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Melly Dee.

Welcome to the January issue of Coffs Coast FOCUS. or those wondering what Coffs Harbour is like for a new kid on the block, let me tell you: it’s fantastic! Recently relocated from the ratrace that is Melbourne in an effort to escape the vicious world of fashion magazines, I’ve found myself completely in love with my newfound home and the people of the Coffs Coast community! The decision to move here was easy. Earlier this year I took a punt, gave up what I knew as the Melbourne mag-trade and decided to pack a bag and head to India, where I studied yoga and lived in an ashram in the Himalayas. Upon return to Australia (feeling the yogazen) the thought of Melbourne just didn’t suit. Coffs Harbour with its perfect pace, glorious weather and surfers catching waves during lunch hours – how could I resist? Needless to


say, I’m so happy to join this community in the form of the new FOCUS editor. ON THE COVER January 26 is Australia Day and George A. Cecato (page 14) is a true inspiration and a strong reminder that the Coffs Coast is a culture rich in different coloured skins, religious views, and languages. After reading George’s story, you will realise our community is a better place with kindness and acceptance. The whole family can join in the Australia Day festivities, Saturday, January 26 at Botanic Gardens for a 9am start (page 50). To everyone who supports FOCUS: our dedicated readers, advertisers, contributors ... Carole Beros, who is 100% commited to the FOCUS family; Photographer Russell Pell, who captures the great people of the community ( and of course, the

FOCUS girls, Kylie Soultanian and Sam Dawson who work tirelessly to bring this magazine to the community each month – Merry Christmas and happy New Year! FEATURE PHOTO Jetty Beach at Dawn, with thanks to FINAL SAY “Always wear your favourite outfit. You wouldn’t buy a Rolls Royce and leave it in the garage!”

Melly Dee – Editor Follow me on twitter @jaqueduvet

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John Paul College school teacher Maggie O’Brien has always had a passion for education. After a holiday in Africa, she decided to dedicate her passion and the generosity of the John Paul College students and help rebuild an African school in Kawalazi.


n 1998 you ttravelled ll d tto an Af African i School in Malawi. tell us the beginning of this amazing story ... During a five month trip I travelled throughout Africa in a roundabout way from Capetown to Cairo. On the way, I travelled through Malawi and visited a school, where I met Thomas Kwata Phiri, the Principal, and a wonderful little girl Ethie Banda, who ‘adopted’ me. Thomas is an amazing man, diminutive, but a giant of a man in terms of what he achieves. His major concern was ensuring his students had every educational opportunity possible despite having few basic resources. He and his family have welcomed me into their family and have named their granddaughter Maggie. What were the school conditions like? The school had 650 students and just five teachers, dirt floors, few desks, virtually no books and no pens. The medical clinic had just one syringe, not advisable in a country with high rates of HIV infection. Teachers had to teach multiple classes, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon. Some classes had up to 130 students sitting on dirt floors and with no teaching or learning resources. How did your John Paul College students react to your experience? The students picked up the project with a passion. Students from Joe’s Year 11 homeroom group were heavily involved in the gathering and packing of resources, and they loved taking part. They really believed that they were making a difference. They became so attached, that they adopted Kawalazi as their major charity focus for Year 12, 2001. They raised $6,500 for Kawalazi. They gathered, packed and sent 350 kilograms of books, pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, folders, sports equipment, uniforms, hats, clothing and most importantly, basic medical supplies like syringes, bandages, dressings and vitamins. They sent money to help pay the school fees for some of the students. Two of those

4 coffs coast focus.

t d t are now teachers t h in i the th local l l area, students with one back at Kawalazi. Another one has just graduated as a lawyer. These young people were able to continue their education using the Tertiary Education Fund, which we have established for those who are unable to finance their studies themselves. Thomas, in one of his thank you letters, informed us that the netball team had never won a game, but since donning the uniforms we had sent, they had won every game and had ended up regional runners-up to a much bigger city school – such was the impact and pride that having a uniform had on these girls. They are now a force to be reckoned with throughout northern Malawi. Year 12 made a significant difference to the lives of not only the students, but the entire Kawalazi Community. They also left JPC with a challenge and a legacy – to never forget the children of Kawalazi and to continue to support the school and community – which the college continues to do to this day. What events does the school participate in to support this cause? Until this year, Kawalazi fundraising had been low key and largely restricted to Kawalazi Day – one day in the year where students were asked to give a gold coin donation simply because they could and because they wanted to give. For the last eight years, Year 12 students have donated their stationery supplies following their last HSC examination. Last year this was extended to the entire school and on the last day of lessons, students donate their pens, pencils, erasers etc. Members of the SRC test, sharpen, bundle and send the supplies to Africa. In 2003, Joe and I travelled to Kawalazi to visit the school and community and to set up the sponsorship fund. We were the first white people to stay in the village and were overwhelmed by the warmth of the welcome we received from everyone. To hear 360 voices singing hello and farewell was an extremely moving experience.

Th headman h The of the Kawalazi district, Chief Chinyakula, made us feel a part of his community and continues to do so with each subsequent visit. Students, families, staff, friends and community members are able to sponsor a This year we are purchasing gifts child’s education for just emfor the poorest m azi $40 a year. This not only and which the Kawalazi al w Ka e th of bers allows Kawalazi students kcommunity are able to ic ch – Community ze, ai m the opportunity to go to e, continue. It has also enabled ric s, at go ens, es. ” secondary school, but it houses to be built to attract desks and bicycl takes pressure off the entire secondary school teachers community – money that was to the area, so that Kawalazi used for fees can now be spent students will no longer have to in the community for food, medical leave the village to complete their final supplies and clothing. ALL the money goes 2 years of education. This will be finalised in DIRECTLY to the school and community. 2013. The JPC community also has the opportunity, This year we are purchasing gifts for the every 2 - 3 years, through the ‘Kawalazi/African poorest members of the Kawalazi Community Experience’ (a 17 day trip) to visit Kawalazi to – chickens, goats, rice, maize, desks and work in the school and community. In 2007 bicycles. Each gift is targeted to a specific and 2010 we taught lessons, competed against person in Kawalazi. Many staff and students are the students in soccer and netball and were purchasing these as Secret Santa gifts and also soundly defeated each time! We also concreted for Christmas presents for family members who floors, secured and enhanced classrooms with do not really need anything – the gift that gives doors and windows, improved toilet facilities, twice. established and furnished a library and provided How can other members of the community medical supplies and glasses for the Clinic. get involved? However, the highlight for many has been the The main way is through sponsorships and chance to meet the student/s they have been donations. We have had some wonderful sponsoring, as well as meeting the parents and donations and gifts over the years. Just last week other relatives and being able to spend time with we received a bag full of pens from the Book them. It is a truly emotional and unforgettable Warehouse in Toormina; in 2010 we received experience. We also donated the cost of reading glasses from Saroff Designs. concreting the floor of the preschool hall, with In 2009 famous Australian author Tony Park any funds left over to go towards resources for paid us a visit to help us raise funds. He even the children. made reference to us and used some teacher Since 2010, the graduating Year 12 classes names as characters in his book, The Delta. have donated a sum of money from their hard Probably the items we could best benefit from earned fundraising. This has enabled Thomas would be medical supplies – syringes, bandages, and his committee to purchase the necessary swabs and vitamins. supplies for us to do our work when there Thanks Maggie.


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George A. Cecato George A. Cecato is a true inspiration to all new Australians – a man who has triumphed the challenges of migrating to a new foreign nation. He has been the Australia Day Ambassador in the past, and this year he celebrates the Australia Day ceremony with the community.

Issue 28 - January 2013

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Meet local lads Jasper Hills and Ed Triglone, who are doing innovative things in the fashion space. They design T-shirts based on passion for the arts.

10. what’s on for January 18. eat featuring local restaurants 48. social scene with Carole Beros 52. star guide with Terri

58. business voice with the Sawtell Chamber of Commerce

59. tourism with Tourism Coffs Coast

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Jamie Mitchell

Jamie Mitchell, originally from Coffs Harbour, started as a Nipper and has since achieved victory in the Molokai! He is currently working on a documentary and hopes to get invited to the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Event.

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T roy Wa l ke r. Troy’s fascination for all things Kylie Minogue began when it was ‘uncool’ to even like Kylie! Troy has been collecting Kylie memorabilia for over 25 years, and it’s fair to say that he is a true fan!

ou collect Kylie Minogue memorabilia! Tell us what’s in your collection? There are pieces in the collection that cover every facet of Kylie’s career. I have vinyl, CDs, cassettes, DVDs and Blu-rays spanning Kylie’s 25 years as a recording artist, as well as her film and book releases. There are also signature lines that have been released over the years, such as her Coty fragrances, ‘Love Kylie’ Lingerie and ‘At Home’ manchester range. It’s more a passion than a collection and one that has evolved just as Kylie’s career has over many years. How long have you been collecting all things Kylie? Since it was ‘uncool to be a Kylie Fan’ – over 25 years! Practically speaking, if you walked into my room, you wouldn’t know I was a fan or a collector, as there is no sign of Kylie in sight: no posters, no paraphernalia or anything. It’s all kept carefully boxed up and very rarely sees the light of day. I never considered it to be something that I would share with the world, but I have, and it’s been a very humbling experience. The entire collection was recently showcased at Coffs Central as part of the CoastOut Festival as a tribute to Kylie. The exhibition was entitled 25 Years of Kylie and coincided with Kylie’s year-long celebration of 25 years in music. The response from the public to the exhibition was

6 coffs coast focus.

amazingly positive, and I am very grateful to the organisers of CoastOut for the opportunity to share so many great and very personal memories with the public. Plus, I have to give big thanks to all the visitors who left messages in the special K25 book, which is now on its way to Kylie herself. The collection’s 2012 public airing was the genius idea of CoastOut Festival Director Todd Buttery who, with the assistance of Glen Caldwell, pushed the collection into the public eye for all to see. Previously the collection had only been seen by the public once before at Melbourne’s Virgin Mega Store in 2008, to mark Kylie’s triumphant return to the stage after her breast cancer diagnosis. For me, putting 25 years of my life on public display was both confronting and rewarding. What prompted you to start this collection? Kylie’s first single, The Locomotion was the first record I ever bought. I was never a huge fan of Neighbours, so at first it was not even about being a fan of ‘Kylie’. I never consciously decided to ‘collect’ or start a collection; it just happened as the years went by. By design, Kylie’s career has become the soundtrack to my life, and every song has a memory attached. My recognition of this would be in the form of one of several tattoos I have to signify lifelong commitments in my life. One resounding moment was when I returned to Melbourne to

have ‘high tea’ with Kylie and when she shook my hand, Sonia Kruger pulled back my sleeve to reveal the Kylie ‘K’ tattoo on my wrist to her. I have been very lucky to have shared so many moments like this. How has your collection grown over the years? It started with the obvious records, CDs and DVDs and grew to include merchandise from every tour, Kylie’s original Fan Club Kit from 1998, magazine covers, many limited edition and promotional items, pens, postcards, stickers, key rings, mugs, prints, books, stamps, T-shirts and even glitter that has fallen from the roof during one of Kylie’s concerts! There are also many pieces personally signed by Kylie that have been acquired after meeting her, such as a full sized Australian flag. I had that signed after sharing a moment with Kylie backstage in Hamburg, Germany, before a show on her Fever Tour. Where do you find your Kylie memorabilia? I have sourced a lot of pieces through my work in music retail over the past decade as well as through collector sites and retail stores online. There’s always eBay, as well as sourcing items through fellow Kylie fans from as far as Germany, Taiwan and the UK, whom I’ve met over the years. I look for pieces that are relevant to my life and that hold special meanings, not necessarily the rarest or most sought after, but ones that, to me, mean a great deal.

What’s your favorite piece in the collection? There really are too many to name just one, but high on the list would be those items signed by Kylie at each of our encounters, a box of Kylie matches with my birthdate on them from the States and the promo for Kylie’s live version of ABBA’s Dancing Queen given to me by a close friend. An honourable mention would also go to the many items contributed by Dannii – especially the program she personally delivered to me in Melbourne from Kylie’s 40th Birthday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Paris. I believe I’m the only person not present that night to have this, so it’s very special. The most personal and treasured piece would be a magazine cutting that was framed and given to me by a close friend in 2007 on the release of Kylie’s 2 Hearts single. Each and every item marks a moment in Kylie’s career and in turn, a moment in my life. My Kylie Collection: Thanks Troy.

are you a collector? We want to know about you! Let us know what you collect, and you might just be our next Collectors Corner guest! e. ph. (02) 6650 9343.

The mysteriously appealing smell of leather will draw you into the AWL Leather shop, where Bruce Erskine and his team of leather craftsmen have been producing their range of sandals and leather goods for almost 25 years. This is a must visit for summer holidaymakers and locals wanting unique leather goods.


focusinterview. with Joel McCulla from Zulu’s


meet a

AT ’ S I N

local. Where to start on something that is so diverse and brilliant! Obviously nothing beats sinking your teeth into the sweet and juicy flesh of a chilled mango on a hot summer’s day, licking up every dribble of juice that tries to escape you, before spending your time sucking and chewing on the stone and skin, because who wants to leave anything behind!

Meet Max Phillips from Coffs Hotel Name: Max Phillips.


Business and Position: Coffs Hotel, Manager of Madona’s Bar.

Watching Madona’s grow to become an integral

What’s your favourite thing about the Coffs Coast? The easy laidback lifestyle and beautiful beaches.

How did you get to this point? I came from

What’s the best thing about your job? Meeting new people and contributing to making their night enjoyable. Expressing my creative self when making cocktails.

ran the Cobb & Co Station in Bendemere. My

Working alongside my brother, Sam. What keeps you motivated? Job satisfaction, surfing and my new pup. Five words to best describe you: happy, driven, perfectionist, professional, personable. What are you looking forward to in the coming months? Concocting new recipes for cocktails. We have created some really exciting

part of the Coffs nightlife. a family that have been in this industry for more than 80 years with my great grandparents, who grandparents ran hotels in the Northern Rivers and Southern Highlands. My parents, Marty and Donna, currently run the Coffs Hotel. I pulled my first beer when I was 5 years old, ha ha. My older brother, Sam, and I work alongside our parents. As individuals, we all

I can’t think of anything better, but the mango does have many other uses. I know! It was a shock to myself as well! There are the uses for the green mango most of us have tried or heard of, mango pickle, green mango shaved and julienned into a salad, but in researching this heavenly fruit, I discovered a few other interesting tidbits about our summer staple snack. For example, the mango’s skin and stone contain urushiol, a chemical which in sensitive people can cause an instant contact concerned dermatitis; it’s the same chemical found in poison ivy! I know I shed a tear thinking about those people out there who cannot enjoy sucking on the stone! As for nutrition, the mango is in the top ranking antioxidant rich and fibre rich fruit list. So enjoy guilt free (if you completely ignore fructose levels). At Zulu’s for summer, we are actually going to be introducing you all to a combination not widely used, involving the mango and chilli. The burn and the sweet salve action all in one go! A sauce that is perfectly suited to seafood!

Looking forward to seeing you at Madona’s.

So this summer tuck in, slurp up, try a new variety, or indulge in you old favourite, but definitely don’t miss out on the mango!

What are you currently reading? Mixologist –


have something to offer the pub scene.

Cocktail Techniques.

To continue reading about unique ingredients, including a few useful tips and recipes, visit my blog on the Zulu’s Restaurant & Bar website:

Coffs Central CreAsian.


The Passionate Providore.


risti’s, ‘Pansabella’ Pansabella’ offers a unique combination of gourmet food and market flowers. The deli counter, abundant in specially sourced hard to find cheeses, cured meats, olives, antipasto, condiments, coffees, sourdough and pastries is the place to go for that instant gastronomic fix or to stock up on gourmet delicacies for the home. Kristi and Brett have a dedicated team in their new street front shop in Coffs Central. Now with a fully commercial kitchen, Kristi has been able to expand the delicatessen and gourmet dining experience. Kristi decided it was time to bring her international expertise back home and provide a new shopping experience on the Coffs Coast.

8 coffs coast focus.

“Pe “People want to understand how food is made and why and where food comes from. We use local flower growers and suppliers whenever we can,” Kristi said. “Come in and try our specialty, handmade pate, produced right here in Coffs Central.” Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at Pansabella with tapas, wines and boutique beers will be the place to go. BYO until January. See you at Coffs Central Restaurant. Row.

the plug! Shop 49, Restaurant Row, Coffs Central, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour. T 6652 6635.

AKE a creative look at Asian fusion cuisine and you get CreAsian, the brand new Coffs Harbour restaurant in Coffs Central just opened by Owen Young and his wife, Gayle. His menu for CreAsian stems from the authentic Chinese cooking of his own heritage, but also features flavours from Malaysia, Korea, Japan and other Asian countries. Owen makes use of western as well as eastern herbs, spices and flavour combinations – the result of years of experimenting in the kitchen. He also makes use of freshly-caught local seafoods and tender wagyu beef. Not everything is new – three best sellers from Owen’s old family restaurant – Peking duck, Mongolian lamb and salt and pepper squid, have made their way on to his new menu. There is also a non-traditional version of fried ice cream, as well as desserts like chocolate sorbet espresso five spice.

CreAsian’s modern décor, designed by Owen and Gayle, references Asia through hanging bamboo steamers, tea chests and a feature wall as well as its open kitchen, where the chef is an integral part of the restaurant. Open seven days from 10.30am to 3pm and six nights from 5pm, closed Sunday nights, CreAsian is licensed and serves a selection of Asian beers, as well as many different Chinese teas. The 68-seat restaurant offers the option of communal tables, birthdays and small functions. Located on Harbour Drive overlooking City Square, the restaurant also has an outdoor sidewalk dining area.

the plug! Shop 45, Restaurant Row, Coffs Central, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour. T 6652 4368.



School Holiday Fun


Dolphin Marine Magic Dolphin Marine Magic is a multi-award winning attraction where guests enjoy an 'up close and personal' experience with the park’s residents. Be touched by magic! Australia Day, Saturday 26 January from 9am, visit the Botanic Gardens for a chance to WIN the Lucky Door Prize! GOLD Private Ultimate Dolphin Experience (valued $1200) for 4 participants.

School Holiday Fun

Contact our functions department for more information. (02) 6659 1900

Sticky Fingers See the four piece Newtown band, Sticky Fingers, who have their second single from their forthcoming album (album to be called Caress Your Soul) out now. The single, Clouds & Cream, was co-produced by Dann Hume. When Jan Sat 5. Where Seaview Tavern, Woolgoolga.

School Holiday Fun

School holidays at Bunnings Coffs Harbour This summer, Bunnings Warehouse Coffs Harbour South will entertain the kids and give parents a well-deserved break with free Kids D.I.Y. Workshops during the school holidays. Expert team members from Bunnings Warehouse Coffs Harbour South will keep kids occupied with a range of hands-on D.I.Y. activities, teaching them fun projects they can try out at home. When Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the school holiday period. Where Bunnings Warehouse Coffs Harbour South, Cnr Englands Road and Pacific Highway, Coffs Harbour.

A&A Party Hire Specialists School Holiday Functioning Water slide, jumping castle, petting zoo, playground, sumo suits, giant games! Meet your favourite characters, Elmo, Batman and more. $10 per child (unlimited). Facebook friends 10% discount. Open 10 - 4pm Wednesdays and Fridays in the school holidays or by appointment. Where 55 Korora Bain Rd, Korora. Call 6653 6262. Email Also available for kids' parties.


EDUCATING OUR FUTURE LEADERS The Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) provides education and military training for the future leaders in Australia’s Navy, Army and Air Force. The program at ADFA combines a world class degree from the University of New South Wales with military training and leadership development. Undergraduate degrees include Arts, Business, Engineering, Information Technology, Science, and Technology. Midshipmen and OfÀcer Cadets also earn a salary, enabling them to focus on their studies and training in preparation for their future careers in the Australian Defence Force.


10 coffs coast focus.

Have you really looked into all your child’s education alternatives? Q: Q:



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your life...

Kylies Beach

the ...naturally

For the ultimate in a healthy start to 2013, you can’t miss out on these exciting new short breaks!

Timetable Harbour History Walk Saturday 5 January 10am - 12pm Bush Tucker at Woolgoolga Lake Saturday 5 January 10am -11.30am Grow your own Sustainable Food Saturday 12 January 10am -12pm A History of Coffs Creek Sunday 13 January 10am - 12pm Bicycle Tour of The Jetty Saturday 19 January 8am - 10am and Friday 15 February 4pm - 6pm Birds of the Coffs Coast Saturday 19 January 10am - 12pm Sea Turtles of the Solitary Islands Saturday 2 February 10am - 12pm Coffs Rainforest Walk Sunday 3 February 10am - 12pm Coffs Regional Community Garden Tour Saturday 9 February 10am - 11:30am A Sense of Moonee Saturday 16 February 4pm - 6pm Solitary Islands Coastal Walk Sunday 24 February 10am - 12pm

A FREE Coffs Ambassadors Tour Are you having visitors this summer? Do you want to show them the beauty and fascinating history of our region? Then why not take them on a FREE Coffs Ambassadors Tour! Hundreds of locals have experienced these popular tours and many were amazed to discover a part of Coffs they had never seen before – such as Craig from Bonville, who said: “I’ve lived here for 23 years and never knew this walk existed”. Each tour is unique and is run by a Coffs Ambassador Tour Guide who has a passion and knowledge for their tour topic and location. Walks range in length from 1 km to 4 km, so people of all ages and levels of fitness can come along. Don’t forget to book early though, as places are limited and these award winning tours get fully booked.

Everybody’s Supercamps are Starting Soon! Everybody’s fitness camps has a vision – to offer people an exciting new type of short break that is fun, full of fitness and health tips too. We have put together an action packed weekend to suit all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced, so that you can leave feeling fit, healthy and fantastic, with loads of helpful tools to ensure you start 2013 with motivation to keep you on track to a happier you! Expect a full itinerary providing you with great value for money, with industry experts sharing their practical knowledge in exercise, nutrition and motivation. We have prepared some great fun workouts and as the logo says, for “every Body”.

Including a purpose built obstacle course, tourist type activities and some time to relax with yoga and massage. There will be: talks on exercise that will show you the right way to gain long lasting results; nutrition, taking the confusion out of what to eat and when to eat it; and motivation, so that you can leave with tools to stay on track permanently. There are also cooking classes to teach you some hands on skills on how to prepare affordable and healthy meals that taste great too! With all accommodation, healthy meals and transfers to all locations provided, you can park your car on arrival and focus on YOU. For the ultimate healthy start to 2013, you can’t miss out on these exciting new short breaks!

