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The FinTech50 2019 Hot Ten


This year’s

There is always room to celebrate more stand-out innovators. Meet our 2019 Hot Ten - early contenders for The FinTech50 2020.

Hot 10

“Fit for the Future” Digital Banking Services

Created by challenger consultancy 11:FS, Foundry is a complete banking architecture that offers a modular, ledger-first set of components to deliver secure, digitally-native propositions quickly and to scale.

11:FS Foundry

Using cloud-based technology and a modular approach, Foundy allows customers to deploy an entire banking stack, or select services, depending on their strategy.

Leda Glyptis, CEO



Zurich: Compliance at the Click of a Button

Apiax enables financial institutions to map existing regulatory requirements and quickly adjust changing licensing regimes for different legal entities.

In March 2019, Apiax opened in London and hired RegTech expert, Alan Blanchard. Apiax was named early stage startup of the year at the Swiss FinTech Awards 2019.

Nicolas Blanchard, Philip Schoch, Ralf Huber, Thomas Suter



Copenhagen: Digital Cash

ARYZE want to solve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal Number 10 by lowering the global average cost of sending money abroad from 7.% to 3%. Backed by 283 investors from 15 different countries in a private token sale, ARYZE bridges the gap between conventional money and digital currencies by creating a true digital representation of cash.

Jack Nikogosian, Morten Nielsen, Carl Jenster



Manchester/Amsterdam: API fuelled Micro Services for Banks

Bankifi’s data-driven distributed banking model allows financial service providers to manage, consume, distribute and monetise data through a suite of API driven micro services. BankiFi offers its solutions as a managed service that can run either in a private or public cloud. This set of consumable services has been designed so as to store as little data as possible outside the bank environment.

Mark Hartley / Conny Dorrestijn


Gardenia Technologies

Luxembourg: Working Capital Finance

Gardenia provides cloud based, end-toend software solutions that deliver innovative, pragmatic and practical Working Capital Analytics and Liquidity solutions to enterprises of all sizes and scale.

The winner of this year’s NadiFin Accelerator Program in Luxembourg, selected by their cohort peers, Gardenia’s actionable analytics help a company improve their working capital position without the need for additional liquidity capital.

Rupert Schneider



Circular Economy Champion

Globechain is a reuse marketplace that connects corporates to charities, SMEs and people to redistribute unneeded items, generating ESG data. Globechain has over 10,000 members working with some of the world’s largest brands and a growing network of charities nationally and internationally. Last year 5,100,000 kilos were diverted from landfill items being redistributed within the UK, US ,West Africa and Ukraine, providing savings of over £2m to charitable causes.

May Al-Karooni



Berlin: Real-world Assets on the Blockchain

Neufund’s mission is “Enabling ownership for all” by making it more transparent, accessible and efficient. The Berlin start-up’s open-source set of protocols allows anyone to give real-world assets a representation on the Ethereum Blockchain in the form of legallybinding security tokens. Neufund advises governments on DLT regulation, supports open-source dev projects and educates financial communities around the world.

Zoe Adamovicz


OKO Finance

Tel Aviv: Inclusive Insurance

With 500 million unbanked smallholder farmers in the world, the market is worth $7.5 billion globally - and it is growing at a rate of 20% per year.

OKO creates and distributes crop insurance to smallholder farmers in emerging countries, helping them to secure their income. The service is accessible to anyone with a phone, and automates claim verification using satellite data and images.

Simon Schwall


Swoop Funding

London: Virtual CFO

Swoop’s technology platform matches SMEs in the UK and Ireland with funding, serving as a virtual chief financial officer connecting SMEs to the best solutions for their business needs.

In 2019 Swoop closed a £1.5 million seed round from investors including Enterprise Ireland. And in September 2019, the start-up partnered with Revolut for business.

Andrea Reynolds Ciaran Burke



Nottingham: Digital Debt Manager

Tully launched in April 2019 to help the UK’s consumer debt problem: specifically the 23 million people in who are worried about money. Tully uses Open Banking technology to give people a fast, accurate, realistic picture of their financial position in minutes – all done online and completely free.

Every user receives a personalised financial plan, tailored advice and the option to choose a flexible debt repayment plan that adjusts to the user’s financial situation every month.

Stuart Bungay Steve Bradford