone else graduating with you, will also be out there looking for a job. And that is not the only competition, you also have to take into account all the other universities, and other similar study lines… and everyone from last year who did not get a job yet. No pressure. Stay active Gaps in your CV are awkward. Recruiters will want to know what you did after you

finished (and a rerun of the ten seasons of Friends is not so attractive to potential employers). Look, there is no easy way to say this: the longer you are unemployed, the harder it will be to find a job. It can take a while to find one, though, so stay active in the meantime. Everything I said in the April and May issues applies here: find a volunteer job, join a student organization, work on your portfolio,… anything that keeps you active in your field. Apply, apply, apply Do not look only for entry -level zero-experience positions, there are not that many. Job offers are only whislists. If you can prove your worth and they like you, you will get in, regardless of what the offer says. Apply also for jobs you are not entirely sure you like… yet. Because you really do not know what the job is like. Studying is one thing, practical experience another. And there is only one way to find out. Keep in mind that the best way to find a job in Denmark remains sending unsolicited applications, so find out interesting places you would like to work in and network your way in or cold-email them, to get to the 8-4 of your dreams. “The train is about to leave… Are you on board ?”


Text and Photography: Sara Constantinescu

With summer holiday just around the corner, there comes that time of the year when old chapters are finally closing and new beginnings are emerging on the sunny (though sometimes rainy) horizon. We are talking here about.. Graduation!

This smooth and holly transition from the thoroughly scheduled and safe student life to the ever uncertain, bumpy but nonetheless exciting career journey of the young & the restless dreamer/graduate gave us the perfect excuse to get a bit nostalgic and reflective. What is there to reflect on, besides the countless parties succeeding that enlightening moment of achieving a diploma, you might ask. Well, how about the limitless power and determination of the graduate spirit, fearlessly diving into the deep, merciless yet fascinating world of fashion? You might not relate to the word “graduate� just yet, but sooner or later you will also (hopefully) find yourself taking on this role, so keep reading !

Anette, Henrik, Heidi and Jeppe are one team of lively, hard-working and charismatic individuals, flooding any room they are in with waves of energy and inspiration. These guys aspire for greatness, but instead of waiting for it, they make it happen!

For this special issue of FOCUS our case-studies on this topic are four fantastic fashion design students from TEKO that collectively decided to take a leap of faith and create their own moment of glory.

We assume that this exact mindset must have been their only plan almost 3 months ago, when they spontaneously decided to build an almost utopian context for any undergraduate student at such an early stage: their own FASHION SHOW. So from that passionate moment of youthful and innocent irrationality until their own personal final parade on the catwalk, these fiercely talented friends have held each other’s hands tightly and remained focused on achieving well-deserved recognition and appreciation for their work.

SETTING HIGHER STANDARDS As the graduates/designers themselves have confessed, one outcome they expect to accomplish through their praise-worthy initiative is to set a higher standard of performance for all the other fashion design students, in order for them to succeed in making their dreams a reality sooner than expected.

17 These 4 students might be the biggest, most authentic dreamers in many of our eyes, but truthfully, they epitomize wholeheartedly Walt Disney’s well-known quote If you can dream it, you can do it, and as cliché as it may sound, they did manage to make us believe them.


For us, mere mortals aka the spectators, this event was a unique opportunity



our finest attires off the hangers and fantasize about fancy, celebratory scenarios graced by posh and fashionable famous personalities. Though the reality was fairly different, as neither Anna Wintour nor Grace Coddington occupied the front row, the show still managed to comprise a range of essential ingredients that usually give class to any event: a fanciful array of champagne available to the public, a thoughtfully organized seating, eclectic music and video projections - but most importantly, the bluntly contrasting industrial-chic venue of the show which made the event even more intriguing and believable.


although the only guests

present there were the emotional parents, the proud teachers, a handful of supporting fellow students and a group of curious local








FOCUS team as well, of course!), at the end of the day, these 4 fashion heroes accomplished their mission of creating a vibrant, kaleidoscopic celebration of their talent and hard work.


LET THE SHOW COMMENCE When Marina & The Diamonds are playing in the background, you know it’s showtime ! And so, quietly sitting and nervously holding my camera, I was ready to soak in every single story narrated on that cat-walk through each of 4 the collections presented. Everything was planned thoughtfully, as the 1st collection managed to seduce us at first sight while the others added even more spices and fireworks to our already growing love.