Come on a


Free relaxing walks for all ages

Hear about the local stories, history and wildlife of the region from our friendly Coơs Ambassador Tour Guides.



rs s Ambassado

Discover stunning scenery on our Ƥfteen unique and enjoyable award-winning tours.

Book your summer tour now at www.coơ or phone the Visitor Information Centre 6648 4990


2030 THIS IS A LOOKING AFTER OUR ENVIRONMENT PROJECT Helping to achieve the 2030 Community Vision

coffs coast focus 13

George A. Cecato is a true inspiration to all new Australians – a man who has triumphed the challenges of migrating to a new foreign nation. He has been the Australia Day Ambassador in the past and this year he celebrates the Australia Day Ceremony with the community at Botanic Gardens on Saturday, January 26 from 9am.


here are you originally from, and what made you decide to leave your native country? I was born in Cordoba, Argentina, in 1949. I studied at The Technical Institute Renault, and in 1968 graduated as a toolmaker and motor mechanic. I worked as a toolmaker and intended to become an engineer. I became involved with the students of the University of Cordoba; we wanted a democratic country, and at the time Argentina was ruled by a very cruel and ruthless Military Junta. The students and I were part of an industrial demonstration on 29 May 1969, and it got out of hand and become a revolution called ‘EL CORDOBAZO’.

G E O R G E A . C E C AT O

I was detained for a couple of days, and this is when a Police Officer made a statement that changed my life. He said: “Enjoy your last six months of life”. Between 1969 and 1975, approximately 55,000 Argentinians disappeared, so I took the threat very seriously. I hitchhiked from Cordoba to Buenos Aires (800 km away) to have meetings with the Australian Consulate. I slept on the side of the road, in train cars and service stations. I actually had to do this trip 3 times. I was accepted by the Australian Government as a migrant with full residential status.

29 May 1969 - the beginning of the industrial and student peaceful demonstration. George can be seen here (front: white shirt & grey jacket).

When did you arrive in Australia? I arrived in Australia on 1 Nov 1969. When I arrived in Sydney, I was 20 years old. I did not speak a word of English, and I didn’t have access to a relative or person I knew. I had $50US in my pocket and a debt of $2,000US. I was placed at Villawood Hostel in a Second World War


coffs coast focus.


29 May 1969 - the beginning of the industrial and



student peaceful demonstration.

demonstration turns to bloodshed.

people pay with their lives.

corrugated iron bunker. I shared it with a Yugoslav national who did not speak English and who suffered with some major mental illness. It was the beginning of a very hard and lonely road. What are some of the experiences and difficulties you faced as a migrant in Australia? Even though I was promised that I would work as a tradesman, I could not get a job as a toolmaker because I did not speak English. I was given a Job at Waterloo in the British Motor Company, Þtting rear windows in the assembly line. I worked there for 12 months. It was a long journey to work every morning; I would catch the train and 2 buses, and I got lost many times. I decided to learn some basic English, so on the way back from work I would attend a high school at Redfern that doubled as a learning centre for migrants at night. In 1970, I got my Þrst toolmaking job at Repco Die and Tools in Revesby. I met Anna, my future wife, at The Italian Apia club in Leichhardt, and for the Þrst time I had a home − a small ßat in Canterbury, with 2 other Argentinians. Also in 1970, the Argentinian Government declared me ÔA DeserterÕ, because I did not return to do National Service. If IÕd returned, they would have arrested me at the airport and I would have joined the 55,000 Argentinians who disappeared. Mass graves have been discovered since, with many people taken on helicopter rides over the ocean (from which they never returned). The Argentinian Army was so desperate to

get me back, every month they would get my mother to face a military tribunal in Cordoba to embarrass her and try to inßuence her to get me to return; my mother had a very strong character and never gave me up. I studied engineering from 1972 and graduated in 1977. I worked during the day as a full-time toolmaker, while I studied 3 nights a week and worked every Friday and Saturday night for 4 years at AmadoÕs Spanish Fiesta Cabaret. Anna and I married in 1973. The Þrst 10 years of my life in Australia were very hard, because of language barriers, discrimination and my Þnancial situation, but one thing I learned in Argentina was to never give up. This attitude and the help from Anna, her family and the commitment to our children got us through.

government elected that I was allowed to return to Argentina without having to worry about going to gaol or being dropped from a helicopter. I left a single young man of 20 years and returned a 40 year old man with wife Anna, son Adrian and daughter Vanessa. I was lucky everyone over there was still alive. The Þrst trip was very hard, because at that stage Argentina did not accept double nationality, so I spent four weeks trying to get an Argentinian passport to get back to Australia.

Reflecting back on your experiences, what does it now mean to you to be an Australian citizen? As I n Australia has giveife, w a y, was building my Australian tr me a coun n, re ild ch ul rf de life through work and two won ghter, study, there was one our first granddau , ily fam Anna’s incredibleer in thing I hated Ð and ht a son and daug s, a that was being called a nd ie fr y law, man e in our ac pl a d ÔWOGÕ. I tried every which an er re ca community.” way to let my Australian mates know that I was not a ÔWOGÕ, but a mate. After a few years of suffering, I realised I was When did you become an not going to beat them − so I decided Australian Citizen? I became an to join them by taking the ÔWOGÕ out of Australian Citizen in 1974. This was me. a very signiÞcant moment in my life,

because until that point (for over 4 years) IÕd had no nationality, no country, and Anna was my only family. Have you been able to meet up again with the family and friends you left behind in Argentina? I did not see my parents, family and friends in Argentina for 20 years. It was after the Military Government was thrown out and a democratic

I did not join my South American counterparts and I moved with my Australian family to an ÔAustralianÕ suburb. I gave up many nights to study English, I gave up red wine and started drinking beer, I stopped slow cooking BBQ ÔAzadoÕ and learned how to burn meat, I gave up football (soccer) and I started to watch Rugby League. I became involved with many volunteer organisations in

my local community, and IÕm proud to have been a Rotarian for the last 16 years. In other words: I embraced Australia with all my might, because I truly wanted to be part of this wonderful nation of ours! Australia has given me a country, a wife, two wonderful children, our Þrst granddaughter, AnnaÕs incredible family, a son and daughter in law, many friends, a career and a place in our community. Even though I went back to drinking red wine and watching soccer, I am very, very proud to call myself an Aussie! What would you like to say to anyone planning to become an Australian citizen this Australia Day? To all of you becoming an Australian citizen, I congratulate you! Please take the ÔWOGÕ out of you by learning our culture, the language and by being part of this community, as there are many service clubs and volunteer organisations that will love to have you on board. Have a good day, mate! Thanks George.

the plug! Join me at a memorable Australia Day at the Botanic Gardens commencing with a ßag raising ceremony, awards and citizen ceremony and fun Þlled family activities for the whole community. When Saturday 26 January. Time 9am for ßag raising ceremony, Keynote speakers and family entertainment all day. Where: Botanic Gardens, Coffs Harbour. Find out more turn to page number 50.

coffs coast focus 15

Photography by Nigel McNeil.

Three huge holiday acts coming to the Jetty Theatre.

Jetty theatre kickstart 2013 Happy New Year! We hope you are taking advantage of the holiday season and using every excuse to get together with friends and loved ones. In January, The Jetty Memorial Theatre has three more excuses for you to spend quality time with those who matter most, when we present a range of events to suit all tastes. If you need to escape the heat of the beach but want to be thinking about the surf, sun and sand, we have the best of both worlds with the production of The Sea Witch and the Magic Cave. Fun, lighthearted, good versus evil, a touch of fantasy and beach safety thrown in for good measure, The Sea Witch and the Magic Cave is in the tradition of a classic pantomime. What happens next will thrill, excite and entertain. We also have entertainment for the more mature theatre enthusiasts. Touted as the world’s greatest thriller, Sleuth, by Seacrest Productions, weaves the narrative of Andrew Wyke, a successful author of murder mysteries, with a penchant for game playing. This sublime masterpiece of plots is funny, thrilling and complex, as it winds its way to a fiendish finale of mind games and madness. Later in the month, captivating speaker Peter FitzSimons will present his latest book, Eureka: the Unfinished Revolution. An exceptional orator, FitzSimons brings historic events to life, allowing us to reach out and touch prominent Australians through his biographies. Be fascinated and also get your copy of the book personally signed by Peter at this exclusive event. Get off to a good start in 2013 by making extra time to add more theatre to your life! Visit for more info.


coffs coast focus.

Blessed Bhutan

Billabong’s MONSTER CROC! Staff at Billabong Zoo are delighted to announce the arrival of the newest member to their animal family, ‘monster croc’ Shrek. The massive salt water or estuarine crocodile measures 4.6 metres and is estimated to be 50 years old. Construction on the Jurassic Pond exhibit began in early 2012 and boasts a naturalistic themed exhibit, large pool and state of the art viewing areas for the public. Visitors can enjoy watching Shrek swim through an underwater viewing panel, which had to be imported from Germany! There is also a second storey viewing area, to allow visitors to look out over the pool, and the view from the front of the exhibit is uninhibited by the use of all glass fencing panels. Shrek made the journey from Crocodylus Park in Darwin to Billabong Zoo in an 18 hour marathon journey by plane and truck. Shrek’s Jurassic Pond exhibit will be open to the public from December 20, 2012.

The idyllic Kingdom of Bhutan, The Land of the Thunder Dragon, consistently ranks in the top 10 happiest countries in the world. The Bhutanese show the rest of the world how to balance tradition with modernity. Their incredible ability to preserve their culture and environment so it remains rich in history with an abundance of natural wildlife is a magical sight to behold. Travellers are offered a glimpse into this captivating, deeply Buddhist land where the men wear tunics and chillies aren’t a side order, but a staple. Prayer flags are peppered through the picturesque mountains, colourful, vibrant marketplaces dot the countryside, and museums and monasteries connect people to a rural past. A guided tour will ensure you get the richest experience of the landscape and its people. Flying into Paro, the international gateway to Bhutan, then on to Thimphu followed by Punakha, seasoned traveller Julie Larkey will shop, trek, and eat Bhutan with you as you fall in love with the beautiful people and unique, spiritual way of life. Tours depart on 18 March 2013. Call or drop in to see Julie and her team at Harvey World Travel, Park Beach Plaza, Coffs Harbour.


At Casuarina, the buildings and classrooms look different and students aren’t required to wear a uniform. Principal Toni Wright-Turner talks us through community stigmas and helps us bust some myths!

Casuarina Steiner School


myth in the community is that Casuarina Steiner is a hippy school where the students are given too much freedom and they don’t actually do

anything? Certainly our buildings and classrooms look different. Our students look different too, because they don’t wear a school uniform, and during more than 35 years in Steiner education, I’ve heard this as a typical first reaction if people have no experience of Steiner education. However, in my experience it is equally typical that when people actually come to the school and learn more by taking a tour of the classes, or attending performances or community events, they realise there are sound and well tested reasons for the differences, and that these differences go much deeper than the physical appearance of the school or students. People soon see that the lessons and the learning environments which arise from the curriculum at Casuarina Steiner School are structured and sequential and meet or exceed NSW Board of Studies requirements, because we encompass both the state curriculum and the Steiner curriculum. When children relate what they learn to their own experience, they are interested and engaged, and what they learn becomes their own. Steiner Schools are designed to foster this kind of learning, with the additional benefits of developing their creativity and individuality. So yes, we are consciously and proudly offering a different type of education at Casuarina, but there is no lack of learning in what we offer, and this is obvious in the students who go on to local high schools after completing their primary education with us. Each year at the presentation nights of local high schools, ex-Casuarina students regularly feature in the top academic and other awards. People have often said that the school has no curriculum. How is the curriculum different from that of a public school? The key difference in the Steiner curriculum is that it links content and learning activities developmentally with the needs and abilities of

P r i n c i p a l T o n i W r i g h t -T u r n e r

the child. This creates active engaged learning, where students typically love to learn. I would also say we offer an enriched curriculum, because we cover all the usual Key Learning Areas of the state curriculum, as well as the Steiner curriculum. For example, in the Kindergarten years, where the child learns by doing and by imitation, the curriculum I would also allows the child to explore say we offer an their world through rich ulum, As I said above, enriched curric r artistic, practical and social e we cove us ca be our students don’t activities, rather than l the usual Key the al wear a uniform. through formally learning of Learning Areas , as From a more global to read and write. At the state curriculum r perspective, Steiner ne ei same time, they develop well as the St schools began early .” um a wealth of pre-reading, curricul last century in Europe in writing, numeracy and social areas where schools don’t skills through stories, songs, require students to wear a movement, games, practical activities uniform. Generally, neither do schools like baking, crafts and creative, imaginative in America. play. When the child enters Class 1 and then While typically schools in Australia do have through the primary school, emphasis moves to uniforms, Casuarina Steiner School chooses feeling-filled experience of knowledge, through not to, because we believe the individuality of the creative and artistic presentation of content each child is important and all aspects of the and through engaging the child’s feelings education, including dress, give the opportunity through imaginative stories which convey the for our students to grow up valuing themselves essence of the lesson and can then be worked and each other as individuals, with different with practically in the class. strengths and capacities, with different tastes Then in the later primary years, the maturing and ideas. students are ready to explore and learn through The word uniform says what it is – everyone logical insight and more critical thinking, and is in some way the same, and this is what is the curriculum and presentation again changes interpreted as giving a sense of identity or of to engage these students in a new, conceptual belonging. I would say that identity is created way. by valuing each individual for their uniqueness, Another interesting difference is that main and belonging is created out of human content in all subjects is presented in main relationships and community, rather than by lesson blocks of two hours per day, with each looking the same. block lasting for 3 weeks, and subjects are At Casuarina we value our students revisited several times each year. In this way, and families and foster an authentic sense the Steiner curriculum works like an ascending of belonging through relationships and spiral where subjects are revisited and new community. A uniform is not needed to do this. exposure gives students greater depth and new The school motto is to educate the head, insights. heart and hands, educating the whole Uniforms have always served a part in any person intellectually, artistically, socially community and give people a sense of and morally. Can you please elaborate on belonging; for example, Police, fire brigade this? etc. Are Steiner students required to wear This motto arises out of the fundamental a school uniform?

question of what education is, and for Steiner education it is clear that the essence of education is preparing students for their own future, rather than moulding them to what we know now or how we do things at present. To do this you need to acknowledge and educate the whole person, and that means more than just ‘putting information in’. It is also important to understand that children experience the world differently from adults, and are definitely not miniature adults who just grow bigger over time. There are significant capacities which need to be nurtured and allowed to develop in the right way as the child grows to adulthood. At Casuarina Steiner School, our childcentred education gives students the opportunity to develop their creativity, a vital foundation for the flexible thinking and problem solving which will help them meet the realities and challenges of the future. It also develops a natural, heartfelt and lifelong connection to the world through actual experience, through being inspired by the wonder and awe of the world around them. This is what we mean when we speak of educating the head, heart and hands – developing the intellectual capacity of each child in dynamic balance with their emotional capacity and their ability to actually do things practically and creatively in the world. We achieve this through a curriculum and educational methodology which allows each child’s capacities to unfold from within as they learn about the world and their place in it, in harmony with the development of their intellectual, social and practical capacities … their head, heart and hands. Thanks Toni. coffs coast focus 17

Coffs Coast

Smoked Rainbow Trout Salad from No. 5 Church Street.

eat. Dining Guide is available for iPhone & Android App Store. 18 coffs coast focus.


Spinifex Restaurant

Outback Jacks

Located in the heart of uptown Coffs Harbour, the Coast Hotel is a vibrant and friendly place with a long and proud tradition of looking after locals and visitors alike.

Let the team at Outback Jacks take the stress and hassle out of it. Offering alfresco dining on the deck, it is the perfect place to get together to celebrate the festive season; but be quick– bookings are filling fast. Celebrating a birthday? Book a table for 8 or more adults, and the birthday person eats for free (conditions apply). Plus, they will receive a special birthday treat, compliments of Outback Jacks. You should also come in and try Jacks 1 kg Steak Challenge: eat everything in under 30 mins and be rewarded with a 50% discount and a free T-shirt! And just a reminder: kids 12 and under eat for $3 all day, every day.

Whether you are after a place to have a quiet drink with friends, sample some of the culinary delights from our acclaimed restaurant or enjoy some of the Mid North Coast’s premier live music, the Coast Hotel is the place for you. There is something for everyone at the Coast Hotel, the friendliest and most relaxing hotel in Coffs. We hope to see you here soon!

Head Chef Sam Allinson.

Coast Hotel, 2 Moonee St, Coffs Harbour t 6652 3007 w

8 Bray Street, Coffs Harbour t 6699 2458 w

open: Lunch: 12noon - 2.30pm. Dinner: 6pm - 9pm.

open: 7 days a week from 11.30am ‘til late.


Bluebottles Brasserie

Owen has been a chef for 20 years and worked in mines for 12 months, but returned to open CreAsian. Offering something different than normal Chinese Australian meals, Owen’s meals are mostly a fusion of all Asian foods. Some of Owen’s favourite meals include: salt and pepper squid, Peking Duck, scallops, and Abalone. CreAsian is fully licensed, selling Asian beer, a range of Chinese teas (no coffee) and a good selection of red and white wine. The décor is Modern Asian, and it will be a family effort with the team of 12 staff. See you at CreAsian on Coffs Central, Restaurant Row.

Bluebottles is located in beautiful seaside Woolgoolga. Enjoy the coast’s beautiful summer weather in a relaxed alfresco atmosphere. Open 7 days a week: from 6.30am - 3pm Sunday to Thursday and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Friday and Saturdays. Under the guidance of Head Chef Gerard Geerligs, Bluebottle’s new summer menu provides fresh flavours for all tastes. Bookings are recommended, and private functions are catered for.

Shop 47 Restaurant Row, Coffs Central, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour t 66524368 open: 7 days. 10.30 - 3pm, 5.30 - 10pm except Sunday nights.

New owner Glenn.

Owner Owen Young.

Head Chef Gerard Geerligs.

Shops 1 & 2, 53 Beach St, Woolgoolga t 6654 1962 open Breakfast and lunch daily. Open for dinner Friday and Saturday nights from 6pm.

coffs coast focus 19

eat. TREEO's breakfast trifle w/ summer fruits, toasted muesli, honey yogurt and biscotti.

Café TREEO Sawtell

Pansabella Providore

Situated under the grand fig trees that line Sawtell’s First Avenue, TREEO is a vibrant café brought to you by sea-changers Leesa and Duncan Elliot. Having recently undergone a total renovation, the new fit out is fresh and modern with walls adorned in artwork by local artist, Ash Johnson from Open Studio. Their summer menu is a reflection of TREEO’s new look, with show-stopping dishes like their famous breakfast trifle, a quirky take on the humble fruit salad. With an extensive menu, all day breakfast and exceptional service, it’s not hard to see why TREEO has become one of the stand out venues on the Coffs Coast.

'The Passionate Providore'. Kristi’s 'Pansabella' offers a unique combination of gourmet food, café and market flowers. The deli counter, abundant in specially sourced hard to find cheeses, cured meats, olives, antipasto, condiments, coffees, sourdough and pastries, is the place to go for that instant gastronomic fix or to stock up on gourmet delicacies for the home. Kristi and Brett have a dedicated team in their new street front shop in Coffs Central. Now with a fully commercial kitchen, Kristi has been able to expand the delicatessen and gourmet dining experience. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at Pansabella with tapas wines and boutique beers will be the place to go. See you at Coffs Central, Restaurant Row.

Owner/Chef Duncan Elliot.

18 First Ave, Sawtell t 6653 1099 fb CafeTreeo

Owner Kristi Knowles.

Shop 49 Restaurant Row, Coffs Central, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour t 6652 6635 open: 7.30am - 5.30pm Monday to Wednesday, 7.30am - 10.30pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 9am - 4pm Sunday.

open: 7 days from 7am for breakfast and lunch.

Surf Club Restaurant & Bar Surf Club Restaurant and Bar is doing dinner for a short time only. From Thursday night 27 December 2012 until Friday night January 11, 2013, our oceanfront restaurant will be serving dinner between 5.30pm and 8.30pm, with full bar provided by Coffs Harbour Surf Life Saving Club. New Year’s Eve dinner will be run as a private function with a limit of 200 people (over18s only). Bookings are essential, with New Year’s Eve being a pre-paid ticketed event. For details, phone our restaurant on (02) 6652 9870 and check our website or Facebook page for more details.

Finz on The Beach Summer has well and truly arrived at BreakFree Aanuka Beach Resort; warm weekends, lazy Sundays and Friday night drinks are all on the cards. Why not join us! Aanuka Beach Resort is open for dinner 7 nights a week, for lunch in our Lower Casay decks and à la carte dining in our gorgeous Finz Restaurant – overlooking Diggers Beach. Sunday session runs every Sunday, with great drinks specials and a great menu: lunch from 11am and live music kicks off at 3pm. The perfect way to finish the weekend. For more information, call the resort direct on (02) 6652 7555.

Breakfree Aanuka Beach Resort 11 Firman Drive, Coffs Harbour t 6650 2400 w open: 6pm - 9pm, 7 days a week.

20 coffs coast focus.

Executive Chef Tim McClay-Talivai

Chef Matt Donovan.

Surf Club Road, Park Beach, Coffs Harbour t 6652 9870 w open: Daily from 7am. Breakfast and lunch.

eat. Piña Colada Juice Bar Piña Colada Juice Bar is more than just juice. They offer their customers a variety of gluten free and vegetarian options, made fresh daily or made to order. Sandwiches fresh or toasted, wraps fresh or toasted, salads, rice paper rolls, fruit salad, slices, cakes, biscuits and a whole lot more. We are doing ‘GLUTEN FREE PIZZAS’ – preorder is advised. Come in and get a loyalty card, with the 8th purchase FREE. Internet ordering available. We even deliver. Don’t forget the COFFEE.

Wholly Cow Café

Cherrie, Tamara, and Allanah.

Shop 1 - 4 / 9 Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour t 6650 0499 open: 7am-5pm Monday- Friday Saturday 7am-2pm, Sunday 9am-2pm

Wholly Cow offers fresh and healthy food using the finest local suppliers and ingredients. Their philosophy also extends to the coffee they offer, serving organic Fairtrade coffee from the coast's very own award winning Amelia Franklin Specialty Coffee Roaster. Amelia recently won three silvers at the national Golden Bean Roaster competition. Wholly Cow is one of the few venues on the coast that offer multiple blends. Coffee lovers can choose either the ‘Soul’ or ‘Café Femenino’ beans for their coffee. A great local café dedicated to offering fantastic local product … so buy local at Wholly Cow!

Owner Ricky Lee

2/39 First Avenue, Sawtell t 6658 2682 open: Mon to Thurs – 7am to 5pm. Fri to Sat – 7am to 8pm Sun and Public Holidays – 7am to 3pm.

