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Do I contradict myself? Very well then I contradict myself, (I am large, I contain multitudes.) -Walt Whitman

Your Little Hand in mine Story by: Unknown

Sometime in the night, When I was fast asleep, You put Your little hand in mine. It made me think Of thoughts so deep, As You put Your little hand in mine.

The Missing Piece Finally, I found it The missing pieces. What I’ve been looking for. The love I needed, The hugs I never got.

Our Love is so strong, He thought makes me weep, If You put Your little hand in mine.

I found the who provides for me.

You are the One I Love, And my promises I keep, Just put Your little hand in mine.

And knows the meaning beneath.

---------------One last time, Alone as one, You slip Your little hand from mine.


Story by: Unknown

We were so tires There was no sound, not a peep, When You put Your little hand in mine.

Our life we love, Our Love is sweet, Please keep Your little hand in mine.

Courtney Smith

Missing Pieces

As we were, So shall we be, God put Your little hand in His.

The search is over,

He gives me the love I need,

He doesn’t say it Yet I know he means it. With him the words don’t need to be spoken, For his actions do all the talking,


Yet he still speaks them just to further the proof. I am no longer in fear



Story by: Unknown I am happy Me, I’m happy

And this time I’m not lying. No mask. No cover. This is how I really feel. You’ve come into my life, And made it brand new.

Courtney Smith

You’ve replaced all the broken pieces, And filled my empty spaces. I am happy, And no longer in hiding. I can re-enter the world I left,

Old and New Story by: Unknown

There’s this guy I know, I met him through a friend. We even dated, it lasted a while. Some good times were created, But the bad ones out numbered, But that is all over. We’re done, We’re threw. I will not put up with that shit.

Nick Krakosky

The pain and the tears, I’ve found someone new. Someone who cares, That someone is you.

‘Cause I am no longer depressed. I have left that behind, I’ve found something new, You.


Poetry 06


Story by: Unknown

Tears begin falling.

Lets take it one step at a time.

One by one they roll down my cheek.

We know where we’re going,

They continue on down my neck

And that we will get there. To rush it would be a crime,

As I sit here waiting to see where it will stop.

We would lose all the moments as friends.

I think of why I shed that tear

Yea, the future ones will be great,

Not for the pain I used to feel.

But they’ll be there tomorrow.

No not the hurt, This time they fall for you. The source of my happiness,

Torey Corder The one who cares has shared in the good time,

The ones we have now They won’t last forever. So lets enjoy them,


While we have ‘em.

And carried me through the bad.

Yea I want the new ones,

He has dealt with it all.

But I’m not reading to give up the ones I have now.

He is whom I love

They’re only just beginning.

It is then the tear’s journey ends. Making down onto my chest where it will remain, Waiting the arrival of the tears soon to follow.



Story by: Unknown

Poetry 08

The Woods Story by: Ava Ritchie

Poptarts in Math Story by: Corey Griffin

Doing my math is the hardest subject. The tree loomed overhead, Leering cruelly And mocking me in its silence. As windmills tilt And spin in the wind, So did this tree And all of its friends. “We do so love To spin in the wind,” They whispered. Except, they weren’t spinning. I was spinning. The thing about trees is, When you’re hopelessly lost… They’re not much help. So I spun… And spun… And spun. ‘Round and round. I waned to scream, I’m afraid I don’t know what is in store, I can’t take it anymore! I spun some more. Spinning… Spinning… Stop. Gone.


Boring, confusing I wish I were dead. Numbers, letter, signs all I’ll object. Sometimes I wish I were sleeping in bed. Listening to my teacher speak of math. He is jabbering like an auction. I feel dirty, I want to take a bath. Paying attention is not an option. Long tests and pop quizzes make my head hurt. Numbers and symbols dance around my head. A PopTart sounds like a real good dessert. Over and over I wish I were dead. Patiently waiting for the bell to ring. The sound it makes is a ding ding ding ding.

Poetry 10

The Old World Story by: Maxine

Have you ever wondered about the world? The blue skies and curved horizons, Mountains: the village’s lord. The fading stars and iridescent sun, No eclipses ever. Such a mysterious place. Have you ever wandered about the world? Taking paths carved by nature and man, Rough deer trails and glistening, immaculate sand. Seeing a river blocking your path and jumping right in; Pulling yourself dripping, gasping onto land. Such a steady pace. Have you ever blundered about the world? Gazing at a mare in awe of her silent leaps, Her mincing prance, a graceful dance. A form that gently sweeps across the bubbling, gurgling creeks. Such an elegant chase.



Story by: Sara Maria Jenson The overbearing cymbals of our throat, Exhale so much anger In the rhythms and beats of frustration. The walls, They retract for even Inanimate objects fear your Story. So deep: Callused to your soul And never softened By the hands of time. I wish it could‌ Caress the scars you carry always. Eradicate the sorrow of he pleasant Face you hide. Your smile radiates the glowing gleam Of the helio dynamic lumens of the heavens. And your eyes always shining The horrendous battle of courage Captures the breath of the purest reflection. Oh, and your heart! Pounding with the thumping thrash: Of freedom racing to the very end. I wish for you to be Undecided and persuaded To the depths of uncertainty. Live with the passion Of your strength and cherish Your moment of triumph. I know you can.

Poetry 12


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