Henrik was the first one taking center-stage with an apparently innocent and feminine line, which in the end actually became worthy to be worn by a fierce seductress, proving to have thoroughly followed Marina’s rules on “how to be a heartbreaker”.

2. The second one in line waiting to showcase her designs was Anette. She had nothing to worry though, as the models surely did justice to the super tough, yet still feminine pieces that she created. If Henrik’s girl was playing innocent while hiding a stonehearted doll underneath that misleading sweetness of the garments, Anette’s lady was straight-forwardly ready to win any battle, or better said, ready to “achieve world domination”, as the collection itself was entitled.


3. Next stop is the very creative yet wearable collection of Heidi. As she herself stated in the presentation booklet, her clothes were meant to embody an “innocent and wit” personality yet still “playful and pink” underneath. And indeed, the maxi body-con dress that opened the collection really confirmed Heidi’s vision and teased us with a splash of colour before going back to the same mysterious palette of grey shades that was quite ubiquitous within each collection.

As the show was evolving into a more and more dark chromatic style, little did we know that the final collection will be nothing but dark, so the thrill of surprise was twice the size!

4. Ending the show, Jeppe’s collection truly made sure that we will be left wanting for more! Showcasing a very diverse array of ethereal textures and seductive silhouettes, he created a line which although depicted a very Valentino-inspired aesthetic, still managed to bring to it a very modern edge that made it fit for any daring, yet classy fashionista.

So there you have it, 3 months of grueling work, for 10 minutes of pure fashion entertainment, which although flashed through our eyes at a merciless speed, still managed to give us a comprehensive, enticing and memorable depiction of the results that can be achieved through genuine determination and passionate dedication.

BUT WHEN THE CURTAINS HAVE DROPPED..WE CAN STILL HAVE A LOOK BACKSTAGE Racks of clothing, snaps from fittings, piles of shoes and a fascinating exhibition of all the designs that have previously graced the runway, are finally taking a rest after a frenetic creative process.

Now all these garments are impatiently waiting for the righteous possessors to come and take them out on the real runway outside but that’s only a matter of time!

And when your teacher hugs you, you know you’ve done a pretty good job !

STILL, HAVEN’T WE FORGOTTEN SOMETHING? How could we move on to our next chapter of this special “graduation story” without introducing to you the “Fantastic 4” that made all this possible?! So, without any further ado, here are Henrik, Anette, Heidi and Jeppe in the exact order mentioned, giving us a set of candid shots that besides expressing their entitled joy and pride, are also showing you how excited they were to finally be able to celebrate their success at the show’s after-party (Henrik for one, was surely ready to rock the night wearing his own fierce design!)

But before passing on the torch to my colleague Valeria who is ready to tell you some more “graduation revelations”, I’ll leave you with an insightful quote by Cecil Beaton: “Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary” So, to finally conclude my conclusion, it’s up to you- either you make it happen (in the most extraordinary way), or the only story you will be able to tell in the end, is about the day you achieved your graduation diploma.



Rewarding Talent

By: Valeria Solonari

Design School. Two seemingly harmless words, yet once joined together, take on a different meaning. That meaning being a glorified institution subconsciously pedaling out of the notion that art plus academia equals success. For many aspiring fashion designers, attending a top art college or university is the quick and easy answer to the question on how they can ever achieve the universally and frenetically sought after success. But in an industry jam-packed with talent, skill and ambition, we can’t help but address ourselves the following questions: Is a degree in fashion design really necessary for success? Or more precisely, is a higher education degree necessary, period?

As young designers hopefully and gloriously end this academic year (see ‘Make it Happen’ article by Sara Constance), many others will begin forging their futures with the beginning of summer. Some will prepare to move abroad to internships within their already chosen specialty, while others will enroll at some of Europe’s top ranking art and designschools. For some of the students who have just begun researching about their future careers, a thought will settle in and mature from a dreamy aspiration into a course of action. And that’s when the internal debate starts: ‘Do I attend university? Can I launch my label without a degree? Can I be a successful designer and never attend college?’

“Do I attend university?”

“Can I launch my label without a degree?”