Cocoa Delight your senses at Mel and Aaron’s new Cocoa Restaurant on Restaurant Row in Coffs Central. Full of their favourite gateaux, tortes and tarts, backed up by Botero Coffee and now a new menu and fully licensed! This fantastic new dining experience will be a great way to finish off your shopping or as a destination on your evening walk. Open all day every day and enjoy alfresco dining at its best, as they open for dinner Thursday and Friday nights until 10pm. Also available for private functions and with some space available for Christmas bookings, give Mel a call to discuss your function. Come and meet the team, Mel and Aaron, chefs Stephen and Peter and the great baristas and staff at Cocoa. See you at Coffs Central, Restaurant Row.

Owners Mel & Aaron Dyett

Shop 45, Restaurant Row, Coffs Central, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour t 6650 7417

No. 5 Church Street Summer is here, and so is our hot new menu featuring some of the old favourites and a few new special delights too! Our crack kitchen team is cooking up a storm, and we’re looking forward to making you feel right at home. A must is the three little quinoa cakes, served w/ community garden greens, avocado mango salsa, spicy carrot salad and ajwain yogurt – and don’t forget the classics; our burgers and fish and chips are sure to please even the most humble palate. And to go with your meal – live music is on every Friday and Saturday night, so come on down to No.5 – we look forward to serving you soon! Check out what’s on @ or follow us on the old Facebook.

Our friendly kitchen staff.

5 Church Street, Bellingen t 6655 0155 open: Wed - Sun 11am - 10pm.

open: Monday - Friday: 7am - 5pm. Saturday: 7am - 3pm. Sunday: 8am -1pm.

coffs coast focus 21

eat. Saltwater Restaurant

The Pier Hotel

Take in the awesome view, while our team of award winning chefs and friendly staff look after you. Enjoy breakfast on the terrace, a leisurely lunch, or fine dining in the evening. We have an affordable extensive wine list, and are also BYO. Reviewed and recommended by SMH Good Food Guide. Winner Best Breakfast Award for Excellence for the 2nd year.

It doesn’t matter what food you like, there’s a good chance you will find that perfect meal at Waves Bistro at The Pier. Dave Newick and the staff have spent years working and listening to customers, so they have designed a menu that fits the profile of the customer base at The Pier. If you’re looking for a $10 steak for lunch or a grilled lemon snapper topped with prawns for dinner, it’s on the menu. The theme nights are our most popular nights, especially Thursday nights’ Mexican, where you can get your meal + Corona for just $14.50; or you could come down and try our new 1kg burrito challenge and walk away with a T-shirt and your name on our honour board. Come down and try our new Tapas menu every Friday arvo from 2.30pm - 5.30pm.



Head Chef Dan Williams.

Head Chef Dave Newick.

104 Fiddaman Road, Emerald Beach t 6656 1888 w

Cnr Harbour Dr and Camperdown St, Coffs Harbour hotel 6652 2110 bistro 6651 8222

open: Breakfast, lunch and Dinner - 7 days a week in the summer holidays. Closed Christmas Day and New Year's Day.

open: lunch 11.30 - 2.30pm, dinner 5.30 - 8.30pm, 7 days a week.

Zulu’s Restaurant & Bar 2013 is a time to celebrate! At Zulu's we''re going to be making that easier with our TFIF menu and happy hour on Friday's throughout January! (Not to be confused with TGIF) A fun and exciting tapas style menu, done in that unique Zulu's way that only Chef Joel could pull off. Coupled with a very unique cocktail menu... happy hour starts at 5pm every Friday for January!

Chef Joel McCulla.

27 Grafton Street, Coffs Harbour (Pacific Highway) t 6652 1588 w open: Breakfast: Monday – Friday, 7am – 9am. Dinner: Monday – Saturday, 6pm – late.

22 coffs coast focus.

Delight your Senses Mel and Aaron have reopened the doors of their new Cocoa in Coffs Central. They now have a full liquor licence and updated menu, plus their popular Botero coffee along with all the old Cocoa favourites, including that tempting cake cabinet full of tortes, tarts, gateaux and friands. Those who have been suffering withdrawal symptoms since the popular rendezvous closed in October for renovations will find Cocoa spilling out onto the rebuilt Harbour Drive footpath under shady umbrellas. Now open for dinner Thursday and Friday nights, giving locals and visitors the opportunity to browse shops after work and conclude their summer evening with alfresco dining. Available for private functions, Mel is taking bookings for mid to late December. Mel took over Cocoa with husband Aaron 3 years ago and is combining that with raising their 12 month old twins and 8 year old son. Mel is planning regular menu updates to take advantage of seasonal produce and customer tastes. Aaron has always worked in the building game and is site manager for the Coffs Central major refurbishment, so he is well placed to keep an eye on things. Aaron is mostly retired from sport but has been a notable cage fighter, placing third for

his weight in Australia. Combined with Mel's talent and interest in hospitality and patisserie, Mel and Aaron have a recipe for success. Come and discover the new Cocoa. Mel and Aaron, chef wizards Stephen and Peter, the baristas and staff are looking forward to delighting you!

the plug! Shop 47, Restaurant Row, Coffs Central, Harbour Drive, Coffs Harbour. T 6650 9417.

Ladybirds Garden Café

outback jacks

GLENN W a dde l l

Boasting an extensive career that spans oceans, Glenn Waddell has settled in Coffs Harbour, dishing out the world's largest selection of mouthwatering steaks cooked to perfection. i Glenn. Can you please tell us about your background as a chef? The first time I worked in hospitality was at the age of 15. I worked in a fine dining seafood restaurant in south Brisbane as a 'dishy'. That was really when I knew I had a passion for food. From that point on, I knew I wanted to be chef. I completed my apprenticeship in Brisbane and as soon as I was finished, I decided to set off overseas to Malaysia. My parents had been living there for several years, because my stepfather worked in Kuala Lumpur. During my time in Malaysia, I was fortunate enough to work with six Thai chefs, learning everything from traditional curries to spicy soups and noodle dishes. One of the benefits of working with those chefs was they asked me if I would like to join them on a trip back to their village in Thailand. We travelled around the areas, and I was able to really experience different tastes and flavours from each place. After working overseas, I returned to Australia and secured a job as Head Chef in one of Brisbane's top corporate hotels. Unfortunately, I came down with the travelling bug, and a year later I was off again to the UK, where I stayed for the next 2 years. I settled in the UK and started out as Senior Sous Chef in a 480 seater Caribbean themed restaurant. Then after meeting a few people from there, I went on to be the Sous Chef in a 2 rosette fine dining seafood restaurant. Unfortunately, as we all know the recession hit in 2008, and I was forced to come back home to Brisbane, where I could find work and a sense of security. On returning back to Australia, that same week I was moved down to Queenscliff in Victoria to run a 100 seater alfresco dining and a 60 seater fine dining restaurant. There, we decided to create a menu with influences from the early 1800s.

The menu was such a success, that we were featured on the television program Postcards and also The Great Escape for best place to eat in Queenscliff. The restaurant in Queenscliff eventually hit its peak and I knew it was time for me to progress in my career; so, I moved to the Gold Coast, where I was offered a partnership in a restaurant in Ashmore.

Ladybirds Garden Café is the latest and most talked about nursery café on the Coffs Coast, set within the beauty of Garden Mania Nursery, just off the Pacific Hwy. Ladybirds Café prides itself on being 100% ‘home-made'. With “Jonathan’s nds experience exte ing in over 20 cakes to choose from, from his time liv as a our extensive range is all made the U.K. working ager at here at Ladybirds; the taste barista and man mber really speaks for itself. ‘Coffee #1’, the nu

Tea seven days a week, with bookings essential to guarantee guests a e one ranked coffe. ” As soon as you enter the café, memorable experience chain in the U.K you feel as though you have of hand made petite just taken a step back in time – sweets and savouries! For with hand embroidered table cloths, functions such as baby showers, hanging baskets, flowers upon the tables hens' parties or birthday celebrations, and ‘proper’ table-service, Ladybirds is how it Ladybirds offers High Tea, tea parties or group used to be in the good old days. lunch bookings. Ladybirds also provides light lunch 7 days (from 11.30-2.30), breakfast at Ladybirds Garden Café is proudly run by weekends (9am-11am), morning and afternoon Jonathan Oates, and his English fiancée, teas, serving amazing home made fluffy scones Catharine. Jonathan’s experience extends from served with jam and cream! his time living in the U.K. working as a barista and manager at ‘Coffee #1’, the number one ranked coffee chain in the U.K. ‘Ladybirds’ is also the leader in High Tea service in the Coffs Harbour region, offering High

Why not phone through your order for takeaway coffee and cake? We're also conveniently located, with ample parking for your convenience.

Our reputation was taking off, but unfortunately the landlord had different plans; he sold the building to a medical company . In the midst of the travelling, moving and different jobs, I had started a family, so I wanted to move on with my career and start a restaurant of my own. Tell our readers what they can expect to be able to order at Outback Jacks? We have the world's largest selection of steaks cooked to perfection and mouthwatering ribs that just fall off the bone. We have a variety of different meals, from grilled chicken breast to pastas and even a range of salads for the health nut. What would you say is your point of difference? Our friendly and humorous staff will always put a smile on your face. We will also make our customers interact with each other by bringing them together through our challenges and birthday songs. What do you have in store for Outback Jacks in the coming months? I would like Outback Jacks to be a destination to go to in Coffs Harbour. I will also be entering the restaurant in competitions over the coming months, just to show how special we are. Can people go online and check out the menu? We do have a website that shows a full menu and also any type of specials we may be offering. Thanks Glenn. coffs coast focus



A World of Colour Art lovers on the North Coast are being treated to a feast of colour, imagination and beauty this summer at the Jeffrey Baker Art Exhibition. Artist Jeffrey Baker is holding a major exhibition of his work at Opal Cove Resort, representing the largest showing of his body of original surreal artwork.

A conversation with

BRENTCULKIN. General Manager

& Licensee OF the Plantation Hotel

Brent Culkin cater to everyone. We are a family focused My name is Brent Culkin; I am the General restaurant with a kids’ play room and Manger and Licensee of the Plantation Hotel. Sparkle, our resident fairy, to entertain the Growing up in Coffs Harbour and being born kids with face painting, games and colouring to third generation hotel managers, you in. We have healthy but fun meal options could say hospitality is in my blood. After for the kids, with make your own pizza and 13 years of earning my stripes working in a fruit served with most kids’ meals. If you range of venues and positions from Sydney are just wanting to relax with a few friends to the Gold Coast, I was absolutely thrilled after work, our lounge bar is the perfect to be given the opportunity to move back environment to enjoy a cocktail or take to my home town and build the business advantage of our mega screens in the Sports of the venue I loved to frequent in Bar and back a winner with our full TAB in my younger years. It’s my facilities. personal goal to create an Entertainment enjoyable experience for We have an exciting line everyone who enters ed nt le ta of up of entertainment this am te “ Our the our venue; whether summer, with something chefs, headed by m it is for a great meal, renowned Ada for everyone. Every s a headlining act Melouney andehiWalton Friday and Saturday sous chef Blaking) have or simply an after K night we open the s (The Tapa ting work drink, everyone ci ex an ed gn back room, which is si de mmer leaves with a smile. new à la carte su currently the only night menu. ” New Summer Menu club environment with Our team of talented a pumping atmosphere chefs, headed by the enhanced by the touring and renowned Adam Melouney and resident DJs. his sous chef Blake Walton (The Tapas Every Wednesday is ‘Universal Night’, and King) have designed an exciting new à la ‘Live Music Thursday’ hosts a range of local carte summer menu, sourcing the freshest and touring vocalists. local ingredients available, resulting in a new, We are all really excited about the calibre modern look. Every ingredient down to the of acts coming through the Plantation this sauces is all made in house. To complement season, with names like Friendly Fires, Mental our new summer menu, we have added a as Anything and Birds of Tokyo, just to name selection of tapas every Friday night and a few, and a couple more we are keeping all weekend, which some have described under wraps for the minute. as a taste sensation and go down perfectly with a cold beer, glass of wine or one of our Community Events exciting cocktails. We sponsor many local sports teams and Family Friendly The Plantation Hotel is not only the premier nightspot on the Mid North Coast – we can 24 coffs coast focus.

will always get behind a fundraiser or charity event; it’s our way of giving back to the community.

The resort offers the perfect location for visitors to browse the collection in a beautiful setting, making the art accessible to both tourists and locals for a limited time. Jeffrey will be familiar to many people as the man behind the richly coloured landscape artworks seen hanging in businesses and homes around the region. Jeffrey’s modern Australian style is characterised by his imaginative interpretation of land and seascapes, using layering and intricate detailing

to produce works of unparalleled beauty. His artistic career has also included commission work for homes and corporate contracts. This exhibition provides something for everyone, from art connoisseurs to those simply looking for a relaxing activity during the summer holidays. Jeffrey is at the exhibition daily to offer insight into the creative process behind each piece. On display are original oil and acrylic artworks, limited edition prints, canvas art prints and small gift items. Don’t miss out on your chance to discover the exceptional talent of this sought after artist right on your doorstep this month. The exhibition runs until 27 January. Open daily 11am - 6pm – free admission. Opal Cove Resort, Pacific Highway (North), Coffs Harbour. Contact (02) 6652 8099 or 0403 202 699.

Scott Drumgold, resident Shirley Watson and General Manager Martin Bunyan.

Where Music Lives Learning and Earning Scott Drumgold’s Higher School Certificate includes earning a weekly wage as an Aged Care Assistant at Masonic Village. Learning about patient care and working in a clinical environment is all part of Scott’s plan to study nursing, paramedics and medicine. “It is a good feeling to go home each night knowing that you have helped people,” says Scott, who is employed through Youth Directions Group Training program. An Orara High student, Scott is one of a growing number of young people who have started their career journey through the School Based Apprentice and Trainee program. The forward-thinking management at Masonic Village recognise the need to attract young people into the Aged Care sector and offer employment opportunities for schoolbased trainees every year. General Manager Martin Bunyan says, “Scott is keen to learn and has matured greatly through his role. There are benefits to other staff and residents having a youthful member on the team.” Employment forecasts indicate a growing labour shortage in the Health and Aged Care Industry, leading to job opportunities for young people interested in a range of caring careers. Youth Directions has opportunities available now for young people who are ready to start caring!

Welcome to a brand new year, full of promise and good things to come, especially in the music world here at Coffs Harbour Regional Conservatorium – the Place Where Music Lives! Ahead of us is a fabulous year of music learning for all ages. Our regular program of instrumental lessons includes drums, guitars, piano, all the wind instruments, brass and strings. Beginners are very welcome, and we have instruments for hire if you want try something new. For the preschoolers there is the Early Childhood Music Program with Tracey Burton. This structured and developmental program is ideal for helping children prepare for school. Other beaut programs, such as Rhythm Makers with Peter Skelton, cater especially for primary aged children. There are also ensembles to join, so that you make music whilst making new friends. A wind ensemble, brass group and various guitar groups are all free to students enrolled at the Conservatorium, but anyone can join in the fun! “Making music with others is fun and an integral part of learning to play an instrument,” says Director Carol Hellmers. “We are a vibrant and safe place where everyone can learn to enjoy music.” Located at the Bray St Complex, the Conservatorium is THE place where music lives. To enrol and for further information, phone 6652 1592.

Peter FitzSimons. Peter FitzSimons is a truly gifted writer; his books live and breathe. He is the most successful Australian nonfiction writer of the last ten years. FitzSimons is launching his latest book Eureka: the Unfinished Revolution at the Jetty Memorial Theatre. The short battle of Eureka was a pivotal moment in Australia’s history. The rebellion and consequential trial resulted in the Electoral Act of 1856, the right to vote by secret ballot and can be seen as the birth of democracy in Australia. Peter FitzSimons was originally scheduled to do this event in December, but postponed due to an urgent assignment in Afghanistan, so we’re very pleased to have Peter visiting in January instead to kick off 2013! He is a great speaker and has been described as “brilliant, entertaining, thought provoking, funny and engaging”. At this book launch he will be speaking for approximately 1 hour, and you can guarantee that you will be entertained! Book through the JMT website or box office: adults $5, concession $3. The library is also holding a family trivia night on 22 February as a fundraiser for the Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation. A guaranteed fun night: adults $10, children $5. Phone the library for more information.

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Dancing With Coffs Coast Stars Cancer Council’s Dancing With Coffs Coast Stars is set to be another huge success. With nearly all the tables sold, the seven high profile dance couples are perfecting their dance routines and busily fundraising.


or the third year in a row we have our two wonderful MCs for the night, Michael Crossland and Cheryl Duroux. Long term supporter Emma Rhoades Photography will also be there donating her time to capture the dancers and, of course, shots of the lovely audience. With the C.ex Group coming on board as a sponsor again, this means that the event can be held at C.ex Coffs for a third year. On the night of the event there will be the chance to vote for your favourite dance couple. Bring your money along, and the star that receives the highest amount of donations on the night will be crowned. You will also be able to bid on three wonderful auction items, all donated by long term supporters of the event. Parrys Jewellers have donated a stunning 18 ct white gold diamond and onyx pendant on a black silk necklace. Southern Cross Media have donated a once in a lifetime advertising package worth $3,000. Q1 Resort & Spa on the Gold Coast have donated three nights' accommodation in a three bedroom skyrise apartment with six guest tickets to the SkyPoint Observation Deck, worth $1,800. In the November issue we met the first four couples, so this month we are pleased to introduce the final three couples, along with their fundraising pages: RAY AND SANDY For over 25 years, Ray Ellicott’s Concreting and Spray Finishes business has helped people achieve their vision in outdoor flooring. But not many people have seen Ray’s alter ego ‘Wombat Presley’. Affectionately known as Wombat, Ray will be rocking it out Elvis style. He does not take himself too seriously, so he is hoping to get a few laughs, or sympathetic cringes 26 coffs coast focus.

– whatever works to raise money for for their Blues Brothers number. Carol’s such a great cause. You can donate mum has been touched by cancer, so directly to Ray’s fundraising page at: she hopes that this little bit of frivolity might make a big difference to those rayellicott diagnosed with cancer. His dance partner and teacher is MELINDA AND RAY Sandy Smith. Sandy and her husband When Melinda Pavey was approached Dale run Razzle Dazzle Rockers, teaching to be in this Cancer Council fundraiser, Rock 'n' Roll, Lindy Hop, Jive and other she thought that she couldn’t say styles. They have an abundance no – not least because of of experience, have her new role in the researched the style NSW Government thoroughly and they as Parliamentary t Phil agreed to ge ent absolutely love their Secretary for involved in the evto dancing. Sandy Regional Health. urge as he felt a strong lf publicly and Dale are very Also on a embarrass himsehers! On a ot of od committed to the personal level, for the go te, he has no us rio se e or event, and they her mother m touched personally been dear to have donated has fought her by someone veryaway from their time to the own battle with him who passed event since it began non Hodgkin's cancer. ” three years ago. lymphoma. She PHIL AND CAROL says she does not Phil Marinucci works have much dance style, as a doctor in the emergency but she loves to groove to department at Grafton Base Hospital the sounds of the '80s and '90s. and in the fracture clinic. He also On the night you will see her assists in surgery at Baringa Hospital channeling the personality of a '70s and does some sedation for dental Swedish redhead band member. patients who are petrified of the drill! You can donate directly to Melinda’s Phil agreed to get involved in the event, fundraising page at: http://nsw. as he felt a strong urge to embarrass himself publicly for the good of melindapavey others! On a more serious note, he has Melinda is being taught by Carol personally been touched by someone Myers from Pacific Dancentre. She is very dear to him who passed away dancing with one of Carol’s long term from cancer. You can donate directly students – Ray. Carol and her dance to Phil’s fundraising page at: http:// school have been a great supporter of Dancing With Coffs Coast Stars, and phillipmarinucci she has been donating her time and Dr. Phil’s dance teacher is Carol skills since the event started. In the first Young from Woolgoolga Dance Studio, year, Carol coached the winning entry where she has been teaching for 18 for the People’s Choice Award, so she years. She teaches Ballet, Tap, Jazz and is hoping she can coach Melinda to the Contemporary to students aged from same accolade! Pacific Dancentre offers 3 to 73. Carol donated her time and ballroom dance lessons for all ages. skills to the event last year and won the We look forward to seeing you there. People’s Choice Award with Alan Ball It's going to be a great night!

ANNELIES Bleechmore 2012 Young Australian Art Award for Primary Painting

Special CBD Holiday Storytime The Kookaburra.

Coffs Harbour local 10 year old Annelies Bleechmore from Narranga Public School was recently awarded the Commonwealth Bank '2012 Young Australian Art Award for Primary Painting' for her painting of 'The Kookaburra'.

Coffs Harbour Library will present another special Holiday Storytime in City Square on January 8, 11, 15 and 18 from 10am - noon. “The library has been holding Storytime in the school holidays in the City Centre for a number of years now,” said Enzo Accadia, Council’s Library Manager. “Storytime is a very popular feature of Council’s libraries, and these special events are a great way for parents and guardians to come along with their littlies and find out more. We run a number of events throughout the year for both kids and

adults.” This year there will be a chance to win a book voucher at each session for kids dressed as their favourite storybook character. There will also be colouring-in for the kids to do while they listen to the stories. “We love working with the Coffs Harbour Library,” said City Centre Marketing’s Jan Rooney. “The sessions are always popular, and mums and dads can make the most of it by grabbing a coffee or snack from one of the many nearby cafés while watching their little ones enjoy the stories.”


ell us about the prize you won was good enough, so we submitted an entry at the Young Australian Art online and uploaded a photo of my painting. A Awards. few months passed, and then my mum It was so exciting! We received received a phone call to say I was a finalist a letter saying I was a winner and inviting my and we had to send my original painting to family and I to go to Melbourne to attend Melbourne for final judging. the Young Australian Art & Writers’ Awards So tell us about The Kookaburra – was it at the Melbourne Hilton. On the watercolour, acrylic, etc ... night, I was presented with We used to live at Korora and the Commonwealth Bank in the gum trees at the back prize for '2012 Young of our house I used to see This made me Australian Primary lots of proud Kookaburras. think that just Painting'! Not only This inspired me to paint ting perhaps my pain did I receive an artist’s The Kookaburra at a was good enoughan trophy, I was also given workshop I attended so we submitted d an e a special expensive at the Coffs Harbour entry onlin of o ot ph a ed ad pen and my painting Showground Gallery in the uplo my painting.” was also selected for the April school holidays. I used front cover of the awards acrylic paints on canvas. I like book. It was amazing; how my Kookaburra looks so we met lots of famous book proud, and I am very happy with authors, illustrators and artists who the shape of his head! were so happy to talk to me about my Are there any particular artists that painting. They encouraged me to stick you follow and are inspired by? with my art and following my dreams! My aunty gave me a book for my birthday Why did you choose to enter your a few years ago which is a biography about Kookaburra painting? Akiane Kramarik, an artist from America. She My painting won a blue ribbon at the 2012 sold her first painting when she was just eight Coffs Harbour Show, and a lady suggested to years old, she is about sixteen now and she my mum that we should enter it in the national does amazing paintings and writes poetry. I competition, which is open to all school would love to be as good as Akiane! students in Australia. We did not know about Thanks Annelies. the competition, so we found their website and Annelies' painting is available for viewing at started looking at all the different entries. This the Commonwealth Bank at Park Beach Plaza made me think that just perhaps my painting for the whole of January.

