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iXceed Solutions A Local Company With A Global Reach

Ashwathy Nair | Business Connect


Human resource is that distinguished part of an organization which puts its concerns into making up the workforce of an organisation. The department looks over various aspects of employment such as hiring, compliance with labor law and employment standards, administration of employee benefits, organizing of employee’s files with the required documents for future reference, employee engagement and satisfaction by promoting a vibrant company culture, encouraging open communication, recognising employees’ efforts and offering rewards to those who perform well on the job.

With growing time, companies tend to look for skilled workers which insist recruiters to stay one step ahead of the band. iXceed Solutions is a specialist provider of permanent, contract, temporary, and outsourced recruitment solutions that believes in bringing technology & talent together. Functional as a Global Manpower caterer in Technology, IT Consulting, Engineering consulting domains the company is very instrumental in providing their best to the European market.

A GLIMPSE OF THE CONGLOMERATE iXceed Solutions is a leading tech recruitment provider from UK to Fortune 500 companies globally focusing on Tech domains. iXceed has been functioning as one of the leading end-to-end recruitment solutions Internationally, now operational in the Indian market since early 2018. iXceed uses an efficient and robust process to develop solutions in the recruitment space. The solutions are primarily tech skill-based, and customer satisfaction is always based on the best fit for the industry. The company has a 40% growth currently with over £5M in revenue. It uses Artificial Intelligence-based recruitment solutions to create a best-in-class experience for both the clients and the candidates. Some of the marquee clients are as follows: Infosys, HCL, Oracle, Mindtree, NIIT, etc. iXceed expanded India operations early last year (2018) when Ms. Yogita Tulsiani, Co-Founder and Director took bat on.


Co-Founder & Director

Yogita possesses a decade of experience in Business Development and Consulting across various industries in Europe, US and APAC. Being a former leader at top tier organizations across the globe, she brings a wealth of experience to capitalize on long-term growth opportunities and align the company’s sales and support organizations with key clients.

MAKING A QUALITATIVE DIFFERENCE IN THE MARKET When it comes to being a milestone, every company has to have the urge to be better than others. To do so the company banks heavily on technology to introduce process efficiencies and create innovations. The company also focuses on chief areas of concern like unemployment due to technological gap, meeting demand for talent with polished cost effective talent solutions, create valuable relationships between clients & candidates and also connecting talent with global opportunities.

The company is highly influential and motivated to find the best manpower for their clients. Hence, to be a top notch as HR Recruiter iXceed Solutions uses technology led talent solutions using AI/ ML. It has a very robust and efficient process for talent solutions across various geographies namely: Europe, US & Asia. As they operate in tech talent, engaging talent the company tends to apprehend any demand from clients and gives suggestion on getting the best talent in the market. The company also runs RPO solutions, to look after offshore clients but keeps a very strong local knowledge and compliance with law-of-the-land.

HANDLING CHALLENGES OF THE INDUSTRY The recruitment provider industry is always filled with challenges as it has a huge competition. Some of them are Candidate and client engagement, Process inefficiencies, Gap between demand and supply. As such skilled workforce gets lost in oblivion. iXceed Solution focuses on this matter and gives the best manpower to its global clients through progressive technological solutions without any exception. Regular coaching is done to develop recruiter resilience and team success.

A TECHNOLOGICALLY ENHANCED CATERER OF TALENTED MANPOWER The company’s prime focus is to present the best in the fraternity and that gives them the drive to invest their economy to technology. This reduces the endeavor while bringing out the client requirements. For instance the AI powered software automatically finds previous applicants and grades them. It also creates video interviews to create multiple data points on facial expressions, choice of words and intonation to assess the candidate.

The company also believes start-ups for near future will be a good method of handling the on-going challenges of the industry. Even after technological progression and effective marketing strategies people don’t have whereabouts of opportunities they can miss so start-ups will break the barriers and counter the inefficiencies. Scaling up and brand building will be a challenge so it can be addressed with good candidate engagement & good customer engagement.

KEEPING PACE WITH THE MARKET “Indian market is going through exciting phase, lot of expansion opportunities are there” Says Yogita. India being one of the growing economies has a huge skilled workforce waiting for recognition and exposure. A margin of the same is looking for jobs abroad and as a global recruiter iXceed Solutions provides a lot of collaborative opportunities for good talent from India and since Work visas are relaxed in UK there are ample opportunities for collaborative growth.

Machine Learning plays a responsible part in performing the back breaking parts of an interview like sorting out resume databases and finding the best fit for the open position and tracking recruiter actions towards candidate’s profile using machine learning algorithms and notifying the candidate of the same. ML also serves in identifying specific traits, experience, and skills that signify whether a candidate would be a good fit for the job profile at a company. Lastly, the AIs also help the recruiters to predict the qualitative effectiveness of candidates, by utilizing machine learning algorithms and applicant data.

SOCIAL APPROACHES TOWARDS SOCIETY The company believes on promoting the country’s culture it sets its foot on. As such it sponsors cultural events to propagate Indian culture in Europe. They also Sponsor events hosted by Indian High Commision in UK.

FUTURE PROSPECTS OF THE COMPANY iXceed Solutions is currently expanding in terms of clients, revenue, number of employees and offering set. By 2020, iXceed aims to be seen as an established and recognized force in the recruitment area in US and the Middle East market.

MILESTONES TO BOAST OF The company has been the star partner of HCL Technologies. The company is the recipient of Certificate of Appreciation in 2014 Global Strengthening Partnership Conference. It has grabbed a Silicon India certificate for top 20 most promising recruitment consultants. Many famous media partners like Indian Management, India Today, Hindustan Times has promoted iXceed Solutions as a benchmark in technologically advanced recruitment consultant. The Asian Age has described iXceed Solutions as the best Recruitment consultant associating AI & ML.

CONCLUSION Lastly iXceed Solutions is a benchmark in the art of recruitment which combines Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to bridge the gap between clients and candidates. Candidates name this as “Committed”, “Supportive” and an “efficient” organization. Placing over 1 million candidates in 50+ countries in 15 verticals and having huge growth opportunities in their client community it has become the new face of modern recruitment operation.