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Link directly to YouTube and Vimeo videos with In Publication Video on Issuu. With the option to create a pop-out video window or a seamlessly embedded autoplay video player, in publication video will enhance your reader’s experience and make your content stand out from the crowd.

In Publication video is a great way for content marketers of all types to elevate their content. Whether you’re placing a video advertisement directly into your content, creating a video cover experience, or sharing an editorial piece, this feature engages your audience beyond static features.

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How-To Add Video to your Content:

  1. Login to Issuu and while logged in, go to “Publications” from the navigation.

  2. Select the published content you want to add videos to, and from the Publication Home Workspace, select “Add Links and Video” in the left navigation under “Enhance” to open the Link Editor tool. 

  3. Using the Link Editor, create a bounding box on any pages you want to add your video.

  4. Insert the YouTube or Vimeo video URL into the Link Editor. Make sure you select “VIDEO” as the type of link you want, and specify whether you’d like it to auto-play or not.

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