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2011 X Factor champ, ARIA award winner and a Rock Star who’s achieved legions of fans in a relatively short time, Reece Mastin will be dropping in at several venues across the Mid North Coast in January. Don’t miss Reece’s Summer Nights Tour, with support acts the Janoskians and Justice Crew, at C.ex Coffs on January 16. This show will sell out! hat surprises us here at FOCUS and what a lot of Australians wouldn’t guess considering your huge success is that you’re only 18! How do you feel being so young in such a big industry? Well, it certainly made me grow up pretty quickly! I’m lucky to have gotten so far with X Factor. I really love it. I love it! I bet your high school mates are extremely jealous? (Laughs). No, not jealous. They love it as well. They completely cash in on it all the time. They love it more than I do! Prior to your time with X Factor, who was someone in the music industry you particularly admired? I love Steve Tyler [from Aerosmith]. I think he’s amazing. To still do what he’s doing and sing the way he does, considering his age now – it’s crazy. He’d be my number one. Being on X Factor was obviously a major learning curve for you, but what do you feel was the most valuable thing you took away from the whole experience? I think knowing that your fans have put you where you are. Knowing that and staying true to them [the fans] kept it sweet. During your time on X Factor, you were mentored by Guy Sebastian. Tell us about your ongoing working relationship with him … It’s hard with our workloads. We’re often in different states or different countries, but we do try to catch up when we can, and he is always giving me tips ... At 17 you featured in a duet with Australian pop sensation Kylie Minogue. What type of tingles did this give you? Yeah … yeah. That was crazy, actually. I never imagined I’d do that. My dad was pretty jealous about that one! In relation to the lyrics in your debut single, Good Night, what does a good night on the town involve for Reece Mastin? Just hangin’ with great people, really … hanging out with my 28 coffs coast focus.

mates. I’m not too good on the D-floor, so I stay away from that if I can! You’ve just released your second studio album, Beautiful Nightmare, and it appears to be littered with hints of romance. We are seeing a more mature Reece Mastin: is there a special someone who has inspired this - do you have a girlfriend? I do; I do! Her name is Rhiannon Fish. I’m with her right now. She is gorgeous. We met on my film clip Shout it Out that she features in. She plays April on Home & Away. Where was Beautiful Nightmare recorded, and how long did the whole process take? It was pretty much 10 months after the show that we finished putting it together. I did a lot of stuff down here in Oz, and then I went up to LA and wrote up there. It was a lot of crazy stuff – I had so much fun recording it, and I’m so happy it’s finally out. How much did you enjoy being over in LA? It was nuts! It was like nothing I’ve ever seen in my whole life. It was just so much fun, and I really hope I get to go back over there again. You’ve put your heart and soul into this album, having written the material, but if you had to pick one song you were particularly proud of – what would it be? Probably Stars – I love that song. Rhiannon and I had just started seeing each other, and it was the first time we’d been apart for a while. I wrote about the whole experience of missing her - and that’s probably one of the reasons I love it so much. The album is full of collaborations: Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Benji Madden, to name a few! Are these names all in your phone book? (Laughs). Nah, not all of them. Some of them don’t trust me with their phone numbers! You’re often compared to Justin Beiber: how do you feel about this? We have a different style of music but the kid is so successful, so

I’ll take that! I admit we do have a similar look going on. Your national tour, Summer Nights, is underway at the moment. You’re touring with Justice Crew and The Janoskians, presenting an amazing show. What do we have to look forward to? There will be heaps going on! What we’re focusing on is a triple sell out show across Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie and Forster. What we think is really cool is that we didn’t just get two other bands to come on tour – we have this versatility through the whole show. If you look at some of their videos, you’ll see the Janoskian boys are kind of like ‘Jackass’ funny boys, and the Justice Crew boys are just amazing dancers and they have some sick songs. Again, I’m not a great dancer! Then we’ll finish up with a huge live show. It’s going to be awesome! The whole show’s going to be rad! As you mentioned, you’re stopping over in quite a few venues on the Mid North Coast in your travels. Do you know the area at all? Kind of. I haven’t spent much time there, but I’ve dropped in before. I can’t wait to come back down. Hopefully we’ll get a little bit of time off while we’re there! You probably don’t get a lot of time off between touring and recording, but if you were to sit down and play some music – who would you be listening to these days? I still listen to a lot of old school stuff. I just bought the new Rhianna album, and I’m loving that … but anything I can get my hands on, really. So, after the tour’s all wrapped up – what’s next on your agenda? Hopefully we can do the tour, then stretch out across the world and touch some new places – and see how far we can go. I’m still writing – I’m always writing! Thanks Reece. Summer Night is touring nationally and features Justice Crew and The Janoskians – a show for all ages. C.ex Coffs, January 16. Tickets selling fast!

endl´ss holidåy adv´ntures

for all the great things to see and do



Meet local lads Jasper Hills and Ed Triglone, who are doing innovative things in the fashion space. Th They d design i T T-shirts hi b based d on passion i ffor the h arts.


hat is Seqs, and how is it different? Seqs is a fresh and provocative fashion label currently specialising in the production of limited edition, handmade clothing. Within the brand emphasis is placed on individuality, quality and the designs. We avoid direct connections to particular subcultures and trends – preferring to explore what excites us at the time. This means that we are constantly designing and releasing new products in reaction to what is happening at that time and challenging the traditional ideas of seasonal collections. How old are you? What are you studying? What motivated you to study this? Jasper Hills – I am 20 years old and am studying a Bachelor of Visual Arts. Art has always been my biggest passion and has always fascinated me. As I got older, I realised that I also love clothes and fashion. Probably for the same reason as art – you can take two separate things, put them together and make something else entirely, with a radically different purpose or meaning. Ed Triglone – I am 19 years old and am studying a Bachelor of Film Production. I have been involved with cameras ever since I began high school. I would film and edit videos with my older brother. I am interested in the fact that filmmaking enables you to alter someone’s emotional state or perspective on a certain issue. I love the creative freedom of developing an idea in my mind and then applying it to filmmaking. Tell us about your first collection, Enigma ... 30 coffs coast focus.

Andy Warhol, motorbike gangs, animals, ancient responsibility and originality have suffered. A lot of fashion brands have the backing of corporeligions, art, derelicts, life and death are just a few of rates. Who are your team? the many eclectic things that excite us and, in turn, Seqs has no corporate backing. As a result of this, influenced the collection. The word Enigma could there is an absolute unrestricted freedom to design also be applied to the particular person wearing the whatever we want. Our team currently consists of two clothes. There was definitely a feeling of uncertainty young creatives: Ed Triglone, who handles all when we released the collection, because media and online marketing, and Jasper of how different it was from anything Hills, who creatively directs the brand else. The positive reaction, however, as well as managing and having reinforced our belief in what we Every garment isted involvement in the production of are doing. handmade, prin in the products. We feel that this All of the garments in this us and/or dyed by sult re a s hands on approach is a large part collection are made from high A Australia. irts sh To tw no , is of what Seqs is. quality lightweight cotton of th e. For are ever the samprecise What are your plans for the and are designed to be as example, our imways future of Seqs? cool as possible in the warmer dying process al colour We have big plans for the months. It is a dramatically results in subtle future. The next collection is well erratic collection. Some of the ” variation. underway and consists of more than collection has an authentic, vintage just T-shirts. In the foreseeable future, we feel – shirts and tanks are washed would like to apply our current approach to a out, faded and distressed. While other larger range of products. Denim, outerwear and pieces are clean and simple, featuring pure accessories are certainly on the agenda. colours and subtle prints. Do you manufacture here in Australia? What makes a perfect T-shirt? Every garment is handmade, printed and/or dyed Every single person is different, and in a perfect world we would love to offer a bespoke service to by us in Australia. Ass a result of this, no two T-shirts or example, our imprecise dying every individual. Unfortunately, this is infeasible. We are ever the same. For ts in subtle colour variation. Every still st sstrive rive to provide limited edition garments, feeding process always results tion is hands on, down to the hand this need for individuality. Of course, comf mfort and stage of the production comfort aesthet tics are always fundamental in the creation of painted labels. We have noticed the demise of a numaesthetics e used to respect that started the the perfect T-shirt. ber of big brands we Thanks guys. same way as us, butt as they moved their production overseas, a number of factors including quality, social

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life!

Bigger and Better Things! 2013 is going to be an even BIGGER year for My Sister’s Wardrobe!

Jacqui’s Shoe Boutique With a family history spanning over two decades Jacqui's Shoe Boutique store has a huge range of fashion styles for all you shoe fans out there.

Starting this month, Peta from Dolls & Dames in Sydney, will be holding hair and make up workshops in store on Saturday Jan 26 (possibly Sunday 27 too, numbers pending.) $50 sees tutorial in a small class perfecting your brows, eyeliner and pout and mastering Bettie bangs and Victory rolls. All this across 3 hours with refreshments included! Call Elyan on 0421 361 570 to book.

From unique high heels, wedges, flats and even orthopedic shoes.

This little local store, known for it’s award-winning vintage and retro-inspired style, will of course continue to be filled with all the best selling labels with one major addition: the launch of owner, Elyan’s label, Shotbolt.

With summer here the store offers a massive variety of colours, styles and sizes for every occasion shall that be your Christmas party, NYE bash or family get togethers. All hand picked by Jacquie herself.

Having already seen success with many style and design based awards, the label will now officially be launched as 4 other stores across NSW and VIC have placed orders in advance.

And in the latest news Jaqui's shoes have just opened their second store in the Grafton Shopping World.

Stay tuned for the party! Wishing all our past and future clients a happy and exciting New Year too!

coffs coast focus 31

c o f f s

c o a s t

f o c u s

p u b

Greenhouse Tavern. Coffs Harbour Bowling Club THE TOP DOG CEO Russell Stockham. THE FOOD Head Chef Matt Carter and new chef Jeremy Steele. Fresh local produce, bistro style meals. New to the menu: Thai Seafood Curry cooked in the coconut. $10 lunch time specials with a house wine/ beer/soft drink for $2 extra. Open 12pm 2pm for lunch, 6pm - 8.30pm dinner. ENTERTAINMENT AND EVENTS Raffles Monday/Thursday and Friday from 4.30pm. Club Bingo Tuesday mornings from 9.30am. Trivia Wednesday from 6.30pm. Karaoke Thursday evening from 7pm. Free live music Friday and Saturday evening from 7pm. All the family welcome. FUNCTIONS Rooms and function packages available for any celebration, meeting or training sessions. Packages can be tailored to meet your needs. Call reception or see our website for details of our packages. THE KIDS Kids catered for with select children’s meals and activity packs. Beacheez Kids' Room open Thursday – Saturday, 6pm - 9pm. Qualified carers on duty. Children 2 - 12. Cost is a gold coin donation. THE COMMUNITY Men’s Bowls: Tuesday 1pm, Thursday 1pm and Saturday 1pm. Ladies: Wednesday 9pm. Mixed: Fridays 9pm. Barefoot Bowls available most days except Monday – book at reception.

32 coffs coast focus.

c r a w l

f e a t u r e

Pub Cr aw l

TOP DOG The Greenhouse Tavern Management team is made up of a bunch of committed locals whose experiences have seen them travel and develop as hospitality managers. Shane McCarthy, another committed local, heads up the team THE FOOD ‘Great Food Great Value’ says it all. Bistro dining at its finest, with lunch specials available daily from $10. Fantastic evening menu with a vast array of grills, pastas and salads. Pizzas are a speciality and are available all day. The kids aren't overlooked either. A vast kids' menu with healthy options at $8.50. If it’s a function or group event … no problem. ENTERTAINMENT Live it up all summer long with DJs and bands featuring in our Harbour Bard Thursday and Friday nights. Sunday is also Family Fun Day, with activities galore for the little ones. THE KIDS Mums and dads can relax as the kids enjoy the outdoor playground, Playstation centre, the cinema room, the jumping castle … all day every day. Throw in the turtle feeding and the endless list of organised kids' activities over the summer hols, and you have the ideal entertainment and dining option for the family. What’s more, the kids eat free every day between 5.30pm and 6.30pm. THE COMMUNITY Greenhouse Tavern proudly associates itself with many local sporting and community groups in which family involvement is a focus. Greenhouse Tavern Social Sports Club is always looking for new members … come on down and say hello … experience what genuine local hospitality is all about.

Amble Inn. THE AMBIENCE Socialise in the large timber interior with ocean views. Enjoy the large beer garden area with enough room for the kids to run around. Enjoy the warmth of the big fireplace in winter. THE FOOD Amble Inn are proud to welcome Jo Fallon and his team from the famed Rustic Table to the Rustic Table Bistro. ENTERTAINMENT AND EVENTS Join us for the Friday afternoon meat raffles. We have SKY Channel 1 & 2 and Foxtel. Challenge your mates to a game of pool. OTHER SERVICES Bottlemart Express – drive through bottle shop. Weekly specials. WE LOOK AFTER YOU We are located close to award winning holiday parks and are happy to pick you up and drop you home safely in the Amble Inn courtesy bus. For more info, check our website out at THE AMBLE INN SPONSORS Red Rock/Corindi Surf Lifesaving Club, Corindi/Red Rock Soccer Club, Woolgoolga Junior Rugby League, Corindi School of Dance, Corindi Pony Club, Corindi Public School Sport Awards. THE AMBLE INN SUPPORTS Amble Inn Footy Tipping, Pink Breakfast (Breast Cancer), Red Rock Fishing Club, Corindi Rural Fire Brigade, Movember, Corindi Connection.

c o f f s

The Coffs Hotel. THE TOP DOG Marty Philips. THE FOOD Mardona's Café and Bar is open from 8.30am, offering a wide selection of your lunch ime favourites, along with delicious café treats. The Baron of Beef Bistro: in addition to our exquisite menu, you can come and enjoy a delicious meal, with a beer, wine or soft drink seven days a week. We have menu items suited for your children. ENTERTAINMENT AND EVENTS The original Christmas Eve party in Coffs Harbour. The Coffs Hotels traditional Christmas Eve Party is on again! With Free Entry, and our resident DJs spinning the tunes, Christmas Eve at Coffs is where it's always been at, and it's our chance to wish all our loyal customers a very Merry Christmas. NEW YEAR'S EVE Indoor festival,3 Dance floors , Beached themed party. Dj out front and a silent disco. FREE ENTRY before 10 pm ... so make sure you get in early! BEER GARDEN We have a great beer garden, where your friends and family can come and enjoy the meals available. Functions Room for any event. Available for small groups or larger parties, with requirements from finger food to 4 course menus, delight in the ambience of this stunning function room. COURTESY BUS Available on request.

c o a s t

f o c u s

p u b

c r a w l

Moonee Beach Tavern.

f e a t u r e

Pub Cr aw l

THE TOP DOG Mark Singh – back in Coffs 6 months after moving to Mackay to run a very big pub for a few months. He ran pubs in Camden, Byron Bay, London & Sydney. THE FOOD Moonee Beach Tavern is the home of the 241 meals ... New 2 for 1 menu: great value for the whole family. Famous for our mouth watering pizzas and daily specials. Kitchen open: Mon - Fri, 11.30 - 3pm and 5 - 9pm; Sat and Sun, ALL DAY, 11.30 - 9pm.

THE TOP DOG Ric and Harry.

ENTERTAINMENT AND EVENTS SUNDAY SESSIONS – in 'The Best Beer Garden on the Coffs Coast'.

THE FOOD Amazing pub style bistro and our famous daily $10 specials.

With our new outdoor stage, the bands are rocking the Beer Garden and pumping the crowds up. On Jan 13 we have an Aussie rock favourite, 'GANGgajang' playing a FREE SHOW. Raffles: Mon, Tue, Thur and Fri. Pick the Joker: Thurs. Pool Comp: Thurs. Punters Paradise: Sat.

ENTERTAINMENT AND EVENTS Live music, open mic, raffles, joker poker, kids' area.

THE KIDS Each Sunday is FUNDAY for Kids at The Moonee Beach Tavern. We have FREE face painting, a jumping castle, $7.50 kids' meals that come with an activity pack, free softdrink and ice cream ... plus the Kids' Room, where they can chill out and watch a DVD. THE COMMUNITY sponsoring the Orara Valley Junior Rugby League Club, the newly formed S2WCC (a cricket club made of road workers). Relationships with charities such as Day of Difference, The Variety Club and Camp Quality. Courtesy Bus runs Tues – Sun from 6pm. For bookings, call 0450 356 101.

Seaview Tavern.

OUR AWARDS 2011 and 2012 Woolgoolga and Northern Beaches Chamber of Commerce Business of the year. 2011 Sunny's Family Business of the Year. 2012 AHA (NSW) winner best marketing concept. COURTESY BUS Available Wed – Sat from 5pm. Facilities bar, bistro, bottle shop, courtesy bus, kids' play room and jumping castle, function room, beer garden. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Sponsor of the Woolgoolga Seahorses RLFC, Woolgoolga Soccer Club, Woolgoolga Meals on Wheels, Boardriders Club, Fishing Club, Curryfest, MoVember, World's Greatest Shave, Westpac Lifesaver Helicopter, Junior Lifesaving, Kids in Kenya, Marine Rescue.

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Planning for our Future The growing population of the North Coast is stimulating an increase in the demand for renewable building materials, of which timber is the most environmentally friendly. On the North Coast, industry expansion and the push towards a low carbon economy is being hampered by a lack of access to renewable wood supplies. The industry-led North Coast Forests taskforce believes that it is now time to change the many misconceptions about this truly sustainable industry. Visit the website (www.forestmatters. or our Facebook page www.facebook. com/NorthCoastForestsTaskforce) for good news stories about this most important local industry.

Of course, illegal logging is a major contributor to tropical deforestation and forest degradation. Australia is currently considering legislation to prevent the importation of illegally logged wood. But even if the legislation passes, we will still be faced with identifying the origin of imported timber. Fortunately, DNA technology is on the way, enabling fingerprinting of various species of trees. But the most compelling means of all is through credible voluntary certification schemes such as the Australian Forests Standard (AFS). The Taskforce is also investigating adding a local branding to all timber products grown, harvested, processed or retailed within this region.

FORESTS NSW – sustainably managing forests on the mid north coast Forests NSW is a public trading enterprise within NSW Department of Primary Industries

34 coffs coast focus.

AFS / 01-21-05


The Mid North Coast is blessed with large areas of native forests and a specialised, high-value timber industry. Research conducted in local State Forests has resulted in the publication of a landmark study on the role of production native forests in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.


he report, Harvested forests provide the greatest ongoing greenhouse gas benefits, was recently published in the international journal, Forests ( Department of Primary Industries (DPI) research leader for climate in primary industries, Dr Georgina Kelly, said Australian scientists were leading the world in this area and were contributing to the global debate on the role of forests in addressing climate change. “In an Australian first, the report compared the full greenhouse gas (GHG) potential of NSW production forests against conservation forests,” Dr Kelly said. Some recent reports have claimed that ‘locking up’ our native forests in Australia will lead to substantial greenhouse gas benefits. However, these studies have not included many important elements, such as the very important role played by wood products. Dr Kelly said, “It is critical to understand the ‘whole of life cycle’ implications of production forests. This means looking at the way forests grow, the way they are harvested, what the wood is used for, what happens to the woody residues from logging operations and how the wood products are dealt with at the end of their service life. “The report authors found that production forests had a significantly higher greenhouse benefit than conservation forests when considering the full lifecycle of timber products as well as standing carbon in trees,” Dr Kelly said. Forests NSW planning manager at Wauchope, Justin Williams, was one of the authors of the paper: “We are really excited about the results from this research, which pulled together data, models and results from a wide range of different types of studies to give a complete assessment of all of the elements of the carbon cycle from harvested forests,” Justin said. “The starting point for the research was looking at how much carbon is currently stored in the forest.

“We have hundreds of inventory sample plots established in the forest in which tree species, size and quality are measured so we know how much wood is available in the forest and how the forest is structured, and from these we can estimate how much carbon is stored in those trees. “Next we estimated how that forest grows into the future based on either our normal logging practices or not harvesting.” Justin said those growth models were built from 30 years of measuring permanent growth plots and allowed us to estimate how much carbon was standing in the forest under either the logging or conservation scenario at any point in time in the future. “Not surprisingly, we find that over time the conservation forest ends up with more carbon in it, as the trees do not get removed and they grow larger and store more carbon, even though the forest’s rate of growth diminishes over time. “However, the carbon in the forest is only one part of the whole picture and is the point where many other studies have stopped.” Justin said that unlike the conservation scenario, the logging scenario produced a stream of wood products that provide additional GHG reduction benefits. The native forests of the North Coast produce mostly high-value, specialised timber products that are valued for their beauty and strength and have a long service life and substitute against more energy intensive products. Timber floors and power poles, two of the most common products from local forests, have much lower energy intensity than concrete slab floors and carpet or concrete or steel poles. “Most of the logging in recent years between Kempsey and Taree are from regrowth forests logged and regrown after World War II,” Justin said. “What we see now is timber coming from these regrowth forests, even though much of the timber from the original logging is still in use. “If you live in a house built before the 1990s, the bulk of the timber would have come from a

local forest, and that carbon is still stored. “ Justin said when the harvesting and growth of the forest was modelled over the next 200 years, it was possible to estimate the timing and amount of wood products produced. “We used the results from life-cycle analysis studies of those wood products to assess long-term carbon storage in wood products. These studies show that typically for every tonne of wood produced, two tonnes of carbon emissions are avoided from the use of more carbon intensive products.” The study also identified that use of forest residues, the heads and butts of trees that cannot be sold as logs, could improve the production scenario even further, as these are

currently burnt and the carbon emitted directly to the atmosphere. “So the overall carbon picture for the harvested forest scenario is long-term maintenance of carbon stored in the forest due to sustainable practices and an ever increasing store of carbon in wood products and in substitution benefits,” Justin said. “Finally, we compared those potential benefits against the additional carbon storage under a conservation scenario and saw that the production scenario gives double the GHG benefit over the 200 years of the model. The bottom-line from this research is that using locally produced wood products is a great way to minimise our greenhouse gas emissions.”