“Can I be a successful designer and never attend college?”



year, TEKO sees new students

enroll in droves, with big dreams of becoming the next Vivienne Westwood or Marc Jacobs. There is no doubt that most of them will graduate with an enviable




few will continue towards a successful career.






teachers say: ‘The wonderful thing about an art and design school is the practical aspect of everything we do. Problem solving skills, critical thinking skills- it’s all part of what exactly takes place at this type of college. We solve problems and I don’t think it matters what you decide to do in life; in order to be successful, those are very important tools to master’. While








true, stories

the of

designers who chose alternative routes to success. For example, Michael Kors left college after only attending for less than a year; Alexander Wang who recently went from a downtown chic, New York staple to fashion legend as he took the lofty reins as the creative director at Balenciaga, is a Parson’s School of Design dropout. It doesn’t even end there, as many of today’s renowned designers have degrees in entirely different fields: Commes des Garçons’ studied

designer, art






Simons was on his way to becoming an industrial furniture designer, whereas Miuccia Prada actually studied political science and attended ‘Teatro Piccolo’ with the intent of becoming a mime.

Before you call your fashion school dreams off and join the circus, it seems that for every ying like Kors, Kawakubo and Simons, there’s also a yang to match called either Alexander McQueen, Yohji Yamamoto or Maison Martin Margiela, to name only a few. Like the aforementioned designers, all three are culture-shifting, iconoclasts who, as many would argue, have changed how the world views fashion all




top from





are art

colleges and universities. Look no further than the archives of noted design schools to see what a formal education can do for your CV.


Clearly the road to success is of the dizzying, labyrinth sort. Maybe many years ago there was that direct line: you go to college, you major in this, you do that, but now everyone has to accept that they will have so many careers in their lives. Moreover, not having any idea where we’re going, sometimes works out better than we could have possibly imagined.


is really a lifelong habit

and whether you gather it in a formal setting or by working in the trenches of the design world, one thing is certain: education doesn’t end because you have a degree in design. Contrarily, Even so, you still have to wonder about the risks involved for choosing an alternative path towards your career. Let’s say you decide not to attend college. Instead you’re going to open a store. The odds of you being successful are greatly reduced if you haven’t had a foundation in the finances, the mentoring and the exposure to the business. Certainly the phrase “greatly reduced” feels a bit sobering, but it does still offer some hope for those to whom a formal education upfront is not an option. Success sans certification isn’t impossible.

your career in fashion doesn’t need to begin with a degree either. The key is to evaluate yourself and just how much you’re willing to invest in your career and above all else, keep learning.





talent and you need to be a lifelong learner,




decide to choose in the end…And now go, make interesting mistakes, make glorious

amazing and





Break rules. Leave the world more interesting


Make great art !






Open every day between: 11:00-23:00 Burger King is offering the students of AU-Herning and TEKO a discount! Pick up the special discount cards at the last TEKO FridayBar on the 21st of June.

Silkeborgvej 82A 7400 Herning


LIVE MUSIC Thursday: 21:30, Friday: 22.30 and Saturday: 22:30

Yoga By: Dayana Tsvetkova

Yoga has been

practiced for thousands of years, evolving and changing to become the art of the body and soul that is today. Beyond the palette of vivid poses and fairly said quite difficult stances, the word yoga literally means “spiritual discipline”. Moving gracefully throughout the different poses reveals one’s physical flexibility and endurance, but it also symbolizes control and awareness of the mind.

To make sure all of you guys finish this page knowing a bit more about the art of yoga, here are some facts of its origins.

”Yoga is the perfect opportunity to be curious about who you are.”

The first civilization to incorporate yoga into their culture and habits is the Indus. Dating back 5,000 years ago in India, the ancient civilization left numerous engraved yogi figures on soapstone. According to their philosophy, Hiranyagarbha is considered as the prime source for the creation of the universe and an initiator of the yoga practices. In the middle of the 19th century, yoga has been brought to the Western world and since then it is widely adopted by many regardless of their age.


Improves Your Concentration As I told you earlier, yoga trains your body as much as you mind. Meditation techniques can help you keep your focus clear on one thing at a time. With just 10-15 minutes, researches show that your brain function and memory span increase drastically. Try to remember the last time, you just sat down quietly, without thinking of the last Friday Bar or the upcoming exam. The meditative practices of yoga are a way to strengthen your performance in any given situation. Give it a try!


