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Side by Side Exchange Visit in VeszprĂŠm

Botev School and J.M. del Campo School

After writing letters, sending small presents to each other, we had the opportunity to meet on 11th May 2009. Everybody was looking forward to seeing each other.

We were also on VeszprĂŠm television.

On the first day we showed the most beautiful places of VeszprĂŠm to our Spanish friends. We had a great time together. It was funny to communicate in three languages.

New friends

In the castle

On the Valley Bridge

An afternoon in the Kittenberger Zoo

We visited the Porcelain Museum of Herend and the Manufactury

How Herend porcelain is painted.

We climbed to the top of S端meg castle

Badacsony, a beautiful place on the north side of Lake Balaton

Rowing under the ground in Tapolca

A sightseeing tour in Budapest

See you soon in Spain â˜ş

Egyik vendé vendéglá glátó, Szigeti Gré Gréta vé vélemé leménye: „Fantasztikusak voltak a programok a spanyolokkal, biztos vagyok benne, hogy mindenki élvezte! Levelezı Levelezıtársaink úgy ismerhetté ismerhették meg Magyarorszá Magyarországot, hogy kö közben jó jól is érezté rezték magukat. Ugyanakkor kulturá kulturális programokon is ré részt vehettek, pé példá ldául egyik hí híressé rességünk, a herendi porcelá porcelán ké készí szítésének mó módjá dját is megismerhetté megismerhették.” k.”

One of the hostesses, Szigeti Gré Gréta says: says: „ The programmes were fantastic with our Spanish guests. guests. I am sure everybody enjoyed them. them. Our penfriends learnt a lot about Hungary meanwhile the had a great time. time. They had the chance to take part in cultural programmes as well, well, e.g. e.g. they could learn how the famous Herend porcelain is made.” made.”

Exchange visit