Tonnes of carbon stored per hectare over the next 200 years from Mid North Coast Blackbutt Forests under either a sustainable harvesting or conservation scenario.

Scenario Harvesting


Forest Carbon



Bioenergy Benefit



Carbon Stored in wood



Substitution Benefits



Machinery Emissions



Wood in Landfill Emissions








Wood in Land Fill Emissions Machinery Emissions


Bioenergy Benefit Substitution Benefits


Carbon stored in wood Forest Carbon

0 Harvesting


coffs coast




Prue W H 0 0 . hat or who is Prue Whoo? Prue Whoo is a person who passionately believes in educating young children using music and songs. I write kids’ music that has meaning, values ... lyrics that can be used to open discussions about any subject. For example: my song It’s OK To Be Different I use to talk to kids about bullying; Cooperation means working together; Going On a Bush Walk links to exercise, outdoor activities, exploring their environment; Juicy Fruit healthy eating; Happy Face emotions and Recycle and Turn The Lights Out are current syllabus subjects that are imperative to the future of our planet. Music is such a powerful medium in which to engage children, and not just mainstream kids – children with learning difficulties and special needs absolutely love music. What is your background? I started singing professionally when I was 16. The wine bar scene in Sydney was huge in those days, and it was here that I learnt to ‘talk’ to an audience. I worked in Old Sydney Town, which was hilarious and a great training platform. I was also fortunate to perform for years at the NSW Art Gallery’s ‘Sunday Afternoon for Families’ program. Here I linked my songs to the various paintings around where I performed, which, looking back, helped me to write my Prue Whoo teaching programs! When our son was at preschool, I was invited to watch a children’s entertainer. I watched this guy and thought, “That’s what I can do!” And basically from that minute

36 coffs coast focus.

head It on, songs just kept popping into my head. was wonderful, and it felt ‘right’. I became Prue Whoo and started performing in preschools/kindergartens all around Sydney and NSW. When we moved to Coffs Harbour 10 years ago, I had a break and worked in schools. It was here that I thought about linking my music to the early primary school curriculum for K - 2 and early childhood framework (EYLF) for preschool aged children. This took 12 months to write ... but I’m thrilled with my program, called Let’s Sing to Learn. It is now being used in hundreds of preschools around Australia and heaps of schools. I am absolutely in no doubt that this is what I was meant to do. How important is the value of music in learning? Music has so many facets, sound, movement, pitch, tone, rhythm. It can move you, it makes you want to dance, or it can reduce you to tears. Music is so powerful. As adults, we can hear a song and that song can instantly take you back to a place, time or event – something that happened. Therefore, that song is connected to that ‘outcome’. The same principle links music to teaching outcomes. The value is priceless, as it’s the ultimate connector – a simple way of engaging children in a love of learning. If you have the right tools and understand the formula, it’s a simple, yet incredibly effective way of educating children. Remember ... most of us know our ABC, because we sang that song! What are your main messages? I guess one of my main messages and

Music has so many facets, movement, d, un so . It pitch, tone, rhytithm akes m u, can move yo nce, or it da to t an you w u to tears. can reduce yow erful. ” Music is so po

p something I am passionate about is teaching children about bullying. My song It’s OK To Be Different teaches acceptance and tolerance ... that ‘being different’ is OK. I believe we need to address this emotive, yet incredibly important issue as early as preschool. If we can educate kids that bullying of any kind is not acceptable before they go to school, these kids will be empowered to have a sense of self and acceptance and therefore be in a position of power themselves to stop this behaviour before it escalates. Other messages are about safety, positive messages about the environment, their bodies, hygiene, routines, Maths, Science, English, Key Learning Areas of the curriculum. I try to address topical issues that are relative to not only the syllabuses, but our daily lives. Have you seen attitudes towards bullying change over the years? I wish I could say, “yes”... but not really. I think it will take some time to see the tide change; however ... one teacher rang to tell me that they overheard a little girl in the sand pit (just after one of my visits) being harassed by another child and she said, “Don’t do that ... that’s bullying!” See ... it can happen ... but we need ALL early childhood teachers around this country, PLUS PARENTS, to use this song and any resources to initiate open discussions about this unacceptable practice. Only then, and in time, I believe we will see a difference. In what other ways are you getting the

message about music and education out there? Apart from my website and YouTube videos, I have travelled around the countryside presenting workshops and professional learning seminars to teachers and educators. My focus now is to empower teachers to use more music in the classroom and not to be afraid of it. I show how you can link my songs to many parts of the curriculum and framework outcomes and just how easy it is once you understand the concept; you don’t even have to sing! The workshop is interactive, hands on and heaps of fun! We learn best when we are having fun, and so do kids. I will travel anywhere there are teachers who are willing to learn how to use music as an educational tool to teach kids! Where can people find Prue Whoo in the community? I have done concerts locally, which were a hoot, but I now concentrate on going directly to centres and schools to present my shows and workshops, as it’s easier all round. Anyone can contact me directly if they’re interested in my CDs, shows or workshops. My website: gives all the details and contact form, or they can ring on 0412 875 514. They can visit me on YouTube or Prue Whoo Facebook pages. It’s a privilege for me to work with children, knowing I can hopefully make a difference. I have THE best job! Thanks Prue.

focus on health.

COFFS COAST COMMUNITY CIRCUS Are you looking for a new way to increase your fitness and coordination? How about strength and flexibility? But most of all, would you like to have fun while getting fit? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you should thinking about joining a class at the Coffs Coast Community Circus! veryone knowss that circus performers are some of thee fittest and strongest athletes. Traditionally, you had to be born into a circus family to develop these skills.


But now you don’t need to run away from home to develop the physique of a circus star! Coffs Harbour has its very own circus school, operating at the PCYC on Bray St. The school is run by a group of friends who share a love of circus. The circus coaches, Danielle Coleman, Todd Midson and Sally Townley, have all been involved in teaching and performing circus skills on the Mid North Coast over the past ten years. They bring a wealth of experience together to offer classes in a wide range of circus activities, including juggling, trampolining, floor acrobatics, contortion, aerial arts, hula hoops and much more. Who can join?

Ages four and abov ve, aand nd dn no o ex expe peri rien ien encce above, experience is needed. Circus arts are non-competitive, and everyone will find something to enjoy. Object manipulation skills such as juggling can increase left brain and right brain development, which can lead to enhanced understanding – important for young children. Mastering new skills can enhance self esteem, and the Circus School is a great place to make new friends! Many schools in Coffs have taken advantage of the Circus School’s facilities, and most of the local high schools now incorporate circus arts into their sports curriculum. What sort of classes are there? Range of classes to suit all ages and abilities. One new class is hula hooping. Hooping is a great way to get fit, as it uses core muscles and develops aerobic fitness. The coach, Danielle, believes that many troubles can be cured

by hooping. She says, “People immediately begin to smile once they are in the hoop. It gives them a passport back to childhood fun.” Danielle has never met a person who cannot learn to hula hoop, and she teaches hoop skills ranging from simple to more advanced, with a fun sound track that will get you pumping. The aerial classes are also very popular; students can learn skills on the trapeze, tissue or silks, aerial hoop and more. They can progress to creating their own routine for performance or just for fun. For the bouncier types, trampolining or parkour, also known as free-running, might be for you. In Todd’s parkour class, you can

learn to jump, roll, vault and even back-flip off a wall. His students have made amazing progress, and watching them flip and fly is something to see! When and how much? School term on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays after school and during the day on Saturdays. Classes are $15 for a casual visit. We offer family discounts and a reduced rate for additional classes. All students will need to join the PCYC (annual rate is $10 for juniors, $20 for seniors). Insurance and registration is $10 per term. It is not necessary to pay the registration on your first visit – you can try a class before you decide to join.

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focus on health. By Trista ta Shanahan from Sole Therapy


Curves Launches Revolutionary, Complete Diet Program!


Head Shoulders Knees and Toes! Sole therapy has been established on the Mid North Coast now for two years. After relocating from Ireland, Trista has set up her practice here, specialising in the healing art of Reflexology. Trista is very passionate about the cumulative effects Reflexology has on the entire body. Now she has expanded her practice and has created a very individual Body Ritual Experience – therapeutic healing treatments in conjunction with her experience and intuitive nature, but now also combining the wonderful Omveda Ayurvedic herbal facial products. A typical 90 min ritual would include an Omveda facial, warm oil Indian head and neck massage, relieving tension but also working on conditioning the scalp and hair, hand Reflexology and finishing off with 30 minutes of foot Reflexology. The finishing touch of the foot Reflexology not only aligns the person from top to toe, but is also a powerful tool to work specifically on the internal body and remove

New program launch.

toxins. You will feel totally relaxed, and your senses will be stimulated from the energetic touch but also the fragrances of the Omveda products. A Sole therapy Fusion Ritual is a deep rejuvenating treatment that will have you wanting the next treatment before this one has even ended. Find us on Facebook: Ayurvedic Skincare and Reflexology fusion or phone 0409 944 022.

By Martin Giles from Martin Giles Sports Physiotherapy

Losing weight isn’t easy. It takes real commitment to make the necessary changes to diet, exercise and lifestyle. And, for most people, it takes a plan. That’s why Curves, the fitness franchise designed exclusively for women, has developed Curves Complete, a simple, easyto-follow weight-loss plan that combines the three keys to taking off weight and keeping it off: diet, exercise and motivation. Curves is the only place you can get all three. The Curves Complete program incorporates all three key components of a successful weight management plan and is designed to help dieters lose up to 10 kg of body fat and up to 50 cm in just 90 days. Women are seeing real results and sharing their success stories with others at www.facebook. com/curves.Australia Research shows that up to 95% of dieters regain their lost weight, and then some. It’s not because there’s something wrong with them;

Helmet Wearing A No Brainer


elmets these days are worn in bike riding, snowboarding, mountain climbing and occasionally surfing. In bike riding it is required by law (unless you’re in Byron Bay, where shoes and helmets are optional extras). Recently I had a fall off my bike mountain bike riding at Nambucca, breaking my helmut in 4 places, and I was knocked out. I was lucky I had a helmet on. In skiing and snowboarding, many people wear helmets. Twenty years ago it seemed it was only kids who were wearing helmets, but these days approx. 50% of people are wearing helmets – for good reason. There are a lot more people challenging themselves in the trees, which are rather hard and unforgiving on people’s heads. There’s a story I heard at a book launch by Nat Young, where he sustained a head injury overseas while skiing through some trees. He knocked himself out and has suffered since with occasional headaches. While mountaineering and rock climbing, people wear helmets to protect their heads from falling rocks or frozen ice. While doing some mountaineering over in New Zealand, Sally and I climbed Mt Aspiring, and there were a few stops along the way coming back down, where we were hit on the head by rocks. I also surf, and I’ve had multiple head cuts during

38 coffs coast focus.

my younger years on my chin and the head, probably due to bad surfing; but nevertheless, I have a couple of ‘zippers’. On a trip to Mentawai, after surfing and returning to Penang (pre tsunami), we met a guy who was staying at the same hotel that we were. He was staying there without his surfing mates, and we asked him where they were. He told us that they were at Lance’s Left – a break we had surfed only a few days previously. He stated that he wanted to visit the villages, and he beckoned a local with a dugout canoe to take him towards the shore. While on his way, this paramedic found a guy face down in the water with his head stoved in from the reef or board. He jumped in the water, flipped him over and gave him the breath of life and resuscitated him, only for him to return to unconsciousness. He was dragged back to the boat and a call out to all the other boats for the fastest boat revealed that the Brazilians had the fastest boat, but it was still a 15 hour boat ride to Padang. He was then shifted on to Singapore. From there on in, I’ve been wearing a helmet for protection not just from sun and wind, but from head knocks. I feel that all it would take today is a surfing identity working for Billabong or Rip Curl to make it ‘cool’ for surfers to wear a helmet.

it’s because there’s something wrong with conventional weight loss plans. To lose weight and keep it off, you need three secret weapons: • Diet: weekly personalised diet plans and shopping lists created through the Curves Complete website. • Exercise: workouts combine metabolismboosting cardio with strength-training and stretching, while providing a continually more challenging workout experience as fitness improves. • Motivation: daily motivational videos produced through a partnership with the renowned Cleveland Clinic that offer advice and strategies from a panel of experts to help you make healthy choices and keep the weight off. Plus, one-on-one time with your personal coach each week to support, encourage and motivate. Curves Complete call 1300 Curves (1300 287 837).

focus on health.

By Dr. Cristina Yelf




UV alert




Staying sun smart this summer

Very High 8 High

It is the middle of summer; the sun is high in the sky. Ultra violet (UV) intensity is at its maximum of the year. How can you best look after your skin?

6 Mod 3 Low










As we all know, UV is damaging to the skin. The above graph illustrates the UV index in Coffs Harbour for a typical day in December or January. It shows that from 8.30am to 4.50pm, the UV index is above 2 – the green colour. This means that already from before 9am the UV intensity is high enough to cause sun damage and alerts us to the need to Slip, Slop, Slap and Seek Shade! The living cells in the skin sustain mutations to the chromosomes in the nucleus of the cells, similar to those produced by X rays or the atom bomb. These mutations are initially not detected, but lie hidden in the skin, appearing later as skin cancers and melanomas. Secondly, the immune system in the surface of the skin, which could help get rid of the mutations, is itself damaged by UV light. Thirdly, the skin itself suffers from photoaging, even if no actual sun burn happens. In the future the skin will look wrinkled, leathery and is often covered in skin spot such as freckles, actinic keratoses, telangiectsias and ‘age spots’ (seborrhoeic keratoses). Tanning is only a temporary effect and happens when melanin moves towards the outer layers of the skin, making it darken and look ‘tanned’. This is a sign of our skin responding to UV damage and trying to protect itself from further UV damage. Sunburn can kill cells. The tan is only temporary, lasting about 6 weeks; the damage from the UV light is permanent. A suntan itself is not adequate protection against the sun. In any person with Caucasian ethnicity, a marked tan is only equivalent to a sunscreen with SPF of between 2 to 4.

SKIN CANCER AND MELANOMA Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer of any country in the world, with more than 270,000 new cases being reported each year and more than 8,000 of these being potentially fatal melanomas. The incidence of melanomas of the skin continues to increase for both sexes in Australia at about 5% per year. “ Applying

Australians aged 15 - 44 years old. • In this age group, melanoma makes up 20% of all cancer cases and is responsible for 8% of all cancer deaths. • In 20 - 34 year-olds, melanoma kills more young Australians than any other single cancer.

een liberally

Non melanoma skin cancers are mostly Basal Cell Cancers (80%) or Squamous Cell Cancers. These appear as a pink or red skin spot, either shiny or scaly, that does not heal. See your doctor about any skin spot not healing after 4 weeks.

sunscr • Australia has the highest incidence been every day has ea se of melanoma in the world. cr de to n show w ne of r be • Melanoma rates have doubled in the num skin a om an el m n no the 20 years from 1986 - 2006. ic PROTECT YOUR SKIN, DECREASE cancers and actin • Melanoma rates are still on the rise, PHOTOAGING keratoses. ” with an estimated 392 extra cases per Avoid any more sun. Applying sunscreen year. liberally every day has been shown to decrease • 1 in 19 Australians will be diagnosed the number of new non melanoma skin cancers with melanoma before age 85. and actinic keratoses. Water based creams reduce • In women, the commonest site for a melanoma is the wrinkles by hydrating the skin. Creams with vitamin A back of the legs. In men, it is the back. derivatives may be helpful in improving appearance of the Melanoma is the most common cancer in young skin and decreasing solar elastosis.

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focus on health.

Call now for the early bird special.

The Seasonal or Yearly Detox Program:


hat benefits can one receive from having a seasonal or yearly detox? The bowel is where nutrients are absorbed and waste products are eliminated. If the bowel is sluggish, neither of these most important activities can take place. This places additional stress on the liver, which acts as a ‘filter’ for any toxins absorbed into the bloodstream. A regular bowel and liver cleanse is essential for optimum health.

40 coffs coast focus.

What does a detox entail? A 3 day ‘fast’ from regular food, with fresh juices and water, minimal food, plus gentle exercise, and special herbal supplements to aid digestion and liver function with relaxation techniques. Lightstream tests to see if any heavy metals are present, and if necessary, a multi-metal detox is also performed. How does the environment and getting away from one’s usual grind, even for a few days, have longer

THE LONG TERM BENEFITS with Lightstream Health term benefits on one’s health and wellbeing? We all need to slow down and remove ourselves from our daily routine in order to get a healthier perspective on our lifestyle. We develop unhealthy habits by indulging in more alcohol, smoking, unhealthy eating and excess caffeine, hoping to reduce the side effects of excess pressure and to keep ourselves functioning in an overloaded, fast busy lifestyle, thereby neglecting our overall wellbeing.

What activities will be available at the February retreat? Naturopathic assessments, treatments with herbal medicine and nutritional supplements relevant to detox and each individual, massage, tai chi, yoga exercise, bush walks, swimming in the waterfall, relaxation techniques. Ring 6658 6406 or 0427 181 726 to book, email visit - Early bird special by end of January available.

focus on health.

Rainforest Café. The Rainforest Café is located in the e Specialist Medical Centre opposite the Coffs Harbour Health Campus. Beautiful surrounds, great coffee and a luscious food menu offers your ultimate d dining experience. Sure, we are at a Medical Centre, but all are most welcome. We pride ourselves on fast service and gluten free options for all of our guests. The Rainforest Café is a local family owned business that the owner, Allyson Schumer, regards as her home. Whether you are seeing doctors, visiting relatives in the hospital or you just want a nice cuppa in great company, we have it all for you. Music is part of the soul and whether you need a soul cleanse or a getaway stop for entertainment, the Rainforest Café features local performance artists over the course of the day. Jennifer Willo is a local pianist and plays every Wednesday between 1 and 2pm. The Rainforest Café is closing from Monday 23 December until Sunday 6 January, and they will be offering a brand new menu for Monday 7 January 2013! Opening times are 7am to 4pm, Monday to Friday and Saturday, 9am to 1pm. If you wish

Flip It Off And Keep It Off!

us to host that special function, call Allyson Schumer on 0414 815 814. Chef Zenzi Rutter-Grace and owner Allyson Schumer together share a strong background in health and food awareness and understand the need for nutritious food and great taste. As a team, Jennifer Willo is available to serenade you over a coffee. We are also home to exotic teas and cool refreshments. Phone the restaurant on (02) 6650 0888 for your coffee and food order to help you move through your busy day. Email us on or check out our new website: for our full menu.

Sally Walsh, Developer of the Metaqua program, is new to Coffs Harbour and has brought her well established Metaqua business with her. Metaqua is new and unique way to get fit in the water while keeping your head above water. Suitable for any size pool and a great way to increase your confidence if you’re not the strongest of swimmer. Private lessons are also available. The name refers to two key program ingredients, metabolism and aquatics. Essentially by doing a range of repetitive exercises, you strengthen and tone different parts of the body. While you are building fitness, you are also impacting your overall metabolism. The first step to fitness is to build strength, and you can achieve this in the water without pain.

The beauty of Metaqua is it allows you to work at your own pace. It’s noncompetitive, very rewarding and you can leave your hat on! Metaqua has so many benefits. It is absolutely perfect for weight loss, which was the initial motivation for Sally as well as being able to exercise effectively without punishing every part of her body. Metaqua will help you gain muscle tone, give you more energy and mobility, give you a better night’s sleep and giddy up the libido. Metaqua also reduces blood sugar levels, assists with chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety and even menopause symptoms. Metaqua is such a stress reliever, helps you prepare and recover from orthopaedic surgery and helps you get back on track from sports injuries. Give it a go, as you will not regret learning this amazing new life skill.

coffs coast focus 41

focus on health.

Retreat ... Sanctuary for the Soul Enter into an atmosphere of gentle sounds and exotic aromas that touch the senses … Retreat is a sanctuary for the soul. Retreat offers a wide range of treatments from massage, facials to body wraps in our Vichy Shower Cocoon. Our caring, professional therapists are here to make your experience a memorable one. The facilities at Retreat are second to none and include luxurious treatments separate or together, and outdoors. Balinese garden with spa bath, detox infrared sauna, Vichy Shower as well as a beautiful relaxation space where you and your friends can spend time together. Group bookings and spa packages are our specialities and can be tailored to your specific desires. Retreat Boutique From colourful and flamboyant clothing to exotically inspired homewares, the retreat offers gifts, cards, jewellery, herbal teas, organic body products, and designer and local labels as well as Pevonia Botanica skincare and Eles to make your life beautiful – come and enjoy the ambience. Retreat Wellness Offering the best for your optimal wellbeing, the retreat integrates the latest equipment from around the world into our wellness programmes, including hair analysis, iridology, blood analysis, frequency specific micocurrent, VLA and, brand new to Coffs Harbour, an Indigo biofeedback energy medicine. Mention this article and receive a FREE Vitality Longevity Analysis test.


coffs coast focus.

focusinterview. te e .

