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“I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams


’m not a hero, heroes save others while risking their lives... I’m a lucky camper who has persevered with the help of many people, I’m persistent and driven to create more than most…I like to keep busy creating sculpture and music, my performance art (by Zaluski on you tube and myspace), are my new concepts… first stop was art Basel weekend in South Beach, Miami, where I sat with the sphere on a trailer while playing harmonica in front of the Ritz Carlton on Collins…after dark I walked while inside it up to the Delano Hotel and back to Lincoln road playing harmonica with my light-up jacket on!!! An artist friend videotaped it and then I got out and we rolled it west on Lincoln Road Mall through all the restaurants and shops on Saturday night… It was wild…lots of photos were taken by others, even with people climbing inside the ball!! Right down the sidewalk we rolled it, laughing and yelling art delivery! We were heading to Collection Privee’ gallery many blocks west where I climbed back in the sphere of unity and played harp and sang a song I improvised!!! It’s on you tube…the Humansphere is now my vehicle, the unity vehicle…I’m going to roll around New York City in the near future…and then all over the country and then the world, rolling into a

town near you…the Zaluski world tour…The concept of unity is the theme… the world has to work together to survive...I survive with the help of friends and business people I’ve met doing Art Fairs for 26 years… lots of hard, happy work creating and selling…lots of great adventures too…I try to inspire others…my work is uplifting, I hope…I love life and try to get the most out of it…I am inspired by van Gogh, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Dali, Calder, Matisse, Christo, Mad Magazine, Led Zeppelin, Paul Butterfield, Hendrix, Robert Johnson…I hope to inspire others to follow their dreams…be relentless…it’s up to you and your vision…

– Steve Zaluski, ‘09

Fine Art Magazine • Spring 2009 • 57

Steve Zaluski  

with people climbing inside the ball!! Right down survive with the help the most out of it…I am country and then the world, rolling into a l...

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