Shapes Your Body In just 6 weeks practising

yoga twice per week, your arm strength will increase up to 35-40% and your leg strength around 30-35%. How does that sound? Pretty impressive, isn’t it? Yoga is meant to bring us back to the natural way of moving and to make us more aware of our own bodies. Seemingly simple exercises will awake muscles you haven’t expected!

Join a yoga session for an hour at the Birk Campus.

Enhances Your Mood

Imagine yourself sitting in a classroom all day long, you feel kind of drained afterwards, right? All you have to do is breathe in deeply to fill your body with the oxygen it requires and breathe out slowly to push out the various toxins. It is proven that with simple yoga breathing practices, you can easily lift up your mood and create a light and positive feeling to get you through the day with a smile.


Birk League


Great weather, a lot of sport emotions and perfect Atmosphere, that is how 1st of June 2013 looked like in Birk Centerpark

Birk Leauge 2013 Final 4 teams left on the battlefield;

» Megalomania FC » BDE 11 » FC TYR » Team Duff Everything was to be decided during the final day of the Birk League Tournament. by: Wojciech Tomasz Zmijski Photography: Triin Pärnpuu

31 In the first semi-final we had FC Tyr and Megalomania FC, FC Tyr won 1-0 and as a first team went to the big final. In the second semi-final BDE’11 and Team Duff played against each other and after 40 minutes the result was equal which means that we had penalty shootout, BDE’11 won penalties and went directly to the final.

After an hour break it was time for the match for 3rd place – Megalomania against Team Duff. This time Megalomania won 2-1 and secured 3rd place in this edition of Birk League. In the big final FC Tyr won 2-1 against BDE’11 and everything was clear, the final standing for Birk League 2013 is as follows:


What is most important, lot of people showed up during the day and to become part of this great event in our small society of Birk Campus. After that we finished great day with Beer Case Run and After Party in the Student House.

At the end I would like to write few words a bit more personal, I would like to say big thanks to Todor Todoroff who helped me a lot to make this tournament happened. I would also like to say huge thanks to Vibeke, Line, Steve, Taavo and Kaposho, I wouldn’t make it without you guys! Thank you!



New Beginning

9th of May 2013 – was an important date for the student life in Herning since the biggest student association in town got a new Board of Directors. During the general assembly that was open for all the students, the new chairmen for the next two semesters were officially chosen.

Please meet Annet, Eva, Edgaras, Mick, Absalon and Wojciech – people who are going to provide you with a lot of fun and introduce new students to the student life in AU Herning right after the summer holiday.

All of them wrote few words about themselves and publicized their plans for the autumn semester. And remember feel free to contact us throug Facebook, e-mail or at school, everyone is more than welcomed to join SAA!!!

by: Wojciech Tomasz Zmijski Photography: Absalon Vatnhamar

Annet Muru Age: 23 (few more days!) Study program: Marketing and Business Innovation Position in SAA: President + Chairman of the International Committee Why did you decide to be in charge of SAA? I’ve been a voluntary activist and fond of organizing different events for students during all my studies, already since primary school - it’s just in


Annet Muru

my blood (thanks, mom!). So it was a natural course that I will join SAA, as well. After getting to know the school, students and SAA better, I felt that I could contribute to the student life much more and be responsible for holding the reins of some activities - or as it turned out, the whole SAA!

new connections, have a chance to work and have fun with a lot of passionate people and diversify your skills through the experience you gain from arranging various events and activities.

Plans for the next semester: Make the student life in AU Herning as variegated and fun as possible.

Eva Lykke Stenum

Why people should join SAA? I would definitely accentuate networking as one of the most valuable bonuses the members of the SAA will get numerous

Describe yourself in 3 words: Full of life! :)

Age: 22 Study program: International Business Position in SAA: Accountant Why did you decide to be in charge of SAA? I wanted to do some kind of voluntary work and found SAA to be

Eva Lykke Stenum

very exciting! (And I still do!) Plans for the next semester: We are going to control the economy and try to make a profit, which would benefit everyone later on. Why people should join SAA? Join SAA if you want to become a part of a great society, meet new people and have fun! Describe yourself in 3 words: Positive, dedicated and single (haha!).