Coffs Coast

Physie. Alison Cook-Pitt has a passion for Physie. In 2012, she opened Coffs Coast Physie, to empower young people in our community and teach the importance of a healthy body and mind. hysie is a unique sport that not many people know about. What is it exactly? Physie is a fun, unique way to keep fit that mixes together dance, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Pilates and Ballet together. But the dance routines are only part of what makes Physie so special. Physie helps build confidence and self esteem. It also develops good posture, strength, fitness, flexibility, coordination and balance. Physie caters to everyone’s needs – it is an inexpensive sport, where the focus is on the individual. No matter your age or level of ability, you can succeed. Each girl and lady is important, and we encourage them to set achievable goals and build their confidence. With 120 years of BjP in Australia, we understand how important it is to develop a child as a whole and make exercise something to love and cherish. I believe that’s why we still have members in our club who have been doing Physie for so many years – it’s something that brings them such joy and is something they can do throughout their lives. Physie is enjoying resurgence and is growing in popularity Australia-wide. How did you get involved with Physie? I have been involved in BjP Physie since the age of five, when my grandmother took me along to the local community hall and, to this day, I cannot imagine my life without it. Physie has taken me from Sydney to the North Coast, competitor to instructor. I work with the philosophy ‘To Inspire. To Achieve’. Is your family involved as well? Both of my daughters have done Physie since the age four. My eldest daughter, Chelsea, is now 10 and has achieved first place at Zone level since the age 5 and has been a national representative and place getter since age six. My youngest, Bronte, is in her second year of Physie and has


recently competed in her first team and eligible to compete at a national level. individual competition. My husband and These prestigious competitions are held ‘Physie Dad’ Matt is also involved come annually at the Sydney Opera House and competition time as BBQ chief and enjoys Homebush State Sports Centre. This year, social events with other Physie dads. Coffs Coast Physie was represented by Having three Physie girls in the house, 11 competitors at these events. Matt has also developed an appreciation We also have team competitions for the sport. where girls from each age group Coffs Coast Physie has a great compete against other attending clubs reputation. When did you start the in our Zone. Teams of 8 are formed and school? the camaraderie developed during their I commenced a shared time together can last a lifetime. responsibility in 2007 Teams are great for building and this year took sole friendships, learning responsibility for the about commitment “ I love to watch Coffs Coast BjP Club. and sportsmanship. es di la d an the girls r ei Teaching Physie is my In 2012, Coffs Coast th p lo ve de d passion, and to have Physie entered 6 confidence anan d to coordination h their this opportunity has teams into this form see them reacs. ” been a real blessing. of competition, with al go personal Our club motto is resounding success. ‘Dance for Life’ and that Apart from is exactly what you can do – competitions, the girls have you are never too old to start. the opportunity to join our I love to watch the girls and Show Group and perform at a variety of ladies develop their confidence and local community events in and around coordination and to see them reach the Coffs Harbour area. This gives our their personal goals. To be part of that members the opportunity to demonstrate in someone’s life is a real privilege. The and showcase Physie, the sport they love, friendships made between the ladies, and their dancing talents to the broader girls, their mums and extending into community. everyone’s families is an absolute bonus. There isn’t much awareness in the The quote of the year comes from one community about Physie. How could of my 8 year old students, who has been we get involved? with us for two years: “Physie is the best There is only one way to join the fun at thing that has ever happened to me, Coffs Coast Physie – come along and try other than being a part of my family”. a lesson. You will meet new friends and This is the reason I love what I do. find a great new form of exercise. Do your girls participate in View our website at coffscoastphysie. competitions? to find information about 2013 Whilst competitions are not classes and to view the gallery of our compulsory, they are certainly amazing Physie stars. Alternatively, you encouraged. At Coffs Coast BjP Physie, can contact me on 0411 460 377 or we are fortunate enough to have all our email me at allison@coffscoastphysie. Zone competitions held locally each year. Our Junior and Ladies weekends attract Registration day is Saturday 2 February. over five hundred competitors from Please check the website for venue and the Far North Coast, Mid North Coast time. and New England areas. The top five Get fit, have fun, make friends, build place getters from each age division are confidence! See you at Physie in 2013.

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Clean One stresses. One squints. One concentrates. And over time those expressions leave their mark on your face, making you look older, tired, angry and stressed. rinkle injection treatments involve the use of a natural, purified protein that relaxes wrinklecausing muscles, creating a smoothed, rejuvenated and more youthful appearance. It’s a simple non-surgical procedure that smoothes the deep, persistent facial lines that develop over time. Small doses are injected directly into the muscles.


Impulses from the nerve to the injected muscle causing the wrinkles are blocked, allowing the muscle to relax. This relaxing of the muscle allows the skin to smooth out persistent lines which have developed over time. Anti-wrinkle injections usually take about 15 -30 minutes to perform and keep the muscles that cause lines relaxed for approximately 3 months. In some cases, with repeated treatments and over time, results can last up to 6 months. Results are dramatic and apparent within days and unlike surgery, it is fast, simple and minimally invasive. The surrounding muscles will function as normal to produce facial expressions. The result is usually a younger, fresher and natural looking appearance. When used repeatedly, it will also prevent overactive muscular contractions and usually prevent or delay further wrinkle formation. One needs to distinguish between two types of facial wrinkles: dynamic and static. Dynamic wrinkles occur in people of all ages, even young children, and appear temporarily when a muscle contracts and causes the overlying skin to crease. They

are typically seen with facial expressions such as smiling, frowning and raising your eyebrows. Static wrinkles are always visible, even when all the facial muscles are resting. Static wrinkles tend to develop in skin that has thinned and stretched as a result of premature or natural ageing processes. They are constantly present and become more obvious with facial expressions. Anti-wrinkle injections are commonly used to treat dynamic lines effectively. They are especially useful for the top half of the face. AntiResults are wrinkle injections also yield significant benefit dramatic and days for static shallower lines by softening them. apparent within y, er rg su Treatment of static lines may be coupled e lik un d an d with other treatments such as dermal fillers it is fast, simple an e. The siv va in ly al im in m or fractional laser to obtain optimal results. It cles surrounding mus is best to begin treating lines when they are normal as n tio nc fu ill w minimal, as this will prevent them becoming to produce facial deeper and more difficult to treat. expressions.”

Anti-wrinkle injections can be used on frowns, crow’s feet, and forehead lines. They can also strategically relax certain muscles to create an eyebrow lift, reduce a gummy smile, slim the jaw line, and to stop the downward pull of muscles on the mouth (sad mouths) and neck (turkey neck). They can also help to prevent the permanent etching of lines into the face by continual muscle contraction, such as vertical lip lines and dimply chin. Anti-wrinkle injections are also used in a variety of medical con-

ditions, including treatment of migraine and tension headache, chronic muscular pain, teeth grinding, abnormal facial movements, tremors, and excessive sweating of the underarms. Millions of people have achieved astonishing results with antiwrinkle injections without any significant adverse side effects, saying good bye to wrinkles and hello to a smooth and youthful appearance. Anti-wrinkle injections treatments are effective, affordable, convenient, long lasting and have no down time.

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jamie mitchel

Jamie Mitchell, originally from Coffs Harbour, started as a Nipper and has since achieved victory in the Molokai! He is currently working on a documentary and hopes to be invited to the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Event .

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I owe “ everything to my family for always having my back and believing in me 100%, no matter what and always encouraging me.”

I got comfortable in big waves and after spending time in Hawaii later in my life, I decided that I wanted to pursue surfing big waves as well. I decided to start spending 3 months in Hawaii every year and just surfing my brains out.


uge waves and paddle boards? Tell us more ...The water has been a huge part of my life. I started swimming at a very young age to help my Asthma, and I joined the Coffs Harbour Nippers when I was 5 years old, so I have been linked to the ocean and water from a very young age. I grew up paddling in the Nippers and learnt to surf, and each one complements the other. Paddling became pretty serious at a young age for me. I started competing at local carnivals and then progressed to state and national level when I got older and into my teens. When I was in my early 20s, I went to Hawaii and did the Molokai to Oahu paddle board race with a friend of mine in a team. I had a lot of fun and met some great people, so I decided to go back and then in 2002, I won my 1st Solo Molokai to Oahu race – and it just snowballed from there. I fell in love with Hawaii and the people there. I grew up looking up to Dave and Scotty Reeves, who were champion Ironmen from Coffs Harbour. Both loved to surf and they’re not scared of big waves, or training in big waves. I loved hanging out with those older guys and trying to learn from them and trying to keep up with them and be like them. I got comfortable in big waves and after spending time in Hawaii later in my life, I decided that I wanted to pursue surfing big waves as well. I decided to start spending 3 months in Hawaii every year and just surfing my brains out. And now, I'm lucky enough to be able to chase swells all over the world. How have you progressed your career? To be honest, I can’t believe where my life is now. I just started as a little Nipper in Coffs Harbour and decided to move to the Gold Coast to help my paddling and seek out more opportunities. Then the biggest moment was going and doing Molokai and continuing to go back. I was working pretty much full-time for the GC City Council

lifeguarding and taking time off to go to Hawaii and California to race and then going back to work to pay my credit card off. Then along the way, I got a few small sponsors who would give me clothes etc. And it just progressed in small leaps until I got approached by Quiksilver. I got offered a contract from those guys, and that’s when I had to make the decision to either stay life guarding or take a big pay cut and accept the contract and pursue the opportunity of living my dream of paddling and surfing as a full-time career, knowing it would mean struggling to get by financially in the initial stages. I decided to go for it, and that decision has paid off. What’s your proudest career moment? I think it’s split between my first victory in the Molokai race and my last one, which was my tenth. They both have special meaning to me. Which five words best describe you? Loyal, driven, competitive, focused, fun. What’s the best lesson you've learnt along the way? To be yourself. Don't change or try to change for anyone. You are who you are, and ultimately that’s what keeps you alive and ticking. If people can’t accept you for you, they are not worth worrying about. Be open to new ideas and have an open mind. You never know what doors may open for you. What was the starting point for the documentary you’re working on? I think I owe everything to my family for always having my back and believing in me 100%, no matter what and always encouraging me

... Also, all the friends along the way who have helped me and been there for me. Without people like that in your life, it would be very very hard. What’s been your best decision? I think the decision to take a chance and quit my job to pursue a dream. If I hadn't taken that chance, I would definitely not be where I am today. Who inspires you? I draw inspiration from many different people and walks of life. From great athletes, to my family and everyday people who are making life work, no matter what is thrown at them. But in the athletic world, I do draw inspiration from athletes like Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, Kelly Slater, Dave Kalama. These guys have been at the top of their game for so long and have continued to push the sporting and age barriers. What dream do you still want to fulfil? I would really love to get invited to the Eddie Aikau Big Wave Event. That’s been a dream of mine for a long time. I have a few projects in mind that I would love to pursue as well, but I can’t tell you too much about them, ha ha! What are you reading at the moment? A book called Organic Performance. Adam Kellinson wrote it, and it’s about good clean food and living a healthy life and some great recipes as well.

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Photo copyright of Authentic Pilates Education Australia. Photography by Stingray.

New Year’s Intensive Week Imagine an exercise program that you look forward to, that engages you and leaves you refreshed and alert with a feeling of physical and mental wellbeing. At HARA, the benefits of our training method will be improved flexibility, agility, better posture, body awareness and a relaxed, graceful movement with a spring in your step.

Lightstream Sanctuary Retreats Are you finding your life is out of control and you need new skills to get back on track?

Affordable and Organic produce

We have created a peaceful, non competitive atmosphere, quite different to the usual environment of a gym, so you can achieve overall conditioning of the mind and body by promoting harmony between the mental and physical aspects of health and fitness tailored to your individual needs.

One store that has continued to grow month on month is Kombu Wholefoods. Described in The Australian as: “An Aladdin’s Cave of affordable and sustainable organic produce”, the Bellingen based healthy living and organic grocery store sells a large range of affordably priced healthy living and local products from their new centrally-located retail space.

We offer the complete Pilates method on ALL apparatus and MAT work, which is quite versatile, and combined with Yoga or GYROKINESIS® classes, your body with benefit greatly from the variation and cross training. The methods offered at HARA complement one another perfectly; using your Pilates training to ensure core control for Yoga styles such as Power Flow Yoga, and GYROKINESIS® is your total flowing 3D movement challenge.

Explained store partner Lowanna Doye: “By keeping affordability as one of the keystones of our business, Kombu has continued to grow quickly. This is an incredibly positive sign for the future, as increasing numbers of people realise that the type of food they consume is directly contributing to their wellness. This in turn supports the local economy through the growing demand for local delicious, fresh, sustainably produced and affordable fruit and vegetables.”

For sports men and women, we offer goal specific and time efficient training to improve performance and correct muscle imbalances, joint support and muscle efficiency, and we can assist those rehabilitating from injuries, pregnancy or interested in a new healthy life change.

In keeping with their philosophy of being a one-stop shop, Kombu also stocks a wide range of other healthy living products – with over 2,500 at last count. These range from hundreds of bulk lines through affordable cold pressing juicers to the latest range of just-arrived Manduca Baby Carriers (made, of course, from organic cotton).

NEW in 2013, HARA will have an in house physiotherapist offering physio assessments for initial consultations, injury management and a Physio back care Pilates class, and we will also offer Pilates for Healthy Bones (osteoporosis specific), Mums and Bubs Pilates and GYROTONIC® classes.

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Kombu is open Monday to Saturday, and we recommend a visit. Find them at the end of the Church Street café strip, Bellingen. You can also shop online at their also-revamped online store at

Do you need to unwind from a hectic lifestyle and learn new ways of being? Is your present state of health causing you problems and you need some fine tuning to feel healthy again? Join your hosts, Judy and Andrew (of Lightstream Health Clinic), and rejuvenate, refresh and regenerate yourself in nature’s peace-filled wilderness at Lightstream Sanctuary Retreats with bird life, rivers, waterfalls, lakes and serene gardens. You will be shown new skills to relax and unwind, healthier eating habits, be assessed for naturopathic and herbal treatments and generally feel refreshed and renewed after 3 days on their unique property in the mountains above Coffs Harbour. Retreats are to be conducted monthly, with the February 16/17/18th retreat focusing on detoxification after New Year and summer indulgences. The detox retreat includes naturopathic assessment and toxin-reducing massage, along with juices, herbs and suitable diet to cleanse the system, yoga exercises, tai chi, walking, swimming, meditation and relaxation techniques. Further retreats are planned for March 30/31st/1st April, and April 27/28/29 and then monthly. To book, ring 6658 6406, email or visit our website www. or call into our Clinic at 7/66 First Ave, Sawtell.

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Martin Giles Physiotherapy Martin Giles Physiotherapy has been a well established business here in Coffs Harbour for over 20 years. Martin’s reputation is second to none. At Martin Giles Physiotherapy, the aim is to give all clients the same level of care, whether you’re an aspiring or elite athlete, or simply require assistance from a quality team of physiotherapists. Sue Bakker is also on staff and brings with her a wealth of knowledge in women’s health, being one of only a few physiotherapists in Coffs Harbour with post graduate qualifications in this field. She also has a special interest in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and remedial massage. Physiotherapy is the diagnosis and treatment of the body using physical means. This means using the hands to mobilise or manipulate joints, use massage, stretching, acupressure in conjunction with taping, exercises, strengthening, retraining movements, correcting poor posture and balance. Physiotherapy also may include electrotherapy and hot/cold therapies. A home programme of exercises is often used to continue the gains experienced during treatment. Martin Giles is a Sports Physiotherapist. He has taken on additional study and training (full-time for a year plus training at the Institute of Sport in Canberra)

Absolutely Fabulous Fitness

Achieve your New Year’s Resolution Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution with the region’s Most Awarded Health Club! Coffs Coast Health Club was created in 2009 by a group of local healthcare professionals to resolve the negative perception of gyms being full of rich, lycra clad superheroes. Centrally located on Hogbin Drive, Toormina, they are only a 5 minute drive from Coffs Harbour, Sawtell, Boambee and Bonville. They provide us with the latest fitness and strength equipment, as well as a huge range of cutting edge group exercise classes. Offering affordably priced memberships starting as low as $12 per week, personal training, nutritional advice, rehabilitation, child-minding and the Coffs Coast’s best value privileges card free to all members. You will feel safe in the knowledge that they are locally owned, not part of a franchise, foster a judgement free atmosphere and don’t employ slick, scary sales people. The culture you will experience is that of a friendly, supportive and truly community based health and fitness facility.

Martin Giles Physiotherapy also provides HICAPS processing.

Open 7 days a week, they can’t wait to meet you and see how they can help you achieve your 2013 goals.

We have the facilities to electronically process your private health fund rebate, or medicare if you are referred under the EPC (enhanced primary care) program.

Simply call them on 6658 6222, visit www.coffscoasthc. – connect via Facebook or drop in to take your first step towards a happier and healthier life.

Absolutely Fabulous Fitness was founded by Sarah Brazenor in March 2011. Sarah has extensive experience in the fitness industry, commencing in June 1995 when she began as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor in Sydney. Sarah moved to the Mid North Coast in 2002. She discovered Pilates around that time and incorporated it into her repertoire. Since then, Pilates has become a core part of her business. With Sarah’s passion for Pilates and Group Training, along with individual programmes for clients, Absolutely Fabulous was formed. Absolutely Fabulous Fitness provides clients with personalized programmes from one-on-one to private groups to group classes. These are offered to clients at locations from Coffs Harbour to Nambucca Heads. No smelly gyms; we come to you, or you can come to our private studios or enjoy one of the many classes in great locations. Coffs, Bellingen, Valla Beach and Mylestom. We aim to provide you choice of locations, so if you live at Valla and work in Coffs you can still make two classes a week i.e. Thursday lunch at Coffs and Tuesday night at Valla. We also come to you if that’s what it takes to get you going. Along with Sarah, we have Natalie, who specialises in Personal Training and Pilates and Lola, who is a Pilates specialist. The webpage gives you up to the minute information about class times, prices, news, photos and upcoming events. To get started, just come along or call Sarah on 0413 153 363 or email: for more information.

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s o c i a l s c e n e with Carole Beros from Le Dāin Designs Right. Liz Moye,Micky Stuivenberg, Fiona Wendt, Trudy Smith, Laren Below. Rob Hoy, Gary Evans, Matt Hoy Right. Norm Michener, Sheridan Blatney, karen Sedgwick Below. Becc Faber, Jules Faber, Fran Stephenson

Below. Kirsty and Sam Couper, owners Aaron and Mel, Sally and Michael

Below. Maree Zwolsman, Prue Whoo, Anne Blair, Deanne Parker

Social/scene. Well, we hope you are all enjoying the celebrations that occur at this time of year. We just get over all the Christmas parties then, whoa! We go and do it all again on New Year’s Eve! Many make New Year’s resolutions, and others just keep on rolling. Mine is definitely going to be to aim to get a lot fitter! I’ve said this before, but something has to be done: those 20 fruit mince pies are just about starting to show!


noticed this when we attended ‘My Sisters Wardrobe’s’ Christmas party. I was busy trying to SQUASH myself into a ‘wiggle dress’, when I could practically hear ‘THE SON’S’ voice echoing in my ears “MUM! That dress is way too tight!” But no! I wasn’t listening and proceeded to enjoy the bubbles and lots of delicious sweet fancies provided by Amanda, Sugar Plum Bakery. Hey, we were celebrating, so why not have TEN? There were specials for the ladies and you could get your hair done in a vintage style by Elyan. Lots of fun and retail therapy for the girls. Later that week, we all arrived at the Dolphin Marine Magic Pet Porpoise Pool, ready to party. The BWN, along with Zonta and BPW joined forces to have a Magic Twilight Soiree. Definitely something different for a Christmas event, for sure. The ladies were all dressed up to party, and party they sure did! The decorations were twinkling, the food was scrumptious (just a few too many garlic prawns!) The entertainment was fabulous and under the mistletoe. I got kissed by a SEAL! More celebrations were to be had at the Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce and NextGen Leaders Christmas party, held at the Novotel Pacific Bay Resort. Entertaining the guests was local songstress Kate Southwell, who has recently signed a record deal in LA. Drinkies and delicious canapés, along with a lot of laughter and good fun thrown in for good luck, made for a great night out. Meant to be for the under forties, but I’ve been invited back (things are looking up!) They do 48 coffs coast focus.

say that putting on a bit of weight on the face smoothes out the fine lines and makes you look younger? Did someone mention CANAPÉS?

e eclectic crowd, he spoke about addressing the his work for the last 5 years as a daily editorial cartoonist with local newspapers and about the creation of his multi award winning comic strip, MiBraine. He then went on to speak about his work branching into children’s book illustration, showing examples from a trilogy created with local author Robyn McLennan. Jules is the President of the Australian Cartoonists Association, which is the world’s oldest cartoonist’s organisation, and he is a resident of the Coffs Coast.

Rotary Woolgoolga held a charity auction and cinema showing of the film Life of Pi. The event was to raise money for the Ashley Haven Orphanage. The Orphanage was started three years ago in Ethiopia, by local Coffs Coast woman Sheridan Blayney. It is home to 11 children and employs 5 staff members, including ex-fistula patients from the Hamlin Fistula foundation, Ethiopia. The show, as part of a I attended the reopening launch Sheridan is trying to multi-artist exhibition, will s of Cocoa in Coff spilled raise funds necessary be viewed until Australia Harbour. Guests et, to purchase a minivan Day at the Bunker out on to the strene food for the dual purposes Cartoon Gallery. fi while enjoying ided by ov pr of transportation for ks in I attended the reopening and dr s of the kids, as well as the fabulous chef launch of Cocoa in Coffs fé ca lar this super popu income generation for Harbour. Guests spilled restaurant. ” the orphanage by using it out onto the street, while as a shuttle bus/taxi around enjoying fine food and drinks the town. The night was a great provided by the fabulous chefs success, raising close to $3,000. For of this super popular café restaurant. more information about the cause, contact Can’t wait to sample their new menu over Sheridan at the holiday period; I hear it’s absolutely

We recently attended the Coffs Harbour Bunker Cartoon Gallery for a sensational exhibition. Along with the viewing of the artwork, there were of course bubbles and fine wine for guests. There was a fabulous mini buffet of cocktail food, oh dear! I could hear ‘THE SON’S’ rude warnings of over indulgence in my ears again. One of the artists was local cartoonist Jules Faber. When he was

scrumptious. We joined Amanda Scott for a festive lunch, and she let me into a little secret. Boy are we are in for a treat in the New Year! Seacrest Productions will be presenting two completely different theatrical pieces in the same week. The first is in the tradition of the classic pantomime, The SeaWitch and the Magic Cave written by Amanda Scott and directed by

Belinda Lemair. This will be performed twice daily at 11am and 1.30pm on January 17, 18 and 19; adults $10 and children only $6. For a more adult taste is our evening production of Sleuth, a Tony award winning play written by Anthony Shaffer. This play was touted the world’s greatest thriller. This one runs on the 18 and 19 of Jan at 8pm and Jan 20 at 2pm. Always something entertaining happening at our local theatre! Well, back to New Year’s resolutions. ‘THE SON’ has promised to keep his room tidy and help around the house, while ‘THE HUSBAND’ has assured me that his garage (men’s cubby house) will be sparkling for the new year and we will be able to actually find stuff! Sure, sure – pigs might fly! I voiced this thought and informed them that I am only interested in what is actually possible! When suddenly, ‘THE SON’ managed to lose one thousand brownie points in one fell swoop. It went like this, “Hey Mum, you know that wiggle dress you wanted to try and fit into for New Year?” (Now, ‘THE HUSBAND’ looked panicked and gave him the OMG look), but off the daft teenager went into a more dangerous territory than anything ever seen on his Playstation! “Well, there’s absolutely no way you’ll be getting into that! Especially after all you’ve been eating! Oh, maybe if you get some of those fat pants ... you know, the ones that suck all the flubber in, it’s definitely possible!” Lucky he can run really fast! Here is to letting it all hang out. Mince pies and all! Carole, Le Dãin Designs.

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There will be a Bellbowrie European Motorcade, exotic cocktails, tea leaf reading, entertainment and fabulous food.

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i s e ça

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Join in the opulent VIP style and win a ticket to the Ball and arrive in style in the Bellbowrie European VIP Motorcade.





