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Hey, Pajarito!

Living and Playing in Pilsen The coal power plants are nestled tightly in the Pilsen neighborhood. One of the most alarming observations was how close these plants were to Dvorak Park, a popular spot with its pool, playground, and sports field. We were inspired by this unusual didactic relationship.

Awareness passes regulations

Our research led us to look at cities around the world with air quality issues. During the 2008 Olympics, the Beijing government planted trees all over the city to combat air pollution, In Mexico City, the government forced factories to move away from the city & forced residents to alternate days in which to drive their cars.

Clean air has become more then just a health issue here in Chicago, and is now a political one. Recently, during a local election, the winning alderman was able to win the election based on supporting the clean power ordinance. it was a deciding issue for recent local elections

Exploring ways to raise awareness and clean air During the ideation phase, we explored a large variety of solutions to help raise awareness and improve air quality in Pilsen.

Activated Carbon is all natural, recyclable, and cost-effective Made from coconut husks, activated carbon is an inexpensive, safe and highly effective material for filtering air. Carbon can be reactivated by heat or can be easily disposed of due to its natural composition.

a stuffed animal sets a friendly tone We wanted our design direction to be positive and fun. A plush toy filled with carbon is a familiar form with a healthy upside.

The eagle is a unifying symbol in Pilsen

The oldest mural in Pilsen, located on 16th street, is a collaborative effort between the different cultures that inhabit the area, Mexicans, Czech, and Polish. An eagle is a shared symbol of freedom and strength in Mexican and American cultures.

Hatching our idea We created several 3D prototypes to continue to refine the form of our design. Our goal was to create a semiabstracted, cute, and inviting form.

Meet Pajarito! Pajarito is a plush form toy with activated carbon. Pajarito is inspired by Pilsen's strong artistic community and the designer toy movement. We wanted to help foster Pilsen's art community and encourage local artists participation through their interpretation of Pajarito.

j Pa y, He ! ito ar

Hey, Pajarito! Cleans air on it’s own

Tossing produces more clean air

Pajarito helps plants grow

Tag helps raise awareness in Pilsen The more Pajarito is thrown, kicked and played with the more air flows through him, and the more air he filters. He !


r ja Pa y,

Pajarito comes with a tag attached that explains to his owner how to interact with him.

Plan of action: Upload a custom design

Hey, Pajarito! Shop






Choose from selected artists

Launch Party

June 14th 6:00pm Pilsen gallery 555 W Halsted

blank canvas


artist collection

Food and drinks provided First 25 guests receive a free blank Pajarito Proceeds go towards the pilsen clean air project Hope to see you there!


Pick a blank canvas

Proceeds benefit local charities

Plan of action: The Launch Party



+ The Gallery Launch will feature the customized Parajito’s of local Pilsen artists

1st 25 guests receive a blank Pajarito for free


The party helps raise awareness in community

Becomes an annual party, showcasing new artists every year

blank canvas

After visiting a local artist gallery, Jeff found out about Hey, Pajarito.


artist collection

Feeling inspired, he logs onto to custom make his own plush toy.

Jeff uploads his artwork to the website. He is excited to make his own design!

At last, Jeff’s Pajarito has arrived!

Jeff is proud to have his own Pajarito because not only can he show off his own design, but he knows he is helping clean air.

Which Non-Profit?

Once the design has been decided, Jeff picks Pilsen’s clean air non-profit to donate proceeds.


Freeing Pilsen from smoggy air

Model Created by Victor Huang

Thank You!

Hey Pajarito  

1240 Design's first project. An entry into a design competition regarding clean air in Pilsen, Chicago.

Hey Pajarito  

1240 Design's first project. An entry into a design competition regarding clean air in Pilsen, Chicago.