Edgaras Kryzanovskis Age: 24 Study program: International Business Position in SAA: Accountant Why did you decide to be in charge of SAA? Because taking care of real money is a lot funnier than going through pages of a big textbook. Also, one should always consider giving something valuable to the community. Plans for the next semester: To do my job as well as possible since accountancy is very related to my specialty.

Why people should join SAA? People make necessary network connections early in their adulthood, and therefore joining the SAA is a great start! Describe yourself in 3 words: I am male.

Mick Nøbbe Rasmussen Age: 24 Study program: Business Development Engineer Position in SAA: Chairman of the Freshman Committee Why did you decide to be in charge of SAA? In general, I think it’s very important for an institution to have a

Edgaras Kryzanovskis

social organization for students. But why I choose to be in charge of the Freshman Committee? I want to make the start for the new students safe, fun and most of all – unforgettable! The Freshman Trip is the first big social event for a freshman, and the place to meet other students. If everything has a good start, the future will be much easier. Plans for the next semester: To make Freshman Trip 2013 – the best event of the year! Why people should join SAA? To provide new and fellow students an unforgettable time at AU Herning. Describe yourself in 3 words:

Mick Nøbbe Rasmussen

37 Leader, inspiring, responsible.

Absalon Vatnhamar Age: old Study program: Business Development Engineer Position in SAA: Chairman of the Party Committee Why did you decide to be in charge of SAA? I like to be a part of things – have my fingers in that cake, if you may say so. Plans for the next semester: Together with the Chairman of TEKO party committee, Charlie, we will make some awesome parties for the students at TEKO and AU Herning. We have lowered the price to 50 DKK, because we all know how student budget looks like. We will create some funny theme parties and make sure that everybody can dress up. Why people should join SAA? It’s SO much fun, you get to know new people and it’s very good for your CV. Describe yourself in 3 words: Hardworking, funny, dreamer.

Wojciech Tomasz Zmijski Age: 22 Study program: International Business Position in SAA: Chairman of the Event Committee Why did you decide to be in

charge of SAA? I’ve always enjoyed being part of the student life and SAA is giving me the best opportunity to do so. Plans for the next semester: I can promise you that SAA will be more visible, more attractive and more open for students. Why people should join SAA? Because it is the best opportunity to be part of the university life, to enjoy student life and to meet new awesome people. Describe yourself in 3 words: Funny, spontaneous, determined.

Absalon Vatnhamar

Joakim Kejser Age: 22 Study programme: BDE Position: FridayBar Manager Why did you decide to be in charge of SAA/FridayBar? To be a part of the future of FridayBar AU-Herning and to be able to influence it in a great direction, and to be in charge of all the fun!

Wojciech Tomasz Zmijski

Plans for next semester: We’ll be doing one or two more Late Night Lounges, we’ll have a great freshmen trip and freshmen party, and we’ll continue to serve ice cold draft beer! Why people should join SAA/FridayBar? To be part of a fun group across the study programmes, to be part of the activities at school and if you like to pour beer and chat up customers!

Joakim Kejser

“Uddannelseby Herning is here to help you with your student initiatives, events and projects. We want to make your study life here in Herning the best possible!�

Creating a unique and appealing student environment in Herning

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Herning Museum of Contemporary Art Opening Hours Tuesday - Sunday 10:00-17:00 Student Ticket: 50kr Exhibitions: John Kørner - Fanget With exuberant childish colors, this Danish artist paints heavy, urgent problems. With light strokes he touch oupn major themes such as war and prostitution. 04.05 .13- 22.09-13 Super 100 - 100 superværker fra samlingen Art in all its forms occupies HEART, when the museum celebrates Herning 100th town anniversary with the exhibition Super 100-100 super works from the collection. The audience can look forward to experiencing spectacular works by Andy Warhol, Asger Jorn, Jens Søndergaard, Henry Heerup and many other Danish and international artist. 25.01.13 - 08.09.13

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TEKO Friday Bar Open for the last time this school year on the 21st of June. The theme is “CLEAR OUT THE BAR” and TEKO FridayBar is looking forward to starting Summer holidays with you. TEKO Friday Bar is for everyone, who likes a relaxed vibe, cozy company and great music…

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