Call Opal Cove on 6651 0510 – 6651 0573 to secure your ticket or go online: www.trybooking. com/37558

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o get the crowd dancing, DJ Jordy will be there to set the party mode. The effervescent Michael Crossland will be our fabulous MC for the evening, and for musical entertainment we have singer Millie O Rourke and Heart Strings. Trudy Smith will be doing some cheeky live body painting; we will have Jules Faber and a surprise performance from local theatre group ‘Seacrest Productions’. Major Sponsors, 400 Management, Bellbowrie European, La Fleur D’Alyse and Le Dãin Design Jewells will be the hosts for the night, and they invite you to attend a night filled with fun and frivolities. So

Enter now at

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What’s Bring along a rug/chair, picnic or enjoy the variety of local food on offer and join in the Community Celebrations and Ceremony for the 2013 Australia Day at the North Coast Regional Botanic Gardens, Coffs Harbour on Saturday 26January, commencing at 9am.

1 1 gre at re as o ns to join the Au stralia Day Fu n 1. Flag Raising, Australia Day Awards and Citizenship Ceremony 2. Family Celebrations Bring a rug and/or chair, your own picnic or enjoy the food on offer, including a good ‘ole Aussie barbecue and tasty cultural treats. 3. Activities for Kids Girl Guides Aussie Games – egg and spoon race, sack race, water sponge throwing (at human target – lots of fun; kids love it!) Aussie gumboot throwing; ballistas; craft: making Australian bush musical instruments e.g. lagerphone, barcoo dog; Bell Tent on display. The Smiley’s Characters Concert – performing popular action songs and musical games on the kids stage. Balloon Artist – have fun with different designs, shapes, sizes, colours.

4. ‘Art by Trudy’ Body Art & Face Painting The 2013 Australia Day will be a festival of colour and family celebrations offering creative entertainment. Our local artist, Trudy Smith, will create an Australian themed human canvas unfolding before you … alongside her mentored and talented daughters face painting iconic Aussie Day logos. These designs will help to set the benchmark for a new look community celebration of our wonderful nation, which us Aussies love.

8. Bush Poetry Long-term local Tom Strickland will perform his successful version of well known Australian classics. 9. Julie Ross Dancers Local talented students of Julie Ross Dance Studio performing bright Jazz routines.

10. 23 on a Good Night Local community choir presenting songs from Africa, Pacific Islands, East Europe and other international locations ... the group numbers fluctuate between 14 and 36 … they will perform a range of songs.

11. Lucky Door Prize kindly donated by Coffs Harbour’s Dolphin Marine Magic (Pet Porpoise Pool) – a Gold Private Ultimate Dolphin Experience for 4 participants valued at $1,200 (must be present to claim prize).

“ Local talented students of Julie Ross Dance Studio ight performing br. ” Jazz routines

5. Young Writer’s Competition Listen to talented local kids recite patriotic winning creations.

6. Miel Crudo A live performance by Jenni and Javier from the Miel Crudo Experience – a unique celebration of world music.

50 coffs coast focus.

7. Local duo Bob Hewson and granddaughter Brittany Lee will be presenting the Australia Day crowd their popular variety of Country, Jazz and foot tapping Classics, along with some good ‘ole Aussie family favourites.

Keynote Speaker Katie Pitsis. Free Spirit Girl runs personal development/selfempowerment workshops for teen and pre-teen girls all over Australia, supporting them to gain confidence, self-esteem, to learn to love and respect themselves, have the tools and emotional intelligence to deal with bullying, peer pressure, body image pressure and all of life’s challenges, inspiring them to step up as authentic leaders, contribute and live their lives to the full. Coffs Harbour is extremely blessed to have Free Spirit Girl’s founder and head presenter, Katie Pitsis, as our keynote speaker at the 2013 Australia Day awards ceremony on what it means to be a young Australian. Katie is an international superstar and has spoken to 1,000s of people worldwide; it is going to be an incredible day that you don’t want to miss. Katie will be sharing her inspiring journey, success tips and the importance of coming together, supporting, and uplifting each other, celebrating our unique differences and explaining how we can all be our best. To find out more about Free Spirit Girl, the transformational workshops or Katie, go to WWW.FreeSpiritGirl.COM or add us on Facebook.

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The warm weather is here and it’s time to party! A & A Party Hire Specialists have a range of amusement products available. We have a number of jumping castles in various sizes. Our entire range of castles has solid sides and is safety checked prior to each event. We have fat Sumo suits available in either children or adults’ sizes. They come with a referee, big gong and all equipment required to operate the games etc. We also have a giant waterslide which can be hired out for the hot weather. It is 12 metres long by 4 metres wide and 6 metres in height – lots of fun. NEW in stock are great costumes, such as Elmo, Shrek, Batman, Snow White and more. You can hire these for the day for an event or we can entertain the crowd for you. Also NEW in stock are themed party packs to take the stress out of Mum’s life. They include party invitations, plate, cup, napkin, tablecloth, banner, loot bags, party hats, game, balloons, and lollies. They come in all your favourite themes: Dora, Elmo, Barbie, Toy Story, Princess, and the list goes on ... prices start from $8 per child. We are available to hire for parties, weddings, fetes and events. We are happy to discuss any package we may be able to offer.

CAPRICORN. December 22 - January 20


April 21 - May 21

August 24 - September 23 A

Balance and equilibrium are about to enter your picture. Justice will be granted, you will have a positive outcome regarding a legal matter but you can expect a series of delays first. Good news will be given soon. Enjoy your period of rest as you are likely to be busy during the month of January. Rhodonite aligns us with our talents and our purpose in life.

Your inner strength has been challenged lately. Now is the perfect time to set some new goals for a positive future. You will enjoy some newfound talents and friends. By walking fearlessly into your future, you will discover even more personal strength. Azeztulite helps us to connect with alternate realities. Carry it on your being.



January 21 - February 19

Your soul is calling out for your attention. Listen to your needs. Some personal nurturing is required. Release other people’s stress and problems, as these weigh you down. Set some personal goals and enjoy what is about to befall you. Enjoy! Kunzite fills your soul with joy, allowing us to override stress.

PISCES. February 20 - March 20

You are about to embark on a journey. For some this will be literal, for others, an inward journey of self-discovery. During this time, you will make new friends and acquaintances who will mirror your lessons in life perfectly. To gain the most out of this, remove all judgement and look for the outcome. Seraphinite allows us to heal passed hurts from a subconscious plane.

ARIES. March 21 - April 20

Your emotions have been a little over sensitive lately as you have begun a cycle of self-discovery, where you will be letting go of a lot of passed hurt. Try to recognise all of your insecurities, so you can release them and their influence from your sphere of existence. Phenacite is a wonderful stone for initiation. Bringing a new level of awareness.

52 coffs coast focus.


May 22 - June 22

Choice is upon you. Your talents have been activated, which will wake up new gifts. Some direction is needed now, so you will be ready for the perfect opportunity. Deep inside you have your own answers, but unfortunately you are lacking the confidence to listen. Trust in your sensitivity and psychic ability, as this is never wrong. Labradorite brings magical energy into the picture for manifestation.

CANCER. June 23 - July 23 Ju

A gift is about to be bestowed upon you. This was your creation through a wish made several months ago. Now all you need to do is get out of the way and let heaven help you. Romance and passion are likely to be a major influence over the next few months. Rhodochrosite helps us find our inner child’s joy of life. Carry it for a couple of weeks.

LEO. July 24 - August 23

You are entering a new cycle, with lots of excitement and laughter. At first your fears and insecurities will surface but if you claim them and heal them, nothing will hinder your progress. If you treat them light heartedly they will be transformed into new strengths. Calcite brings spontaneity into the picture.

The world is your oyster. You will soon be finishing off old business ties and making ways for new opportunities so be prepared. Some new friends are entering the picture, which is why old relationships are fading away. Words need to be spoken to clear some old issues. Speak your truth from your heart. Zincite helps creation of new ideas.

LIBRA. September 24 - October 23

You are currently involved in a cycle of family or group healing. Listen to your words of wisdom, as these words will contain your own answers. Removing any prejudices or judgements will assist you further. Look for the outcome of your magical words. Kyanite helps us to build inner bridges for personal-growth.

SCORPIO. October 24 - November 22

Goal setting at this time will benefit you mostly. New beginnings are at hand, so make the most of this creating time. You can have what you want, but you need to know this. Give yourself permission to receive your wish and enjoy it when it gets here. Aventurine will help you to grow very quickly.

SAGATTARIUS. November 23 - December 21

You have answers to other people’s dilemmas. This is because you have a cosmic understanding of life. You are a natural teacher and other people are drawn to you, because they know you have their answers. Don’t be afraid to speak; just be aware of your motive. Sugilite helps us to connect to our dreams for understanding life from different perspectives.



steve gooley We’ve all seen the wonderfully huge new development at the Plaza. What is it exactly? It is a multi-level car park providing 3 levels of undercover or shaded parking to our customers. The car spaces are generous in size, allowing for additional width between parking spaces and of course, the luxury of getting into a cool car in summer! ut we have designed all our development to be able to take many uses into the future. The whole design allows us to retrofit more retailing in the decked car park and more decked car parking if required in the future if demands dictate.


impression of the treatment on the western side. When does this get installed? This is the finishing touch and will be installed commencing February 2013. It will look fantastic and change the overall look of the structure.

There are whispers in the community that the space So how many additional car has been designed to At least 300 spaces will there be? of these are have the potential . In The completion of the works fully undercover of becoming a addition, we haveer will see the addition of over department store. ov rc added unde 400 car parks. Any secrets for the so s, ay walkw cess future we should And they’re all customers can acay know about? The multithe centre and st undercover? dry or shaded. ” level car park is stage one At least 300 of these are fully of our master plan which, undercover. In addition, we have if economic conditions dictate, added undercover walkways so could lead to further development customers can access the centre and stay and the addition of more retail space. We dry or shaded. This is a real advantage to have planned well for our future. our customers, as it is what we have lacked.

Now we can boast we have the best on the Coffs Coast. The development has generated lots of money in the community, not only on the retail side, but supporting local business in terms of local builders working on the site. Tell us more about that ... We are very fortunate to have owners who are prepared to invest heavily in our region. The Bachrach Naumburger Group have spent $20m on the new car park to provide additional parking to assist with growing sales for our retailers. We have used local contractors for the construction work, ensuring that the dollars flow back through our community. We’re all very excited about the artist’s

Lots of new stores have recently opened as well? That’s right. We have a variety of new stores, including some new names to the region such as JB Hi-Fi, Factorie, Smiggle, Chi Massage Link, Lovisa, Goldmark, Dusk, Earthborn, eGoli, Crave Gourmet Pizza, Man To Man, Black Pepper, Vitality for Life plus some familiar faces who have upgraded their stores and in some cases relocated, including Suzanne Grae, Toleman & Co, Travelworld, The Athlete’s Foot, Pumpkin Patch, Hand & Body Concepts, Prouds The Jewellers, Go Vita and Jamaica Blue. All this in addition to the major refurbishment of the Target store, which included the widening of the mall in this area. coffs coast focus 53


with Samantha Wardman of CornerPost Marketing


Jason Burnett The Edge Real Estate

i Jason. You're a Coffs local ... tell us about your upbringing on the Coffs Coast? I was born in Coffs Harbour and raised predominantly on the northern beaches on avocado and banana plantations. I have very supportive parents who instilled a great work ethic in me; this has had a positive influence on my real estate career. I had a great upbringing surrounded by good friends, who I am still very close with today. I started school at Tyalla Primary School and finished my primary schooling at Korora. I attended Coffs Harbour High School, where I graduated year 12 in 1997. The Edge Real Estate is a real estate agency that you founded together with Tim Bynon and Mark Webb. What was the driving force behind its establishment? We were having a beer in Darling Harbour after a real estate conference, talking about the industry and ideas about how we thought it could be done differently and better in our minds. To do this, we had to take control of our careers and start our own agency, which we did in 2003. We originally thought we would operate a small boutique office, and when we opened we had 5 employees. Today we manage the largest real estate office in Coffs Harbour, with 26 employees. We are the only full service office in the area with specialist residential sales, residential property management and commercial/industrial sales, leasing and management divisions. It’s rare these days to find a born and bred local who has remained in Coffs to build a successful career and family life. What makes living and working in Coffs Harbour appealing to you? Coffs Harbour is such a fantastic place to live and an even better place to conduct business. The lifestyle we enjoy here is world class, so we are very spoilt in my mind compared to people living and working in the larger cities. I left school and started in 54 coffs coast focus.

real estate 15 years ago and do pene pe ned ne d Th The e opened Edge nearly 10 years ago, so my career t iti afforded ff d d me tto stay t iin th opportunities the area. Now as a parent, my children get to enjoy the upbringing that I enjoyed, which I am very excited about, as it is a great place to raise a family. I live on a couple of acres; this gives me a hobby outside of work, which is appealing to me. Being a real estate agent, you know the local area fairly well. What would you say is Coffs Harbour’s best asset? Coffs Harbour's best asset is its location. We are mid-way between two of the larger cities on the eastern seaboard, being Sydney and Brisbane and an hour away by air for convenience to and from both cities. Our location also provides a fantastic climate, giving people has greatly improved When I first , a great place to live started my career our marketing n't or holiday. Attracting the internet wasof our preparation. Digital rt really a big pa e days people to the area cameras allow us os th In . ry indust ur to brings positive to literally take it took over an hoty to influences to our upload a proper few 100s of pictures to local economy, the internet, and a real ensure you get the people used it as tool. ” benefitting everyone. g best photo of the in estate search With the ever property. changing pace of the Success does digital world impacting not come without its business these days, what challenges. What have been changes have you seen in your some of the challenges you have industry? faced in your career, and how did you The digital world has had such a positive overcome them? influence on our industry and really changed I think in business you need to be prepared the way we operate and even conduct our to take the risk and make mistakes. The lesson business. When I first started my career, in making a mistake is learning from it and to the internet wasn't really a big part of our change the way you conduct business to not industry. In those days it took over an hour repeat it. Through my career, I have tried to to upload a property to the internet, and few learn from other people's mistakes, to ensure I people used it as a real estate searching tool. don't make similar choices. Today it has changed the way we promote Some of the challenges our industry faces property, the way people search for property are out of our control as individuals, so I find and is probably the best marketing tool we the best way to deal with this is to remain use. For me, the internet is the single biggest positive and focus on the things that I can change in the real estate industry in my time. control better. The digital camera is also a big change that The Edge recently acquired another

leading commercial agency. Tell us about this growth ... Since day one, The Edge has operated a successful boutique commercial division that enjoyed great success. When the opportunity presented itself to combine the forces of another successful commercial agency to our brand, we jumped at it. Michael Ball and his team are very likeminded professionals, so the integration of the two offices was an easy one. We see great opportunities in the local commercial sector and are very excited about the future for our new commercial division. What do you see the future of real estate looking like? The future for real estate locally is looking very positive. Coffs Harbour is a growing area and is one of the favoured locations for people relocating from the metro markets to either retire or chase the sea change. It is currently a fantastic time to be buying if you are thinking about a real estate purchase, with interest rates on the retreat. There are some very reasonably priced properties available and extremely attractive investment returns available for investors. Thanks Jason.

Ray Is Here To Help You Clean Up After The Relatives Leave!

Custom designed furniture packages New Year, New Fresh Carpet In Your Home Chem-Dry strives to maintain being number ONE in the carpet cleaning industry. We have been in Australia over 25 years and have become the largest and most successful carpet cleaning organisation in the nation. Ray has brought Chem Dry to the Coffs Coast and is the only provider in the area and is ready to come and see you and offer you a free quote. With Chem-Dry, carpets are DRIER, CLEANER, HEALTHIER. DRIER: The Chem-Dry process uses a fraction of the water of steam cleaning, leaving behind less moisture on carpets and no soapy residue that can cause stains to return. This means that carpets are dry quickly, allowing customers back on their floors within 1 - 2 hours. CLEANER: Our exclusive products, including our main cleaner, 'The Natural', sets us apart from the competition. Customers are delighted with a Chem-Dry clean and stay on as lifelong clients. Some of them have been using us for 25 years. HEALTHIER: Stagnant water breeds bacteria such as mould. Steam cleaning uses high pressure water with a detergent to try and clean carpets. This leaves behind wet underlay and floorboards. Chem-Dry uses a fraction of the water of steam cleaners, and our patented carbonating solution bubbles up to the surface of the carpet, bringing the dirt with it. Less water and carbonation equals a much healthier carpet and healthier home.

Two Birds Design offers a range of interior design services, including custom designed furniture packages and refurbishments for developments and individuals. With our up to date know how and professional service, we offer furniture packages for holiday units and display homes that include furniture, artwork, linen and accent pieces, bringing your apartment or house to life. We are dedicated to providing your home or apartment with the finest quality design and products to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. With our complete service, all you have to do is turn the key and we will bring your dreams to reality with timeless quality and personal design. You deserve to reap the maximum rewards from your investments and showcase your development in the best possible light. We offer furniture packages that will sell your property and help potential purchasers visualise their lifestyle. Our services are all stress free for the developer, leaving them to get on with what you do best and your apartments to sell themselves. We go beyond being just another interior designer; we are specialists in our field and love what we do. For further information, please contact our office on Ph: 6652 1594.

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with Kerry Moss

Paradise on


2,000 islands scattered in the middle of the Indian Ocean, with superior beaches, turquoise waters and sunshine year round. Sound like paradise? Maldives (officially the Republic of Maldives) lives up to the dream that has earned it the unofficial title of “Paradise on Earth”

Annie Blair of Coffs Harbour Toyota is back in the driver’s seat of Coffs Coast Business Women’s Network for 2013, taking the reins of President on Monday.

n a country with you won’t be disappointed with over 99% the array of dining choices. Each island was t water and With food and drink shipped en ci once an an s ha ch hi 1% land, it’s to the islands regularly, it’s w coral reef to the in nk su e nc si hard to look pleasantly surprising to have long ing behind an av le n, ea oc past the postcard so many choices. The costs tiful and incredibly beau sand images that greet you are what you would expect of nd la pristine is from your window for a resort in the middle of l.” ra co d an as you fly into the the Indian Ocean but the many International airport of dining packages available help Male. The runway stretches make it more affordable. It’s easy the entire length of the small to get carried away by telling yourself island and the views of crystal clear waters “how many times will I get this opportunity with thousands of tiny islands dotting the in my lifetime” but it’s worth remembering horizon are enough for you to think you really that almost every experience in the Maldives have landed in paradise. is a once-in-a-lifetime one and sometimes the simplest of experiences can be the most Walking out of the airport you’re greeted with memorable. It’s tempting to take the helicopter hundreds of smiling faces, dressed in white to a 5 star dining experience on a private shorts and tropical shirts. Sound too corny island but sitting back watching the sunset for you? As they take your bag and lead you with your feet dangling into the Indian Ocean to your private speedboat to transfer you eating fish and chips wrapped in newspaper to your island retreat, you’d be forgiven for can be just as memorable. surrendering to the rock-star treatment that is

nnie is supported by 14 other women from the local business and cultural community in the largest Committee since BWN commenced in 2004.

to service a unique need for women in our region,” Annie said.

Our first event is on Thursday 7 February 2013 featuring Lily McDonald at Opal Cove. To subscribe to the events’ emails or for more info, visit “There are some very 2013 Committee experienced business President: Annie Blair, Coffs women in the 2013 Harbour Toyota. Committee. We have Vice President: Jacqui To get to a breakfast all some continuity from Jarratt, Coffs Coast and dressed, made up existing Committee Health Club. a big smiling by 7am is time members staying ge Treasurer: Kristy Lanser, hu a d an t effor I’m on, as well as some WHK. investment, and ve fresh ideas from impressed we ha make Secretary: Prue Whoo, 100 women whot each newcomers,” Annie Musical Educator. this commitmen said. Speaker Coordinator: month. ” Jenny Sewell. “Our Vision for 2013 Events Coordinator: Fran centres around valueStephenson. for-time as well as valueMarketing Coordinator: Ashleigh for-money. To get to a breakfast O’Shannessey. all dressed, made up and smiling by 7am Fran will be assisted by an Events Sub is a big effort and a huge time investment, Committee: April Briscoe and Lorraine and I’m impressed we have 100 women Gordon as MCs for Evening Events as who make this commitment each month. well as the meet and greet people – Vern We want to make sure that continues to be McLean, Lynne Clerke and Bonnie Cappell. rewarded. Fran will also have Kate McLennan assist “Our member survey we’ve just conducted as Database and Web Coordinator and drew a huge response and we have some Deanne Parker, who will look after Charity clear direction from what our 1,200 and Prizes for each event. members want: world-class speakers, Ashleigh will be supported by a Marketing impressive breakfast cuisine and for us, to Sub Committee: photographers Deborah facilitate mix-and-meet between the guests Mauger and Brenda Smith and a very who attend the events each month. We capable and spirited April Briscoe is Sponsor will deliver on these requests to build a Coordinator. bigger, better and more invaluable Network

56 coffs coast focus.

about to unfold. If relaxing on the deck of your bungalow whilst the Indian Ocean flows heavenly beneath you doesn’t sound like you then don’t despair! The Maldives is home to some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world. Each island was once an ancient coral reef which has long since sunk into the ocean, leaving behind an incredibly beautiful and pristine island of sand and coral. With marine sanctuaries named “the Aquarium” and “Turtle Island”, it’s like swimming through the set of Finding Nemo. And even though I must confess that coming eye-to-eye with a shark as big as me was not on my bucket list, it’s an experience I feel honoured to have had, not once, but repeatedly during my time in the Maldives. If you tire of the water sports on offer then

The Maldivian people are friendly, welcoming and extremely polite. Most visitors are protected from the chaos of Male, the densely crowded capital city of the Maldives because of it’s remote location in relation to the resorts. Even so, it’s worth a day trip to experience the quirky and alcohol-free home to over 300,000 locals. A visit to the lively fish market and a wander through the many mosques and streets stalls gives visitors a small insight into life for the people of the Maldives. Every year, newly opened resorts from 6 star luxury to ecologically back-to-nature hotels are springing up on the islands of the Maldives and whilst a holiday here won’t be the most economical you’ve ever had, the Maldives demands the attention of anyone looking for an indulgent break with experiences that will remain with you long after your tan has faded.

Learn any time, any place at your own pace.

Unleash Your Potential TAFE’s Open Campus

Chandler Macleod is one of the region’s

machine operators from Taree through to Lismore.

largest recruitment, consulting and labour hire

Chandler Macleod’s success is attributed to a

As our daily lives get busier and our spare

Campus courses use instructionally-designed

specialists; Chandler Macleod has a proven

genuine desire to support people to unleash their

time gets more and more precious, finding

web-based materials designed to engage

track record of unleashing the potential of

potential. The local consultants take time to gain

the time to study for a qualification, and

and stimulate you, and you are supported

people and companies.

a deep level of understanding of individuals, their

the extra knowledge and skills that come

and guided in your learning by teachers with

Since opening our doors in 2009, we have made

life experience, skills, temperaments and goals in

with it, becomes more challenging.

interaction by email, forums and chat groups.

immediate and successful inroads into the local

order to match them to a job in which they are

More and more people are turning to online

Open Campus offers a wide range of support



or distance education solutions as a result,

services. As well as being able to access the

When you work with the Chandler Macleod team

Locally, Chandler Macleod has been integral in

and North Coast TAFE has responded to this

library and learning support centre at your local

in Coffs Harbour, you get more than local market

the development and successful growth of the

increased need by making many of their

campus, you can also take advantage of an

understanding, networks, expertise and experience;

community volunteer group … W.O.W (Women Of

courses available to students either online or in

online Learner Support service called yourtutor,

you also receive the breadth of services, access to

the World) which connects and supports women

a flexible mode, mixing on-the-job, on campus

which enables you to access one-on-one help

talent and innovation in systems and processes that

and families to be empowered. When national

or study from home.

as you need it. Yourtutor not only helps you

support the unique needs of this region.

business meets the local needs of individuals, this

North Coast TAFE’s online courses can be

in basic study skills, it also provides help from

Chandler Macleod is currently recruiting a diverse

is when true community engagement and positive

accessed from home, in the workplace or at

highly qualified online tutors in research,

range of positions, including: administration,

change is unleashed.

your local campus. This allows you to continue

report and essay structure, English, Maths and

customer service, engineering and technical

In the next FOCUS article, hear the story of Agnes

your education at a time, and in a way, that


roles, senior management and casual labour hire

Barney and how Chandler Macleod and WOW

So you will be supported all the way on your

including civil labourers, construction, carpenters,

supported one young woman to unleash her

online journey to your new qualification.

telecommunication specialists, truck drivers,

potential ... it’s an inspiring story worth hearing ...

meets your individual needs, no matter what your situation. North Coast TAFE’s Open

OPEN CAMPUS Study from home, work, the beach... your options are, well, open! Online and distance education courses you can study via our Open Campus... t"DDPVOUJOHBOE 'JOBODF t"ENJOJTUSBUJPO t"HSJDVMUVSF t"RVBDVMUVSF t"SUT"ENJOJTUSBUJPO t"VUPNPUJWF4QBSF 1BSUT t#VTJOFTT t.BOBHFNFOU t$IJMESFOT4FSWJDFT t$PNNVOJUZ 1IBSNBDZ t$PNNVOJUZ8FMGBSF t$POTFSWBUJPOBOE -BOE.BOBHFNFOU





1300 628233

coffs coast focus 57

focusbusiness. with the Sawtell Chamber of Commerce


with Chris Hines from Unrealestate

real Quick tips for buyers and sellers.

clive greenway. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the FOCUS readers from the businesses and traders in Sawtell. We hope that Christmas was a time of peace and happiness and celebrated with friends and family and that the year ahead brings prosperity and good health. his is always the article that tempts me to reflect on the year that has gone and ponder the new one ahead. It is reassuring to say that the year has passed without any major disasters or tragedies, and the Mayanist scholars’ prediction of impending doom on December 21 were incorrect.


In fact, I would prefer to work with the new age interpretation that marks the date as the start of positive transformation and the beginning of a new era! I believe that attitude plays such a large part in our lives and has so much influence on a macro scale.

Just a taste of the specials on offer in January in Sawtell include the best in naturopathy and massage at Lightstream Health Clinic in First Avenue. Lightstream is also running a 3 day retreat on 12,13 and 14 January at Lightstream Sanctuary in Lowanna. You can contact them on 6658 6406 for further details. The Sawtell Post Office is running a promotion in January where you can pay your bills at the Post Office and be entered into a weekly draw for a $20 voucher from a local Sawtell shop. Bella Cosa Antiques on First Avenue boast a wide range of beautiful original antique pieces sourced from Australia and

There is a direct correlation between a positive attitude and better relationships, superior health and greater success. A positive attitude will inspire others and help us garner the strength to meet difficult challenges.

overseas and have just brought in some

I also believe if we approach the new year with this in mind, our world be ultimately a better place from both a personal and professional point of view.

Professionals Real Estate in Sawtell have a

Sawtell experienced many changes in 2012 and survived stagnant economic growth, low retail sales and poor consumer sentiment. Despite this, the businesses in Sawtell continued to have an upbeat approach and focus on innovation and customer service and with these goals still a major driving force in 2013, the year ahead looks exciting. We are reminded daily that we live in one of the best places on the globe, and Sawtellians remember proudly that we are ‘Australia’s best kept secret’. Sawtell offers the complete shopping experience and boasts an eclectic mix of boutiques, cafés, restaurants and health and lifestyle outlets. Customer service, pride in our community and knowledge and passion for what we do guarantee that shoppers and visitors will enjoy every moment spent in the village. 58 coffs coast focus.

wonderful new stock. They would love to see you and are open 7 days. It’s a rare situation when you get cash back from a real estate agent after they have sold your home; however, the great vendor focused promotion currently running and offering just that. Sell your property with the Professionals Real Estate between December 1 and February 28, 2013 (conditions apply) and you will be in the draw to win back 50% of the selling fee. You can contact them on 6658 8991. The Sawtell Chamber of Commerce is comprised of a group of committed locals and business owners, and as a group we are passionate about the livelihood of our town. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved for their tireless efforts in 2012 and let them know that their hard work is always recognised and appreciated. We continue to tackle the challenges that face small business each day and we know that without the support of the community and our visitors, our success is compromised. We thank you all for your continued patronage.

chris hines. o here we go headlong into a new year, full of hopes and dreams, but unless we set ourselves goals and a plan, how are we ever going to reach them?


I believe that 2013 is going to be an exciting time in the property market. With interest rates at a low level, market prices stabilised and with savings held in banks at a high level, there has probably never been a better time to get into the property market or indeed, increase your property portfolio.

The next logical step is to begin working with real estate agents on finding homes that suit your needs. Let the agent/s know what things you cannot do without and those things that you would like, and let them come up with a list of fitting homes. During this time you can also research the available homes in your chosen area on the internet and find places that appeal to you. With this ammunition you should be able to view homes and properties with confidence and easily find a place that is agreeable to your needs, wants, and wallet.

Buying a home can be one of the best Once you have located the perfect property, feelings in the world. Nothing beats that have your pest and building inspections done. feeling of security and satisfaction when This step cannot be stressed you open the door to a new home enough. It’s important that and are happy with your you know of any problems purchase. The question is, ot nn with the home, be ca how can you best ensure “Enough g in be t ou ab id they structural or be sa that feeling is going to and ncially secure d na fi pest related. Keep in happen? There are a lot of aware. If you spen ng si mind though, that ni ga or e pitfalls in the real estate some tim fore be es older homes are older nc na fi ur world, and naturally you yo offer, the an g in ak homes, and in many m want to be able to avoid ocess becomesful.” pr cases the condition them and end up with a much less stress of the home relates great home. Here are some directly to the price it is great tips on how to streamline being marketed for. Feel free your home purchase and keep to contact the inspectors after you those little headaches from cropping up. read the report; many things can sound a lot Enough cannot be said about being worse on paper than what they in fact are. financially secure and aware. If you spend Make sure you always make an informed some time organising your finances before decision. making an offer, the process becomes much Of course, there are two ways of less stressful. Take some time and research purchasing during a ‘private treaty’ sale. your credit history and find out if there are any One is to negotiate the price and then outstanding issues or problems and get them exchange contracts with a cooling off period taken care of. This can negatively affect your to get your inspections done, and the other chances of getting a good mortgage, so it’s in is to negotiate the price and then have your best interest to clear any credit issues up your inspections done, before exchanging before the buying process starts. unconditionally. Both methods have their pros Most mortgage companies will offer you and cons; however, speak with your agent a pre-qualification; now, this is nice to have, and conveyancer for professional advice. but you are better off to take it a step further. Remember though, that until contracts are Obtain a pre-approval for your mortgage. The exchanged, both parties can legally pull out pre-approval gives you an absolute number to of a sale, so if you want to secure the home, work with. Not only does this make shopping in most cases you are best off exchanging for a home easier on you, but it gives you a contracts. significant amount of leverage in the actual Above all, have a great New Year, and if sale. Just remember though, that filling out a you have any queries about real estate related number of questions online and being told a matters, feel free to give me a call. figure on the screen is NOT a pre approval.


with Dene Zahner, President of Tourism Coffs Coast.

UPDATE denezahner The announcement of Tiger Airways is fantastic news for Coffs Coast. Tiger’s announced its fifth new destination for 2012, with fares between Sydney and Coffs Harbour. our weekly return flights between Sydney and Coffs Harbour will commence from Friday 15 February 2013, providing over 1,400 visitor seats weekly through Sydney and Coffs Harbour airports, departing Sydney and returning from Coffs Harbour airport in the early afternoon. From late March, an additional fifth weekly service will increase the number of weekly seats to 1,800 weekly through both airports. When the new services commence on 6 February 2013, it will be the first time in the airline’s five year history that Tiger will touch down in Coffs Harbour. The new Sydney – Coffs Harbour route will also become the airline’s only intrastate route (all other domestic routes Tiger flies are interstate). This will provide significant tourism and economic benefits to the Coffs Coast.


There was an official launch of the Solitary Islands Coast Walk. Visitors to the Coffs Harbour area can now walk the 60 km length of the Solitary Islands Coastal Walk from Sawtell to Red Rock, as we have created linkages between existing tracks through signage and trackwork at significant headlands. New signage linking the tracks up and down the Coffs coast feature stories about the local Aboriginal communities at locations such as Dammerels Head, Look-At-Me-Headland and Red Rock. Crossing Coffs Coast Regional Park, Moonee Beach and Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve, the Solitary Island Coastal Walk can be tackled in the one hit with accommodation offered at many stops along the way, or in sections along the track. All the walks along the route are available in a z-card which has been produced and is available for businesses to sell. They can be ordered from the Visitor Information Centre on 6648 4990. There is a space on the front of the box to include a label with your

company details. Coffs Ambassadors Volunteer Interpretive Tours is an innovative program run by Coffs Harbour City Council, which educates and empowers the community to actively protect the outstanding biodiversity of the local area. Since it began in 2010, 13 volunteer ‘Coffs Ambassador’ Tour Guides have taken over 1,000 residents and tourists on interpretive tours of bushland, beaches and rainforests thoughout the Coffs Coast all year round. Coffs Ambassadors are everyday people who are passionate about their local environment and receive training by National Parks and Wildlife Service ‘Discovery’ Rangers. The program is successfully educating the community, as 85% of people who came on a tour gained a greater knowledge of local biodiversity. Additionally, an overwhelming 69% of people said the tour had inspired them to be more environmentally active in their daily lives. Surveys three-six months later suggest that 90% of these people had actually made these environmental behaviour changes that help protect local biodiversity and increase their appreciation for the region. The Local Government Excellence in the Environment Awards, an annual event that commenced in 1998 and recognised the outstanding contribution by announcing this year’s overall winner and winner of Division C as the Coffs Ambassadors. Well done! Tourism Coffs Coast is currently sending out annual renewals and this year are reintroducing their tourism card, which has some fantastic offers. Members will also receive a membership sticker to show their support of tourism. Membership starts from $132 for an associate membership and includes some great benefits. For more information, contact our office on 6651 7766.







GILBERT Professionalising the family business

Proactive family businesses create a family business constitution BEFORE they need one!

tarting a family business is relatively easy; sustaining it beyond a couple of generations is the hard part. It’s often said that the typical family business goes from rags to riches and back to rags in three generations. Research around the world confirms that fewer than half of all family businesses survive the transition from each generation to the next. That means around 10% will make it to the fourth generation. It’s a sad commentary on the reality of family business. The reasons for this failure are complex. However, it is recognised that family issues rather than business issues determine the outcome of generational change in the family businesses. So how do you manage the change? Adoption of a family constitution is the answer. Family businesses need rules that define expectations. Without them, the business can run into trouble – for the individuals as well as the business. As families grow and family business issues become more complicated, a written family constitution becomes one of the most important gifts that founders can give to successive generations. Often it is referred to as ‘the family deal’. Family conflicts are as predictable as markets going up or down. It’s not uncommon for the business to be held hostage to family conflicts. A Family Constitution articulates the ground rules and more clearly defines family relationships and their interface with the business. What is a family constitution? A family constitution is sometimes called a family creed, family charter or family agreement.


Regardless of what you call it, the constitution does the following: • It documents the values and principles that will underpin the conduct of the family business. • It defines the strategic objectives of the business. • It sets out the way in which the family will make decisions affecting the ownership and management of the business. Some people imagine that the creation of a family constitution will avoid family conflict over a family business. If only it were so. In truth, a family constitution won’t circumvent or avoid conflict. What it should do is provide a mechanism by which conflict can be successfully managed and resolved. The act of creating a constitution also forces the family to consider important issues about the future of the family business that might otherwise be put aside. At the end of the day, a family constitution contains the ground rules for interaction, sets the goals and defines the conditions for how things will be done. It contains a methodology for resolution of differences. It defines the conditions of the interface between the family and the business. The future harmony of your family and the continuity of your business may well depend on having the necessary discussions that lead to preparing a family constitution. At PrincipleFocus, we urge businesses to make a family constitution before they need one! PrincipleFocus specialises in helping family owned businesses succeed; we can help them create, implement and adopt a family constitution, as family harmony is paramount to business success and longevity. Please contact PrincipleFocus on (02) 6658 0775 to make appointment.

Monica Gilbert explains the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes and explains the importance of regular checks. hat is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes? Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes are two types of Diabetes. (Type 1) is a condition where the blood glucose level is increased beyond the normal level and the action of the insulin is blocked. In Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus, there is a total deficiency of insulin. In type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, the insulin is there but the receptor for the insulin is not working properly,

How important is getting tested for Diabetes? We now know that complications can occur over time, even though blood sugar levels may be controlled by regular insulin use or by taking tablets. Your doctor will best advise you on how to approach your concerns, and getting tested is highly important and will certainly put your mind at ease.

Diabetes Mellitus is a disease which needs lifelong care, and there is no definite treatment to CURE the Diabetes. Treatment should not significantly impair normal activities but I remember I was going to the can be done adequately if bathroom more frequently than sufficient patient training, usual and I was sleeping later awareness, appropriate Your doctor will on and I kept getting thrush, and u yo best advise care, discipline in ur yo ch back in 1986 you could only oa pr how to ap testing and dosing of tting ge d an , obtain a prescription from the ns er nc co insulin is taken. portant doctor. So after my second tested is highly im y put Although you face and will certainlse.” treatment for thrush, my your mind at ea challenges, you can doctor decided I should have still work and you a urine test – which ultimately have a normal life? was the deal breaker, as there was I was diagnosed when I was a lot of glucose in it. I had a blood test 17 in 1986 and given the time of and the result was conclusive; the outcome my diagnosis, the workplace back then did was Type 1 Diabetes. When my doctor not embrace disabilities or chronic health informed me, I said, “Can I please have some conditions as they do now. Amoxicillin?”, as this was a remedy for any I remember I left my syringe in the lunchroom, previous ailments I had. However, this time and my manager found it and didn’t realise round my doctor informed me this wasn’t I was an Insulin Dependent Diabetic and the case; also, I was the first Type 1 she had assumed they had a drug addict in the office. diagnosed. Being naive was rather amusing At the time, it was not funny, but I look back to my doctor, who then kindly outlined to me and now find it quite amusing. that my lifestyle was changing. And to this day, I can honestly say I have not looked back. Always remember to tell others and take

control of your life and at times you may struggle, but you learn to just get on with it, because life has a way of throwing you these curve balls. You’re involved with KEY employment. How have they helped you overcome challenges? 60 coffs coast focus.

Key has been outstanding and so has Coffs Property, where I work now. I have been involved in various activities with Key, and one that has been very rewarding was when I participated in their pottery classes. The participants had amazing spirit and were very inspiring, to say the least.

I’ve achieved great successes living with this condition, which has given me the source to love those around me unconditionally. My life has come full circle, and I can say with much conviction that I have reached my potential and I will continue to voice my story to anyone who will take the time to listen.

Is a member of YOUR staff experiencing difficulties on the job? WE CAN HELP! Servicing the region for 21 years

Key Employment is the only 5 Star Employment Service in Coffs Harbour . We can assist any existing workers with disability by using our generous subsidies and modifications to the workplace.


6691 9999 to find out more. ÀQGXVRQIDFHERRN


1st bday jetty boating

62 coffs coast focus.




Jetty Boating Coffs Harbour Fishing – Boating – Floating And Having Fun ... That’s the motto at Jetty Boating Coffs Harbour, as Karen and Norm celebrate their first year in business. Twelve months ago Karen and Norm decided to combine their fishing and boating passions and live the dream …

ow 12 months on with the support and dedication of Paul ‘Choppy’ Edwards and Paul ‘Davo’ Davidson, the Jetty Boating Marine Technicians, the business has grown dramatically and surpassed all expectations.


sometimes just don’t want to go; his little stash of old parts and bits and pieces, sometimes referred to as junk, has come in handy on more than one occasion.

The aim of the Jetty Boating team is to provide quality customer service – sales and service knowledge and experience – quality products – genuine Yamaha and Mercury parts – and to stay on top of the game. We understand that we are never going to be able to please everyone all the time, but we are constantly trying to make our clients’ experience with us one of pleasure, and not pain, as we also continue to learn and grow.

We believe that we are lucky to have purchased a business that sell the leading Outboard Motor YAMAHA as well as MERCURY, also a top rating outboard, whose modernised technology has seen an increase in their sales. Both brands are true leaders in the marine industry. Add to this the Quintrex range of alloy boats, where there truly is a boat for all occasions and fishing styles, plus the Tournament pleasure boat range, and the combination at Jetty Boating really does make us a one stop marine shop. Our marine technicians do all our fit ups on site for new boats as well as repowers.

Our technicians regularly attend training courses and seminars to ensure they are up to date with all the latest technology, and we proudly display Davo’s certificates in the showroom. ‘Choppy’ knows almost everything about those good old motors that

Tournament pleasure e boat range, and th tty Je at n tio na bi m co es Boating really doop st e on a us e ak m marine shop.”

continued over

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on the


It was a blessing for Norm and I to have met Chris Cook, our ANZ Bank Manager, whose efforts were enormous to get Norm and I into this business. We have to say some banks just said, “Too hard”, but Chris obviously saw potential and he went to work for us and with us to get us to where we are today. And not just set and forget ... Chris is often on the phone checking up on things and pops in from time to time and as far as personal service goes … thanks heaps Chris and the team at ANZ. With the increase in sales and service work comes an increase in products and other services we need, to ensure we continue to operate, and, this is where we say thanks to the many businesses that have supported us during our first 12 months at Jetty Boating. Where possible, we use and support all local businesses. Rob’s Sheet Metal right next door has provided us with good, prompt service which allows us to get our customers back on the water as quickly as possible. Bananacoast Batteries: Tim is here promptly each week, making sure our marine battery supply is up

64 coffs coast focus.

to date and with the increase in fit ups being done, this service from Bananacoast Batteries has made sure there is no down time in the workshop. Coffs Harbour truly has some outstanding businesses. Forget the internet; get out and experience the good old fashioned way to do business – face to face! Watching your business grow is very rewarding – but it does not just happen – to this end Karen’s previous marketing experience has come in handy. Spending money to make money is the golden rule; know what you want to achieve, and go forth and conquer. The very first thing Karen and Norm did was advertise; we had our NBN advertising booked before we even purchased the business – then we met with 2CS Radio station and planned our 12 months’ advertising campaign and locked this away. Radio has been the strength of our initial advertising, having the cut through we needed to let people know that the business was now under new ownership. We saw the results instantly – new customers and returning customers; it was great. Then along came FOCUS – not being a big fan of print, but not wanting to discount new avenues, we jumped in back in August, and look at us – we are still here some 5 months later. FOCUS has



We look forward to having you rthday us join for our bi nday, Su on ns celebratio on the January 27, 2013 ffs Co e th grounds of ub Harbour Yacht Cl .” from 8am

“ delivered us a new customer base, and wee love the professional look of our ads. Normally me talking 1,200 words would not be an issue – just add a glass or 2 of wine! However, sitting here at my desk with a deadline, in a wine free environment, I am starting to waffle, so I guess my time is almost up. Norm is up the coast dropping off trailers to our Maclean customers and collecting new boats from Quintrex for our new customers, to make sure we have them on the water for Christmas. Another service we try very hard to offer our customers – not always possible with so many variables – but where we can we endeavour to eliminate the transport costs that

regional re gional i towns are subject to in a bid to remain competitive in the marine industry and be able to pass on these savings where possible to our customers and keep the dollars in Coffs Harbour.

We look forward to having you join us for our birthday celebrations on Sunday, January 27 2013 on the grounds of the Coffs Harbour Yacht Club from 8am. Jetty Boating Coffs Harbour has also over the past 12 months offered their support and sponsorship to several of the local fishing tournaments and Fishing Clubs.

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The Coffs Harbour Deep Sea Fishing Club’s Easter Classic; The Coffs Harbour Game Fishing Clubs Hot Current Tournament; and coming up, the Solitary Islands Game Fishing Club’s Junior Development day being conducted on Sunday 27 January 2013, where local skippers are donating their boats and time and inviting interested juniors and females to come along and experience Game Fishing off the beautiful Coffs Coast. To find out more on the Junior/Female Development Day, or to register your interest, call Matt Munro on 0413 740 548. The Junior Development Day will coincide with Jetty Boating’s 1st Birthday celebrations on the grounds of the Yacht Club, where we will

be displaying displayying our boats/motors and marine marine products, as well as having giveaways across the day and providing general boating product information from our suppliers. The day will start at 8am going through until 5pm with an afternoon BBQ and birthday cake. Jetty Boating will take on water boating demonstration bookings for across the following week, allowing you to experience being on the water in a Quintrex or Tournament boat powered by Yamaha and Mercury. We invite you to come and visit us to help celebrate our 1st year at Jetty Boating Coffs Harbour. Safe and Happy Boating from the team at Jetty Boating Coffs Harbour.

Coffs Harbour, meet your local ANZ Small Business Specialist, Chris. We understand that you’re not just looking for a bank. You need someone who takes the time to understand your business. So whether it’s at your place or ours, make an appointment with an ANZ Small Business Specialist today.

Chris Cook ANZ Small Business Specialist 0432 755 997 Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) ABN 11 005 357 522. Australian Credit Licence Number 234527. ANZ’s colour blue is a trade mark of ANZ. Item No. 87227 12.2012 W323529

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